Documentaire retiré des ondes sous les pressions

Devinez quel lobby a fait fléchir Radio-Cadenas pour qu’il retire des ondes le documentaire « Paix, Propagande et La Terre Promise »…

(Si vous lisez l’anglais, vous avez pas à deviner.)

More J-w Censorship

Zionist J-ws don’t want us to know about what’s going on in Palestine. Why is that?

Radio Canada Ombudsman caves to calls for censorship

On October 23, 2008 Radio Canada’s “Les Grands Reportages” aired Peace, Propaganda and the Promised Land. This is an excellent documentary which exposes the disconnect between what is taking place on the ground in Palestine and the American media’s reporting of these events. It can be viewed on google videos.

A systematic pressure campaign was organized against Radio-Canada for airing this documentary and resulted in an investigation by the Ombudsman. In her report, it is clear that the Ombudsman has adopted all the pro-occupation arguments of the complainants. She comes to the conclusion that the documentary should never have been aired. Read Radio-Canada Ombudsman’s report.

Read the Ombudsmans cave-in to Zionists like the Quebec-Isr-el Committee.

I received 156 complaints about this broadcast. Most of those filing complaints, who were in various countries, did so in response to an appeal by HonestReporting Canada, a pro-Israel media watchdog that encouraged visitors to its website to send complaints to my office

Oh dear! The Zionist J-ws launch a campaign.

The documentary Paix, propagande et Terre promise meets these criteria. The film claims, without proving it, that the government of Israel controls U.S. print and electronic media. In order to illustrate this argument, the film uses excerpts from television newscasts that fail to mention the fact that the Palestinian territories are occupied by Israel. This omission, the choice of words, and the routine absence of context reinforce false perceptions among the U.S. public, according to the film. There is no fairness, balance, or nuance here: this pro-Palestinian documentary presents one point of view, one side of the coin. All those interviewed—academics, Israeli and Palestinian activists, media critics and journalists—agree with this perspective.

What is not mentioned is that 100% of the reporting on the CBC is pro-Isr-el, ever since the CJC J-w Rabbinovitch was head of CBC. But careers in Canada are dependent upon serving the J-w, so the Ombudsman caved for her self-interest.

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