Le Nouvel Ordre Mondial et la maladie du matérialisme

L’influence croissante du matérialisme dans les derniers siècles et plus spécialement du monde anglo-américain, serait à l’origine de toute la dérive que nous vivons.

War and the « New World Order »
by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya
Global Research, August 29, 2007

This is a good synopsis of the macro-dimension of what is steadily unfolding before us at the global level. War has always been valued by financiers and mega-industrialists as a means of promoting their interests: « Military might is merely the enforcer of foreign policy, and foreign policy is based on economic interests. »

However, the article does not account for the century-long continuity in Anglo-American elite planning. The Anglo-American elite were bound together at first in the 19th century in their freemasonic lodges, clubs, societies, associations, and marital links between the wealthy. In the 20th century these connections have become rather more informal in policy institutes, thinktanks, military and intelligence community conferences and seminars, business leaders’ groups, academic associations and conferences etc. These links have served to maintain the continuity of purpose between the high priests of the Anglo-American ‘Mastery Temple’. After their Civil War, which damaged the USA so severely, not least psychologically (arguably, the wound in the South has still to heal), instead of spending a century or so tending to their own affairs and healing the wounds in their own country (e.g. blacks, native Americans, white southerners), Americans allowed their elite to be seduced into imperial aspirations by a British elite who were conscious that in the 20th Century Britain would no longer be able to lead English-speaking domination of the globe and would have to defer to the burgeoning economic power of the USA. The American public have since largely followed down the imperial road where their Anglophile elite have led them.

The key to understanding this cannot be merely in terms of *power* – one group of men’s desire to lord it over others. The key, rather, lies in understanding the role of materialism in the evolution of human consciousness, and in seeing how materialism (rejection of the spiritual dimension to life) not only divides human beings from each other and from Nature itself but also underpins the axiomata of the Anglo-American economic paradigm and cultural worldview. We need to see how it is that Britain and the USA came to be the societies most affected by the ideology of materialism, for it is this materialism that is ultimately behind Anglo-American economic interests=foreign policy=military might.

Those who are basically not interested in freedom always tend to defer to high priests. Thus, it is only ever a few men in such circles who hold ‘the knowledge’ and who then get their less knowledgeable and less imaginative subordinates and associates to align their wills with the will of the few.

Furthermore, this materialism (and associated worship of technology) has at root a fascistic or Nazi-like nature in that it is allied to a pseudo-spiritual or pseudo-idealistic chauvinism that regards the English-speaking peoples as ‘the chosen people of the age’ who have the right and the duty even to force their worldview onto the rest of humanity by military and financial muscle. The Nazi regime was a mix of technological prowess and scientific modernity allied to a type of idealistic and false pseudo-spiritual cultural chauvinism (a combination of CONTROL FREAKERY + PRIDE).

The current English-speaking elite do not speak openly about genetic determinism as the Nazis did in their assertions about blood and racial superiority, but they nevertheless do regard themselves, as the Nazis did, as ‘the chosen people’, the strict taskmasters of humanity, who, like the revolutionaries of earlier times, feel they must break eggs (i.e. societies such as Iraq, Afghanistan, even the USA itself) if they are to ‘make omelettes’ and effect what they believe to be meaningful change.

Ultimately, this view has little in common with a thoroughgoing materialism. Like the Nazis’ views, it is not *only* materialistic. It is based on a false form of spiritual conviction, a false form of occultism in fact, in that its real motivation is ‘occulted’ (hidden): a materialism that dare not speak its name – an ‘occult materialism’. Those who give the orders to the men (and a very few women) who have their hands on the wheels of state policy in the English-speaking and allied countries have a view of the future in which they shall be the kings and shepherds, and the mass of humanity shall be their subjects and sheep. The cultural chauvinism felt by many (though by no means all) in the English-speaking countries is being and will be used to herd mankind into a state of global technopolis in which society becomes a vast machine. The British are already the most watched people on the planet due to the massive use of CCTV in Britain. In the advanced countries in general, RFID technology, chip implants and other nanotechological developments that will enable total surveillance are only just round the corner. Clearly, such a goal has little to do ultimately with the pride of any one nation or culture, which is why those, commonly called ‘masters of the universe’, who work towards this end are serving something far more insidious than just national chauvinism.

Similarly, Hitler and Stalin were far from serving the interests of their own peoples. They were serving the spiritual force behind global tyranny and mass annihilation. It is known that certain elite forces within the English-speaking oligarchy have long supported a major culling of the world’s population, politely called ‘depopulation programs’.

Articles like Nazemroaya’s above contribute towards an unmasking of the methods of these elites, if not their ultimate aims. We need to sharpen and spread such analyses if we are to awaken fully to what is going on and what is being prepared for us. We need to see through the axiomata of the Anglo-American economic worldview which have been predominant since the late 18th century and adjust our economic behaviour accordingly. We need to understand the function of materialism in the evolution of human consciousness and also see where it works within ourselves. Indeed, consciousness, not violence – the Word, not the Sword – has to become our instrument in this struggle.

Neither feeling, thinking nor willing alone will be enough. What we need is a heart-dedicated consciousness that stimulates and informs action. The rising tides of consciousness will eventually swamp the vessels of the would-be ‘masters of the universe’.

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