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Update 27 March, 2009:

Professor Hall Accused of Anti-Semitism?

11 March, 2009


Prof who alleges advance Israeli knowledge of 9/11 invited by U of W’s Dept. of Sociology to speak

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Jewish Post and News


March 11, 2009

Dr. Hall says he knows his article featured on a website near a large swastika

Dr. Anthony Hall, pictured at right, gave the annual distinguished lecture sponsored by the Sociology Department of the University of Winnipeg on Friday March 6, 2009.

At U of W, he delivered a paper he wrote entitled “BUSH LEAGUE JUSTICE: Should George W. Bush Be Arrested in Calgary Alberta to be Tried for International Crimes? The paper covered many topics and is posted in its entirety on peaceallaincewinnipeg.ca. Hall is the founder and professor of Globalization Studies at the University of Lethbridge.

Part of Hall’s paper is titled “Taking on the 9/11 Cover Up” in which Hall deals with the events of September 11, 2001. In his paper, Hall says that “It is not hard to imagine the main arguments for the defense if…George Bush, Richard Cheney…and others… face their accusers in a proper court of law. At its base their defense would almost certainly lie in their contention that their county had been attacked in 2001 by an external enemy using tactics that were so audacious and unexpected that the Islamic terrorists were able to penetrate the entire military-industrial complex and the huge national security apparatus.” (More of Hall’s remarks on the “9/11 Cover up” are reported in detail by Matt Bellan in a related story on p.18. See “Lesley Hughes defends 2002 column alleging advance Israeli knowledge of 9/11″.)

After the presentation, The Jewish Post & News showed Dr. Hall an article that he had written which is posted on the internet on www.mtl911truth.org. In that article, Hall referred to former Liberal candidate Lesley Hughes and acknowledged that there was a “factually incorrect point included in a paper she wrote in 2002.”

But then in his article, Hall goes on to refer to the Israeli government as follows:

“While [Lesley] Hughes was wrong in her details, she is far from alone in her more general position that many intelligence services had prior knowledge that something very drastic was about to happen in the days and weeks leading up to 9/11. One of those intelligence services was indeed that of Israel. The Israeli government’s understanding of the situation was almost certainly connected to the activities of an Israeli spy ring posing as art students especially in the Hollywood Florida region. (Anthony Hall, Hate Speech as Political Rhetoric: Stephen Harper and 9/11 in the Canadian Election of 2008 http://www.mtl911truth.org/?p=526)”

On the bottom right corner of the menu bar on www.mtl911truth.org where Hall’s article is posted, pictured at left, there is a large swastika made up of bullets, the Israeli flag, the American flag, the British flag and the NATO flag.

Immediately after the event, this reporter asked Dr. Hall if he was aware that his article was on the above website and showed him a photocopy of the swastika.

He said “Yes, I know about that.” He said that the person who put that swastika on the site was Patrick Biron. When asked how to spell the last name, Hall wrote in this reporters notebook, the word “Biron.” He said that he knew “Patrick” and “I’ve talked to Patrick,” and that he is a student that made a movie.

The Jewish Post & News asked Hall why he had not asked to have his article removed from the website in order to dissociate himself from the anti-Semitic swastika. He replied “What is this McCarthyism?”

Prof. Evelyn Schaefer of the U of W’s Department of Psychology told Hall that the swastika was very offensive and that that she was displeased that Hall knew about this site and the swastika and had not asked to have his article removed.

He said ” This has nothing to do with me” and if she had a problem she should take it up with “Patrick”. Hall told her that he himself had taken no steps to remove his article from the website in order not to be associated with the swastika.

Outside the lecture hall, Sheryl Rosenberg, held in her hand a photocopy of the swastika and said, “Now you’ve seen this before?” He answered “Yes, I’ve seen it [the swastika] before.”

Rosenberg then asked “And you’ve seen it [pointing to the swastika] before in association with your name ”

” Hall answered “I guess you could put it that way, yes.”

Rosenberg’s exchange with Hall was witnessed by Prof. Evelyn Schaefer, Prof. Steven Schaefer, Judy Price Rosen and Samantha Loxton of the Jewish Federation, and The Jewish Post & News.

When asked why he had done nothing to disassociate himself from the website and swastika, Hall responded to Evelyn Schaefer and Rosenberg “I’m going to reflect on that concern. This is a terribly tough issue.” He acknowledged “the Swastika is offensive”, although he added words to the effect that the “right wing” was trying to suppress the “democratic left”.

He said that instead of being concerned with the swastika, “the Jewish community” needs to reflect on ‘”whether Lesley Hughes is really an anti-Semite?” Hughes was standing nearby.

Hall said to both Rosenberg and Schaefer “If I took a stand, if I was persuaded that I should make a point [and ask to have my article removed because of the swastika] would that make things better for you? Would that be helpful?”

Rosenberg and Schaefer told Hall that that was his moral choice. “It’s based on your moral conscience, not mine” said Schaefer.

Hall also said that “I did demand that one of my articles be removed from the Facts not Fairies website because I found that site was terribly anti Semitic.”

After Hall’s lecture, The Jewish Post & News spoke with Heidi Rimke, an Associate Professor at the U of W’s Department of Sociology. When asked if she was the catalyst for bringing Hall to speak at U of W, she said “yes”.

She said she knows Hall because both she and he were contributing writers to the International Encyclopedia of Revolution and Protest, by Blackwell.

Rimke also said “Let’s hope I have a job next week.”

Outside the lecture room, when shown the photocopy of Hall’s article on the website with the swastika, Rimke said “I don’t know anything about that [swastika].”

In an interview prior to the event, Dr. Hall referred to Lesley Hughes in supportive terms, saying “Lesley Hughes was essentially raped in the public square by the Liberal Party of Canada.” He made a similar statement during his presentation.


Comment from editor:
The swastika within the Montreal Metro Logo is a purposefully provocative image in order to bring attention to the potential of Mossad false flag operation with the intention of spreading terror in Canada:

Please watch: Montreal, the Next Terror Target?

The entire image in question:


Kudos to the Jewish Post !Bravo for Rhonda Spivak’s great piece of character assassination.We should always do our best to put out one sided, disingenuousarticles when someone doesn’t follow the Official Story Regarding 911.Questioning 911 is terrorism. Questioning Israel policy is terrorism.People that protest torture are terrorists.People that are brave enough to stand up need to be smeared andattacked as quickly as possible.I especially enjoyed how you played the swastika card.I am glad you didn’t address the symbolic nature of that image. TheBullets and the flags. The Muslim standpoint.You just called it a swastika and left it at that. Great job Rhonda !It’s good that you mention Prof. Hall name and swastikas as many timesas you did.People don’t remember details but they will remember Prof. Hall and swastika.I am glad you never covered the content of Prof Hall’s speech. Thatwould have been a mistake. People might have got the wrong idea.You never addressed torture or war crimes of the Bush Administration.Well done !How dare Prof.Hall mention McCarthyism. This is much different.I think you should continue to smear people that question the officialline regarding 911.Peace activists are the new terrorists Rhonda never forget that !There is no room for 911 Truth Groups, The sooner we call themanti-semites the better.We should continue to misrepresent their movement as much as possible.Let’s continue to not address any of their valid questions. It’seasier to just call them loons or anti-semites.Great job Rhonda !I especially like how you went around to other faculty members andspread your little campaign.If your lucky people will lose their jobs and better yet…have a hardtime paying their bills and putting food on the table.Great Job Rhonda ! Taking food out of children’s mouths is a noblecause. You’ve done well !Keep up the great work. you should be really proud of your efforts.This was a textbook article on how to take something, twist it,misrepresent it and make someone look bad.
Vancouver B.C

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