La halakha exclut les non-juifs de la knesset


Rabbi Shlomo Aviner: Rabbinical Law Forbids Democracy For Arabs

Rabbi Shlomo AvinerImage source: Ariel Horowitz

Rabbi Shlomo Aviner is a prominent Israeli scholar of Halacha- Jewish law. In a ruling taken from his weblog it is claimed that the esteemed Rabbi said that Halacha forbade non-Jews from taking positions of power in a Jewish state:

« A prominent Zionist rabbi ruled this week that according to the Halacha, a non-Jew cannot serve as a Knesset member in the State of Israel, even if the public agrees to it. « This is irrelevant, » said Rabbi Shlomo Aviner, « This is a Jewish state and Jews are the ones leading the Jewish state. »

Aviner was asked on his weblog whether the election of non-Jews to parliament does not undermine the government’s authority, and « is it even allowed for non-Jews to be part of the Jewish state’s leadership? »

The rabbi replied that this was indeed against a halachic ruling issued by Maimonides, and that although later there were those who sought to allow it « if the nation agrees to it, » Rabbi Zvi Yehuda Kook ruled this out as an « irrelevant » consideration. »

According to Aviner, the present situation in Israel was undesirable, but added that since the Arab minority had no real influence on Israel’s affairs, things were not so bad. However, « If they become the deciding factor and create the majority – this is blasphemy. »

The rabbi concluded: « Still, we are very happy to have our own state, even if some of the Knesset members are not Jewish. This is a million times better than being ruled by the Brits or the Turks. »

(Source: Ynet News)

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