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Benjamin Netanyahu trinque avec Al Gore

Israel to honor Al Gore

Former US vice president to receive prestigious Dan David Prize, including check for $1 million, for ‘enormous contribution to preventing global ecological disaster’

Amir Ben-David
Israel Activism

Former US Vice President and Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore will visit Israel next month in order to receive the Dan David Prize in a ceremony that will take place at the Tel Aviv University.

Gore will receive the prestigious prize, which includes a check for $1 million, « for his enormous contribution in raising international awareness, maintaining the environment and preventing a global ecological disaster, » as written in the rationale of the judges’ decision.

The judges also noted that Gore is the leading politician in this field, and that his widespread activities, which include political influence, lectures, movies and books, created a real change in the awareness of people and governments.

As part of his visit, Gore is expected to open a special conference at the university, which will examine the alternatives for the pollution caused by the coal and oil used for the production of electricity, in factories and as a means to ignite cars. The conference will examine technological, economic, political and other aspects related to this subject.

Other figures who will participate in this scientific-economic-public event include President Shimon Peres, Infrastructure Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer and Environment Minister Gideon Ezra.

Tel Aviv University president, Professor Zvi Galil, said Monday that « the conference organizers succeeded in bringing the best researchers and a line of leading decision-makers to a groundbreaking, international gathering that will contribute to the rise in awareness of restoring energy in Israel and in the world. »

Professor Hagit Messer Yaron, vice president of research and development at the Tel Aviv University said, « The widespread research activity at Tel Aviv University constitutes an infrastructure for implementation according to the societal and economic needs in Israel and in the world and is expressed in this conference. »

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