Neocon Godfather Podhoretz Trying to Re-Ignite Fires of War Against Iran

by Mark Glenn

Just as American Free Press predicted over a month ago with the release of the National Intelligence Estimate (stating that Iran was not developing nuclear weapons) the Neocons–as irrational and uncontainable as sharks in blood-tainted water–would not be deterred from getting the war they demand. Since the release of the NIE in early December, Israel’s supporters–both in the Jewish state and in the US–have made it clear by their collective rhetoric that the NIE should be ignored as if it were an issue of Reader’s Digest or a Marvel comic book and that a nuclear Iran ruled by fanatical Mullahs will result in Armageddon.

Now, one of the most dangerous, irrational and power-mad gangsters operating within the Neocon mafia–Normon Podhoretz–is again bringing his gruff, threatening voice to bear on the necessity of going to war against Iran for Israel’s sake. In a recent piece he penned for Commentary Magazine (the printed voice of the American Jewish Committee) entitled Stopping Iran: Why the Case for Military Action Still Stands the ‘former’ Communist-Trotskyite and unregistered agent for a foreign country makes it clear–Bush needs to bomb Iran, sooner rather than later, and if not Bush, than certainly the next guy (or gal).

In the same typical haughtiness that characterizes all things coming from the Jewish state and its mouthpieces, Podhoretz begins beating the war drum by calling into question the reliability of the world’s most sophisticated intelligence gathering organizations in the US. Citing the fact that the CIA did not foresee 9/11 and the fact that they ‘got it wrong’ with regards to Saddam Hussein’s WMD program, he all but labels the NIE and its authors as wet-behind-the-ears schoolchildren who couldn’t predict cold weather in winter.

Of course, in typical Zionist obfuscatory fashion what he fails to mention is the fact that Israel knew well in advance of 9/11 what was to transpire that day as evidenced by all the Mossad agents arrested in the days and weeks following the event. It should be remembered that some of them were in circumstances as incriminating as filming the Twin Towers coming down and cheering and who, on a television program in Israel, stated that they were sent to America to ‘document the event’. Furthermore, with regards to Iraq’s WMD program and the fact that America’s intelligence services ‘got it wrong’, he conveniently fails to mention that again it was Israel’s intelligence services funneling false information to the US government through official sources and its surrogate agencies including the Pentagon’s ‘Office Of Special Plans’ and Zionist agents such as Richard Pearle, Paul Wolfowitz and Douglas Feith.

Engaging in the predictable business of fear-mongering that is the main ingredient in all gruesome dishes cooked up in the Zionist witch’s cauldron of war and suffering, Podhoretz depicts an apocalyptic future with a nuclear-armed Iran under the throes of religious fundamentalism. Continuing with the shameless misquoting of Ahmadinejhad that began some time ago, Israel, the apple of God’s eye, would be ‘wiped off the map’. He again fails to mention that Iran, a relatively short distance away and armed to the teeth with missiles of the latest Russian design capable of defeating any anti-missile defense system could in all likelihood achieve that now if it wanted and yet has not.

Following in the tradition of former Israeli Foreign Minister Abba Eban who (giddy as a giggling schoolboy who had just been kissed by the class beauty) was once quoted saying during the first Gulf War that ‘Never before did Israel have the privilege of having 500,000 foreigners fight for her, until now’, Podhoretz dismisses the idea of Israel fighting her own war against Iran. No, the danger to Israel, both physically as well as in the court of world-wide public opinion, would be too great. America must do it, despite the fact that without question horrible events would ensue. Without a hint of reservation or concern for the fact that America is already hated worldwide and her economy is on life-support, he speaks of ‘vast’ increases in the price of oil leading to ‘catastrophic consequences’ for every economy in the world, including America’s, concluding with his acknowledgement of the world‘s backlash against the ‘inescapable civilian casualties’. What he fails to mention but about which he must certainly be aware is that war with Iran means war with nuclear-armed Russia as well, something which does not seem to phase him.

As much as some may be tempted top dismiss Podhoretz and his recent piece as the scribblings of a lunatic with no real power, reality should be allowed to weigh in. Yes, he is a lunatic, but not of the variety normally seen in one of America’s larger cities pushing a shopping cart around and talking to himself. This is the man who predicted with all the cockiness and confidence of a seasoned gangster that Bush would bomb Iran before he left office and for which Podhoretz said he ‘prayed with all his heart’ as a Jew. Besides his own deluded fantasies of death, Jewish world domination and mayhem, as demonstrated on too many occasions Podhoretz is on a first-name basis with the recovering-alcoholic-turned-born-again-Apocalyptic-Christian named George Bush and can at anytime pick up the phone, call the White House and announce he is ‘dropping by for a chat’ and be ushered in with no delay. He has a direct line to the highest echelons within the Israeli government and its intelligence services and is often used by them as an asset in formulating and marshalling American Jewish opinion and activism at appropriate times.

Podhoretz’ latest piece demonstrates without question that he and all who think like him are not just mad, but wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing and traitors to America. As they have demonstrated on too many occasions–from Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty, the theft of America’s most sensitive defense secrets by Jewish spy Jonathon Pollard, 9/11 and the debacle in Iraq they are the most dangerous enemies America has ever had. As much as they may choose their words carefully in trying to appear as allies to the US, the fact is that they are Israelis first, second and third, and care nothing about how the demands of the Jewish state are quickly dragging the once-Christian nation known as America towards the abyss.

If indeed there is anything that Americans better realize soon before all is lost, it is not the religious fundamentalists in Iran or any other Muslim country that should frighten them as much as the religious nutcases in Israel and America who have openly declared themselves to be the physical incarnation of God on earth and who have promised to destroy mankind in a fiery Armageddon should their plans of world-wide domination fail.

Correspondent and Contributing Editor–American Free Press Newspaper

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