On the Subject of 9/11 Shills and Disinfo: the case of Bolyn & Hufschmid

by Poseidon of takeourworldback.com
Daryl B. Smith and Mike Piper talk about shills and disinfo in the 9/11 truth movement.

That pathetic liar and alcoholic Kinky Balloon submitted fraudulent (some were even plagiarised) articles to AFP that were full of lies and errors… Most of them were’nt published because they couldn’t be published. Balloon then cried he was being censored… What a fraud that guy is.

(Piper was a witness of Ballon’s submission of an article (satirical) by The Onion as if it was his own. He witnessed the fact that some of Balloon’s writings were unreadable and full of syntax errors that needed a whole re-writing of the piece. Piper participated in those reconstructions of Ballon’s articles that would have thrown discredit on the AFP had it been published. To hear about such examples of Balloon being a fraud and a liar, for instance his travel to Venezuela – all expenses paid by AFP – and the interview with Chavez that never happened because he prefered to get drunk on the beach… One has to listen to Piper’s archives on RBN from 2006-2007, and even 2008-2009.)

Christopher Bollyn – Agent Saboteur How the Zionists installed an agent to sabotage the 9/11 truth movement.

The best source exposing Balloon is takeourworldback. Check the hyperlinks in this paragraph:

“Bollyn’s questionable stories include his misquoting of Mark Loizeaux regarding where the molten steel was found, his misquoting of Arthur Lerner-Lam as to alleged “seismic spikes”, the Sam Danner “Global Hawk” report (which Russell Pickering identified as highly suspect right from day one, the “thermite disguised as batteries” red herring which any demolitionist worth their salt would recognise as nonsense, a satirical article from The Onion submitted as Bollyn’s “original work”, a suspect article that Bollyn tried to get into the Barnes Review, the “Flight 93 was not shot down but landed at Cleveland” theory, the claim that Benjamin Chertoff is a cousin of Michael Chertoff, etc.”


Do you know about the Sam Danner hoax? Because he published that, Bollyn brought much discredit on the AFP. He and his sidekick Hufschitt continued to promote this hoax even after it was proven false from the beggining (Sam Danner admitted he lied, and they were warned by Russell Pickering that the story was bogus)! and then they pretended Sam Danner got run off by government agents, which Sam Danner admitted was untrue.

There are many things you will learn only by listening to Mike Piper’s archives on RBN from 20062007, and even 20082009. For instance, Piper is one of the sources who say that he was a witness when Bollyn submitted an article to the AFP as if it was his own, whereas in fact it was in fact a satyre by The Onion. sometmies he would submit articles that were not publishable by any standards, filled with orthographical mistakes and super big syntax and logical problems that needed a whole rewriting. Just think about the fact that he was paid by the AFP to travel to Venezuela to interview Chavez yet he prefered to drink on the beach, that tells a lot…

Read the whole investigation by Laura Knight and Lisa Giuliani, wife of Victor Thorn (great man), on Chris Bollyn. Both are friends with Mike Piper. I hope you know them all.
Investigation on Chris Bollyn – Signs of the Times Forum

Bollyn also said that the radio debate between himself, Victor Thorn and Mike Piper was arranged as a set up by Homeland Security with the help of Mike Piper! How’s that for craziness?? On this occasion, Bolin has attacked Thorn, claiming he was a « crypto-jew »… (that reminds me of prothink and those people who accuse his opponents of being jewish… Whereas Bolin should have taken *a closer look* at his partner Hoffschit before accusing Thorn!)

Also, you’ll find a great investigation of Balloon in Victor Thorn and Lisa Giuliani’s books “Cointelpro” and “Betrayed – Why the 911 Movement Failed”. Fortunately, most of their content is already available on the web at wingtv.net

Most important is the text on Huffschit, since he’s been Kinkster Balloon’s partner for a long time:

Eric Hufschmid – Zionist Disinfo Agent Provocateur Zionist shills exposed. It is now self-evident that Eric Hufschmid and Christopher Bollyn are part of an operation to divide, stifle and control the 9/11 truth movement.

By the way, Bollyn’s version of what happened in 2006 – his beating and all that ensued – was that Piper and Carto and Thorn conspired with the ADL to get him!

Bollyn and Hufschmid were behind the campaign to destroy the credibility of Carto and Lane. So I would tend to believe that Carto and Lane are on the good side, even more so if they are bashed by Bollyn and Hufschmid…

Hufschmid was saying that AFP is infiltrated and run by Zionists. Bollyn wouldn’t condemn this bogus claim by his sidekick and woudn’t distanciate himself from this little liar. Even when Michael Collins Piper roared very vehemently, “Eric Hufschmid is a liar. I repeat, Eric Hufschmid is a liar,” Bollyn wouldn’t denounce this cretin.

It’s like a mantra…

Bollyn: « Scott Makufka, I must say you sound more and more like an Israeli every time. What are you putting down, pre-conditions? I’m not going to denounce anybody. We’re not … Eric Hufschmid is not the subject of this discussion. And Eric Hufschmid is an excellent 9-11 researcher and he’s got a very logical mind and a good sense of humor. »

Bollyn : « I just got done saying, I think Eric Hufschmid is a very good researcher, he’s got the best book on 9-11, Painful Questions, the best book on the subject … and that’s it. »

Letter of the week: about Chris Bollyn & AFP, by patriot Joe Fields-

Piper had the occasion to look at Bollyn’s dark side very closely back then in 2005-2006, because they both worked for the American Free Press, that Bollyn claimed was conspiring to fire him (bollyn wouldn’t condemn the ridiculous assertion made by Hufschmid that AFP was under the control of the Zionists). Bollyn’s version of what happened in 2006 was that Piper and Carto and Thorn conspired with the ADL to get him! Did you know that Bollyn and his wife Helje Brand-Kaskel http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1742924 (both names are j-wish!) showed Mike some naked pictures of her when they were invited at his home? did you know that Bollyn has a “Khazar associate” tied to the Church of Scientology? that he was working on an edition of a book on pharmaceutical drugs written by a woman heavily involved in Scientology? (Mike Piper showed in his book The Judas Goats, that the Church of Scientology was overtaken by j-wish lawyers at the death of L.Ron Hubbard, so that now it has become a proxy of the mossad, for instance : the church has been working heavily with the ADL to sabotage the IHR!) Piper once reporter the resultat of a private investigator following Bollyn in order to know for whom he was working for really. The resulat was this: HIGH DANGER, the man is protected at the highest level, VERY DANGEROUS TO FURTHER THE INVESTIGATION!!!

Bollyn and his family are supposed to live in Estonia. If the j-ws were after him, they could extradite him. Bollyn was even interviewed by estonian television! He visited Germany in the last few years, he even posted some pictures of himself and his family in Germany, in front of great statues. This is a clear sign that he is free to travel in Germany. Real ennemies of the j-ws are scared to death of traveling in Germany. Strangely, Bollyn wrote an article about German revisionist Manfred Roeder, that was published in The Barnes Review and that didn’t stop him from visiting Germany!. The whole Bollyn family was interviewed on estonian tv… That’s odd for a so-called “fugitive”…

He visited Germany in the last few years, he even posted some pictures of himself and his family in Germany. This is a clear signal that he is free to travel in Germany. Real ennemies of the Jews are scared to death of traveling in Germany.

For these reasons and many others, Mike Piper thinks Bollyn’s *protected*. Because of his ties to the Anglican Church(!), Piper thinks it’s possible that he’s an Anglican Church operative(?) It is known that he also has contacts with the Church of *Sin-tology* (!!). Piper won’t identify the church by its name on the air, in order to avoid lawsuits. The Scientology lady for whom he was editing a book is Ann Black Tracy PhD. He was being paid by the Church of *Sin*tology through this lady. They took him on their charge after he was shown the door at AFP. Piper wonders if he may have worked for them from the begginning.

Recently, Mike Piper said on his program that he had a talk today with AFP’s accountants who presented him the proof that Kink Balloon himself made them (AFP) pay for an internet connection bill JUST LAST MONTH! He’s not been working for AFP since at least three years! If it’s true, and I believe it is, Balloon would have done another illegal act: he’s stolen from AFP (again, like he did when he was in on a trip to interview Chavez but prefered to get drunk on the beach…). An email was sent to Baloon to ask for him to pay his own bill. AFP said they will pay for the bills, but that they will not pay for any other bill, and if it happens again they will have to file a lawsuit. For now, they only warned Bollyn by email that AFP will pay for the bills, but that no further bills will be paid, otherwise they will have to start a lawsuit. So, for now, no lawsuit.

Here’s a discussion about the film Missing Links and its flaws.

Promoting Huffschit but not Mike Piper is a certain proof of mental defect, imo. But hey! people make mistakes!

But what’s funny is why prothink still supports Hoffschit even though his Kinky Balloon believes that he *bears all the signs of an intelligent plant*! (you can read this on Hoffschit’s website)

One thing I do not like prothink, is that you promote the website of that imbecile and *saboteur* Jim Ennis, who’s accusing the folks at The Liberty Hour (survivor Phil Tourney and co-host Mark Glenn) of being antisemitic and thus trying to marginalise them (instead of teaming up with them). why don’t you promote The Liberty Hour, Phil Tourney instead?

Prothink’s endeavor to expose the truth about jewish power is commandable, but he should have talked about *CIA/Al Qaeda guy/Bojinka man Ramzi Yousef*.http://www.historycommons.org/contex…1980syousefcia

This is very important info that couldn’t possibily be discarded! I mean: The Al-Qaida manual was found in the car of Ahmad Ajaj, a double-agent of the Mossad, working with Yousef! Why do you never talk about Michael Collins Piper’s outstanding work? And why the hell do you support that Rosemary’s Baby agent provocateur Hufschmid?

August 2006

Thursday, 31 – [ MP3s : 1 ] Winamp + WindowsMedia + RealMedia + QuickTime
On this broadcastMichael Collins Piper addressed what he called « The Hufschmid Conundum the puzzle surrounding the bizarre attacks by Eric Hufschmid on many longtime anti-Zionist writers and activists including Piper himself (and his colleagues at American Free Press and The Spotlight) as well as individuals such as Mark Glenn, Mark Farrell, David Duke and many, many others too numerous to mention. Hufschmid. Piper quoted a letter writer who said that Eric spends most of his time making false allegations against many good people. he seldom has any proofyet he boldly releases his ideas or opinions as factand directly attacks ‘the mark’ of the day. Eric is always assuming his mark as guilty until proven innocent. » Piper noted that although Hufschmid is constantly attacking people as « Zionists » or as « Zionist agents Hufschmid himself had little, if anything, to say about the obvious role of Israel and its intelligence agency, the Mossad, in his own book and video about 9-11. Piper noted that Hufschmid literally received millions of dollars in free publicity regarding his (Hufschmid’s) book on the Penn and Teller » broadcast which is a product of the Zionist-controlled « Showtime » network. Piper noted that few REAL anti-Zionists ever receive that kind of publicity and suggested that perhaps the actual intent of Penn & Teller’s « attack » on Hufschmid was to redirect people to a source on 9-11 that does NOT emphase Israeli complicity in the attack. Piper noted the parallel theme in a recent essay by Sen. John McCain of Arizonapublished in the September issue of POPULAR MECHANICS which suggests that critics of the U.S. government’s 9-11 thesis are putting the blame on « America » for the attack; in shortMcCain was simply not mentioning the well-known fact that many (if not most) critics of the U.S. government lies about 9-11 contend –as American Free Press journalist Christopher Bollyn has contended from the beginning– that Israel and its Mossad was the prime mover behind 9-11. So McCain and Hufschmid have essentially taken the same approach. Although Hufschmid talks on his website about an Israeli connectionit is Hufschmid’s book which has been given the widespread international publicity. Thissaid Piperconstitutes a classic « limited hangout »—that isgiving « some » of the storybut not « all » of it. That isHufschmid falls to emphasize the strong evidence connecting Israel to the attack. In the meantimewhile pretending to be a supporter of American Free Press journalist Christopher Bollyn –Piper’s longtime friend and colleague– Hufschmid has been trying to drive a wedge between Bollyn and Piper (and between Bollyn and his own employerAmerican Free Press) by telling worldwide audiences via internet broadcasts and on his lie-packed website that American Free Press has NOT been publishing Bollyn’s work and trying to suppress it. Piper previously demonstrated to his audience that American Free Press had indeed published the articles by Bollyn that Hufschmid falsely claimed had never been publishedand the one article that was not immediately published (because it arrived too late) was later reworked into other material by Bollyn published by American Free Press. Unfortunatelymany people who don’t read either the published version of « AFP » or its complete on-line subscription versionhave been believing Hufschmid’s lies about Bollyn and AFP and about many other things. Most of these people also believe Hufschmid’s bizarre and outlandish claim that Piperis a Zionistdespite the fact that Piper has devoted 26 years of his 46 years to writing and speaking about the dangers of Zionismin such books as FINAL JUDGMENTdetailing the Mossad link to the JFK assassination conspiracy (over JFK’s efforts to stop israel from building nuclear weapons)THE HIGH PRIESTS OF WARexposing the secret history of the Zionist neo-conservatives and their drive for war against Iraq and Iran and Syria and the rest of the Muslim worldTHE NEW JERUSALEM: ZIONIST POWER IN AMERICAwhich outlines the amazing power of Zionism in Americaand BEST WITNESSwhich tells the story of Mel Mermelstein’s efforts to break the back of the Holocaust Revisionist movement–an effort which failed and failed badly. In addition Piper notedAFP (and The SPOTLIGHT before it) have published literally hundreds –maybe a thousand?– of articles by Christopher Bollyn focusing on the intrigues of Israel and the Zionist movementprovingbeyond any questionthat Hufschmid is lying when he says that AFP is trying to suppress either the works of Bollyn– whom Piper has always called « the best journalist in Americabar none »– or discussion of the subject of Zionism. Piper believes that « The Hufschmid Conundrum » can be explained by the factas Hufschmid himself admitted in an article on his websitethat Hufschmid’s half-sister is married to the son of Zionist billionaire Rupert Murdoch. This was early on and Hufschmid actually suggested that Murdoch himiself may have been aware of Hufschmid’s work. IncrediblythoughHufschmid makes the lame suggestion that Murdoch —one of the most powerful Zionists on the face of the planet— may be one of the « good » guys (of all things). Hufschmid even said that he knew little about Murdoch until Murdoch’s publicationTHE WEEKLY STANDARDedited by Zionist neo-conservative William Kristol (exposed thoroughly in Piper’s book THE HIGH PRIESTS OF WAR) had requested a copy of Hufschmid’s book. Hufschmid’s bizarre « explanation » of the « connection » between himself and Murdochin Piper’s estimationwas simply a clever concoction by Hufschmid to explain away his Murdoch connection in a blizzard of words in order to cover up the fact that he (Hufschmid) was actually being promoted by the Murdoch empire in order to maintain a handle on « the controlled opposition » surrounding speculation regarding the 9-11 terrorist attacksfocusing attention on a book that talked about the forensics of the 9-11 attacks but keeping the lid on the Zionist connection to that tragic event. Piper suggested that Hufschmid certainly knew that once his name came into the fore that people would (quite correctly) start researching into the name « Hufschmid » and ultimately discover the Hufschmid-Murdoch connection and that this was Hufschmid’s way of laying it on the table in a relatively confusing way that would convince some gullible people that Hufschmid was a « real » truth seeker. But Hufschmid himself actually raised the question as to whether he himself was being used in some « psy-ops » by the Murdoch empire and the Zionist network. Piper commented that this was a classic Mossad tactic: « hiding in plain sight. » In other wordsHufschmid put the Murdoch connection out there so that if anyone ever questioned him on it–as people are now doing and rightly so– he could sayOh I never kept it a secret.Piper also noted the interesting fact that Hufschmid’s attack on Piper and American Free Press and the campaign to split off AFP’s star reporter Christopher Bollyn from AFP and thereby deprive AFP of Bollyn’s reportagecame precisely at the time when AFP was about to launch its international conference on Labor Day weekend featuring a historic seminar on the Lies of 9-11with Bollyn as well as famed 9-11 hero and World Trade Center survivorWilliam Rodriguezand Ellen Marianiwidow of 9-11 victim Neal Mariani. What better wayPiper askedthan to disrupt a major event to be attended by some 300 people including some from around the world? Piper also noted that some time ago Hufschmid had also been privy to Piper’s then-manuscriptentitled THE JUDAS GOATSwhich features an entire chapter devoted to the subject of how Rupert Murdoch and his media empire (including Fox News) had been set up by the billionaire Zionist families RothschildOppenheimer and Bronfman to provide a « controlled » so-called « conservative alternative »–that is a classic « controlled opposition »– to the Zionist-dominated « liberal » networks such as ABCCBSand NBC. Hufschmid knew that this would be the first time that the nationalist-patriot movement would see the ENTIRE Murdoch story outlined in the context of a detailed book describing how the Zionist movement had worked for years to infiltrate and destroy the nationalist movement in Americathat many thousands of people would read about Murdochin detailfor the first time and learn the truth of « who » is really behind this media empire (with which Hufschmid is intimately connected): his half-sister is an heirby marriageto billions of Zionist money. Hufschmidthuswas rightly concerned that as more and more people learned about Murdoch that they would start doing their own research and discovering the Hufschmid connection. Clearlysays PiperHufschmid NEEDED to discredit Piper and American Free Press and damage their relationship with Christopher Bollyn. Piper pointed out that he had been writing about Murdoch for many yearsgoing back to the early 1980s when he wrote about Murdoch in The SPOTLIGHT newspaperutilizing « inside » data about Murdoch from one of Murdoch’s Australian associatesinternational businessman and prominent Catholic laymanHenry Fischerlong known for his close ties to the traditionalist Catholic movement and for his intimate connections to anti-Zionist elements inside the Vatican and the Catholic Church worldwide. Fischer is even mentionedPiper notedin several books by mainstream authors about Murdoch. But Fischer’s « inside » information on Murdoch’s Rothschild-Oppenheimer-Bronfman connectionmaking him part of the « Billionaire Gang of Four is never mentioned. All of this taken together explains the truth about The Hufschmid Conundrum. » Piper urged people to provide financial support directly to Christopher Bollyn in assisting Bollyn in his legal case against the police state thugs who attacked him and hit him with a life-threatening taser gun in his own front yard in Hoffman EstatesIllinois.

September 2006

Monday, 11 – [ MP3s : 1 ] Winamp + WindowsMedia + RealMedia + QuickTime

On tonight’s broadcastMichael Collins Piper noted that the infamous Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of B’nai B’rithan unregistered foreign lobby for the state of Israelhad issued a new attack on the American Free Press newspaper and its chief 9-11 correspondentChristopher Bollyn. The ADL was taking issue with Bollyn’s articles in American Free Press which have long provided solid evidence of the role of Israel’s intelligence servicethe Mossadin the 9-11 terrorist attacks. Previouslythe ADL had issued a similar attack on both Bollyn and Piperalong with others who dared to raise questions about the « official » U.S. government version of the attacks. Bollyn and Piper have both consistently assertedbased on the evidencethat the Mossad was a prime mover behind the attacks. Now there have been determined efforts to drive a wedge between Bollyn and AFPhis longtime employer: clearly a deliberate attempt to put an end to Bollyn’s substantial outreach through the pages of the naitonal weekly newspaper. A major player in this attempt to disrupt Bollyn’s association with his sponsorAmerican Free Presshas been a figure named Eric Hufschmid, whom Michael Collins Piper says is now « fishbait. » Piper noted that Hufschmid’s attacks on many good solid people in the 9-11 truth movement and in the American patriot-nationalist movement sound very much like the infamous ADL-FBI COINTELPRO operation known as « Deguello » a mysteriousanonymously-written document that was distributed in the 1960scasting doubt and aspersions on leading figures in the nationalist movement. HowevertodayHufschmid’s Internet-based operation is a modern-day Deguello with even greater outreach and even more potentially dangerous and devasting. Piper noted that this modern-day Deguello operation being run by Hufschmid has already caused problems for American Free Press in its efforts to raise money for Christopher Bollyn’s legal defense against trumped-up charges levelled against him after corrupt cops probably working in conjunction with Homeland Security according to research by Bollyn, attacked Bollyn in the front yard of his home in Hoffman EstatesIllinois. Because Hufschmid—rather « Fishbait »– is attacking Bollyn’s publisher and accusing the newspaper and its employees of being « Zionists » or « Zionist controlled many people are fearful of making contributions, even checks made out directly to Christopher Bollyn. » The behavior of Fishbait is clearly that of a Deguello-style operation right out of the pages of COINTELPROthe infamous FBI infiltration and evisceration scheme designed to undercut American dissident groups. AppropriatelyMichael Collins Piper’s newly-released book THE JUDAS GOATS has quite a detailed history of such operations. (The book is available from American Free Press at americanfreepress.net).

Friday, 15 – [ MP3s : 1 ] Winamp + WindowsMedia + RealMedia + QuickTime

On tonight’s broadcastMichael Collins Piper was joined by veteran California nationalist Joe Fields and author Mark Glenn (whose website can be found at crescentandcross.com) to discuss the outrageous and abusive exploitation of veteran American populist historian Eustace Mullinswho is 85 years oldby Daryl Bradford Smith and his partner-in-crimeEric Hufschmidnow widely referred to as Eric « Fishbait. » Glenn expressed the opinion that Smith and Hufschmid are simply troubled individuals who relish causing trouble. Fields noted that over the years that he has been involved in the nationalist movementmore often than not those people who accused others — as Smith and « Fishbait » do — of being « Zionist agents » are actually Zionist agents themselves. Fishbait and Smith have attacked a variety of longtime anti-Zionist activists such as Mark Farrell of Honestmediatoday.com as well as the aforementioned Glenn and even famed Louisiana political figure David Duke (see Davidduke.com)—among manymany others. Piper noted that in his own considerable experience –more than 25 years– in the nationalist movement as a widely-read writer of news articles and now several fairly well-distributed booksthat when he (Piper) encountered the Anti-Defamation League’s longtime undercover informantRoy Bullockthat Bullock often pointed at other people and suggested that they might be « ADL agents when, in fact, it was Bullock who was the agent. (Piper has written about his experiences with Bullock in his new book THE JUDAS GOATS which actually addresses factual case histories of how Zionist agents have infiltrated the American nationalist movement from within. The book is available at americanfreepress.net.) Piper noted that before coming on the air, he (Piper) had a long friendly chat with Eustace Mullins who said that he felt he had been used » by Smith whoMullins saiddid all the talkingand « put words in my mouth. » In factMullins was a recent speaker at a conference in Washington hosted by American Free Pressthe newspaper that utilizes Piper as a free-lance correspondent and Mullins wasas could be expectedvery well received by the audience. In recent years –until troublemakers attempted to undermine Mullins and grabbed control of much of his property– American Free Press was one of the most consistent and regular promoters of Mullins’ books such as THE SECRETS OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE and THE WORLD ORDERamong others. Nowjust as « Fishbait » and Bradford Smith sought to drive a wedge between American Free Press and its correspondent Christopher Bollynthey sought to drive a wedge between the populist newspaper and historian Mullins. Althoughas Joe Fields notedthere are many people who say that « Fishbait » and Smith need to be ignored and isolatedhe still agrees with Piper that these troublemakers (who act in the style of Zionist disinformation agents) need to be confronted. Piper noted that althoughover the yearshe has seen many squabbles between patriots over money and power and substance and stylethe Fishbait-Smith phenomenon appears to be the development of a bizarre cult-like group that does the bidding of Fishbait and Smithsending out malicious e-mails and spreading lies over the Internet. ThisPiper pointed outrecalls the old-fashioned Deguello operation of the FBI’s COINTELPRO program of the 1960s wherein solid truth was mixed with liesrumors and disinformation in order to undermine American nationalist organizationssimilar to the way Fishbait and Smith have tried to tear Christopher Bollyn away from American Free Pressthe one newspaper that has consistently promoted Bollyn as what Piper has described as being « the best journalist in America bar none. » The Fishbait-Smith Deguello routinealthough largely grounded in what appears to be borderline schizophrenic fantasyis nonetheless dangerousparticularly in the sense that it has worked to undermine the work of Christopher Bollyn. And as many people knowBollyn was recently assaulted in his own front yard in Hoffman EstatesIllinois by heavily-armed police officers in circumstances that Bollyn believesbased on his own inquiriessuggest that Bollyn was a target of Zionist elements in the office of Homeland Securityrun by devout pro-Israel Jewish figure Michael Chertoffthe son of a rabbiand whose own wife is a former figure in the ADL. « Fishbait » and Smith have actually suggested that Bollyn’s own friend and colleague from AFPMichael Collins Piperwas actually involved in a « plot » with Homeland Security and the ADL to stage the attack on Bollyn — a bizarre claim to be surebut one which some naive cult followers of the two troublemakers have actually come to believe and which they have circulated widely on the Internet! « Fishbait » and Smith even worked against famed civil libertarian and anti-Zionist attorney Mark Laneattacking the longtime associte of Piper and American Free Press (and of Liberty Lobby before that)smearing Lane so as to disinterest him in taking up Bollyn’s legal case against the police in Hoffman EstatesIllinois. This alone demonstrates the divisive operations of the Hufschmid-Smith wrecking crew. The detailstaken togethernot only raise serious questions about the intentions and motivations of « Fishbait » and Smith but also answer the questions as well: These two are trouble. They need to be ignored. They need to be isolated. Andas Piper saidThey need to be chopped up and made into fishbait and fed to the sharks, which are much more lovely creatures than either Hufschmid or Smith.


Bollyn: le gars est financé et protégé dans les hauts échelons, ce qui fait qu’il peut se promener en Allemagne et s’y faire photographier sans problème, tout comme il peut passer à la télé estonienne… Lié à la CIA, à l’Église anglicane, et à la scientologie via une dame pour qui il a édité un livre (faut bien vivre de quelque chose!). Il dit même que Hufschmid « porte tous les signes d’un opérateur des services de renseignement »… Faut le faire! Lui qui voulait pas condamner les opinions de Hufschmid lorsque celui-ci disait que l’American Free Press (alors employeur de Bollyn) était « infiltré et contrôlé par les sionistes »!

Hufschmid: T’as vu ses pages sur le front de certains juif qui ressemblerait au profil des néanderthaliens? Sans commentaires… Hufschmid fait souvent des comparaisons douteuses, sexuelles… avec des enfants en plus… le gars est complètement malade mais très intelligent, en fait il sait bien ce qu’il fait.

Il y aurait énormément à dire au sujet de Hufschmid-Bollyn et dans une moindre mesure de leur ancien coéquipier Daryl Bradford Smith.

Le duo Hufschmid et Bollyn excellait dans la diffamation de chercheurs fiables! autre indice qu’ils font partie d’une opération de désinfo. C’est pourquoi Mike Piper les appelle la « Deguello gang ». Le Deguello Report était un document de pure désinfo visant à semer la discorde dans le mouvement patriote américain. (Mieux: Hufschmid faisait même la promotion de ce document!)

Voici une liste de gens que Hufschmid accuse d’être des agents sionistes!

Daryl Bradford Smith (son ancien coéquipier), Dylan Avery, Korey Rowe, Jason Bermas (l’équipe de Loose Change), Germar Rudolf, Ernst Zundel, Fredrick Toben, Mark Glenn, Mark Farrell, David Irving, David Duke, Michael Collins Piper, Jack Blood, Victor Thorn aka Scott Makufka, Michael A Hoffman II, Wayne Madsen, Kurt Nimmo, Webster Tarpley, Willis Carto, John Stadtmiller, Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, William Rodriguez, Mike Rivero, Prof Steven E. Jones, Ingrid Rimland, Chris Jon Bjerknes, Hesham Tillawi, Laura Knight-Jadczyk, Dave von Kleist, Karl Schwarz, Ted Pike, Peter Kawaja, Peter Shank, Ron Paul, Cindy Sheehan, Rosie O’Donnell, Mark Lane, Charlie Sheen, Justin Raimondo, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad…

Il y en a plus encore car cette liste date d’il y a deux ans….

Hufschmid a peut-être raison en ce qui concerne 3 ou 4 individus dans cette liste, mais globalement, c’est du pur délire de considérer que tous ces chercheurs sont des agents sionistes.

Là où Hufschmid a vraiment fait mal c’est quand il a accusé Mark Lane et Willis Carto d’être des agents. Mark Lane est un avocat juif mais c’est aussi celui qui a pondu le premier livre (1964) démontrant hors de tout doute raisonnable que la CIA est responsable ou impliquée dans l’assassinat de JFK. C’est un grand ami de Mike Piper.

Willis Carto est aussi un grand ami de Mike Piper. Il a fait publier des milliers d’ouvrages à l’époque où il dirigeait l’Institute for Historical Review et Liberty Lobby. Aujourd’hui l’agent saboteur Mark Weber (le Von Stauffenberg de l’IHR Wink ) a tout vendu ce stock de livres (valeur de 3 millions$) pour des cacahuètes… Aujourd’hui , Carto dirige l’American Free Press et The Barnes Review, deux excellentes sources. Mais il faut dire que les meilleurs auteurs de AFP sont Mark Glenn et Mike Piper, sans oublier Jim Tucker. Hufschmid s’est organisé pour que son coéquipier Daryl Smith fasse dire à Eustace Mullins que Willis Carto était « suspect », etc. Eustace a été embobiné et il juge aujourd’hui avoir été utilisé par Smith-Hufschmid pour détruire la réputation de Carto.

Bref, Willis Carto est un brave type, un éditeur de matériel révisionniste, mais il est victime depuis longtemps d’une campagne de sabotage et diffamation par l’ennemi traditionnel…

Victor Thorn, l’auteur du « Procès du 11 septembre » (traduit en français aux éditions Demi-Lune), a publié plein de livres sur le 11 septembre. Bollyn aucun. Thorn a publié 911 Evil, le premier livre à exposer la responsabilité du mossad et des sionistes dans le 11 septembre. Bollyn n’a jamais rien publié en dehors d’Internet.

Lorsque Hufschmid s’est mis à raconter des salades concernant la supposée infiltration sioniste de l’AFP, Bollyn n’a jamais voulu condamner ses propos, répétant incessamment que Hufschmid a écrit le meilleur livre sur le sujet et qu’il ne veut pas parler contre lui et que de toute façon c’est hors sujet… Mantra qu’il répétera allègrement…

Pire que ça, Bollyn a accusé Victor Thorn d’être un « crypto-Juif » (une très vieille accusation typique des désinformateurs). Il a même déclaré que son débat contre Vitctor Thorn sur les ondes de l,émission de Mike Piper avait été orchestrée par – tenez vous bien – la Homeland Security (sécurité intérieure) avec l’aide de Mike Piper!

« Mentez, mentez, il en restera toujours quelque chose… »

Quelques fausses nouvelles que Bollyn a rapportées comme si elles étaient vraies.

Sam Danner disait avoir vu un Global Hawk s’enfoncer dans le Pentagone, mais la nouvelle était fausse. C’est Hufschmid qui a rapporté cet item à Bollyn qui s’est chargé de retransmettre dans les pages de l’AFP (salissant ainsi la réputation du respecté journal). Danner a admis avoir menti, Russell Pickering avait averti Boll-schmid dès le début que cette histoire était fausse. Même lorsqu’elle a été admise par tous comme étant fausse, Hufschmid a continué à rapporter la fausse nouvelle…. Hufschmid et Bollyn ont même continué à rapporter que Sam Danner s’était fait frapper par une voiture conduite par des agents du gouvernement, bien après que Danner ait admis que c’était faux.
-Bollyn a mal cité Mark Loiseaux au sujet de où ont été trouvées les flaques de métal en fusion au WTC. Il s’est trompé d’endroit… http://groups.google.com/group/alt.alien.visitors/msg/dfef90067070254e?dmode=source
-il a mal cité Arthur Lerner-Lam au sujet des pics sismiques
– Bollyn a soumis un article satirique de The Onion comme si c’était le sien! (tentative de plagiat, évitée de justesse par AFP)
– La théorie que Mike Chertoff de la Homeland Security serait le cousin de Ben Chertoff qui a écrit un article pour discréditer le mouvement de vérité du 911 dans la revue Popular Mechanics. Ce n’était tout simplement pas vrai… http://www.911myths.com/html/benjamin_chertoff.html
– Bolyn n’a jamais parlé de la connexion très significative entre Ahmad Ajaj, agent double du mossad dont la voiture contenait le manuel d’instruction d’al-Qaida, et Ramsi Yousef. Piper en a parlé ici. Bollyn n’a jamais dit non plus dans son article sur le procureur juif sioniste Mike Mukasey (ami de Rudy Giuliani) que c’est justement lui qui a jugé les terroristes de l’attentat à la bombe de 1993 (par Ramsi Yousef).




by Michael Collins Piper


9-11 and the New Internet Paradigm:

The Necessity for High-Level Manipulation and

Control of the Dissemination of Information


Canadian Zionist conservative Jonathan Kay has been among the foremost critics of the growing number of people in the United States and around the globe who have questioned the official version of what really happened on September 11.

First referenced in Chapter 17, Kay’s recent book—Among the Truthers: A Journey Through America’s Growing Conspiracist Underground—outlines Kay’s concerns about a variety of conspiracy theories, but makes clear his foremost worry is the blossoming of 9-11 conspiracies in particular and that an inordinate number of 9-11 “truthers” point the finger at Israel for that crime.

However, of course, the truth is that most 9-11 dissidents are still largely determined to direct the blame for 9-11 at George W. Bush or the CIA or “the military-industrial complex” or the Illuminati or some combination thereof. Many who do suspect Israeli complicity would just simply not even mention it.

And then, naturally—and this must be said—there are also considerable numbers of agents provocateurs who have infiltrated the 9-11 truth movement (just as they infiltrated the JFK assassination and Oklahoma City truth seekers) who are consciously (and often quite successfully) muddying the waters of research through their insertion of distractions and distortions that redirect focus away from the real conspirators responsible for those terrorist tragedies.

And this is something that is critical to remember: at the time of the JFK assassination there was no Internet. And at the time of the Oklahoma City bombing, the Internet was in its infancy.

The growing public awareness that something was wrong with the official explanation of the JFK assassination was largely stimulated through books, magazine articles, and lectures at small gatherings around the country by pioneer researchers such as Mark Lane and Penn Jones and others whose efforts were supplemented considerably by New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison’s journey into the realm.

Literally, word-of-mouth became—during the mid-1960s and beyond—one of the primarily means of broadening discussion about the Warren Commission cover-up.

And needless to say, during this time—and we now know this for a fact—the CIA was in the front-line (although largely operating behind the scenes)—along with the FBI—in doing a great deal of mischief designed to confuse research into the JFK assassination.

And, I think, it’s also fair to say that the Mossad’s own fine hand—through its assets in the mainstream media, in particular—also played a major part in providing vital support to the intrigues of the CIA and the FBI in this regard.

Essentially the same scenario came in the wake of the Oklahoma City bombing. This time, with the rise of desktop publishing and desktop video production, those who were dissenting against the official version of events had, in some respects, even greater outreach than the JFK researchers who were giving headaches to those responsible for the official cover-up.

And the advent of the Internet—though, as we said, still in its earliest days of development—added another dimension that gave considerable outreach to the critics of the government’s lies surrounding the Oklahoma tragedy.

But by the time of the 9-11 disaster, the Internet was already holding sway, and it proved to be a valuable asset in so many ways for those who were seeking to research the story behind the story of 9-11 and to communicate their findings to the American people and to the world.

As a direct consequence, the powers-that-be—whomever you choose to identify as such—realized that the Internet could prove to be a very real danger to their continuing domination of the mass print and broadcast media in the United States and around the globe.

As such, the powers-that-be realized they simply had to find ways to be able to circumvent the growing truth movement—a veritable tsunami that was piling up and preparing to swamp the conspirators and the lies about 9-11 purveyed upon the American people.

In addition to this, another (very negative) aspect of the Internet must be considered.

While the Internet has indeed been a major venue for truth—about 9-11 and so many other matters—the Internet has also set the stage for a growing amount of disinformation (both deliberate and unintentional that has had the effect of negating the very good research on 9-11 and other issues that has been achieved by sincere truth-seekers.

Ironically, in this regard, the aforementioned Zionist propagandist, Jonathan Kay, has summarized the matter well:

Elaborate conspiracy theories now can be cobbled together literally overnight through the efforts of hundreds of scattered dilettante conspiracists.

Another result is that conspiracists all around the world now tend to focus on the same few dozen talking points that figure prominently on the top websites.

While Kay doesn’t say it (and he is essentially celebrating this point) the truth is that what Kay calls, in this regard, the “intellectual balkanization,” that has resulted means that if some bad information—that is, disinformation (deliberate or otherwise)—has been inserted into the debate, that disinformation manages to become an article of faith.

And the result is that serious, fact-focused researchers—those who pay strict attention to detail and try to correct the mistakes—often end up being accused of being the disinformation specialists when, in fact, they are the real truth seekers trying to discredit the disinformation!

Kay assesses the situation in all-too-accurate terms:

The Internet has produced a radical democratization of the conspiracist marketplace of ideas.

No longer does one have to spend years researching and writing a book to attract attention: One can simply set up a blog, or chime in on someone else’s, with some refinement of the existing collective lore.

In fact, today’s conspiracists don’t even have to read books—they can pick up all their talking points from Truther websites, or, better yet, from Truther propaganda videos.

And the problem is, as we’ve said, that these websites and videos that Kay refers to sarcastically as the work of those whom he dismisses as “Truther” sources are not always—in fact, often are not—very reliable sources at all, either as a consequence of slip-shod research or simply the result of just bad writing that conveys false ideas as fact.

What has happened is that—just as Kay has said—many people have been propelled into what Kay calls “paranoid echo chambers,” in which people repeat back to one another—via email, via websites, in books and articles based on that material—an array of misinformation and disinformation that adds nothing to serious conspiracy inquiry and certainly does it a disservice (which is something that Kay and others of similar mindset certainly like to see happening).

Again, Kay is all-too-unfortunately on the mark when he writes:

The conspiracist’s network of enablers grows—often to such a point that it crowds out the conspiracy theorist’s nonbelieving friends. The process resembles the formation of an electronic cocoon that envelops a conspiracist with codependents. Surrounded by an enabling group of the like-minded, he gradually embraces the delusion that his movement has gained critical mass . . . .

The consequence is that Kay is absolutely correct when he refers to the “dumbing down effect” that is arising as a result of the growing world of Internet conspiracy dabbling and he is very much again on target—all too much so—when he suggests that modern-day conspiracy theorizing is something that many people “fit in between video gaming and Facebook.”

In other words, what Kay calls “conspiracism” is emerging, in many respects, as simply a hobby, a new form of entertainment!

Many people—and these are good people—just don’t realize that the world of conspiracy research is not some game, but a deadly serious realm that intersects with the very real world of high-level conspiracies shaping the course of our future.

So the bottom line truth is that while the Internet has been a valuable tool for genuine truth-seekers, the Internet—by its very nature—has also become (particularly in the wake of 9-11) as a considerable and important resource in the dangerous high-tech arsenal of those who seek to manipulate and misinform the public, most especially those who rely on the Internet as a source of information about the very conspiracies that the real conspirators are engaged in.

The 9-11 experience, so to speak, thus proved to be a very real lesson for those responsible for 9-11 and its cover-up, for they were able to observe (and quite carefully) the manner in which information relating to 9-11 emerged and then circulated via email and other means of Internet communication, including YouTube and other new formats known as “social media.”

And, for the record, it has long been an article of faith—and a reasonable one—that in actual preparation for the orchestration of 9-11, the conspirators had already set in place more than a handful of individuals, websites and other means charged with the evil task of “infiltrating” and manipulating and distorting legitimate efforts to uncover the real truth about 9-11.

In fact, after 9-11, there emerged more than a few people who might be called “instant internet celebrities” who became known as “9-11 truthers” but who were—from the beginning—bought-and-paid-for assets of the high-level forces responsible for 9-11 in the first place.

An entire book could be written about some of these characters, but that’s another matter for another time. But suffice it to say, they made their influence felt (in one way or another) and had a considerable impact in shaping not only the 9-11 truth movement itself, but also by offering up opinions about other matters (various and sundry) that also had the effect of delegitimizing very real research (some of it based on years of study) that countered the intrigues of the global elite.

Many of these operatives spent much of their time putting out what could only be described as downright “crazy” theories about 9-11 that redirected attention away from sober, responsible research.

In other instances, they specialized in cranking out often-reckless theories that were quite easily refutable, therefore giving credence to the oft-heard claim from the mainstream media that any and all other dissident 9-11 research was just as silly and unreliable.

And in a number of instances, there were several 9-11 “truthers” who, while pointing the finger of blame at Israel, were (at the same time) engaging in other activity that led many observers to believe that these individuals were “black propaganda” operatives trying to bring discredit to those who believed Israel was indeed responsible for 9-11.

Two such individuals, Christopher Bollyn and Eric Hufschmid—whom many believe were “ringers” inserted into the 9-11 truth movement from the beginning—ingratiated themselves with American Free Press (having pretended to be enthusiastic about my book Final Judgment) and, over a period of time, engaged in a concerted effort to influence AFP’s coverage of 9-11—and not in a positive way.

Ultimately AFP discovered that while Bollyn and Hufschmid supplied a lot of “good” information, that data was mixed in with a variety of “bad” data, the consequence of which was that many of the stories the two generated (working hand-in-hand on a daily basis behind the scenes for well over a year) proved to be of rather dubious value.

At one juncture, Bollyn and Hufschmid tried to convince the editors of AFP that outspoken 9-11 survivor, William Rodriguez—who had been honored by 9-11 truth seekers all over the United States and around the world for his integrity—was some sort of “Zionist agent.”

And despite the fact that independently wealthy American philanthropist Jimmy Walter had bankrolled speaking engagements by both Bollyn and Hufschmid, the dynamic duo also spread the word that Walter—who spent millions of dollars of his own money seeking to alert the public to 9-11 truth—was also a stooge for Israeli interests.

For my own part, I spent an entire week in Malaysia in the company of both Rodriguez and Walter and I never saw any sign that they were working to advance Zionist interests in any way, shape or form.

However, considering the record of Bollyn and Hufschmid, I think it’s safe to say that the same thing cannot be said about them.

Considering all of this, more than a handful of 9-11 dissidents (including many who believed Israel was behind 9-11) ultimately came to conclude Bollyn was actually a disinformation agent using a perverse back-handed way of discrediting AFP and those who believed the Mossad was responsible for 9-11.

Bollyn’s critics correctly pointed out that Bollyn had a pattern of misquoting sources, misinterpreting scientific information, and making assertions about certain matters without any foundational authority.

The consequence was that Bollyn’s disinformation gave ammunition to critics of AFP’s contention that the Mossad was behind 9-11 and as such was enthusiastically bandied about by Zionist propagandists seeking to undermine AFP’s thesis even though the questionable material by Bollyn focused on scientific data that had nothing whatsoever to do with the specific matter of Mossad involvement in 9-11.

In the end, after their deception was unmasked, Bollyn and Hufschmid launched a smear campaign against AFP alleging that we were, too, were really “Zionist agents” trying to cover up Mossad involvement in 9-11, an allegation preposterous on its face to anyone familiar with AFP’s work. Bollyn even claimed that Mark Lane—the anti-Zionist Jewish critic of Israel who pinpointed the CIA’s role in the JFK assassination conspiracy—was a Zionist and a secret asset of the CIA!

Unfortunately—and not unpredictably—a few naive folks actually believed these liars, especially people new to the 9-11 truth movement who didn’t have access to the big picture. However, when all was said and done, the romance between Bollyn and Hufschmid came to a bitter end and the two began accusing one another of being Zionist agents!

And the strange outside possibility was that both of them could actually have been right. After all, not all Zionist agents necessarily know the identities of the others. That’s how complex the world of intelligence intrigue happens to be.

Hufschmid’s own website devolved into a mish-mash of weird commentary (often referencing sexual matters, especially human interaction with animals) and once even included a nude photograph of Hufschmid, taken from the rear, ostensibly for the purpose of explaining some “health” matter Hufschmid felt would interest his readers.

That Bollyn, an American, had spent time on an Israeli kibbutz and later married an Israeli woman—who worked for Shin Bet, Israel’s domestic intelligence agency—was a point many found telling. That his own sister was also married to a Jew and had taken up residence in Israel was also considered somewhat suspicious.

It’s always been my suspicion (based on a variety of data too complicated to delve into here) that Bollyn was a long-standing international free-lance intelligence operative who, for at least a substantial part of his career, was working for the Church of England, which—although many people don’t realize it—has always been an arm of British intelligence, active in global intrigue. In fact, Bollyn and his family have multiple “British” connections which also point toward that conclusion.

And, needless to say, the British Empire—which has long been under the control of the Rothschild Dynasty—has always played a peculiar role in advancing Jewish and Zionist interests, even going back to the days when the woman whom Bollyn claims as an ancestor, Anne Boleyn, was a central player in a grand design that disrupted the traditional role of the Roman Catholic Church in Britain and set the stage for the rise of Jewish financial power in Britain in years to come. (And that is a story in and of itself—worthy of a book that has yet to be written.)

But for those who are interested, an English patriot and critic of the New World order with an abiding interest in 9-11 truth—and who does believe Israel was a key player in that tragedy—has put together a remarkably detailed website (complete with a fascinating variety of links and other valuable information) which delves into the bizarre story of Bollyn and his erstwhile friend Hufschmid. See http://www.takeourworldback.com for more.

In any event, all of this having been said, it’s quite clear that the circumstances surrounding 9-11 gave Israel—along with other power players on the world stage—a new understanding of how the Internet worked and how its resources could be utilized (for better or for worse) in manipulating global opinion.

And as a consequence, people in high places began working to lay forth a plan to ensure that, in the future, the Internet could be used for their own benefit and to undercut those—such as the 9-11 dissidents and other truth-seekers who questioned “official” stories about such matters as the JFK assassination and the Oklahoma bombing and other matters—who stood in opposition to the New World Order agenda.

As we shall see, this carefully-crafted endeavor had even further consequences when the plan was skillfully put into actual working order in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting in Newtown, Connecticut and the Boston Marathon bombing that followed not long afterward.

The Internet, as a consequence, was no longer simply a venue for truth seekers to “get the word out” about high-level cover-ups. Instead, it became a vehicle used by the high-level conspirators to not only confuse the work of the truth seekers but also to combat them by discrediting them through some of the most manipulative means possible.

It’s a story that has never been told before, but it is a story that must be told, if real truth seekers are going to be able to deal with the big challenges that lie ahead, particularly when confronted with propaganda and disinformation designed to frustrate their efforts to combat the very real forces of Evil that lie behind the New World Order.

Let us then move forward and examine this extraordinary conspiracy in a way that it has never before been dissected. It’s a shocker . . .

The Piper Report Feb 8, 2011

The Secret Family Link Between a Legendary Tribe and the Rise of the International Money Power:

In this first-ever special broadcast, dedicated exclusively to a single topic—and a controversial one, to be sure—Michael Collins Piper explores a wide variety of material (coming from multiple un-related sources) which points toward uncovering what may well be one of the biggest political (and religious) secrets of the all-too-often distorted history of Western Civilization.

Piper focuses on some surprising details regarding the little-noted (but quite apparent) ethnic and philosophical origins of one well-known and much-publicized family (the subject of endless popular literature and Hollywood hoopla) and demonstrates that this family has never before been fully recognized or acknowledged for its peculiar and particular role in this aspect of the « hidden history » of the West—and of the British Empire in particular. And no, we’re NOT talking about the Rothschilds.

Although informed people worldwide are well-versed in the history of the criminal intrigues of the international money power of the Rothschild Dynasty which came to dominate a global octopus based out of its center of operations in the so-called City of London—beginning in the closing years of the 18th Century—Piper demonstrates in this broadcast that the rise of the Rothschilds and the inter-related families and financial groups with which they collaborate was made possible, first and foremost, by the religious battles of the so-called « reformation » in Britain.

Piper identifies the one family that played such a central part in this upheaval that changed the course of English civilization—and that of the West—forever. And as it turns out, this family’s origins appear to go back to the ancient kingdom of Khazaria—the stuff of legend and much debate.

And it is no coincidence that the impact of their corruption and debauchery reverberates even today, for the Federal Reserve gangster monopoly of America’s money system can be traced back to this family’s machinations in Britain during the 15th Century—long before the rise of even the Rothschilds!

All of this is indeed history—hidden history—at its best (or its worst).

Before going public with his own assembly of the diverse (and eye-opening) information that he uncovered, Piper outlined his research with a number of individuals whom Piper freely admits are far more well-versed in a number of historical, cultural and religious realms than he has ever been, and all of them—to a man—concluded that Piper was indeed « on to something. »

Piper has pointed out that although he initially began on this realm of research almost as a whim—and he describes his process of research in this broadcast—he recognizes that many people will dismiss his thesis out of hand, perhaps « explaining » that Piper « has an axe to grind. »

But Piper says, in preliminary response: « Don’t dismiss what I’ve put forth until you’ve listened to the entirety of the broadcast—and listened to it carefully. »

Piper urges those who ARE able to find holes in his research to point them out publicly on this website, using facts—not opinions. « If you have some particular expertise in one or more of the areas that I’ve discussed, by all means then, » he says, « please show me where I’m wrong. »

Listen Now:

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The Piper Report Feb 10, 2011

MCP continues with his discussion of the possible Khazar origins of the Boleyn family as well as a round up of the day’s important news.

The Piper Report Special Broadcast March 17th, 2011
A Note from Michael Collins Piper about this SPECIAL « blast from the past » . . . Thanks for all of the excellent input surrounding the 2 hour visit with Victor Thorn on the last podcast.

In light of the interest on the part of many new listeners (and many new listeners there are) regarding the shocking fact that I periodically report negative data about Christopher Bollyn and his consort, Helje Brand Kaskel, I thought our listeners might be intrigued in hearing the radio broadcast that touched off Bollyn’s campaign to destroy and defame me and American Free Press, the newspaper that helped bring him international acclaim (which we now know was far from deserved). In fact, the aforementioned Victor Thorn—along with Bollyn—was a guest on this broadcast.

Concerned that there was an unfortunate rift between one of AFP’s writers (Bollyn) and one of AFP’s best supporters (Thorn), I invited both of them on the program to discuss Thorn’s (now obviously quite correct) questions about the circumstances surrounding a police arrest of Bollyn in his front yard in Schaumburg, Illinois. I assumed this would be an opportunity to set things straight and reach a friendly public accord and give Bollyn the opportunity to answer Thorn’s criticisms.

I think that any HONEST person listening to this broadcast can see that this was no « ADL setup » as Bollyn told many people publicly and privately, alleging that I–along with an assortment of others, including Victor Thorn–had collaborated with the ADL and Homeland Security and God Knows Who Else to arrange for Bollyn to get arrested and then later « smear » him by inviting him on my program.

As far as the police attack on Bollyn (however unwarranted) please remember that it was Bollyn himself who CALLED the police in the first place. The police just didn’t show up and start tasering him!

Also, for your information, in the opening minutes of the show, Bollyn desperately tries to defame AFP (for whom he was still working!) by saying that he saw evidence of two possible « plants » or « infiltrators. » One of them was Jack Ross, a stout Jewish gentleman (referred to as such by Bollyn) who was, in fact, a peripheral figure who had written several articles for AFP and who only ever visited the AFP office on perhaps two occasions, maybe three at most! And Ross is an outspoken ANTI-ZIONIST Jew.

Bollyn also refers to another person (who was at The SPOTLIGHT–the paper that preceded AFP). She was NEVER at AFP itself, having left long before. Bollyn claims that she is Jewish. No, she was NOT Jewish and the reason why she spoke a bit of Hebrew was because she had once been in love with a Jewish man and had tried to « learn his culture, » but she had been rejected by him. (Contrast that with Bollyn who speaks Hebrew because he married a Jewish woman in Israel who worked for Israeli intelligence!)

Listeners will note that, at the end of the program, I speak glowingly of some material that I felt vindicated Bollyn. If I were out to « get » him as he claims, that’s hardly something that I would do.

At that point little did I know that Bollyn–as a direct result of this program—would suddenly claim I was an ADL operative. This came after I had personally spent YEARS promoting Bollyn, calling him « the best journalist in America–bar none, » glorifying him with a picture and praise in my book THE HIGH PRIESTS OF WAR and, before that, in my book FINAL JUDGMENT.

And this came AFTER I had personally asked Bollyn to fill my time slot for a month on another network when I was traveling overseas as the guest of, among others, former Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamed, one of the world’s foremost critics of Zionism! (If I were trying to undermine Bollyn and deny him what he perceives to be his due fame and fortune, it seems unlikely—doesn’t it–that I would ask him to enjoy the opportunity to be heard?!?)

Bollyn’s tone and attitude speaks for itself.

And note that Bollyn spends time trying to defame Victor Thorn (who has always been the first to acknowledge that his real name is Scott Makufka and that Victor Thorn is his pen name) and also slamming Victor because Victor was a cab driver—as though cab drivers are somehow the lowest of the low and incapable of research and writing (and if you’ve read Victor’s multiple writings and books, you know that he has produced quite a bit of solid work over the years).

Bollyn now claims that I had been attacking him for years, citing the fact that he received nasty, vulgar emails using my email address just shortly before he was scheduled to come to speak (along with me and David Duke and numerous others) at a conference organized by the famed Jurgen Graf in conjunction with THE BARNES REVIEW. In fact, Bollyn knew full well–as Graf and others can confirm–that all of the key speakers (including me) were receiving such emails, ostensibly from the other participants! I myself received one that was attributed to Jurgen Graf. Yet, Bollyn still continues to tell this lie over and over again, even though he knows he has been refuted!

All of this LACK of credibility on the part of Bollyn, including his childish, self-centered behavior, is demonstrated clearly on this recording of the old radio broadcast that first revealed Bollyn’s insanity and inanity.

And I would add, for the record, that subsequent to this, Daryl Bradford Smith and I patched things up, recognizing that we had BOTH been taken to the cleaners by Bollyn and Eric Hufschmid. And don’t forget, too, that even now Bollyn is attacking Hufschmid, whom he consulted with via telephone on a daily basis for years!

Oh, there’s so much more to the story . . . But I thought you might enjoy a reprise of this bizarre broadcast and get an introduction to the Weird World of Kinky Balloon and his brazen exhibitionist of a wife, Helje Brand Kaskel.

The Piper Report March 12, 2012 RBN

Ron Paul supporters do not necessarily support the Tea Party movement; nor any other particular parties and organizations. Mike also explores nefarious bank scam connections held by Christopher Bollyn.

Reports from a delegate meeting in Nevada show Ron Paul leading the count for representatives in the electoral college.

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