Les militaires étaient en mission à Gaza pour expulser les gentils

Des soldats admettent avoir été endoctrinés par des rabbins à croire qu’ils étaient en mission à Gaza pour tuer les non-juifs qui empêchent leur conquête de la terre sainte.

« Israeli Soldier Says Military Rabbis Framed Gaza Mission as religious »

Howard Schneider Washington Post Foreign Service
Saturday, March 21, 2009; Page A09

JERUSALEM, March 20 — A soldier involved in Israel’s recent military offensive in the Gaza Strip said in published reports Friday that the military’s rabbinical staff distributed material characterizing the operation as a religious mission to « get rid of the gentiles who disturb us from conquering the holy land. »

In the second day of published accounts from soldiers critical of the conduct of the Israel Defense Forces in Gaza, the daily Maariv ran excerpts of an interview with a squad commander in Israel’s Givati Brigade. He was identified only by his first name, given as Rahm.

The daily quoted him as saying that the Gaza operation from the beginning had « the feeling of almost a religious mission. »

While military rabbis provided routine services — such as distributing books of psalms and leading prayers at the start of the operation — some religious materials veered in a political direction, he said.

« The military rabbinate brought many magazines and articles with a very clear message: ‘We are the Jewish people, a miracle brought us to the land of Israel, God returned us to the land, and now we have to struggle so as to get rid of the gentiles who disturb us from conquering the holy land.’ All the feeling throughout all this operation of many of the soldiers was of a war of religions, » he said. « As a commander, I tried to explain that the war is not a war of Kiddush Hashem [the sanctification of God’s name, including through martyrdom] but over the stopping of the launching of the Qassam rockets. »

The rockets are one of several types that Hamas and other Islamist groups fire from Gaza into Israel. Palestinian health officials said about 1,400 Palestinians died in the three weeks of fighting in December and January, including what United Nations officials said were hundreds of civilians. Thirteen Israelis died, including three civilians.

The publication of the soldiers’ accounts has elevated a set of issues that Palestinian organizations and human rights groups have raised since early in the Gaza operation. On Thursday, the IDF’s chief lawyer opened an investigation following the publication of reports in which soldiers spoke of unnecessary civilian deaths and needless property destruction.

The soldiers’ accounts were elicited by the head of a training school for future military recruits. At a recent gathering, graduates of the school described how the realities of military life clashed with the values taught in the school’s curriculum.

The school is named in honor Yitzhak Rabin, the Israeli leader who signed the 1993 Oslo peace accords with the Palestinians and who was assassinated by an Israeli who opposed the agreements. The school is secular in nature and its graduates would likely be sensitive to the intrusion of religious politics into the conduct of a military operation, said retired Brig. Gen. Meir Elran, a security analyst with the Israeli Institute for National Security Studies at Tel Aviv University.

Given that one of Israel’s chief struggles is against organizations, such as Hamas, that entwine religion and violence, the presence of similar material among Israeli soldiers is disturbing, Elran said.

« You cannot but think about the other side, too, » said Elran, who noted that the traditional role for military rabbis was to ensure that kitchens were kosher and to conduct services as needed. Although ultra-Orthodox Jews are exempt from military service on religious grounds, Elran said the number of religious Jews in the military has been increasing.

Still, « when you talk about the military in a country where you have compulsory service, I find it a bit odd that military rabbis would go further than just giving religious services to those who want it or need it, » he said.

The issue surfaced publicly shortly after the Gaza operation, known as Operation Cast Lead. An Israeli human rights group publicized material that encouraged soldiers to show no mercy to their enemies and that said there was a biblical ban on surrendering Israeli territory to non-Jews.

The material, according to excerpts published at the time in the daily Haaretz, cut to the core of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, comparing the Palestinians to Old Testament invaders who now « claim they deserve a state here. »

IDF spokesman Elie Isaacson said that there was an investigation at the time and that a member of the rabbinical staff was reprimanded for distributing unauthorized material. Isaacson said it was considered an isolated incident.

« If you are religious, the army gives you the right to practice, but the mixing of politics and religion — it is a big taboo, » he said. The military rabbis « don’t make policy. They don’t make decisions. »

March 20, 2009

Rabbis Spell It Out To IDF: ‘KILL THE GOYIM’

‘You are fighting a religious war against gentiles’: What rabbis told Israeli soldiers in Gaza war

Rabbis in the Israeli army told battlefield troops in January’s Gaza offensive that they were fighting a ‘religious war’ against gentiles, it has been revealed.

An army commander wrote of the shocking command in an Israeli newspaper today – one day after it emerged that Israeli soldiers were told they could kill innocent civilians during the war.

‘Their message was very clear: we are the Jewish people, we came to this land by a miracle, God brought us back to this land and now we need to fight to expel the gentiles who are interfering with our conquest of this holy land,’ the commander said.


Israeli Soldiers Admitting To Gaza War Crimes–Honest Disclosure or a Case of Zionists Bearing Gifts?


Almost immediately after the day Christians and Muslims celebrate the birth of the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ, Israel made good on threats issued the previous year by then-Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilnai when he warned that a “shoah“–the Hebrew word for holocaust–was about to befall the beleaguered people of Gaza. Termed “Operation Cast Lead” (in reference to the process of pouring molten lead into a small, confined space in achieving a desired shape) the Jewish state did indeed wage a 3 week mini-holocaust of sorts upon the Gentiles living in Gaza, the same area considered to be the most densely-populated piece of real estate on earth.

Following her humiliating defeat in Lebanon in the summer of 2006 and knowing a full year ahead of time what she was about to do in Gaza, Israel decided that priority #1 was to make sure the upcoming fight was an easy one. Seeing all persons in Gaza as enemy combatants (by virtue of the fact they were gentiles “polluting” the land given expressly to the Jews by their god Yahweh) she began by starving the Palestinian population of even the most basic necessities of life–including food, fuel, writing paper and even children’s clothes (which Israel said could be made into military uniforms) for over a year.

Having then determined that through this process of deliberate starvation Gaza’s immune system had been weakened to the point it posed no substantial threat to the virus-in-waiting, Israel then made sure there would be no media coverage of the upcoming massacre by driving out reporters and international human rights monitors and refusing them re-entry. In the words of one Rabbi Pruzansky–

“Israel was most clever in keeping Western media out of the conflict zone. No pictures means no lasting story, and no lasting story means no consequences…”

…or so the Jewish state had hoped…

When all was finished, close to 7,000 civilians had been killed or wounded, most of them women and children. 100,000 + had been made homeless, thousands of structures–including homes, hospitals, churches, mosques, schools, food storage facilities, water treatment plants, etc–were demolished. Livestock and farms (the only sustenance for a population of people being deliberately starved as a result of Israel’s blockade) had been destroyed. Otherwise fertile soil was permanently poisoned with phosphorus, making any future cultivation of food impossible. In sum, what was an already barely-functioning infrastructure for close to 1.5 million people–over half of them children–received a bullet to the back of the head, execution style by La Kosher Nostra, the gangster syndicate known as the Jewish state.

Apart from the new types of high-tech weapons used on the hapless victims however there were few substantive differences between this massacre and the hundreds of others taking place the previous 60 years. Just as in places such as Deir Yassin, Sabra and Shatilla (as well as the 400 Palestinian villages and towns systematically wiped off the map over the last half century) Gentiles were killed en mass. Bodies were piled up like cordwood, most of them women and children. The only thing not taking place this time was the bellies of pregnant women being slashed open and the children ripped out as had happened in previous massacres.

Otherwise, as far as Israel’s history goes, it was a case of “SSDD”, meaning “Same slaughter, different day”.

The one difference however between this most recent slaughter and its predecessors was this miracle of sorts known as the internet that–as in the case of Lebanon in 2006–caused serious problems for Israel and her ability to control the flow of information to the outside world. This being the case, what had previously been the simple task of neutralizing negative world opinion concerning her actions had now been made much more difficult.

As a result, stories from eyewitnesses on the ground in Gaza came flooding in like a tidal wave. Billions of people worldwide (who otherwise would never have known) now were witness to information and photos that left the civilized world in a state of shock and awe for all its raw, organic brutality. Women and children having the flesh burned off their bones by outlawed white phosphorus that Israel denied using…Fathers watching as their children were gunned down before their eyes in broad daylight after being ordered by IDF to leave their homes…Children watching their fathers and mothers being executed from as far away as a mere 30 feet…Attack dogs ripping the body of a little 4 year old Palestinian girl to pieces while at the same time Israeli soldiers opened fire on family members trying to rescue her…The body of 9 year-old Palestinian boy being used as target practice for an hour by the IDF while his father was forced to watch…

Every day, all day, for a full 3 weeks…

Despite the sense of surrealism, as if all of this were part of any typical slash and gore film produced in Hollywood rather than real-life events affecting real-life people, the truth is that the aforedescribed was not only real, but daily fare in the alternative media. Indeed, so voluminous were the accounts of raw savagery on the part of the Jewish state towards her Gentile victims in Gaza that time and space permit only brief mention of even a smattering of the brutal 3 week ordeal. Realistic estimates suggest the number of books required to cover the history of the massacre would no doubt require the size of any modest-sized library.

And at the very same time stories such as these (and thousands more) made their way across the internet, burning the details and images of this recent slaughter into the memories of people in every corner of the globe, almost every night for 3 weeks the same gangster state responsible for the carnage did what she always does best–she lied. Knowing it is much easier to sell a lie with a pretty face than some Golda Meir look-alike, she did so by bringing front and center some semi-attractive, hair-flitting, eye-batting, smiling, giggling, alluring female spokesperson to seduce a morally-outraged world into believing the rapist’s version of events rather than the victim. Employing that old “By way of deception, thou shalt do war“ business espoused by her intelligence service Mossad, press conference after press conference after press conference she told the world with a straight face that everything being alleged by eyewitnesses was mere fantasy and fabrication.

Then, in the same breath, and especially when confronted with damning photos that do not lie, she contradicted herself–over and over and over–saying the victim “had it coming“, followed again by denial after denial after denial of the particulars and doing so with smirks, snide smiles, and snickering/sneering tones, casting an air of ridicule over the incalculably-high number of war crimes that–had the victims been Jews instead of Gentiles–would no doubt have already been made the subject of a half dozen/full-length/star-studded films a mere month afterward their occurrence.

According to the “eternal victims” side of the story, there was no use of phosphorus bombs, and the photos and videos alleging such were the result of sophisticated, well-organized and well-funded Islamic cinemagraphic magic designed to fool people. There was no humanitarian crisis, no civilian casualties…The photos of children with bullet holes in the middle of their heads or in their chests were child actors recruited to do such by Hamas. Those children without arms, legs, heads, or internal organs were the victims of Hamas snipers, because Jews simply do not kill civilians. She denied the deliberate targeting of Red Cross and Red Crescent ambulances, mosques, schools, churches, hospitals, electric power plants, water treatment and food storage facilities saying that indeed if such structures suffered any damage, it had to have been sabotage by Ahab the Arab who then made it look like Israel did it.

Besides the violence itself, there were other eyewitness reports to consider as well which Israel also denied vehemently. Detailed accounts of IDF troops going into Arab homes and–like a gaggle of drunk, marauding bandits–destroying everything in sight, smearing their own defecation on walls, beds, kitchen tables and eating utensils, or spray-painting the walls of homes with racist graffiti such as “Arabs need 2 die,” “Make war not peace”, and “1 down, 999,999 to go” and a host of other goodies were made available to a captivated world audience.

In the meantime, an army of “activists” (professional troublemakers, liars and obfuscators) were recruited by Israel’s intelligence services to flood the internet, print media and talk radio with conflicting and contradictory propaganda concerning this latest manifestation of undeniable, institutionalized hatred of Gentiles taking place in Gaza. And, as usually takes place when discussing Jewish issues, rather than a sane, rational, intelligent discussion of the “facts on the ground” taking place, the mob working for Israeli interests ascribed all the outrage felt and expressed by billions of persons around the world to the typical business of–surprise, surprise–“anti-Semitism” rather than to Israel‘s evil deeds.

Technically speaking however–according to Jewish law Israel’s defenders were correct in everything they said, minus of course the business of it all being faked by Hamas. Junkies addicted to the narcotic of Jewish exceptionalism could go to sleep at night with a clear conscience knowing they had not violated that infamous commandment with regards to bearing false witness and thus had not sinned in the eyes of their god Yahweh as pertains operation Cast Lead. They could deny everything, from deliberately killing innocent women ad children to the humanitarian crisis to the deliberate destruction of infrastructure with a straight face, just as their spokesbabes did, knowing that what they said was the God’s honest truth.

Of course, the hitch in all of it was a technicality of sorts they did not bother sharing with the rest of the outraged world, namely this thing known as Jewish law based on the teachings of both the Old Testament and the Talmud. Since Palestinians (and Gentiles in general) are considered animals created in human form to serve the Jews, therefore all the aforementioned war crimes did not apply. Furthermore, as it was seen through Jewish eyes, the assault on Gaza was a fulfillment of the commands given by Yahweh to the forbearers of the Jewish state thousands of years ago as recounted in the 1st 5 books of the Old Testament, and God did not put a time limit on all of the bloodshed. Speaking through people such as Moses, Joshua, Saul, David, Solomon and the rest of the gang, it was an ‘eternal’ struggle, an idea echoed by various rabbis in the run-up to Cast Lead. Besides, and even if it weren’t this “eternal“ thing as some believed, to not follow in the footsteps of their founding fathers who “made their bones” thousands of years ago in slaying the ancient Canaanites, Jebusites, Midianites, Perizzites et al would have been the ultimate show of disrespect to their “blessed” memories.

However, Israel and her supporters knew this would never fly. They knew the consequences of the Gentile world finding out what it is Judaism teaches concerning Gentiles, and given the fact that Israel’s very existence is tied to her feeding off the Gentile western world’s lifeblood–whether it is money, technology or military armaments–therefore, rather than introduce this ‘evidence’ into the record–that Gentiles were not human and therefore according to Jewish law what took place in Gaza was not technically a war crime–Israel and her spokespersons simply lied and said the eyewitnessed events “never happened”.

Now however, in an admission suspiciously stunning for its frankness and seemingly out of the clear blue members of Israel’s military are coming forward and admitting what the rest of the sane world already knew to be the case–that the war waged against the civilians of Gaza was deliberate and that all persons–women and children included–were considered enemy combatants from the get-go.

Appearing first in Israeli’s Haaretz news service and then picked up by virtually ever mainstream news source in the US and throughout the West, the statements from IDF who were there on the ground in Gaza are an almost-mirrored reflection of the charges made months ago by those in the alternative media. Stories of women and children being deliberately targeted by machine gun fire, missiles, bombs, mortars, every instrument of death unleashed upon a civilian population that the angel of death known as the Jewish state had in her arsenal, and now rather than it being limited to the testimony of only “anti-Semites” “conspiracy theorists” and “Jew haters” (meaning the victims themselves) now “wise guys” from within “La Famiglia” are singing too.

Besides the inordinate (dare we say unprecedented) sense of honesty surrounding the press stories, the other thing sticking out like a sore thumb is the quite-noticeable absence of the all-too-typical censorship on the part of a western media held almost entirely by Jewish interests. Things that would never be discussed openly (much less even mentioned) in the last week are now found emblazoned across pages in some of the biggest media outlets in the US with the same kind of enthusiasm as the Bernie Madoff scandal or the coverage of Elliot Spitzer’s troubles a year ago, and not just newspapers, but TV and radio as well.

In the meantime, the world–Jew and Gentile alike–are now reacting with shock over this latest admission that Israel indeed engaged in targeting civilians in Gaza as if it were the last thing any sane person should have expected. Those who scoffed and scowled at the alternative media in its coverage months ago and reacted with hostility to the assertion that ‘the most moral army in the world’ deliberately targeted civilians now find themselves eating some bitter crow.

The truth however is that this latest disclosure should have been as much a shock to the ‘enlightened’ west as a farmer coming out to find his chickens ripped to pieces after leaving the fox in charge of guarding the henhouse.
After all, one need do no more than consider the tidal wave of barking and snarling just in the last year from the various “big dogs” in the pack that gave ample warning of what was to come. Besides the aforementioned “shoah” comment from Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilnai there is former chief rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu writing to Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert saying there was “absolutely no moral prohibition against the indiscriminate killing of civilians during a potential massive military offensive on Gaza”, citing as precedence the biblical story of the Shechem massacre and adding that “an entire city holds collective responsibility for the immoral behavior of individuals.” His son Shmuel (also a rabbi and obviously a chip off the old block) famously pontificated that “If they don’t stop after we kill 100, then we must kill a thousand, and if they do not stop after 1,000 then we must kill 10,000, and if they still don’t stop we must kill 100,000, even a million. Whatever it takes…” IDF Chief Rabbi Brig.-Gen. Avichai Ronsky, in addition to the many statements he has made over the years glorifying the good old days of Old Testament butchery of Gentiles is credited with “whuppin” up IDF fighting spirit prior to Operation Cast lead by comparing the Palestinians to the Old Testament Philistines while advocating the idea that Israel cannot afford to be “enticed by the folly of the Gentiles” in “showing mercy”. Rabbi Dov Lior, another religious capo overseeing the “religious needs” of the IDF remarked in a speech to recent military graduates that “The sons of Torah are taught not to pity their enemies” adding “We need ethics from the Torah, not the Christian world, which teaches to turn the other cheek…” Rabbi David Bar-Chayim, another prominent religious leader in the Jewish state wrote in the run-up to the massacre that “We’re talking about a society dedicated to murder and savagery and barbarism…These people are evil. When such people are destroyed, we have no tears to shed… I don’t believe there are innocent civilians.” Another pamphlet distributed to IDF bases just prior to the initiation of the assault read “…As for the population, it is not innocent, and we call on you to ignore any strange doctrines and orders that confuse the logical way of fighting the enemy.”

For her part Israel is–surprise, surprise–denying it all. Through her various spokesman she still maintains her innocence in the face of overwhelming evidence and stands by the worn out assertion that her military–yes, the same that now stands self-accused of deliberately shooting, bombing and incinerating over a thousand innocent women and children–is the “most moral army in the world”.

Naturally, a significant number of people are jumping for joy over these latest revelations being made public. It is in many ways similar to the jubilation that occurred following CBS’ program 60 Minutes airing Jan 25, entitled “Time Running Out For A Two-State Solution?” that gave untypically fair coverage of Palestinian suffering.

However, it is again important to keep in mind several old sayings, the first of which is that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is, followed by that old one concerning “Greeks bearing gifts” that resulted from hard lessons learned during the Trojan war.

But most important of all, it is the motto of Israel’s intelligence service Mossad, “By way of deception, thou shalt do war” that people should consider before breaking out the champagne and celebrating.

The truth is, as indicated earlier the only difference between the latest carnage taking place in Gaza and what has taken place over the course of the last 60 years is that in this case Israel and her paid liars were not as successful this time around in painting the kind of deceptive picture needed to neutralize bad press and manipulate public opinion in her favor.
Due to the internet and the availability of raw information, analysis and commentary that has not passed through the kosher filter, Merlin is not able to cast the kind of magic spell he did in years past. Every mother cut to pieces or incinerated by Israeli bombs, every child shot in the head by one of God’s chosen snipers accompanied by denials on the part of the Jewish state underscores who the real liars and terrorists are, and Jewish interests, who have made the business of controlling entire societies by controlling what they see, hear and read, are losing control over this sector and they know it.

Long before articles dealing with IDF forces “coming clean” and admitting they witnessed deliberate targeting of civilians were articles quoting Israeli officials and their worry over the fact Israel’s image had suffered as a result of the war. They are quoted saying that a “re-branding” of the Jewish state’s image was necessary, one Israeli foreign ministry official saying after Gaza that “The country needs to position itself as an attractive personality“ if they are to “get where we need to go over the long term.” As a result, Israel’s Foreign Ministry was granted an extra $2 million to improve Israel’s image through “cultural and information diplomacy”. Arye Mekel, the ministry’s deputy director general for cultural affairs was quoted saying “We will send well-known novelists and writers overseas, theater companies, exhibits…This way you show Israel’s prettier face, so we are not thought of purely in the context of war.”

In other words, it is all a matter of marketing, of slapping a new coat of paint on an old, dilapidated house and calling it a mansion. It is a facelift of sorts for a woman whose loose morals and fast living are beginning to betray the fact she has a lot of miles under the hood. It is no different than a convicted murderer appearing before the court on sentencing day with a fresh shave, combed hair, clean hands, new suit and begging the court for mercy, saying he has “found Jesus” and resolved to confess his sins, do his penance and amend his life, amen, and all in the interest of avoiding the death penalty.

At this point, the parasite Israel cannot exist without the host. She needs the good will and cooperation of the west, with its wealth, technology and, lest we forget, military power if this great experiment in Jewish self-rule in the Middle East is to remain viable. Having made enemies of 1.5 billion Muslims worldwide, knowing Russia is wise to her ways and not banking on good relations with up-and-coming powerhouses such as China, Israel must remain firmly attached to the West for “existential” reasons, and the only way to achieve this is to “re-brand” herself in the eyes its people. Let all hope for the sake of her future victims that Zionism’s magic spell is beginning to wear off and the West will decide to give most favored nation status to someone else besides the Jewish state.

Whatever the case, the one thing all can walk away knowing it that someone is lying, and considering which of the two characters has the most to lose by such accusations being made public, it is not hard to figure out who that might be.

In the meantime those who up to this moment have enjoyed a love affair of sorts with the Jewish state, believing she could do no wrong and who automatically gave her the benefit of the doubt in 11 out of 10 cases need to start asking relevant questions. What other infamous events have taken place where Israel was caught red-handed in the midst of the dirtiest business there is–terrorism, mass murder, etc, etc, etc–and yet managed to talk her way towards a public acquittal? Is the world now justified in questioning Israel’s version of events regarding her 2-hr attack on the USS Liberty in 1967 resulting in the deaths of 34 servicemen? What about the hundreds of Israeli spies arrested on 9/11, some seen by witnesses cheering as the Twin Towers were collapsing, an event these spies later admitted on Israeli TV they were “sent to document“? What about the murder of America’s president, JFK, the only US president to stand up to and actively work against the Jewish state? What about his brother RFK, who as JFK’s Attorney General planned to reign in the American Zionist Council, forerunner to today’s spy/blackmail agency AIPAC and whose top 2 leaders are currently under indictment for espionage against the US?

So many instances of Zionist denial and duplicity and therefore so many reasons to doubt the real motives for this latest disclosure….

But one thing the world should have learned by now is that a leopard does not change its spots, and therefore it is wise to beware of Zionists bearing gifts.

(c) 2009 Mark Glenn

Correspondent, American Free Press Newspaper





Rabbi Lior Says It’s OK to Kill Civilians …and other rabbis are silent

dov_liorRabbi Lior Says It’s OK to Kill Civilians …and other rabbis are silent

The day before the Israeli army shot tank shells to disperse a crowd of demonstrators in Rafah, Rabbi Dov Lior issued a ruling that killing civilians during warfare is permitted if it will save [Jewish] lives. It wasn’t just a remark. Lior’s made it an official Halachic (Jewish law) ruling. He said “The law of our Torah is to have mercy on our soldiers and to save them. This is the real moral behind Israel’s Torah and we must not feel guilty due to foreign morals.” Lior called civilians “so-called civilians”.
This was reported by Uri Glickman in Maariv International on May 19, 2004. Glickman wrote, “Sources close to the Rabbi explained that Lior made the remarks Tuesday night and they had nothing to do with Wednesday’s events in Gaza.” Of course the violent contempt for Arabs held by rabbis of Lior’s stripe has everything to do with the massacres of Palestinians.Lior is the chairman of the Yesha rabbinical council, the settler’s chief religious body.The Ma’ariv article pointedly mentioned that other non-settler rabbis would not condemn his statement. A Google search turns up no statement of criticism by any rabbi anywhere.Rabbi Lior has been a consistent defender of the most violent acts against Palestinians. He was the chief speaker at the memorial service honoring Baruch Goldstein in 1996 on the one year anniversary of his death. Goldstein was killed after shooting dead 29 Palestinians in the Tomb of Abraham in Hebron.Unfortunately in the orthodox stream of Judaism there are many examples of terrifying statements against non-Jews that men like Lior cite as justification for violence against non-Jews. Israel Shahak quotes an Israeli rabbi writing to a soldier and quoting approvingly of another rabbi who said, “The best of Gentiles- kill him. The best of snakes – dash out its brains”.*In 1973 a booklet published by the Central Region Command (which includes the West Bank) included a piece by the Command’s Chief Chaplin that state, “When our forces come across civilians during a war or in hot pursuit or in a raid, so long as there is no certaintly that those civilians are incapable of harming our forces according to Halkah they may and even should be killed.
”I should also note that Lior’s resoning is very similar to the logic that Madeleine Albright used when asked to respond to the charge [in 1995] that a half million Iraqi children has been killed by U.S. sanctions. It was “worth it” because it was her responsibility to make sure US soldiers would not have to“refight the Gulf War”
Ref: the Struggle, By Stanley Heller* Jewish History, Jewish Religion, The Weight of Three Thousand Years, Israel Shahak. 1994. p78.
Jerusalem Post –
Rabbi Lior went further and declared that Jewish Law mandates that Jews not rent homes to Arabs or employ Arabs. There has been no opposition to these statements within Israel as of yet.



Quand les rabbins poussent à la guerre sainte …

Juifs brûlant une copie du Nouveau Testament dans les rues de Jérusalem


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