Enron aussi?


Qui l’eût cru? Ils sont aussi derrière le scandale de la compagnie Enron, dont les proprios étaient la famille Belfer, des « survivants de l’Holocauste ».

Le problème c’est pas juste que les médias n’en ont pas parlé du tout…

Le problème c’est qu’ils ont même pas été inculpés alors qu’ils ont été les premiers à en bénéficier!

Jews were deeply involved in the Enron scandal but were able to utilize the Jewish medias influence and access to the American mind in such a way as to nearly eliminate their role. The primary witness to turn states evidence against Ken Lay and Jeffrey Skilling was Andy Fastow (jewish) who worked closely with the largest holders of Enron stock, the Belfer family (jewish « holocaust survivors »). For more information on these facts, see Michael Collins Piper’s excellent book, The New Jerusalem. (source: Curt Maynard)

Belfer est dans la liste des membres du CFR:

Belfer, Robert A. – former Chairman and CEO of Belco Oil & Gas Corp.; former Enron director

Lettre ouverte de Curt Maynard à ceux qui ont été jugés coupables:

Open Letter to Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling

How does it feel? How does it feel to have your life turned upside down, to have the most precious commodity of all–your freedom–taken away? How does it feel to be hated? Without the slightest hesitation, you stole from my father and, therefore, my children and I; you took away a considerable amount of his security in his old age. You deceived him; you left him holding the bag. The funny thing is you did everything you possibly could have done to avoid the trials outcome: You bankrolled the Houston holocaust museum, Lay; your wife even .served on the museum’s Board of Directors. Both of you served as front men for the Jewish Belfer family–the real beneficiaries of the Enron collapse, whose patriarch Arthur Belfer allegedly survived the holocaust. What little regard they have for you now – you served your role as their Shabbas Goy – now, go away quietly.

Most Americans haven’t even heard of the Belfer family. The Jewish media has been absolutely focused on you two from the very beginning: Kenneth Lay this, and Jeffrey Skilling that. You sat back confident that your benefactors would pave the way for an acquittal. Well, surprise! They never intended that you be saved at the last minute. A scapegoat was needed, and you two fools filled the role nicely.

Full story (Politically Correct Apostate)

Et à propos de la campagne de haine contre les auteurs de The Israel Lobby John Mearsheimer & Stephen Walt:

Représailles du lobby israélien, par Justin Raimondo
(…)Comme l’indique le New York Sun (via le Harvard Crimson (ndt : journal de la Kennedy School) :

« Le journal d’hier du New York Sun signalait qu’un ‘observateur’ familier d’Harvard avait révélé que l’université avait reçu des appels de ‘donateurs pro-israéliens’ préoccupés par l’article de la KSG.

Un des appels, a indiqué la source au Sun, venait de Robert Belfer, un ancien directeur d’Enron qui avait accordé un professorat à Walt quand il a fait une donation de 7,5 millions de dollars au Centre des Sciences et des Affaires Internationales de la Kennedy School en 1997.

« Bob Belfer a appelé pour exprimer ses profondes inquiétudes et a demandé que Stephen n’utilise plus son titre de professeur dans toute publicité liée à l’article, » a indiqué la source au Sun. source

HAARETZ- [After a great deal of fuss and pressure…] “An Israeli official ..was able to confirm [that] Harvard’s Kennedy School decided to remove its logo from this paper, [with a] disclaimer warning readers that the views conveyed in the paper are of the authors alone. “Congressman Eliot Engel calling the authors “dishonest so-called intellectuals” and saying they are “entitled to their stupidity… the right of the rest of us to expose them for the anti-Semites they are.” It also reported this interesting nugget – … “Harvard, had received ’several calls’ from ‘pro-Israel donors’ expressing concern about the Walt-Mearsheimer paper. One of the angered contributors is said to be the donor who underwrote the chair occupied by Dean Walt, Robert Belfer. ” (Haaretz)

The New Jerusalem

Michael Collins Piper

Chapter Three


Although the collapse of oil industry giant Enron
emerged as perhaps the 21 st century’s first major
financial and political scandal—with multiple connections
to both the Democratic and Republican Parties—the
very central (and pivotal) Jewish connection to the Enron
affair has gone largely unnoticed. As we shall see, there
are some quite interesting aspects about the scandal that
have been kept out of the public arena. And in this
regard, the Enron scandal is very much an appropriate
introduction to our overall examination of Zionist power
in America.

Although the fact that Enron executive Andrew
Fastow—who was convicted, along with his wife, for his
misdeeds—was Jewish was mentioned in some media
(with Fastow’s rabbi coming to his public defense) the
much bigger and more explosive Jewish connections
surrounding Enron were almost uniformly covered up.

The Jewish role in Enron is indubitably illustrative of
how the major media suppresses “the Jewish connection”
in major affairs of this type and is worth reviewing here
in our study of Jewish power in America.

The fact that some distinguished Jewish institutions
(and not just big name politicians of both parties) were
on the receiving end of Enron’s “dirty money” was lost
in the shuffle. Here’s a story (a revealing one) you
won’t read anywhere else.

While “everyone knows” that the now-infamous
Enron Corporation was lining the campaign coffers of
Democratic and Republican politicians alike, what was
not reported in the major media is that the corruption-
racked corporation and those behind it have also been
major financial backers of the burgeoning Holocaust
industry (and the Israeli lobby) in the United States and
in Israel.

That’s right. While Kenneth Lay, the non-Jewish
chairman of the Enron Corporation, was busy struggling
to keep his employees (and investors) from finding out
about the sorry state of the giant enterprise, Lay and
his wife Linda (along with Enron itself) were
bankrolling a so-called “Holocaust museum” in
Houston, Texas.

In fact, according to the Jan. 18, 2002 issue of
Forward, one of the most authoritative and respected
Jewish newspapers in America, the Lays and Enron
“donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to Houston’s
Holocaust museum, accounting for approximately 10%
of the institution’s $3 million budget”.

The truth is that Kenneth and Linda Lay were so
enmeshed with the museum that they were scheduled
to serve as honorary co-chairs at the museum’s annual
dinner in March of 2002. Mrs. Lay was actually a
member of the museum’s board.

For its own part, the crowd at the museum
protested that they knew nothing about Enron’s
business dealings, which is probably true, but the
question remains as to whether angry Enron investors
and employees will start demanding that the museum
return the “dirty money” siphoned off through
contributions from Enron. But the Enron connection
to the Holocaust industry is even bigger and much
higher reaching than this.

While the media still portrays Enron as some sort
of “Texas cowboy” enterprise, the truth is that a little-
known, but extraordinarily wealthy, billionaire Jewish
family based in New York were major figures behind
Enron and also prime financial backers behind activities
at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington.

Although Enron’s chairman, Kenneth Lay, has
been the focus of the media spotlight, evidence
demonstrates that Enron is largely the fiefdom of the
heirs of the late Arthur Belfer, a Polish-born immigrant
often described as a “Holocaust survivor”, despite the
fact that Belfer left Poland in 1939. Belfer started out
as a pillow importer, then began dealing in lucrative
contracts for sleeping bags supplied to the U.S. armed
forces. He then branched out into the oil business and
established Belco Petroleum as one of the largest
industrial companies in the nation.

Critics of media coverage of Enron have noted
that although articles buried in the Dec. 5, 2001
business sections of both The Wall Street Journal and
the New York Times outlined the Belfer connection to
Enron, subsequently the Belfer name has been
relegated to the background, with functionary Kenneth
Lay—essentially a “hired gun” for the Belfer family—
being the scapegoat in the Enron disaster.

While the Belfer name was never mentioned once
in a major Newsweek story purporting to tell the whole
tragic Enron story, it just so happens that Belfer’s
heirs were (at the time the scandal erupted) major
stakeholders in Enron, dating back to the 1983 sale by
Arthur Belfer of his Belco Petroleum Corp. to Enron’s

Although Belfer died in 1993, the Belfer family’s
foundation (enriched by the company’s now-
controversial Enron holdings) has been funding a
regularly convened “Arthur and Rochelle Belfer
National Conference for Educators” held with much
fanfare at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in
Washington, D.C.

Two such conferences were slated for 2002.
Middle- and high-school teachers from across the
country who specialize in “Holocaust education” are
brought by the Belfer endowment to the museum in
Washington where they are trained in the process of
indoctrinating school students in the lore and legend of
“the Holocaust”.

What cannot be denied—despite the media’s
decision to sweep the Belfer name under the rug—is
that the names “Enron” and “Belfer” are practically

No “disinterested party” by any means, Arthur
Belfer’s son, Robert Belfer, served on Enron’s board
of directors but also, more notably, on its three-man
executive committee, along with Lay. While the media
has cast Robert Belfer off to the sidelines, it is beyond
reason to suggest that he had no knowledge of the
company’s sorry state of affairs.

The public record shows that Belfer money has
also been widely distributed to Jewish causes in the
United States and Israel. Robert Belfer was recently
elected chair of the board of overseers of the Albert
Einstein College of Medicine at Yeshiva University in
New York of which he and his wife Renee have long
been financial benefactors. Belfer also serves on the
board of the Israeli-based Weizmann Institute of
Science (a driving force behind Israel’s secret nuclear
weapons development program) and of the American
Jewish Committee, one of the most influential power
blocs in the Israeli lobby in America.

Mrs. Belfer is also a trustee of the American
Friends of the Israel Museum. The Belfers’ money
giving reaches far and wide: they are also contributors
to Thanks to Scandinavia, a venture that honors
Scandinavians who fought against the Axis powers
during World War II.

Some have suggested that because of the intimate
ties of the Belfer/Enron empire to the Holocaust
industry and the Israeli lobby the major media has
made a conscious decision to effectively “divorce” the
Belfer name from the Enron scandal in order to spare
the distinguished Holocaust industry and the Israeli
lobby any embarrassment.

While it appears that Belfer and his family have
suffered major losses in the Enron debacle, The Wall
Street Journal assured its readers that the family “hasn’t
been wiped out financially”. Selma Ruben, Belfer’s
sister, is married to Lawrence Ruben, an immensely
wealthy New York real estate developer. Another sister,
Anita, recently died. Her heirs are reported to have lost
vast sums of money in the Enron affair.

So while the major media is hyping the entirely
irrelevant question as to whether Republican politicians
or Democratic politicians (or both) are somehow
responsible for the collapse of Enron, the Belfer family
(and those in the Holocaust industry and Israel-related
causes who have thrived on Enron’s largess) are
escaping the focus of public attention.

Considering the connections of Enron, it may thus
be no coincidence that two of the primary
congressional figures who are being touted by the
media as “investigators” of Enron are Rep. Henry
Waxman (D-Calif.) and Sen. Joseph Lieberman (D-
Conn.), two lawmakers known as strong supporters of
Israel’s cause.

Thus, from this brief overview of the now-
infamous Enron scandal, which has been the subject of
massive media coverage, we see that there has indeed
been a hidden “Jewish connection” that has been
ignored in the major broadcast and published media in
this country.

The final results of the Enron affair are yet to be
seen, of course, but the very fact that there has been
this little-known Jewish connection that has been
ignored or deliberately suppressed is a very telling
indicator that Zionist power in America is so immense
that such a Jewish connection remains under wraps.

In his previously mentioned book, The Fatal
Embrace, Jewish American Professor Benjamin
Ginsberg wrote candidly and forthrightly about the
frequency with which one has found a “Jewish
connection” in a number of major American political
scandals, ranging from the legendary Credit Mobilier
affair of the 19 th century to the geopolitical and
financial intrigues surrounding the construction of the
Panama Canal—not to mention a host of other such
events that have become part of American history.

And all of this is not to disregard the very
definitive role that Jewish families in the United
States—and worldwide—played in the massive trans-
Atlantic trade in African slaves, a point widely disputed
by Jewish organizations and the mass media but
thoroughly documented, beyond any question, in the
landmark work, The Secret Relationship Between
Blacks and Jews, issued by Minister Louis
Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam.
Of course, while the word “scandal” is not
generally applied, although it should be, there is also no
question that Zionist influence played a substantial role
in the promotion of the outrageous lies told by the
administration of George W. Bush in promoting the
American invasion of Iraq in the spring of 2003, on the
very eve of the Jewish holiday of Purim, at which time
the Jews celebrate the destruction of their enemies, a
most unpleasant type of celebration by any normal
Nonetheless, the patently false claims about
entirely non-existent weapons of mass destruction
made by Young Bush and his Jewish advisors, such as
Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith and Richard Perle—and
promoted in the media by such Zionist hardliners as
William Kristol—were a blatant fraud on the
American people (and the world).
Yet, it is highly unlikely that these guilty parties—
Zionists all, Jewish-and non-Jewish alike—will ever be
brought before a tribunal and prosecuted for these
very real war crimes.
And that is the sad reality of what happens when
Zionist power has become so immense that the
interests of the Zionist movement are thoroughly co-
mingled with the affairs of a nation, resulting in a
high-handed and quite blatant institutional corruption—
and a prevailing lack of moral principle—that governs
in high places today. The fact is that there are few—
if any—limits on Zionist power in America.
While there are no laws demanding the prosecution
and punishment of public officials who tell lies when
they are not under oath (which is, unfortunately, most
of the time), perhaps there should be. The bottom line
is that Zionism has played a major part in some of the
most outrageous—and profitable—rackets of our day.
However, another scandal of recent American
history, one certainly worth reviewing, provides a bleak
demonstration, in the most specific sense, of how
Zionist power has infiltrated and manipulated the
highest ranks of our nation’s law enforcement: the
U.S. Justice Department and the federal court system.
This is the INSLAW affair, the next topic of
examination in our review of Zionist power in America.

The New Jerusalem : chapter 1

Qui sont les artisans du désastre financier?

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