Nativité Emmurée À Bethléem

C’est dans les ténèbres les plus noires que la Lumière est la plus éclatante.

Un Joyeux Noël à toutes et à tous !

Mur de Jérusalem. A Bethléem, cette barrière prend la forme d’un mur de béton de quatre mètres de haut, avec des tours de guet

« Israël attribue en partie cette accalmie à l’érection de la clôture qu’il construit le long de la frontière avec la Cisjordanie. A Bethléem, cette barrière prend la forme d’un mur de béton de quatre mètres de haut, avec des tours de guet.
… Les Palestiniens déplorent toutefois la présence du mur de béton qui entrave, selon eux, le commerce et rebute les touristes étrangers.

Peu habitués au réseau de barrages routiers et de points de contrôle qui maille la Cisjordanie, de nombreux visiteurs considèrent cette construction qui sépare Jérusalem de Bethléem comme une vilaine cicatrice dans un lieu sacré de la chrétienté.
Le Premier ministre israélien Ehud Olmert a déclaré mardi qu’Israël devrait achever l’édification de la « barrière de sécurité » à Jérusalem d’ici la fin 2009. Suite
(Source: L’Express Reuters, Les pèlerins chrétiens affluent à Bethléem, publié le 24/12/2008 à 18:00)

2007: Nativité emmurée à Bethlehem

A Letter From A Palestinian Muslim to Santa

So this is Christmas, Gaza and the World

Lest We Forget–The celebration of Christmas began with the Iranians

ed note–just another piece in the puzzle as to why the Jews want Iran destroyed–they–the 3 Kings from Iran–were the FIRST people to pay homage to Jesus Christ, the sworn enemy of Rabbinical Judaism and its political offshoot–Zionism

Top Catholic cleric to use Christmas address to slam Israel

Christmas spirit gone awry Op-ed: NGOs’ attacks on Israel using Christmas symbols debase very meaning of holiday

Thousands of Christians banned by Israel from entering Bethlehem for Christmas

Israel to Abbas: No, Jesus was not a Palestinian



VIDEO – Christmas in Iran
Noël chez les « musulmans intolérants et extrémistes qui ne respectent pas nos valeurs occidentales »…

Muslims Don’t Want Xmas Banned

Christmas in Tehran

What’s wrong with this picture?

This is a picture of Christmas mass being celebrated in IRAN, one of those HORRIBLE MOOOOZLIM countries. Notice, there are no beheadings, no armed guards pushing people around, no desecrations of Jesus or Christianity, nothing more than an atmosphere of respect, reverence and peace…People are free to celebrate the birth of Jesus with no restraints.
In the meantime, in Israel, Palestinian Christians from Gaza and the West Bank are prohibited from travelling to Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus (which happens to be part of Jordan, another one of those HORRIBLE MOOOOZLIM countries) to celebrate the birth of the one man singularly loved by both Christians AND Muslims and singularly HATED by Jews. IN ISRAEL, Christian churches are burned, Christians are spat upon by Jews and their holy places are desecrated daily with vulgar graffiti left by ‘God’s Chosen People’, and how do ‘Christian countries’ such as the US, UK, and the rest of Europe punish this lawless state when it engages in such behavior?
They shower Israel with money, guns, political support/protection and fight the Jews’ Goddamned wars for them around the world, killing the same Muslims who love and revere Jesus as much as Christians do, or even more.
As we have stated here ad nauseum for years, one of the main reasons for the fury of the Jews in wanting to see Islamic countries destroyed is for the simple reason that in Islamic countries the memory and personhood of Jesus are still revered, respected, loved and protected, unlike in the ‘Christian’ countries where He is mocked daily in the JMSM and in the very culture and politics of the West.
As the title originally asked–What’s wrong with this picture?

‘Jesus Christ has no less value amongst Muslims as he does amongst pious Christians, and if He were among us today, He would not spare even a single moment to fight the leaders of despotism and global arrogance ; nor would He tolerate hunger and wandering of millions of people, degenerated by the hegemonic and colonialist powers into war, corruption, and violence.’

–The Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatullah Sayyed Ali Khameini

Hizbullah Praises Hero Issawi’s Victory, Congratulates Christians on Christmas

Souhaiter de bonnes fêtes aux non-musulmans

American Atheists Celebrate 50 Years of Attacking Christianity

Assault on Christianity can be traced back to Jewish-initiated lawsuits

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