Carto explique le pouvoir médiatique sioniste

Is the Major Media Controlled? – Willis Carto

Willis Carto est un éditeur dissident qui a fondé l’Institute for Historical Review et le journal The Spotlight. Les deux publications sont mortes des suites de sabotage. Puis il a fondé The Barnes Review et American Free Press, qui se portent très bien. Extrêmement productif, la somme de ses publications est incomparable – on parle ici d’une quantité tout simplement astronomique.

Voyez Willis Carto dans ce douteux documentaire français sur les théories de la conspiration du 11 septembre.

Tentative d’amalgame entre Von Brunn et Willis Carto

Le Congrès Juif Mondial

911 shills and disinfo

Bronfman: profiteurs de l’escroquerie Madoff

Murder Discussed at High-Level Bronfman Meeting

In 2005 New York magazine noted Edgar Bronfman “belongs to one of the world’s most exclusive clubs, an impossibly elite gathering known as the ‘Mega Group.’ It consists of about a dozen inconceivably rich Jews who get together several times a year, often in either Bronfman’s or [CBS owner] Larry Tisch’s apartment. . . .”
In 1990, an unexpected source advised Andrew St. George—chief correspondent for The Spotlight (forerunner of AFP)—there had been a high-level meeting at Bronfman’s New York apartment attended by top financial patrons and leaders of the Zionist movement. (This was the “Mega Group” although its name was not then known.) Devoted to combating the purported “rise of anti-Semitism,” the meeting’s participants included financier Felix Rohatyn and Jacques Torczyner, president of the Zionist Organization of America.
Andrew’s source told him Torczyner said, in words to these effect: “It’s time that we put a stop to Willis Carto and his newspaper, The Spotlight.” Torczyner said specifically that Carto and his associates should be “hunted and shot like quail.”
Torczyner’s candor disturbed at least some of his fellow power brokers who responded, “We can’t use the tactics of our enemies.”
In fact, it was the aforementioned Rohatyn who told St. George about the meeting. A longtime newsman, St. George knew many people, Rohatyn among them.
St. George took the story to Carto and Mark Lane, The Spotlight’s anti-Zionist Jewish attorney, who wrote a letter to Torczyner warning him against making further threats. Still, a continuing campaign to destroy The Spotlight culminated with the populist weekly driven out of business in 2001. Thank goodness, AFP picked up The Spotlight’s fallen torch.
Carto had reason to be concerned: Bronfman fingerprints were all over the JFK assassination conspiracy. For the tip of that iceberg, see the Dec. 9&16, 2013 issue of AFP.
Michael Collins Piper. American Free Press, Jan 6&13, 2014


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