L’ancien porte-parole de la Maison blanche Scott McClellan expose les mensonges de Bush

Surveillez bien les révélations de ce McClellan sur les mensonges de Bush relatifs à la guerre en Irak, la fuite de l’identité de l’agent Valerie Plame, etc.

Certains suggèrent que c’est dans le but de nuire à l’élection de McCain. Espérons ce ça fonctionne!

video: McClellan To Nail McCain

Ex-Bush aide: White House had media ‘allies’

video McClellan on Olbermann: Be Sceptical of Bush Spokeswoman on Iran (suite)
McClellan on Bush & media

McClellan: Bush Admitted He Authorized Betrayal of Secret CIA Terror Weapons Program

McClellan Suggests Plame Cover-up

McClellan tells Today Show Bush authorized Plame leak

McClellan Book: Bush’s « Sixteen Words » Were Key Argument For War

Bush’s fury as ex-spokesman twists the knife

Iraq WMD Lies: The Words of Mass Deception

Diplomat’s suppressed document lays bare the lies behind Iraq war

Warnings on WMD ‘Fabricator’ Were Ignored, Ex-CIA Aide Says

Star Witness on Iraq Said Weapons Were Destroyed

The French, the Germans and the Russians all KNEW there were no WMDs in Iraq prior to the invasion

Bush knew Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction

2001: Powell & Rice Declare Iraq Has No WMD and Is Not a Threat

McCain: I would have started Iraq war regardless of WMD

Video: Ron Paul confronts Condie Rice: lies about Iran « eerily » like Iraq’s (non-existent) WMDs

McClellan: Bush, Cheney Wanted Me To Say Libby Wasn’t Involved In CIA Leak Case

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