Sympathy for the devil

Sympathy for John Hagee
by Michael A. Hoffman II
Copyright © 2008

We live in an upside-down mirror world where white is called black and black is white and the truth is the least precious of all the commodities marketed in America mystica.

On that blasted stage stands John Hagee, the physically and spiritually grotesque crypto-rabbi who styles himself a Christian preacher. This writer was informed by Alex Jones that Hagee openly applauds the murder of Palestinian civilians. Hagee, with his large following and unabashed worship of carnal Israel as personified by Talmudic Judaism and war-Zionism, is a poster boy for all that has gone haywire in America.

Hagee’s bloodthirsty advocacy of extremist Israeli policy is a matter of record. That John McCain, the presumed Republican candidate for President, would ally with Hagee – last year or last month – is beyond surreal. Hagee is such a violence-loving nitwit that it soon dawned on McCain’s handlers that Hagee was more of a liability than an asset, and a means of breaching the alliance born out of his endorsement of the McCain candidacy was sought.

Hagee’s anti-Catholic remarks were seized upon as the means for the breach, but Hagee made amends for them with an apology. At last, sufficient grounds for extrication were discovered: Hagee had once said that Hitler had done God’s work by forcing the Judaics out of Europe, to the favored Zionist entity in the Middle East.

Hagee, the Grand Dragon of Ku Klux Judaism, was transformed by the corporate media, in the alchemical twinkling of an eye, into a no-good « antisemite. » In the eyes of the public this affair must have appeared to be yet another « shameful instance in the long history of the persecution of God’s Chosen » etc. A major fundraiser for Israeli killers and Talmudic dealers and stealers of Palestinian real estate, becomes a Hitlerian « Jew-hater » in one wave of the media magicians’ wand.

A colossal hoax like this can only be pulled off by preying on the ignorance of the people and the connivance of the self-censorship of Big Media. The media are fully aware that what John Hagee said of Hitler he learned from his masters – leading Israeli rabbis have effusively praised the German fuehrer in similar terms.

From the nineteenth century until the ascension of the Third Reich, Germany had been the center of the movement known to history as the « Haskalah, » which cultivated and inspired the Judaic version of the Enlightenment that revolted against the Talmud. It was German Judaics who pioneered the break with 2,000 years of suffocating rabbinic rules, regulations and totalitarian mind control.

This was an unconscionable sin in the eyes of the rabbis of Orthodox Judaism. It was predicted by the rabbis of the past that the wrath of God would befall these wayward German Judaic « maskilim. » According to leading, twenty-first century Israeli rabbis, the instrument of that righteous wrath was Adolf Hitler.

The Chief Rabbi of the powerful Israeli political party known as Shas, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, declared that the Judaics of Germany got what they deserved at the hands of Hitler. They were sinners who departed from the Talmud and they were rightly punished.

The Lithuanian-born Rabbi Eliezer Menachem Schach, also preached that Hitler’s murder of modern German Judaics was divinely ordained. Schach was not an obscure or marginal figure. According to the Nov. 3, 2001 edition of the New York Times, Rabbi Schach « wielded powerful influence over the country’s politics for more than two decades…A fiery scholar who combined Talmudic erudition with shrewd political instinct, Rabbi Schach served as a key power broker through his spiritual leadership of Orthodox parties whose support was vital for the formation and survival of several Israeli governments. He led the Agudat Yisrael and Degel Hatorah parties of Ashkenazic Jews. »

The rabbis of Orthodox Judaism fear two developments above all else, assimilation (marrying a gentile) and heresy (disbelieving the formerly oral law of the Mishnah, Gemara and subsequent halacha derived from them). Many German Judaics embodied both of these tendencies. Hitler despised them for the same reason, their integration into the German nation. In a symbiotic meeting of the minds, Hitler and the Orthodox rabbis had the same enemy.

If we had an honest news media, Hagee’s remarks about Hitler would have been reported in the context of similar depraved remarks made by prominent Israeli rabbis. In this way, they too would have been tainted with Nazi associations and appalling indifference to human suffering. But that cannot be allowed. Rabbinic prestige must be protected at all costs and truth is the first casualty of the protection racket. Consequently, the American people are left with the delirious impression that John Hagee, a man who is a rabbi in all but name, is our most notorious « antisemite. »

« …every cop is a criminal…all the sinners saints…heads is tails… »
-Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, « Sympathy for the Devil »

(Hoffman is nearing completion of his book « Judaism Discovered, » due to be published this summer by Independent History and Research)

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