La sécurité nucléaire au coeur du scandale d’espionnage à l’AIPAC

Nuclear Security at Heart of AIPAC Spy Case
American Free Press
By Mark Glenn

After four years of delays, the trial for two accused spies for Israel, Kenneth Weissman and Steve Rosen of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), is set for the end of April. The defense—terrified of the public relations disaster for the Jewish state that will ensue—has employed an incredible amount of obfuscation, sabotage and stalling in trying to scuttle the trial.

New revelations indicate the case involves the theft and sale of secrets dealing with U.S. nuclear weapons.

Sibel Edmonds was a translator of the Turkish andFarsi languages working for the FBI. She was hired after 9-11 and her job was to listen in on conversations garnered after extensive FBI surveillance teams working in counter-espionage. After six months, she reported serious breaches of national security taking place relating to what she heard. She was sacked and placed under a secret gag order by the attorney general.

Now, in defiance of those gag orders, she has come forward with explosive information regarding Israeli spying and the stealing of U.S. nuclear secrets with the intention of selling them on the black market. In the British newspaper Sunday Times, Edmonds reveals that an international nuclear smuggling ring involving the intelligence agencies of Israel, Pakistan and Turkey, has been permitted to operate in the U.S. with protection from the government at the highest levels.

In addition to the theft and selling of U.S. nuclear secrets, this spy ring was also involved in money laundering, narcotics trafficking, and blackmail of U.S. officials.

The spy ring enlisted the support of (in some cases) high-level U.S. officials in building a network of moles (spies) in sensitive military and nuclear institutions.

“What I found was damning,” Edmonds said. “While the FBI was investigating, several arms of the government were shielding what was going on.”

According to the newspaper, the Israelis (working through their Turkish proxies) had planted moles in military and academic institutions which handled nuclear technology with several transactions of nuclear material taking place every month and the Pakistanis being among the eventual buyers. “The network appeared to be obtaining information from every nuclear agency in the United States,” she said. “The moles were helped,” she says, “by a high-ranking State Department official who provided them–mainly PhD students–with security clearances to work in sensitive nuclear research facilities, including the Los Alamos nuclear laboratory in New Mexico.”

She said the State Department official also aided foreign operatives personally by “passing them highly classified information, not only from the State Department but also from the Pentagon, in exchange for money, position and political objectives.” She also claims that the FBI gathered evidence against senior Pentagon officials—including against some in the Pentagon whom she said were “household names”— who were aiding these foreign agents, saying “If you made public all the information that the FBI has on this case, you will see very high-level people going through criminal trials.”

Edmonds’s list includes Marc Grossman, former U.S. ambassador to Turkey, assistant secretary of state for European affairs and undersecretary of state for political affairs from 2001 to 2005. Arch-neocons Richard Pearle and Paul Wolfowitz were both investigated by the FBI in the past for passing classified information on to Israel during their periods working there.

Following 9-11, a number of the foreign operatives were taken in for questioning by the FBI on suspicion that they knew about or somehow aided the attacks.

Again, the State Department official proved useful. “A primary target (of the FBI investigation) would call the State Department official and point to names on the list and say, ‘We need to get them out of the U.S. because we can’t afford for them to spill the beans,’ at which point the official said that he would ‘take care of it’,” she said.

In the days and weeks following 9-11, hundreds of Israeli nationals, many of them known to be agents working for Mossad, were detained and then quietly deported back to Israel. One of the key players involved in this was the current director of the Department of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff, (son of a former Israeli intelligence agent) who at that time was working with the Criminal Investigation Division of the Justice Department.

Let Sibel Edmonds Speak (video) (video)

Nukes, Spooks, and the Specter of 9/11: We’re in big trouble if even half of what Sibel Edmonds says is true…
The darkest secrets of 9/11 are buried at the end of the trail laid out in Edmonds’ testimony. As Luke Ryland, the world’s foremost expert on the Edmonds case, writes:

« The Times article then notes something that I reported 18 months ago. Immediately after 911, the FBI arrested a bunch of people suspected of being involved with the attacks – including four associates of key targets of FBI’s counterintelligence operations. Sibel heard the targets tell Marc Grossman: ‘We need to get them out of the U.S. because we can’t afford for them to spill the beans.’ Grossman duly facilitated their release from jail and the suspects immediately left the country without further investigation or interrogation.

« Let me repeat that for emphasis: The #3 guy at the State Dept. facilitated the immediate release of 911 suspects at the request of targets of the FBI’s investigation. »

Corruption and a massive cover-up organized at the highest levels of government – America’s nuclear secrets and technology looted on a massive scale, and sold to our enemies via a network set up by our alleged foreign « friends, » while the threat of nuclear terrorism hangs over our country like a thick fog of fear, and warmongering politicians scare us into going along with the program – if even half of what Edmonds alleges turns out to be true, then we are all in some very big trouble.—-

Ça ne concerne pas juste les suspects du 9/11 mais aussi les bombes nucléairs « égarées » au début septembre 2007.

Voici la liste: elle contient les noms de plein de néocons, de membres du PNAC, (Project for a New American Century), ou du WINEP (the Washington Institute on Near East Policy) people.

Sibel speaks
Jan 7, 2008

The former FBI translator has named all the individuals who — she says — played a role in the convoluted tale of treasonous activity that she uncovered while working for the Bureau. The information comes to us in an interesting way: She provided photos, and lukery provides names. As added value, I’m including a few biographical details. (Larisa Alexandrovna offers her own list here.)

Here they are:

1. Pentagon and State Department officials…
Richard Perle
: Chairman of the Defense Policy Board Advisory Committee (2001-2003), leading member of neocon groups PNAC, JINSA and WINEP.(He’s a registered Democrat, believe it or not, out of respect for Scoop Jackson.)

Douglas Feith: Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, 2001-2005; head of the Office of Special Plans (Pentagon intel/propaganda unit accused of using forged evidence); JINSA.

Eric Edelman: Principal Deputy Assistant to the Vice President for National Security Affairs (2001-2003); former U.S. Ambassador to Turkey (2003-2005); current Under Secretary of Defense for Policy.

Marc Grossman: United States Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs (2001-2005) Met with Pakistan’s notorious intelligence head, General Mahmoud Ahmed, just before September 11, 2001.

etc. lire la suite

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