Le nouveau Secrétaire américain à la Justice Michael Mukasey : un autre juif sioniste

Bush’s candidate for AG gets seal of approval from N.Y. Jews
By Shlomo Shamir, 2 oct 2007

NEW YORK – The U.S. Senate has yet to approve the recent nomination of Michael Mukasey, a retired federal judge and Modern Orthodox Jew from New York, as a replacement for outgoing U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez. His hearing with the Senate is scheduled for this week.

Irrespective of the hearing’s outcome, Mukasey has already passed his public hearing with the Jewish community with flying colors. Secular and religious Jews and opinion shapers alike have over the past weeks expressed unreserved support for Mukasey’s candidacy for the U.S. justice system’s top executive officer.

As with every other year, Mukasey could be found this Yom Kippur at Kehilath Jeshurun in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. At the synagogue, Rabbi Haskel Lookstein describes Mukasey as a veteran frequenter. « He hasn’t missed a single prayer during the High Holidays, » says Lookstein. « He might skip a prayer here and there, but he’s a believer and a devout Jew. »

It has been two weeks since U.S. President George Bush announced Mukasey as his candidate to replace Gonzales, who was forced to step down following accusations of illegitimate dismissals of federal prosecutors. Many in the Jewish community regarded the nomination as gift for the holidays, and leaders and opinion shapers are pouring out the compliments.

« Mukasey comes from a very well-respected Jewish family, » said Abraham H. Foxman, National Director of the Anti-Defamation League. Foxman’s family immigrated to the U.S. from the same city in Ukraine as Mukasey’s parents.

Lookstein, who was Mukasey’s counselor at summer camp, says his former camper is « an honest, noble and humble man. » Lookstein goes on to say that Mukasey is « first a good man, and only then a tzadik – a righteous person.

Mukasey, 66, graduated from Columbia University in 1963. He later received a degree in law from Yale. If his nomination is approved, Mukasey will become the second Jew in U.S. history to preside as attorney general.

The first Jewish attorney general, Edward Hirsch Levi, was appointed to the post is 1975, with the task of restoring the federal justice department’s greatly diminished status following the Watergate affair.

Mukasey was appointed to the bench in 1987 by the late Republican president Ronald Reagan. He retired last year and opened a private law firm.(…)

The only potential hurdle in Mukasey’s path could be his strong ties with Republican presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani. It was Mukasey who swore in Giuliani as mayor of New York City in 1993. The ceremony was moved from its original date because of Mukasey’s observance of Shabbat.

Le juif sioniste Michael Chertoff devait remplacer Alberto Gonzales au poste de Secrétaire à la Justice (Attorney General) de l’administration américaine.

On se souvient que Gonzales est tombé à cause de plusieurs controverses et allégations de parjures relativement aux écoutes illégales autorisées par Bush, mais cette mise à pied servirait plutôt à empêcher une enquête plus approfondie. Ce qui n’est pas sans rappeler Paul Wolfowitz, directeur de la Banque Mondiale, juif sioniste et idéologue néoconservateur de l’administration Bush, remplacé pour cause de corruption par son confrère juif sioniste néoconservateur Robert Zoellick (ce que le juif atlantiste-sioniste Bernard Kouchner, ministre Français des Affaires Étrangères, a applaudi). Pour en savoir plus sur Chertoff: cliquez ici.

Mais finalement, Bush a choisi un autre juif sioniste : Mike B. Mukasey, juif orthodoxe reconnu pour ses efforts dans la guerre au terrorisme (pour en savoir plus sur Mukasey, cliquez ici). Le néocon juif sioniste Bill Kristol en est heureux. Surpris?

Plus ça change, plus c’est toujours la même pathocratie et plus ce sont toujours les mêmes psychopathes qui gouvernent. Lisez Political Ponerology (ponerologie: science du mal) de A. Lobaczewsky.

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