Un « new Israel » au Texas? Pourquoi pas?

Si ces chrétiens sionistes du Texas aiment les juifs à ce point, ils devraient les accueillir chez eux, pour résoudre une fois pour toute le problème israélo-palestinien.




Creating a “New Israel”, a Jewish State in Southeast Texas

The “Uganda Plan” Revisited? US Congressional Candidate Proposes Creation of Jewish Homeland in Southeast Texas


A congressional candidate named Allan Levene is proposing a solution to Israel’s problem with the Palestinians (since 1948) by creating a second ‘Israeli’ state in Eastern Texas. Yes, you read this right. Eastern Texas. According to the Times of Israel, Mr. Levene’s idea would only work if “eminent domain” is established by the US government and if Israel withdraws to it pre-1967 borders. That would set the stage for a ‘New Israel’ within the United States:

The idea, briefly, is to take (through eminent domain) roughly 8,000 square miles of sparsely populated land bordering the Gulf of Mexico and give it to Israel as a second, non-contiguous part of the State of Israel. Israel would get the land only if it agrees to withdraw to its pre-1967 borders

I would be curious to see how Texans would react to a Jewish homeland in East Texas. Besides one of the largest pro-Israel organizations in the United States is located in San Antonio, Texas called ‘Christians United for Israel (CUFI)’ who wish to educate Christians on why they should support the State of Israel:

While millions of Christians support Israel, there are millions more who do not yet vocally stand up for the Jewish state. It is crucial to educate Christians on the Biblical and moral imperatives to support Israel and to build Christian support for Israel throughout America

If Levene’s plan follows through if he is elected to congress, Will Texans still support a state of Israel in their own backyard? But Levene says “everybody wins” if the US government agrees to partition the state of Texas:

Israel wins because it would gain a new, peaceful territory far from the strife of the Middle East, in a place where, as Levene suggests, “the climate is similar,” and Israel could “have access to the Gulf of Mexico for international trade.” The U.S. wins because it would no longer need to send Israel billions of dollars a year in foreign aid. Texas wins because of all the construction jobs from building an entirely new state within its borders. The Palestinians win because they get the West Bank, and because now Israel, too, gets to see just how fun it is to have a non-contiguous state. Everybody wins!

The father of modern-political Zionism and the founder of the State of Israel, Thomas Hertzl considered a number of locations including Uganda, Argentina and even Alaska to form a Zionist state of Israel. The Times of Israel also stated:

And, in fact, it’s an idea with plenty of precedent. Theodor Herzl temporarily embraced a British proposal to establish a Jewish homeland in Uganda (though the backlash against the idea almost destroyed the Zionist movement). And in 1938-40, various plans were floated to settle European Jewish refugees in the Alaska territories – a notion that later inspired Michael Chabon’s novel, “The Yiddish Policeman’s Union.”

This idea of a Jewish State besides one based in Palestine is not new. An interesting event took place in Basel, Switzerland on August 26th, 1903. Before the British government offered the country of Palestine to the Zionist political movement in 1948, a country in Africa called Uganda was on the list of possible future Jewish settlements known as the “Uganda Plan”. Before Palestine was turned into the state of Israel, Uganda was seen as a possible home for the Jewish people who were persecuted in Russia. They were subject to anti-Jewish sentiments among the Russian population. Other areas in the world were also considered for a Jewish homeland including Patagonia in Southern part of Argentina.

In Joseph Telushkin’s ‘Jewish Literacy: The Most Important Things to Know about the Jewish Religion, Its People, and Its History’ stated a historical fact that “Britain stepped into the picture, offering Herzl land in the largely undeveloped area of Uganda (today, it would be considered an area of Kenya).” The proposal was controversial to the Jewish community. The idea was rejected at the Seventh Zionist Congress in 1905. It is interesting to note that a small number of Jewish families did immigrate to Kenya before and after World War II, mostly in the capital of Nairobi. Today, there are a few hundred Kenyan Jews living in Nairobi.

It is hard to imagine the state of Israel in Africa. Besides, racism in Israel is comparable to Apartheid South Africa in the 1960’s. With Ethiopian Black Jews living in Israel facing unprecedented levels of racism including the forced massed sterilizations on Ethiopian women according to a report conducted by Haaretz in 2012 reported that “Women who immigrated from Ethiopia eight years ago say they were told they would not be allowed into Israel unless they agreed to be injected with the long-acting birth control drug Depo Provera, according to an investigative report aired Saturday on the Israel Educational Television program “Vacuum.” According to IRIN, a humanitarian news and analysis service launched by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in 2012, racism against Ethiopian Jews in Israel does exist:

An estimated 125,000 Ethiopian Jews live in Israel, but while they are supposed to be full citizens with equal rights, their community has continued to face widespread discrimination and socio-economic difficulties, according to its leaders. A recent decision – as reported by local media – by 120 homeowners not to sell or rent their apartments to Israeli-Ethiopian families has brought discrimination against Ethiopian Jews in Israel back into the spotlight.

Hundreds of Ethiopian Israelis took to the streets on 18 January to protest the move by landlords in the southern city of Kiryat Malakhi – Shay Sium’s hometown.

It is an interesting part of history that forces to ask the question: What if Israel did make Uganda, a country in Eastern-Africa their home? If the Palestinians, Ethiopian and Sephardic Jews suffer from racism in modern-day Israel, imagine if Uganda was turned into a Jewish homeland? Would it have been another Palestine? “Shall we choose Palestine or Argentina? Thomas Hertzl wrote.  Argentina? That would have been interesting, but Eastern Texas as the ‘New Israel’? Would Texan’s then be the new Palestinians?  Creating a state through “eminent domain” would treat the citizens of Texas as such.  And it sure won’t be a good start to diplomatic relations.  What is interesting about Allan Levene is that he is running for a congressional seat in two states, Hawaii and Georgia under the Republican Party, but not in the state of Texas.

Another very interesting note on Levene’s candidacy is that “He also wants to put conspiracy theories to rest by investigating national catastrophes with not one, not two, but three separate commissions.” I actually agree with his idea for new commissions, perhaps a new “911 commission?” Allan Levene’s proposal would not happen anytime soon, even if he is elected. But the real question we should ask is, would Washington and Brussels consider creating a ‘New Israel’ in Eastern Texas if a war were to take place in the Middle East resulting in the destruction of several countries including Israel?  It does raise a serious debate.

About the author:

Timothy Alexander Guzman is an independent researcher and writer with a focus on political, economic, media and historical spheres. He has been published in Global Research, The Progressive Mind, European Union Examiner, News Beacon Ireland, WhatReallyHappened.com, EIN News and a number of other alternative news sites. He is a graduate of Hunter College in New York City



















Congressional candidate’s two-state solution: A ‘New Israel’ in Texas


Congressional candidate Allan Levene has a Middle East peace plan: have Israel exchange the West Bank for this land in southeast Texas. (http://allanleveneforcongress.com/new-israel/)

With the Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations floundering, it may, perhaps, be time to consider an entirely different kind of two-state solution. One that involves the State of Texas.

Congressional candidate Allan Levene is proposing to cut the Gordian Knot of Middle East peace by creating a second State of Israel on the eastern coast of Texas, which he would call New Israel. The idea, briefly, is to take (through eminent domain) roughly 8,000 square miles of sparsely populated land bordering the Gulf of Mexico and give it to Israel as a second, non-contiguous part of the State of Israel. Israel would get the land only if it agrees to withdraw to its pre-1967 borders.

Israel wins because it would gain a new, peaceful territory far from the strife of the Middle East, in a place where, as Levene suggests, “the climate is similar,” and Israel could “have access to the Gulf of Mexico for international trade.” The U.S. wins because it would no longer need to send Israel billions of dollars a year in foreign aid. Texas wins because of all the construction jobs from building an entirely new state within its borders. The Palestinians win because they get the West Bank, and because now Israel, too, gets to see just how fun it is to have a non-contiguous state. Everybody wins!

And, in fact, it’s an idea with plenty of precedent. Theodor Herzl temporarily embraced a British proposal to establish a Jewish homeland in Uganda (though the backlash against the idea almost destroyed the Zionist movement). And in 1938-40, various plans were floated to settle European Jewish refugees in the Alaska territories – a notion that later inspired Michael Chabon’s novel, “The Yiddish Policeman’s Union.”

Admittedly, the plan raises a few questions. OK, a lot of questions. Texans don’t generally seem too excited about the federal government stepping in and seizing land. And it’s not clear exactly how the construction of an entirely new state, and all those delectable construction jobs, gets funded (since, remember, this is supposed to save the U.S. billions of dollars). And while Israelis have generally shown plenty of enthusiasm for moving to places like New York and Los Angeles, coastal Texas has never ranked all that high on the list of preferred destinations. And – well, you get the picture. There are questions.

But Allan Levene has never been daunted by long odds – or, for that matter, by multi-state solutions. A British Jewish immigrant and naturalized citizen, Levene is simultaneously running for Congress, as a Republican, in two non-contiguous states — Georgia and Hawaii (though not, interestingly, in Texas).

Why, you might ask, is Levene running in two states? Easy – because he couldn’t get on the ballot in two other states, Minnesota and Michigan (where he was aiming for two separate congressional districts, because why not?).

Aside from creating New Israel, Levene also hopes to reduce the national debt, largely by eliminating U.S. corporate taxes and using pension rules to set congressional term limits. He also wants to put conspiracy theories to rest by investigating national catastrophes with not one, not two, but three separate commissions.

Levene’s candidacies are long shots – his support in polls has been minimal, and his fundraising has been negligible. The odds that a New Israel will appear just south of Corpus Christie are not much better.





Candidate Running for Congress in 4 States Suggests Creating “New Israel” in Texas

DSC_0374_DxO1-Large-114x300Allan Levene really wants to serve in Congress. So much so, that he plans to run in four states: Georgia. Minnesota. Michigan. Hawaii. It’s puzzling, but the Republican freely admits his strategy increases his odds of winning a House seat, CNN reports.

“No matter where you win a seat in Congress, you go to the same building. You do the same work,” he said. “You can work for your constituents, which all have similar needs, but the key is you go to Washington and help solve the country’s problems.”

But if this isn’t bizzare enough, read his plan to solve the Middle East – Israeli – Palestinian Crisis.

For decades, I have watched and read about our repetitive, traditional efforts to help Israel, all based on giving money and weapons. Those efforts have failed to provide peace. We must do something different.

The United States has spent over $118 billion to help Israel survive and prosper. When adjusted for inflation, that‘s nearly one-half trillion dollars! Each American family has “donated” over three thousand dollars of their inflation-adjusted tax dollars to help Israel with no end in sight. In the next four years, our government has agreed to give them twelve billion dollars in military aid alone.

texasTherefore here‘s a solution, that I call New Israel”. New Israel can be the new Promised Land, where peace and prosperity can dominate, not risk, war and fear that exists in the State of Israel today and in the future.

I suggest that we carve out a New Israel in the United States, a second non-contiguous part of Israel that can coexist with the country created in 1948. In the same way that Israel was created, we could unilaterally do it again, but this time in Texas where the climate is similar and so the Israelis have access to the Gulf of Mexico for international trade.

NewIsraelTexas is such a big state that you could drop Israel into it over thirty times, with room to spare. I believe that we could carve out ~8,500 square miles where I’ve circled on this map without impacting Texas, except in a positive way.




Saturday, April 26, 2014

A ‘New Israel’… in eastern Texas?



Shalom y’all

  • Long-shot congressional candidate Allan Levene has a uniquely improbable two-state solution.

With the Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations floundering, it may, perhaps, be time to consider an entirely different kind of two-state solution. One that involves the State of Texas.


GOP Congressional candidate Allan Levene is proposing to cut the Gordian Knot of Middle East peace by creating a second State of Israel on the eastern coast of Texas, which he would call New Israel. The idea, briefly, is to take (through eminent domain) roughly 8,000 square miles of sparsely populated land bordering the Gulf of Mexico and give it to Israel as a second, non-contiguous part of the State of Israel. Israel would get the land only if it agrees to withdraw to its pre-1967 borders reports the Times of Israel.


Israel wins because it would gain a new, peaceful territory far from the strife of the Middle East, in a place where, as Levene suggests, “the climate is similar,” and Israel could “have access to the Gulf of Mexico for international trade. »

Allen Levene

Allan Levene for Congress


The U.S. wins because it would no longer need to send Israel billions of dollars a year in foreign aid. Texas wins because of all the construction jobs from building an entirely new state within its borders. The Palestinians win because they get the West Bank, and because now Israel, too, gets to see just how fun it is to have a non-contiguous state. Everybody wins!


Admittedly, the plan raises a few questions. OK, a lot of questions. Texans don’t generally seem too excited about the federal government stepping in and seizing land.  And while Israelis have generally shown plenty of enthusiasm for moving to places like New York and Los Angeles, coastal Texas has never ranked all that high on the list of preferred destinations.



But Allan Levene has never been daunted by long odds – or, for that matter, by multi-state solutions. A British Jewish immigrant and naturalized citizen, Levene is simultaneously running for Congress, as a Republican, in two non-contiguous states — Georgia and Hawaii (though not, interestingly, in Texas).



Why, you might ask, is Levene running in two states? Easy – because he couldn’t get on the ballot in two other states, Minnesota and Michigan (where he was aiming for two separate congressional districts, because why not?).

Aside from creating New Israel, Levene also hopes to reduce the national debt, largely by eliminating U.S. corporate taxes and using pension rules to set congressional term limits. He also wants to put conspiracy theories to rest by investigating national catastrophes with not one, not two, but three separate commissions.

Levene’s candidacies are long shots – his support in polls has been minimal, and his fundraising has been negligible. The odds that a New Israel will appear just south of Corpus Christie are not much better.






(Montage: The Onion)

« En 1932, Michael Higger, Ph.D., a assemblé un livre remarquable intitulé ‘The Jewish Utopia’, qu’il dédia à l’Université hébraïque de Jérusalem, décrit par lui comme [le] « symbole de l’utopie juive ». L’ouvrage de Higger est un document remarquable que le regretté Robert H. Williams, un écrivain nationaliste américain des années 1950 et 1960, décrivait comme une somme de la philosophie derrière ce que Williams a appelé « l’Ultime Ordre Mondial » – qui n’est autre que le Nouvel Ordre Mondial. Ce qui est remarquable à propos de ce livre de Higger est que la copie que Robert H. Williams a découvert le premier pour ensuite le populariser auprès les nationalistes américains, a été trouvée dans la collection Abraham I. Schechter d’ouvrages hébraïques et judaïques de la bibliothèque de l’Université du Texas, offerte par la Kallah des rabbins du Texas. Donc le livre de Higger n’était pas un simple « document de réflexion » d’un auteur isolé. L’organisation rabbinique du Texas tenait l’œuvre en si haute estime qu’elle en a offert une copie à la bibliothèque de l’université de l’État. » (Michael Collins Piper, THE NEW BABYLON–THOSE WHO REIGN SUPREME)




On pense toujours au pouvoir des barons du Texas, mais n’oublions pas que ce sont les criminels « philanthropes » juifs sionistes Bronfman qui en 1963 ont racheté Texas Pacific Oil, un importante compagnie pétrolière texane.






La communauté juive du Texas est très puissante. Il faut voir l’assassinat de JFK à Dallas à la lumière de ce fait.


Et fait intéressant: Holly Bronfman, la fille d’Edgar Bronfman Sr, a la même avocate juive texane qu’Alex Jones



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Un autre grand comique juif, Sheldon Adelson, qui s’autoproclame « le juif le plus riche du monde », appelle à bombarder l’Iran avec du nucléaire, donnant ainsi raison à Jack Straw


Le jeu des devinettes: qu’ont en commun Al Capone et la contrebande d’alcool durant la prohibition, Meyer Lansky et l’armement de tsahal, Jack Ruby et l’assassinat de JFK, la production d’anthrax à Grosse-Ile au Québec et la Seconde guerre mondiale, John McCain et Rupert Murdoch, la guerre contre le nationalisme québecois et le nouveau chef des finances du parti Libéral canadien?


Le directeur de l’organisation ‘Christians United for Israel’ (CUFI) de John Hagee (Texas) est l’un des 50 juifs les plus influents selon le magazine Forward


Wiesel, Lieberman et Dershowitz se joignent à Hagee pour présenter une pétition visant l’inculpation d’Ahmadinejad pour ‘incitation au génocide’


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Piper Michael Collins – The New Babylon : Those Who Reign Supreme


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Modern-Day Zionist Philosophers: 

“America IS The New Jerusalem”

Lest there be any doubt that the leaders of the American Zionist community do now view the United States as The New Jerusalem, it is vital to consider this salient—and undeniable—fact:

The Zionists now openly charge that critics of Israel are not only anti- Semitic and anti-Israel but also anti-Christian and anti-American, that anti- Israel sentiments are actually the underlying foundation of anti-Americanism and, in turn, anti-Americanism is inextricably indivisible from anti-Israel, anti-Semitic and anti-Christian sentiments.

In short, the bottom line of this proposition is America is indeed “The New Jerusalem.” That America and Israel are one. Such views are being nurtured at the highest levels of the Zionist movement and even now being inserted into the discourse of public debate in America. As such, we can only conclude that all of this is very much a confirmation of the thesis put forth in the pages of The New Jerusalem.

In a certain sense, there is some truth to the theme that “anti- Americanism” is a form of opposition to Israel, for most people around the world who are concerned about the new imperialism being pursued by the United States know full well that this policy is not really “Americanism” but, in fact, the product of the Zionist powers and their policymakers in high places who have come to reign supreme in America, particularly during the presidency of George W. Bush.

However, as usual, the Zionists always show great capacity to twist reality in order to make it fit their peculiar worldview. People worldwide are not “anti-American” (in the sense that they have no problem with the American people). If anything, it seems, because people from all walks of life from around the globe often have a better understanding than even Americans themselves of who really rules America, they actually have a certain sympathy for Americans for having allowed themselves to be manipulated so relentlessly by the Zionist minority. So there’s no “anti-Americanism” in the sense that the Zionists would have us believe.

It is also important to acknowledge that people worldwide have no trouble with the principles of democracy, liberty and freedom—however loosely defined. The idea that the rest of the planet (with the exception of Israel) is somehow “anti-American” is a destructive and dangerous myth the Zionists have propagated in order to turn Americans against anyone around the globe who dares to question Zionist power in America.

This concept of “anti-Americanism” is thus largely a Zionist invention. It was in the wake of the 9-11 terrorist attacks and in the period leading up to the utterly insane (and Zionist-ordered) U.S. invasion of Iraq in the spring of 2003, that the Zionist-controlled media in the United States began hyping “anti-Americanism,” as a consequence of the urgent need to stoke up a worldwide (and apparently unending) “war against terrorism” of which President Bush and his Zionist handlers said the campaign to destroy Iraq was a vital component.

As a direct consequence of lies and inflammatory language coming from the Bush administration, coupled with deliberate distortions and disinformation in the media, good, honest, decent patriotic Americans truly believed that Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein had played a part in the 9-11 terrorist attacks and that the war against Iraq was thus justified.

And in the build-up to the Iraq war, Zionist propagandists and the media increasingly began touting the message to Americans that “The whole world is against us”—or, to put it more accurately, at least as it was rendered in the media: “The whole world is against us good Americans and our good friends, the Israelis, who are certainly our only democratic ally in the Middle East and our only real, solid, dependable ally in the whole big wide world.”

The theme that “anti-Americanism” had run rampant was instilled in Americans for the very purpose of making them “anti” everyone who refused to support the war against Saddam that the Zionists demanded Americans fight on their behalf. In a sense, the Iraq war became a—if not “the”—measuring stick of determining who was supportive of the bigger, more broadranging Zionist agenda and who wasn’t.

In any case, the theme of “anti-Americanism” is now being introduced by the Zionists in the media into the public debate and now, as noted, “anti-Americanism” is being equated by the Zionists with opposition not only to Israel and Jewish interests but even to Christianity itself—an extraordinary theme indeed.

Yet, although it may be quite difficult for the average American to accept (or even understand) such a broad-ranging historical and geopolitical contention with obviously immense global ramifications, this is precisely what one of Zionism’s most highly regarded “intellectuals” contended in an audacious essay published in the January 2005 issue of Commentary magazine, the always-pompous, but nonetheless candid, journal of the American Jewish Committee.

In his Commentary essay, “Americanism—and Its Enemies,” Yale Professor David Gelernter says that “Americanism” itself—at least as defined by Gelernter and his fellow Zionists—is no more than a modern-day evolution of old-line Zionist thought, going back to the Bible itself. America, he contends, is essentially the new Israel, The New Jerusalem, a virtual adjunct of the State of Israel itself.

However, before we explore the specifics of Gelernter’s amazing essay, it is critical to understand the particular milieu from which it emerged, for that, in itself, points toward how significant this thesis is, at least from the standpoint of the circles of influence in America that truly count for something, that is, the Zionist elite.

That Gelernter’s proposition was put forth in Commentary—long-edited by neo-conservative “ex-Trotskyite” Norman Podhoretz, who still remains the power-behind-the-scenes at the journal—means quite a lot. Generally recognized as one of the foremost media influences directing U.S. foreign policy in the Bush administration, Commentary is certainly one of the leading— and hardline—voices of Zionism, not only in America, but worldwide.

In addition, although Gelernter is a computer specialist, his views on political affairs are regularly published with great fanfare in the pages of The New York Times and The Washington Post, and in such staunch pro-Israel publications as The New Republic, National Review and Zionist billionaire Rupert Murdoch’s house journal, The Weekly Standard, edited by William Kristol, who is perhaps the chief media publicist and public affairs strategist for the so-called “neo-conservative” point of view today.

As such, what Gelernter has to say should be considered carefully, inasmuch he is very much a part of the Kristol network and also given free rein in Commentary to air such provocative opinions. Gelernter is one of the most widely-read voices of Zionism today.

Thus, to understand what the “neo-conservatives” such as Gelernter believe is to understand the very mindset of the hard-line Zionist movement not only in the United States and Israel, but worldwide, for neo-conservatism is probably best described as perhaps the foremost influence within the always-multifaceted world of Zionism today.

Although the history of the neo-conservatives (outlined in detail in this author’s previous work, The High Priests of War) is beyond the scope of our present study, it is important to note that the aforementioned William Kristol’s father, Irving Kristol, is known as “the godfather” of the neo-conservative movement and was himself, as an old-line Trotskyite communist, one of the self-dubbed “New York intellectuals”—part of a cell which actually called itself “The Family”—who acted as mentor for Podhoretz during the time when Commentary was emerging as one of the Israeli lobby’s most powerful media voices.

Today, the Kristols and Podhoretz—along with those such as Gelernter— are stalwart forces behind the global agenda of the Bush administration, allied with such key administration policymakers as Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz and collaborating intimately with like-minded allies in hard-line factions in Israel.

(…) it is very much a philosophical complement to the theme put forth by Sharansky—and dutifully and enthusiastically echoed by Bush—and part of a not-so-subtle ongoing effort to underscore and promote the new international imperium the Bush administration is working to effect.

While his essay was published before Bush’s inaugural address was publicly delivered—although it had already been privately concocted in the hands of Gelernter’s Zionist associates—Gelernter contends that what today is the Sharansky-Bush point of view goes back, in American historical terms, to the days of the Puritan and Pilgrim founding fathers.

Noting that “Puritans spoke of themselves as God’s new chosen people, living in God’s new promised land—in short, as God’s new Israel,” Gelernter asserts that “Many thinkers have noted that Americanism is inspired by or close to or intertwined with Puritanism,” noting that “one of the most impressive scholars to say so recently is Samuel Huntington, in his formidable book on American identity, Who Are We?”

An old Council on Foreign Relations hand, Huntington seems an ironic choice for Gelertner to cite when preaching about Americanism and democracy, inasmuch as Huntington’s earlier book The Crisis of Democracy (published by the Rockefeller-funded Trilateral Commission) suggested there was too much democracy in America and that it needed to be suppressed. However, then again, “democracy”—in the eyes of the elite—applies only to those whom they want to have freedom.

More recently, Huntington emerged a vocal spokesman for a determined high-level campaign to block certain groups of immigrants—namely Muslims and Hispanic Catholics—from coming into the United States, basically in the name of “fighting terrorism and anti-Semitism,” since the Jewish elite have concluded that Catholic immigrants, along with Muslims, are suspicious of Jewish power and not easily controlled.

In any case, Gelernter says that the Puritanism of Huntington’s chosen type is the real foundation of America. He writes:

Puritanism did not merely inspire or influence Americanism, it turned into Americanism. . . . You cannot really understand the Pilgrims, or Puritans in general, unless you know the Hebrew Bible and classical Jewish history; knowing Judaism itself also helps . . . Early exponents of Americanism tended to define even their own Christianity [emphasis Gelernter’s] in ways that make it sound like Judaism.

And it is probably worth pointing out that Gelenter notes that Puritanism, in its classic sense on American shores, underwent transition, so much so that many Puritan congregations became Unitarian. And the irony there, of course, is there are quite a few Christians—including fundamentalist supporters of Israel—who don’t even consider Unitarians to be Christians. (But that’s another question for another day and for others to debate.)

In any case, for all intents and purposes, Gelernter is perhaps hinting that (at least in the Zionist view) the modern-day form of “Puritanism” underlying “Americanism” is actually anything but Christian. And this, of course, again, would surprise many Christian supporters of Israel who proclaim that America is a Christian nation doing its part in helping fulfill God’s so-called promises to the Jewish people.

Gelernter’s assessment of the Bible, as he reads it, is that, among other things, Americans, in particular, have “a divine mission to all mankind” and that three conclusions can be reached: “Every human being everywhere is entitled to freedom, equality, and democracy.” (What Bible Gelernter refers to may be a good question, but certainly beyond our scope here.)

Suggesting that those whom he calls “the theologians of Americanism” understood that freedom, equality and democracy were not just philosophical ideas but “the word of God,” Gelernter concludes that the consequence is “the fervor and passion with which Americans believe their creed.” Gelernter says that creed is that “Americans, virtually alone in the world, insist that freedom, equality, and democracy are right not only for France and Spain but for Afghanistan and Iraq.”

Here Gelernter begins to spin his particular theme that Zionism is integral to and inseparable from what he says is “Americanism”:

To sum up Americanism’s creed as far as freedom, equality, and democracy for all is to state only half the case. The other half deals with a promised land, a chosen people, and a universal, divinely ordained mission. This part of Americanism is the American version of biblical Zionism: in short, American Zionism.

Purporting that “Americanism” (as he defines it) is “American Zionism”— the idea that America is also a Zionist “promised land” that is as one with the state of Israel and traditional Jewish Zionism itself, Gelernter is suggesting that both Israel and America are Jewish states. He goes even further:

Classical Israel’s (and classical Zionism’s) contribution to Americanism is incalculable. No modern historian or thinker I am aware of . . . has done justice to this extraordinary fact. They seem to have forgotten what the eminent 19th century Irish historian William Lecky recognized: that “Hebraic mortar cemented the foundations of American democracy.” And even Lecky, I suspect, did not grasp the full extent of this truth. Unless we do grasp it, we can never fully understand Americanism—or anti-Americanism.

In short, Gelernter is avowing that “anti-Americanism” is nothing more (or nothing less) than opposition to the Zionist theology that he contends played such a considerable role as the “mortar” that “cemented the foundations of American democracy.” Then, Gelernter moves forward, applying his bizarre theory to the conduct of U.S. foreign policy. In the same spirit in which The Washington Post on January 21, 2005 declared President Bush’s global view to be “more Wilsonian than conservative,” Gelernter asserts:

[Woodrow] Wilson stands right at the center of classical Americanism. No president spoke the language of Bible and divine mission more lucidly . . . During Wilson’s administration, Americanism accomplished a fundamental transition. It had always included the idea of divine mission. But what was [emphasis in the original] the mission? Until the closing of the frontier in the last decade of the 19th century, the mission was to populate the continent. With the frontier closed, the mission became “Americanism for the whole world.”

According to Gelernter, subsequent presidents such as Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry S Truman waged wars on behalf of Americanism. FDR’s war against a virtually united Europe, allied with Japan, was no less than a war to vanquish perhaps the greatest threat that ever emerged to Zionist power in the entire history of the planet. Truman, of course, launched the Cold War against the Soviets which we now know was yet another mechanism of global profiteering, for even while American kids were dying in Korea and later in Vietnam, international banking houses—many of them Jewish, some not— were propping up the Soviet tyranny while it was in their interests to do so.

However, Gelernter says, it was Ronald Reagan who affirmed this “Americanism” when he spoke of a “shining city upon a hill,” citing the Bible’s book of Matthew in the same spirit of Puritan father John Winthrop. It was Reagan, claims Gelernter, whose “use of these words connected modern America to the humane Christian vision—the Puritan vision—the vision (ultimately) of the Hebrew Bible and the Jewish people—that created this nation.” Now, Gelernter says, “That Americanism is the successor of Puritanism is crucial to [understanding] anti-Americanism.”

According to the Zionist-based slant that Gelernter puts forth, modernday European opposition to the global designs being advanced by the neoconservative policy makers in the Bush administration is nothing more than a current manifestation of something long past:

In the 18th century anti-Americans were conservative, monarchist and anti-Puritans. . . . In the 19th century, European elites became increasingly hostile to Christianity—which inevitably entailed hostility to America.

And with a grand flourish, Gelernter lays it on the line . . .

In modern times, anti-Americanism is closely associated with anti-Christianism and anti-Semitism. [Gelernter’s emphasis}

All of this reflects the mindset of the Zionist elite and those who are now dictating American foreign policy in the name of a grand scheme of advancing some ill-defined global democratic revolution.

What it represents is nothing more than the New World Order that genuine American patriots warned about for generations, a scheme that is genuine “anti-Americanism” in its most basic definition.

Real Americans—and their many good friends around the globe who are rightly concerned with the rise of Zionist power in America—would make a mistake to discount the influence of such thinking: agree or disagree, this is the philosophy of the Zionist elite, however immoral and Hellish it may be.

The end result, in the Zionist grand scheme, is the establishment of a global empire—ruled from America, The New Jerusalem.

While the “real” Jerusalem in the occupied land of Palestine may function as the spiritual capital of international Zionism, America will provide the money and the arms and the young men and women who will fight and die to make the world safe for Zionist wealth and supremacy, all in the name of “Americanism” which is now the great Jewish mask.(…)





Their goal is to reinstitute the Throne of David and establish Jewish world rule—the Jewish Utopia.


The Rothschild Dynasty has hijacked the American republic and the United States has now been established as the New Babylon with the New World Order forces relentlessly pushing their agenda at a faster pace than ever before. Ultimate victory, they perceive, is within their reach, but only if they are able to destroy the opposition and to continue to divide and conquer those who dare to challenge their agenda.


As such, the blood and treasure of the American people are being hurled into global conflicts designed to bring the NewWorld Order into being. The wars on behalf of Israeli hegemony in the Middle East are really only the beginning. Many more wars of conquest lie ahead.Those nations that challenge the NewWorld Order will be targeted.


And lest there be any doubt that the Rothschild Empire and the New Pharisees now view the United States as the preeminent force in their drive for a global imperium, it is vital to consider this point:


Propagandists for the Jewish agenda now openly charge that critics of Israel (and of U.S. favoritism for Israel) are not only anti-Semitic and anti-Israel but also anti-Christian and anti-American, that anti-Israel sentiments are actually the underlying foundation of anti-Americanism and, in turn, anti-Americanism is inextricably indivisible from anti-Israel,anti-Semitic and even anti-Christian sentiments. Such extraordinary assertions are being nurtured at the highest levels of the Jewish-controlled mass media and are being inserted into the discourse of public debate in America.


In a certain sense, there is some truth to the theme that “anti-Americanism” is a form of opposition to Israel. Many people around the world concerned about the new imperialism pursued by the United States on Israel’s behalf recognize that this policy is not “Americanism” but, in fact, the product of the Rothschild Dynasty and the historic Jewish agenda.


However, as usual, the theoreticians of the Jewish Utopia always show great capacity to twist reality in order to make it fit their peculiar world view.Actually, people worldwide are not particularly “anti-American” (in the sense that they have any problem with the American people).


So because people from all walks of life from around the globe often have a better understanding than Americans of who really rules America, they actually have a certain sympathy for Americans for having allowed themselves to be manipulated so relentlessly by a powerful minority. So there’s very little “anti-Americanism” in the general sense of the term.


In fact, most people worldwide have no trouble with the principles of democracy, liberty and freedom—however loosely defined.The idea that the rest of the planet (with the exception of Israel) is “anti-American” is a dangerous myth propagated in order to turn Americans against anyone around the globe who dares to question Jewish power in America.


Thus, the concept of “anti-Americanism” is a Jewish invention. It was in the wake of the 9-11 terrorist attacks and in the period leading up to the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003,that the Jewish-controlled media began hyping“anti-Americanism,” to stoke up the so-called “war on terrorism” of which, it was said, the campaign to destroy Iraq was a vital component.


The media began advising Americans that “The whole world is against us”—or, as it was generally rendered in the media: “The whole world is against us good Americans and our good friend Israel.” The theme that “anti-Americanism”had run rampant was instilled inAmericans for the purpose of making them “anti” everyone who refused to support the wars the Jewish lobby demanded thatAmericans fight. In a sense,support for the Iraq war (in particular) became the measuring stick by which to determine who was in sync with the more broad-ranging global Jewish agenda and who wasn’t.


In any case, as noted,“anti-Americanism” is being equated with opposition not only to Israel and Jewish interests but even to Christianity itself—an extraordinary theme indeed.


Now although it is no doubt quite difficult for the average American to understand such a broad-ranging historical and geopolitical contention with obviously immense global ramifications, this is precisely what one of the Jewish elite’s most highly regarded “intellectuals” contended in an audacious essay published in the January 2005 issue of Commentary magazine, the journal of the American Jewish Committee.


In his Commentary essay, “Americanism—and Its Enemies,” Yale Professor David Gelernter said that “Americanism” itself—at least as defined by Gelernter and his confreres—is no more than a modern-day evolution of old-line Zionist thought, going back to the Old Testament itself. America, he contended, is essentially the new Israel—a virtual adjunct of the State of Israel.


That Gelernter’s proposition was published in Commentary—long-edited by neo-conservative “ex-Trotskyite” Norman Podhoretz and which is now under the direction of John Podhoretz, his son—means a great deal. Known as one of the foremost media influences directing U.S. foreign policy in the Bush administration,Commentary is certainly one of the leading—and hardline—voices of the Jewish power elite, not only in America, but worldwide.


In addition, although Gelernter is a computer specialist, his views on political affairs are regularly published with great fanfare in the pages of all of the elite magazines and newspapers in America, ranging from The Washington Post to The New York Times to The Weekly Standard, the “neoconservative” journal of Rothschild Empire media baron Rupert Murdoch.


To understand what Gelernter asserts is to understand the mindset of those promoting a New World Order, to recognize that America is now perceived as the force for achieving that Jewish Imperium.


Asserting that what he called“American Zionism”goes back, in American terms, to the days of the Puritan and Pilgrim founding fathers, Gelernter noted that “Puritans spoke of themselves as God’s new chosen people, living in God’s new promised land—in short, as God’s new Israel.”


Gelernter added that “Many thinkers have noted that Americanism is inspired by or close to or intertwined with Puritanism,” noting that “one of the most impressive scholars to say so recently is Samuel Huntington, in his formidable [2004] book on American identity,Who AreWe?” (*) Gelernter says that the Puritanism of Huntington’s chosen type is the real foundation of America and that which has driven American thinking from the earliest days of our history. It’s all Jewish—according to Gelernter:


Puritanism did not merely inspire or influence Americanism, it turned into Americanism. . . . You cannot really understand the Pilgrims, or Puritans in general, unless you know the Hebrew Bible and classical Jewish history; knowing Judaism itself also helps . . .


Early exponents of Americanism tended to define even their own Christianity [emphasis Gelernter’s] in ways that make it sound like Judaism.

And it is probably worth pointing out that Gelernter notes that Puritanism underwent transition, so much so that many Puritan congregations became Unitarian. And the irony is that there are many Christians—including fundamentalist supporters of Israel—who don’t even consider Unitarians to be Christians. (Another question for others to debate.)


In any case, Gelernter is hinting that (at least in the Zionist view) the modern-day form of “Puritanism” underlying “Americanism” is actually anything but Christian. And this, of course, again,would surprise many Christian supporters of Israel who proclaim that America is a Christian nation doing its part in helping fulfill God’s so-called promises to the Jewish people.


Gelernter’s assessment of the Bible,as he reads it, is thatAmericans, in particular, have “a divine mission to all mankind” and that three conclusions can be reached: “Every human being everywhere is entitled to freedom, equality, and democracy.” Here Gelernter began to spin his particular theme that Zionism is integral to and inseparable from what he says is “Americanism”:

To sum up Americanism’s creed as far as freedom, equality, and democracy for all is to state only half the case.The other half deals with a promised land, a chosen people, and a universal, divinely ordained mission.This part of Americanism is the American version of biblical Zionism: in short, American Zionism.

Purporting that “Americanism” (as he defines it) is “American Zionism”—that America is a Zionist“promised land”as one with the state of Israel and traditional Zionism itself, Gelernter suggests that both Israel and America are Jewish states, declaring:

Classical Israel’s (and classical Zionism’s) contribution to Americanism is incalculable.Nomodern historian or thinker I am aware of . . .has done justice to this extraordinary fact. . .Unless we do grasp it, we can never fully understand Americanism—or anti-Americanism.

In short, Gelernter was avowing that“anti-Americanism”is opposition to the Zionist theology that he contends played such a considerable role as the “mortar” that “cemented the foundations of American democracy.” Gelernter applied all of this to his view of the internationalist bent in American foreign policy that began to emerge in its most grandiose sense, in particular, during the administration of Woodrow Wilson (at which time, we must recall, the Rothschild Empire cemented its power inAmerica with the institution of the Federal Reserve monopoly on the American economy and political system).


In his 2007 work, pretentiously entitled Americanism: The Fourth Great Western Religion—essentially a book-length exposition of his essay in Commentary—Gelernter wrote:

America’s participation in World War I was her attempt to act like the new chosen people, to set forth on a chivalrous quest to perfect the world; to spread liberty, equality, and democracy to all mankind. . . .


No president spoke the language of the Bible, divine mission, and American Zionism more consistently thanWoodrowWilson . . .[and] Americanism inspired his agonized, epochal decision to take America into the war. . .


In time he came to believe that America, grown to be a great power,must fight to bring Americanism to the world. . . .And some of Wilson’s critics made a point of singling out the Old Testament component ofWilson’s beliefs as especially obnoxious.

Those who read Gelernter’s assessment ofWilson’s internationalism and Wilson’s version of “Americanism” cannot help but be reminded—as they should be—of the grand scheme of a Jewish Utopia as outlined earlier in these pages. So by Gelernter’s estimation, let it be said, America is now charged with the responsibility of establishing a NewWorld Order.


According to Gelernter, subsequent presidents such as Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry S Truman waged wars on behalf of Americanism. And, he said, Ronald Reagan affirmed this “Americanism” when he spoke of a “shining city upon a hill” citing the Bible’s book of Matthew in the same spirit as Puritan father JohnWinthrop.


It was Reagan, claimed Gelernter in Commentary, whose “use of these words connected modern America to the humane Christian vision—the Puritan vision—the vision (ultimately) of the Hebrew Bible and the Jewish people—that created this nation.”Now, Gelernter says,“That Americanism is the successor of Puritanism is crucial to [understanding] anti-Americanism.”


According to the Judeo-centric slant that Gelernter put forth, modernday European opposition to the global designs of pro-Israel neo-conservatives was no more than a manifestation of a longstanding point of view:

In the 18th century anti-Americans were conservative, monarchist and anti-Puritans. . . . In the 19th century, European elites became increasingly hostile to Christianity—which inevitably entailed hostility to America.

Thus with a grand flourish,Gelernter proclaimed . . .

In modern times, anti-Americanism is closely associated with anti-Christianism and anti-Semitism. [Gelernter’s emphasis}

And while many American Christians might be delighted by Gelernter’s discussion of Christianity as it applies to his version of “Americanism” it should be pointed out to those Christians that, in his book Americanism: The Fourth Great Western Religion, Gelernter stated flatly that “You can believe in Americanism without believing in God—so long as you believe in man.” So Gelernter’s definition of “Christianity” (which most Christians affirm is a belief in God) is not what Christians might mistakenly believe Gelernter is talking about when discussing Christianity and “Americanism.”


In short, Gelernter’s version of “Americanism” is not Christianity at all. Rather it is a modern-day expression of the age-old Babylonian Talmudic dream of a Jewish Utopia: global rule of all people by the Jews. But in today’s context, the Jews will use America and“Americanism” to advance their agenda. Gelernter’s theory is fully in line with Jewish philosopher Max Dimont’s suggestion (reviewed in our opening pages) that America was truly the new locus of Jewish power, that America was indeed the New Babylon.


In his book, Gelernter candidly expressed the contention that the United States (base of what he has called “American Zionism”) is now charged with an imperial (even God-given) duty to remake the world, that “Americanism” is “the Creed,” of this global agenda, that this “Fourth Great Western Religion” is the driving force behind—and which must establish—a new planet-wide regime: in short, the New World Order:

We are the one and only biggest boy [in the world today]. If there is to be justice in the world, America must create it. . . .We must pursue justice, help the suffering, and overthrow tyrants. We must spread the Creed.

All of this reflects the mindset of those who are now dictating American policy in the name of a grand scheme of advancing their global agenda. What it represents is nothing more than the NewWorld Order that genuine American patriots warned about for generations, a scheme that is genuine “anti-Americanism” in its most basic definition.


The end result, in the grand scheme, is the establishment of a global empire—ruled from America, which is now the new foundation—the New Babylon—for the Jewish Utopia: the NewWorld Order.


While the “real” Jerusalem in the occupied land of Palestine may function as the spiritual capital of international Zionism, America will provide the money and the arms and the young men and women who will fight and die to make the world safe for Jewish wealth and supremacy, all in the name of “Americanism” which is now the great Jewish mask.


Thus, in the end, the thesis we’ve explored—that the Rothschild Empire and the New Pharisees have laid claim to America as their new base of power—is not some horrific and hate-filled “anti-Jewish conspiracy theory.”


In fact, as we have seen, according to the Jewish world view, America is the very foundation for Global Zionism in the 21st century.


That conclusion is inescapable.


The facts pointing to that conclusion are before us—all too visible.


Ultimately the only real question that remains is what Americans—and others worldwide—intend to do about it . . .


In 1940 the German news agency, World Service, accurately assessed the state of affairs in the British Empire and, in retrospect, the German commentary prophetically reflected what is the state of affairs in America today. Substitute “American” for the word “English” in the paragraphs that follow and ponder the shocking parallels in modern American reality . . .

The statesmen of the English plutocracy are therefore no more than the deputies and the trustees of the ruling class consisting of Jews and a strongly Judaized aristocracy, who are in possession of the enormous wealth of the British Empire.


They are furthermore, nothing else but the general directors of an immense high-finance concern, with only one object in view, that of increasing the wealth of this concern within the shortest time-limit and to . . . as great an extent as possible.


Therefore the English statesmen are either themselves big capitalists, greatly interested in numerous industrial undertakings, or they are bought by Jewish-English finance-capitalism and must blindly obey the dictates of the Jewish-English plutocratic clique.(…)


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Condamnation des responsables du site holywar pour une image antijuive visant le pape François



Pope targeted on anti-Semitic website 

Seven charged with racial discrimination, defamation


(ANSA) – Bolzano, April 16 – Prosecutors in northern Italy have charged seven people with racial discrimination and defamation against figures including Pope Francis. Using an anti-Semitic website called Holywar, the suspects in Bolzano depicted the pontiff in photoshopped images dressed as a bearded Orthodox Jew waving the Israeli flag with a swastika at the center of the Star of David. Other figures targeted on the site included three-time premier Silvio Berlusconi, sitting Premier Matteo Renzi, European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi and Oscar-winning performer Roberto Benigni. Prosecutors said the suspects spanned the length of Italy.     http://popefrancisnewsapp.com/





7 associated with Italian anti-Semitic website charged with racial discrimination

(JTA) – After a lengthy investigation, seven people associated with the anti-Semitic website Holywar were charged this week with racial discrimination and defamation against a long list of public figures including Pope Francis.

The suspects “depicted the pontiff in photoshopped images dressed as a bearded Orthodox Jew waving the Israeli flag with a swastika at the center of the Star of David,” said the Italian news agency ANSA. Other targeted figures included Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi and the actor Roberto Benigni, who won an Oscar for his film “Life Is Beautiful,” set during the Holocaust.

Based on a complaint lodged by Federico Steinhaus, a leader of the Jewish community in the northern town of Merano, prosecutors in nearby Bolzano ordered raids on the homes of the suspects, located in towns and cities all over Italy. They seized “material of interest” including computers and other IT material, letters, brochures, CDs and DVDs.



Price tag: « Prix à payer » : même le pape s’y met maintenant ? L’église catholique romaine demande à Israël de prendre des mesures après qu’un graffiti en hébreu disant « mort aux arabes et aux chrétiens et à tous les ennemis d’Israël » ait été écrit sur une église de Jérusalem.


Israel: Anti-Christian Graffiti and « Price Tag » attacks rise before Papal visit


Catholic Church rips Israeli pols for silence on Jerusalem property ‘price tag’ attacks


Latin Patriarchate raps Israel on ‘price tag’


“Jesus is Garbage”—Anti-Christian Hate Attacks in Israel Covered up by ZioMedia


Jewish Extremists Threaten Pope’s Visit


Israel issues restraining orders against three Jewish youths ahead of Pope visit

Si c’était des musulmans, on en parlerait sans arrêt dans les médiats.


Hours after pope mass, arson suspected at Mount Zion


Une église catholique de Jérusalem incendiée pendant la visite du pape


Anti-Christian graffiti spray-painted on Be’er Sheva church


Two arrested for anti-pope, anti-Christianity posters


Judge Overrules Police, Allows Anti-Pope Protests


2 arrested for anti-Pope posters in Jerusalem The posters called on Pope Francis to leave Israel and to return holy relics looted by the Romans from Beit Hamikdash (Second Temple).


VIDEO – Les chrétiens de Jérusalem menacés par des juifs radicaux




There’s nothing to fear from the pope The church is no longer a threat to Jewish existence, physical or spiritual – but some rabbis cannot accept that fact.


Pope Paul VI, first pontiff to visit Israel, moving closer to sainthood

Paul VI fut un pape très particulier (version intégrale)



Forward – Converts Who Changed the Church: Jewish-Born Clerics Helped Push Vatican II Reforms


Comment by Mike Hoffman: The “Jews” Behind the Second Vatican Council


Review of John Connelly, From Enemy to Brother. The revolution in Catholic teaching on the Jews 1933-1965



Michael Collins Piper Interviews Jim Condit Jr. – Zionist Infiltration of the Vatican The special guest on the January 18 edition of Michael Collins Piper’s nightly forum on the Republic Broadcasting Network at rbnlive.com was veteran political activist and Traditionalist Catholic James Condit Jr. Condit joined Piper to discuss the outrageous intrigues of the late Father Malachi Martin who was the subject of a chapter in Piper’s new book THE JUDAS GOATS which analyzes Zionist infiltration of the American nationalist movement and which detailed (based on Condit’s research and that of others) the little-known story of how Father Martina priest working high up in the Vatican acted as an agent of Zionist interests during the Vatican II « reform » conference of the early 1960s bending the doctrines of the Catholic Church to accord with the demands of the Zionist interests. Amazingly Martin later was anointed by the Zionist-controlled mass media as a « critic » of the very so-called « reforms » that he had helped bring about at the direction of his Zionist handlers. Piper and Condit pointed out that the first evidence of Zionist infiltration of the Vatican came in a LOOK magazine article in 1966 entitled « How the Jews Changed Catholic Thinking. » However LOOK did not identify Martin as the Zionist agent. It did mention though that the Zionist agent had written a book under a pseudonym Michael Serafian. It was some years later that that pseudonym was revealed to be a pen-name for none other than Malachi Martin. So there is no question that Martin was a Zionist agent.


Quand les sionistes financent les attentats antichretiens

The Myth of a Judeo-Christian Tradition


Congress Snubs Vicar of Christ By Michael Collins Piper

• House honors Israel ad nauseam but won’t recognize Pope Francis.

Washington commence à trouver le Pape trop « libéral » (à gauche). Notez que cet article de Piper a été publié dans le journal AFP avant que le Pape apporte son appui public à une nouvelle intervention militaire américaine en Irak.


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Anglo-suprématisme et judéo-suprématisme avancent main dans la main… sur fond d’occultisme décadent

Le Chinois est, en quelque sorte, le « Juif errant » des temps passés; il s’est sclérosé et a cessé d’évoluer. L’Anglo et spécialement l’Américain sont les « Juifs errants » des temps à venir. Ils apportent déjà la mort de la culture partout où s’étend leur influence à travers le monde. C’est pourquoi ils haïssent et combattent tous deux si férocement l’Austro-allemand et le Slave, l’Europe du Centre et l’Europe de l’Est, qui sont responsables respectivement du développement de l’humanité présente et à venir. Les guerres mondiales, de même que la guerre froide qui semble se raviver, reflètent le combat qui s’exerce sur les plans spirituels entre l’âme russe et l’âme occidentale, un combat qui continuera jusque très loin dans l’avenir.
Voilà la cause profonde de la catastrophe deux guerres mondiales (qu’on appelait « l’holocauste » avant que certains ne décident de récupérer le terme à leur compte). Guerre mondiales qui ne constituent en réalité qu’une seule et même guerre contre l’être allemand et, à plus long terme, contre le futur de la Russie et de l’Europe de l’Est.


Laissant de côté son hostilité épidermique envers Poutine, Staline et Hitler, l’historien que vous venez de voir dans les vidéos présentés ci-dessus a compris beaucoup de choses cruciales en ce qui concerne les enjeux des temps présents, notamment les manigances anti-Allemagne des loges anglo-suprématistes, en lien avec le mondialisme et la finance juive internationale. Le fondement du nouvel ordre mondial n’est pas le Vatican ni la Franc-maçonnerie comme telle, c’est l’empire britannique gouverné par les loges anglo-suprématistes. Ce concept a été inventé par l’occultiste John Dee (le « vrai » 007 au service secret de sa Majesté Elizabeth) et mis en pratique sous le règne de Cromwell. Les loges basées en Europe travaillent depuis leur fondation pour l’empire britannique et
contre les nations, contre l’État ou toute autre limite à la domination
du modèle mondialiste économique (la valeur économique devenant l’unique valeur). Sans la finance juive, toutefois, rien de tout cela n’aurait été possible. Cecil Rhodes, qui est à l’origine de la Round Table et de  l’empire Milner, était aux ordres de Rothschild. Le Royal Institute for International Affairs (RIIA) alias Chattam House, fondé sur le modèle de la Round Table et de la Fabian Society est l’instrument par lequel les Rothschild ont véritablement pris les commandes de l’empire britannique. Le Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) n’est quant à lui que la succursale du RIIA sur le sol américain. Le CFR et l’OTAN ont été fondés conjointement par les puissances victorieuses de la Seconde guerre mondiale dans le même but: éradiquer la menace nationaliste et autoritaire comme celles de Staline et Hitler. Sous-entendu: l’Allemand et le Russe.

Notez l’isolement de l’Allemande, pendant que le Français écoute attentivement le Britannique.
Tout comme les loges regardent depuis longtemps l’Allemand comme devant être isolé, nous assistons présentement à l’isolement du Russe par les loges anglos, le Français écoutant religieusement et suivant avec une discipline toute jésuitique les ordres de la loge britannique.

Mais pour assurer la suprématie des loges anglo dans le monde à venir, il importe par-dessus tout de maintenir la tension entre le Russe et l’Allemand. Les loges anglos cherchent par tous les moyens à empêcher la marche de l’humanité vers la liberté, or l’humanité du futur a besoin de la collaboration de l’Europe de l’Est avec l’Europe du Centre, de sorte que les pousses encore fraîches de l’Europe de l’Est soient guidées comme il se doit dans l’avenir par les avancées culturelles spirituelles de l’Europe du Centre. Les loges ne pourront maintenir leur suprématie jusque dans l’avenir le plus lointain que si l’Allemand, l’Europe du centre, échoue à remplir son rôle de tuteur envers le Russe et le Slave, l’Europe de l’Est.Quant au Catholicisme (à la fois sous domination jésuite et maçonnique), celui-ci est déjà moribond, ayant été marqué pour l’extermination il y a longtemps, tout comme la romanité et la culture latine, de même que la pensée de l’étatisme français qui en découle directement. Bref, pour les loges anglos, c’est toute la culture de la vieille Europe, qui a mis au monde le christianisme, l’antisémitisme, l’Inquisition et les guerres de religion, le communisme, le nazisme, tenue responsable des guerres mondiales, qui doit mourir vite pour être remplacé par la « grandeur » du monde anglo, leader de l’axe du bien libre et éclairé.
Entrer davantage dans le détail nous entraînerait dans des considérations beaucoup plus profondes, liées au développement à venir de l’humanité. À ce sujet, nous privilégions l’étude de Rudolf Steiner et du blog Sagesse païenne, foi chrétienne.

Steiner avait compris les manigances derrière la Première guerre mondiale, la conspiration contre l’esprit allemand. Et il avait également prédit une grande
guerre raciale à venir entre Blancs et Jaunes.(Note: En dépit des
rumeurs, Steiner a toujours nié avoir appartenu à un quelconque ordre ou
société secrète. Il s’est certes relié à l’enseignement de la
Théosophie sous sa forme allemande, mais a jamais rien professé d’autre
que sa propre expérience et ce en toute liberté. Du moins dans la mesure
où ce qu’il disait était déjà du domaine public et ne risquait pas de
le mettre dans la mire des loges. Steiner est mort des suites d’un
empoisonnement des plus suspect.)


La Grande-Bretagne a envahi 90% de l’ensemble des pays du monde
« Tous les pays déjà envahi par nous et la poignée où nous ne sommes jamais allés »
http://i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/archive/02388/BRITAIN_2388153b.jpgBritish have invaded nine out of ten countries Britain has invaded all but 22 countries in the world in its long and colourful history, new research has found.

Seuls 22 pays n’ont pas été envahis par les Britanniques: Andorre, la Biélorussie, la Bolivie, le Burundi, la République centrafricaine, le Tchad, le Congo, la République du Guatemala, la Côte-d’Ivoire, le Kirghizistan, le Liechtenstein, le Luxembourg, le Mali, les Iles Marshall, Monaco, la Mongolie, le Paraguay, Sao Tomé-et-Principe, la Suède, le Tadjikistan, l’Ouzbékistan, le Vatican.AMAZON

Bien évidemment, l’Union européenne actuelle est imposée sur l’Europe par les forces économiques mondialistes émanant des loges anglo-suprématistes. La création des États-Unis d’Europe était prévue depuis longtemps du côté de la Grande-Bretagne, en vue d’une fusion transatlantique anglo-européenne.

Question: « What is England’s mission abroad? »

Answer: « To maintain the European Concert – that germ of the United States of Europe - against isolated action; to establish a Roman peace among the dark-skinned races of Asia, Polynesia, and Africa; to unite all branches of the English-speaking race in an Anglo-Saxon Bond, and to spread Liberty, Civilization and Christianity throughout the world. »(« The elector’s Catechism. » General Election of 1880, quoted in « Europa », from W. T. Stead, The United States of Europe, Part I, ch.5, 1899)

Rhodes, Russia and the “Islamic State”

This article first appeared in New View  magazine Issue 73 Oct. – Dec. 2014 (…)

The Ghost of Rome 
If we
now turn to how this works out in actual world events, we can find much
guidance in two courses of lectures that Steiner gave during the First
World War; the first (Dec. 1916 – Jan. 1917) is titled The Karma of Untruthfulness (KoU) in English, and the second From Symptom to Reality in Modern History
(Oct-Nov 1918). If we familiarise ourselves with the occult historical
principles he lays out here, the fundamentals as well as the
phenomenology of a symptomatological approach to history, and then
consider the events of our own time, such as the relation of the group
which calls itself ‘Islamic State’ (4) to the Ukraine crisis, against
the background of these principles, looking for key symptoms, then we
shall make progress in our understanding. For example, Steiner pointed
out in KoU that “the whole of recent history [1413-1917] has to do with
the struggle between the ancient Roman-Latin element and that element
that is to be made out of the English-speaking peoples if they fail to
put up any resistance to it.” (15.1.17) What he says elsewhere in the
lecture makes clear that the element that is to be made out of the
English-speaking peoples if they fail to put up any resistance to it
means the one-sided commercial, industrial, materialistic element that
strives for a global dominion, a commercial world empire. It was to
protect and extend this world empire that the British elite went to war
in 1914.In
striving upwards today human beings are endeavouring to do so not under
the sign of spirituality but under the sign of materialism.This in the
first instance is what brought them into conflict with those
brotherhoods who want to develop the impulses of the mercantile element
commerce and industry in a materialistic way on a grand scale. This is
today’s main conflict. All other things are side issues, often terrible
side issues…
(30.1.17) (emphasis TB)A
new historical period began in the fifteenth century and is still
ongoing, that is, a new spiritual will began to be effective from the
zodiacal level, which urges human beings to endeavour to develop
themselves as autonomous individuals. For reasons which cannot be
explained here now for lack of space, the northern European or Germanic
peoples (which includes Scandinavians, English, Dutch as well as
Germans) play a kind of vanguard role in this period just as other
peoples played and will play such a vanguard role before and after this
present epoch. (Steiner saw how human development passed though epochs
of time each denoted by a particular civilisation. For example: The
Egypto-Chaldean epoch, followed by the Greco-Roman epoch and our current
one which he indicated began at the end of the 15th century and will
continue into the fourth millennium). This period will last 2160 years,
but the first part of it, approximately the first third (720 years) will
be subject to two influences – one from the previous epoch, an
influence which Steiner often called ‘the ghost of Rome’ and the other
something new: a drive to penetrate the mineral aspect of physical life;
obviously, this also has to do both with rigidity and fragmentation,
two essential aspects of the mineral realm. This is why the western
culture of the period 1513-1913 was strongly and necessarily imbued with
the impulses of death and destruction that are associated with physical
existence. (5) One need only think of the increasingly destructive
powers released by religious and class-based rigidity in the 16th/17th
and 18th/19th centuries respectively or by the forces of the industrial
and scientific revolutions.This drive into the mineral was especially
strong from the 17th to the 20th centuries, which was a Gabriel period
(c.1510-1879). The drive into the mineral – literally, at times, digging
down into the mineral Earth – which led to the development of modern
physics and the Industrial Revolution, for example, was a key factor in
the intensifying materialism of western culture in that period (early
17th to late 19th centuries; there were also other factors which I will
not explore in this article). Steiner said: In striving upwards today
human beings are endeavouring to do so not under the sign of
spirituality but under the sign of materialism. In other words, the
individual is striving for freedom but in doing so, has understandably
abandoned the old authoritarian forms of spirituality without putting
anything in their place other than the individual’s own understanding,
and consequently, the individual’s striving for freedom inevitably
became more and more affected by the deepening materialism of the age,
secular and egoistic that shaped the intellectual environment of the
individual. The result was the intolerant and destructive revolutions of
the late 18th and 19th centuries and the various political and social
‘–isms’ which grew up at that time. These harmful social forces became
ever more destructive as the age of Gabriel advanced, while at the same
time, the first third of the period that began in the fifteenth century,
as mentioned above, was affected by ancient Greco-Roman impulses in the
arts and architecture, politics and education.
A Confession of Faith 
this period, however, the elites of the West had access to a form of
occult knowledge that they did not share with anyone outside their
occult brotherhoods. This too was a decadent form of the restriction of
knowledge to particular communities that stemmed from the mystery
centres of the Greco-Roman epoch and ultimately from the even earlier
Eypto-Chaldean epoch. During the age of Gabriel (1510-1879), which was
when freemasonry strongly developed in the English-speaking world and
was propagated outwards from there, someone in a lower social order
could gain access to this ‘secret knowledge’ only by becoming a member
of the brotherhood. A young man aged 21 to 24 joining such a brotherhood
and coming under the influence of older men of high status might become
imprinted with ideals that would guide the rest of his life. Just such a
young man was Cecil Rhodes (1853-1902), the Victorian
mining magnate and ultra-imperialist, and an example of a significant
historical symptom here is the Confession of Faith that he wrote in
Rhodes full faceIt
was a statement of his guiding principles, which he more or less
maintained for the rest of his life. Rhodes became a Master Mason in the
freemasonic Apollo University Lodge No.357 on 17 April 1877 while at
Oxford University (he studied Latin and ancient history) and went on to
become a member of the Prince Rose Croix Lodge No.30 in the High Grade
Scottish Rite system of freemasonry. Other members of the Apollo Lodge
in the late 19th century were the Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII 1901-1910) and the Prince’s godson, Edward Grey,
the man who led the British Empire into the world war in 1914 as
Foreign Secretary. In 1891 Rhodes and the radical editor and occultist William Thomas Stead,
set up a secret society dedicated to world domination by the
English-speaking peoples. One needs then to look at the individuals who
worked most closely with Rhodes and Stead to realise their aim, for, as
Steiner indicated in the lectures mentioned earlier (KoU), in British
public life, the placing of individual personalities is especially
important i.e. who knows who? Important, then, are the connections
between these individuals and what those connections facilitated. (6)
Let us look at some of the ideas in the Confession that were constantly
to guide Rhodes throughout his life:
contend that we are the finest race in the world and that the more of
the world we inhabit, the better it is for the human race… the
absorption of the greater portion of the world under our rule simply
means the end of all wars…I look into history and read the story of the
Jesuits. I see what they were able to do in a bad cause and I might say
under bad leaders. In the present day I became member of the Masonic
Order. I see the wealth and power they possess, the influence they
hold…Why should we not form a secret society with but one object – the
furtherance of the British Empire, for the bringing of the whole
uncivilised world under British rule, for the recovery of the United
States, for the making of the Anglo-saxon race but one empire…We learn
from the past how to frame our future…What has been one of the causes of
the success of the Romish Church? Let us form the same kind of society
which should have its member in every part of the British Empire working
with one object, and one idea, who should its members placed at our
universities and our schools and should watch the English youth passing
through their hands [...] The Society should inspire and even own
portions of the press, for the press rules the mind of other people.”
see here the eye to Rome and the Jesuits (even though they were the
sworn enemies of the freemasons), the aim to rule the entire world by a
single people, the ‘Church of Anglo-saxonism’ as it were, the aim to
merge with the United States and all the English-speaking countries, the
aim to control education and the minds of the young, and to control and
influence the Press in the direction of Rhodes’ ideal. Now most
mainstream Anglo-American historians tend to belittle Rhodes’ Confession
of Faith as the overheated-fantasy of an extravagant young man. (7) But
this ‘fantasy’ has since 1877 largely become reality! All the aims set
out above have more or less been accomplished. The world has been
dominated by the Anglo-American world-view since 1945 and arguably,
since 1917, when America entered the war to save France and Britain, the
latter already bankrupt, never to regain its position as the world’s
creditor. Anglo-American think tanks were set up in the wake of the
First World War to coordinate Anglo-American foreign policy, and such
coordination has largely been the case since the 1930s after British and
American oil companies agreed on a division of Middle East oil reserves
in 1928.(8) Oxbridge (Oxford and Cambridge), Harvard and Yale have
become the four most prestigious universities in the world. Most of the
mainstream media, press and publishing tend to support the main lines of
Anglo-American foreign policy, from the UN to global warming; they
collude in the suppression of the truth about the assassination of
President Kennedy and the truth about the events of 9/11, and currently,
in the paranoia about Putin and Islamic State, and the all too
obviously faked videos of the “beheadings” of the American journalists
James Foley, Steven Sotloff and the Briton David Cawthorne Haines, in
all of the videos of which there was not a single drop of blood seen in
the actual act of ‘beheading’ (!) as the camera faded to black before
any blood was seen – strange behaviour for a group that is said to revel
in the killing of infidels and which is supposed to seek to intimidate
its enemies through gratuitous violence. The three victims themselves
were utterly passive throughout, hardly believable unless they had all
reached some stage of enlightenment during their captivity or else were
on some kind of drug, which seems not to be the case. No actual
beheadings took place in the videos; there has only been the repeated
assertion that they did. Articles in The Daily Telegraph, and The Times
have both acknowledged that the James Foley beheading was probably
faked (9) but such acknowledgment is ignored by the rest of the
mainstream media and even by those two newspapers themselves!  may
indeed have been killed at some point (though they may equally well be
still in captivity somewhere) either by shooting or even by beheading,
but they were almost certainly not killed in those videos, but it was
those ‘shock and awe’ videos which have been used by the media and the
governments of the West to justify their current policies, including a
return to war by America and Britain in the  Middle East.
USUK AA flag archwaySince the revelations of the American whistleblower, former National Security Agency worker Edward Snowden
last year about the extent of US spying worldwide, many are now
familiar with the notion of  the “Five Eyes”, the global surveillance
system operated exclusively by the five English-speaking countries (US,
UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand), who spy on everyone else, including
NATO allies and who share intelligence only amongst themselves, as
Angela Merkel has, very publicly, recently been made aware – if she did
not already know it. Despite all the talk in the Anglo-American media
about “the end of the nation state” and “the age of the borderless
world, “the cosmopolitan multicultural era” etc., as far as the elite of
the English-speaking world are concerned, clearly, only people who are
citizens of English-speaking countries and who subscribe to the values
of the English-speaking elite are to be trusted.We
can see in Rhodes’ Confession and in his biography that transition
referred to earlier from the age of nationalism to the age of
internationalism, which was in fact the transition between the offices
or wills of the two spiritual beings – Gabriel and Michael. The late
Victorian creed of Imperialism was a reflection of the confluence or
overlap of these two spiritual impulses – one focused on a particular
element of the natural, earthly world, and the other devoted to a warped
ideal of ‘peace and service’, global in scope. Rhodes was no
old-fashioned nationalist or imperialist. It was not the monarchy or the
aristocracy, the Church of England, or even the physical land of
England that was important to him; it was ‘Englishness’ itself as an
ideal, an ideology even, a faux religion for a man who had all but lost
his religious faith. Rhodes was driven by his ideal that was global in
scope, pan-human in fact but at the same time narrow and egoistic in
that it really served and was rooted in only one human community – that
of the English-speaking people. It was not actually universal in spirit
at all. The words ‘narrow’ and egoistic’ are not meant pejoratively
here, but descriptively. One is concerned here to understand this
phenomenon of Rhodes and his Confession, not to judge. He really felt
that mankind could only be at peace if it was governed by Englishmen,
English-speaking people with ‘English’ values, and this literally
‘eugenic’ feeling was shared by countless other English-speaking people.
One could imagine a Roman senator thinking something similar 1900 years
ago – that only a world governed from Rome can be a peaceful, stable,
civilised world.
days we so often hear glib statements in the media about “the
international community”, when what is all too obviously meant is the US
and the UK and their allies. In the endless policy papers produced by
transatlantic think tanks, this same sentiment is apparent – that only a
world guided by “American leadership” can be peaceful, stable,
civilised, democratic. Despite all the talk about multiculturalism and
the international atmosphere of our globalised world, when we read a
magazine like New Scientist, we should note that only a few of
the scientists referred to and the institutions they work at are not
Anglo-American. When we watch or listen to a media organisation like the
BBC, we should try to be aware that some of its key presenters are
alumni of the British-American Project, a shadowy organisation (that
stays well out of the media limelight) founded in 1985 by Sir Charles Hyde Villiers
in order to coordinate opinion in the modern ‘transatlantic’ space,
very much in the sense that Rhodes intended (The Society should inspire
and even own portions of the press, for the press rules the mind of
other people”), which is why he created his Rhodes Scholarship Trust, to
expose promising young Americans to the chauvinist imperial thoughts
they could imbibe at Oxford and then put into practice during their
Plans for Russia 
Rhodes once said that he would annexe the stars if he could and some
American dreams are not dissimilar, as Star Trek, Star Wars and many
other such Hollywood films have shown us. How does the elite ruling this
modern global Rhodes-ian state – which, like Rhodes himself, has a
gargantuan appetite and will – plan to act in the Middle East? In an
article in New View in 2011 (10) I drew attention to the two kinds of
revolutions that might well be about to emerge in the Middle East in a
kind of parallel to what happened in Russia in the year 1917 – the first
an apparently pro-western, supposedly more liberal uprising within the
countries of the region against the older authoritarian regimes that
ruled them, and then a fanatical pan-Islamist movement for a restored
Islamic Caliphate would emerge that would seek to rule the entire
Islamic world in a single state. I wrote three years ago in New View: “If
we see little that is constructive resulting from the new regimes that
replace the Middle eastern autocracies, then we should not be surprised
to find the Muslim vacuum being filled with something far more
radical…something calling for a Caliphate that would claim to restore to
Muslims, and especially young Muslims, their ‘dignity’ vis-a-vis the
West. And this something would inevitably be smeared and feared in the
western Press as a great threat, but it may actually be welcomed in the
hidden circles of western power as the new, and useful, counterpart at
‘the grand chessboard’”
(11). Almost exactly on schedule this
“something far more radical” appeared in the shape of the movement that
calls itself Islamic State, a fanatical, pan-Islamic, Caliphatic
movement has appeared. I say “on schedule” because its emergence, as I
described in that article in 2011, was imagined for the year 2011 in one
of the key transatlantic media organs that has been enthusiastically
serving “the hidden circles of western power” since the 1930s, namely, The Economist of London. As long ago as Dec.1992 The Economist
published an article (12) that was itself a very striking exposition of
the intentions of those forces that intended to bring about a global
conflict in the first half of the 21st century. The pan-Islamic
movement, it forecast, would eventually link up with China and the
ultimate result of this alliance’s aggression would be, not the
destruction of the West nor of Israel, but the destruction of Russia!
Western Asia (the Islamic world) would join up with Eastern Asia to take
over (Russian) Central Asia (Siberia and the lands east of the Urals).
This looks unlikely, some might say, because Russia and China are so
connected and mutually supportive these days, having signed a gigantic
Eurasian “Power of Siberia” gas pipeline 30-year deal in May this year
worth US$400 billion (£237 billion) to supply China with Russian gas,
and with the two countries working together towards creating an
alternative financial architecture to the US-dominated petrodollar: “Beijing
has recently struck numerous agreements with major trading partners
such as Brazil that bypass the dollar. Moscow and Beijing have also set
up rouble-yuan swap facilities that push the greenback out of the
picture. If Russia and China now decide to drop dollar energy pricing
totally, America’s reserve currency status could unravel fast, seriously
undermining the US Treasury market and causing a world of pain for the
just as it was a key western strategy from the late 1880s onwards, very
successfully executed over the following 60 years, to ensure that
Russia and Germany stayed apart and did not collaborate, so it is very
likely that we shall see the West searching for ways to drive Russia and
China apart. Revolution, Islamic revival or war against Germany were
envisaged by Britain’s Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Lord Salisbury
in 1885 (14) as three ways of solving Britain’s “Russia problem”. Two
of those tactics were later employed on a gigantic scale. The third has
been in train since the late 1970s when Zbigniew Brzezinski
advised Jimmy Carter to fund and arm the Afghan mujahideen so as to
give the Soviets [Russians] their own Vietnam. This became one of the
main tools to undermine the USSR in the 1980s. Russia was then
confronted by Islamic radicalism in Chechnya, the Balkans (Kosovo) was
then used as a weapon against Russia. Then the Muslim card was played
against Russia in the conflict in Chechnya in the late 1990s,
culminating in the Beslan school massacre in 2004; Russia was not
pleased when President Slobodan Milosevic of Serbia was overthrown in
2000 following a NATO bombing campaign against Serbia, and Kosovo was
split off from Serbia by the West and has since been host to the largest
US military base in Europe, Camp Bondsteel. Continuous economic,
diplomatic, covert military and cyberwarfare pressure from the West was
put on Russia’s ally Iran and then after 2011, came the attack via
numerous proxy armed gangs, many of them Islamist, funded and armed by
the West’s friends in the region (Qatar, Saudi Arabia) on Russia’s
Syrian ally President Bashar al-Assad, in the so-called ‘civil war’
which is still ongoing and destroying that country. In May 2013 US
Senator John McCain entered Syria illegally from Turkey to meet with and
encourage leaders of the Syrian armed opposition groups that have been
creating the mayhem in Syria over the past three years. After all, what
state in the world, democratic or authoritarian, tolerates violence
against the state by armed gangs and does not try to put it down by
force? Finally, the West professed to be horrified by the sudden
emergence this year of Islamic State and its ultra-violence, yet another
‘shock and awe’ tactic that could be used by the western elite to gain
the support of its populace and politicians for western military action
in the region. The lack of official US and UK criticism of Saudi Arabia
and the Gulf States (all loyal customers for western arms manufacturers)
for arming and funding Islamic State has been deafening. Meanwhile, we
see Islamic State-like groups emerging across the Islamic world, from
Nigeria to Indonesia. Afghan Taliban groups talk about joining up with
Islamic State, all of this focused on the idea of the cosmopolitan
borderless Caliphate. The faked beheading videos have been used to front
up a pretext for Obama to attack Islamic State in Syria as well as
Iraq, thus enabling him to do what he (or those behind him) wanted to do
last summer – carry out airstrikes on Syria – but was prevented from
doing by the vote of the British parliamentarians, who for once showed
some ethical backbone in foreign affairs.The
West is thus fully ensconced in the Balkans, in the Caucasus (Georgia,
Azerbaijan) and in Afghanistan(15); we can see that almost all the
former Soviet bloc countries in Eastern Europe are now in NATO, as well
as the Baltic states, two of which  border directly on Russia. NATO is
trying to draw Sweden and Finland into its tent. And then, to top it
all, in November 2013 the West sought to entice Ukraine into its orbit
and succeeded in doing so by means of a sordid illegal coup in February
2014 after the whole world had been treated to the sight of  – once
again – Sen. John McCain fraternising in Kiev with the
Ukrainian Far Right Svoboda Party and to the sound of Victoria Nuland,
Assistant Sec. of State for European and Eurasian Affairs (16) of the
State Department caught on tape trying to organise which Ukrainian
politicians would be levered into the desired pro-US Ukrainian
government which was planned to replace the regime of President
Yanukovych. $5 billion had been spent since 1991 by the US on ‘promoting
democracy’ in Ukraine since its independence 23 years ago, she said at
the National Press Club in Washington DC on 13 December 2013. The
illegal coup in Feb 2014 year turned out to be Putin’s red line. He made
his move and seized Crimea (with its key naval base at Sevastopol) back
from Ukraine on the pretext of a popular referendum(17). The West then
used this seizure as the excuse to recommence the Cold War. The
English-speaking world’s opposition to Russia began in earnest in the
Crimean War (1853-56). At that time Britain was the dominant, unipolar
world power. In the 20th century Britain ceded that place to the USA. In
May 2014 President Vladimir Putin declared that: “The unipolar model of the world is over. The global picture has completely changed”.
The western media dutifully began to churn out daily propaganda against
Putin, who has now become the West’s new bogeyman, while sanctions are
ratcheted up against his country. All the western media talk is of
“isolating Russia”, (in effect, a kind of ‘excommunication’) pushing
Russia away from Europe, towards Asia. Having done that, the goal will
most likely be to undermine and ultimately destroy Russia’s relationship
with China so that a thoroughly “isolated” Russia can then be turned
upon by its Asiatic and Muslim neighbours; the Russian rump will then be
drawn into “the West”. The broad lines of this grand strategy were all
there in The Economist in 1992, 22 years ago and in Zbigniew
Brzezinski’s book The Grand Chessboard in 1997 which stipulated that
Russia had only one possible future ahead of it – belonging to “the
West”; all others, he said, would lead to its downfall.
The Middle East and “Core Interests” 
In the
heyday of the Roman Empire, Rome fought Persia for domination of the
Middle East and ultimately of the Mediterranean. Today, we see the
American foreign policy elite, the would-be New Roman senators,
confessing an updated version of the faith of Rhodes (unipolar global
domination or “full spectrum dominance”, as they call it’) and aiming
ultimately to remove from Russia’s control the vast territories east of
the Urals with all their huge resources. In the two situations referred
to above – the Ukraine crisis and ‘Islamic State’ – we should note that
Russia is involved in both of these, directly and indirectly. Russia is
an ally of Syria and has been supporting the Syrian government’s
struggle against the various forces that would overthrow it, one of
which is ‘Islamic State’ (IS). Russia has had an important naval base in
Syria, at Tartus since 1971, its only naval base in a foreign country.
As a ‘Sunni Muslim’ organisation, IS is opposed to Iran, which is allied
to Russia, and Iran has been a strong supporter of Syria. (18)An
article and map in the US Armed Forces Journal in 2006 by Lt.Col. Ralph
Peters (ret.) called for the restructuring of the Islamic world from
Egypt to Pakistan.(19)
afj.ralph peters_map_afterAs
Syria and Iran are both supported by Russia, we could conclude that in
seeking to undermine them, this restructuring is therefore also intended
to undermine Russia’s strategic position in the region in order to a)
safeguard the US’ ally Israel, b) secure oil supplies in the region,
mostly in Iraq and Saudi Arabia, c) protect its mostly Sunni Muslim
client states in the region, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States, from any
possible threat from Shia Muslim Iran and d) win a victory over Russia
in the ongoing geopolitical chess game in the Middle East and South
Asia. We could note furthermore, that those forces in the USA that were
calling for joint US-UK air attacks on Syria in August 2013 (e.g.
Senators John McCain, Lindsay Graham and their allies) following alleged
(but never proven) use of chemical weapons attacks by Syrian government
forces (another ‘shock and awe’ tactic), and who were frustrated by the
vote against such action in the British Parliament, are now saying that
to defeat I.S. comprehensively, the US and the UK have to launch air
strikes in Syria and that (according to UK Prime Minister David Cameron,
a strong supporter of last year’s failed air strikes) this is
acceptable  and legitimate because, they claim,   President Assad is a
war criminal, not least because of those (unproven) chemical attacks. We
could therefore conclude that IS has become a convenient excuse for
launching attacks on Syria, ostensibly to attack IS in Syria but also to
attack President Assad’s forces if they “get in the way”, because his
forces too are held to be illegitimate. In other words, for the US and
UK, Syria has become de facto, a chaos without a legitimate government,
just like Libya since 2011 and like Somalia, and the semi-chaos in South
Sudan, Afghanistan, Yemen and Iraq. This has been the result of US-UK
interventions and actions in these regions. On the whole, human beings
tend to prefer order, even a stifling order, to chaos and constant
insecurity and anxiety. Western actions in the Middle East, however,
have removed those forces of order (e.g. Saddam Hussein, Mubarak,
Gadaffi) which were holding chaos at bay and they have done so in the
name of “freedom, democracy, human rights” etc. But the result has been
chaos and the emergence of an apparently far worse force, that of IS;
the process has been similar to Russia in 1917: the externally prompted
removal of a previous order, the fall into violence and near anarchy and
the subsequent emergence of a far worse and more brutal ‘new order’ .
Whose interests are served by the removal of order and its substitution
by chaos? Clearly, not those of the people of the region.
governments, which always condemn political violence at home,
encouraged and supported political violence and armed uprising against
Mubarak, Gadaffi, and Assad, and looked the other way while sources in
its Sunni Arab client states, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait, all
strongly opposed to Shi’ite Islam, funded and armed the uprising in
Syria.(20) If that had not happened and Assad’s state had not thereby
been weakened, IS would not have been able to gain a foothold in Syria.
We have been told repeatedly that IS has become powerful in Iraq because
it is so ‘modern’, because of its technological savvy in its use of the
Internet for communications and propaganda, its bank robberies in Mosul
and seizures of Iraqi Army equipment including heavy weaponry, tanks
and even helicopters. But this is to ignore the support given to IS
since its inception by America’s Arab client states. Indeed, there are
grounds for believing that the founder of IS himself, Abu Bakr
al-Baghdadi, under a pseudonym, was present at that intimate meeting
with Senator John McCain and others in 2013! (21).McCain claimed not to
know. His organisation, International Republican Institute (founded
1983), channels funds to groups in foreign countries around the world
that it wishes to back in taking power from governments in those
whose interests is the West creating lasting chaos in the Middle East?
Certainly not the interests of American business, not even the major
arms manufacturers, because they do their most profitable business with
compliant and stable US client states like Saudi Arabia and the UK. In
an earlier article in New View I pointed out that it is very much in
Israel’s security interest – as perceived by some in the Israeli elite –
that potentially hostile Muslim states in the region fall into chaos
and I indicated the Israeli Oded Yinon Plan of 1982, published by the
World Zionist organisation, which envisaged a strategy of deliberate
fragmentation of the Arab world “into a mosaic of ethnic and
confessional groupings that could be more easily manipulated”. But this
understandable though reprehensible Israeli plan to ensure Israel’s
security in its own small region of the world by creating chaos among
those of its neighbours which it perceives to be hostile does not
suffice to explain what has been happening in the Middle East since 2011
or its connection to the West’s worsening relations with Russia since
that year. For just as the small wars of 1911-1913 in North Africa  and
the Balkans led on inexorably to the ‘global event’  of 1914, so the
upheavals in N.Africa and the Middle East since 2011 have led on to a
confrontation between the West and Russia in 2014, and now this is
repeatedly being called in the western media, almost with approbation, a
‘new Cold War’ and even the possibility of military conflict between
NATO and Russia, which inevitably raises the truly horrendous prospect
of a possible nuclear exchange, something we imagined we had left far
behind decades ago. Russia’s opposition to the West’s destabilising
actions in Iraq, in Libya, in Syria and in Ukraine has led to
hyperventilating western media lining Vladimir Putin up with Philip II,
Louis XIV, Napoleon, the Kaiser and Hitler. Putin may not exactly be
Nelson Mandela, but he certainly does not deserve to be placed with
those five English hate figures. He sees Russia as defending itself from
unjustified encroachments by NATO and the EU that the West said in 1991
would not happen,  but did – facts detailed by John J. Mearsheimer even
in the inhouse magazine of the leading American thinktank the Council
on Foreign Affairs (Sept 2014) in an article titled:  “Why the Ukraine is the West’s Fault”.
President Obama said on 10 September that the United States “will not
hesitate to use force against anyone who threatens America’s core
interests”. That was how Putin regarded the actions of those he saw as
the illegal coup leaders in Kiev; he saw them as threatening Russia’s
core interests. He moved against them by taking Crimea and supporting
the separatists in Eastern Ukraine, and in doing so, moved against the
EU, NATO and the USA.
In Dec. 1916, Lord Milner,
arguably the most powerful man in Britain in those years, brought about
a very quiet, very British coup, which instated a new, 5-man War
Cabinet headed by a frontman, David Lloyd George, as Prime Minister.
This Cabinet rejected out of hand German and American peace initiatives
made that winter and pressed on with the war. The favourite of the
Czarina of Russia, the monk Rasputin, had always opposed the war, so he
was murdered in a plot organised by British secret service on 30
December 1916, as peace hung in the balance. Soon afterwards, Milner
went to Russia as head of a mission to keep Russia in the war. In 1917
it was Milner and his associates who were responsible for devising and
drafting the Balfour Declaration which promised Palestine as a national
homeland to the Jewish people. The foreign secretary Arthur Balfour
simply signed it, hence the name by which  the document is known. In
1919, as Colonial Secretary in the Cabinet, Milner wrote to  Lloyd
George, saying:
independence of Arabia has always been a fundamental principle of our
eastern policy, but what we mean by it is that Arabia, while being
independent herself should be kept out of the sphere of European
political intrigue and within the British sphere of influence; in other
words, that her independent native rulers should have no foreign
treaties except with us.
the First World War Britain and America been seeking to remake the
Middle East as they see fit in order to undermine Russia and no other
powers, such as Germany in 1914 or Russia in 2014, are to be allowed to
challenge “the core interests” of the new Romans in the Middle East. It
remains to be seen whether Vladimir Putin’s words of May 2014 will be
borne out: “The unipolar model of the world is over. The global picture
has completely changed”.


NOTES(1) R.Steiner, Occult Science – An Outline

(2) 6.9.2014        

According to Rudolf Steiner, there are seven such ‘offices’ of seven
different time spirits; they recur cyclically, each lasting for about
350-450 years each: Oriphiel, Anael, Zachariel, Raphael, Samael,
Gabriel, Michael.

(4) Also known as I.S.I.L. (Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant), or I.S.I.S. (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria)

Here is a paradox, because it was said earlier that the Gabrielic
influence (16th – early 20th centuries) is focused on incarnation into
the material, that is, the birth pole of life, whereas the Michaelic
influence is focused on excarnation, the death pole, and indeed this is
why traditionally the archangel Gabriel is shown as the archangel of the
Annunciation to Mary while Michael is shown at the gate of heaven
weighing the souls of the dead. But birth out of the spirit onto the
material plane is actually spiritual death as one enters the realm of
death and decay, which is earthly existence, whereas physical death
means return to the realm of the non-dying, the spirit.

Rhodes and Stead were assisted above all by Reginald Brett, Lord Esher,
the third man who founded the society in 1891 and the closest adviser to
the Prince and King. Esher, married to the daughter of the man who,
together with British Foreign Secretary Lord Palmerston, founded the
Kingdom of Belgium in the 1830s, was the behind-the-scenes fixer of
Edwardian England and played a key role in the preparations for
Britain’s entry into the First World War.

(7) For
example: “This remarkable and preposterous document did not become
public until after his death. Surely the reaction would have been
bewildered laughter.” http://1870to1918.wordpress.com/2014/07/12/cecil-rhodes-and-british-expansionism/

(8) The ”Red Line’, or Achnacarry agreement. See F.William Engdahl, A Century of War – Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order, p.87.

(9) “A
2010 Washington Post article authored by former Army Intelligence
Officer Jeff Stein features a detailed account of how the CIA admittedly
filmed a fake Bin Laden video during the run up to the 2003 Iraq war”. http://www.globalresearch.ca/isis-beheadings-of-journalists-cia-admitted-to-staging-fake-jihadist-videos-in-2010/5399345

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/journalists/bill-gardner/11054488/Foley-murder-video-may-have-been-staged.html ; http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/news/uk/article4186089.ece

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(14) John Charmley, Splendid Isolation (1999) p.213

(15) 9 US bases and 15,000 NATO troops are to remain in Afghanistan after most US forces leave in 2014.


(16) She is married to the NeoCon Robert Kagan, co-founder of the now defunct Project for the New American Century.

(17) The USSR transferred Crimea from being an autonomous republic to Ukraine in 1954.

(18) We
could well imagine that the USA is seeking to support Israel, its ally
in the region, by undermining and even eventually overthrowing the
governments of Syria and Iran as planned in A Clean Break – A New Strategy for Securing the Realm,
a document prepared for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in
1996 by the US NeoCons Richard Perle and Douglas Feith. It advocated a
new pre-emptive policy: the removal of Saddam Hussein, the containment
of Syria through a strategy of proxy warfare and a focus on the two
countries’ alleged “weapons of mass destruction”. Israeli did not
officially adopt the policy but the USA has de facto effected it since

(19) http://www.armedforcesjournal.com/peters-blood-borders-map/  

The US State Department has estimated that over the past four decades
Riyadh has invested more than $10bn (£6bn) into charitable foundations
in an attempt to replace mainstream Sunni Islam with the harsh
intolerance of its Wahhabism. Head of Saudi Intelligence, Prince Bandar
bin Sultan was responsible for the details of arming the Syrian rebels:  


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wrote in December 2009 in a cable
released by Wikileaks that “Saudi Arabia remains a critical financial
support base for al-Qa’ida, the Taliban, LeT [Lashkar-e-Taiba in
Pakistan] and other terrorist groups.” http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/comment/iraq-crisis-how-saudi-arabia-helped-isis-take-over-the-north-of-the-country-9602312.html

(21) http://www.voltairenet.org/article185085.html

(22) Milner to Lloyd George, 16 May 1919; David Lloyd George: The Truth about the Peace Treaties. 2 vols. London 1938, vol. II, p. 900. (my thanks to Markus Osterrieder for this indication)


Thoughts on 1914 in relation to Scottish Independence and the Future of Britain  

This article first appeared in New View magazine Issue 72 July-Sept 2014

2014, a year
rich in historical resonance: D-Day in Normandy 1944, fifty years ago; a
hundred years on from the birth of Dylan Thomas in 1914; the deaths of
Franz Ferdinand and his dear wife Sophie in Sarajevo that same year; the
defeat of King Edward II of England at the Battle of Bannockburn by
Robert the Bruce in 1314, which saved Scottish independence for nearly
400 years.  Yet Scotland is not Serbia and Britain is not the Balkans.
What we call ‘nationalism’ is not the same everywhere or at all times.
For example, the Austrian Rudolf Steiner, author of The Philosophy of Freedom
(1894), spoke about the complex relationship between nationalism and
individual personality in Britain and France since the 15th century in
his lectures of October 1918 (titled in English From Symptom to Reality in Modern History),
and on 11,12,13 October 1918 he spoke for the first time about the
being Sorath, the two-horned beast associated with the number 666 that
is mentioned in the Book of Revelation. At the very same time another
Austrian, Adolf Hitler, began a long march to his nationalist
dictatorship during the night of 13-14 October 1918, when he suffered
gas poisoning and blinding in battle on the Western Front; he would
later insist that the nation took precedence and required the
individual’s total submission; the individual was nothing in comparison
to the people. One ought not to say, however, that because nationalism
appeared to be, literally, a de-structive force in Germany in the 1930s
and in Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia in the 1990s, then what appears to
be nationalism in Scotland is also merely ‘destructive’. Destruction,
de-structuring, is a necessary process in biology and in human history;
all things have their time. One could well argue that Czechoslovakia and
Yugoslavia were in any case artificial constructs created to suit the
requirements and the wills of the victorious Powers after the Great War
and those of certain abstract-minded nationalists in those countries who
had aligned themselves with those Powers. The two states were enabled
to emerge because Russia and her western allies, Britain, France and,
later, Italy, had made war upon the Habsburg Empire, a potentially
cosmopolitan federative state in central Europe, and upon its ally
Germany. The Austro-Hungarian Empire had then been deliberately
terminated by the western Allies and their Slavic nationalist partners
between 1918 and 1920. The Treaty of Versailles had been signed with
Germany, on 28 June 1919.(1) 28 June was the very day on which, in 1914,
a most carefully constructed international conspiracy had resulted in
the murder by a 19 year-old Bosnian Serb named Gavrilo Princip (Gabriel
Prince) of the man who intended to transform the Austro-Hungarian Empire
of the Habsburgs from one dominated by Austrians and Hungarians to one
in which Slavs would share political control with German and Hungarian
speakers. This triadic transformation of the Empire was the vision of
the heir to the Habsburg throne, Archduke Franz Ferdinand; it was a
vision for ensuring the future of the polyglot Middle European state.
Franz Ferdinand was not a man to whom many immediately warmed but he had
a certain integrity; he sought to marry a Slavic (Czech) duchess,
Sophie Chotek because he loved her, but her rank was too low for union
with the imperial family. Despite tremendous opposition from the
Emperor, from some of his own relatives and from the Court officials,
Franz Ferdinand insisted on marrying the woman he loved.

marriage was accepted only on condition that it be morganatic, that is,
Franz Ferdinand personally had to abjure, in a formal ceremony on 28
June 1900, all rights, titles and privileges for his wife and for their
future children, who would not inherit the throne after Franz Ferdinand
himself. His wife then had to endure the constant humiliation throughout
the 14 years of their marriage of not being allowed to accompany her
husband officially or of being recognised at all at any official events
or even of having the same family name as him. The love between this
very energetic Austrian prince and his gentle Slavic wife, could at
least have initiated a metamorphosis of the ancient Habsburg Empire into
a more modern Central European federation. But such a metamorphosis did
not suit the purposes of certain men in St Petersburg, Paris, London
and Belgrade, and so, on 28 June 1914, 14 years to the day after the
formal statement of renunciation of the rights of his wife and children,
and 525 years to the day after Serbia’s great defeat by a foreign
empire (Ottoman Turkey) at the Battle of the Field of Blackbirds, Franz
Ferdinand, Archduke of Habsburg-Lorraine, and Sophie Chotek, Duchess of
Hohenberg, were killed by two bullets from a Belgian pistol supplied by a
member of the Serbian secret society – the so-called ‘Black Hand’ – and
fired by Gavrilo Princip outside Schiller’s delicatessen on
Franz-Josefstrasse. A policeman almost managed to stop Princip firing
but he was kicked in the leg by a young man who sympathised with Gavrilo
Princip, a man named Mihailo Pušara, so Princip was able to fire his
fateful shots.

The forming of a Union

Just 37
days later, on 4th August 1914 at 11 pm GMT –  after a crisis that had
burned for three weeks like a slow fuse but then, from 23rd July, sped
towards explosion with a malevolent velocity – the United Kingdom
declared war on Germany – the British Empire declared war on the German
Empire, and the European war became a world war. The white Dominions of
the British Empire (Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa) were
not consulted before the declaration – it was assumed they would go
along with the decision of the Cabinet in London – and neither, of
course, were the non-white peoples of the Empire; they would have had no
say in any case, as none of them had a vote, as did no woman in Britain
in 1914, nor 40% of adult males. The state that was declaring war on
Germany had been in existence for only 113 years. The United Kingdom of
Great Britain and Ireland had been formed in 1801 after a bloody
suppression of the Irish rebellion of 1798 which had been inspired and
supported by the French revolutionaries. Before 1801 Ireland had been a
separate kingdom from “Great Britain” but ruled by the monarch in
London, although from 1782 it had had its own Parliament, which was
annulled by the Acts of Union (1800), and Irish politicians were now
required to come to London. “The Kingdom of Ireland” had been a creation
of the government of Henry VIII (1541). Before that, the Papacy had
been the titular sovereign of Ireland ruling feudally through the “Lord
of Ireland”, as the king of England was known. From 1603 until 1707 the
monarchs who ruled from London wore three crowns, so to speak – those of
England (including Wales), Ireland and Scotland. A completely
independent kingdom until 1603, when its king, James VI (1567-1625),
became King James I of England as well (1603-1625), Scotland remained a
separate kingdom with its own parliament until 1707, when the merchants
of Edinburgh and the Scottish Lowlands who dominated the Scottish
political scene decided to throw in their lot with the English and opt
for full political Union with England, thinking they would be
compensated for their huge losses in the disastrous Darien colonisation
scheme  of 1698-1700 (2). Scotland retained certain separate
educational, ecclesiastical and juridical rights, but the Union was not
widely popular north of the border; “Sir John Clerk of Penicuik, an
ardent pro-unionist and Union negotiator, observed that the treaty was
‘contrary to the inclinations of at least three-fourths of the Kingdom’”

(3) The English elite, meanwhile, were keen to prevent Jacobite exiles
in France from using Scotland as a base from which to mount a
restoration of the pro-Catholic Stuart (Jacobite) dynasty that had been
ousted from England in the so-called “Glorious Revolution” of 1688; this
had brought the Protestant Dutch King William to power in England as
King William III (1688-1702). In neither Scotland in 1707, nor Ireland
in 1801, was union with England desired by the majority of the
population; it was forced upon them. The same was true, of course, for
the Welsh, the first of the three Celtic populations to fall completely
under English control (1277-1283). Ironically, the victory of the
half-Welsh Henry Tudor (King Henry VII, 1485-1509) at the end of the
English Wars of the Roses did not lead to freedom for Wales; the second
Tudor king, Henry VIII (1509-1547), simply incorporated Wales into
England between 1536 and 1543 by “harmonising” the laws of Wales with
those of England.

French regained the port of Calais, the last English possession on the
Continent, from Henry VIII’s daughter Queen Mary (1553-1558), and from
1558 until 1607, a period of just 49 years, England (or Great Britain as
it became known after 1603), was now truly an island state. King James
I, the 23rd crowned monarch since the Norman conquest of 1066, was the
first monarch to rule over all the peoples of the British Isles. Under
King James and his government, led by his Secretary of State Sir Robert
Cecil, 1st Earl of Salisbury (1563 – 1612) and first cousin of Sir
Francis Bacon, the first British colony was founded at Jamestown,
Virginia in 1607, and ‘Great Britain’ embarked upon the path that would
ultimately lead to world-empire. In those increasingly global
undertakings over the next 300 years, the Celtic peoples of the British
Isles played a very great part. Indeed, although Englishmen in the 19th
century, such as Disraeli, often used to refer to ‘the English Empire’,
it was very much a ‘British Empire’ and it is no exaggeration to say
that without the multi-faceted contributions of the Celtic peoples, it
would have been impossible.

often think that the ‘English’ began this process, and certainly, it got
underway, as indicated above, only after the English Crown had, in one
way or another, ‘incorporated’ Wales, Ireland and Scotland. But how
English was this process of incorporation in fact? English was not even
the language of the courts of those kings of England who began the
process of conquering, first Ireland (Henry II, r.1154-1189), and then
Wales (Edward I, r.1272-1307), and who then attempted unsuccessfully to
conquer Scotland (Edward I and his son Edward II, 1307-1327). These men
were still very French in their language and lifestyle, but the ruling
class at the head of which they presided had arrived in England in 1066
as Normans, who were in fact Vikings with but a thin veneer of French
and Latin civilisation acquired over just three generations, since the
conquest of Normandy in 911 by Danish Vikings led by their chieftain
Hrolf (‘Frenchified’ as Rollo, 846-c.931). The Anglo-Saxon kings of
England before 1066 had never sought to attack the Continent, nor had
they even tried to conquer the Celtic lands of the British Isles. But
after the new Norman elite had consolidated their rule over their newly
conquered subject people in England and had indulged in their own Civil
War,(4)  it was not long before they sought to conquer the Celtic lands
as well, beginning with Wales in 1081. The invasion of Ireland began in
1171; the conquest of Wales was completed in 1277-1283 and the vain
attempt to absorb Scotland took place between 1296 and 1314. (5)
Repulsed by the Scots, England’s French-speaking elite then turned their
attentions to their old homeland, France, and embarked upon the 100
Years’ War (1337-1453) in the ultimately vain effort to become the kings
of France as well as of England. As stated earlier, the loss of the
last gain from this particular struggle, Calais, led to the only period
(49 years, 1558-1607) in British history since the Norman Conquest of
1066, in which the English Crown possessed no overseas territories
beyond the British Isles. (6)

People and Geography: The Expansion of England

In the
British Isles then, a particularly energetic and aggressive foreign
group, led by those who were essentially Vikings in their origins,
conquered England, then attempted to conquer the ‘Celtic periphery’
regions. They followed this by seeking to expand their territories on
the Continent and finally, after being rebuffed there by French
resistance initiated by Joan of Arc (1429-31) they gradually lost all
English possessions in France (1431-1558), which culminated in that
eventual respite, as mentioned, of 49 years with no overseas
possessions. Rudolf Steiner was not the only one to point out that
Joan’s deeds in the end served England just as much as France.(7)
Steiner also encouraged us to become sensitive to the differences
between on the one hand, what lives in a particular human population as
the specific ethnic and human qualities of that people and on the other
hand, what particular geographical energies are present in the territory
in which that population lives – the nature of the earth forces below
them, the nature of the climate,  topography, and natural features
around them and so on.(8) This is especially important when we want to
understand what happens to a people and to a country when, for example, a
new substantial group  of immigrants move to that country. The very
oldest elements of the population of ‘England’ had lived in the British
Isles for millennia before the arrival of the Celts. After the Celts had
come other settlers from the Continent, including the Romans and
finally the Anglo-Saxons, who created seven kingdoms that were only
eventually unified in the 10th century under the pressure of having to
resist invasions by the Scandinavian Vikings. By 1500 the pre-Viking and
pre-Norman peoples of England had internalised something of the
Norman-Viking ruthless and acquisitive spirit – something which was
actually very different from the gentler, more motherly being of the
land and nature of England. Having internalised this acquisitive spirit,
from the beginning of the 17th century, the English people, who by now
regarded themselves as a ‘nation’, resumed an aggressive posture
towards the outer world after that 49 year respite (1558-1607) and by
1914 they had taken possession of a fifth of the world’s land mass and
dominated its oceans – a very remarkable feat by any measure: the
geographical ‘point’ that was the British Isles expanded to ‘embrace’
the entire global periphery and made a most significant contribution to
the emergence of what is often today called a ‘global consciousness’.

this huge expansion from the British Isles, something remarkable
occurred as the First World War approached, a colossal symptom, one
could say, of deeper historical developments. The background for this
was the global expansion of England itself  (9) the preparations for
which had begun c.1500 under the first Tudor kings, Henry VII and his
son Henry VIII, with the exploration of North America by John Cabot
(Venetian: Zuan Chabboto) and the founding of the Royal Navy. Although
the British Empire reached its greatest actual extent in the 1920s with
the acquisition of some former German colonies (SW Africa, Tanganyika,
Cameroons, Togoland and several Pacific islands) it was in the 1880s
that Britain’s global power began its slow decline in the face of the
industrial and commercial challenge from Germany and the USA. The real
period of the expansion of England thus occurred entirely within the era
known since the 15th century in western esotericism as the Age of
Gabriel (1525-1879, according to the German esotericist, abbot
Trithemius of Sponheim or, according to Steiner, 1510-1879). There are
seven of these archangelic ages, which are associated with the seven
traditional planetary bodies and have been known since Babylonian times.
According to Trithemius, each age lasts 354 years and 4 months. Each of
the seven archangels exercises a specific influence on human history
and works through particular peoples in order to exercise that influence
during the era. The key feature of the recurring Gabriel periods of
human history is a focus on material life and the material plane –
everything that relates in the broadest sense with incarnation into
material existence.


Four generations of Cecils: father and son, uncle and nephewWilliam Cecil, Robert Cecil, Lord Salisbury, Arthur Balfour

many in Britain’s elite did not comprehend the message that they were
receiving from the course of history itself, or else interpreted it very
differently. In 1919, at the very time that the baton of imperial power
was passing from Britain to the USA, powerful circles in the British
elite connected to the Cecil family (e.g. former Prime Minister Arthur
J. Balfour, nephew of Lord Salisbury, and Sir Robert Cecil, Salisbury’s
son), and to Lord Alfred Milner and his Round Table Group (founded
1909), established the British Institute of International Affairs (1920,
later renamed the Royal Institute of International Affairs – the RIIA –
and also known today as Chatham House) following discussions in May
1919 at the Hotel Majestic in Paris during the Paris Peace talks. The
Institute’s first formal heads were Sir Arthur Balfour, Sir Robert Cecil
and Sir Edward Grey; Grey’s formal resolution called the institute into
being. Those behind this Institute were closely allied to similar elite
circles in the USA (notably the J.P. Morgan and Carnegie financial
interests) who went on to establish the Council on Foreign Relations
(1921), which both organisations regarded as a sister group to the
RIIA.(13) These two transatlantic extra-governmental organisations have
cooperated closely in coordinating and exerting influence on
Anglo-American foreign policy since their foundations and continue to do
so. Today these two groups stand at the top of the Anglo-American
mountain of think-tanks, and together with many other such groups below
and around them, are working to maintain Anglo-American global dominance
through finance, military power, intelligence networks and global
surveillance by, amongst other things, knitting together the USA with
East Asia in trade and investment blocs (the Trans-Pacific Partnership
agreement, or TPP – 2011) and with the EU (the Transatlantic Trade and
Investment Partnership agreement, or TTIP – 2013).(14)  Obviously,
Anglo-American antipathetic relations with Russia and China are at the
critical core of these geopolitical and economic manoeuvrings, not least
in relation to access to natural resources, the material underpinnings
of both ‘hard power’ (military) and ‘soft power’ (e.g. the metallic ore
coltan and ‘rare earth’ metals needed in digital entertainment and
communications technology and numerous other advanced industrial
applications). A similar situation prevailed c.1900 when Britain and
Germany were competing for the gold and diamonds of South Africa and the
oil of Mesopotamia.

Modern capitalism: Back to the Future?

has been no real change in the fundaments of Anglo-American economic
thinking since the late 18th century, the time of the Scottish pioneer
of political economy, Adam Smith (1723-1790). At a conference on
‘Inclusive Capitalism’ in the City of London in late May this year
headed by Prince Charles, Christine Lagarde of the IMF and other
luminaries of the global elite such as economist Larry Summers, Eric
Schmidt (Google), and hosted by Lynn Forester de Rothschild of the Henry
Jackson Society, The Economist,  and E.L.Rothschild, ‘crony capitalism’
was criticised but a return to the 18th century principles of Adam
Smithian capitalism was held up as a solution to our 21st century
problems. As long as such ideas remain dominant among the global elite,
struggles between the egocentric economic interests of the world’s
Powers are bound to continue, based as they are on the 18th century
concept of economic self-interest. The radical spirit of the 18th
century affirmed the notion of individual liberty in all areas of social
life, and in parallel with this, evolution as a concept of change began
to emerge but that concept has never been sufficiently and soundly
extended to human consciousness and socio-economic practice in the West:
hence the false claims in 1914-18 that a society that was actually
still dominated by the aristocracy and the very wealthy (Britain) was
somehow a ‘democracy’ defending modern liberty and modern economic life
against a supposed primitive autocracy (Germany); hence too the
back-to-the-future notion today that our economic troubles in the 21st
century can be solved by a return to 18th century first principles, such
as the American Tea Party recommends in the socio-economic sphere  –
rather like economic Puritans in the Reformation calling for a return to
the early church. This back-to-the-future attitude makes as much sense
today as a middle-aged man in mid-life crisis trying to solve his
problems by returning to the ideas and habits of his adolescence,
whereas he will be able to move forward in a healthy way only by
identifying and moving on from what is still adolescent in his middle
age, not by embracing it anew as a solution. Steiner saw the economic
life as a threefold relationship of producers, distributors and
consumers and maintained that only as consumer is the human being
rightly and inevitably egocentric in economic life, concerned for his
own needs, whereas the other two actors in the economic process – the
producer and the distributor  – are essentially there to serve the
community in a fraternal and collaborative way. (15) Yet almost our
entire economic practice in the West is based on the self-interest,
self-assertion, and ruthless competition that were the discoveries and
assertions of the 18th century, and we have enthusiastically spread
these attitudes and practices around the world, and not least to the 2.6
billion people of India and China. The 18th century principle of
personal liberty applied to all three aspects of economic activity is
literally destroying our economy and our ecology today. The
over-production and ceaseless growth of our economic processes are
driven by the notion of the personal liberty of producers and
distributors who are acting without sufficient thought for their social
and ecological environments.

Il est à noter que la première mention d’une prétendue
« propéthie des trois guerres mondiales dans la lettre de Pike à Mazzini » apparaît pour la première fois en 1955 dans le livre de William Guy Carr « Pawns in the Game ».
Carr a apparemment rajouté des bouts de textes à un extrait d’une
prétendue « Lettre de Pike à Mazzini » qui a été publiée en fait par Léo
Taxil dans « Le diable au 19e siècle », dont une copie se trouve au
British Museum. En fait, en 1955, alors que Carr révélait la prétendue
prophétie de Pike sur les trois guerres mondiales, on connaissait déjà
d’une part le résultat de la Première et de la Seconde guerre mondiale,
et d’autre part le conflit nouveau entre les sionistes et les musulmans,
puisque Israël existait déjà et était déjà entré en conflit armé avec
ses voisins arabes et musulmans.  Carr ne révélait donc rien mais
prophétisait que le conflit entre les musulmans et les sionistes
deviendrait mondial (par exemple, Douglas Reed). En fait, Carr ne
faisait que répandre le point de vue des sionistes ultra, qui voyaient
les arabes et les musulmans comme leurs nouveaux ennemis jurés, la
nouvelle incarnation d’Amalek! Pour Carr, ce ne sont pas les juifs qui
ont causé les grandes guerres mondiales, ce sont des élites
lucifériennes qui se servent du judaïsme pour se protéger, pour que les
juifs soient livrés en bouc émissaires!

La vérité dans cette
histoire de projets de guerres dites mondiales prévues longtemps
d’avance en loge, il faut la chercher sur côté des loges Anglos-maçonniques de la fin du 19e siècle qui ont porté fruit dans la Première guerre

- D’une part: les Anglais ont commencé à renforcer les mouvements islamiques (notamment le wahabisme et le salafisme) et les mouvements arabes
(la Ligue arabe a été fondée sous influence anglaise). À cet effet,
l’exemple de T.E. Laurence, dit Laurence d’Arabie, romancée par
Capitaine William H.I. Shakespear (à ne pas confondre avec Shakespeare),
est emblématique.

- D’autre part: les Anglais ont également promis la Palestine aux juifs sionistes
(en échange de quoi ils devaient entraîner les États-Unis dans la
guerre, ce qu’ils ont fait). La déclaration Balfour vint sceller ce
contrat dès le 2 novembre 1917, soit vers la fin de la guerre. La
Première guerre mondiale ayant permis aux Anglais de prendre le contrôle
de Jérusalem et de la Palestine, jusqu’alors sous contrôle de l’empire

Les anglos suprémacistes tels que Lord
Salisbury en parlaient déjà au début du 20e siècle: selon lui la
solution au problème russe se résoudrait soit par une révolution, soit
par un renouveau islamique, soit par une guerre contre l’Allemagne.
L’histoire montre de manière flagrante que chacune de ces trois choses
se sont concrétisées.

pour objectif de favoriser maintenant la formation d’un super-État
islamique: un Islamistan, comme le présageait le magazine des Rothschild
The Economist en 1992?


‘ ‘ Il est intéressant de noter
que le mouvement du British Israël, qui clame que les peuples
anglo-saxons/anglophones sont le nouveau « peuple Élu » de l’Alliance de
Dieu et non pas les juifs d’aujourd’hui, a émergé dans la même décennie,
dans les années 1840, que le magazine
The Economist, ce champion séculier des « valeurs anglo-saxonnes »
. Depuis le début des années 90, la Revue The Economist
insinue dans l’esprit public un scénario géopolitique qui n’est pas
très loin de celui de Garner Ted Armstrong. Par exemple, dans son numéro
double spécial du Nouvel An 1992-1993, The Economist
a décrit un futur scénario dans lequel la Chine réunifierait avec
Taiwan en 2007, créant une économie de marché autoritaire et colossale.
En 2009 la Chine intimiderait le Japon en la réduisant à une
vassal-dépendance dans « la sphère de coopération du Chine-Japon ». Une
année-clé de ce scénario d’Armageddon est 2011, quand la monarchie
saoudienne serait renversée dans le coup d’un colonel qui mènerait à
l’établissement d’un super-État islamiste que l’article appelle «
Islamistan ». Ceci s’avère justement être – retournant maintenant à la
situation actuelle – un an seulement avant ce que d’innombrables
personnes autour du globe aujourd’hui (2006), influencées par des idées
Nouvel-Âge et des informations à moitié comprises sur le calendrier Maya
antique, en fait s’attendent à un événement global important qui
affectera la terre entière, que ce soit une catastrophe écologique due à
un décalage de pôle magnétique – peut-être la fin du monde ou au moins
de la civilisation comme nous la connaissons, sinon de façon moins
apocalyptique, l’accomplissement d’une époque historique qui présagera
un changement plus doux dans la conscience globale amenant « une
élévation à une dimension plus élevée d’harmonie et d’arrangement ». En
d’autres termes, les gens sont dirigés d’innombrables manières à «
attendre que quelque chose d’énorme se produise » autour 2012. L’article
The Economist a également
imaginé que par la suite la Chine s’allierait avec la cette nouvelle
superpuissance d’Islamistan – dans une attaque massive sur « le cadavre
délabré » de la Russie. Dans cette guerre terrible, la Russie perdrait
toute la Sibérie et ses frontières seraient refoulées aux Monts Oural
(2011-2050) ; La Turquie et les Balkans tomberaient également dans les
griffes de l’« Islamistan ».
C’était bien avant le fameux livre
The Clash of Civilisations
de Samuel Huntington et bien avant les néocons! [Note 17: Par contre,
le scenario a découlé tout naturellement de la vision pre-Huntington de
The Economist d’un nouvel ordre mondial « culturellement délimité » au 21e
siècle, qui suivrait l’ère de la guerre froide et au 21e siècle
‘ ‘ (1-9
Sept, 1990; A New Flag: Defence and the Democracies)] (Source: The China – America Relationship in the 21st Century and the Spectres of 1776 (1), T. Boardman, 2007.)

Suivant le littéralisme biblique du British-Israël et de ses
prophètes tels Garner Ted Armstrong, les hordes légendaires de Gog et Magog
attaquant Israël en venant « de l’Est et du Nord » (selon le Livre de Daniel)
seraient la Chine et la Russie, en alliance avec le monde islamique. Cette vision
recoupe la division géopolitique de Mackinder, répandue dans les plus
grands magazines d’affaires financées par les Rothschild (The Economist)
et les Rockefeller (Foreign Affairs), qui conçoit une aire eurasienne
englobant la Russie et la Chine. Les think tanks et les penseurs du
nouvel ordre mondial tels Brzezinski ou The Economist veulent constituer
différents blocs géo-politiques économiques, qui ressemblent drôlement à
la division Oceania – Eurasia – Estasia décrite par Orwell dans 1984
: un bloc euro-américain, un bloc islamique, un bloc eurasiatique, de
façon à marginaliser l’Inde et la Chine. C’est à cette fin que sont
promues les grandes unions supranationales continentales qui se
constituent actuellement: Union nord-américaine (et bientôt, selon la
vision de Bush père, une Union des Amériques), Union européenne, Union
africaine, Union extrême-orientale, etc. La ségrégation des Musulmans
menant à la consolidation d’un bloc islamique, que The Economist appelle
à la blague « Islamistan », fut favorisée par les guerres de l’après 11
septembre : la guerre au terrorisme, la guerre en Irak et en
Afghanistan. Quant à l’Eurasie, celle-ci se consolide du fait que la
Chine et la Russie savent qu’ils sont les prochains à être attaqués
après l’Iran. Ils sont ainsi en train de constituer, au travers
d’alliances économiques et d’alliances militaires comme l’Organisation
de coopération de Shanghai, un bloc eurasiatique fondé sur la résistance
nationaliste anti-Occident. À cette Eurasie en formation se
rattacherait le bloc islamiques, réalisant ainsi, sous la pression
étatsunienne, les « prophéties » du British-Israel et de la revue The
Economist qui prédisaient que le monde musulman allait s’allier à la
Chine et à la Russie. Les pays qui ont le malheur de se trouver au
centre des pôles opposés, surtout en Europe de l’Est, en Russie
occidentale et en Europe centrale, seront écartelés sous la tension.
Israël, qui se trouve justement au Centre, au Moyen-Orient, détient plus
de 400 bombes nucléaires et menace constamment des États du monde
entier. En fait, un Choc nucléaire des
civilisations à une échelle mondiale signifierait la fin catastrophique
de la civilisation actuelle. (Derrière la tragédie du 11 septembre et la guerre au terrorisme)

30 juillet 2014

 La guerre qui vient

En novembre 1917, peu après l’entrée en guerre des Américains, Rudolf Steiner mit solennellement en garde (1) :

« Il ne faut pas que le monde soit
géographiquement américanisé, car les efforts de l’Amérique visent à
tout mécaniser, à tout faire entrer dans le domaine du pur naturalisme, à
effacer peu à peu de la surface de la Terre la culture de l’Europe. »
(R. Steiner, Derrière le voile des événements – Le mystère du Double, G.A. 178, Paris, 1999, pp. 88-89).

Phase 1, le GMT.
Or, que se trame-t-il en ce moment, à peine un siècle après cette mise
en garde solennelle ? Les gnomes de l’Union Européenne s’affairent
précisément en coulisse – et le plus loin possible des oreilles des
peuples, cela va sans dire – à mettre fébrilement en place le GMT, le
futur « Grand Marché Transatlantique » destiné, en dehors de tout accord
populaire conscient bien sûr, à aligner la totalite des normes
européennes, tant environnementales, que sociales, financières et
commerciales, à la mesure des exigences anglo-américaines. Une
vassalisation camouflée de l’Europe, ni plus, ni moins.

C’est cela qui se magouille depuis juillet 2013 : une entente de
libre-échange intégral ouvrant toute grande l’Europe aux multinationales
US en imposant la supériorité de leur droit sur celui des états de
l’UE. Une entreprise opaque menée depuis 20 ans derrière un écran de
fumée pour supplanter le droit européen au profit direct du droit US.
Travail à petits pas discrets auquel même le Parlement européen ne
dispose que d’un accès restreint conformément aux ententes entre les
négociateurs occultes américains et leurs homologues européens (on
oserait mettre des guillemets) :

« Tous les documents concernant le développement du GMT, y compris les
textes des négociations, les propositions faites des deux côtés, le
matériel explicatif joint, les courriels et les autres informations
échangés demeureront confidentiels. » (Accord du 5 juillet 2013).
Taisez-vous, profanes, vous n’avez pas le droit au chapitre…

Phase 2, le coup d’état de Kiev.

C’est en pleine trève olympique que l’« Occident
» passe à l’attaque. La paix n’étant pas propice à ce grand
chambardement, il y fallait une préparation psychologique des foules,
une ambiance et quelques bons prétextes bien sanglants : du sur mesure
donc pour les tueurs professionnels des Pravyi Sektor et autres Svoboda,
faux nazis naïfs retournés par la CIA, mais vrais mercenaires à la
botte de qui les arme et les paie. Le gouvernement légal refusant de
faire donner l’armée contre son propre peuple, le putsch prend ainsi le
pouvoir en pleine scéance du parlement avec le plein soutien de
Washington et de ses obéissants vassaux.

En dépit des slogans de l’Euromaïdan appelant à lutter contre un
régime oligarchique, c’est pourtant bien un « roi du chocolat »
milliardaire qui devient aussitôt président de l’Ukraine : un oligarque
sans scrupules aux ordres de Washington qui s’affaire aujourd’hui à
écraser, avec le plein appui de l’UE, tout ce qui, à l’Est du pays, se
refuse à se soumettre à l’impérialisme du B.A.O. (2) dans lequel
Washington veut à tout prix faire basculer les provinces russophones
hostiles à l’inféodation otanienne. Sans la riposte-éclair de la Russie
en Crimée, c’était toute la population russe de cette presqu’île
stratégique et Sébastopol qui tombait en quelques heures dans les mains
de l’OTAN. Une réaction russe avalisée par un référendum écrasant qui
déclencha l’ire des dirigeants occidentaux d’habitude si respectueux de
la volonté populaire tant qu’elle est à leur avantage…

Déjà des congressistes US proposent de considérer dès à présent
l’Ukraine comme « allié militaire majeur des Etats-Unis » face à la
Russie. En Europe même, l’hystérie anti-russe bat son plein, tous médias
confondus ou peu s’en faut, et n’a de cesse d’appeler au boycott pour
complaire aux diktats états-uniens, sans même comprendre qu’ils se
sanctionnent eux-mêmes au plus grand détriment de leurs propres
entreprises, et que c’est justement là le but de l’administration US :
ruiner l’Europe pour mieux l’asservir et pousser l’OTAN jusqu’aux
frontières mêmes de la Russie. Ce qui avait déjà précipité l’Europe dans
la guerre en 1914 se répète seulement en 2014, mais, comme on le sait,
c’est pour la bonne cause et surtout celle de l’Empire ploutocratique
anglo-saxon.La Guerre en marche.

Viêtnam, Iraq, Libye, Syrie, Serbie, Ukraine… C’est à l’encerclement
méthodique et total de la Russie et de la Chine (3) que s’affairent
aujourd’hui les stratèges insatiables du Pentagone et leurs obéissants
vassaux de l’Union dite européenne : tous à la botte de l’État US
finissant et d’autant plus agressif. Cette Europe en voie de totale
américanisation, espionnée sans vergogne et, semble-t-il, fière de
l’être…Lorsqu’on sait que l’OTAN n’avait d’autre objectif à l’origine que de
faire pièce au Pacte de Varsovie communiste et qu’il n’avait, par
conséquent, plus aucune raison d’être à la chute du Mur de Berlin que
Moscou n’avait autorisé qu’à l’expresse condition – hélas non paraphée –
que l’OTAN ne s’étendrait pas sur les pays de l’Est, on ne peut que
constater la duplicité et la puissance de corruption de cette
organistaion à vocation purement impérialiste de contrôle hégémonique
planétaire.Rudolf Steiner avait plusieurs fois souligné dans un contexte anthroposophique que, du fait de son sol, la nature même de l’Amérique du nord
reposait essentiellement sur la seule volonté de puissance ahrimanique
aveugle et de domination tous azimuts. Quant à l’Europe, c’est de
Lisbonne à Vladivostok qu’elle devait se faire, Russie incluse
évidemment, en trait d’union géographique et culturel entre l’extrême
Occident américain et l’extrême Orient chinois, en force d’équilibre
donc, et non avachie, vendue aux loges noires de Londres et de

Entre temps le sang coule, et coule à flot. Il coule non seulement en
Europe du fait de l’interventionnisme obsessionnel US, mais aussi aux
Proche et Moyen-Orients dans le massacre abominable des populations
chrétiennes au profit d’un Islam hystérique et monstrueux gavé d’armes
et soutenu en sous-main par ces états croupions que sont les monarchies
dégénérées du Golfe (4). De toute évidence, les think tanks anglo-américains veulent la guerre et font tout pour pousser la Russie au casus belli
: ils sont aujourd’hui tellement dans le pétrin qu’il en va maintenant
de la pérennité de leur business. Comme en 1914. Et comme en 1939…

« L’égoïsme universel émane de la race anglo-américaine. Partant de
là, l’égoïsme couvrira toute la Terre. Toutes les inventions qui
recouvrent la Terre d’un réseau d’égoïsme viennent d’Angleterre et
d’Amérique. A partir de là-bas donc, toute la Terre sera recouverte
d’une toile d’égoïsme, de mal. Mais une petite colonie se formera à
l’est comme la semence d’une vie nouvelle pour l’avenir. La culture
anglo-américaine consume la culture de l’Europe [...] mais la race
elle-même va à sa ruine. Elle porte en elle la disposition à être la
race du Mal. » (Steiner, Eléments d’ésotérisme, Paris, 2000, p. 275)

l’heure où nous écrivons, les populations civiles russophones d’Ukraine
orientale sont écrasées sous les bombardements massifs de l’armée
kievienne encadrée désormais par plusieurs centaines de conseillers de
l’ex-armée mercenaire US Blackwater (Academi). Il est toujours
mieux de faire faire le sale boulot par d’autres et sous fausse
bannière. Cela ne vous rappelerait-il pas les massacres de civils
allemands de Bromberg par les Polonais en 1939 ?Mais l’Ours russe ne bouge toujours pas…WH.

1. « La guerre qui vient », titre repris d’un ouvrage célèbre de Francis Delaisi (1911) dont Rudolf Steiner fit autrefois l’éloge à plusieurs reprises.
2. « Bloc Américaniste Occidentaliste ».
La Rada putschiste de Kiev ira même jusqu’à abroger le statut du russe
comme langue régionale dès la prise de pouvoir, obligeant ainsi les
enfants à cesser de parler russe dans les écoles.
3. La Chine aussi
fait elle-même l’objet de cet encerclement militaire par les États-Unis
et leurs bases (Japon, Taïwan, Indonésie, Thaïlande, Corée du Sud, Guam
et Philippines). Les vieilles obsessions US de Mackinder à Brzezinski
sont toujours d’actualité. C’est à cela que tente de faire pièce l’Organisation de Coopération de Shanghaï (OCS) dont fait partie la Russie.
Quant à l’Israël sioniste, éradicateur criminel des populations
palestiniennes soutenu à bout de bras depuis près de 70 ans par l’AIPAC
et les USA, son karma est d’ores et déjà scellé ; cette « erreur de
l’histoire du monde », pour reprendre les paroles de Steiner, n’est plus
qu’un résidu anachronique de l’évolution de l’humanité appelé à cesser
d’être et se dissoudre.

Publié il y a Yesterday par

World in Upheaval -  The Nationalities Question,  World Order Plans, and Rudolf Steiner’s Stance in the First World WarStuttgart: Freies Geistesleben 2014. ca. 1700 pages [probably about 1200 in English] 32 pages of photos and illustrations. ISBN: 978-3-7725-2600-83 Price: 79 Euros.Contents:

Part I: The Nationalities Question in Middle Europe

1. Multiethnicity and homelessness

“…these sacred sites, this homelessness…” – “Crossing the Border” – Austria: a Necessity? – The question of nationalism and individual perception – The Nationalities Problem as a question for modern knowledge

2. From Humanity to Nationality

Humanity and “Germanness” in Idealism and early Romanticism – The incision of materialism – Effects of Social Darwinism – “Imitation among apes” – The insidious process of illness – The marriage between industrialism and territorial princes – A connection between Prussianism and Americanism – “Final struggle between Slavs and Germans” – The ‘New Course’ – The Baghdad Railway and the September Programme

3. The ’Peoples’ Spring’ in the Habsburg Empire

The influence of Johann Gottfried Herder – “No Slavic people has a future” – 1848 and the birth of Austro-slavism – The Hungarian nationalities Question – Imperial Pan-slavism – “Seed for a future development – The so-called “Testament of Peter the Great” – The German national stream in the Habsburg Empire – Effects of the linguistic struggle – “Voelkisch fighters” and “Ariosophists” – The figure of the Austrian Heir Apparent – Austria’s path to war

4. The Political Underground

The Promethean revolution – Helena P. Blavatsky and the ‘Great Game’ – Rosicrucian Influences in H.P. Blavatsky’s youth – H.P.B., Cagliostro and the Carbonari – H.P.B. and the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor – Saint-Yves and Synarchy – The Dalip Singh Conspiracy and the ‘Great Game’ – Agartha and the Triple Entente – Juliette Adam, la Grande Française – The “Church” of the Third Republic – The Papus network – The prophesied war – Papus and Synarchy – “Radiant May”: Italy’s path to war – Martinists in the Balkans – The Martinists and Russia

5. The Way to Sarajevo

Czartoryski’s Memoranda – The South Slav Languages Problem – The ‘Oriental’ and South Slav Question – Great Serbianism – ‘Young Europe’ and plans for a Balkan Federation – A new map of Europe – ‘Small matters’ – The Black Hand – The Murders in Sarajevo – The Ottoman networks

6. Alliances on the path to war

Sergei Witte’s failure – The ‘dark ladies’ from Montenegro – Rasputin as an opponent of the Triple Entente – The Franco-Russian Alliance – Advocates of the Entente Cordiale – From the Great Game to the Triple Entente – The race to mobilise – “Mobilisation means forcing neighbours to do the same ” – Belgian neutrality.

Part II : The Struggle for a ‘New World Order’

1. The English-speaking Idea

Imperialism, social reform and spiritualism – Electricity and the formation of poles – The Liberal Imperialists – W.T.Stead’s “Spirits”, Pan-Slavism and Annie Besant – A papacy of the English-speaking Idea – The rise of the Atlanticists and the United States of Europe – The Spirits and the coming war – The Coefficients, the Round Table and the “Kindergarten” – The Commonwealth as ‘the Kingdom of God’ – The “wet nurse of Slavdom” – Annie Besant and coming world-imperium

2. The Struggle for Middle Europe

Rudolf Steiner at the outbreak of war – “Bridge over the stream” – Wakeful thinking and dumbing down: on the causes of the war – The split with Édouard Schuré – The relation of Rudolf Steiner and General Helmuth von Moltke – The ‘Mitteleuropa’ debate in 1914/15 – Friedrich Naumann’s “Mitteleuropa” – ‘German culture’ and ‘Middle European culture’ in Rudolf Steiner’s view – Propaganda and consciousness formation – Folk spirits and the tasks of mankind – The spiritual meaning of the key year 1879 – Michael: Guardian spirit of the Germans or Zeitgeist of mankind?

3. The Radicalisation of the Nationalities

Ideological forerunners of the new order – Two Britons and the Habsburg Empire – The arrival of the emigrants – Yugoslav propaganda – Nationalism as a weapon of war – The British change of government in January 1916 – The New Europe – The Zürich Press Office – Nationalities policies of the British in Eastern Europe – British activities in the Near East

4. The Year 1917 and the Beginning of the Bipolar World Order

Manifest Destiny and the “American Century” – The ‘New Course’ of American Predominance – The Beginnings of the American Round Table Groups – The “disembodied spirit” of Col. House and Woodrow Wilson – The beginning of the bipolar world order – The inter-allied Freemasonic Congress in Paris (January 1917) – Rudolf Steiner and the ‘exposé book’ by Karl Heise – The February Revolution and the role of Freemasonry – The sealed train – “The Bolsheviks are splendid fellows” – “Let’s make these Bolsheviks our Bolsheviks” – Rudolf Steiner’s Memoranda of summer 1917 – “A commercial-industrial world domination” – The League of Nations and the “trustees for all mankind” – Rudolf Steiner on the League of Nations – The catastrophe of Brest-Litovsk and its consequences – “Things are now really falling into chaos!” – The pushing through of ‘the right of national self-determination’

5. The Incomplete Transformation

Commonwealth against nationalism? – “On the sharp edge of a razor” – Versailles and the ‘war guilt question’ – The swastika instead of self-knowledge – ‘Ethnic cleansing as a political principle – The Upper Silesia campaign – The founding of states in Poland, Czechslovakia and Yugoslavia – The development of an Anglo-American Establishment – Cabals and finance – The “World Commonwealth” – Appeasement

Conclusion: The Call to the Sunken Heart


automne 2014 | C. Lazaridès: « Complément » (suite du PDF précédent)THE FIRST WORLD WAR AND THE UKRAINE CRISIS: 1914-2014

This article was first published in New View magazine Issue 71  April-June 2014

« In
the 8th cent. BC the Germanic peoples of northern Europe were what the
already civilised peoples of southern Europe called ‘barbarians’. Over
the following 1000 years southern Europe and the Mediterranean were at
the forefront of European civilisation. The peoples of northern and central
Europe (which of course included the Angles and Saxons) were for a long
time ‘in waiting mode’ in the forests of Germany and in Scandinavia.
They did not know it yet, but their ‘time’ for prominence had not yet
come. Having entered into a close relationship with the culture of
southern Europe (the Roman Empire and then the Roman Church) from the
4th century onwards, they then gradually rose to world prominence after
the 15th century. Since ‘the modern epoch’ is widely held to have begun
at that time, during and especially after the Renaissance, the
originally Germanic peoples who lived in northern and central Europe, could in one sense be described as the peoples of ‘the present’. The Slavs on the other hand, the peoples of eastern
Europe, could be described as the peoples of ‘the future’
; they have
been ‘in waiting mode’ in the modern epoch thus far. After the
Renaissance the cultural baton of Europe, so to speak, passed from the
Mediterranean peoples of the south to the Germanic peoples of the north
and will in the future pass to the peoples of the east, the Slavs. If
one is aware of this and is not emotionally attached to a particular
people, one can work to ensure that healthy connections are formed
between the Germanic culture and that of the Slavs so that the Slavs can
benefit from the best of Germanic culture and then go on to make the
contribution in the future
that they themselves are uniquely capable of
. But if one is not aware of this historical process and as a
member of the Germanic peoples, as a Swede, a Dutchman, German or
Englishman, is somehow bound to one’s people emotionally, psychically
attached to them, even perhaps quite subtlely, then one may want one’s
own people’s impulses to go on ad infinitum. For example, the British Foreign Secretary Lord Rosebery said on 1 March 1893:

have to consider not what we want now, but what we shall want in the
future. We have to consider what countries must be developed either by
ourselves or some other nation, and we have to remember that it is part
of our responsibility and heritage to take care that the world, as far
as it can be moulded by us, shall receive the Anglo-Saxon and not
another character.

is also possible that one may know of the historical process but
consciously seek to manipulate it in such a way that one seeks to bring
it about that the peoples of the present, of the West, are able to train
the Slavs so that they become like the peoples of the West and become
unable to bring in the future that which they, the Slavs, are uniquely
fitted to bring
. And what is it that they will be able to bring?
Imagine a culture in which individuals do not scramble to compete with
everyone else, constantly seeking their own independence and individual
self-affirmation and in which there are no class sympathies and
antipathies because there are no classes, but a culture in which it is
the norm that individuals have become self-realised free thinkers, who
know who they are as individuals and yet choose to be in conscious
community with others who are also self-realised. It is hard for many of
us to imagine such a culture because we are only 600 years into the
culture of the predominance of the northern and central European
peoples. But this is the point at which our culture would stand if all
were to go well with the evolution of our consciousness. We would then
have passed through the modern desert of personal alienation, antipathy
and cynicism, so to speak, and be ready to enter a new world of communal
living, the like of which we today can hardly imagine, just as even the
more advanced souls in the year 146 BC, for example, would have found
it hard to imagine what consciousness would be like in 2014.

the Slavs, if they too have passed through the desert of this critical
‘Germanic’ or northern European epoch with their Slavic nature still
somehow intact, will have taken on the baton from the Germanic culture
and will be there to inspire mankind in that new future epoch with the
ideals and praxis of real brotherhood
, not the premature spectre of it
that communism turned out to be, and in any case, communism was an
ideological product not of the Slavs themselves but of Germanic and
Semitic origin (the ideas of Marx and Engels in a context of British economic practice).  An imagination of the way towards such a new communal future is contained in Goethe’s Fairy Tale of the Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily
(1795) which stood at the beginning of Rudolf Steiner’s public work as a
spiritual scientist, when on Michaelmas Day in the year 1900 he
lectured on the Fairy Tale, the original seed of what he would later
call ‘anthroposophy’ or spiritual science. For in the story, the Green
Snake finds the way to sacrifice herself as a bridge to the Temple for
the good of all so that the Youth in the story “who seems at first to have no marrow in his bones [and] to be paralysed” (1)– and whom Steiner saw as a Russian
Youth – can be awakened and thus find his way to the Lily, the Eternal
Feminine, or Sophia, and unite with her. For Rudolf Steiner, this has to
do with the service that the Germanic culture of Central Europe can render to Eastern Europe. 

“For other European peoples the skeletal system [of their thinking] is provided by natural science….They can train their thinking by this means…..[But]
science won’t give the Russians a framework for their thoughts. For
them it is a poison. Only spiritual science can furnish Russia with a
skeletal structure. And Goetheanism, the way which Goethe beheld nature,
Goethe’s knowledge of nature, is the path to it

This is why Rudolf Steiner said that “true
benefit for the progress of mankind will arise only if within a certain
group of people a harmonious relationship is established between
Central and Eastern Europe”
(17.1.1915). This is, in the opinion of
this writer, a crucial indication for the future of Europe and of the
world, for Steiner was referring here to the spiritual and cultural
bridge that has to be built between the present and future epochs.
Western Europe, he felt, must not seek to prevent the building of that
bridge or seek to create its own direct relationship to Eastern Europe,
bypassing what the middle of Europe has to contribute to the East, in
which case the Goethean impulse of Central Europe could not be taken up
in the East, and the ‘skeleton’ of Slavic cultural life would not be
soundly formed
. Of course, ‘Russians’ and ‘Slavs’ are not coterminous;
there are various other Slavic peoples besides the Russians, But the
western Slavs, the Czechs and  Slovenes, for example, have lived in much
closer contact with Germanic cultures for a long time. This is not the
case for most of the eastern Slavs, of whom the Russians are the largest
group. If this bridge were not to be built between Central Europe and
the eastern Slavs, then the communal impulses of the Slavs for the
future would not come properly
and healthily to fruition, and mankind
would risk remaining stuck in the desert of alienated self-assertion and
self-centred indvidualism.(…)

If such
a Russo-German relationship came about nevertheless, the British
imperial elite felt that Britain would have to throw in its lot with the
United States, which men like Cecil Rhodes, Lord Rosebery and Arthur
Balfour were happy to do anyway for the sake of Anglo-saxon unity and
federation. Since the late 19th century there have been powerful men in
the West  who  have not been able to free themselves of inner attachment
to their culture and have sought to ensure that the impulses of the
English-speaking peoples, either the impulse of the self-centred
personality, or of the self-centred group, become permanent in world
affairs. To achieve their aim of the predominance of the
English-speaking peoples, these powerful men sought 100 years ago, and
still seek today, to forestall any meaningful connection between Central
and Eastern Europe
.(6) From the late 1880s onwards,
circles in Britain around the Prince of Wales, the Cecil family network
and Cecil Rhodes and his allies
worked behind the scenes to reorient
Britain’s traditional foreign policy, which hitherto had leaned towards
Germany, Austria and Turkey, in the direction of a much closer
relationship – everything short of an actual alliance in fact – to
Britain’s former imperial enemies, France and Russia

I began
by writing about an historical process involving the Mediterranean
peoples, the Germanic peoples and the Slavs. In 1893 this process was
described from the esoteric angle by an obscure British esotericist by
the name of C.G.Harrison. He was connected to the stream of ‘High
Church’, or ‘Anglo-Catholic’ esotericism within the Church of England
. (24)The
six very profound lectures given by Harrison in 1893 were soon noted by
an old friend of Rudolf Steiner’s, Friedrich Eckstein, and translated
into German, which is how Steiner became aware of their content. In one
of these lectures Harrison describes how the Romans had been a ‘wet
nurse’ and a ‘tutor’ to the Germanic tribes until the end of the Roman
Empire, when they had moved from what he calls ‘infancy’ to ‘childhood’
under the Papacy.
The Slavs, he says, are currently in their
infancy but moving into their childhood, his clear implication being
that the Germanic peoples of the West (meaning for him, the British, of
course), now in their maturity, had been the Slavs’ wet nurses and were
now to become their ‘tutors’ and ‘protectors’, and that the change would
again be marked by the end of an empire and, he implies, their tutelage
under another kind of Papacy; obviously, this time it would be a
‘western Papacy’
– or a Slavic Papacy ‘injected’ by the West.  A great
European war was coming, he said (in 1893!), in which “the Russian
Empire must die that the Russian people may live”. Their national
character “would enable them to carry out experiments in socialism,
political and economical, which would present innumerable difficulties
in western Europe”
. The Slavs’ destiny, he said, was “to evolve a higher civilisation of their own”. But just as the civilisation of the upper classes of the Germanic peoples today is “as much a foreign growth as Roman civilisation in Britain”,
he implied that the future civilisation of the Slavs would in fact also
be a foreign growth, namely, an import of Germanic (i.e. British)
. In other words, the Slavs would not actually evolve their own
civilisation but would continue one from the previous epoch – our
present one
. So ten years before the emergence of the Bolsheviks in London
in 1903 (the result of a split within the Russian Social Democratic
Labour Party), a British esotericist, also in London, connected to a
traditionalist, conservative stream of esotericism, was predicting
socialist experiments in Russia as the result of “the next great
European war”
. (…)

Rudolf Steiner on the assassination of Franz Ferdinand:

You remember what I told you about the occult
background of this individuality, Archduke Franz Ferdinand. You also
remember that it is a fact, a paradoxical fact, that this couple,
kindly disposed towards the Slavs in the highest sense, were slain by
Slavs — or seemingly so. The deeper connections are made more
approachable by a certain understanding of the heart. We see a human
being, kindly disposed in the highest sense towards the Slavs, slain
— together with his wife — by Slav bullets. At the last
moment the Duchess espies from her carriage a young female standing
quite near; smiles at her, seconds before the bullets strike, because
she notices she is a Slav woman, and exclaims: ‘Look, a
Note 13 ]
Then the bullets strike. What a strange
karma this reveals! Before the bullets strike her down, the Duchess
exclaims in delight, because her eye has fallen on one of her beloved
Slav people.

I described earlier the far-reaching connection existing between
machinations in the Balkan countries and a number of well-prepared
situations on the Apennine peninsula. And I now want to ask once
again a question I have already put to you: Why was it written in a
rather inferior Paris journal
Note 14 ]
in January 1913 that it was
necessary for the good of mankind for Archduke Franz Ferdinand to be
killed? Why was it said twice in this so-called ‘Occult
Almanac’ that he would be killed?
It is necessary to look at
all the facts at once. We will find that the alchemy of the bullets
which were used for this assassination was exceedingly complicated
and that, although they stemmed from a Serbian arsenal, they had been
‘anointed’ from quite another quarter
— if I may
put it symbolically.
Note 14: rather inferior Paris journal:
Almanach de Mme de Thèbes. Conseils pour être heureux,
Paris 1912. See also Rudolf Steiner
Aus dem mitteleuropäischen Geistesleben,
GA 65, Dornach 1962, p.583.




The Assassination of Franz Ferdinand according to Rudolf Steiner:



People to-day are fond of
thinking at short range, and so there may be those who in their thought refer
the outbreak of the present War in Europe to the murder of the heir apparent,
the Archduke Franz Ferdinand. I do not say that that is wrong, I do not say
that there is not some truth in it. They can explain certain events by
referring them back to that assassination, which took place in July, 1914. But
there may also be those who point out that it was printed in a Western journal
in January, 1913, that the Archduke Franz Ferdinand would be murdered in the
near future for the good of European humanity.



We can go back, that is to
say, to the actual murder; but we can also go back to what was printed in a
Western paper already in January, 1913, namely, the statement that he would
be murdered.



Or again, we can go back to
the murder of Jaurès on the eve of the war, which, as I indicated recently,
will in all probability never be fully cleared up. But we can also go back
further, and point to the time to which I just referred. Almost as far back as
the other saying — that is to say, in the year 1913, — we can find this
statement: — If the conditions in Europe should lead to war, Jaurès will be the
first to die. We can look up a certain so-called occult almanac, which was sold
for 40 francs. Here in this almanac, which, destined for the year 1913, must
have been printed in 1912, we can read the following: In Austria, the man of
whom it is commonly supposed that he will rule, will not come to the throne,
but in his stead a young man, of whom it is not yet supposed that he will rule
after the old Emperor. This was printed in a so-called occult almanac for 1913,
— printed therefore already in the autumn of 1912. And in the same almanac for
1914 (printed, therefore, in 1913), the same remark was repeated. Evidently, in
1913, the attempted assassination had failed. In all these things the
connections will be exposed, once people see things clearly. I mean the
connection between what is there in the external reality, and what is brewed in
unclean, hidden waves beneath
. Some men will begin to recognise the threads
that run from public life into this or that brotherhood
. And they will
recognise moreover, how foolish it is of other brotherhoods still to declaim,
even to-day, that certain Truths of the Mysteries must be preserved in silence.
These people may be quite innocent; for they are children, albeit they may be
old members of this or that Masonic order for example, claiming also to have
occult sources. They may be quite innocent. Nevertheless, they too assist the
gloom and darkness which are prevailing among men.



I recently chose the
example of a very ‘enlightened’ pastor and professor. I pointed out especially
the discontinuity prevailing in his thought. (I mentioned it quite briefly
here, and dealt with it further at St. Gall and Zurich.) He too, it must be
admitted belongs to an occult brotherhood. But he is not one of those who work
unfavourably, save by his limitations. For in their occult brotherhood they do
acquire a certain limitation. They are purposely kept in a certain narrow
sphere. This too, some heads of occult brotherhoods make it their task to bring



Above all, it is necessary for
people to open their eyes. But our eyes must first learn to see. And we can
only learn to see if we allow the direction of our sight to be guided by the
understanding we have first received of the Spiritual World. These people
always reckon upon qualities on which one seldom calculates in vain in human
affairs. Thus, as I mentioned once before, they tried to put me off the track
on one occasion
. At the time when Alcyone was nominated, I also could have been
nominated in a certain way. Thereby, all that pulses and flows through our
movement could have been nicely swept out of the world, — if I had let myself
in for what was suggested to me pretty strongly: I was to be nominated as the
reincarnated St. John! In certain quarters they would then have undertaken to
proclaim: Alcyone is so and so; and he — he is the reincarnated St.
John. Then the whole movement would not have had to undergo what afterwards


Rudolf Steiner on the assassination of Franz Ferdinand:

May I remind you — I have often mentioned it — that
the death of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria
Note 8 ]
is one of those concealed events of the present day, despite all that
occurred on the external physical plane. I have stressed especially
that if the physical and spiritual worlds are taken together, then
for them as a totality there was something present before the
assassination of Franz Ferdinand that became different after that
event. It does not matter in such cases what things look like in
external maya
! What occurs inwardly is the important thing. As I told
you: What rose up as the soul of Franz Ferdinand into the spiritual
worlds became a focal point for very strong, powerful forces
, and
much of what is now happening is connected with the very fact that a
unique transition took place between life and so-called death
, so
that this soul became something quite different from what other souls



I said that someone who has lived through recent decades in a
state of spiritual consciousness must know that one of the main
causes of today’s painful events is the fear in which the whole
world was drenched, the fear that individuals had of each other, even
though they did not know it, and above all the fear that the
different nations had of one another. If people had seeing eyes with
which to track down the cause of this fear, they would not talk as
much nonsense as they do about the causes of the war. It was possible
for this fear to be so significant because it is woven as a state of
feeling into what I described to you yesterday by means of examples.
Please regard this as a kind of sketch. But, drenching everything is
this aura of fear. That soul was connected in a certain particular
way with this aura of fear.
Therefore that violent death was in no
way merely an external affair. I told you this because I was able to
observe it, because for me it was a particularly significant event
that is connected with many aspects of what is going on at


I do not suppose that such things, which obviously ought to be
kept within our circle, have been talked about all over the place
outside our circle. The fact is, however, that I have been speaking
about these things in various branches
Note 9 ]
since the beginning of the war.


Le Sentier Noir

(…) « Lorsqu’on s’adresse aux âmes de personnes décédées à l’époque
présente, et que l’on apprend à connaître, si je peux m’exprimer ainsi,
leurs conditions de vie, on s’aperçoit qu’il existe une grande
inquiétude à l’idée qu’elles pourraient faire connaissance après la mort
avec les âmes de ceux qui sont morts ici sur terre comme est morte, à
l’époque, l’impératrice d’Autriche à Genève (4). On fait donc là
l’expérience que de telles personnes conduites de l’autre côté de la
porte de la mort (disons dans un premier temps, par des propagandistes
de l’action), constituent une grande source d’inquiétude pour certaines
personnes qui ont franchi de manière normale la porte de la mort et qui
vivent ensuite leurs expériences dans le monde spirituel. On sent en
quelque sorte que les personnes qui ont franchi normalement la porte de
la mort et qui pourraient avoir l’occasion d’entrer en relation avec de
telles âmes humaines appréhendent, en tant qu’âmes, de telles relations
après la mort ; elles évitent cette relation [...] Il existe donc ce
fait que des âmes qui ont franchi normalement la porte de la mort
éprouvent une certaine crainte devant les âmes qui ont été conduites de
l’autre côté du seuil par quelque chose comme cette « propagande de
l’action »… Ces âmes, en effet – et cela apparaît quand on y regarde de
plus près – qui ont franchi de manière si violente la porte de la mort,
savent quelque chose que les autres âmes ne veulent pas apprendre plus
tôt qu’il n’est salutaire. A ces âmes qui ont franchi d’une manière si
violente la porte de la mort, il reste, en effet, du fait qu’elles ont
perdu la vie de cette manière, ici dans la vie physique, une certaine
possibilité d’utiliser les forces qu’elles ont eues ici-bas : par
les forces de l’entendement. De sorte que ces âmes
peuvent, à partir de l’autre côté, à partir du côté spirituel, utiliser
les forces liées ici au corps physique. Par ce moyen il leur est
possible de connaître certaines choses plus tôt que cela n’est en
réalité salutaire dans la marche en avant de l’évolution humaine. » (R.
Derrière le voile des événements, Paris , 1999, pp. 104 sqq.)


Ces âmes savent, en effet, dans le monde spirituel, des choses qu’elles
ne devraient pas encore savoir – et devant lesquelles les âmes mortes
normalement éprouvent même de la crainte. Et Steiner poursuit :
« On
était donc évidemment tenté d’examiner d’un point de vue occulte, à
partir de précédents tels que celui qui vient d’être évoqué –
l’assassinat de l’impératrice Elisabeth d’Autriche – ce qui est apparu
au fil du temps comme des attentats, de voir ce qu’il en est de ces âmes
qui arrivent dans le monde spirituel en tant que détenteurs de certains
secrets… Celui qui ne considère qu’extérieurement la série
d’attentats qui se sont produits de cette manière peut en attribuer la
liste au hasard ; mais si l’on analyse, si l’on étudie ces personnes qui
ont été expédiées de cette manière dans la mort, il s’avère alors que
ces personnes sont comme sélectionnées, non pas toutefois du point de
vue de ce monde physique, mais sélectionnées du point de vue du monde
spirituel. Or, si l’on étudie sous ce rapport un grand nombre
d’attentats dont la nouvelle s’est répandue, il se révèle alors à nous
quelque chose de très curieux : il s’avère en effet qu’à ces attentats
se rattachait certes la possibilité d’obtenir par leur intermédiaire un
effet tel que je l’ai caractérisé, mais que cela n’a pas été obtenu en
réalité, que cela n’a pas été obtenu du tout. Cela aurait marché s’il
s’était trouvé des âmes qui fussent devenues en quelque sorte
dépositaires des premières. Toutes deux se seraient chargées par là
d’une faute transcendante, d’une faute suprasensible : celles qui
seraient entrées normalement dans la mort auraient appris des choses par
lesquelles elles auraient été poussées en direction de fautes et celles
qui auraient traversé la mort de manière violente, à la suite d’un
attentat, se seraient chargées d’une faute du fait qu’elles auraient
dévoilé quelque chose qu’il n’est pas encore possible de dévoiler. Des
entités spirituelles supérieures, des hiérarchies supérieures ont
empêché cela, parce que, à certains égards l’affaire aurait été lourde
de conséquences qu’il fallait éviter pour le salut d’une partie de
l’humanité… Ainsi se révèle ici, dirais-je, une tentative entreprise
avec des moyens illicites ou des moyens dont l’usage leur a été retiré :
une tentative entreprise dans le monde spirituel, derrière le rideau du
monde physique ordinaire. » (Ibid.)


Un exemple des plus pertinents pour l’exposition de ces procédés se
trouve donc notamment dans l’utilisation du crime – du crime en
apparence sans motif – en vue de l’obtention de connaissances illicites
sur l’art et la manière de conditionner les masses, de les manipuler
savamment en les recoupant de toute spiritualité vivante selon les
machinations de supérieurs inconnus très au fait eux-mêmes, par contre,
de la réalité du spirituel. La vieille théorie léniniste de l’opium du
peuple, par conséquent, mais à l’attention exclusive des non-initiés…

« Il existait encore au XIXè siècle, en Orient, un ordre étrange dénommé
« Thug ». Cet ordre, qui florissait dans une partie de l’Asie, n’avait
pas été créé par un pur et ardent désir de réaliser ses objectifs, un
désir né peut-être des cœurs de ceux qui appartenaient à cet ordre. Cet
ordre obligeait ses membres à assassiner certaines personnes qui étaient
désignées par des supérieurs dans la hiérarchie de l’ordre, et qui
gardaient très, très soigneusement leur anonymat. C’était une sorte
d’ordre d’assassins, un ordre qui avait pour mission d’assassiner
certaines personnes. Son activité consistait dans le fait que l’on
apprenait de temps en temps que telle ou telle personne avait été
assassinée. Mais l’assassinat était perpétré pour la simple raison que
telle ou telle personne avait été désignée par des supérieurs inconnus,
avec ordre pour l’un des membres Thug de l’assassiner. Aux endroits
concernés où se mettait en œuvre un tel processus, on savait bien quelle
était l’intention ainsi poursuivie. L’intention poursuivie en réglant
tout d’abord les affaires au plan physique de telle manière que cet
ordre d’assassins pût voir le jour, puis en mettant en scène les
affaires de cet ordre d’assassins de la manière appropriée qui était la
suivante : que franchissent avec violence la porte de la mort des
personnes qui auraient justement la propriété de connaître certains
secrets après la mort. Ceux qui mirent en place ce système organisaient
aussi parallèlement dans le plan physique les événements-miroirs, comme
on appelle cela dans le contexte occulte […]

Cela se fait ainsi : on forme certaines personnes appropriées pour en
faire des médiums, on les met ensuite dans un état médiumnique et l’on
oriente par divers procédés, les courants du monde spirituel en
direction du médium, de sorte que le médium révèle certains secrets qui
ne peuvent se savoir autrement que par le fait qu’une personne tuée de
manière violente utilise dans l’autre monde les forces qui, ici sur
terre, sont restées utilisables du fait de cette mort violente : elle
découvre alors en tant qu’âme certains secrets qu’elle instille ensuite
au médium. Ainsi ce qui a été instillé par de telles âmes peut à son
tour ici sur terre être exploré par ceux qui trouvent un intérêt à
l’investigation de ces choses. » (Ibid.) 

Naissances spirituelles prématurées extorquées par banditisme occulte,
comme Steiner les désigne. Et ce secret c’est justement celui de la
domination des masses au profit exclusif de certaines loges intéressées à
la propagation du matérialisme – d’un matérialisme « opium du peuple »,
justement. Machiavelique inversion des termes, autrement dit.

« Cette organisation, qui était destinée à provoquer de telles
naissances prématurées, qui travailla avec l’aide de l’ordre assassin
Thug, n’agissait pas en amateur ; elle travaillait très systématiquement
– quoique d’une manière qui, pour toute personne bien intentionnée
envers l’humanité, est effroyable – conformément à ses objectifs, sans
amateurisme, avec une connaissance des moyens adéquats. Parce que l’on
s’appliquait ainsi à faire entrer une partie de l’humanité (par une
descente prématurée de certains moyens arrachés au monde spirituel) en
possession égoïste de ce qui, de toute manière doit venir, mais plus
tard, pendant la cinquième époque post-atlantéenne, il se produisit, en
même temps que ce phénomène, ce malaise craintif chez d’autres qui, en
amateurs, parce que c’était un enfant né de la peur, mirent en scène,
comme une contre-image, la propagande de l’action en question ». (Ibid)

Behind The Scenes of External Happenings, Lecture 1:

(…)When one turns to the souls of human
beings who have died in our present age and learns the circumstances
of their existence, one perceives souls among them who feel grave
apprehension at the prospect of coming into contact with those human
souls who, here on Earth, met their death as did the Empress of
Austria at that time in Geneva. One discovers that human beings sent
through the Gate of Death by, let us say, the “Propagandists by
Action,” are a cause of grave anxiety to certain human beings who
passed through death in a normal way
and then have further experiences
in the spiritual world. One notices, as it were, that those who died
in the normal way and who may have occasion to contact these other
souls, are fearful of such contact after death, and shrink from it.


I beg you, in such a case, to ignore the emotional paradox. Such
innumerable possibilities of association and contact are open to souls
that it would be out of place to allow oneself here to be swayed by
feelings of compassion, however natural and justifiable they may be. A
case like this must be viewed quite objectively. It is a fact that
souls who have passed through the Gate of Death normally, feel a
certain dread of those whose death was brought about by violent means
resembling those adopted by anarchist propaganda.
Now there is a certain very strange connection between this last fact
and the other of which I spoke previously. Closer scrutiny reveals
that these souls who met their death by violent means come into
possession of certain knowledge in the spiritual world after death,
which the other souls do not wish to receive from them prematurely,
before it is right and healthy to do so
. For the very reason that
here, on the physical plane, they were deprived of life in this way
and sent with such violence through the Gate of Death, these souls
retain a certain possibility of turning to account the powers and
forces they possessed on Earth, for example, the power of intellect
From the other side, from the spiritual world, such souls can make use
of the powers which were bound up with the physical body here on Earth
and achieve with them something quite other than it is possible to
achieve during life in the physical body. Thereby these souls are able
to acquire knowledge of certain things earlier than is really
conducive to the progress of human evolution.
It is very remarkable that both meaning and purpose are revealed in
this way in a number of deeds hitherto seeming to lack all rhyme or
reason. These deeds assume a strange aspect to one who sees things as
they really are. In the physical world, all kinds of nonsense is
talked; it may sound plausible but is, well just nonsense to closer
observation. Here, in the physical world, it is said: people like
these “Propagandists by Action” who murder others, are
simply out to draw attention to misery in the world; it is a means of
active agitation, etc., etc.. But one who analyses the matter and
tries to bring it into line with the laws of social life will realise
at once that, although such deeds appear to be senseless, their
meaning suddenly becomes clear in the light of the knowledge that
souls sent into the spiritual world in this violent way, acquire
knowledge which they really ought not yet to possess and of which
souls who died a normal death have a positive dread.
To investigate the causes underlying assassinations committed at
various times, like that of the Empress Elizabeth of Austria, to
discover the position of these souls who come into the spiritual world
with certain secrets in their keeping — with consequences of
which we shall speak — to investigate these things occultly was
of course the important thing. A merely external view of the series of
such assassinations may ascribe them all to chance; but if one
analyses the matter, if one considers who the individuals thus sent to
their death really are, it becomes clear that they have been selected,
as it were — not, of course from the standpoint of the physical
world but from that of the spiritual world. Investigation of this
aspect of many of the well-known assassinations reveals something very
remarkable. In the cases of Carnot,
the Empress Elizabeth of Austria
and certain others, the remarkable fact is revealed that although the
possibility of achieving something by their assassinations certainly
existed, it was, as a matter of fact, not achieved at all. It would
have been achieved if souls had been found to be their
if I may put it so. If that had happened, both
sides would have incurred transcendental, supersensible guilt: those
who had passed through death in the normal way would have had
experiences which would have driven them into blameworthy paths, and
those whose deaths had been caused by violence, by assassination,
would have been guilty of divulging knowledge before the proper time.
Higher Spiritual Beings, Higher Hierarchies, prevented this from
happening because of certain consequences which would have ensued and
which it was necessary to frustrate for the sake of the well-being of
a certain part of mankind. By the intervention of higher Spiritual
Beings, the harm that might have resulted was prevented. And so there
was evidence here of an attempt made with ineffective means, or
rather, with means that had been deprived of their effectiveness. It
was an attempt made in the spiritual world, behind the scenes of the
physical world.
Probing into the deeper foundations of such matters, we discover the
source of the impulses underlying them. And in the case of many of the
assassinations which were news in Europe and will be known to you, the
impulses — they were spiritual impulses, remember — were not
really primary and original but were derivatives; they were
“defence measures,” if this rather trivial expression is
permissible. The purpose of these deeds was to put a stop to something
else, to frustrate other deeds, or, better said, to prevent the
consequences of other deeds tending in the same direction.
This is a very mysterious matter and can only be understood by
scrutinising what, exactly, it was proposed to prevent, against what,
exactly, these defence measures were taken. Spiritual Science
penetrates here into things deeply connected with the impulses of
human life in the present and in the future and of which it is
extremely difficult to speak because they everywhere run counter to
certain naive and even justifiable interests of men. The matter
becomes comprehensible only when we take into consideration the fact
that all these attempts by means of assassinations of which I have
spoken up to now, were amateurishly directed, were not under
“expert” guidance.
They were attempts made without thorough
knowledge of the occult connections; they were defence measures born
of fear, and they were not under united leadership. They become
intelligible only when we study the plan which they were actually
intended to avert, and which was itself being pursued and staged with
much greater insight. In the nineteenth century, a remarkable Order
was still in existence over in the East: the Order of the
“Thugs.” This Order, which flourished in a certain region of
Asia, did not arise out of mere desire — the desire, I mean, of its
members — to gain their ends. The members of this Order were charged
with the task of murdering certain persons named by very secret and
unknown superiors. It was an Order of murderers, so to speak, with the
task of putting certain individuals to death. Evidence of its activity
filtered through from time to time in news announcing the murder of
such and such a person. The murder was committed on the orders of
unknown superiors who had charged some member of this Order of the
Thugs to carry it out.
In the places where this was undertaken, the aim was well understood.
By arranging circumstances of the physical plane in such a way that
the establishment of this Order of the Thugs was possible, and then by
directing its activities as required, the plan was to bring about the
violent death of such persons as would be equipped after their death
with the faculty for learning certain secrets.
The individuals who
managed all this also organised corresponding conditions here, on the
physical plane, to act as “mirrors” — “mirror
events” as they are called in occultism
. Such was the intention:
to organise the appropriate “mirror events.” Certain events
of this kind — if only a few — have actually been organised
on the physical plane. It is done in this way: certain suitable
personalities are trained to be mediums, put into a mediumistic
condition and by certain machinations the currents from the spiritual
world are directed to the medium. The medium then divulges certain
secrets which can only be disclosed by this means, namely, that in
yonder world a person killed by a deed of violence, turns to account
here, on the Earth, those forces which owing to his violent death can
still be made use of; as souls, they fathom certain secrets and then
instill them into the medium
. And it is possible for those interested
in such research here, on the Earth, to investigate what these souls
are instilling by such means.
What is investigated in this way is a sort of “premature
spiritual birth”
— if I may use this expression. The souls
who passed through the Gate of Death in the normal way and are
concerned with such things, know that they must be preparing
themselves now — and they make it plain that they are engaged in
this preparation — in order, later on, when humanity has
sufficiently matured, to bring down many things to the Earth and
inject them into the Earth by rightful means. This, indeed, is an
important task devolving upon a number of human beings now passing
through the Gate of Death. Having attained the requisite maturity for
certain secrets at the right time — not prematurely, as is the
case when forces generated by violent deaths are put into operation
— the task of these souls is to use and apply the normal
forces. It is actually the task of these human beings to acquire
control of these forces and then to inspire them into men living on
the Earth who are not mediums at all but who should experience them in
the normal, legitimate way — through genuine Inspiration.
In normal life this would be a matter of waiting. But because, as the
result of occult crime, these things which ought to come much later
are sent as premature spiritual births along the path indicated —
because of this, individuals intending evil to humanity and who in
this sense are “black” or “grey” magicians,
capture such secrets for their own ends.



Behind the scenes of outer happenings, such things have been
proceeding during our own decades
. The intention was this: to place in
the hands of a certain group of men, firstly, the secret of the
control of masses — I spoke of this to begin with. It is the
secret of how to gain extensive control over those masses who concern
themselves little with external affairs, yet possess spiritual
capacities and are especially qualified to assist in the preparation
of the Sixth Post-Atlantean epoch — it is the secret, too, of how
the art of controlling these masses can be placed in the hands of a
few individuals.
That was the one aim. The other is something that will play an
important role in the future: it is a matter of acquiring the secret
means whereby factors connected with processes of disease, with the
process of propagation, may be given a particular turn.
Among a few friends, I have already spoken of these things. The age of
materialism is striving, through the work of certain circles, to
paralyse, to eliminate all spiritual development in mankind, to bring
human beings to a point where simply by temperament and character they
reject everything that is spiritual and regard it as folly.
This trend — and it is already perceptible in some individuals
today — will intensify. People will actually long for the time
when the Spiritual is universally deemed to be insanity, craziness!
Attempts will be made to achieve this end by inoculations; just as
viruses have been discovered as means of protection against illnesses,
so certain inoculations will be used to influence the human body in
such a way that it provides no place for the spiritual proclivities of
the soul. Human beings will be immunised against any predisposition
for spiritual ideas … such, at least, will be the endeavour. They
will try by inoculation to bring it about that even in childhood,
human beings lose the urge towards the spiritual life. This is only
one of the aspects of that more intimate knowledge, relating to the
connection of Nature-processes and Nature-specifics with the human
organism, which must arise during the Fifth Post-Atlantean epoch.
These things will certainly find their way into the life of mankind
when the time comes. The only question is whether success will have
attended those previous attempts — by means of such premature
spiritual births as I have mentioned — to put knowledge into the
hands of individuals who will use it for their own ends … or whether
the knowledge of these things will come in the right way, at the right
time, and thus promote the well-being of humanity.
There was nothing amateurish about the methods of the organisation
designed for promoting these premature spiritual births; with the help
of the Order of murderers known as the Thugs, it worked very
systematically, albeit in a way which horrifies anyone who has the
good of humanity at heart. It worked systematically, not amateurishly,
with full knowledge of the means required.
Because the effort was being made through instruments acquired
prematurely from the spiritual world to place part of mankind in the
egotistical possession of knowledge which, as humanity matures will be
acquired in any case during the Fifth Post-Atlantean epoch … because
this was being striven for, there arose in other groups of men the
uneasiness and anxiety which staged this “Propaganda by
Action” as a counter-blast, so to speak; it was intended to be a
help but, being the child of fear, it was an amateurish attempt, a
provisional attempt made with ineffective means.



These things that proceed behind the scenes of external happenings,
are of deep import
. Nor would they be mentioned here if it were not a
necessity and a duty to bring them to the attention of people trained
to some extent in Spiritual Science. It is a necessity for such things
to pass into the consciousness of humanity in the Fifth Post-Atlantean
epoch. Only so can the goal of earthly evolution be attained.
Human beings must embark upon the unpleasant task of abandoning the
mode of thinking which the universities produce in the so-called
educated classes today; a time must come when a number of human beings
declare themselves ready to accept this uncomfortable world-conception
which takes its direction, its concepts, its ideas, from the spiritual
world. For men must not, dare not, linger in the condition of sleep
that is so congenial to those abstract concepts for which the age of
materialism strives and then calls “noble.”
Thinking over what I have thus indicated, you will realise that a
whole number of possibilities exist for making use of currents
emanating from the spiritual world in order to bring evil things to
pass on the Earth during this Fifth Post-Atlantean epoch. There are
many, many such possibilities — today I have told you of one.
And the obligation to stress the necessity that such knowledge
should reach the consciousness of a certain number of souls —
this is bound up with the fundamental character of our age. The second
half of the nineteenth century was an extremely important period. I
have often indicated to circles of friends here and there that the
year 1841 was a critical time, a year of decision and crisis. This, of
course, is not discovered by looking merely at the events that
happened in the physical world, but only by studying these events in
connection with what was going on in the spiritual world. The year
1841 was, in truth, the critical year in respect of the onset of the
age of materialism, for at that time a very definite battle began in
the spiritual worlds — a battle waged by certain Spirits, Spirits
of Darkness as we may call them, belonging to the hierarchical rank of
the Angeloi. In the spiritual worlds they fought out this battle until
the autumn of 1879. They were striving for many and definite aims,
only one of which shall be mentioned today. Between the years 1841 and
1879, decision was to be taken as to whether a certain store of
spiritual wisdom could be made sufficiently mature to trickle
gradually down to the Earth from the last third of the nineteenth
century onwards, that is to say, to enter into the souls of men as a
stimulus to spiritual knowledge, to the knowledge described today as
that of Spiritual Science, which has only been possible since that
The aim of these Angeloi-Spirits between the years 1841 and 1879 was
to prevent what was thus to flow down to the Earth, from coming to
maturity in the spiritual world. But these Spirits of Darkness were
defeated in the war they waged against the Spirits of Light during
this period. In the year 1879, on a smaller scale, an event came to
pass of the kind that has several times come to pass in the course of
evolution, and has always been pictured symbolically as the victory of
Michael, or St. George, over the Dragon. In the year 1879, too, the
Dragon was overcome in a certain realm. This time the
“Dragon” was the Angeloi-Spirits who were striving for but
could not achieve the aim I have indicated. In 1879, therefore, they
were cast out of the spiritual world into the world of men — and
here, in this world, they wander among humanity. They are present
here, sending their forces into men’s thoughts, feelings and impulses
of will, egging them on to this undertaking or another. They have not
been able to prevent the onset of the age when the spiritual knowledge
flows down — their defeat in the battle lies precisely in this
— for the spiritual knowledge is here and will unfold
increasingly; human beings will be able to acquire the faculty of
seeing into the spiritual world.
But having been cast down to the Earth, these Angeloi-Spirits are
intent upon doing harm with the down-flowing knowledge; they want to
guide it into wrongful channels, to rob it of its power for good and
lead it into paths of evil. In short, having been cast down since the
year 1879, their aim is to achieve here, with the help of men, what
they were unable to achieve with the help of the Spirits in yonder
world. Their aim is to bring ruin to that part of the good plan for
world-evolution which consists in causing the knowledge of the control
of masses, the knowledge concerning birth, illness and death, among
other things, to spread among men when the time is ripe. These Spirits
of Darkness want to spread such knowledge too soon, by means of the
premature spiritual births
. Among their other objects and activities,
these Spirits operate in the manner I have just indicated.
The only way to combat the influence of these Ahrimanic Beings is to
realise that against certain aims of Ahriman nothing avails except to
see through him, to know that he is there. I have indicated this
repeatedly in the Mystery Plays; think only of the end of the last
Play. The Fifth Post-Atlantean epoch must evolve to the stage where
many human beings address the Ahrimanic Powers and Beings as Faust
addresses Mephistopheles: “In thy Nothingness I hope to find the
All.” Men must be resolved to look into that realm where
materialism sees the “Nothingness” and there see … the
spiritual world! Ahriman-Mephistopheles is then obliged to speak to
such men as he speaks to Faust when sending him to the
“I will not grudge my praise before thou goest, For well I see
that thou the Devil knowest.”
The other day, I said, jokingly, in Dornach: “Mephistopheles
would not have made such a remark to Woodrow Wilson! To Woodrow Wilson
he would have said: ‘The little fellows never notice the Devil,
even when he has them by the collar!’” Truly, it is of the
greatest importance that men shall learn to see into the realities of
the spiritual world. And, believe me, it is simply the fact, that
when, on the one side, there is some special necessity, the opposing
forces are also especially strong — and so, today, men put up
strong resistance to these things, struggle against them.
I beg you here in Zurich, in your laudable and welcome efforts to
bring Spiritual Science to certain still very hostile circles, to be
under no illusions! Many disappointments — and at first, nothing
but disappointments — await all efforts to direct things that
must come to pass, into the right paths. This, of course, should never
deter us. We must be so imbued with the impulse needed for the present
age, that we do what has to be done without regard to results —
whether they fall out one way or the other.
This attitude alone makes achievement possible — and then it is often
reached by an entirely unexpected route. I beg you to remember, too,
that a great deal must often be done that yields no gratifying
results. For the propaganda of Spiritual Science is a different matter
from other current forms of propaganda. In these other domains, people
are for the most part told things with which they are as familiar as
devout ladies sitting in church are familiar with what the clergyman
says from the pulpit. The programmes of most leagues and societies
contain subject matter that can be imbibed very light-heartedly and
superficially — it usually is, and remains, pure abstraction.
Fine programmes are made — but these programmes are unrelated to
and incapable of penetrating into reality. If it is our desire to
cultivate spiritual strivings in this Fifth Post-Atlantean epoch, we
must regard them as we regard the Living. What is the nature of
the Living? The Living, the Life, in the realm of Spirit has its image
in the realm of the Living in Nature. I ask you: is a fish in the sea
afraid of laying a number of eggs that come to nothing? Ask yourselves
how many of the eggs that are actually laid, turn into fish? How many
come to nothing? As it is in life, so, too, it is in the spiritual
life. You may speak for long years, on countless occasions, to vast
numbers of people … and you must be satisfied if interest, at most,
is awakened in a few among them — for that inheres in the nature
of the Living. Achievement in any degree is only possible when one
proceeds as Nature proceeds — Nature being the image of the
Spirit. What would happen if Nature hesitated to allow living beings
to lay the eggs that come to nothing, because a number obviously
perish in the course of a year? The Nature-process continues and,
moreover, achieves evolution. Considerations as to whether any
particular thing can be achieved, whether it is in line with this or
with that — are of no moment. What is of moment is that in the
thing itself we see the impulse and that we simply cannot do otherwise
than carry this impulse into the world.
And looking at the reasons — a few of which have been indicated
today — why this impulse must be carried out into the world
during the Fifth Post-Atlantean epoch … truly they are serious
enough! Where necessity is greatest, remember, there the opposition is
strongest. Men will have to learn to view all these things that come
to pass here, on the physical plane, and in our time present a truly
terrible aspect, in their connection with happenings behind the
scenes. Only then do they become intelligible. But the historians, the
sociologists, the economists, the politicians of today, who derive
their rules and laws exclusively from the physical plane well, as far
as the actual necessities are concerned, they act like persons who
begin some important task by stretching themselves on a chaise
and going to sleep, believing they can achieve it in the
world of dream. The majority of those who belong to the world of
culture, to the several branches of science today, really do set to
work like this; in their state of dream they let reality pass them by.
How do men write treatises on history, on sociology? They write
without a single inkling of the real forces at play behind the subject
of their dreamings. The realities underlying such deeply decisive
events as we are witnessing nowadays, lie around modern men of science
like the walls of a room into which they have been carried during
sleep, have never seen and in which they go on sleeping. This is how
materialistic science acquaints itself with the world.

In my book
Vom Menschenratsel
(The Riddle of Man)
I have described a mode of consciousness that is at the same time a
“seeing” (Schauendes Bewusstsein). This must, to a
certain degree, become a faculty in humanity of the Fifth
Post-Atlantean epoch for the following reason. Certain secrets must
come into the open because otherwise they would be spread among
humanity by unlawful means such as those of which I have told you
. As I said, it is not easy to speak of these things, but in duty
bound it is necessary to do so.


Behind the Scenes of External Happenings Lecture 2

In the last lecture here I told you of an improper relationship to the
spiritual world that it is the aim of certain quarters to establish
. I
said that certain individuals are deprived of life here and sent into
the spiritual world as the outcome of deliberate machinations
; they
have not, therefore, wholly lived out their life here and are still
able to turn certain forces to account in the world where they live
between death and a new birth. And then certain brotherhoods working
with dishonourable motives, desiring only to satisfy their own lust
for power, can use mediums for the purposes of receiving from the Dead
the knowledge which the Dead have thus been enabled to acquire
Occult brotherhoods of this kind are also, as a rule, those that lead
men astray in regard to the events of greatest importance in the
spiritual world. When I tell you that in 1879, in November, a
momentous event took place, a battle of the Powers of Darkness against
the Powers of Light, which ended in the sense of the picture of
Michael overcoming the Dragon … then the point is not, simply to
tell you: such and such an event took place. For you can read in many
books — it is not an esoteric truth at all — that such an
event is appointed in world-evolution. What I really want to bring
home is the significance of the event and the attitude that you should
adopt towards it. Eliphas Levi, Baader, Saint-Martin, all knew and
spoke of such an event — there is nothing really esoteric in the
fact itself. But in our time, endeavours are on foot to spread
confusion about such events — wherever possible, a confusion that
makes men regard them as mere superstition, although they have already
been proclaimed by ancient learning. Here, again, is a reason why
correct and true ideas about these things are so important.
There exists today a right and proper path of approach to the
spiritual truths, which since 1879 have been filtering down from the
spiritual to the physical world. It is the path indicated by Spiritual
Science. And if in the stream of Spiritual Science there is no
deviation from sincerity and purity of intention, Spiritual Science
will lead to the establishment of the right relationship between the
physical and the spiritual worlds. But what is attained thereby, and
must arise among men, involves and demands strenuous effort. Laziness
in all its many forms must be put away. Strenuous effort is essential.
When mention is made of impulses which, coming from the spiritual
world, also work in the shaping of the future … well, then people
come and say: “I want to know this or that specific detail.”
What they like best of all, nowadays, for example, is that one should
give them a detailed description of what will happen in 1920 as the
result of the present war. They do not understand that knowledge of
the future ought not to be burdened with such detailed delineations,
although this knowledge of the future can be absolutely reliable and
effective. That is so terribly difficult to understand.
Let me make myself clear by means of a comparison. You will say:
“Really that is unintelligible: he states on the one hand that
details damage knowledge concerning the future, and on the other hand
that one ought to pay attention to this knowledge because it speaks
correctly about the future.” I want to make this point clear by
means of a simple and trivial analogy. There are bad chess players and
good chess players. Set a bad player down in front of a board and he
will make bad moves and lose the game. A good player will get more
opportunities and will win the game. The bad chess player simply makes
the wrong move and the good player the right move, at the given
moment. But does the good player apply his mind to detailed
deliberation of the actual moves that the other player will make later
on? Is it necessary for him, if he is a good player, to know now what
moves the other player will make in two hours time? No, it is not! But
that does not mean that his skill — the skill of a really good
chess player — is ineffective. He will do what is the right thing
for the future, because he knows the right moves and, if he has no
such insight, he will make the wrong moves; but he is inevitably
exposed to the free will of the other player. One cannot, therefore,
ask: What is the good of being able to play chess really well, if the
other player is always there? It is a very great help indeed to be
able to play chess well! If you will ponder over this comparison, I am
sure you will see what I mean.
The analogy will serve at the same time to point the truth of what
everyone versed in occult matters of this kind will tell you, namely,
that the moment a man draws his impulses for action in the physical
world, from the spiritual world, he must be prepared to encounter
other spiritual Powers; there are the “other players” to be
reckoned with; there is no open field before him where he can just do
what he has planned. That is the inconvenient fact! Suppose you have
some knowledge of occult impulses, of impulses deriving from the
spiritual world and then try — in the world of politics, let us
say — to turn them to real account. If you are typical men of the
present day, you will prefer everything to run smoothly and
automatically so that you can have it all under control. But if you
want to turn spiritual impulses, occult impulses to account in the
physical world, you will have to reckon everywhere with the free will
not only of men here on Earth, but also of higher Beings. In other
words, with conditions as they are at present, you must not reckon
upon having a free field before you; you must realise that the field
is already crowded.
And so it is a matter of acquiring through genuine Spiritual Science,
correct knowledge, for example of the character of the Sixth
Post-Atlantean epoch which is preparing in the East, and of putting
the right occult impulse into action at the right moment, just as the
chess player must make his move according to that of the other player.
What is really necessary is that a man shall deepen his understanding
of the spiritual world and learn to do the right thing in each
individual case. A recovery of spiritual vitality, unbroken effort and
exertion — that is what is necessary, not all these overlapping,
abstract programmes. Humanity today likes to have abstract programmes,
likes best of all to condense into four or five paragraphs what should
be done all over the world, so that delegates appointed by all the
nations may vote in a kind of World Court of Arbitration on what has
to come about on Earth in accordance with a rule accepted once and for
all. But what is really necessary is that men shall seek for knowledge
of the spiritual world, shall seek lasting union with the spiritual
But this is connected also with something else, namely, that you must
reckon with the other powers in the field. You cannot merely rely on
your own power; you must reckon with the others. The quest of power as
such is, of course, ruled out. Impulses truly derived from the occult
world will assuredly be right and will produce the right effects, but
they will never be at the disposal of mere impulses of power. That
would be out of the question.

What will one do on the other hand if one does want to serve mere
impulses of power? Then one will act quite differently, trying to gain
knowledge of the future by such improper means as I described last
time, where mediumistic revelations about the future were elicited
from souls who had first been precipitated through the Gate of Death
in such a way that they might still make use of earthly forces. In
this way, certain occult brotherhoods acquired knowledge concerning
the relation of West and East, and on the basis of this knowledge all
sorts of machinations were set on foot, the effects of which go on to
this day
. Knowledge of this kind, placed at the disposal of the lust
for power, always has some particular object in view
. If you acquire
knowledge of occult forces in a right and honest way, all you will do
in human life will at the same time be reckoning with the
Angel-Beings, with every single Angelos of every one of the human
beings concerned. You know the human beings in regard to whom you
apply occult truths are in relation to the spiritual world. Every one
of them, a living soul, has his connection with the spiritual world.
You look on them as living beings. So should the West be dealing with
the East — open always to what may arise, reckoning with the
“other players” as with living beings — reckoning in
effect with the Angels who guard the individuals concerned. This is
found inconvenient. This kind of influence the Ahrimanic Powers want
to do away with; they want mere power to prevail.



Voici par exemple un vieux dessin intitulé « The Kaiser’s Dream » (1890),
qui fut présenté comme une blague dans un journal sous influence des
loges et servant à transmettre des messages entre initiés quant aux
bouleversements politiques prévus par les loges…
C’était censé être une vision cauchemardesque du Kaiser.


En gros plan:





Voyons de quelle année date ce dessin « humoristique »: 1890.

  • On a déjà une Allemagne divisée et changée en république longtemps
    avant Weimar (la puissance allemande étant l’Ennemi ultime
    prioritaire des loges).



  • On a aussi tout plein de républiques en Europe (l’essentiel du plan des loges).
  • Et on a, pour couronner le tout, un immense « désert » russe (ce que le bolchévisme devait produire).



I told you that certain secret brotherhoods entertained
views about how Europe ought to be structured and how they could
influence that structuring. Today I want to add to what has already been
made plain something
that has not yet been mentioned. I do this because it seems to me to be a
good thing that once at least, in however small a circle, something is
said which will certainly be made known in the future, just as the
division of Austria has been made known in the
note from the Entente to President Wilson. Those who knew about these
things could have sketched the division of Austria as long ago as the
nineties — I do not want to go back any further — on the basis of the
maps I have already mentioned. [ Note 5 ]

Note 5: by means of maps: Arthur Polzer-Hoditz says in his book Kaiser Karl
(Emperor Charles), Zurich-Leipzig-Vienna 1928, p.19 (Note): ‘I conclude
that the breaking up of the Habsburg monarchy
had long been a foregone conclusion among those politicians who — by the
way — after the collapse of the Central Powers intended to share
amongst themselves the chief roles in world politics. I refer in
particular to a map showing the division of Europe, which
was published by the Englishman Labouchère in his satirical weekly
journal Truth in 1890 (the Christmas Number dated December 25
1890, not the regular number for that week which is also dated December
25), that is, twenty-four years before the outbreak
of the World War. This map is virtually identical with that of
present-day Europe: Austria as a monarchy has disappeared and made way
for a republican member of the League of Nations. Bohemia is an
independent state in the incidental shape of Czechoslovakia.
Germany is squeezed into her present confines and split into small
republics. Where Russia would be is written “Russian Desert.” Countries
for socialist experiments.’ See also C. G. Harrison The Transcendental Universe. Six Lectures on Occult Science, Theosophy
and the Catholic Faith
, London 1894, Lecture 2: ‘A powerful empire
which unites under a despotic government a number of local communes —
Russia. The remains of a kingdom — Poland, whose only cohesive force is
its religion, and which will be ultimately reabsorbed
in the Russian Empire in spite of it. A number of tribes who, oppressed
by the alien Turk, have thrown off the yoke, and have been artificially
consolidated into little states, whose independence will last as long
as, and no longer than, the next great European
war … The Russian Empire must die that the Russian people may live,
and the realization of the dreams of the Pan-Slavists will indicate that
the sixth Aryan sub-race has begun to live its own intellectual life,
and is no longer in its period of


Excerpt from Brothers of the Shadows: A Perspective on

In 1893, an
Englishman called C.G. Harrison delivered six lectures to the Berean
Society, a mysterious group of ‘Christian esotericists’. A
record of these lectures is to be found in Harrison’s remarkable book
The Transcendental Universe.
Little is known about
the Berean Society or Harrison, although he wrote two further books in
his lifetime. What is clear is that Harrison, who speaks in defense of
“high” Church, had access to a phenomenal store of esoteric thought, and
was furthermore privy to a certain amount of inside knowledge.

In his second lecture, he spoke not only of “the next great European
war”, but also of the “national character” of the Slavic peoples and its
ability to “enable them to carry out experiments in Socialism, political
and economical, which would present innumerable difficulties in Western
Europe”. Remember that these lectures were given in 1893, 21 years before the First World War and 24 years before the Bolshevik

How could he know about the forthcoming War as well as the “experiments
in Socialism”, which would take a grip on Russia and its surrounding
states for most of the twentieth century? If he was not, as he claimed, a
“practical occultist” himself, it is reasonable to assume he had
with people who were, and who had access to the malign plans of such
secret groups referred to above.

The second
significant piece of evidence which offers some backing for Steiner’s
claims of occult interference in world politics is to be found
in a special edition of the satirical weekly The Truth, published at
Christmas 1890. Under the heading ‘The Kaiser’s Dream’, the magazine
featured a cartoon map of Europe together with a humorous commentary.
Many observations can be made of the map, but the most pertinent point
to note
in relation to the above is that all the countries of Europe are shown
as republics with the exception of Russia and its neighbouring states,
which are written the words “Russian Desert”. In addition, Germany is
identified with the words “German Republics”! This map signifies not
only a foreknowledge – similar to Harrison – of the fate of Russia to
become a cultural as well as an economic ‘desert’, but also of the
future splitting of Germany into ‘republics’. The magazine’s editor,
Henry Labouchère, was a Freemason. Was his remarkable foresight pure
or once again did he have some inside knowledge of future plans to shape
the world?

I was able to find the cartoon map in question and have reproduced it below:

I retrieved that map from a book entitled ‘The Crisis of Civilization‘,
by the Russian Anthroposophist Gennady Bondarev. Bondarev was expelled
from the General Anthroposophical Society in 1998, the given reason
being the alleged « anti-Semitism » expressed in his works. So, once
again, he has obvious links with Rudolf Steiner.

However, that wasn’t the only interesting map that Bondarev’s book
contained. He also reprints two other maps that are credited to Karl
Heise. Heise
was a theosophist (obvious links to the Occult via Helena Blavatsky)
and wrote several books about the society and Occultism in general.

What is even more interesting is that Heise was being funded by Rudolf
Steiner, who wrote the preface to the first edition of Heise’s 1919 book
‘Understanding Freimaurerei-und Weltkrieg’, in which Heise denounced a
Masonic plot to have orchestrated the First World War.

We shall now look at these maps in more depth…

Entente-Freimaurerei und Weltkrieg (Masonry and Allied World War II)

Here is an online copy of the book:
Entente-Freimaurerei und Weltkrieg

From the contents regarding this map: “Geographical map from the secret society circles of the English-speaking world.”

The heading of the above map reads: In the secret circles of the English speaking world, a future has been imagined involving a world war and it’s
consequences shape Europe.

Below the map reads: Inscriptions in the map above:

(Over Germany is written) « the Germans remaining area (Rhine, Danube) »

(Over Austria, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia is written) « According to the prophesy world wars arising Danube-Balkan Federation (Danube). »

(Written over most of Eastern Europe is) « From the dissolution of the Russian State from Tscheco Slovaks, Poles, Russians, etc. resulting Slav
confederation (Vistula) »

Okkultes Logentum (Occult Lodges)

Top left is written: « Second British secret lodges map about the distribution of Europe. »

Over Russia is written: « States decreed for the socialist experiment by England. »

So here we have maps from two books, published in 1919 and 1921
respectively, and a cartoon map, published in 1890, that have been drawn
by the so
called « secret societies » that:

- Speak of an upcoming World War to shape Europe.

- Speak of Russia an an ongoing Socialist Experiment.

- Show a Germany divided into two seperate states.

Rudolf Steiner, who seems to be the driving force behind these revelations, puts them into context:

In 1916 and
1917, in the midst of the catastrophic First World War, Steiner gave a
series of 25 lectures to a group of his followers who gathered
together at their centre in Dornach in neutral Switzerland. These
lectures, since translated and published in English, offer a unique
reading of
contemporary events.

Behind the outer façade of world affairs, suggested Steiner, the
machinations of occult groups or ‘brotherhoods’ were at work. Certain of
brotherhoods had wanted the Great War to take place, and had manipulated
events to bring it about. In doing this, they sought to protect the
economic position of the English-speaking world, and in turn to crush
the ‘mediating’ role of Central European powers such as Germany, the
Austro-Hungarian empire, and so on.

These occult brotherhoods – small groups of men who met together in
‘lodges’ and practiced ceremonial magic as a means of achieving certain
goals – originated from the English-speaking (Anglo-Saxon) world and
were allied, in particular, with Anglo-American interests. Their aim was
extend Anglo-American influence across the globe, and to ensure the
predomination of Anglo-American culture. Furthermore, they sought to
extend its
superiority into the distant future; essentially to ensure that the
present state of affairs continues evermore.

According to Steiner’s research, human evolution goes through ‘great
periods’ of development. During each of these periods, a particular
is given the task of leading humanity in a spiritual sense. Over the
millennia, it has been the destiny of different peoples to bring
qualities, in a benevolent way, to the whole of humanity. Particular
periods of history are thus led by particular nations. This does not
imply a form
of political control or empire – and is certainly not a theory of
national or racial superiority – but is referring to a spiritual form of

Steiner suggested that the Western world, and in particular the
English-speaking peoples, have been given the task of getting to grips
with the
material world – of becoming comfortable on Earth and developing in
harmony with it. In this specific sense, the West was to introduce a
kind of (beneficial) materialism into human development. But this
materialism was only meant to be developed up to a certain point. It was
in order for humans to become fully part of the earthly world, and to
help introduce an individualised consciousness (the ‘I’). But beyond
that it
had the potential to be destructive. Materialism as a philosophy, which
shuts out the possibility of soul and spirit, is retrogressive, asserted
Steiner, and works as an evil in human evolution.

The Anglo-American brotherhoods that seek dominion over mankind know
this, and hence today are deliberately sponsoring various kind of
materialism in
the hope of halting and trapping humanity at the present stage of its
development. They don’t want humans to progress beyond the present stage
immersion in the material world. In other words, they don’t want us to
reconnect in a free way with our spiritual ‘I’, because they know that
their grip over humanity would then be lost. Human progress is dependent
on spiritual knowledge, and thus the occult brotherhoods work against

Steiner explained further the brotherhoods were aware that the Slavic
peoples were to be given the task of leadership on behalf of humanity
during the
next ‘great period’ of history. For this reason, the Anglo-American
brotherhoods not only sought to dominate the present great period of
development, but – knowing that the Slavs had an important mission in
the future – sought to gain control over the Slavic peoples (Russia in
particular) in the present, in order to interfere with or even put a
halt to their coming task. In this way, the Anglo-American brotherhoods
extend their control over human development into the distant future.

Steiner later claimed that the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, which led
to the creation of the USSR and the 72-year cultural, intellectual,
and political repression of the populations of its various peoples, was
masterminded and sponsored by these same brotherhoods as a means of
controlling the region and its peoples.

You can read for yourself what he had to say (it makes for a FASCINATING read!) by visiting his online

From the archives I present to you a couple of paragraphs that seem to
be indicating his foreknowledge of an oncoming Second World War…

For we must
be clear that the time can come again – today I choose my words very
cautiously and therefore say: can come –, when, because
peace is not wanted at all, the conflict will be ferocious, maybe still
more ferocious than it has already been, if something does not come from
side or another to prevent this ferocity. Then the possibility will be
found again to talk of the atrocious deeds of Middle Europe, and under
ruins and the rubble one will bury the fact that one could have
prevented these atrocious things oneself if one had not responded to the
appeals for
peace with the bellowing of a bull. It lay after all in the hands of the
forces of the periphery to bring about peace. But the time will come …
where it will again be said: The Germans are doing this or that in
violation of all rights of nations (Jan. 8, 1917,GA 174).

There are a
number of people already – and this number will quickly grow –, who
grasp that it is entirely impossible to go through anything
else but a revolution if one continues to work in the old sense. Just as
in the old sense people were told: we have to wage a war in order to
the revolution in our own country, so nothing other is meant than that
work has to be done, particularly amongst those people of the West who
versed in the old way of thinking, to prepare the ground for the Second World War.
There is no other way than, in order to overcome inner
Bolshevism, to work in the West towards the Second World War. You can
hear the cry from the lower strata of society: World-revolution! This
idea of
world-revolution can only be shrouded in a fog through the unleashing of
this Second World War catastrophe. There cannot be any other way (Jan.
1921, GA 338, Dornach 1986).


L’UE expliquée aux enfants « L’union européenne contre l’Europe » pour la dissolution de l’Europe dans L’ESPACE ANGLO-SAXON.


38 – La Première Guerre Mondiale et la crise Ukrainienne : 1914 – 2014

Les questions de grande stratégie impériale avaient conduit les membres de l’élite britannique à lancer le processus qui a abouti à l’Entente avec la Russie en 1907 et à une guerre européenne générale sept ans plus tard, un processus traçable (par cet écrivain au moins) à 1887, quand Lord Salisbury, le chef de la famille,(20) de Cecil – le premier ministre britannique à l’époque, avait fait des démarches initiales secrètes avec les Français par l’intermédiaire de son vieil ami le comte Chaudordy(21)). Très perturbé par les récents mouvements russes en Asie centrale, et maintenant convaincu qu’il était temps pour la Grande-Bretagne d’abandonner ses politiques traditionnelles pro-turcs, anti-russes, Salisbury était résolu de trouver furtivement un compromis avec la Russie, via la France. Il était toujours précisé, cependant, que la Russie ne devrait jamais réellement renverser Constantinople et il fut estimé que la réponse de la  Grande-Bretagne  au problème russe pourrait finalement prendre la forme d’une révolution, d’un renouveau islamique ou d’une guerre contre l’Allemagne. Il avait vu «l’ embarras financier » de la Russie comme son talon d’Achille, disant: 

 » si nous devenons leur ennemi chronique c’est sur ce point précis que nos efforts doivent se concentraient. Nous devons la pousser aux plus de dépenses possibles que nous puissions faire afin qu’au bout d’un certain temps elle soit poussée à la révolution au cours de laquelle elle semble constamment être suspendue. »(22)


 J’ai commencé en écrivant sur un processus historique entre les peuples méditerranéens, les peuples germaniques et slaves. En 1893, ce processus a été décrit sous l’angle ésotérique par un obscur occultiste britannique du nom de C.G.Harrison. Il était connecté au réseau de la « Haute église », ou ésotérisme « catholique-anglais » au sein de l’église d’Angleterre. (24)

Les six conférences très profondes de Harrison en 1893 ont été bientôt notés par un vieil ami de Rudolf Steiner, Friedrich Eckstein et traduites en allemand, ce qui explique comment Steiner a pris connaissance de leur contenu. Dans une de ces conférences Harrison décrit comment les Romains avaient été une « nourrice » et un « tuteur » pour les tribus germaniques jusqu’à la fin de l’Empire romain, quand ils ont évolué de ce qu’il est convenu d’appeler  « la petite enfance » à « l’enfance » en vertu de la papauté. 

Les Slaves, dit-il, en sont actuellement à leurs premiers balbutiements, mais se déplaçant dans leur enfance, son implication claire étant que les peuples germaniques de l’Ouest (ce qui signifie pour lui, les britanniques, bien sûr), maintenant dans leur maturité, avaient été des nourrisses des Slaves et étaient maintenant destinés à devenir leur « tuteurs » et leurs « protecteurs », et que le changement serait encore marqué par la fin d’un empire et, il l’indique, leur tutelle sous une autre forme de la papauté ; évidemment, cette fois encore il s’agirait d’une «papauté occidentale » – ou d’une papauté Slave « injectée » par l’Occident.  » …Une grande guerre européenne est à venir, il a dit (en 1893 !), dans lequel « l’Empire russe doit mourir afin que les Russes puissent vivre ». Leur caractère national « leur permettra de mener des expériences dans le socialisme, la politique et l’ économie, qui présentera des difficultés innombrables en Europe occidentale ». Le destin des Slaves, dit-il, sera « d’évoluer vers une civilisation supérieure qui leur est propre »

Mais tout comme la civilisation des classes supérieures des peuples germaniques aujourd’hui est « autant un développement étranger que la civilisation romaine en Grande-Bretagne », il  laissera entendre que la future civilisation des Slaves sera en fait également un développement étranger, à savoir, une importation de la culture germanique (c.-à-britannique). En d’autres termes, les Slaves ne pourront en fait actuellement faire évoluer leur propre civilisation, mais continueront celle de l’époque précédente – ‘la germano-anglaise’. 

Donc, dix ans avant l’apparition des bolcheviks à Londres en 1903 (le résultat d’une scission au sein du Parti travailliste social-démocrate en Russie), un ésotériste britannique, également à Londres, connecté à un courant ésotérique traditionaliste-conservateur , pût prédire les futures expériences socialistes en Russie à la suite de «la prochaine grande guerre européenne »!(…)

20. Les Cecil, père William et son fils Robert avaient été secrétaires d’État sous Elizabeth I et James I au début de l’expansion outre-mer de l’Angleterre et avait secrètement arrangé la succession de James en 1603. 21.
Chaudordy était dans l’intimité de l’occultiste Alexandre Saint-Yves d’Alveydre (1842-1909) qui a cherché par ses écrits occultes à l’idée de la Synarchie, secrets Confréries de l’Est et la ville souterraine de Agharta et à promouvoir une alliance anglo-franco-
russe. St Yves était très sympathique avec l’occultiste britannique Edward Bulwer-Lytton, auteur de « La Race qui nous supplantera » (« Vril: The Coming Race », 1871) et son fils Edward Bulwer-Lytton, ambassadeur à Paris et ancien vice-roi de l’Inde. Grâce à sa femme aristocratique St Yves a eu accès aux danois, russes et britanniques royals familles.
22. Pour tous les Salisbury cite ici sur la Russie, voir J.Charmley, Splendid Isolation?, Pp.201, 213 
23. Guardian, http://www.theguardian.com/uk/2001/jul/05/humanities.highereducation Les deux agences ont été créées en 1909 par le Comité de défense de l’Empire (1902), le fruit du neveu de Salisbury Arthur Balfour qui a succédé à son oncle en tant que Premier ministre. Le gouvernement britannique en ces jours était souvent surnommé «Hôtel Cecil ‘ 
24. La High Church a ceci de significatif aussi d’être le courant anglican de Lord Salisbury et de la famille Cecil. A Oxford, Harrison a assisté au College Oriel (début des années 1880), le collège le plus associé depuis les années 1830 avec celui l’Oxford ou (Haute Église anglo-catholique) au mouvement «Tractatus». 

Tiré du site : http://threeman.org/?p=1855

Merci à Terry Boardman pour faire triompher la Vérité et redorer le blason et les sacrifices concédés à la mémoire de nos chers disparus…..


The First World War and the Ukraine Crisis: 1914 – 2014


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(…)Questions of grand imperial strategy had led members of the British elite to
begin the process that culminated in the Entente with Russia in 1907 and to a general European war seven years later, a process traceable (by this writer at least) to 1887, when Lord Salisbury, the head of the Cecil family,(20) and British Prime Minister at the time, had made secretive initial approaches to the French via his old friend Count Chaudordy(21)).
Very disturbed by recent Russian moves in Central Asia, and by now convinced that it was time for Britain to drop its traditional pro-Turkish, anti-Russian policies, Salisbury had resolved to move stealthily  towards an accommodation with Russia via France. He was always determined, however, that Russia should never actually possess Constantinople and felt that the answer to Britain’s ‘Russia problem’ might eventually come in the form of revolution, Islamic revival or war against Germany. He saw Russia’s “financial embarrassment” as its Achilles heel, saying: “if we become her chronic enemy it is to that weak point that our efforts must be addressed. We must lead her into all the expense we can” so that “a few steps further must push her into the revolution over which she seems constantly to be hanging.”(22)
(…) I began by writing about an historical process involving the Mediterranean peoples, the Germanic peoples and the Slavs. In 1893 this process was described from the esoteric angle by an obscure British esotericist by the name of C.G.Harrison. He was connected to the stream of ‘High Church’, or ‘Anglo-Catholic’ esotericism within the Church of England. (24)The six very profound lectures given by Harrison in 1893 were soon noted by an old friend of Rudolf Steiner’s, Friedrich Eckstein, and translated into German, which is how Steiner became aware of their content. In one of these lectures Harrison describes how the Romans had been a ‘wet nurse’ and a ‘tutor’ to the Germanic tribes until the end of the Roman Empire, when they had moved from what he calls ‘infancy’ to ‘childhood’ under the Papacy. The Slavs, he says, are currently in their infancy but moving into their childhood, his clear implication being that the Germanic peoples of the West (meaning for him, the British, of course), now in their maturity,
had been the Slavs’ wet nurses and were now to become their ‘tutors’ and ‘protectors’, and that the change would again be marked by the end of an empire and, he implies, their tutelage under another kind of Papacy obviously, this time it would be a ‘western Papacy’ – or a Slavic Papacy ‘injected’ by the West.  A great European war was coming, he said (in 1893!), in which “the Russian Empire must die that the Russian people may live”. Their national character “would enable them to carry out experiments in socialism, political and economical, which would present innumerable difficulties in western Europe”. The Slavs’ destiny, he said, was “to evolve a higher civilisation of their own”. But just as the civilisation of the upper classes of the Germanic peoples today is “as much a foreign growth as Roman civilisation in Britain”, he implied that the future civilisation of the Slavs would in fact also be a foreign growth, namely, an import of Germanic (i.e. British) culture. In other words, the Slavs would not actually evolve their own civilisation but would continue one from the previous epoch – our present one. So ten years before the emergence of the Bolsheviks in London in 1903 (the result of a split within the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party), a British esotericist, also in London, connected to a traditonalist, conservative stream of esotericism, was predicting socialist experiments in Russia as the result of “the next great European war”.(…)



20. The Cecils, father William and son Robert had been Secretaries of State under Elizabeth I and James I at the very beginning of England’s overseas expansion and had secretly arranged James’ succession in 1603.

21.Chaudordy was on intimate terms with the occultist Alexandre Saint-Yves d’Alveydre (1842-1909) who sought through his occult writings about the idea of Synarchy, secret Eastern Brotherhoods and the underground city of Agharta  to promote an Anglo-Franco-Russian Alliance. Saint-Yves was very friendly with the British occultist Edward Bulwer-Lytton, author of Vril The Power of the Coming Race (1871)  and his son Edward Bulwer-Lytton, ambassador in Paris and former Viceroy of India. Through his aristocratic wife Saint-Yves had access to the Danish, Russian and British royals families.

22. For all the Salisbury quotes here on Russia, see J.Charmley, Splendid Isolation?, pp.201, 213

23. Guardian, http://www.theguardian.com/uk/2001/jul/05/humanities.highereducation

Both agencies  were set up in 1909 by the Committee of Imperial Defence (1902), the brainchild of Salisbury’s nephew Arthur Balfour who succeeded his uncle as Prime Minister. The British government in those days was often dubbed ‘Hotel Cecil’

24. The
High Church also happened to be the Anglican stream of Lord Salisbury and the Cecil family
. At Oxford, Harrison attended Oriel College (early 1880s), the college most associated since the 1830s with the Oxford or ‘Tractarian’ (High Church Anglo-Catholic) movement.

The Spiritual Tasks Of Europe In The Coming Millennium

© Terry Boardman  Michaelmas 1997

(…)The British have found it hard to give up their monarchy, despite its severe embarrasments in recent years, and the Established Church of England attached to it. Many continental Europeans remain in the embrace of the Roman Catholic Church with its pretensions to political influence. Both these European institutions are mediaeval relics. In a lecture of 11th November 1904 Rudolf Steiner spoke about the relation between life and form, maintaining that all forms are crystallised life from a previous period of time (6). But life moves on while forms become desiccated. The trick is to create forms for life which are recent, that is, which still contain some of the ‘heat’ of life, and when that heat dies, the form must be swiftly and flexibly replaced by a new one more amenable to the demands of the newer historical context. The Roman Catholic Church is a form representing ‘the dead life’ of the Roman Empire, while the British monarchy, and for that matter also the American  Presidency, are also corpses of ‘mixed kings’ – half divine Roman emperor, half semi-magical Germanic tribal chieftain.

These two corpse-like ‘streams’ have come together since the early 1980s in the ideas stemming from a plethora of books in the Anglo-American world advocating a return to a religious kind of kingship for a united Europe or even an Atlantic community, a kingship drawn from the physical bloodline of Jesus of Nazareth. In their 1986 book “The Messianic Legacy”, the authors of the international bestseller of 1982, “The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail” wrote about the pan-European plans of the secretive chivalric Order the Prieure de Sion and how these had been taken over by American elite forces: “the primary objective was…a United States of Europe…comparable to the Soviet Union and the United States,…a financial or economic arrangement similar to that of the EEC, which, however, included the United States as well….a rapprochement had been reached with the Vatican. Rome would cooperate. Certain concessions had been necessary in return, but they were essentially nominal.”(7) The authors go on to describe the connections between European conservative Orders such as the Knights of Malta and the CIA and conclude that, since there is a subconscious longing within the peoples of the west for a spiritual ‘roi perdu’, a moral monarch, “we would prefer to see a mortal Messaiah presiding over a united Europe than a supernatural Messaiah presiding over Armageddon.” (8) They believe that the Prieure de Sion are preparing to produce such a king who is descended from the son of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. This is said to be the secret guarded for nearly two millenia by such esoteric groups as the Templars.
A similar story features in “Bloodline of the Holy Grail” (1996)(9) written by Laurence Gardner who styles himself the Chevalier Labhran de St Germain. His book’s foreword is supplied by Prince Michael of Albany, the current Stuart pretender to the throne of Great Britain (10). The common themes of these books reappear: again, Christianity is held to be a myth dreamed up by the imposter Paul. Jesus is seen as no more than an inspired spiritual and political leader. It is claimed that there was no Resurrection and that Jesus’ descendants – the Grail Family, le Sang Real – eventually became united with the French Merovingian bloodline and then with the Scottish Stuarts via the Templars who fled from France to Scotland after the suppression of the Order by King Phillip IV in 1307. In Scotland, the Templars metamorphosed into Freemasons. The book culminates in its claim in the last chapter that the Stuart line goes back to “a truly unique line of sovereign lineage from King David” (the Royal House of Judah). This is then followed by a coda entitled “The Crown of America” in which it is claimed that Americans too have longed for a ‘democratic monarch’ who serves the people, the implication being that such a monarch from Jesus’ bloodline is ready waiting to serve both Britain and America when called upon. This might all seem fanciful were it not for the fact that a number of these books making similar claims have now emerged since 1982, have received considerable publicity and have all been bestsellers; and that precisely this new ‘mystical yet democratic monarchy’ was called for in sections of the media in the almost cult-like atmosphere following the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, who was referred to as the ‘Queen of the Global Village’, ‘Queen of the World’ etc.
Is this really what the people of Europe want for the 21st century – a new Holy Democratic Emperor of some kind of  Transatlantic Union who would serve the interests of the American Establishment? This is hardly in tune with the new Michael Impulse that is now growing in strength in our time. From Europe’s religious past, which is also Asia’s to a degree, the ancient ghostly forms of the Catholic and Orthodox traditions seek to maintain their hold on substantial numbers of Europeans, often bolstered by formidable intellectual forces in the Jesuit and other Orders. From the opposite pole, from America, comes the evangelical charismatic stream which claims to be of the Holy Spirit, of “the people”, and therefore of our time. This is a deception, since it is usually based on an unthinking Biblical literalism and an unconscious experience of rapture which is led by charismatic leaders and oligarchical groups of biblical interpreters.(…)
(6) R.Steiner “The Temple Legend”, Rudolf Steiner Press 1985, p.67
(7) M.Baigent, R.Leigh, H.Lincoln, “The Messaianic Legacy” (Corgi 1987, p.367-8)
(8) “The Messianic Legacy”, p.451
(9) L.Gardner, “Bloodline of the Holy Grail – The Hidden Lineage of Jesus Revealed”, Element, 1996
(10) The Scottish Stuart dynasty ruled Britain from 1603 to 1688. The first
King, James I (1603-25) brought Scottish Freemasonry into England. The
last, the Catholic James II (1683-88), was ousted by William of Orange
who had been invited by Britain’s Protestant grandees to take over the
country. James’ grandson made an abortive effort to reconquer Britain in
1745, since when there have been Stuart Pretenders to the throne.(…)

L’impérialisme libéral et la responsabilité britannique en 1914 – de l’Empire britannique à l’Empire américain.Sir Edward GREY. Trad française d’un article de l’anthroposophe Terry Boardman (threeman.org)

La première Guerre mondiale et la formidable idée d’Europe selon les Jésuites et l’oligarchie mondialiste !

Roots of Present World Conflict: Zionist Machinations and Western Duplicity during World War I
CRISIS OF CIVILISATION Chapter XVIII. Russia in the Antagonism of “Eurasians” and “Atlantists”, p.443-444 by Gennady Bondarev

This article, which is based on Western sources, sets out to prove that there exists an intention to restore the Habsburg monarchy. For various reasons the idea of the forming a ‘Danube Imperium’ in the centre of Europe has won an enthusiastic response from the Americans and from the ‘European Movement’ (founded by Count Kalergi) which is controlled by them. It is characteristic that Otto von Habsburg, as general secretary of this organization and possible Austro-Hungarian successor to the throne, embodies two seemingly contradictory tendencies. On the one hand his ‘European Movement’ has brought into the foreground the idea of the establishment of unified states of Europe in a cosmopolitan spirit, while at the same time from the same source a call is heard, to undermine the said system through dismemberment right at its very heart. Is there a contradiction here, or is it a question of the formation of a certain ‘core’, whose task it is to draw in towards itself the rest of the European geo-political region? 

The article states further that the situation in Austria has changed drastically since the disintegration of the communist block. The author quotes the Neue Zürcher Zeitung (‘New Zurich News’) which apparently said that Austria has returned to Central Europe and has perhaps become its centre. Otto von Habsburg’s intention to set up a federation of states at the border of West and East is only a stratagem. Behind it lie the political plans of the occult societies; the ‘Grande Orient of Austria’ and the ‘Grand National Lodge of Austria’ are members of the international hierarchic stream of Freemasons. These branches acknowledge the supremacy of the two international centres of Freemasonry – the ‘Grande Orient de France’ and the ‘Associated Grand Lodge of England’, both of which are under the control of American Lodges. The main role in the forming of the Danube federation is played by the Order of ‘Prieuré de Sion’, which works, not directly, but through the Swiss Lodge ‘Alpina’.

One cannot predict with certainty whether such alliances will emerge on the political map of Europe. But we can nevertheless draw a methodologically based conclusion from information in the newspapers blurted out in the heat of the battle – only of the printed word, so far – by parties, Orders and Lodges. It is the following: In the task of setting up the ‘New World Order’, the Jesuits and the secret societies of the West, one could also say Rome and Washington (and, in a more hidden form Moscow) work together, and at the same time each pulls in its own direction. In this, all are successful because the field of work on the entire globe is very extensive. If now on the one side an alliance arises under the protection of the Vatican, then something similar, arranged by the brotherhoods, must unquestionably be looked for on the other, and, on the third side, we must also observe, from this background, what is going on in Moscow. All these things together will then serve the new principles of world rule. However, it does not promise social harmony, either at the end of this century or at the beginning of the next.

CRISIS OF CIVILISATION. Chapter XVII: Russia and the “Socialistic Experiment” by Gennady Bondarev

Towards the end of the 19th century Russia was literally woven into a web by the political Lodges. They came forward as fighters for the equality of the Jews and in this way drew them on to their side. Preparation for the revolution began in the Lodges. The revolution of 1905 was a failure – the army put an end to it. Then special attention was given to preparation of the army. The French occultist Papus (friend of the Tsar’s family!) recruited members for the Lodges in the highest social circles. At the beginning of the First World War almost all the generals – including General Alekseev, who presided over the general staff of the Russian army and later commanded the ‘White Movement’ –, the highest aristocracy – Princes Yusopov, Trubetskoy, the Grand Dukes – were all members of the Lodges and in one way or another supported the preparation of the revolution. This was the great temptation of Russia, and Russia did not recognize it.
The Priory of Sion Hoax by Robert Richardson

September 10, 2003 Re: Response to Paul Smith Email from Robert Richardson

The Priory of Sion Secret and The DaVinci Code  by Robert Richardson

Synarchie (jésuitisme) dans l’extrême-droite en 2014: BreizAtao: »Nous devons écraser le principe d’égalité » « Que la race blanche se rassemble, une nouvelle fois, sous la bannière du Christ Roi et Vainqueur, et à elle appartiendra à nouveau le rôle qui lui fut assigné par le Créateur. »

The Spiritual Origins of Eastern Europe and the Future Mysteries of the Holy Grail, by Sergei O. Prokofieff (search for « Papus » ; « Saint-Yves d’Alveydre » ; « de Maistre » ; « martinist »/ »martinists » ; « jesuits »)



British Scotland Yard spy ‘fired the shot that finished off Rasputin’

Rudolf Steiner (various) « Papus » ; « Eliphas Levi »

Crisis of Civilisation, Chapter XVIII. Russia in the Antagonism of “Eurasians” and “Atlantists, by Gennady Bondarev


THE TREE OF LIFE AND THE HOLY GRAIL, by Sylvia Francke and Thomas Cawthorne (search for « Monti ».)

The Ninth Century and the Holy Grail, by W. J. Stein (search : « Merovingians »)
The Grail Stream  and the Anti-Grail Sream

by Adriana Koulias

(…)Wherever human beings however live a selfish materialistic
life this works right down into the Earthly Ethers and into the Ether that
surrounds the earth, volcanoes, violent storms and other terrible natural
catastrophes are the result.    

The Anti Grail streams utilise the knowledge concerning
these fallen Ethers and their influence on man and visa versa in order to
execute their plan to prevent the down pouring of the consciousness of Christ
into the individual in order that he or she can at the same time redeem the
fallen forces of the earth.    
These Anti Grail impulses were disseminated in the past from
centres such as Gondi Shapur in Persia home of Harum Al Rashid, and Terra Labur
home of Klingsor.    
In modern times there are many centres from which comes the
work of the Brotherhoods of the left or the Western brotherhoods and the
Brotherhoods of the South Catholicism, Jesuitism and Opus Dei one such place is
Rennes le Chateau.    
Rennes le Chateau is a small village of less than a hundred
people. It came to the attention of the world through a book written by Gerard
de Sede which explored the story of the Abbe Bérenger Saunière [who was connected to George Monti and Joséphin Péladan], [101] the town
priest who despite earning very little was able to spend thousands renovating
the town church, building a guest house he called Villa Bethany and a tour he
named after Mary Magdalene which he called Tour Magdala. Through Mary Magdalene
we see the connection with the fallen Chemical ether.   
He is said to have
tampered with the church in the renovations, placing an altar upside down,
reversing known religious symbols such as the Alpha and Omega that usually
belong to Christ and John the Baptist. Templar symbols as well as hermetic
symbols abound as well as a water stoup held up by Rex Mundus the king of the
earth – Ahriman. There is in fact a striking resemblance between this Ahriman
and Rudolf Steiner’s Ahriman. The Villa Bethany – Bethany being where Lazarus
was raised is where his housekeeper found the Abbe dying of a stroke, despite
the fact that this was only his guest’s quarters and he lived in the priori.
Also two days before his death he had been in good health, despite this, his
servant ordered a coffin to be delivered two days later, the very day that he
became ill. He is said to have been involved with a neo Templar group that
called itself the Priori de Sion. The Priori de Sion is the recently formed
outer face of the western brotherhoods that, in conjunction with the Jesuit
order of Opus Dei, managed to infiltrate anti Christian impulses into the
.[102] It also points to the conscious Etheric [ahrimanic] immortality which we
discussed earlier, in which the Etheric body does not dissipate but hardens and
materialises, effectively imprisoning the human being in the earth’s surrounds.
This points to the great Anti Grail mystery of incarnating and excarnating at
will through the thirteenth Zodiac Ophiucus or Serpent handler. [NOTE: Thus comes the notion that a 13-month neo-pagan lunar calendar is needed to replace the 12-months solar calendar of "obsolete" Christianity.]   
The story of this Abbe was picked up by three journalists
who produced a small television series that sparked off a book which explores
the connection that existed between the Abbe Berenger Sauniere and the Priori
de Sion and its connections with the Templars, Cathars, the Merovingian dynasty
and the supposed blood line of the Grail. Concluding that the Grail was nothing
more than a pedigree that could be traced back to Christ’s survival of the
Crucifixion and his subsequent marriage to Mary Magdalene, a blood-line which
continued through the Merovingian kings of France and later the royal houses of
This may seem laughable, and far-fetched but it has left an
indelible mark on the world today, inspired by the Jesuits who seek to turn
Christ into Jesus and the Western Brotherhoods who seek to undermine the
manifestation of the Etheric Christ.    
This small village went on to spawn numerous books that
explored this same theme.    
There are people who have read these books and have been
known to become Atheists because of them. Certainly it completely pushes aside
the Mystery of Golgotha and replaces the Divinity of Christ with a human Jesus
that did not die on the Cross but lived on to sire children. It is interesting
to note that of late the hoax perpetrated on the public by the false documents
which started everything the documents of the Priori de Sion has now been
discovered and the connection between this ‘made up’ order and the Jesuits as
well as Opus dei have been revealed
.[103]  (…)



101. I advise a cautious look at the book Holy Blood and the Holy
Grail to see quite clearly how the Anti Grail stream is working from
Rennes les Chateau

102. See the article Robert Richardson The Priory of Sion Hoax at Alpheus .org 2002- via internet.

103. See the work of Robert Richardson http://www.alpheus.org/html/articles/esoteric_history/richardson1.html  and Laura Miller of New York Times at Cesnur,  www.cesnur.org/2004/davinci_nyt.htm

Werner Greub: How Grail Sites Were Found?  Foreword to the Third, North-American Edition: « Holy Grail Across The Atlantic? » by Robert J. Kelder

(…)This leads
us, finally, to the question how Bradley’s book – that more appropriately
should have been called Holy Blood Across the Atlantic – and others in this
line, such as the more recent works by (Sir) Laurence Gardner on The Bloodline
Of The Holy Grail and Genesis Of The Grail Kings can be seen in the light of
Werner Greub’s Grail research and, more in general, Rudolf Steiner’s
anthroposophy. We have anticipated this here and in our previous introduction
by mentionning the spiritual and world historical significance of Parzival’s
revolutionary attainment of the Grail kingship under the Star of Munsalvaesche
in the year 848, where we referred to the incredulous words of amazement by
Trevrizent marking this turning point in history. This is indeed what initiated
a new age in the development of the Grail Monarchy, a new Royal Art of Social
Organics, a development that only came to the full light of day with the
foundation of the new mystery wisdom or anthroposophy by Rudolf Steiner at the
beginning of the 20th century. By holding
on to the bloodline, to the heredity principle, one is in effect advocating an
old Grail impulse
; and by ignoring this new principle of civilization and
at the same time advocating
social-economic reform based on this old Grail impulse
, one is in effect –
whether one is conscious of it or not – standing
in the way of the new Grail impulse
, of the necessary advancement in
consciousness from the intellect to intuition that is so desperately needed for
mankind to live in dignity, indeed to survive on this earth.

* Holy Blood/Holy Grail by M. Baigent, R. Leigh and H.
Lincoln, first published in 1982, ends on an ominous note: “There are many
devout Christians who do not hesitate to interpret the Apocalypse as nuclear holocaust.
How might the advent of Jesus’ lineal descendant be interpreted? To a receptive
audience, it might be a kind of Second Coming.” Ominous because it confuses the
Second Coming of Christ – which according to Rudolf Steiner has taken place in
the previous century in the supersensible etheric or living realm as an ongoing
event (as the Bible says symbolically ‘in the clouds’) to be experienced by
everyone who manages to elevate himself or herself to that height – with the imminent physical incarnation of Ahriman in
a climate of death and destruction
. All publications on the Grail that in
one way or another follow this line of confusion only serve in the end to
strengthen the violent climate and chaotic pre-conditions necessary for this anti-Second Coming, an event that
cannot be totally prevented as such, but only minimized in its disastrous
effects by recognizing its various cloaks of disguise and deception.
(…)And again, the whole-sale acceptance of the geographic
identification of Wolfram’s Anschouwe as
Anjou in France
which Werner Greub shows should be Andlau in Alsace,
where Kyot found the first traces of the Grail family – plays an important role
in Bradley’s “Secret of the Holy Grail”: the divinely inspired bloodline of
Jesus surviving throughout the ages and now claiming the ascent to its long
lost thrones.* In the Grail Knights book he writes (on p. 246): “Anjou, in Brittany, was one other place
where Merovingian descendants of Jesus
found a haven. Indeed, according to
Wolfram von Eschenbach’s Parzival, the ‘Tale of the Grail’ began in Anjou, at
least as far as France is concerned, with incoming Holy Blood refugees from
Arthur’s doomed Britain.” In the Columbus Conspiracy he writes (on p. 64) that
this secret “may not be true, that is not really important. What is important
is the fact, and it is an undoubted fact, that many people believed it to be
true. Their belief moulded a faith, lives and motivations in a way that was
completely unorthodox according to the tenets of the dominant Roman Catholic
With How The Grail Sites Were Found, another, quite
different reality of the Grail has now found its way across the Atlantic; one
that may turn out to be as equally unorthodox to Michael Bradley and his fellow
Holy Blood believers as their belief is unorthodox to the “tenets of the
dominant Roman Catholic Church”, the Holy See. For this research-report – based
as it is on a thorough, pain-staking but unbiased and loving examination of the
work of Wolfram von Eschenbach – in fact knocks down many of the pillars on
which this already “nebulous idea about the European history of North America”
(Bradley in his Acknowledgements at the end of his last book) is standing. As
such, it may well come as an unpleasant surprise, if not a real shock. Will it
prompt Holy Blood believers to reconsider and revise their ideas or beliefs?
This can be asked of the establishment academics and writers as well for whom
this volume will be no less of a big pill to swallow, requiring strong powers
of digestion. Or will it be met with a deafening conspiracy of silence?
Whatever the reaction may be, it will in any case be a test
distinguishing genuine Grail seekers aspiring to the truth from those who are
consciously preparing or unconsciously supporting quite a different agenda: not
a Second Coming of the Redeemer in the etheric, but
a First Coming on earth of the
Illegitimate Prince of this World.
Robert J. Kelder,
Lachine, September 19, 2001
* This is not directly
implied by Bradley, indeed writing in the Columbus book (p. 51 ff.) on the
divine dispensation through the royal blood, he says: “We modern people of a
democracy may not be able to muster much sympathy for such a view.” But in the
foreword to Laurence Gardner’s Bloodline of the Holy Grail, Prince Michael of
Albany, head of the Royal House of Stewart, writes
: “This work offers an
incredible insight into centuries of strategic governmental alignments,
together with their associated deceits and intrigues.  For around two thousand years, the destinies
of millions of people have been manipulated by unique, though often whimsical,
personalities, who have perverted the spiritual aspirations of our
civilization. With marvellous detail, the author has removed the constraints of
vested interests to related numerous suppressed accounts of our heritage. In so
doing, he resurrects the politically silenced history of a resolute dynasty, which
the Church has long sought to vanquish in order to further its own ends. Now,
in this new age of understanding, may the truth prevail, and may the Phoenix
rise again.” What else can this last sentence refer than to a bloodline-based
claim to a long lost throne
? This is, as we have tried to show earlier, with
all respect, an old Grail impulse. Nowhere in the voluminous work of Gardner is
there any reference to the Star of Munsalvaesche and the miracle of Parzival’s
Grail kingship or anthroposophy as the science of the Grail, heralding a new
Grail monarchy, a new way of governing and government. Yet, oddly enough, in
Bloodline (p. 5 ff.) Gardner, who is the Presidential Attaché to the European
Council of Princes, says this book “is all about good government and bad

Interview de Jean-Luc Chaumeil, écrivain. – Dossier Rennes-Le-Château

The Sion Revelation: The Truth About the Guardians of Christ’s Sacred Bloodline, by Lynn Picknett, Clive Prince (search: « Papus » ; « Alpha Galates » ; « Hiéron du Val d’Or » ; « Paul Le Cour » ; « Jean-Luc Chaumeil » ; « Hermetic Brotherhood of Light » ; « Ordo Templi Orientis » ; « Aleister Crowley » ; « Bulwer-Lytton » ; « Saint-Yves d’Alveydre »)


Sur la prétendue Ère du Verseau et sa connection au Hiéron du Val d’Or, goupe lié aux jésuites:

Heurs et malheurs de l’astrologie mondiale française au XXe siècle (De Paul Le Cour à André Barbault) par Jacques Halbronn (Dossier complet: Aquarica)

Courant satanique du Verseau:
 L’é du Verseau
Courant christique des Poissons:


 AbebooksAmazonEditions-triades18 avril 1910 (L’apparition du Christ dans le monde éthérique):


« Maintenant, cela fait plusieurs
siècles que le Soleil est entré dans le signe des Poissons bientôt il aura
progressé suffisamment pour constituer
le signe extérieur du Retour du Christ dans l’éthérique
« Now the sun has been in the sign of Pisces for several centuries. In the
near future it will have advanced so far in this sign that it will be the outer symbol for the appearance of Christ in the etheric
. »




par Christian Lazaridès
notre époque, où les astrologues et ésotéristes déclarent que l’Ère des
Poissons se termine, où est terminée, et que l’Ère du Verseau est imminente, ou
bien qu’elle a déjà commencé, il est grand temps de s’interroger sur ce qu’à
voulu dire Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) en affirmant et en réaffirmant que l’Ère
des Poissons a en fait débuté en 1413, début des « Temps modernes »,
qu’elle durera jusqu’au milieu du 4 e millénaire, et que c’est
seulement alors qu’il sera question d’une Ère du Verseau. C’est à dire que
l’ensemble du 3 e millénaire dans lequel nous venons d’entrer
constituera la partie centrale de l’Ère des Poissons
. Et cela peut nous
donner un tout autre sens de la dynamique spirituelle de notre époque, car il y
a entre 1000 et 1500 ans de différence entre ces deux conceptions de la
chronologie précessionnelle !
Quelle est la « bonne chronologie » ?
En effet, avant de pénétrer dans le royaume des
images, des forces, des êtres – ici dans le royaume des Poissons et dans celui
de la Vierge – il nous faut chercher comment se justifie cette autre façon de
lire l’heure zodiacale.
mise sur le compte d’une erreur ou d’une approximation, parfois au contraire
acceptée d’autorité comme une évidence, cette chronologie hérétique, cette
apostasie – sans doute très consciente et très chargée de sens – soulève une
foule de questions, lesquelles au départ, pourront sembler bien étranges et
lointaines, mais dont les enjeux nous apparaîtront bientôt beaucoup plus
concrets et immédiats qu’on ne l’imaginait, des enjeux concernant notre
conscience, notre liberté, notre vie.
Au moins 99% des écrits ou des déclarations à ce sujet
se rattachent à la conception de la proximité immédiate de l’Ère du Verseau.
L’idée de l’Ère du Verseau se développa dans les milieux de la théosophie
orientalisée (Première mention en 1887 dans un article de H.P. Blavatsky) et, à
partir des années 20, dans les ouvrages d’A.A. Bailey, qui se présente comme continuatrice
de H.P. Blavatsky et de ses maîtres. C’est aussi à partir de 1920 que l’ère du
Verseau apparaît très publiquement dans un petit livre du psychologue H.
Kündel, « Das grosse Jahr » (La grande année), en 1922 ; en
France, dans « L’Ère du Verseau » de Paul Le Cour en 1937. Dès lors
la littérature sur le sujet devient abondante, et je n’insiste pas sur ces
textes accessibles par d’autres voies. Il faut noter, dans les années 1960, que
l’Ère du Verseau devient alors pratiquement un phénomène sociologique pour
toute une jeunesse et un courant culturel fortement influencés par les
Etats-Unis, et en particulier la Californie (Cf. « Les Enfants du
Verseau » ou « Conspiration du Verseau », « New Age
Movement », « Nouvel Âge »
, etc.) Si cette flambée retombe,
l’idée de base suit toutefois son chemin, et aujourd’hui pratiquement tous les
livres d’astrologie versent leur tribut aux idéaux du Verseau.
hérésie chronologique affirmant que l’Ère des Poissons débute en 1413 et durera
jusqu’au milieu du quatrième millénaire est représentée essentiellement par
Rudolf Steiner, et cela peut constituer une cause d’ostracisme. Trop ésotérique
au goût des scientifiques, trop scientifique au goût des ésotéristes, trop
« cosmiques » pour les chrétiens bien-pensants, trop chrétien pour
les astrologues bien pensants, pas assez cadrable ou trop universel pour les
universitaires, etc, etc, on a pris l’habitude de l’évacuer de pas mal de
débats, presque par méthode. Voilà donc la première raison de la méconnaissance
de cette conception.
Steiner, à qui revient le mérite d’avoir mis en valeur l’oeuvre scientifique de
Goethe, a ensuite et surtout proposé une méthodologie scientifique permettant
une investigation des réalités supra-sensibles. Il n’est pas question de résumer
en quelques mots un tel travail, mais il est absolument indispensable que le
lecteur prenne connaissance des fondements de l’investigation anthroposophique
telle que l’a pratiquée Rudolf Steiner s’il veut situer correctement de
nombreux éléments qui seront présentés ici sous forme de citations. Car il faut
bien poser dès maintenant ce fait : les déclarations de Steiner sont
censée reposer sur ce type d’investigation – disons :
scientifique-suprasensorielle – cela en général, mais bien sûr aussi pour des
questions particulières ; lorsqu’il est dit par exemple, dans la
conférence du 13 janvier 1918 :
«  Vous savez
que notre époque actuelle, commençant à peu près au 15 e siècle de
l’ère chrétienne, est en rapport avec le cosmos par le fait que depuis ce moment
le Soleil a son point vernal dans les Poissons, dans la constellation des
 » (1)
donc est affirmée une telle chose, qui contredit toute astronomie et toute
astrologie, cette affirmation ne se rattache pas aux mêmes sources, ni aux
mêmes moyens d’investigation que d’autres affirmations sur le même sujet.
semble ne s’être jamais vraiment expliqué sur son hérésie chronologique, mais
il semble bien aussi que personne ne lui ait jamais demandé de le faire, et il
est possible que, sur un tel sujet, ceci pût bien expliquer cela. Nous verrons
que c’est pratiquement à la mort de Steiner que la question sur cette
divergence surgit enfin clairement dans le milieu anthroposophique, en même
temps que commence à devenir publique, d’un autre côté, l’idée de l’Ère du
«  …Ce que
font toujours les entités hostiles aux dieux qui aiment les hommes repose en
effet sur l’attitude qui leur fait vouloir réaliser plus tôt, quand l’humanité
n’est pas encore mûre, ce que les entités spirituelles favorables aux hommes
voudraient faire plus tard.
 » (Conférence du 16 octobre 1918 à
Zurich) (2)
«  …De même
que les anciens ont cherché à décrypter l’énigme des étoiles et qu’ils ont
déterminé à partir de leurs configurations ce qu’ils voulaient faire ici sur
Terre, l’homme devrait prendre conscience qu’il entre désormais dans une époque
qui n’apportera que détresse, misère et malheur dans l’humanité terrestre si
elle ne se décide pas à lire dans les configurations stellaires de notre temps
le devenir de l’humanité…
 » (Conférence du 24 décembre 1917) (3)
vivons dans un temps qui prend ainsi un sens spécifique au sein d’un tel
organisme chronologique : à l’orée de la phase centrale de l’Ère des
Poissons, au moment où le sens profond de cette époque devrait accéder à la
conscience et se traduire par une vie sociale tenant compte du réel Esprit du
Temps. Et c’est le moment où un certain ésotérisme attire notre attention vers
l’Ère du Verseau. À vrai dire, ce n’est pas tellement, en soi, ce qui est dit
par les uns et par les autres qui est la chose décisive, mais c’est ce que ces
idées colorent le sentiment intérieur et conditionnent ces autres actes qui se
passent au-delà de ce qui apparaît à la superficie des choses. Dans le sens de
l’ésotérisme chrétien, le triple accomplissement de 666, c’est-à-dire autour de
l’année 1998, devrait amener une puissante action des forces anti-christiques,
pas dans un sens religieux courant, mais de forces voulant annihiler la liberté
la violence, par l’enfermement ? Peut-être. Mais surtout par
l’endormissement, par l’appel à l’amour et à l’oecuménisme, par l’appel même à
un « Christ » dont elles préparent une manifestation, voire une
ce sens, la contradiction sur les chronologies précessionnelles s’intègre à
tout un ensemble de graves contradictions tout aussi irréductibles entre les
occultismes totalement différents, ayant des finalités totalement différentes.
Et dans ce domaine, le fait que je veux mentionner et qui est une véritable
pierre de touche, c’est la question du Christ.
1909 occupe au cours du siècle passé une place-clef dans cette question avec,
d’un côté, le début de « l’affaire Krishnamurti » (4) ,
c’est-à-dire de l’idée d’un retour possible du Christ sous une forme physique,
et de l’autre côté dès le début de l’année 1910, les conférences de Steiner
d’un bout à l’autre de l’Europe sur « L’apparition du Christ dans le monde
éthérique ». À partir de là se dessinent nettement, d’un côté, la tendance
de certains groupes à préparer l’incarnation, le retour physique d’un être
qu’elles intitulent « Christ » et de l’autre côté dans l’ésotérisme
chrétien authentique, le fait de permettre à la conscience humaine de s’élever
à l’expérience d’un monde supérieur au monde physique et où serait accessible
le Christ. C’est là un point essentiel que signale tout ésotérisme chrétien
réel : le Christ n’a vécu qu’une seule et unique fois dans un corps
physique, celui de Jésus de Nazareth, pendant environ trois années (de l’an 30
à l’an 33) et un tel fait ne se reproduira jamais plus en tant que tel, mais le
Christ sera accessible dans des sphères toujours plus élevées, à commencer par
le monde éthérique dès le vingtième siècle ; dans ce sens, le
Christ ne saurait être assimilé à quelque Grand Initié ou Grand Instructeur, ou
Boddhisattva ; il ne peut pas être identifié au Maitreya ou au
« Seigneur du Second Rayon » de nombreux groupes occultes actuels, de
même que le christianisme ne saurait être qualifié de « Mystères
mineurs » comme cela fut fait par Annie Besant au début du siècle et
continue de l’être dans une foule de démarches actuelles.
avoir parlé de fraternités orientales dont le but est surtout de
« divertir » ou détourner l’attention de la présence éthérique du
Christ, Steiner dit en 1917 :
«  …Il y a
des fraternités occidentales qui ont le projet de combattre l’impulsion du
Christ et de mettre à sa place une autre individualité qui n’est jamais apparue
dans la chair, qui est une individualité éthérique, mais d’une nature
strictement ahrimanienne…
« … C’est un
combat tout à fait réel et non quelque chose qui serait des notions abstraites
ou je ne sais quoi, mais c’est un combat tout à fait réel, un combat qui
concerne vraiment le fait de mettre un autre être à la place du Christ dans le
cours de l’évolution de l’humanité pour le reste de la cinquième époque
post-atlantéenne, pour la sixième et la septième. Il appartiendra aux tâches
d’une évolution saine et spirituellement honnête d’extirper et d’évacuer de
telles menées, qui sont anti-christiques au sens le plus absolu. Mais seul un
regard clair peut ici aboutir. Car l’autre être que ces fraternités veulent
mettre à ce rôle de régent, cet autre être, elles le nommeront
« Christ », elles l’appelleront vraiment « le Christ » !
Et ce qui importera ce sera de pouvoir faire la différence entre le vrai Christ
qui, tel qu’il apparaîtra, ne sera pas une individualité incarnée dans la
chair, et cet être qui se différencie du vrai Christ par le fait de ne s’être
jamais incarné pendant l’évolution de la Terre, un être qui va seulement
jusqu’à la manifestation dans un corps éthérique et qui devrait être mis en
place par ces fraternités à la place du Christ lequel passerait alors
» (conférence du 18 novembre 1917). (5)
chose la plus urgente est précisément cette qualité du « nouveau
Jupiter », l’attention, le discernement des esprits, dont parlait Saint
fondamentalement, l’action du Christ serait le germe de toutes les
transformations que connaîtra la Terre, c’est-à-dire qu’il est le réel
diapason, le réel coeur de toute la chronologie. Ce vaste processus est
perceptible dans un aperçu de ce genre :
«  …Le Christ
a donné l’impulsion grâce à laquelle un être humain peut aimer un autre être
humain. Et par l’effet de cette impulsion, l’humanité se spiritualisera dans
l’amour. L’amour deviendra de plus une plus chose d’âme et d’esprit. L’homme
entraînera par là dans son ascension les êtres inférieurs qui sont ses
compagnons sur la Terre, il métamorphosera la Terre. En un avenir extrêmement
lointain, toute la matière qui compose la Terre sera transformée par l’action
de l’homme, et ce corps de la Terre, transfiguré, redeviendra digne d’être uni
au Soleil, Ainsi le Christ, qui est le soleil spirituel, a donné l’impulsion
nécessaire pour que la Terre et le Soleil se réunissent un jour à nouveau, en
un seul corps cosmique…
 » (6) .
« Vivons-nous les commencements de l’Ère des Poissons ? » de
Christian Lazaridès. Éditions Anthroposophiques Romandes, 1989.
est tiré d’Infor Vie Saine n°148 de 2004. Les notes ont été ajoutées par
l’éditeur de l’édition électronique.
Conférence donnée à Dornach le 13 janvier 1918 p.m. in GA 180.
(Mysterienwahrheiten und Weihnachtimpuls – Alte Mythen und ihre Bedeutung,
Rudolf Steiner Verlag, 1980, page 273)
Conférence du 16 octobre 1918 à Zurich, in GA 182 – La mort métamorphose de la
vie, Éditions Triades, 1984 – page 178.
Conférence du 24 décembre 1917 in GA 180, (Mysterienwahrheiten und Weihnachtimpuls
– Alte Mythen und ihre Bedeutung, Rudolf Steiner Verlag, 1980, page 30)
Jiddu Krishnamurti (1895-1986) naquit en Inde et fut pris en charge à l’âge de
treize ans par la Société théosophique, qui voyait en lui « l’Instructeur
du monde », le Christ réincarné, dont elle avait proclamé la venue. En
1929, Krishnamurti récusa cette affirmation et se dégagea de la Société
théosophique. L’affirmation par Annie Besant et Leadbeater que Krishnamurti
était le Christ réincarné fut une des causes de la scission de la Société
théosophique allemande dont la majorité des membres adhérèrent à la Société
anthroposophique nouvellement fondée.
Conférence du 18 novembre 1917 in GA 178 – Derrière le voile des événements.
Éditions Triades, 1999 – pages 226, 227
L’Univers, la Terre et l’homme, 1918, GA 105, Éditions Triades 1977, p. 156

VIDEO -  New Age Infiltration of the Truth Movement

Is Alex Jones externalizing the hierarchy?

Alex Jones using hypnosis, subliminals, and NLP on audience

The other Satanic aspect of the « Aquarian Age » lie

The Aquarian Conspiracy: The Road to Orwell’s 1984 by EIR (Larouche club)

The Aquarian Conspiracy: Personal and Social Transformation in the 1980s, by Marilyn Ferguson (promoter of the Aquarius Lie, follower of Willis Harman)

Le but premier d’internet… par D. Livingstone

En mai 1974, le SRI mena une étude sur la manière de transformer les
États-Unis en Meilleur des mondes à la Huxley, cette dernière était
intitulée « Changing Images of Man. » Le rapport insistait sur
l’importance des États-Unis pour la promotion des idéaux maçonniques,
afin d’accompagner la création effective de l’État maçonnique idéal.

(1918-1997) (à gauche) dirigeait les recherches. En tant
qu’ancien consultant de la Maison Blanche et ayant été impliqué dans les
recherches sur le LSD au service de la CIA.

En 1976, Harman écrivit An Incomplete Guide to the Future,
dans lequel il défendait la vision d’une société basée sur les idéaux de
la Franc-maçonnerie. Harman pensait que le symbole de la pyramide
surmontée de l’œil qui voit tout figurant sur le grand sceau,
« indiquait que la nation ne prospérerait que si ses dirigeants étaient
guidés par une intuition supra-consciente », qu’il définissait comme
« l’intérieur divin ».

La disciple de Willis Harman, Marilyn Ferguson, dépeignit la contre-culture New Age dans son best-seller The Aquarian Conspiracy, comme
l’accomplissement de la Conspiration à Découvert de H.G. Wells
, tout en
tentant de la rendre populaire en décrivant le besoin de répandre les
doctrines New Age comme un développement spontané et positif.

Ferguson mena une enquête auprès de 185 dirigeants sur le potentiel
humain du mouvement New Age et trouva que les penseurs les plus
influents mentionnés, étaient le philosophe et prêtre français également
associé de Julian Huxley : Teilhard de Chardin, à l’origine de la
supercherie de l’Homme de Piltdown. Venait ensuite Carl Jung qui
travailla de concert avec le patron de la CIA Allen Dulles, ainsi
qu’avec Aldous Huxley, la figure de proue du programme MK-Ultra.

Le frère d’Aldous, Julian, écrivit la préface du livre de Chardin Le Phénomène Humain.
Aldous et Julian étaient tous deux les petits-fils de Thomas H. Huxley,
le fondateur du groupe Round Table, d’où sortit plus tard le Council on
Foreign Relations (CFR).


Thomas H. Huxley était également connu comme le « bouledogue de
Darwin » pour sa défense de la théorie de l’évolution, qui d’après le
rabbin Kook (1865-1935), le plus illustre représentant du Sionisme
Religieux : « est en voie de conquérir le monde, et plus encore que
toutes les autres théories philosophiques, se trouve conforme aux
secrets kabbalistiques du monde. » D’après Julian Huxley : « l’évolution
n’est rien d’autre que la matière devenant consciente d’elle-même. »

L’intérêt pour le Darwinisme provient de la notion théosophique de
l’évolution spirituelle. Basé sur la kabbale, elle affirme que la nature
ainsi que la conscience humaine, est prise dans un processus
d’évolution. Tout cela formait la base d’une croyance au sein d’une
transformation culturelle pilotée qui allait caractériser la plupart des
pensées occultistes du XXème siècle et du courant New Age.


(Teilhard de Chardin est souvent considéré comme le saint patron d’Internet)

Souvent désigné comme le « Darwin Catholique », Teilhard de Chardin
prépara le terrain pour le projet de création d’intelligence
artificielle en expliquant qu’à mesure que l’humanité s’organiserait en
réseaux sociaux complexes, la Noosphère grandirait, culminant dans le
but de l’histoire, qu’il désignait comme le Point Omega, un niveau de
complexité maximum et de conscience vers lequel il pensait que l’univers

Teilhard en appelait à l’humanité pour créer une « sphère de
conscience mutuelle renforcée, en faisant le siège, le support et
l’instrument d’une super-vision et de super-idées. » [NOTE:
Patrick McKenna, l’un des premiers pontifes de « l’Éveil en 2012″
prétend avoir atteint ce prétendu « point Omega » au moyen de la drogue.
Sans commentaire. Timothy Leary, fanatique de Crowley, n’était pas loin
de prétendre la même chose.

En d’autres termes, l’humanité devait construire la Noosphère.
Effectivement, l’homme devra créer Dieu, l’œil tout puissant inscrit au
dos du billet d’un dollar, flottant au-dessus de la société humaine,
dont l’omniscience et la sagesse sera le produit des données accumulées
par l’enregistrement de toutes les facettes de l’activité humaine.


Lyndon LaRouche wrote that
« Anti-Christ cultist Nietzsche announced that the twentieth century would
see the end of the Age of Pisces, which Aquarians associate with the figures of
Socrates and Christ; Nietzsche prophesied that the New Age would be the Age of
Aquarius, which he identified with the Satanic figure Dionysos. » [1]
[Dionysian wild abandon is the ticket to an initial, "Jupiter-man"
form of Satanic possession.]  I’m not
certain what LaRouche meant by « Anti-Christ cultist. »  Perhaps Nietzsche was associated with known
members of the Cult of Isis who were assigned to transform culture into
something that would blend seamlessly with the outer circles of Satanism. Nor
do I know where LaRouche obtained the statement from Nietzsche, but Martin
Heidegger, in his book Nietzsche, wrote that « Nietzsche himself understood
his philosophy as an introduction to the beginning of a new age.  He envisioned … the twentieth century .. as
the start of an era whose upheavals could not be compared to anything previously
known. » 
No later than the 1970s, and
perhaps still today, the crypt of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, is the
headquarters for solemn ceremonies of the British
(Venerable) Order of Malta. Key figures, such as Gregory Bateson’s former
spouse, Dame Margaret Mead, associated with that British order
, have been
associated with projects in support of the Satanist « Age of Aquarius »
The « Age of Aquarius, »
or « New Age, » is the generic name adopted by the modern Satanist
movement. The best-publicized among the founders of the Age of Aquarius
movement include Fyodor Dostoevsky,
Friedrich Nietzsche, Alex Muenthe (of Capri notoriety), and Aleister Crowley.

Most Aquarians trace the origins of modern Satanism to Nietzsche and Crowley.
Anti-Christ cultist Nietzsche
announced that the twentieth century would see the end of the Age of Pisces,
which Aquarians associate with the figures of Socrates and Christ; Nietzsche
prophesied that the New Age would be the Age of Aquarius, which he identified
with the Satanic figure Dionysos.
Crowley announced himself publicly a devotee of Nietzsche’s New Age cult in his
Vienna Theosophy
magazine, near the beginning of this century, and
indicated as his preferred choice of name for Satan.
Among hard-core insiders, the New
Age models its dogma on the Magis’ cult of Mithra, as Nietzsche did. The cult
has notable affinities to the Bulgarian-Cathar Bogomil cult (from which the
slang term « buggery » is derived). The New Age’s most celebrated
historical figure, its choice for the original « incarnation » of the
Anti-Christ, is the Roman Emperor Tiberius who ordered the execution of Christ.
[Some Roman emperors, most notably Caligula, became possessed by being
initiated without being suitably prepared.] Adolf Hitler and Hermann Goering
were among the notable figures who followed this cult [again, these were
probably fronts for the Cult of Isis].
The best-known
coordinating-center for the Age of Aquarius project in the U.S.A. today is Palo
Alto, California’s Stanford Reasearch
, whose Willis Harman
is the relevant leading personality. See Harman
disciple Marilyn Ferguson
‘s 1980 Aquarian Conspiracy for a popular
exposition of Harman’s views and program for subversion of the United States.
Ferguson is accurate when she reports that the
Fabian Society’s H.G. Wells (World War I boss of British intelligence) is a key
figure of the Aquarian Conspiracy
. Also key are Wells’ ally, Bertrand Russell, and such Russell cronies as Robert M.
(Chicago University, Ford Foundation, Fund for the Republic, Aspen
Institute, and the project).
Both Margaret Mead and her
husband Gregory Bateson were close collaborators of Russell and Hutchins from
no later than 1938. The brothers, Aldous
(Hollywood) and Julian (UNO) Huxley were collaborators of H. G. Wells
, and
were recruited to Crowley’s Satanist cult during the late 1920s.
Establishment buried Nietzsche’s
New Age connection
LaRouche has uniquely reported
(as far as I can tell from extensive web-browsing) that Nietzsche was
instrumental in popularizing the notion of a new age:
The Age of Aquarius:
The « Age of Aquarius, »
or « New Age, » is the generic name adopted by the modern Satanist
movement. The best-publicized among the founders of the Age of Aquarius
movement include Fyodor Dostoevsky, Friedrich Nietzsche, Alex Muenthe (of Capri
notoriety), and Aleister Crowley. Most Aquarians trace the origins of modern
Satanism to Nietzsche and Crowley.
Anti-Christ cultist Nietzsche announced that
the twentieth century would see the end of the Age of Pisces, which Aquarians
associate with the figures of Socrates and Christ; Nietzsche prophesied that
the New Age would be the Age of Aquarius, which he identified with the Satanic figure
Dionysos. Crowley announced himself publicly a devotee of Nietzsche’s New Age
cult in his Vienna Theosophy magazine, near the beginning of this century.[6]
Today, over a period of more than
a hundred years since the circles of John Ruskin, Fyodor Dostoevsky, and
Friedrich Nietzsche popularized the Satanic Age of Aquarius, Western European
civilization has undergone an experience which parallels in essential features
the process of degeneration of Europe leading into the fourteenth century’s New
Dark Age. The spread of explicit Satanism, through aid of agencies such as
Adorno’s Frankfurt School, and its dogma of « the authoritarian
[emphasis added] [7]
The paucity of reporting on this
is evidently due to an Establishment effort to conceal the true nature of the
New Age. However, the following tipped me off to the presence of a watered-down
version of Nietzsche’s new-age theme in Thus Spake Zarathustra:
[Nietzsche] through the mouth of
Zarathustra prophesied the arrival of the new age and the new culture of
truthfulness (die Wahrhaftigkeit) in philosophy and ethics, and of the
affirmation of the human life and its creativity.[8] [This characterization is
actually a big lie - the opposite of the truth.]
However, although Nietzsche’s
works APPARENTLY originated in his mind, Rudolf Steiner, who spent quite a bit
of time studying Nietzsche and his works, claimed that two of Nietzsche’s works
- the Anti-Christ and Ecce Homo – were « channeled » through Nietzsche
by a Spirit of Darkness:(…)



What is Crowley’s Aeon of Horus?
« Nietzsche prophesied that
the New Age would be the Age of Aquarius, which he identified with the Satanic
figure Dionysos. Crowley announced himself publicly a devotee of Nietzsche’s
New Age cult in his Vienna Theosophy magazine, near the beginning of this
century. »[13]
 Dionysus or Dionysos … is the ancient Greek
god of wine and grapes, the god who inspires ritual madness, joyful worship,
and ecstasy, carnivals, celebration and a major figure of Greek mythology. [14]
The Age of Aquarius
We have noticed, that for the
past one or two years, the so-called New Age has been on an aggressive
offensive worldwide, and if you look at the symptoms, you can actually see that
it is an attempt to win over the world for good, and to wipe out Christianity once and for all. Normally people are not
accustomed to look at it this way, but if you start to sharpen your eyes, you
actually see symptoms of it at every point. For example, you all know that
there are hardly any young people who are not victims of rock music, and all
major rock bands are Satanist. Not only do they have Satanist texts, not only
do they have subliminal messages and light-effects with pictures of Satan or
symbols, but it is having a serious effect on the brains and the capability to
think of these young people.
One can say that rock music is
the first level of initiation [many hard-rock "musicians" report
feeling as if something else is controlling them as they make their noise], and
that then drugs, pornography, and general disruption of any moral standard are
the next steps. So, if you go through this and you don’t watch it, what comes
out are people without souls
[actually, whose souls have been hijacked], and it is most horrifying to see
that aleady in all of Western Europe, 80-85% of all young people have
participated in occult exercises, which starts like a game, but then soon it is
not a game any more. There are many Satanic churches, not only in Turin, where
5% of the people admit that they are Satanists. It is the famous Ordo Templi Orientis which is
definitely one of the leading instruments. It is a lot of masonic rites, it is
the spread of pedophilia, child-pornography rings, video cassettes of
unimaginable perversion, and finally the more frequently occurring ritual
One has to see that the Age of
Aquarius, the New Age, as it was propagandized by Marilyn Ferguson, is actually
the new form of this disease. The aim is to eliminate any principle, there is
no longer any criterion for good and evil. And one has to understand that the New
Age has a lot of different elements, like homosexuality, which is an organized
cult. Nobody can tell me that 50% of the people in Manhattan all had
domineering mothers who give them no other way than to join this. It is an
organizing tool: Get people involved,
and once they are involved, they can’t get out so easily
. It is witchcraft,
the ecology movement, the idea that some mysterious earth goddess exists.
[Actually, Earth is the physical manifestation of a spiritual being, but Wicca,
paganism, and Freemasonry are throwbacks to former stages of evolution, and are
thus Luciferic, and they are used to entice people into becoming Satanists.] It
is drugs, it is astrology, it is pantheism; basically all of the components of
the New Age represent an attack on rationality, on reason, on natural science,
on the idea of the knowability of the laws of the universe [i.e. on the
evolution of consciousness].

In the United States as a whole,
apart from that situation in the New York U.S. headquarters of the
Anglo-American Liberal Establishment, the entirety of Satanist activity is
coordinated under the umbrella of the influence of Friedrich Nietzsche, Aleister Crowley, and leading Fabian Society
figures such as H.G. Wells and Bertrand Russell
. This umbrella has the name
given to it by Nietzsche and Crowley: ‘The Age of Aquarius. »
Marilyn Ferguson’s 1980 The
Aquarian Conspiracy documents her patron, Willis
Harman of Stanford Research Institute
, as one of the national coordinators
of Satan-cultism in the United States, and identifies the Fabian Society’s H.G. Wells as a key intellectual influence in the
work of this cult. In all essentials, Ferguson’s claims are verified by
independent investigation.(…)
Today, over a period of more than
a hundred years since the circles of John Ruskin, Fyodor Dostoevsky, and Friedrich
Nietzsche popularized the satanic Age of Aquarius, Western European
civilization has undergone an experience which parallels in essential features
the process of degeneration of Europe leading into the fourteenth century’s New
Dark Age. The spread of explicit Satanism, through aid of agencies such as
Adorno’s Frankfurt School, and its dogma of « the authoritarian
personality, » has now entered a phase of large scale mass organizing.


Secondly, for those who
participate in this aspect of the work of Triangles in Education it quickly enhances
our capacity to vision the extra-planetary significance of the formation of
Triangles within human consciousness at the dawn of the age of Aquarius. [The actual age of Aquarius is a couple
thousand years off – this is still the age of Pisces, but it is also the
« age » of Satan
. Nietzsche, one of Satan’s more notable
mouthpieces, was one of the first to popularize the notion that the age of
Aquarius, the so-called New Age, has dawned, and that it was time for a new, heartless Dionysian/Darwinian morality.]

During the 19th century, this
British branch of the Isis cult sprouted a gaggle of front-groups for use in
recruiting a cadre of « Aquarian » conspirators for the British
Invasion, and John Ruskin’s
Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood
was one of the first. This seemingly innocuous
name which implies a primary interest in art, is actually an allusion to a
Luciferic yearning to turn back the clock to our former mode of consciousness,
which mankind obtained in about 1413, just shortly before Raphael’s birth.
The British Isis cult also set
Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, the unhappy medium, up in business:
« In the same year, Scottish noble Douglas Dunglas Home,
who had sponsored Blavatsky as early as 1858 and given seances for the Czar,
returned to Great Britain, where with support of the Cecil family [a key oligarchical family with short connections to Venice],
he founded the Society for Psychical
, whose members included Arthur
Conan Doyle, Lord Balfour, Lord Bertrand Russell, John Dewey
, and William
James. » [9]
 Blavatsky’s work was among the first major
contributions to what would become a deluge of « New Age »
disinformation. According to The Aquarian Conspiracy by EIR (see Writings by
Others section), « the 1877
manuscript [of] Isis Unveiled … called for the British aristocracy to
organize itself into an Isis priesthood. »
This provided the appearance
of divine authority for doing what they were doing anyway – creating « Isis
priesthood » fronts, which would in turn create fronts for the purpose of
superimposing an ultimately Satanic culture upon civilization.(…)
While describing how these Isis
Cult front-groups were split into three aspects, this is a good point to
mention another one of Lucifer’s strategies to prevent our proper development.
Although he was instrumental in giving us our free will and reason, he never
wanted us to proceed to true selfhood. He
gave us wisdom with the hope that we would use it in such a way that we would
bypass the development of real freedom
. This strategy is reflected in The
Aquarian Conspiracy by Marilyn Ferguson, and most emphatically in A Course In
Miracles. The former book is clearly linked to the Cult of Isis, and A Course
In Miracles is a prominent feature of the Isis Cult’s Luciferian
« New » Age movement,
A related strategy is Lucifer’s
effort to seize our free will, and this is primarily facilitated through the
spread of hallucinogenic drugs.
British agent Allen Dulles of the Central INTELLIGENCE Agency was instrumental
in flooding the country with LSD.(…)Additional Isis-Cult Fronts
The Aquarian Conspiracy by EIR,
provides an overview of the creation of the Isis-cult’s fronts, and the launch
of the Aquarian Age. The aforementioned
Pre-Raphaelite Society was one of the first. Another was The Children of the
Sun, of which
Satanist Aldous
« LSD » Huxley
was a member. In The Aquarian Conspiracy by EIR, I
found a reference to a book about this cult, the title of which alone says a
lot (Children of the Sun: A Narrative of
Decadence in England after 1918,
by Martin Green).
As with the Pre-Raphaelites, Children of the Sun has a Luciferic
. In Cosmic Memory [4], Steiner wrote « It now becomes clear
whence the name Lucifer, that is, « the bearer of light, » originates,
and why these [Luciferic] beings are designated as « sun gods » in
mystery science. » [page 141]



Huxley, according
to The Aquarian Conspiracy by EIR, was the « high priest » of the
Dionysian « opium war » on America
. Arnold Toynbee, a historian and an intellectual guru of British Intelligence who had
trained Huxley at Oxford, proclaimed that the British Empire could prevent its
demise if it were to « devote itself to the recruitment and training of an
ever-expanding priesthood dedicated to the principles of imperial rule. »



D.H. Lawrence, Huxley’s
homosexual lover, also belonged to Children of the Sun
, and one of his letters to Bertrand
Russell seems to imply that they were both in a Satanic cult (see my page on
Russell). Huxley was also a protégé of Satanist H.G. Wells, whose book The Open Conspiracy [10] provided the organizing
principles for the Aquarian Conspiracy



Aquarian Conspiracy’s sex-drugs-rock counterculture
is diametrically opposed to clear thinking
, and its massive, luciferic, and
Freemasonically-connected « New Age » disinformation campaign is one of
the Earthly manifestations of the efforts of the Spirits of Darkness to prevent
us from absorbing this information correctly. (There is, or was, an official publication of the Scottish Rite,
known as the New Age.) The book The Aquarian Conspiracy, which
gives the impression that everything’s getting better automatically, and we’re
just along for the ride
, and A Course In Miracles, which contends that all we have to do is awaken from the dream
we call life, are prime examples of Luciferic propaganda


The evil friends of Bishop Moore
The Cathedral of St. John the Divine, the medieval temple of the Episcopalian
Archdiocese of New York, has become the mother institution of the New Age
movement in the United States, whose goal is to eclipse the Age of Pisces
(Christianity) with an Age of Aquarius (Lucifer). The presiding bishop of the
cathedral, Bishop Paul Moore, whose family is heir to the Nabisco company
fortune, has been in the forefront of creating this Satanic « new world
order, » since at least the late 1950s, when, as a priest in Indianapolis,
Indiana, he gave the « People’s Temple » cult of Jim Jones its start.(…)Last February, the Cathedral of St. John the Divine hosted a « February
Fling, » sponsored by the Temple of Understanding, which brought together
top Soviet officials to meet with their counterparts in the West. Through Fr.
Luis Dolan, who travels to the U.S.S.R. every six weeks to get marching orders
from officials of the CPSU International Department-controlled Soviet Peace
Center, the Temple of Understanding overlaps the Center for Soviet-American
Dialogue, which is involved in extensive exchanges, whose purpose is to remove
the « enemy image » of the U.S.S.R. being an « evil empire. »
Father Dolan also works with Wainwright House, which has several programs along
the same lines and which hosted a U.S.-U.S.S.R. Citizens Summit. Spokesmen for
the Lucis Trust believe that Mikhail Gorbachov may be the premier world leader
in their « Externalized Hierarchy, » giving impetus to a
« Plan » for a « new world order » of Luciferian values and
behavior. The Lucis Trust also carries out exchanges with the Soviet Union,
where they believe « Triangle Cells » pray the « Great Invocation » for
the coming Age of Aquarius. These Luciferians welcome Gorbachov, who bears the
« Mark of the Beast » on his forehead.(…)

- Isis priestess of the Aquarian
Age -  
The New Age movement’s enthusiasm for Gorbachov is really no surprise.
The roots of this movement date back to the 1870s, when Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (nee Princess Hahn in 1831 in
Ekaterinoslav, Georgia) was deployed by
a combination of « Black Hundreds » forces that included the Okhrana
(Czarist secret service)
and the Russian
Orthodox Church, to destroy Augustinian Christianity in the West
, through
the creation of a Satanic ideology known as Theosophy, which was a syncretism of Eastern religions. As one
Theosophical Society brochure made clear, its goal was « to oppose the materialism of science and every
form of dogmatic theology, especially the Christian, which the Chiefs of the
Society regard as particularly pernicious
. »(…)
- Alice Bailey and the Lucis (Lucifer) Trust -
Alice La Trobe Bateman was the founder in 1920 of the Lucifer Trust, which represented a
syncretism of Gnostic Christianity with Blavatsky’s Theosophy.
Bailey’s Gnostic doctrine transformed God
into Nietzschean Will, while Christ is considered merely a lowly part of the
many « Ascended Masters, »
who form a « Hierarchy, » that
is eventually to be
« externalized » to carry out a « Plan » for a « new world
order » that is otherwise known to Bailey’s disciples as the Age of
Aquarius or Age of Maitreya
. The Lucis Trust, which today has
Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) status at the United Nations and has been given legitimacy by the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, has
spawned an array of New Age fronts, including the Temple of Understanding.(…)
The Arcane School
Founded in 1923, the school gives correspondence courses in
meditation from its branches in New York, Geneva, London, and Buenos Aires. A
brochure states: « The presentation of the teaching adapted to the rapidly
emerging new civilization stresses the training of disciples in group
formation, a technique which will characterize the discipleship service in the
Aquarian Age. »(…)
Willis Harman, president of the
Institute of Noetic Sciences and Senior Social Scientist at the Stanford
Research Institute International
. The Institute for Noetic Sciences has
worked closely with the Temple of Understanding, while SRI has had among its trainees such figures as former Secretary of
State George Shultz, who believes
not only in global-power sharing « New Yalta » arrangements with the
U.S.S.R., but also in convergence
through a New Age based upon cybernetics
. Harman is the brains behind
Marilyn Ferguson, whose book The Aquarian Conspiracy sought to popularize
Luciferian Gnosticism. Harman is also a
founding member of Hubbard’s Soviet-American Council for Joint Projects
and he is chairman of the Independent Commission for a Viable Future. Harman’s
own 1974 The Changing Image of Man coined the phrase « paradigm shift » to describe the sought-after
transformation from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius.

‘The 2012 Phenomenon’: A historical and typological approach to a modern apocalyptic mythology.
M.A. Thesis by Sacha Defesche Department of Religious Studies,
Subdepartment History of Hermetic Philosophy and Related Currents

World-Service – How Jewry turned England into a plutocratic state

- 231 lectures

Author : World-Service

Title : World-Service – How Jewry turned England into a plutocratic state An historical survey

Year : 1940

Link download : World-Service_-_How_Jewry_turned_England_into_a_plutocratic_state.zip

The Jew uses the lie as his most effective weapon to attain his goal and
to conquer the world. Truth is his worst enemy. « World-Service » has
taken upon itself the task of enlightening all non-Jewish peoples and of
revealing to them Jewry’s sinister intentions and its criminal methods.
Recognition of this danger is the first step towards its elimination.
« World-Service » has dedicated itself to truthfully reporting important
news-items pertaining to Jews and Jewry and thereby safeguarding the
liberties of all nations. Whoever is cognisant of this Jewish danger is
requested to communicate with « World-Service », Frankfurt/M., P.O.B. 600.
Only through co-operation it is possible to avert the threatening

Fry Leslie [De Shishmareff, Paquita] – The Jews and the British Empire


Author : Fry Leslie (De Shishmareff Paquita)

Title : The jews and the British Empire

Year : 1935Link download : Fry_Leslie_-_The_jews_and_the_British_Empire.zip

The succession of events which have led to the almost total loss of
British prestige in the sight of the world, the failure in the
lamentable Ethiopian affair, Britain’s recognition of Bolshevism in
Russia and Spain, and mistaken policy in India, Palestine, Egypt and
elsewhere, make it imperative for every Briton to enquire into the
causes of the rise and fall of the British Empire. Those words  » British
Empire  » have swelled the hearts of many Britons with patriotism,
loyalty and devotion. Patriotic idealists believed that the term
embodied the aspirations of a great people to spread the greatness of
their acquired civilisation over the uttermost ends of the earth. To
them, possessions, colonies, dominions meant the extension of that
beneficent power. For the sake of implanting or defending the reverenced
flag in remote places, they cheerfully and nobly shed their blood and
sacrificed their Iives… And the British Empire, emerging from the
small Kingdom of Great Britain, was born, developed and prospered.
Eventually, the British flag waved proudly over islands and continents
in all parts of the hemispheres; it crossed seas and oceans, commanded
respect and even fear.

Michael Collins Piper writes in The New Babylon: Those Who Reign Supreme (2009):

In our forthcoming chapter we will examine the historic role of Jewish
finance and the rise of the Rothschild Empire as the primary force in
guiding the fortunes of what is called the “British” Empire, but
which some wags refer to as the “Yiddish” Empire.Whatever the case,
the record shows that a “Rothschild” empire is what Britain truly is.

World War II-era illustration pinpointed the role of the
Rothschild-controlled British Empire dominating the peoples of the
Right, Winston Churchill, long in the pay of Jewish interests: a Rothschild gunman.“John Bull”—symbol of Britain—is shown (correctly) on the leash of Jewish plutocrats.



The “City of London”

The Jewel of Rothschild’s Imperial Crown


In 1944, an American engineer, E. C. Knuth of Milwaukee, Wisconsin,
published an intriguing volume, now largely forgotten, entitled The
Empire of “The City”: The World Super State. Knuth wrote of what he
called“the five ideologies of space and power.” They were as follows:

1) The “OneWorld” Ideology;

2) The Pan-Slavic Ideology;

3) “Asia for the Asiatics”;

4) Pan-Germanism; and

5) Pan-American Isolationism.

That “One World” ideology of which Knuth wrote was, according to
Knuth, what he described as “the secret ideology of international
finance” which was working to establish world rule by “a closely knit
and well-disciplined group of special privilege.” Knuth noted that most
Americans were unaware of this, but most Europeans, in contrast, had a
fair conception of its existence and workings.Knuth’s concept of Pan-Americanism—an ideology he said was “America
for the Americans”—was expressed in the famed Monroe Doctrine.This was,
he pointed out correctly, the established foreign policy of the
United States from 1823 to its abandonment by the adherence by the
United States to the ideology of world rule by international finance.
He said that the United States had indeed abandoned its own traditions
to align its policy with that secret ideology of international
finance, the purpose of which, ultimately, was to crush the Pan-Slavic
Ideology (of Russia), of “Asia for the Asiatics” (the Japanese
ideology) and, of course, Pan-Germanism.And, in fact, in World War I we saw the United States move against
Germany and in World War II we saw the war against Germany again (and
this time Japan). Yet, despite the previous temporary alliance by the
United States with Russia in World War II, we saw the emergence of the
Cold War.

Now, in our modern day,we see a new Russia—under Vladimir Putin—which
moved to break the chains of international Jewish oligarchs, now
facing the enmity of that secret ideology of international finance
which is firmly in control of the United States. Yet, at the same time,
as Knuth pointed out, there has been this interlocking power between
the British Empire—the so-called “Empire of ‘The City’” with the
United States now, however, many years after Knuth wrote, being a
major base of operations (at least militarily, in any case) of the
secret ideology of international finance.

In fact, when Knuth was writing—even before the end of World War II—he
predicted a conflict between the secret ideology of international
finance and the ideology of Russia.He pointed out that this impending
possible duel to the death would come as a consequence of those whom he
referred to as “such subjugated peoples as [each force] could wheedle
or compel to joinits forces.” Such a duel, he said, seemed inevitable
in view of the deep animosities and explosive economic pressures that
were already existing at the time he was writing.

Knuth pointed out that the American partners of the international
money forces surrounding “The City of London” who had entered into the
“new secret ideology” were renouncing and abandoning the long-standing
established isolationism of “America for the Americans.”

At the same time, of course, there were those in the United States who
recognized the dangers of this new ideology. The Rev. Henry Van
Dyke—a well-known name in his era—said, so eloquently and so
appropriately (particularly in our modern era of American ventures in

If Americans do not thirst for garrison duty in the tropics, they must
be bought or compelled to serve. To wilfully increase our need of
military force by an immense and unnecessary extension of our frontier
of danger is to bind a heavy burden and lay it on the unconscious
backs of future generations of toiling men.If we go in among them,we
must fight when they blow the trumpet.

We should say, up front, that the term “The City of London” does not
refer to the geographic city of London, the capital of England. Rather,
as the better informed know, the term “The City of London” refers to a
specific section of the British capital city (that is, a particular
part of town) wherein the major national and international banking
houses are located.

The “City” was—and today still is—an area of some 677 acres which,
although part of metropolitan London, is not even under the
jurisdiction of the official police department of the actual
geographic city of London. Instead, it had its own private police
force of some 2,000 men. Here, of course, is the headquarters of the
Bank of England which, like the Federal Reserve System in the United
States, is, despite its name, a privately-owned institution. In
England, the Bank of England is not even subject to regulation by the
British parliament (!) and has always been therefore, for all intents
and purposes, a sovereign world power on its own.

Within “The City” are also located the stock exchange and other
institutions of global scope—all, of course, under the domination, if
not the direct control, of the Rothschild Empire. And this “City” is,
in fact, the public face of the heart of the Rothschild Dynasty, if
not worldwide, at least certainly inasmuch as it is the center of what
we commonly referred to as “The British Empire,” for the truth is
that the “British” Empire was no more than the geographic base of the
International Money Power: the Rothschild Empire.

The Money Power—the “Sixth Great Power of Europe” as they once called
it—was indeed the power of the Rothschild family or, as the
Rothschild’s assembly of power was known: “The Fortune.”

The public face of “The Fortune” was “The City” and Knuth said that it
was probably “the most arbitrary and most absolute form of government
in the world.” He pointed out that so many people living under the
control of the British Empire—some 80% of whom were “colored
people”—were “the voiceless subjects” of the international financial
oligarchy of “The City.”

And, pointedly, he noted, “The City” used the allegory of the British
“Crown”—the royal family—as its symbol of power, but, in fact, the
financial oligarchy had then—as it still does today—its headquarters
in the ancient financial center of London: that is, “The City.”

American industrialist Andrew Carnegie (born in Scotland) once pointed
out in reflecting upon the power of“The City”(with which his own
operations were connected) that, as a consequence of its power, “six or
seven men can plunge the nation into war” or “commit it to entangling
alliances without consulting parliament at all.”

Carnegie said that this was “the most pernicious palpable effect
flowing from the monarchical theory” since these power brokers carried
out these policies “in the king’s name,” but, he said, although the
king was still a real monarch,“in reality [he was] only a convenient
puppet to be used by the cabinet to suit their own ends.”

The amazing words of Andrew Carnegie were echoed years later, in some
respects, by the German information agency, World-Service, which
pointed out that the “English” government hardly represented the
interests of the average Englishman:

The English government is only the British facade for the Jew in the
background. The English statesmen are the well-paid dummies of the
Jewish-English finance-capitalism.

The British Empire is the highest capitalistic concern which exists. It
is an enormous corporation, whose principal shareholders are Jews.The
aim of this company is the exploitation of the people who live within
the British Empire and in the states under British hegemony, and the
ever-increasing accumulation of untold wealth, which only benefits,
and is enjoyed by, the ruling Jewish-English plutocratic clique.

In England we therefore find on the one hand excessive riches and on
the other hand dire poverty and destitution of millions of the English
people. The Jewish-English capitalism, the Jewish-English plutocracy
is not satisfied with merely exploiting the inhabitants of the
colonies in the most shameless way; in its insatiable greed it in no
way shows a sense of responsibility towards its own nation.Because the
British government is only the deputy of Jewish-English
finance-capital, therefore British interests are the interests of the
English ruling classes to-day in England are identical; but neither of
them in any way is identical with the interest of the English
nation.On the contrary: their interest is directly against those of
the English nation.

Great Britain, the richest country in the world, presents a picture of
the greatest and most powerful poverty in the midst of enormous
wealth. A state—whose government tests every matter from the
standpoint of “Is it advantageous for finance, or not?”—has therefore
brought a sixth of its population so low that they live in hovels
unfit for human habitation.

[In] England,13 million people, that means a quarter of the total
population, suffer from malnutrition. Before the outbreak of the present
war England had 2 million unemployed. At present there are still one
million unemployed.

Tens of thousands of people yearly migrate from the country to the
towns, there to eke out a meager proletarian life or go under. Yearly
thousands of acres of farmland are withdrawn from cultivation. Yearly
increasing numbers of cotton mills close down and throw their workers
on the streets.

All this happens because it is in the interest of finance, for the
enormous profits of the Jewish-English plutocratic clique are only to a
limited degree the results of the productive powers of the English

The profits result principally from the sweat of the poorly paid
natives of the Far East; they result from the continual stream of
imported Argentine meat and foreign foodstuffs, while every English
farmer must battle to save his farm from bankruptcy. While British
workers from the shoe and leather factories are walking the streets of
Northampton and Leicester in search of employment, millions of pairs
of shoes are being imported from overseas.

While in Yorkshire and Lancaster the factories are being closed down,
millions of yards of cotton goods and material are being imported from
the Far East and the enormous shortage of material for export is made
up by the creation of similar industries in the colonies and by the
rigorous exploitation of natives in the Far East, to the detriment of
the mother-industry and thereby to the detriment of the English nation,
which becomes more and more improvised and is more and more thrown
into unemployment.

While the farmer is faced with absolute ruin, millions of tons of
foreign meat, vegetables,and fruit are thrown on the English market and
all this only because the Jewish-English plutocratic clique receives
bigger profits. In this way international “robber”economics is carried
out at the expense of the English nation.

This is the curse of plutocracy. In this Jewish-English plutocratic swamp all manner of corruption naturally flourishes.

It was the late Cecil Rhodes who dreamed of a planet ruled by Britain,
with the former American colonies reunited as an integral part of
that empire: in many respects, quite parallel to the concept of a
Jewish Utopia.

While Rhodes talked of Anglo-Saxon domination of the globe, he was
referring to the power elite of the British Empire but we do know well
now that the British Empire was hardly in the hands of the Anglo-Saxon
people of England. Rather, it was held firmly in the grip of the
Rothschild Empire.

And Cecil Rhodes himself was, in reality, only a very highly
influential and well-paid asset and agent of the Rothschild interests.

While Rhodes is recalled today as the eminence grise of the British
imperial dream, British historian Niall Ferguson’s book The House of
Rothschild: The World’s Banker 1849-1999 provides the reader with the
specific data that demonstrates, beyond any question, that, as Ferguson
put it, the Rothschilds had “a substantial financial hold over
Rhodes,” who was indubitably a creature of their making.

The late Dr. Carroll Quigley of Georgetown University, in his mammoth
Tragedy & Hope, and more directly, in his subsequent work, The
Anglo-American Establishment, focused on Rhodes’ ties to Britain’s
non-Jewish elite, but he ignored the Rothshild dynasty’s dominance over

Ferguson’s book delineates the Rothschild predominance in the world of
Cecil Rhodes and that elite, perhaps suggesting that the use of the
term “Anglo” is not strictly accurate from an ethnic sense of the word,
not only because the Rothschilds were Jewish by faith and culture,
but also because their influence was international in scope.

In regard to the “British” elite, it should be noted again, at this
juncture, that—in fact—many of the ancient aristocratic families of
Britain had increasingly begun to mix with members of the Jewish
banking elite. As English writer Hillaire Belloc noted:

Marriages began to take place, wholesale, between what had once been
the aristocratic territorial families of this country and the Jewish
commercial fortunes. After two generations of this, with the opening
of the twentieth century those of the great territorial English
families in which there was no Jewish blood were the exception. In
nearly all of them was the strain more or less marked, in some of them
so strong that though the name was still an English name and the
traditions those of a purely English lineage of the long past, the
physique and character had become wholly Jewish and the members of the
family were taken for Jews whenever they traveled to countries where
the gentry had not yet [intermarried with Jews].

But matters went much deeper than familial relationships.

Jewish—and, of course, most especially Rothschild Empire influence—was
well-entrenched even in the great global corporate institutions that
were synonymous with the “British” Empire, quite notably even the famed
British East India Company.

American author L. B.Woolfolk, in his classic (but today little-known)
work, The Great Red Dragon, published in 1890, described the fall of
the East India Company into the hands of International Jewish Finance:

In 1764, the British East India Company was the grandest and richest corporation in the world.

It was the only corporation which ruled a territorial empire. It was
enriched by traffic, by the extension of its trade through the conquest
of the trading stations of its Continental rivals and by the wholesale
plunder of India.

It had been from the first the best investment of capital to be found
in the British Islands. Its stock was eagerly taken by all who had the

The mercantile class took as much stock as they could afford; but, as
we know, merchants usually have little more capital than they need for
their regular business.

The British Landed Aristocracy had large incomes from their estates;
and being under a necessity of seeking the best investments, in order
to portion their younger children, they made large investments in the
East India Company.

But the great Capitalists of that age were the Jews. They were the money holders.

They subscribed largely to the stock;and as, in each generation, the
stock of the Aristocracy was sold to portion younger children, the
Jews—always economical, always full of money, and always in search of
the best investments— bought the stock thrown upon the market.

Thus it came to pass that the greater part of the stock of the East
India Company, and of the other companies afterwards organized out of
the dividends of that great company, fell into the hands of the Jews.
The Jews became the great Money Kings of the world.

In any case, as E.C. Knuth pointed out, this grand dream of what we
now refer to as the NewWorld Order had one problem: its advocates
failed to see that there were going to be gigantic wars of the future
stemming from what he called“the opposition of powerful races who
would decline to recognize a fantastic doctrine of the racial
superiority of the Anglo-Saxon [people] and of its preordained destiny
to rule all the races of the earth.”

In fact, this doctrine was an integral part of the “secret ideology of
international finance.” But, if truth be told, this secret
ideology—masked in some ways by Rhodes’s dream of Anglo-Saxon rule—was,
of course, the age-old Talmudic dream of a global imperium.

In this instance, the agenda of achieving The Jewish Utopia was hiding
behind the image of Anglo-Saxon England which, by the time of the
20th Century, was an integral (perhaps the central) mechanism by which
the Rothschild Empire (as the royal house of the ruling Jewish elite)
was working through the City of London to establish its New World
Order. Of these operations, the late Vincent Cartwright Vickers—a
former governor of the Bank of England and a major arms manufacturer
in whose company the Rothschilds held a major share—wrote:

Financiers took upon themselves perhaps not the responsibility but
certainly the power of controlling the markets of the world and
therefore the numerous relationships between one nation and another
involving international friendships or mistrusts.

Loans to foreign countries are organized and arranged by The City of
London with no thought whatsoever of [those] nations’ welfare but
solely in order to increase indebtedness upon which The City thrives
and grows rich.

This national—and mainly international—dictatorship of money which
plays off one country against another and which, through ownership of a
large portion of the press, converts the advertisement of its own
private opinion into a semblance of general public opinion, cannot for
much longer be permitted to render democratic government a mere

Today we see through a glass darkly, for there is so much which “it would not be in the public interest to divulge.”

E. C. Knuth pointed out that the power of the financial oligarchy lay
in what he called its “ageless and self-perpetuating nature, its
long-range planning and prescience, its facility to outwait and break
the patience of its opponents, those who,” as Knuth put it, “have
attempted to curb this monstrosity,” that is, those populist and
nationalist politicians who saw the dangers of the International Money

Those critics of this powerful force, Knuth noted, had all been
defeated because they had been obliged by those who supported their
efforts “to show action and results in too short a span of years.”

Those real patriots who opposed the International Money Power had been
“outwitted and out-waited, deluged with irritants and difficulties,
eventually obliged to temporize and retreat.”

Those in the United States and Britain who dared to take on
international finance, said Knuth, often came to what he called “a
disgraceful end.”

Quite in contrast, those who had served well the forces of big money had profited immensely.

The Rothschild-controlled Bank of England, Knuth reminds us, was, in
effect, a sovereign world power not subject to regulation or control,
in the slightest degree, by the British parliament.

This institution—in the hands of the Rothschild Empire—acted,
according to Knuth, as “the great balance wheel of the credit of the
world, able to expand or contract credit at will,” subject only to the
orders of “The City”—in short, the Rothschild dynasty.

Knuth was not the first writer to recognize the Rothschild grip on
Britain. Of the special relationship which existed between the
International Money Power of the Rothschild dynasty and the British
Empire, Major Osman Bey, writing in 1878 in The Conquest of the World
by the Jews, (cited earlier) described it as a consequence of mutual

A sort of friendly understanding has been arrived at on the basis of
common interest between these two commercial powers, by virtue of
which the British Empire lends its political influence and material
assistance to Judaism while the latter places its financial influence
at the disposal of England and supports British commerce. The English
and the Jews both derive advantage from this tacit understanding, the
former since it enables them to make use of the immense Jewish capital
in disposing of their articles of commerce by means of Jewish middle

The American critic of Jewish finance, Ezra Pound, writing in Gold and
Work, published in 1944, put it succinctly: “After the assassination
of President Lincoln, no serious measures against the usurocracy were
attempted until the formation of the Berlin-Rome Axis.”

(In the following chapter we will examine Lincoln’s conflict with the
Rothschild Empire as it made its advances on American soil.)

It is thus no accident that in 1940, the German government, as part of
itsWorld-Service publicity division, candidly put forth the
proposition, in no uncertain terms, that it was precisely because of the
Jewish domination of Britain, through the plutocratic forces of the
Rothschild Empire, that the English people were hurled into war against
National Socialist Germany, which, as Ezra Pound said, had attempted
“serious measures” against the International Money Power.World-Service

In the plutocratic system of government in England we find the real
reason for England having today declared war against
National-Socialist, anti-Jewish Germany.

The English government did not declare war against Germany in the
interest of the English people, nor to eventually protect British
subjects from possible German acts of aggression, but she declared war
solely in the interest of the Jews who control England and in the
interest of Jewish-English finance-capital which was looking for the
first opportunity to break lose, both of which are the acknowledged
enemies of every form of national Socialism.

England cannot wage any war in the interest of the English nation, for
the English government cannot be considered the representative of its
own people, nor does it possess the confidence of the nation.

On the contrary, it merely fulfills the task of protecting the immense
wealth, which is in the hands of the small circle: the Jewish-English
ruling class; it further guarantees the small Jewish-English clique
shall increase its enormous capital unhindered.

To-day the Jews, as well as the English press, wish to make us believe,
that the Jewish-English alliance only came into being during the
present war, and that it finds its natural cause in the Jewish
persecution in Germany and that, the anti-Jewish laws of the Third
Reich, forcibly drove the Jews to side with England in this war. This,
as we have seen, is not true.

The Jewish-English alliance originated solely and simply through the
inseparable bond between Jewish Imperialism and British Imperialism, and
in the fact that Jewish finance-capital is identical with British

It has its origin solely and simply in the blood-ties between the Jews
and the English nobility and the fact that the Jews succeeded in
turning England into a plutocratic state.

The Jews did not come into the war as allies of England because Germany
had persecuted them, but England declared war against Germany because
the English government is the blind obedient servant of Jewish
commands,exactly as England is the sworn enemy of all anti-Jewish states
and, according to its plutocratic structure, of necessity must be.

The English government declared war against Germany because it is a
Jew-controlled government and as such represents the Sword of Judah
against anti-Judaism and against any form of National Socialism.

The English government declared war against Germany because Englishmen
are not the rulers of England, but because Jewish finance-capital
rules and because England is a plutocratic state.

Although there have been many books written on the topic of
international finance generally over the years, there has been little
public understanding or recognition of the bigger picture.

However, as E. C. Knuth noted, going through those many volumes that
have touched on these subjects, there are to be found what he called
“amazing nuggets of information” coming to light which, put
together,“unfold the stunning history and the legal structure of a
sovereign world state.” This world state, of course, is governed by
“The City” of London which, Knuth said,“operates as a super government
of the world and no incident occurs in any part of the world without
its participation in some form.”

“The grand plan of this ‘one world’ order decrees that it is
necessary,” wrote Knuth, “to limit the political and territorial
expansion of Russia promptly and peremptorily.”

And that, of course, is what Knuth was writing in the closing days of
WorldWar II, while the United States and Britain were still allied
with Russia, but it was soon after the war that the so-called ColdWar
emerged and now, in the opening years of the 21st Century a “Second
ColdWar”—a “New Cold War”—is being constructed against Russia in its new
incarnation as a nationalist state which has challenged the
international Jewish money interests.

Today, the great colossus known as Russia—free of the grip of
Communism and Capitalism, two heads of the same dragon—stands in the
way of the New World Order.

Even as this is written, in 2009,we see agitation for confrontation
with Russia arising in the Rothschild-connected spheres of influence in
the West, particularly in the United States, with the Zionist
“neo-conservatives” effectively banging the drum for war against Russia.
(This author’s works, The Golem and The Judas Goats, explore this
phenomenon in some detail.)

Knuth asked, sarcastically, whether it was in the public interest to
expose the grand plan of what he called the “one world camarilla” (that
is, a conspiratorial group) when they were so close to achieving
their goal of establishing a global imperium. How many more lives
would have to be sacrificed, he asked, for the creation of “the great
dream . . . of a world ruled by a benevolent despotic intelligentsia
and so to create ‘peace for all eternity.’”?

Knuth reflected on the control of the mass media by this internationalist power elite, raising these questions:

How has it been possible to erect this Internationalistic structure of
misrepresentation and deception in our midst and to protect it from
exposure for nearly [then] half a century?Why have not our professors
of history, our college presidents and educators or our crusading
newspapers exposed this monstrosity?

He said that there were “some evident and very practical reasons” for
the fact that those responsible for informing and educating the public
had not done so in regard to the International Money Power, and one
of the primary reasons, was that “our newspapers are absolutely
dependent for their existence on the advertising of great business
interests” and, he added, a bit cynically, that “the principal function
of college presidents is to collect the funds upon which the
existence of their institutions depends, to be on the right terms with
the right people.”

Those who have made attempts to expose the Rothschild Empire and the
NewWorld Order and its Talmudic origins—or even simply portions of the
big story—have met with little success for, as Knuth acknowledged,
works of this type have received little recognition and “because they
are considered ‘controversial’ [are] treated with the contempt of

Quite in contrast,pointed out Knuth, note the massive,multi-million
dollar circulations of what Knuth described as “the highly acclaimed
and widely publicized products of the proponents of Internationalism;
with the complete domination of the radio [and now, today, television]
by Internationalist propagandists. . . .”

So the influence of the Rothschild Empire had captured imperial
Britain—long ago—infiltrating its aristocratic families and financial
institutions and Rothschild influence reached worldwide.

In the meantime, across the Atlantic, the Rothschild Dynasty was
already moving forward to capture control of the New World and ensure
that the new United States was firmly in its grip.

In the chapters which follow we will begin our examination of the role
of the Rothschild Empire in American affairs,
culminating—ultimately—in the emergence of the United States in the
20th Century as the engine of Imperial Power in the hands of the
Rothschild Dynasty.

Belmont, Jacob Schiff, Joseph Seligman and Paul Warburg (left to
right) were among the foremost figures representing the interests of
the Rothschild Dynasty and International Jewish Finance on American
soil, although there were many non-Jewish Americans who were Rothschild
partners and front men in various aspects of U.S. finance and
industry, the Rockefeller family being the most notable example.


CHAPTER SEVENThe Rothschilds and America:

First a Colony, Then the Engine of Imperial Power

Ezra Pound, writing in Gold andWork, published in 1944, reflected on
the role of International Jewish Finance—the Rothschild Empire—in
dictating the economic affairs of the nations of the planet. An early
and vocal critic of the Rothschild-controlled Federal Reserve System on
American soil (more about which later), Pound commented on the loss
of liberty that so many had suffered as a consequence of the rise of
plutocratic capitalism and its usurious domination of global money:

No one is such a fool as to let someone else have the run of his own
private bank account;yet nations,individuals,industrialists, and
businessmen have all been quite prepared—almost eager—to leave the
control of their national currencies, and of international money, in the
hands of the most stinking dregs of humanity.

The American author E. C. Knuth (writing in the closing days of World
War II) recognized that the American system had now become part of the
Rothschild web. Assessing the fashion in which the global money power
had—during the 20th Century—been intertwined with the American
system, he concluded—with dismay—that what had occurred was that the
United States had become “a subject of the laws of England.”

In short, the United States had fallen into the hands of the Rothschild Dynasty—the primary force behind the “British” Empire.

And despite the fact that during the closing decades of the 19th
Century—and then in the earliest years of the 20th Century—the matters
of money and finance, gold and silver, the issues of debt,war and
imperialism, were subjects of common discussion in American political
affairs, Americans, however, remained largely ignorant of the existence
of the Rothschild Empire.

While there was—as we noted in the previous chapter—some recognition
of the role of the Rothschild Dynasty and their predatory practices of
international finance capitalism, Knuth wrote:

To a large extent,most of theAmerican public knew little of the
Rothschilds, at any given time in history. The Rothschilds were
generally considered in a class of myth or legend.

However, he said, and this is certainly an understatement: “It should
be quite obvious that the gigantic fortune of this family is still a
very formidable factor in the affairs of the world.” And that fortune
has grown since. In fact, as we shall see, as we explore further, the
rise of Rothschild influence in the United States was not a 20th
Century phenomenon as many tend to believe. Rather, Rothschild
intrigues on American soil reached back well into the early years of
the 19th Century.

The Economic History of the Jews, by Salo W. Baron, Arcadius Kahan and
others (published by Schocken Books in 1975), summarized the early
rise of International Jewish Finance in the United States:

It was not until the middle of the 19th Century, however, with the
arrival in America of the large German Jewish immigration, that Jewish
banking houses on the European model came to exist in the United
States . . . .

All of these firms functioned essentially as investment bankers—the
more established field of commercial banking offered relatively few
opportunities to the German Jewish immigrant—a capacity in which they
helped to finance large numbers of American utilities and corporations
whose rapid growth throughout the latter half of the 19th Century
created an insatiable demand for capital.

To raise such funds, these Jewish houses not only utilized their
widespread European connections, particularly in France, England, and
Germany, but created a chain of interlocking associations and
directorates among themselves which enabled them quickly to mobilize
sums many times larger than their individual holdings and

to compete successfully with Gentile firms several times their size.

Not only was it common for the children and relatives of a given firm
to marry each other, but marital alliances frequently occurred as well
among different Jewish banking families, as was the case with the
Kuhns, the Loebs, the Schiffs, and the Warburgs.

Frequently, too, the children of such families married into families of
large German Jewish companies in a variety of other fields and the
latter would then proceed to raise capital through the banking houses
which they had joined.

Socially, the result of such commercial and kinship ties was the
creation of a German Jewish banking and business aristocracy based in
New York City, whose descendants continued for over a century to play a
dominant role in the financial, cultural, and political life of the
American Jewish community, and to a lesser extent, of the nation at

The contribution of such Jewish banking houses to the process of
capital formation in the United States in the late 19th and early
20th Century was considerable by any standard.

Students of American history are familiar—or should be—with the
historic battles of President Andrew Jackson and other American
nationalists with the intrigues of the financial interests who were
determined to set up a “central bank” on American shores.

And although, during this time—in the first decades of the 19th
Century—the Rothschilds themselves were not formally ensconced in the
United States (although they were certainly, by this point, the
preeminent finance force in Europe), there were American bankers and
their political allies—notably Alexander Hamilton (who was
perhaps,although it is not certain, of partial Jewish descent) who were
effectively advancing the interests of the Rothschild Dynasty insofar
as the Rothschilds sought to expand their tentacles into the
financial affairs of the new republic.

While the First Bank of the United States (established in 1791) and
then the subsequent Second Bank of the United States (established in
1816) were ostensibly “American” institutions, history shows that
critics of the bank were frequently heard to express their concerns
that “British” bankers—in particular—were meddling in American affairs
through their investments in—and dealings with—these financial

So although an eminent non-Jewish American such as Nicholas
Biddle—founder of one of the “Great American Families”—served as
president of the Second Bank of the United States,he was, for all
intents and purposes, acting as an agent of the foreign—that
is,“British” (actually, that is, Rothschild)—financial interests
operating behind the scenes. And it has likewise been noted by Eustace
Mullins, writing in his pivotal work, The Secrets of the Federal
Reserve, that another Rothschild—James of Paris—was a key figure
profiting from the machinations of the Second Bank of the United States.
In short, the Rothschild presence in America was a very real
phenomenon, even in those earliest years of our history.

In regard to the rise of Rothschild influence on American soil, we are
indebted to the late Arnold Spencer Leese, a self-trained,
independent-minded English historian and advocate of English
nationalism—a veterinarian, a self-dubbed “camel doctor” by training (in
fact, it is said, one of the best known authorities on the health of
camels)—who produced one of the most forthright monographs on the
intrigues of the Rothschilds. It was entitled Gentile Folly: The
Rothschilds and published in 1940.

The assessment by Leese of Rothschild influence in the United States,
contrary to many “standard” works, confirms that the Rothschilds were,
in fact, long influential in American affairs. Leese noted that as
far as our recorded history is concerned, the Rothschilds sent an agent
by the name of Schoenberg to New York in 1837, but Schoenberg changed
his name to August Belmont and put himself forth as a disciple of the
Christian faith, although he—like the Rothschilds—was a Jew. Belmont
cut his teeth in finance in the Frankfurt and Naples branches of the
House of Rothschild. In that regard, American historian Stephen
Birmingham, writing in his famous society chronicle,Our Crowd:The
Great Jewish Families of New York:

The first thing New York society noticed about August Belmont was that
he had lots of money. It was Rothschild money, to be sure, but he
used it lavishly.

As a financier with the funds of the world’s largest private bank at
his fingertips, he was immediately important not only to American
companies but to the United States government which was always running
out of cash and whose credit needed constant infusions from bankers.

When there was a great panic in 1837, Rothschild agent Belmont
negotiated large loans from the Rothschilds on behalf of the U.S.
debtor banks.“ In other words” according to Birmingham, “he was able,
thanks to the hugeness of the Rothschild reservoir of capital, to
start out in America operating his own Federal Reserve System.” (And
this long before the official establishment of the Federal Reserve
System in 1913!) (*)


(*) During this period that there was extensive emigration by Roman
Catholics into the United States—particularly from Ireland—and the
truth is that well-settled Jewish interests saw this as a danger. In
fact, one of the leading bigots inAmerica leading the fight against
immigration into the United States—particularly Irish Catholic
immigration—was a prominent Jewish American, Lewis Charles Levin.
Although history often tells us that the “Know Nothing” movement—the
Native American Party—was “led by Protestants” and “aimed at Catholics
and Jews,” the truth is that Levin—a Jew—was not only one of the
party’s founders but also an editor of its national organ and one of
the first Know Nothing members elected to Congress! In fact, Levin was
the first Jew elected to the U.S. Congress.Yet, Jewish literature
today never mentions Levin’s preeminent role in the anti-Catholic
agitation of America’s early years. Born in 1808 in Charleston, South
Carolina, which—as students of the Jewishcontrolled slave trade
know—was the Jewish population center of the United States for many
years, long before NewYork City emerged as such, Levin later moved
north, as an attorney, to Philadelphia where he published and edited
the Philadelphia Daily Sun. In 1844 he was elected to Congress from
Pennsylvania on the American (“Know Nothing”ticket) and held that post
for three terms until defeated for re-election in 1850. Levin died
ten years later. The fact that Levin was one of the pioneering
anti-Catholic agitators on American soil is interesting, to say the
least, since history books have been careful to “edit” the record as
far as Levin’s role in the Know Nothing movement is concerned. Levin’s
career has been consigned to the Orwellian “Memory Hole.” Instead we
always hear how both “the Protestants” and “the Catholics” have been
so hostile to “the poor Jewish immigrants fleeing persecution.”


And after establishing himself in the United States as the premier
Rothschild agent—although there would be many more other Rothschild
assets in place as time went by—he ended up, through the influence of
Salomon Rothschild, being appointed by the American government to serve
from 1844 to 1850 to be the Austrian consul general in New York City!


Three years later this German Jew and Rothschild agent was appointed
American Ambassador to the Netherlands. In 1860 this Rothschild agent
became chairman of the Democratic National Committee.And he took as his
bride the daughter of famed Commodore Matthew Perry who “opened up”
Japan to the West, which, in fact, as modern-day Japanese nationalists
note, was an early manifestation of “American” imperialism, but, as we
know all too well, it was, in reality, no more than Rothschild
imperialism, part of the drive for a NewWorld Order as first outlined in
the Talmud.During the time that Belmont was consolidating the Rothschild Empire’s
place on American soil, the Rothschilds were establishing offices
throughout the American South for the purpose of wool purchases that
were then shipped on to France and marketed. Likewise, the Rothschild
family were buying up tobacco harvests. Rothschild-controlled ships
carried enormous cargoes between the United States and France.And, not surprisingly, Rothschild interests were deeply involved in
the behind-the-scenes intrigues in finance and politics that led to the
American Civil War. America’s famed poet Ezra Pound noted:

Nations are shoved into wars in order to destroy themselves, to break
up their structure, to destroy their social order, to destroy their
populations. And no more flaming and flagrant case appears in history
than our own American CivilWar, said to be an Occidental record for
size of armies employed and only surpassed by the more recent triumphs
of [the Rothschild Empire:] the wars of 1914 and the present one
[World War II].

Arnold Leese wrote that the Rothschilds were then in conflict with
Napoleon III of France who had designs on the Americas—as did the
Rothschilds. Napoleon III had dreams of expanding his power by seizing
control of Mexico and portions of the southern United States and he
wanted Britain to join him by compelling the North to abandon its
blockade of the Southern ports. However, the Confederate States,
seeking to assuage Napoleon,offered him some territory, specifically
Louisiana and Texas. It was a very real possibility that the British
and the French were about to intervene in the American CivilWar on
behalf of the Confederacy.

However, Czar Alexander of Russia —who had consistently stood against
the efforts of the Rothschilds to interfere in the affairs of the
Russian Empire—sent his fleet across the Atlantic and put it at
President Lincoln’s disposal in the event Rothschild intrigues were
able to push the British and the French forces into the war on behalf
of the Confederacy. And this is not something that the Rothschilds
would forget.

Ultimately what did the Rothschilds want? Long-time Rothschild ally
Benjamin Disraeli, later prime minister of England, wrote of the future
of the United States after the Civil War. It would, he said, be an
America “of armies, of diplomacy, of rival states and maneuvering
cabinets, of frequent turbulence and probably of frequent wars.” In
short, as Arnold Leese said, “The Rothschilds wished to reproduce in
America the chaotic conditions in Europe whereby they ruled all states.
A united America would be too powerful for them. It must be split and
now was the time to do it.”

However, Napoleon of France would not work with them. What were the
Rothschilds to do? Their response was to support both the North and the
South and work to prevent an outright win by either side and so force
apart the two regions, with the possibility that the British
Empire—controlled by the Rothschilds—could annex the Northern states to
Canada, a British dominion. In practice this meant helping the weak
South rather than the more powerful North and that is precisely what
the British did.

In spite of much English sentiment in favor of the North,which opposed
slavery, the Rothschild-directed British government followed polices
supporting the South. The British recognized the Confederacy and
allowed Southern ships to be built, manned and serviced in British
ports, although, ironically, in New York, the Rothschild agent, August
Belmont, ostensibly supported the Northern cause. But this, of
course,was all part of the Rothschild purpose of putting the North in
full aggression against the South in order to force the divisive war
that did indeed come about.

However, it should be noted that Lionel Rothschild felt the North
would win and exerted his influence on financiers in England and France
in support of the North. So, as Leese said, the Rothschild Empire
ultimately had material interests on both sides.

The evidence is also very clear that August Belmont was closely
collaborating with Judah Benjamin, the Jewish attorney general, then
secretary of war and then, finally, secretary of state for the
Confederacy. Belmont’s wife, a Gentile, was the niece of John Slidell,
one of Benjamin’s law partners. Slidell’s own daughter married Baron
Frederick Emil d’Erlanger, head of a major Jewish banking firm in Paris,
whose father, Baron Rafael d’Erlanger of Frankfurt, had been a
confidential representative of the Rothschilds!

Meanwhile, President Abraham Lincoln had his own intentions vis-a-vis
the International Money Power and sought to introduce state loans to
free the American people from the Rothschild Empire. It was, of course,
no surprise that Belmont had strongly opposed Lincoln’s nomination
and election as president in 1860. Lincoln circumvented the
Rothschild’s intrigues during the Civil War by financing the war on
state credit, thereby working to avoid dependence upon the Jewish
banking houses under the thumb of the Rothschild Empire.

It is thus no coincidence that when John Wilkes Booth’s conspiracy to
assassinate Lincoln was taking place that there was also an attempt on
the life of Secretary of State William Seward who, in fact, had
extended the invitation to the Czar of Russia, Alexander II, to send
his fleet to come to the United States in an effort to stop the
Rothschild’s effort to partition the United States. In 1881 the Czar
himself was assassinated.

In 2004 author Charles Higham (who is otherwise a fervent promoter of
Jewish concerns) published his book, Murdering Mr. Lincoln,which
actually outlines in some detail the role of the Rothschild interests
(and those of allied secret societies in the Rothschild sphere of
influence) in the assassination of President Lincoln—a point that almost
officially, it seems, goes unmentioned by the vast number of
“mainstream” writers who have devoted millions of words to the murder of
the 16th president.

(And, considering the fact that President James Garfield, who came to
office in 1881, was likewise assassinated, it is probably no
coincidence that Garfield was an outspoken critic of the International
Money Power and its American assets seeking to control American

In those years following the Civil War, Belmont and other Rothschild
agents supplied the United States with 3.2 million ounces of gold in
exchange for bonds carrying four percent interest and at a price far
below the then-current market price of such securities. However, this
proved unpopular within the United States for the reason that the
relief to the nation’s finances was of only ten months duration and
the nation’s economy became far worse. But the United States floated a
loan selling its bonds to the American public and brought relief to
the citizenry.

Belmont himself became the boss of the famed Tammany Society—popularly
known as Tammany Hall—which ran the political machine in the city of
New York which emerged, of course, as the seat of Rothschild finance
in America. Arnold Leese described Tammany Hall as “a sort of Gentile
front for the Jewish Kehillah”—that is, the Jewish secret government.

Although Belmont died in 1890, his sons Perry and August carried on
for the interests of the Rothschild Empire. August’s son, Morgan, and
then Morgan’s son, John Mason, carried on for the Rothschilds until his

August Belmont was aligned with J. P. Morgan who, according to author
Stephen Birmingham, joined with the Rothschilds in “an axis of
financial power,” that even the great Seligman banking house had
difficulty contending with. Ultimately, though, the Seligmans joined
with the Rothschilds in what was described by Birmingham as “the most
powerful combination in the history of banking . . . The
Seligman-Belmont-Morgan-Rothschild alliance was so successful that
[within a decade] there were complaints on Wall Street that ‘London
[and] Germany-based bankers’ had a monopoly on the sale of United States
bonds in Europe—which they virtually did.”

The Seligman family, it will be recalled,were at the center of the
first and still famous scandal surrounding “anti-Semitism in America”
involving a family member having been barred from the Grand Union Hotel
due to his Jewish background. However, interestingly, according to
Birmingham, rather than extinguishing anti-Semitism, the incident
actually kindled it.

The Seligmans were once said to be the richest Jewish family in
America and for good reason they were thus known as “The American
Rothschilds.” However, there were other great Jewish banking families
emerging during this period—all satellites of the Rothschild Dynasty.

According to Stephen Birmingham, writing in Our Crowd: The Great
Jewish Families of NewYork: “If Joseph Seligman had virtually invented
international banking in America, it was Jacob Schiff who took the
invention, refined it, and made it an art . . .” In his heyday, Schiff
“would tower above every financial figure in Wall Street.”

Schiff—who in 1875 married a daughter of one of the founders of the
Kuhn-Loeb banking house—soon assumed control of the powerful empire.
Schiff’s marriage made him part of an elite that was not only
economically intertwined, but maritally intertwined as well. As one wag
commented, referring to the Warburg banking family—another of the
“Our Crowd” group of Jewish banking families: “The Warburgs weren’t
anybody until they married into the Schiffs, and Schiff wasn’t anybody
until he married into the Loebs.”

Today, this combine includes the family of former Vice President Al
Gore whose daughter, Karenna,married Drew Schiff, a scion of the Schiff
family. So although, at the 2000 Democratic National Convention which
nominated him for president, Gore declared, “I’m my own man,” the
fact of his relationship with the Schiff clan—and thus to the
Rothschild Empire—suggests otherwise.

By 1881,noted Birmingham, “American finance had entered the great Age
of Schiff.” However, the Schiff family, on its own, had far-reaching
connections into previous generations linking them with the
Rothschilds. According to Birmingham:

In the 18th Century, the Schiffs and Rothschilds shared a double house
. . . until one of the Schiffs, already prosperous enough to move to
London, sold the balance of the house to the first rich Rothschild. If
pressed, Schiffs usually admitted that, though not so collectively
wealthy as the Rothschilds, theirs was the more august family.The
Rothschilds were known only as big money bankers.

The Schiff family tree contained not only successful bankers but
distinguished scholars and members of the rabbinate. There was, for
instance, the seventeenth-century Meir ben Jacob Schiff, composer of
notable commentaries on the Talmud, and David Tevele Schiff,who in the
late 18th century became chief rabbi of the Great Synagogue of

The Schiffs can also demonstrate that they are a much older family than
the upstart Rothschilds. The Schiff pedigree, carefully worked out in
the Jewish Encyclopedia, shows the longest continuous record of any
Jewish family in exi s tence, with Schiffs in Frankfurt going back to
the fourteenth century.

Jacob Schiff actually traced his ancestry even further back than
that—to the 10th Century BC no less—and to none other than . . . King
Solomon and, thence, to David and Bathsheba, where he chose to stop
tracing. Jacob Schiff took his descent from the King of Israel
seriously. . . .

American industrialist Henry Ford, for his part, noted that Schiff—in
his early years—had actually passed his apprenticeship in the office
of his father who was an agent of the Rothschilds. As Ford noted,
Schiff became “one of the principal channels through which
German-Jewish capital flowed into American undertakings, and his agency
in these matters gave him a place in many important departments of
American business, especially railroads, banks, insurance companies,
and telegraph companies.”

Writing in Truth magazine on Dec. 16, 1912, George R. Conroy revealed
that the Rothschild-Schiff connection extended into the 20th century:

Mr. Schiff is head of the great private banking house of Kuhn, Loeb
& Co., which represents the Rothschild interests on this side of
the Atlantic. He has been described as a financial strategist and has
been for years the financial minister of the great impersonal power
known as Standard Oil [which, of course, was publicly identified with
the Rockefeller family].He was hand-in-glove with the Harrimans, the
Goulds and the Rockefellers in all their railroad enterprises and has
become the dominant power in the railroad and financial world of

Actually, in 1912, there was a Senate committee, known as the Pujo
Committee, after its chairman, which investigated the monetary trusts
of the time. The committee disclosed that Kuhn, Loeb—despite its
alliance with J. P. Morgan—had been primarily allied with the
Rockefeller-controlled National City Bank.However, Jacob Schiff had
still likewise long been a director of this Rockefeller entity, and
that therefore Schiff was involved in bothmajor financial blocs
operating on American soil which were thus not so “independent” as the
public might otherwise have thought. There were indeed “Jewish”
interests involved in both influences.

According to Stephen Birmingham, the Pujo Committee discovered Jacob
Schiff was steering both of the major financial interests: “The
Morgan-Baker-First National Bank group and the
Rockefeller-Stillman-National City Bank group formed the inner
circle.The powers were steel and oil,each with its massive bank.
Contrary to what everyone had supposed, there was no ‘rivalry’ revealed
between these [factions]. Kuhn, Loeb, the committee decided, somewhat
vaguely, was ‘qualifiedly allied only with the inner group.’ While
some people wondered what [that] meant, others, particularly some
members of the press took it to mean that Jacob Schiff had an inside
track to both of the leading powers of Wall Street [and] even [Schiff]
admitted that he did.”

So the old legend, among many American “patriot” writers that there was
a “struggle” between the Rockefellers and the Jewish banking elite,
falls flat. The Rockefellers, for all intents and purposes, were
hardly more than well-paid henchmen, satellites, of the Rothschild

As far as the Rockefeller family is concerned, it should be noted that
there is no solid information in the public arena indicating that
they are of Jewish extraction, although there has been much speculation
for over a century. Contrary to widespread perception, the
often-touted “proof” that “the Rockefellers are Jewish” is not proof
at all.

The rumor about the Rockefellers being Jewish largely stems from the
fact that the aforementioned Stephen Birmingham—in his 1971 Harper
& Row book, The Grandees, a profile of the history of America’s
Sephardic Jewish elite (descended from Spanish and Portugese Jewish
families)—mentioned that the name “Rockefeller” can be found in a rare
1960 genealogical study, Americans of Jewish Descent by Malcolm H.

While some jumped on that information and began circulating the story
that this was “proof” that “the Rockefellers are Jewish,” a careful
reading of the entire book demonstrates that—as far as is documented
in that book—the Rockefellers who do have Jewish blood stem from the
line of Godfrey Rockefeller who married one Helen Gratz, who was
Jewish. Their childrenb and heirs were raised in the Episcopal Church
and have had little—if anything—to do with Jewish or Israeli affairs.

Godfrey Rockefeller, in fact,was from a separate line of the
Rockefeller family, descended from one of the brothers of John D.
Rockefeller, Sr., and was a second cousin to the famed Rockefeller
brothers—Nelson, David, Laurence, and John D. III. Thus, the famous
story about the Rockefellers being Jewish—at least this one so often
cited—is based on a misreading of what actually appeared in
Birmingham’s much-cited book.

It is no great pleasure to sink the popular myth that “the
Rockefellers are Jewish” that has been circulated by many well-meaning
people, but the facts about the origin of this rumor speak for
themselves. This, of course, is not to suggest that there is not any
Jewish blood in the veins of the Rockefeller family (going back
generations), but any charges to that effect should be based on facts,
not misinterpretation of a passing reference in a book.

Yet, in spite of these facts—which can be found by referring to
Birmingham’s book, from which the most recent version of the rumor that
“The Rockefellers Are Jewish” emerged—few people actually check out
the book themselves and prefer, instead, to pass on the legend.

But there have been many eminent American families who are not Jewish
(so far as is known) who have become intertwined with the New
Pharisees of the Rothschild Empire on American shores.

(…)At this juncture—having considered the role of the Rothschild Empire’s
intrigue in America—it is vital to recognize the Rothschild role in
the establishment of the Federal Reserve System in the United States.

While there has been much written on the Federal Reserve and the
reality of what it constitutes—a privately-owned and
privately-controlled money monopoly in the hands of banking
institutions—the fact that the Rothschild family was, ultimately, the
primary force behind the establishment of the system on American soil,
is not something that is fully understood.

For example, because there were no people named “Rothschild” at the
famous meeting off the coast of Georgia at Jekyll Island where the
framework for the Federal Reserve was established, there are those who
would divorce the Rothschild family altogether from the circumstances.
However, the fine hand of Rothschild was indeed on the scene,
represented by Paul Warburg of the Kuhn, Loeb Company which, as we’ve
noted,was under the control of longtime Rothschild associate Jacob

Scion of another great German Jewish banking family, Warburg was the
principal architect of the Federal Reserve System, brought into being
in 1913, which consolidated control over the American monetary system
by the Rothschild Empire and International Jewish Finance.

Henry Ford’s discussion of what he called “the Jewish Idea of a
Central Bank for America” addressed the Federal Reserve. Ford wrote:

What the people of the United States do not understand and never have
understood is that while the Federal Reserve Act was governmental, the
whole Federal Reserve System is private. It is an officially-created
private banking system.

Examine the first 1000 people you meet on the street, and 999 of them
will tell you that the Federal Reserve System is a device whereby the
United States government went into the banking business for the benefit
of the people. They have an idea that like the Post Office and the
Custom House the Federal Reserve is part of the government’s official
machinery. . . .

Take up the standard encyclopedias and while you will find no
misstatements of fact in them, you will find no statement that the
Federal Reserve System is a private banking system; the impression
carried away by the lay reader is that it is a part of the Government.

The Federal Reserve System is a system of private banks, the creation
of a banking aristocracy within an already existing system of
aristocracy, whereby a great proportion of banking independence was
lost,and whereby it was made possible for speculative financiers to
centralize great sums of money for their own purposes, beneficial [to
the people of the United States] or not.

Discussing the matter of the Federal Reserve’s interlocking ties with
what Ford referred to as “the Economic Plans of International Jews,”
Ford asserted, quite correctly: “The strength of Jewish Money is in
its internationalism.

It stretches a chain of banks and centers of financial control across
the world and plays them on the side of the game that favors Judah.”

Ford said that single Jewish banking houses in any given country would
be no menace.As mere bankers in their own countries they would not,
Ford said, occasion alarm. Ford noted that in conventional commercial
banking, the Jews had not predominated and that traditional deposit
banks were hardly a part of the Jewish financial network.

“The Rothschilds,”said Ford,“were never bankers in a proper sense;
they were money lenders to nations whose representatives they had
corrupted to seek the loans. They did business precisely on the plain
of the money lender on the side street who seduces the rich man’s son
to borrow a large sum, knowing that the father will pay. That is
scarcely banking. Brains of that sort may ‘get’ money but will not
‘make’ money.”

Thus, said Ford, it was necessary to look at the international scope
of Jewish banking power. This system, he said, did not require that a
Jewish banking house be the most important financial power in any
particular country. It was not the wealth and importance of any single
such banking house, but, instead, he said, the wealth and importance
of the world chain of the various Jewish banking houses that gave the
strength to the International Money Power.

For example, Ford cited the aforementioned Paul Warburg of the Kuhn,
Loeb & Company who was a prime mover behind the establishment of
the Federal Reserve System in the United States. Warburg’s enterprise
was far from being the most powerful bank in the United States, but
because of its international connections—which were, as Ford said,
“all Jewish”—it took on a new aspect in terms of its impact on
American life.

The record shows that it was indeed the establishment of the Federal
Reserve in 1913 that set in place the framework for further expansion
of Rothschild control over American finance and industry.

Americans, of course, had little understanding of all of this.
American author E. C.Knuth noted that in 1945 in his work, The Empire
of “The City” that Senator Edward Hall Moore of Oklahoma had made
public the fact that “the British government” owned vast holdings in
80 of the largest American industrial corporations, including General
Motors and Standard Oil of Indiana. That Standard should be among them
might come as a surprise to those naive Americans who have long
believed that the Rockefeller family, which appeared to dominate
Standard Oil,were somehow a“royal” family in American terms, when, in
fact, the Rothschild influence extended even here into the ranks of
such a famous “American” corporation.

In fact, the Rockefeller empire, in more respects than many ever
realized, has always effectively been a subsidiary of the Rothschild
Empire, wealthy and powerful on its own to be sure, but a Rothschild
subsidiary nonetheless. And as we shall see later in these pages, many
institutions traditionally perceived to be in the “Rockefeller” sphere
of influence are now, today, falling firmly into the hands of agents
of the Rothschild Empire.

Knuth put it correctly: “The American public was blindly led to the
slaughter then like so many sheep being driven up the ramp at the
abattoir, with endless years of ruin and fear to follow for the
millions.” He referred to the fact that “the smart money of Europe”
had, in fact, ruthlessly engineered the Great Crash of the stock
market in 1929 and through that process had gained absolute power over
the American economy.

But the American people did have some nationalist leaders who stood up
in opposition. For example, James J. Hill, the great American
railroad builder, warned of increasing national debt, of the dangers of
the nation falling into the hands of the usurers:

I need not remind you that public credit, though vast, is not
inexhaustable. . . . Of all of resources, this one should be guarded
with most jealous care; first, because we can never know in advance
where exhaustion begins.

The earth and its products tell us plainly about what we may expect of
them in the future, but credit is apparently unlimited at one moment
and in collapse at the next.

The only safe rule is to place no burdens upon it that may be avoided; to save it for days of dire need.

Hill issued a warning to his fellow Americans: “Search history and see
what has been the fate of every nation that has abused its credit. . .
It will profit us nothing to conserve what we have remaining of the
great national resources that were the dower of this continent unless
we preserve the national credit as more precious than them all. When
it shall be exhausted, the heart of the nation will cease to beat.”

During the years preceding World War II—and in the early days of the
war that followed—there were others who did speak out.However, most of
those nationalist leaders were ultimately forced out of office or
otherwise silenced. As Knuth put it: “the lot of the transgressor
against the plans of the ‘one-worlders’ [had] been a hard and unhappy
one since then.”

With the new international system that was imposed after WorldWar II
through theWorld Bank and the International Monetary Fund—all projects
of the International Money Power of the Rothschild Empire—Knuth said,
the United States had been “tricked into a position of boundless peril
and foreign nations [would] continue to take advantage of its
fallacious position by shameless and insolent demands for huge
subsidies in the guise of loans, actually little more than blackmail
of American power politicians certain to lose their voice in world
politics [as did] Woodrow Wilson after WorldWar I unless they continue
to give.”

Of course, in his writings, Knuth pointed out that the American system,
ostensibly independent as a consequence of the American Revolution,
was, in fact, dominated from afar since so many American fortunes were
intertwined with those of the Rothschilds and their confreres in the
International Money Power swirling around “The City” of London. Knuth

Men of millions [in the United States] sway the destiny and the life
or death of their fellow citizens with an organization which is
subversive to the spirit and the letter of the Constitution of the
United States, an organization of which not one in one thousand of
their fellow citizens has ever heard.

The purpose of these men is completely interwoven with the dependence
of their own invariably great fortunes on the operations of “The
City,” citadel of international finance. Not only do these men
collectively exert a planned influence of immense weight in utter
secrecy, but they operate with the support of the immense funds
provided by Cecil Rhodes and Andrew Carnegie.

And as we have noted, Rhodes was an instrument of the Rothschild
Empire from his very entree into the world of global finance and
industry. And the same can be said for Carnegie, titanic figure though
he was.

The “organization” to which Knuth specifically referred, in this
particular instance, was the so-called Pilgrim Society which promoted
British-American fellowship. The Pilgrim Society was founded in London
in 1902 four months after the death of Cecil Rhodes and, of course, as
noted, the Rhodes concept was to return the United States to the
direct and open control of the British Empire. And there were many
Americans of wealth and influence who were active in this

The New York-based Council on Foreign Relations (which interlocked
closely with the Pilgrim Society) was, as we’ve pointed out before,
nothing more than an American off-shoot, a junior cousin, so to speak,
of the Londonbased Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA),
itself the foreign policy arm of the Rothschild Empire which used the
RIIA as its base of operations for directing the official foreign
ventures of the “British” Empire. And the RIIA was based in “The City”
of London.

Pointing out that “British” [read Jewish, read Rothschild] capital had
played a major part in instigating the Great Crash of 1929 and noting
that the extended inflation that brought on the crash could have been
controlled and halted at any point in its rise by what Knuth referred
to as that “great balance wheel of the world’s credit” dominated by
the Rothschilds, Knuth described the consequences:

That the immense crash and loss of American securities served not only
to damage and cripple Britain’s then-greatest competitor but also to
discipline a recalcitrant and unfriendly administration seems beyond
question. That billions of dollars in foreign gold was moved out of the
United States in the election year of 1932 to bring further discredit
to the Hoover administration and thus to influence that election is
also beyond question.

Likewise that a similar massive amount in foreign gold, totaling
$1,139,672,000,was moved into the United States in 1935 in order to
influence [the forthcoming 1936] election and recreate “confidence” and
to prepare the American investor for a further milking in 1937 also
seemed beyond question.

In summary, the fact that the House of Rothschild made its money in the
great crashes of history and the great wars of history, the very
periods when others lost their money, IS beyond question.

In sum, as one of the Rothschild henchmen, Viscount Reginald Esher
said, “The Rothschilds’ position, vis-a-vis the world’s affairs, the
affairs of countries worldwide, is indispensible to them all, not
responsible to any.”

Looking at all of this from an American perspective, examining the way
in which the International Money Power affected the course of world
affairs, Knuth said of the Americans:

Many people realize that this mystifying situation, in which an
alleged democratic and self-governing nation, is actually controlled
against the will of its people in its foreign affairs is a clear
indication that there must be a very powerful and well-financed secret
organization which plans and directs American foreign affairs, and,
for lack of a more specific identification, this suspected secret
organization is popularly referred to as “the International Financiers.”

But, of course, as Knuth made it abundantly clear, these
“International Financiers” were, in fact, the members of the Rothschild
family and their carefully-placed agents throughout Europe and
elsewhere and, indeed, on American soil.And as Rothschild influence
rose across the planet,there were growing numbers of patriots who
recognized the dangers that their nations faced in the hands of these
predatory plutocratic vultures.

Georgetown University’s Professor Carroll Quigley wrote in Tragedy and
Hope of what he considered the desirability of the international
financial interests to dominate American political life. He said

The chief problem of American political life for a long time has been
how to make the two [parties in Congress] more national and
international. The argument that the two parties should represent
opposed ideals and policies, one, perhaps,of the right, and the other
of the left, is a foolish idea except only to doctrinaire and academic
thinkers. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so
that the American people can “throw the rascals out” at any election
without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy.

Quigley said that the policies of the international elite that he
considered“ vital and necessary for America”were no longer a subject of
significant disagreement, but that they were “disputable only in
details of procedure, priority, or method.” He wrote glowingly of
internationalist policies and says that “these things any national
American party hoping to win a presidential election must accept.”

However, he added, “either party in office becomes, in time, corrupt,
tired, un-enterprising, and vigorless.Then it should be possible to
replace it, every four years if necessary,by the other party, which
will be none of these things but which will still pursue with new
vigor, approximately the same basic policies.”

Clearly, with the rise of the Rothschild Empire as a major power in
American affairs, elected officials in the United States soon became
largely nothing more than tools of these predatory interests. Democrats
and Republicans alike fell into place, advocating policies that
advanced the agenda of the global elite—pushing further the goal of a
NewWorld Order.

The advent of the rise of Adolf Hitler in Europe, challenging the
Rothschilds and International Jewish Finance, set the stage for what
became World War II, and in the United States there emerged Franklin
Delano Roosevelt who worked relentlessly to bring the United States into
war against Germany. Suffice it to say,FDR’s role in that tragedy has
been the subject of numerous formidable works by such eminent
revisionist historians as Harry Elmer Barnes, Charles Beard, Charles
Callan Tansill and others.

No honest student of that era can help but conclude that World War II
was a war America need not and should not have fought.And that it was a
war that did not bring “good” to the planet or to America. Instead,
it laid the groundwork for future wars and set in place a post-war
framework upon which the drive for a New World Order was advanced to a
greater degree than ever before.

As far as the Roosevelt family is concerned, there has been widely
published information suggesting that the Roosevelt family did have
Jewish forebears, that the original family name was “Rossocampo,” a name
borne by Sephardic Jews who were among those expelled from Spain in
1620. The name, it is said, was ultimately changed as various family
branches settled elsewhere in Europe. But there is no firm evidence
proving this oft-cited story to be absolute fact.

We do know that descendants of the Dutch-based members of the family —
evidently named Rosenvelt — emigrated to the United States and
ultimately the name evolved into the name“Roosevelt”that we know today.
And there are those who say that the Rosenvelts were originally
Jewish, whether of Sephardic origin of not.

In the meantime,we do know that within several generations, there was
intermarriage by the Roosevelts with others who were most definitely
not Jewish and by the time Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt—cousins later
to become husband and wife—were wealthy young members of the American
elite they were not known to be engaged in Jewish religious

During the Roosevelt era, a Roosevelt family genealogical chart, which
was circulated both in Europe and the United States, charged that
another Jewish family strain—namely that of the “Samuels” line—was
introduced into the ensuing Roosevelt bloodline.

However exciting this information may have been at the time to FDR’s
critics, the provenance of this information is murky at best. However
much many may have wanted to believe it, the name “Samuels” is often a
Jewish name, but we do not know for a fact that they were Jewish.

Yet, for perhaps a more immediate source of data in regard to possible
Jewish heritage in the Roosevelt family — according to a Jewish source
— we may turn to the February 5, 1982 issue of The London Jewish
Chronicle which featured an article entitled “FDR ‘had Jewish
great-grandmother.’” The article, by Leon Hadar, read as follows:

The late American President Franklin Delano Roosevelt had a Jewish
great-grandmother, it was stated last week by Mr. Philip Slomovitz,
the editor of The Detroit Jewish News, who released a letter sent to
him 45 years ago by the late Rabbi Dr. Steven Wise, a former chairman
of the World Jewish Congress.

In his letter, RabbiWise described a luncheon his wife had with Mrs.
Eleanor Roosevelt, the late president’s wife (and a distant cousin of
his) who said: “Often cousin Alice and I say that the brains in the
Roosevelt family come from our Jewish great-grandmother,” whose name
was Esther Levy.

The letter added that Mrs. Roosevelt had told [Mrs.Wise] that “whenever
mention is made of our Jewish great-grandmother by cousin Alice or
myself, Franklin’s mother gets very angry and says, “You know that is
not so. Why do you say it?” According to Rabbi Wise, Mrs. Roosevelt
also told his wife,“You must make no use of this. I think it is best
to let the matter lie down now.”

In a separate letter to Mr. Slomovitz, Franklin Roosevelt, the
hundredth anniversary of whose birth is being celebrated this year,
wrote that his ancestors “may have been Jews, Catholics or
Protestants.”Rabbi Wise, who was very close to President Roosevelt,
marked his letter to Mr. Slomovitz “strictly private and

Ironically, it should be pointed out that both Franklin and Eleanor
Roosevelt were known to make private anti-Jewish utterances even though
they were perhaps of Jewish extraction. Despite this, both became
icons in the Jewish world view. However, this phenomenon has seemed to
fade during the last years of the 20th century and the opening years
of the 21st as aggressive Jewish writers are now contending that FDR —
despite his bloody worldwide war against Hitler — “didn’t do enough
to stop the Holocaust.”

In any case, it should be noted for the record that this author does
recall reading, many years ago, in American Heritage magazine that a
researcher had found information demonstrating that FDR’s maternal
forebears in the Delano family were of Jewish origin, an interesting
detail considering that FDR’s mother herself was known to make
anti-Jewish remarks.

So whether FDR was Jewish (or part Jewish) is largely irrelevant in
the bigger picture.The fact remains that many,many American non-Jewish
politicians were—or now are—advocates for the Jewish agenda,
furthering the push for a NewWorld Order, the Jewish Utopia.

The bottom line is this: During the 20th Century the United States of
America emerged as the foremost mechanism of control in the hands of
the Rothschild Empire. American blood and treasure became the means
whereby which the NewWorld Order moved fastforward.

Jewish control of the mass media—and virtually all forms of education
and communication—expanded exponentially and this brought further
political control of American affairs into the hands of the
Rothschilds and the modern-day Jewish dynasties operating in their
sphere of influence.

In the chapters that follow,we will examine the nature of Jewish power
in America, reviewing its parameters, and unveiling the names and the
intrigues of the New Pharisees who are advancing the Rothschild
agenda: the establishment of a global Jewish Imperium.

This 19th Century caricature of “the Monopoly News
Delivery”—suggesting the control of the American press by an elite
few—remains even more representative of the situation in the American
media today, with a handful of Jewish families and financial interests
in the Rothschild sphere of influence in control of the major media
outlets, their influence supplemented by an extraordinary number of
Jewish editors and journalists in place in the broadcast and publishing
industries. Further, a wide range of Jewish-controlled “think tanks”
and pressure groups add further power to the Rothschild Empire’s media

VIDEO – Reading from V.K.C.’s book on the English Empire and the Jews PT1PT2


VIDEO -  Same author on US imperialist wars and their war crimes

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Médiats juifs anti-juifs? Le milliardaire juif ultrasioniste Sheldon Adelson est « tout droit sorti des pages des Protocoles des sages de Sion » selon Uri Avnery, ancien membre de la Knesset et correspondant dans de nombreux médiats israéliens




Former Israeli Knesset Member: Adelson is “Straight out of the pages of the Protocols”


The specter of Las Vegas casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson controlling the Republican Party presidential nomination process is “straight out of the pages of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” leading “left wing Zionist” Uri Averny has said.

Confirming what Dr. David Duke has been saying recently about the famous “Protocols of Zion”—namely, that they are an accurate, even if written fictitiously, account of Jewish Supremacist activities—Averny, a former Irgun and Israeli Knesset member, said on his blog that the Adelson spectacle dispelled all “illusions about American politics.

“He summoned to his Las Vegas betting paradise the four most probable Republican candidates for the next presidential elections, in order to choose one of them. All the invitees heeded the summons, of course,” Averny wrote.

“It was a shameless exhibition. The politicians groveled before the casino lord.

“Mighty governors of important states did their best to sell themselves like applicants at a job interview.

“Each of them tried to trump the others in promising to do the Mogul’s bidding.

“Flanked by Israeli bodyguards, Adelson grilled the American hopefuls.

“And what was he demanding from the future president of the United States? First of all and above everything else, blind and unconditional obedience to the government of another state: Israel.

“Adelson is one of the richest Jews in the world. He is also a fanatical rightist – not only an American rightist, but also an Israeli one.

“While he is now looking for the best American president money can buy, he has already chosen his Israeli stooge.

“I wonder how ordinary Americans react to this spectacle of one billionaire – especially a Jewish one – choosing their next president for them.

“We are told that anti-Semitism is on the rise in Europe and across the globe.

“And here we have a Jew, straight out of the pages of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, trying to appoint the ruler of the mightiest country on the planet.”

Averny—who founded the Gush Shalom peace movement in Israel, despite being a former Jewish terrorist member of the Irgun, is no enemy of Jewish Supremacism.

The “left wing” variety of Zionism differs from the “right wing” variety only in the presentation of their supremacist ideology. The “right wingers” are overt about it, while the “left wingers” seek to present it as more “acceptable.”

In this way, Gush Shalom seeks a “two-state” solution—which still means a Jews-only state—a demand for self-determination which these same “left wing” Zionists still vehemently oppose for all other people on earth.

* Averny also makes the interesting revelation that casinos—where Adelson makes all his money which he then uses to manipulate the American political process—are illegal in Israel!


Lire l’article de Uri Avnery: The Monster on the Hill




‘NYT’ editorial writer savages Republicans for ‘pro-Israel, philo-Semitic’ curtseys to Adelson

David Firestone, an editorial page editor at the New York Times, has a fabulous piece up savaging the Adelson primary in Las Vegas last weekend, and making no bones about what was going on. Firestone tells readers this was about Israel–and philosemitism, too. His piece is titled, “The Line to Kiss Adelson’s Boots.”

Même le NYTimes peut nous surprendre avec du bon journalisme de temps en temps. Une chance que c’est un journal juif: les journalistes et éditeurs risquent alors un peu moins de se faire guillotiner.


New York Times – The Line to Kiss Sheldon Adelson’s Boots

By David Firestone | It’s hard to imagine a political spectacle more loathsome than the parade of Republican presidential candidates who spent the last few days bowing and scraping before the mighty bank account of the casino magnate Sheldon Adelson. One by one, they stood at a microphone in Mr. Adelson’s Venetian hotel in Las Vegas and spoke to the Republican Jewish Coalition (also a wholly owned subsidiary of Mr. Adelson), hoping to sound sufficiently pro-Israel and pro-interventionist and philo-Semitic to win a portion of Mr. Adelson’s billions for their campaigns.

Gov. John Kasich of Ohio made an unusually bold venture into foreign policy by calling for greater sanctions on Iran and Russia, and by announcing that the United States should not pressure Israel into a peace process. (Wild applause.) “Hey, listen, Sheldon, thanks for inviting me,” he said. “God bless you for what you do.” Read more…


New York Times- Sheldon: Iran’s Best Friend by Thomas L. Friedman


JPOST – Thomas Friedman says Sheldon Adelson is ‘Iran’s best ally’ New York Times columnist says that by staunchly supporting the « occupation » of the West Bank, Adelson is unintentionally leading to Israel’s demise.


Ha’aretz – Thomas Friedman: Adelson helping Iran destroy Israel


JPOST – No holds barred: Tom Friedman equates Sheldon Adelson with Iran Friedman wants others to share his loathing for Adelson because the philanthropist opposes the great sage’s desire for a unilateral withdrawal from the West Bank.

Un article du rabbin ultrasioniste va-t-en-guerre Shmuley Boteach…


New York Times v. Adelson

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Adelson would install Netanyahu in the White House if he had his druthers


Zionist billionaire eyes US presidential purchase



Kissing the Zionist Ring: Sheldon Adelson Considers Who To Buy for the Next Election Cette fois il est prêt à mettre plusieurs milliards pour gagner.


Adelson Wooed by Republican Presidential Prospects at Vegas Meet

The chance to curry favor with Adelson has helped draw some of the Republican Party’s major figures to RJC (Republican Jewish Coalition) gatherings. The governors met one-on-one with Adelson, 80, and addressed a conference of the Republican Jewish Coalition, an advocacy group that counts him as a board member and benefactor. More than 400 of the coalition’s top donors and those seeking support from them gathered this weekend at Adelson’s convention center-hotel-casino complex, part of his international Las Vegas Sands Corp. (LVS).


Chris Christie: HAMAS Fan Calls Israel “Occupied Territories” @ Jewish Event

Un article de la néoconne juive polonaise Debbie Schlussel


Ha’aretz – Christie, Walker court Jewish Republican donors in Las Vegas = Adelson


Forward – Chris Christie Apologizes to Sheldon Adelson for ‘Occupied Territories’ Remark, but wll it cost him the nomination?


Forward – The Sorry Season Chris Christie apologized for calling the Israeli occupation an ‘occupation’ and Israel’s defense minister claims he’s sorry too. J.J. Goldberg asks: Did Yom Kippur come early?


Ha’aretz – Adelson, Christie to meet again, at Jewish event in NY


Forbes – Did Chris Christie « bully » Sheldon Adelson’s friend?


N.J. Gov. Chris Christie speaks during the Republican Jewish Coalition Spring Leadership Meeting at the Venetian Resort in Las Vegas in March.


N.J. Governor’s Mea Culpa Enough? 

• Last hope for Gov. Chris Christie’s presidential aspirations may have died 

• Truthful slip of the tongue in Las Vegas irritates potential Jewish donors

By Dave Gahary

New Jersey Gov. Christopher “Chris” Christie (R), bouncing back from a homegrown scandal in the Garden State, addressed a crowd in Las Vegas on March 29 at the annual spring meeting of the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC). Christie answered questions for 40 minutes, with the goal of convincing the millionaires and billionaires in attendance that he is sufficiently pro-Israel to run for president.

But a funny thing happened. Christie, apparentlyunfamiliar with the vernacular of the rabidly pro-Israel set, slipped up during his talk and referred to Gaza and theWest Bank as “occupied territories”—a definite no-no among that crowd.

Members of the RJC include some of the biggest names in politics, such as former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, Henry Kissinger, former head of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff and former top George W. Bush official Irving Lewis “Scooter” Libby, among many others.

To say that the road to the Oval Office runs through Tel Aviv is not an anti-Semitic canard, but a reality based on cold, hard facts. Besides the voting records of U.S. representatives and senators in favor of Israel and domestic Jewish issues, it is estimated that out of all the campaign contributions received by American politicians, over 70% of the total given to Democrats comes from Jewish groups and around 35% goes to Republicans from these same groups.

“I took a helicopter ride from the occupied territories,” Christie said, “and just felt personally how extraordinary that was to understand, the military risk that Israel faces every day.”

As a note of reference, the United Nations refers to the land Christie was speaking of as “the Occupied Palestinian Territories.” In fact, the State Department calls the West Bank “occupied,” as does the American Jewish Committee.

From most media accounts, the stunned crowd let out a collective “Oy, gevalt,” a Yiddish expression translating loosely to “Oh, my God!” How dare he use the term “occupied territories” for the area where the Palestinians have been herded?

The popular 51-year-old Republican governor, best known for his penchant for telling it like it is, came face-to-face with the reality of the universality of truth.While nearly everyone on the planet believes the term occupied territories is appropriate, as the West Bank remains under Israeli occupation, the relatively miniscule number of pro-Israel fanatics across the globe have the ability to warp that truth to their liking. Christie was forced to apologize the same day to billionaire Sheldon Adelson, who was hosting the conference at his Venetian Resort Hotel Casino, according to a source familiar with the conversation.

Christie groveled “that he misspoke when he referred to the ‘occupied territories,’ and he conveyed that he is an unwavering friend and committed supporter of Israel, and was sorry for any confusion that came across as a result of the misstatement.”

The 80-year-old Adelson, worth an estimated $40 billion, is a Ukrainian-Jewish American. He is the chairman and chief executive officer of the Las Vegas Sands Corporation and owner of the Israeli daily newspaper Israel HaYom.

But, more importantly, he is well known for spendingmore than $93 million on the 2012 elections.

Washington daily newspaper Politico reported that at first Christie wasn’t exactly filled with remorse for his remark.

Before his apology, “Adelson ally Morton Klein, president of the hawkish Zionist Organization of America, had confronted Christie about his use of the term, telling Politico he explained to the New Jersey governor that ‘at minimum you should call it disputed territories.’ ”

—— Dave Gahary, a former submariner in the U.S. Navy, is the host of AFP’s “Underground Interview” series. See www.americanfreepress.net for more.



Who Hacked Sheldon Adelson and Israel’s Defense Ministry?


JTA – Sheldon Adelson approved to buy Israeli newspaper, website Tant que ça reste dans la famille…


Ha’aretz – Sheldon Adelson expands Israeli media empire, buys Makor Rishon and NRG



Click photo to download. Caption: Far left, star broadcaster Glenn Beck, recipient of the first Dr. Miriam & Sheldon Adelson Defender of Israel Award. Far right and second from right, Sheldon and Miriam Adelson. Holding the award is Zionist Organization of America President Mort Klein. Credit: Jacob Kamaras.



The Piper Report April 7, 2014


Republican presidential hopefuls kissing Jewish billionaire Shelden Adelson’s ring at his recent soiree’ in Las Vegas.

Listen Here




juif.org – Obama Considère Israël comme « une Puissance Hostile » Le silence du Judaïsme américain et la conspiration des médias libéraux dans le sacro-saint du Parti Démocrate sont assourdissants et choquants de pure hypocrisie, manque de conscience et absence d’intégrité intellectuelle.Au milieu de tout le battage médiatique et d’une campagne de désinformation contre Israël, beaucoup de Juifs américains – pour des raisons difficiles à expliquer – sont soit furieux, soit indifférents, ou tout simplement antisionistes, voire antisémites! Et quoique la très grande majorité des Américains soutiennent le seul état juif au monde, la plus méprisante et haineuse rhétorique de « l’Apologiste en Chef »(Obama) à propos de l’engagement inébranlable et éternel de défendre Israël, n’est que palabre, sans la moindre volonté d’action.




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Le réseau criminalisé Netanyahou-Adelson-Romney

L’homme qui se prétend « le juif le plus riche du monde », Sheldon Adelson, donnera « tout ce qu’il faudra » pour empêcher une réélection d’Obama

Sheldon Adelson: « je suis le juif le plus riche au monde »

L’homme le plus puissant à Washington DC, le juif orthodoxe Eric Cantor, accuse les États-Unis de tarder à réagir à la menace iranienne comme ils ont tardé à réagir à la « menace nazie » et failli à éviter l’Holocauste des juifs…

Maîtres du monde, maîtres de l’humour: Netanyahou accuse le New York Times et Haaretz de donner le ton de la campagne anti-Israël à travers le monde

Selon Frank J. Gaffney (PNAC), les Frères Musulmans ont infiltré et contrôlent l’administration Obama

Un sinistre canadien dénonce le complot onusien-médiatique contre Israël

Pourfendeur de l’Islam militant, ardent pro-Israël, Newt Gingrich ne baisse pas moins la tête devant les terroristes iraniens du MeK

Le jeu des devinettes: qui donc pourrait bien s’être mis en tête qu’il faut briser à tout prix l’unité des peuples nordiques, germano-perses, celtes et scandinaves, c’est-à-dire indo-européens, autrement dit Aryens?

Selon le propagandiste juif sioniste anti-Islam Daniel Pipes, Netanyahou devrait menacer de nucléariser l’Iran

« Je larguerais Israël demain matin! » dit au Congrès le professeur Michael Scheuer, ancien directeur de l’unité anti-Ben Laden à la CIA

L’ancien directeur de l’unité de traque de Ben Laden à la CIA, Michael Scheuer accuse Israël de détenir le Congrès et d’entraîner les USA vers le désastre d’une guerre contre l’Iran

NYTimes: 16 agences US de renseignement confirment que l’Iran n’a pas la bombe — Le général Dempsey refuse d’être complice d’une attaque israélienne

Brochette de sionistes juifs néocons, au bien cuit de Dick Cheney

Devoir de mémoire, devoir de faire tomber l’axe Iran-Syrie-Liban

Devoir de mémoire, devoir de vitrifier l’Iran


Un lobbyiste pro-israélien appelle à provoquer un nouveau Pearl Harbor pour déclencher une guerre contre l’Iran

Inversion accusatoire : l’empire israélite accuse l’Iran d’être « la plus grave menace pour la paix dans le monde »

Le mouvement juif Néo-conservateur : du trotskisme au bellicisme sioniste

Les médiats juifs tels que le New York Times dissimulent les efforts des groupes juifs pour pousser l’Occident en guerre en Syrie pour lsraël

Détenteur d’un important arsenal nucléaire et chimique, Israël est responsable de la course à l’armement nucléaire et chimique au Proche-Orient… Qu’attendent nos chères démocraties pour condamner cet état terroriste partisan d’al-Qaïda et le compter parmi leurs ennemis?

John McCain et les guerres pour Israël

NO MORE WARS FOR ISRAEL – PLUS JAMAIS DE GUERRES POUR ISRAËL! Prévisible false flag israélien et pressions sionistes pour envoyer l’Occident se battre pour les intétêts d’Israël

Netanyahou interdit à ses ministres de parler d’Obama…

Moins d’argent juif de New York pour Obama, plus d’argent juif de Las Vegas pour Romney

Après JFK et Obama, au tour de l’Onu de demander à Israël d’ouvrir ses installations nucléaires aux inspections

Israël peut bien disparaître, on s’en moque

Le président Obama sur la même ligne que Michael Scheuer à propos d’Israël

2016 – Obama’s America: le tout dernier film du producteur mormon oscarisé pour La Liste de Schindler

Sous l’admin Obama, coup de filet de l’IRS contre l’évasion fiscale vers les banques israéliennes (mis à jour 20 mai 2013)

Médiats juifs antijuifs? La chaîne CBS rapporte que l’administration Obama a demandé à Israël de bien vouloir cesser d’assassiner les scientifiques iraniens

Les Américains seraient fatigués de faire la guerre selon Willam Kristol, fauteur de guerre juif, roi du PNAC néocon, qui appelle à « défier l’idole de la fatigue de guerre » en se préparant et en se mobilisant pour la guerre

Médiats juifs antijuifs? Pour l’Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith, même les médiats Rothschild doivent des excuses à Israël pour avoir attiré l’attention sur le lobby juif et son rôle dans l’impasse des relations irano-américaines

L’accord iranien est « Munich » et « Obama est Chamberlain », selon l’Organisation sioniste américaine (ZOA). Netanyahou s’époumonne désespérément, hurle au complot américano-iranien contre Israël; Obama l’invite à prendre une petite pause-santé

« Kerry a déclaré la guerre à Dieu! » Menaces de mort contre Kerry-Haman: c’est pas des musulmans! Les antijuifs de plus en plus décomplexés inquiètent… Mais qu’en est-il des menaces de mort à peine voilées proférées impunément par des juifs contre des hommes d’État? 

 Médiats juifs antijuifs? Trop de « complots juifs » dans les séries télé états-uniennes, selon l’ambassade d’Israël aux États-Unis

Humour juif? Complots partout? Selon le rabbin Antelman, le mondialisme oligarchique est un « complot communiste illuminati pour détruire les Juifs et le judaïsme »

Rupert Murdoch dénonce la « guerre contre les Juifs »

Le « sionisme secret » de Asher Ginzburg (Ahad Ha’am), celui des Protocoles

Encore une fois… comment le B’nai Brith peut-il parler d’une montée sans précédent de l’antisémitisme alors que personne ne critique le fait que le nouveau vice-président de la Fed est un ancien de la banque centrale d’Israël?

Un milliardaire à la tête de l’empire médiatique de Rupert Murdoch met en garde contre la « nuit de cristal » qui vient de la gauche

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