Projet Apocalyptique à Jérusalem: un bunker réservé aux dirigeants d’Israël

Henrique Cymerman
03 Nov 2007
Original en espagnol, traduit par SOTT (écouter leurs podcasts)

Apocalyptic project in Jerusalem: A giant bunker will protect politicians and the military from a nuclear attack.

They call it « the modern Noah’s Ark » or « the Final Day’s refuge ». On Jerusalem’s mounts one of the biggest and most secret projects ever accomplished in the history of Israel is being built. A giant underground bunker inside which the leaders of Israel will protect themselves in case of a nuclear attack: ministers, deputies and generals who, from inside, will direct the destiny of the nation, as well as the military reaction after the attack.

The place, where construction started more than one year ago and is expected to last until 2011, is connected to the new presidential headquarters. Its goal is to serve the leaders of Israel in case of war in the region, chemical or biological attacks, large scale bombings or natural catastrophes such as earthquakes or devastating fires. Many hundred millions euros have been invested and PM Ehud Olmert and many members of the Kneset, the Israeli Parliament, have already visited it.

Whenever any media source, be it Israelí or foreign, has tried to approach the construction site, entry was immediately and strictly denied to them by dozens of security agents protecting the area. Officially, the access points are considered classified information.

A couple of days ago, the Israeli newspaper Yediot Ahronot, published a few pictures of the building, in which one can see a tunnel wide enough for two large trucks to simultaneously navigate side by side. According to that media source, the building project is progressing very rapidly.

After driving two kilometers inside the mountain, the tunnel leads to huge rooms with roofs that are dozens of meters high, and in which the major government and military headquarters are being built. There are dozens of lifts in the place, which gives it the aspect of a science-fiction movie. It is well known that a journey driving inside the bunker lasts for about 15 minutes, and the road, more than 10 meter’s wide, has fluorescent lights all along it. In the sides, along the way, one can see openings for the air conditioning and electricity installations.

The Israeli military censored the information and did not allow the media to publish what the depth of this apocalyptic bunker will be. The exact surface area of the site is also kept secret, as well as the total cost of the project, though Yediot Ahronot estimates it at 240 million dollars.

All the workers involved in the project are Jewish, of Israeli nationality, who were submitted to long security inspections before being hired. Four building companies known around the globe have joined their efforts to achieve this work, which will last for a total of 5 years.

A deputy who had visited the site said to this media source: « It looks like the Final Judgment scenario. Let’s hope that it will never be necessary to live in this overwhelming place that looks like a movie about the Cold War. »

It was former PM Ehud Barak, former chief of Tsahal and the most recognized official of his history, who started the initiative to build this atomic refuge. Now, Barak, as the new Minister of the Defense, is once again in charge of this national project. The ecological groups criticize the construction of this bunker claiming that it is causing great damage to nature, and they describe it as « megalomaniac ».

On the other hand, this government’s initiative raises a series of dilemmas, such as who will be included in the list of those who will have the right to find protection in the site: only national leaders or, for example, their families? It is also not clear what would be done with the citizens who might try to infiltrate the place in order to save their own lives.

There were immediate reactions after Yediot Ahronot published information concerning this project: some people felt indignation for the fact that it would only be the leaders who would be spared while the rest of the country is devastated; for the same reason, others consider it absolutely useless, and others see in it a « bunker mentality » that should be avoided throwing « preventive attacks » against the enemies of Israel. And, of course, many believe that there are many other more important and urgent goals on which to spend that amount of money.

In an article published by the same news agency, Yediot Ahronot, Ariella Ringel-Hoffman made an ironic comment saying that the citizens, who are financing this project, cannot do much more than trust in it. Later she added: « There is nothing original in this initiative that the king Herodes wouldn’t already have had in mind two thousand years ago, when he had thousands of slaves digging in Masada – the stunning fortress built on a rock. Perhaps the only difference is that in those times it was assumed that as long as the king lived, so would his kingdom. However, the same cannot be said of the situation where Ehud Olmert, Haim Ramon, Rafi Eitan and Amir Peretz would survive while the rest of the country is bombed by Syrian missiles, not to mention a nuclear offensive ».

Lastly, the author said: « Let’s be clear, is it possible that we may be talking about a megalomaniac project, a very beautiful and comfortable five star resort for club members? »

This is not the first gigantic project that Israel has started in the name of security. In the desert of Neguev, huge reserves of oil were stockpiled – costing millions of dollars – and they have practically not been used. In the 50s, the Israeli government decided to build a secret power station in Tel Aviv, which would be made to work if the other stations happened to be neutralized by an enemy attack. That place, Reading 3, was never utilized and has now been turned into a museum.

The Israelis hope that this will happen as well with the tunnel and the nuclear-blast-proof rooms built into the mountains surrounding the Holy City.

Commentaire: Même si une large part des Israéliens sont convaincus que leur gouvernement est corrompu à l’os, certains journalistes considèrent que ce projet devrait être gardé top secret et censuré dasn les médias.

Channel Ten & Irresponsible journalism
For this channel to reveal Gvt issues that ought to be state secret for obvious security reasons, is, in my view, the height of irresponsible journalism.

Why on earth would Channel Ten have the whole world know that Israel is building an underground bunker?

You may call it freedom of the press, but there ought to be a limit!

Commentaire: il y a des contradictions au niveau du contenu de cet article paru en novembre 2007 et un autre paru en décembre 2003: Israeli government digging underground command center near Jerusalem, Ellis Shuman, Israel Insider, 08 Dec 2003. L’article en espagnol dit:

« The place, where construction started more than one year ago and is expected to last until 2011 »

L’autre article, en anglais, de décembre 2003 dit:

« For the past year, construction on a secret tunneling project has been taking place in the Judean Hills ».

Ou bien l’auteur de l’article ignorait que la nouvelle avait déjà été annoncée en 2003 et que les travaux devaient se terminer en 2008 (et non pas en 2011), ou bien il y a quelque chose d’autre qui nous échappe…

Autre contradiction: la version en hébreu (trad. en anglais) dit:

« Former Mossad head MK Danny Yatom (Likud) told Ynet he believed the decision to prepare the underground command center was first made by the Netanyahu government. »

Netanyahu a déjà été PM et appartient au courant du parti du « Likud » (la droite).

Dans la version espagnole, il est dit:

« It was former PM Ehud Barak, former chief of Tsahal and the most recognized official of his history, who started the initiative to build this atomic refuge. Now, Barak, as the new Minister of the Defense, is once again in charge of this national project. »

Barak a aussi été PM, mais appartient au courant du parti Travailliste, Labor (gauche).

Bref, nous sommes laissés, intentionnelleemnt ou non, dans la confusion. Que se passe-t-il vraiment derrière le rideau?

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