Scandale au Labor Party et rumeurs antisémites

Magnate in U.K. scandal: I feared charges of a ‘Jewish conspiracy’
By Nathan Jeffay, The Forward and Haaretz Service, 07/12/2007
The British real estate magnate accused of funneling political donations to the British Labour Party said on Thursday that he had given the money secretly to avoid accusations of being part of a Jewish conspiracy, the British Jewish Chronicle reported on Friday.

When Jews and political money scandals collide, Anshel Pfeffer 02/12/2007

Labour Party cash scandal involving two prominent Jewish activists
Written by Bernard Josephs, Jewish Chronicle, 12/06/2007

British Jewry Again Finds Itself Embroiled in a Labor Party Scandal
By Nathan Jeffay, The Forward, Dec 04 2007

Jews central to Labor scandal, but no anti-Semitic fallout in U.K.
British Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s administration has been weakend by a Labor Party scandal involving two prominent Jewish political figures.
By Dinah Spritzer, JTA, 12/06/2007

The shadowy role of Labour Friends of Israel
Such lobbyists and their back-room influence should make us very uneasy
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, 03 December 2007

U.K. Jews worried by ‘Jewish conspiracy’ claims in Labour funding scandal
By Assaf Uni, Haaretz Correspondent, 09/12/2007

Abrahams denies ‘Jewish conspiracy’ remark

Claims of ‘Jewish conspiracy’ in U.K. campaign finance scandal has local community worried, By Assaf Uni, 09/12/2007

David Abrahams, le promoteur mécène qui fait trembler Gordon Brown
par Jurian Sterk, 29 novembre 2007

The United Kingdom of Israel? The Occidental Observer

Abrahams, Lord Levy and Mendelsohn: Some People Never Learn the Lesson, Gilad Atzmon

A Plot against Britain? Gilad Atzmon, Dec 9 2007

David Abrahams gave in secret ‘to quell conspiracy fears’, By Leon Symons and the JC Reporting Team, 07/12/2007

Jews are central players in U.K. financing scandals
by dinah spritzer, jta, Dec 14 2007

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