The Globalist Manifesto

On a vu ce que les Weishaupt, Marx, Lénine, Hitler, Staline et Mao ont fait avec leurs utopies. Gare aux utopies révolutionnaires, ce sont des chimères!

The Globalist Manifesto

Someday, this world will be peaceful, united, educated and prosperous. There will be no war, no poverty, and no discrimination. A world able to protect itself from global warming, over consumption, nuclear disaster, pollution, acid rain, ozone layer depletion, and AIDS. A world that is able to practice sustainable development, protection of environment and responsible parenthood. There is a world future where there will be no national boundaries, no racial discrimination, nor religious fanaticism.

Because every human being is a child of God, everyone is equally important and deserves to enjoy human rights, freedom, happiness and prosperity. The citizens of the world have the duty to act towards this vision, in wherever, whenever, and whatever they can within their status in life. As soon as possible, and through a democratic consensus of all nations via global plebiscite and a drafting of a global constitution through an international constitutional convention, the goal of the citizens of the world is to set up a single and unified global government with police powers, powers to tax, and has the power of eminent domain.

This task is arduous and long, but there is no justification for any armed solution in pursuance of this vision. Diplomacy should be the only way.

The global government will have judicial, executive, and legislative branches; a government-financed two-party system from the global presidency down to village level; with one monetary system, civil service system, electoral system and an economic system grounded on free enterprise. A global president, vice-president, a chamber of hereditary leaders and a chamber of territorial representatives will be popularly elected. The territorial divisions of the world will have governors, vice governors, and territorial representatives who will also be popularly elected. The cabinet heads of the global government and as well as that of the geographical divisions should come from the popularly elected representatives of the territorial divisions.

Ten (10) Stages towards the formation of the Global Government:
1. Information drive and leveling – off using the Globalist Manifesto
2. Formation of the critical mass of global advocates from every corner of the world.
3. Formation of the International Global Government Organizing Committee.
4. International Convention to Draft the Global Constitution.
5. International Plebiscite on the Global Constitution.
6. Formation of the global two – party system.
7. Election of the Global President, Vice-President, Territorial Representatives, and International Council of Hereditary Leaders.
8. Appointment of the Global Cabinet from among the Territorial Representatives.
9. Formation of the Global Seat of Government, Armed Forces and Central Bank.
10.Managing the world towards lasting peace and prosperity.

This manifesto should be advocated worldwide to kings, queens, heads of the states, heads of the government, diplomats, military leaders, educators, scientists, church leaders, business leaders, personalities, thinkers and everyone. Leaders from all over the world would advocate this vision and one of them should become the founding president of the global government with the rest as the founding fathers.YOU COULD BE ONE OF THEM.

Asian Institute of Management, Makati City, Philippines, October 18, 2002.

Cet agenda globaliste est très à la mode dans certains cercles nouvel age qui se préoccupent de « changements de la conscience » et de philosophie intégrale. De là découle leurs idées de politique intégrale en faveur d’un fédéralisme mondial ou gouvernance globale: A Proposal for Integral Global Governance & Integral World Government (jpg), Steve McIntosh (pseudo-penseur new age lié aux gourous Ken Wilber et Andrew Cohen)

Quelques exemples de plans pour un gouvernement mondial, certains plus théoriques d’autres plus actuels.

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September 11, 2003

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Illuminati Prime Directives, (philosophie objectiviste, selon Ayn Rand)

1. All prime directives are of equal importance regardless of how they are listed (There are some deep secrets behind the reasoning for these directives, only made available to Illuminati Members).
2. Humanity must survive at all costs. What this means, is that all measures must be taken to ensure this, and this is a need which outweighs the rights of the individual/individual rights.
3. Planet earth must be protected at all costs. Same as above.
4. The most intelligent and educated humans are superior to all others and they must reproduce with others at all costs and must be protected at all cost.
Basically, all this means, is that we seek to establish a hybrid human race, devoid of nationalism and racism. Studies show that children of mixed races are more intelligent and healthier overall.
5. Logic and reason must be the foundation of all speech and teachings at all costs. This means that no fairy tales must be permitted to be taught to children or anyone. Opinions must be stated as being such, and the idea of ghosts and spirits are concepts based in irrationality and stupidity. There must be supportive evidence for everything involving education and higher learning. Society must be cleansed of superstition etc.
6. No human may hold a superior position unless he or she has obtained degrees in physics and biology. This is because those whom are educated in these fields,
posses a higher understanding of reality, and thus posses an advanced/developed mind. Education breeds education and enlightenment.
7. The population of planet earth must be reduced to 3 billion and maintained at approximately that number (until such time when our Enlightened Society is in place and all the family names of our enemies are wiped off the planet). The basis for this is, prosperity, security and well being of not only society, but all life forms on our planet, and our beloved planet itself. The reduction in population is to be
done through education of the need for this. Of course there are other means, and mother nature and diseases will help us in this regard.
8. All human males and females should be sterilized as soon as they reach puberty, to protect them from premature and unwanted births. Unlike some uneducated fools think, women can still have babies, even with their tubes tied, but not accidentally and men can have their sterilization reversed once they are mature, educated and able to support children financially.
9. All criminals must be used for productivity science research and experiments. Criminals are to be given options to choose if they wish to work or which scientific experiments they are willing to be part of. This is self explanatory.
10. Science and scientists must be the only governing body of planet earth and humanity. This is so that intelligent people compose the ruling class, not religionists and politicians. What we will achieve with this, is a system of law and order, not political and religionist mind games.
11. Politics and politicians must be eliminated at all costs. This is because in a society of Objectivists, there is no room for politicians. The society of the future will be ruled by the enlightened, together with society, which too will be enlightened and highly educated.
12. Farmers may own up to 10,000 acres of land and must never be taxed as long as they utilize their farms for farming (until all is set in place).
13. Genetic engineering must be one of the most supported fields. If you do not understand this, it is not for you to understand.
14. All governmental bodies must be under the command of persons with degrees in physics and biology and chemistry.
15. All lower life forms must be protected at all cost and scientific research must take this into consideration. Self explanatory.
16. Humans must not be permitted to consume any type of flesh. Killing other life forms, simply because we like the taste, is barbaric, and is rooted in savagery.
17. Should an alien being(s) visit our planet or should we encounter other aliens humanity must consider them superior to us and must protect and never harm them unless they pose an obvious threat and immediate to our kind.
18. Nationalism, religion and racism must be eliminated at all costs. Self explanatory.
19. All types of humans (nationalities) must procreate with each other at all costs. nationalism.}
20. Anyone who is against the Prime directives must be neutralized at all costs.

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