Décès du légendaire journaliste télé Walter Cronkite


« Je ne peux penser à aucun groupe — à l’exception des
renseignements israéliens — qui aient pu garder sous silence
la conspiration pour l’assassinat de JFK pendant si longtemps.

« I can’t think of any group — with the exception of Israeli
intelligence — that would have been able to keep the JFK
assassination conspiracy under wraps for so long. »



Are the Kennedys Cursed By Mossad?

  1. By Alex J. Hidell

Assassination of President Kennedy

President John F. Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963. Few hours after the assassination, the official version of the event is broadcast, asserting that Lee Harvey Oswald alone killed John Kennedy. Oswald strenuously denies these charges. Oswald says to Capt. Will Fritz on Nov. 24, 1963 at 11:15 A.M., ‘I did not kill President Kennedy or officer Tippit’

Then several minutes later (11:21 A.M.) Oswald is assassinated by Jacob Rubenstein an Orthodox member of the Jewish faith, who dies of cancer 37 months later in a Dallas jail. Jack Ruby (born Jacob Rubenstein) maintains that he had murdered Oswald. Ruby says ‘out of patriotism to avenge President Kennedy and to spare his widow, Jacqueline Kennedy, the ordeal of appearing at Oswald’s court trial.’

Later Ruby says to his defense lawyer William M. Kunstler that he killed Oswald « for the Jews. » On each of the occasions Kunstler talked to him, Jack Ruby repeated that ‘I did this that they wouldn’t implicate Jews.’ (See: Kunstler, My Life as a Radical Lawyer, 1994, p. 158) and during Kunstler’s last visit Ruby handed him a note in which he reiterated that his motive was to ‘Protect American Jews from a pogrom that could occur because of anger over the assassination.’ Jack Ruby had a long-standing relationship with the major crime syndicates. On his prison death bed, when a friend asked him to tell the truth before he dies, Ruby said: ‘Listen, you know me well, and you know that I am a reasonable businessman. I wouldn’t have done it if I did not have to.’

Who, then, made Jack Ruby to kill Lee Harvey Oswald? The most likely suspect is Meyer Lansky.

Mayer Lansky

Mayer Lansky (1902-1983)


According to the Jewish News of Greater Phoenix (March 5, 1999): Meyer Lansky saw life entirely through a Jewish filter. During Prohibition, Lansky got his start in bootlegging and reached the height of prosperity and influence during the 1940s and 1950s, when he transformed illegal gambling from a neighborhood racket into an interstate enterprise. He pulled the strings of a national crime syndicate that, according to some, made more money than General Motors. In his own eyes, he was an American and Jewish patriot. In the legends and studies of Jewish gangsterdom, there are two Meyer Lanskys. The older version has him as the criminal mastermind, the brain behind the mob. The more recent version sees Lansky as an entrepreneur catering to necessary,

if illicit, human needs, as an embattled Jew, with the Cossacks hard on his heels. When battling investigating U.S. senators, Lansky voices his conviction that he’s facing a bunch of anti-Semites.

There’s no doubt the FBI, CIA and Mossad utilized Lansky’s organized crime empire for their purposes, especially in assassinating those political leaders both domestic and foreign that stand in way of the New World Order.

(And where do you fit in someone like international war criminal and confessed Zionist Henry Kissinger?)

Oops there goes « Share the Wealth » Roosevelt, Rockefeller, JP Morgan Banker Basher U.S. Senator Huey P Long.

Fare ye well Majority Leader U.S. Congressman Warren Commission critic Hale Boggs. And lest we forget Senator Paul Wellstone, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Chile’s Salvador Allende ad nausem.

The Zionist controlled media makes the Mafia appear all Italian, when in reality the true puppet master was Meyer Lansky, an Israeli Mossad Zionist patron, and his Jewish mafia organized crime partners.

The SopranoTV series and the movie God Father etc. indoctrinates the American mind with the notion that the Mafia(organized crime) is a bunch of nasty Italians-dagos. They the Zionist controlled media hide the fact that organized crime, and the « Enemy Within » is Zionism.

And today whom are these Zionists that control our media, our Congress, our trillion $ foreign policy, pull off the 9-11 false flag operation and gets us invading Afghanistan and Iraq, killing at this point over 1.2 million people, and ruining the countless lives of our American soldiers?

And cui bono-who benefits?

The bankers that control the Federal Reserve System, and of course Israel-that’s who benefits-certainly not the American, Afghanistan and Iraqi people.

But then again, we just can’t blame all these killings. all these assassinations on Mossad-Zionism.

JFK’s coverup had to also involve Lyndon Johnson, high military Brass, J Edgar Hoover, and possibly Richard Nixon. It had to involve CIA, and possibly George H Bush.

Just like 9-11 was more than just a Mossad « False Flag ». The coverup has to involve the highest echeolns of George W Bush’s adminstration. Mossad and CIA are keys that open up and oil the evil empires, but remember none of this dirty work could be accomplished without the Zionist control of the press.

Control of the press is the key to the inner key. Otherwise, Richard Perles, Paul Wolfowitz, Elliott Abrams, Douglas J. Feith, David Wurmser, Senator Joseph Lieberman, U.S. Attorney Michael B. Mukasey, N.Y. Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff, U.S. District Judge Alvin K. Hallerstein etc. would be questioned by a true press, and Larry King Live on whether these individuals’ allegiance is to the U.S. Constitution or to Zionism. And from these press questions on to testimony before a federal Grand Jury about Skull and Bones.

And so it goes.

Assassination of Robert Kennedy

Robert F. Kennedy
On June 5th, 1968, Robert F. Kennedy, the younger brother of President Kennedy and the likely Democratic candidate for President, having just won the California primary, was shot in the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles by Sirhan Bishara Sirhan, a Palestinian born in Jerusalem. Sirhan was convicted of the killing and is serving a life sentence.

Shortly before his assassination in June ’68, Bobby Kennedy told his press secretary, Frank Mankiewitz, that if he wins the election, he’ll reopen the inquiry into the assassination of his brother.

Professor Philip Melanson at the University of Massachusetts which hosts the RFK Assassination Archives, maintains that the archives contain evidence that more bullets were fired than could fit into the magazine of Sirhan’s gun. In the 1994 interview with Paul Nellen

Professor Melanson says that: ‘My theory about Sirhan’s involvement is that he was definitely firing a gun and therefore should have been convicted of some kind of attempted murder if in fact they couldn’t prove diminished responsibility. But I see Sirhan basically as a pawn. My view is that while he was there shooting he didn’t mastermind a plot to kill RFK.’

There’s also the irrefutuable testimony and report by the Los Angeles coroner Thomas Noguchi that power burns prove Robert Kennedy was shot less than 1.5 inches from behind his brain. Witnesses testified that Sirhan was always in front of Bobby Kennedy, and no closer than 2 to 6 feet.

Death of Carolyn and John Kennedy

Carolyn Bessette Kennedy


On July 16, 1999 the son of President Kennedy, John Kennedy, Jr. his wife Carolyn and her sister Lauren Bessette were killed in an airplane accident. John Kennedy, Jr. was the only Kennedy to ever acknowledge a conspiracy in his father’s death; not only to acknowledge it, but was taking concrete steps to disclose it. Just days prior to his death, the NBC Dateline announced that he was considering entry into politics. After the crash of John F. Kennedy Jr’s airplane, his friends (In Memory of JFK Jr., AngelFire.com) commented that: Since President Kennedy was assassinated, his enemies have labored to create a world that favors prejudice over reason, gossip over truth and ignorance over knowledge. We always feared for the safety of his son, but we underestimated their ruthless disregard for human life. We will never underestimate them again.

Israel’s prominent journalist Barry Chamish says that: ‘… one cannot ignore the strange demise of JFK Jr. Four persons saw the explosion that downed his plane. Yes, I’m sure he was murdered. And yes, the Israeli political establishment had a motive for involvement. The latest Kennedy to die violently was the only American editor to expose (in the March 1997 issue of his magazine George) the conspiracy behind Rabin’s assassination. And he had every intention of continuing his exposes’ until he got to the bottom of the matter.

We don’t know what drove him to stand alone in seeking the truth, but it may have had much to do with the information contained within Michael Piper’s (2004) book the Final Judgment.’


In this book, Piper claimed President Kennedy was assassinated by Mossad for Kennedy’s efforts to stop Israel from obtaining nuclear weapons.

Barry Chamish goes on to say that: ‘… we are waking up to the ugly reality of the kind of leadership we are saddled with. But I take the opposite view of Piper: my research says America corrupted Israel and not the other way around. And, probably unlike Piper, I am seeking the truth so that one morning the rotten murderers Americans and Israelis call their political leaders, will not make my country hopelessly unable to defend itself against even more rotten forces.’

After the third Camelot death the suspicions of the foul play began to mount and media started to promote the notion that the Kennedy family is cursed.


Representative Paul Findley The first public personality to think the unthinkable was the Illinois Representative Paul Findley, who in March, 1992, said in The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, ‘It is interesting to note that in all the words written and uttered about the Kennedy assassination, Israel’s intelligence agency, the Mossad, has never been mentioned.’

His remark was dismissed as anti-Semitic and the conspiracy it implied was simply added to the plethora of other mutually contradicting, often self-contradictory and mostly implausible conspiracy theories advanced in the wake of the President Kennedy murder.


Three months after the death of John Kennedy, Jr., in October 1999, the Governor of Minnesota called national attention to the unexplained events surrounding the murder of President John F. Kennedy and the series of violent deaths of the other members of the Kennedy family and expressed an opinion, shared by many, that the official explanation of the murder of President Kennedy in the ‘Warren Report is no longer tenable.’

Walter Cronkite

Walter Cronkite’s comment was that: ‘I can’t think of any group – with the exception of Israeli intelligence that would have been able to keep the JFK assassination under wraps for so long.’


Rector of the Glasgow University Mordechai Vanunu


In the July 26, 2004 interview, Mordechai Vanunu, Israeli nuclear scientist previously associated with the Israel’s Dimona Nuclear Project said that assassination of President Kennedy was due to, ‘pressure Kennedy exerted on Israel government not to develop nuclear weapons.’

In December, 2004 Mordechai Vanunu was elected rector of the Glasgow University (Guardian, December 17, 2004), but was arrested on December 24, 2004 when attempting to exit Israel.

Avner Cohen’s Archival Research

Israel Nuclear Facilities – Dimona, Eilabun, Kfar Zekharya, Nahal Soreg, Yodefat (Federation of American Scientists, Center for Non-Proliferation Studies)


Mordechai Vanunu’s claim is supported by Avner Cohen’s (1998) book Israel and the Bomb. His book is based on archival research during which he discovered President Kennedy’s letter, located in the Israel State Archive in Jerusalem, which the American ambassador delivered to Prime Minister of Israel Levi Eshkol on July 5, 1963. In this letter President Kennedy requests that, …these visits should be in accord with international standards, thereby resolving all doubts as to the peaceful intent of the Dimona project.’

Avner Cohen describes this letter as, ‘unprecedented American ultimatum to Israel,’ demanding dismantling of Israel’s nuclear development program.

The date President Kennedy set for commencement of inspections of the Dimona nuclear facilities (November, 1963), coincides with the date of his assassination (November 22, 1963). Vice-President Lyndon B. Johnston who succeeded JFK as the President of the United States, did not insist on the inspections of the Dimona nuclear facilities.


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Dorothy Kilgallen and Jack Jacob Ruby Rubenstein

Whatever information Kilgallen learned and from whatever source, many researchers believe it brought about her strange death. She told attorney Mark Lane: « They’ve killed the President, [and] the government is not prepared to tell us the truth . . .  » and that she planned to « break the case. » To other friends she said: « This has to be a conspiracy! . . . I’m going to break the real story and have the biggest scoop of the century. » And in her last column item regarding the assassination, published on September 3, 1965, Kilgallen wrote: « This story isn’t going to die as long as there’s a real reporter alive – and there are a lot of them. »

But on November 8, 1965, there was one less reporter. That day Dorothy Kilgallen was found dead in her home. It was initially reported that she died of a heart attack, but quickly this was changed to an overdose of alcohol and pills. (Crossfire, p. 425)

John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas, on 22nd November, 1963. Kilgallen took a keen interest in the case and soon became convinced that Kennedy had not been killed by Lee Harvey Oswald. Kilgallen had a good contact within the Dallas Police Department. He gave her a copy of the original police log that chronicled the minute-by-minute activities of the department on the day of the assassination, as reflected in the radio communications. This enabled her to report that the first reaction of Chief Jesse Curry to the shots in Dealey Plaza was: « Get a man on top of the overpass and see what happened up there ». Kilgallen pointed out that he lied when he told reporters the next day that he initially thought the shots were fired from the Texas Book Depository.

Kilgallen also had a source within the Warren Commission. This person gave her an 102 page segment dealing with Jack Ruby before it was published. She published details of this leak and so therefore ensuring that this section appeared in the final version of the report. The Federal Bureau of Investigation investigated the leak and on 30th September, 1964, Kilgallen reported in the New York Journal American that the FBI « might have been more profitably employed in probing the facts of the case rather than how I got them »

A week after the assassination, Kilgallen wrote:

  1. The case is closed is it? Well I’d like to know how in a big smart town like Dallas, a man like Jack Ruby – operator of a striptease honky tonk -could stroll in and out of police headquarters as if it were a health club at a time when a small army of law enforcers was keeping a « tight security guard » on Oswald.

    Security! What a word for it.

    I wouldn’t try to speak for the people of Dallas, but around here, the people I talk to really believe that a man has the right to be tried in court.

    When that right is taken away from any man by the incredible combination of Jack Ruby and insufficient security, we feel chilled.

    Justice is a big rug. When you pull it out from under one man, a lot of others fall too.

    That is why so many people are saying there is « something queer » about the killing of Oswald, something strange about the way his case was handled, and a great deal missing in the official account of his crime.

    The American people have just lost a beloved President.

    It is a dark chapter in our history, but we have the right to read every word of it. It cannot be kept locked in a file in Dallas.

Kilgallen’s reporting brought her into contact with Mark Lane who had himself received an amazing story from the journalist Thayer Waldo. He had discovered that Jack Ruby, J. D. Tippet and Bernard Weismann had a meeting at the Carousel Club eight days before the assassination. Waldo, who worked for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, was too scared to publish the story. He had other information about the assassination. However, he believed that if he told Lane or Kilgallen he would be killed. Kilgallen’s article on the Tippit, Ruby and Weissman meeting appeared on the front page of the Journal American. Later she was to reveal that the Warren Commission were also tipped off about this gathering. However, their informant added that there was a fourth man at the meeting, an important figure in the Texas oil industry.

Kilgallen published several articles about how important witnesses had been threatened by the Dallas Police or the FBI. On 25th September, 1964, Kilgallen published an interview with Acquilla Clemons, one of the witnesses to the shooting of J. D. Tippet. In the interview Clemons told Kilgallen that she saw two men running from the scene, neither of whom fitted Oswald’s description. Clemons added: « I’m not supposed to be talking to anybody, might get killed on the way to work. »

Kilgallen was keen to interview Jack Ruby. She went to see Ruby’s lawyer Joe Tonahill and claimed she had a message for his client from a mutual friend. It was only after this message was delivered that Ruby agreed to be interviewed by Kilgallen. Tonahill remembers that the mutual friend was from San Francisco and that he was involved in the music industry. Kennedy researcher, Greg Parker, has suggested that the man was Mike Shore, co-founder of Reprise Records.

The interview with Ruby lasted eight minutes. No one else was there. Even the guards agreed to wait outside. Officially, Kilgallen never told anyone about what Ruby said to her during this interview. Nor did she publish any information she obtained from the interview. There is a reason for this. Kilgallen was in financial difficulties in 1964. This was partly due to some poor business decisions made by her husband, Richard Kollmar. The couple had also lost the lucrative contract for their radio show Breakfast with Dorothy and Dick.. Kilgallen also was facing an expensive libel case concerning an article she wrote about Elaine Shepard. Her financial situation was so bad she fully expected to lose her beloved house in New York City.

Kilgallen was a staff member of Journal American. Any article about the Jack Ruby interview in her newspaper would not have helped her serious financial situation. Therefore she decided to include what she knew about the assassination of John F. Kennedy in Murder One. She fully expected that this book would earn her a fortune. This is why she refused to tell anyone, including Mark Lane, about what Ruby told her in the interview arranged by Tonahill. In October, 1965, told Lane that she had a new important informant in New Orleans.

Kilgallen began to tell friends that she was close to discovering who assassinated Kennedy. According to David Welsh of Ramparts Magazine Kilgallen « vowed she would ‘crack this case.’ And another New York show biz friend said Dorothy told him in the last days of her life: « In five more days I’m going to bust this case wide open. » Aware of what had happened to Bill Hunter and Jim Koethe, Kilgallen handed a draft copy of her chapter on the assassination to her friend, Florence Smith.

On 8th November, 1965, Kilgallen, was found dead in her New York apartment. She was fully dressed and sitting upright in her bed. The police reported that she had died from taking a cocktail of alcohol and barbiturates. The notes for the chapter she was writing on the case had disappeared. Her friend, Florence Smith, died two days later. The copy of Kilgallen’s article were never found.

Some of her friends believed Kilgallen had been murdered. Marc Sinclaire was Kilgallen’s personal hairdresser. He often woke Kilgallen in the morning. Kilgallen was usually out to the early hours of the morning and like her husband always slept late. When he found her body he immediately concluded she had been murdered.

  1. Kilgallen was not sleeping in her normal bedroom. Instead she was in the master bedroom, a room she had not occupied for several years.
  2. Kilgallen was wearing false eyelashes. According to Sinclaire she always took her eyelashes off before she went to bed.
  3. She was found sitting up with the book, The Honey Badger, by Robert Ruark, on her lap. Sinclaire claims that she had finished reading the book several weeks earlier (she had discussed the book with Sinclaire at the time).
  4. Kilgallen had poor eyesight and could only read with the aid of glasses. Her glasses were not found in the bedroom where she died.
  5. Kilgallen was found wearing a bolero-type blouse over a nightgown. Sinclaire claimed that this was the kind of thing « she would never wear to go to bed ».

Did Jack Jacob Ruby Rubenstein inform Dorothy Kilgallen that he had orders to kill Lee Harvey Oswald from Mayer Lansky the Israeli Mossad Jewish Mafia gangster?



  1. Jacob Rubenstein’s Press Conference
  2. Jacob Rubenstein’s Letter From Prison
  3. Oswald’s Midnight Press Conference
  4. Jack Ruby at Parkland Hospital
  5. Jack Ruby FBI informant connection to Richard Nixon

Does Mossad destroy the Kennedy family?


John F. Kennedy sr. committed himself to two mortal sins against Jewry. He intended to smash their world-control-base in the USA by bringing the Federal Reserve Bank (FED) back under government control. Moreover, he denied Israel America’s Nuclear-Weapon-Program. This would have meant to World-Jewry the loss of their power base and it finally resulted in bringing death over himself and his family. Kennedy’s successor, Lyndon B. Johnson, did the opposite and provided Israel with the atomic program shortly after he took over office. Ever since, Israel has been in a position to threaten the entire world with weapons of mass destruction. After the death of JFK sr. all plans for making the FED a governmental institution were dropped and the idea has never since been resurrected.

The Jewish leaders consider any threat against Jewish power as a threat to their physical existence and is taken deadly seriously. The FED is a private Jewish enterprise that prints the American currency. The printed product is then lent by the higher echelon of Jewry with interest to the US-government. It means that every American is paying interest, without having borrowed money, on the wages he earns through his hard work in form of taxes etc. On the other hand, without atomic weapons the Jewish motherland (as a safe heaven for all Jews) would not be invincible and the Chosen would not be free to confiscate the lands of other peoples and commit genocide under the comfortable umbrella of their immense nuclear arsenal of weaponry.

Jews in power interpret any measures against them that could reduce their influence on world politics as a denial of their physical existence. Those who deny the total power of these people are subsequently marked as Amalek: Not only Amalekites must, according to biblical laws, be destroyed but also their descendants: « Talmudic ruling: ‘it is forbidden to multiply the seed of Amalek’ … Amalekites, meaning that one is permitted to murder (sic) them until their remembrance is blotted out from under heaven. » (Israel Shahak, Jewish History, Jewish Religion, Pluto Press, London 1994, p. 77, 84) Jahweh’s order to blot out the Amelekites is also expressed in the Bible: « Now go, attack the Amalekites and totally destroy everything that belongs to them. Do not spare them; put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys. » (1 Samuel 15:3)

John F. Kennedy sr. was assassinated on November 22, 1963 in Dallas/Texas in a Mossad organized operation. (Mark Lane, Plausible Denial, USA 1994 and Michael Collins Piper, Best Witness) Only five years later, his brother Robert, who had a very good chance of following JFK’s presidency, was murdered too. In 1969 an assassination attempt against Edward Kennedy (JFK’s older brother) failed but Edward’s mistress died in this « car accident ». Edward Kennedy subsequently announced that he would not run for president. David Kennedy (Robert Kennedy’s son) died of an overdose of drugs whilst his second son suffered a lethal accident on the ski run in Aspen.

And now John F. Kennedy jr. has died in a plane crash together with his wife and his sister in law. Although he was at risk for being a descendant of an Amelikite, he further provoked his fate by announcing the possibility of running for president sometime in the future. Later he committed a greater political error of judgement when he became interested in the murder of the slain Israeli Prime-Minister Ytzak Rabin. He was fascinated because the Rabin assassination showed strong parallels with the one of his own father. He was obviously planning to make his ideas public that his father and Ytzak Rabin were both murdered.

The Cabbalistic element in the death of JFK jr. is very important. His father was killed in 1963, therefore 36 years before him. The number 36 plays a vital role in the Jewish Cabbala. Adding up all 36 numbers (i.e. 1+2+3 … 35+36) results in the number of the anti-Christ (the number of the beast) 666. The figure 666 represents the Jewish triumphant number because it symbolizes the year of the arrival of the anti-Christ, the Jewish ruler over the world. In September 1999 a new Jewish year begins. It is the year 5760. Adding up 5+7+6 results in 18, which consists three times 6 (666).


« The arrival of the Messiah is imminent or he could have already come and is living amongst us, without wishing to expose himself at this moment, » the Israeli researcher, Seffi Rachlewski refers to leading Cabbalists. (Der Spiegel no. 1, Jan. 4, 1999, page 119)

Some of our readers might ask, why of all people is it the Jews who reveal that Mossad killed JFK junior and senior? Mark Lane is a Jewish lawyer who proved with all the relevant documents in his book Plausible Denial that Mossad had orchestrated the assassination of JFK sr. The death of JFK jr. is now linked to a Mossad plot by the Israeli journalist Barry Chamish. The reason for this is not that the Jews are more truth loving than the gentiles but it is because these revelations carry also a covert message. The power of World Jewry has become so total that they can effort to let Mossad talk. This ruthless Israeli intelligence organization warns the political leadership around the world to obey the Jewish agenda. And what is the message for those who are not willing to obey? Well, greetings from the Kennedy’s.

Bild am Sonntag

August 1, 1999 Page 6, 7

(Germany’s largest Sunday paper – excerpts)

Dead Kennedy-Son:
Murder Theories Flourish

Israeli Author:
Explosive device went off on board of Piper aircraft


… Was it really a Pilot’s error? Wild murder theories flourish after the lethal accident of JFK jr. as it happened after the fatal accident of Princess Diana. The French magazine « France Dimanche » took the lead and announced on front page: « John F Kennedy jr. was murdered! ». The magazine refers to a pilot of New Jersey who heard a weird noise, caused by Kennedy’s Piper during take off. This witness also wondered that an alleged co-pilot did eventually refuse to go on this flight, claiming he felt sick …

However, out of the many murder theories there is one standing out: The Israeli Journalist and book author Barry Chamish (44) is convinced that the Kennedy aircraft was blown up shortly before landing. The writer states that he received an e-mail message with excerpts of a « FBI preliminary investigation report » that contained sensational claims: Traces of an explosive device were found in the cargo section of the aircraft and laboratory tests concluded that these traces are « the typical type of explosives used by certain foreign intelligence services ».

Satellite exposures of the National Reconnaissance Office (a Pentagon System of Sky-Spies) are showing a flash coming out of the aircraft, which would indicate an explosion.

Especially tragic, item 15: « Examinations of the bodies have established that Carolyn Besette-Kennedy carried a 3 months fetus, a boy. »

Sure, every murder version needs a motive. Who could have had an interest to murder John F. Kennedy jr.? Barry Chamish formulates it cautiously: « The most probable origin of the explosive device is a Middle Eastern state. » He does not name the country by its name. But between the lines it is clear: He means Israel.

His theory: Kennedy jr. was far to interested in the political assassination of the Israeli Prime Minister Rabin (1995), because his fathers murder which was similar to that of Rabin.

Last Wednesday Kennedy jr. had arranged to meet the deputy Director of the Israeli intelligence service Mossad, Amiram Levine, for lunch at the « Oak-Room »-Restaurant of the New York « Plaza ». The subject was: The Rabin case.

Chamish: « Kennedy did not make a secret of his opinion that there were many questions open in the Rabin case. » In his magazine « George » he asked in March 1997: « Who was behind the Rabin murder? » He was fascinated by the possibility that not the extremist Ygal Amir, but a body guard of Rabin could have fired the lethal shots. The suspected body guard has since committed suicide.

Les Vengeurs et Amalek

JFK: un autre mythe s’écroule

Israel’s Secret Nuclear Weapons Program

Kosher Nostra

45e anniversaire de l’assassinat de JFK

Khadafi: le Mossad a tué JFK

Mike Piper contre la mafia juive
Final Judgment (Q&A;)

Mordecaï Vanunu and Michael Collins Piper converge: The Israeli Mossad Assassinated JFK

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