La Shoah « instrumentalisée »

Together We Can Finish Off
the New World Order

By Willis A. Carto

The collapse of the dollar appears certain. America cannot survive with a sound economy at the same time creating 10, 20, 30 trillion more dollars out of thin air. Such fiscal irresponsibility will create a global stampede out of the dollar which will force long term interest rates skyward, collapse the bond market and bring hyper-inflation, with prices rocketing up. The price of precious metals will double or triple until they can’t be bought for any amount of dollars.

According to CreditSights, a New York research firm, the Obama administration has put the government on the hook for some $5 trillion already in an attempt to arrest a complete collapse of the financial system.

As financial newsletter editor Jim Sinclair says, “As the world turns to the Fed to be bailed out, the question will soon be, who will bail out the Fed?”

The above projections are common enough, but no one except THE BARNES REVIEW is pointing out that although the dollar’s collapse will bring much suffering for the improvident, the heavily indebted, the unlucky as well as the corrupt who have brought on the problem, the other side of the equation is that it will also create an entirely new set of circumstances which may well set the world on an entirely new and salvational course of events.

For the fact is that the dollar’s collapse will strike a dagger into the heart of the internationalist cause, something which decent people can celebrate, even as the once-powerful movers and shakers find themselves the deserving targets of derision and contempt.

In other words, as the dollar turns into dust, so will the dreams of the elite. Their “new world order” extolled by elitists such as George H.W. Bush is now kaput. Once, they were confidently expecting that through the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergers, the Anti-Defamation League, nonprofit propaganda organs without number, and all of their innumerable sycophants, hangers on and paid acolytes, they would rule the world.

The late idea that the peoples of the world—subject to the cacophony of the media, the churches, the government, etc. would accept their “new world order” is a nightmare that few will now accept.

In other words, after all of their planning, all of their work, politically speaking, they are now dead meat.*

One of those brave souls standing with an axe over the neck of the new world order is Horst Mahler, a German Revisionist who willingly turned himself in to face a certain incarceration by the Zionist-controlled German court system. Mahler, aged 73, had made on more than one occasion remarks doubting the authenticity of the World War II “holocaust” tale. Mahler has also pointed out that no official peace treaty was ever signed with Germany, making the present German regime illegitimate.

Mahler was sentenced for these “crimes” of free speech to almost 12 years in prison—in effect a death sentence for the septuagenarian. Why would such a man turn himself in to the German authorities knowing he could spend the rest of his years in prison, instead of with loved ones? Why would another elderly German man, Reinhold Elstner, fed up with the defamation of everything German, douse himself with gasoline on the steps of the Hall of Justice in Munich and light himself on fire? Why would a gutsy German lawyer, Sylvia Stolz, knowing that she could face serious jail time and the loss of her legal license, insist on defending her client, Germar Rudolf, with the truth—even though the truth is illegal in Germany right now? Why would European scientists continue to research and publish factual appraisals of the holocaust? (After all, it’s not like there’s any money in holocaust Revisionism. Or any recognition. Or a secure future for you or your family. In fact, you’ll end up in jail, more than likely.)

So why has Horst Mahler done what he did—turn himself in? We think we know why.

German patriots are standing up and saying, “Enough is enough.

No more will we be silent. If enough of us come out and tell the truth, the German legal system will be crushed under our weight” — and with it, perhaps as well, will be crushed the “holocaust fable,” a cornerstone of the new world order.

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