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ABC’s Good Morning America played a recorded voice message to his former manager, Marc Schaffel, on Nov. 22, 2005. Complaining about media manipulation, Jackson snarled, “They suck—they’re like leeches. I’m so tired of it. I start out the most popular person in the world, make a lot of money, cars, and everything, and end up penniless. It’s a conspiracy. The Jews do it on purpose.”

VIDEO – Michael’s speech about Sony & Tommy Mottola [Jewish] – $ony Kills Musicspeech by Michael Jackson in which he says that Sony tried to destroy his album Invincible, and that Mottola is a very evil man.
VIDEO – Michael Jackson Speaks Out Against Tommy Mottola

Les proches de MJ disaient que les allégations d’attouchements sexuels sur des enfants étaient fabriquées par une « secte religieuse américaine » qui conspirait pour se venger de lui, du fait qu’il ait refusé d’en devenir membre. Cette secte serait la Scientologie, propriété des sionistes milliardaires Bronfman et façade du Mossad.

Just 20 miles away would be a sort of Polish Graceland, on an island in a lake, where the new king would reside in a Baroque castle, which was being overseen by the director of Warsaw’s Royal Gardens, who, according to The Guardian, « is ready to believe the account of Jackson’s aides, that the child abuse allegations were the work of an American religious sect enacting revenge for his refusal to sign up. »


Jacko Single Raising Funds for Scientology
(…) HELP, which stands for Hollywood Literacy and Education Program, is a subsidiary of the Church of Scientology. The copyright on the HELP Web site, which Jackson’s Web site is now linking to, states: “The Hollywood Education and Literacy Project is licensed by Applied Scholastics International to use the Study Technology of L. Ron Hubbard.
Applied Scholastics is a trademark and service mark owned by the Association of Better Living and Education International and is used with its permission.”
The Association for Better Living is yet another Scientology offshoot, which, according to their Web site, adheres to the teachings of founder Hubbard, the late science fiction writer. Referred to as ABLE, the association is an umbrella name for Scientology’s different 12 step and learning programs. Jackson was briefly married to a Scientologist, Lisa Marie Presley, in the late 1990s. (…)

Uri Geller, Shmuley Boteach [Lubavicher] are on Michael Jackson’s ‘list of enemies’
Superstar’s former manager reveals ‘enemy list’ of people the star thought wanted to destroy him.

Ils se foutent pas mal de nous

Extrait de:

Le conseiller-stratégiste clé de Palin est une figure importante au sein d’une organisation tentaculaire

Although Sarah Palin has strong appeal among “Christian conservatives,” it turns out that John Coale, Palin’s key political tactician and fundraising specialist, has long-standing high-level professional connections to a controversial “new religion” known as the Church of Scientology.

Coale — who also happens to follow Scientology’s teachings — is joined in his enthusiasm for both Scientology and for Palin by his wife, Fox News correspondent Greta Van Susteren, who has emerged as a not-so-subtle Palin promoter in her own right.

Not only did Coale establish the Alaska Fund Trust, which has helped pay Palin’s legal bills resulting from a variety of ethics investigations that have swirled around Palin relating to her activities as governor of Alaska, but he has also been a prime mover behind Palin’s political action committee known as Sarah PAC. Coale is, in short, the “brains” behind Palin’s national efforts.

But more than a few critics are suggesting that Coale is linking to Palin to promote the political influence of Scientology. This claim is based on the fact that some years ago Coale actually authored a secret memorandum — later leaked by a whistleblower — that outlined a plan by the Church of Scientology to advance its own political influence. (…)

While most people consider Scientology nothing more than “just another weird cult” that happens to have some big name Hollywood supporters — such as actors Tom Cruise and John Travolta, among others — there’s much more to Scientology than meets the eye.

The truth is that the Church of Scientology is actually a quietly influential (and very rich) political institution with worldwide financial operations and a secret intelligence network that reaches far and wide. (…)

That a major Scientology figure is working closely with Sarah Palin is not surprising, considering the tragic history of the Church of Scientology.

Founded by the classically eccentric and eclectic and highly brilliant philosopher, L. Ron Hubbard, who built Scientology into one of the fastest-growing “alternative” religions, Scientology underwent major internal changes after Hubbard was forced out of his leadership role and died, under strange circumstances, not long afterward.

Setting up new “public faces” to run Scientology, a handful of mostly Jewish lawyers, all non-Scientologists — including, notably, one Lawrence Heller — took over the church and through a new set-up of holding companies—such as the Church of Spiritual Technology and the Religious Technology Center—which now dominate Scientology. Reports indicate Heller has deposited Scientology money in at least one Israeli bank even though Israel discriminates against Scientology.

But here’s where it really gets quite strange and links back to the elements promoting Sarah Palin…

A former American diplomat, the late Stephen J. Koczak (stationed for many years in Israel), charged that the group that took over Scientology were operatives for Israel’s intelligence service, the Mossad, which has al ways had an interest in “Manchurian Candidate”-style mind control of the very type in which our own CIA and the former Soviet KGB are known to have dabbled.

Critics contend that those who control Scientology now have in their hands a virtual spy network of devoted cult members who will do what they are told.

Other investigators say it was World Jewish Congress chief Edgar Bronfman — of the Jewish crime syndicate group that bankrolled John McCain’s mobster father-in-law — who financed the covert group of Jewish lawyers who grabbed control of the Church of Scientology.

Sarah Palin’s close advisor John Coale has been such a big figure in the “new” Scientology that he even served as lawyer for one of Scientology’s biggest names, Lisa Marie Presley (daughter of Elvis Presley), when she divorced now-deceased entertainer Michael Jackson.

According to a new Jackson biography, Scientologists long hoped to snare Jackson as a member and fiancial benefactor — reportedly a primary church project — but Jackson vocally scorned Scientology (later converting to Islam) and his marriage with Miss Presley went asunder. In that regard it is interesting to note that in the April 2003 issue of Vanity Fair fervent Jackson critic Maureen Orth complained that close friends of Jackson were telling people “the child abuse allegations [against him] were the work of an American religious sect enacting revenge for his refusal to sign up,” obviously referring to Scientology.

So the evidence suggests Scientology is now a powerful part of an elite high-level network beyond the control of Scientology’s grassroots believers. And that a top Scientologist, John Coale, has been deployed to advance Sarah Palin’s aspirations of becoming a national figure is—if truth be told—really no big surprise at all. #

Source: Supplément de Michel Collins Piper sur les tireurs de ficelles (médiatiques et néocons) derrière Sarah Palin

Sur la scientologie devenue une propriété des Bronfman:
Le vaillant docteur Hamer contre la pieuvre de la scientologie
Jan Van Helsing: Les sociétés secrètes et leur influence au 20e siècle
Oklahoma City: la connexion israélienne serait plus significative qu’on serait tenté de croire

Michael Jackson – They Don’t Care About Us (Lyrics on Screen) Prison Version Music Video HQ from Christian Epps, lighting design on Vimeo.


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