Le mccarthyisme: de l’humour juif

Le mccarthyisme était naïvement anti-communiste, or dans les faits ce fut rien de moins qu’une purge des éléments pro-soviet et pro-staliniens au sein du mouvement communiste américain, alors que les trotskyistes n’ont jamais été visés ni même incommodés par celle-ci… Ce n’est que lorsque la commission d’enquête commença à s’en prendre à des juifs que le mccarthyisme devint une « chasse aux sorcières » dans l’opinion publique (lire: dans les médias-menteurs-tyranniques).

Trotskyite Communism — Now Called ‘Neo-Conservatism’–
And The Story Behind Senator Joseph R. McCarthy

Excerpt from Chp.14 of « The Judas Goats–The Enemy Within », by Michael Collins Piper

What follows is the text (slightly annotated for purposes of clarity) of a sworn statement that DeWest Hooker (1918-1999) executed on September 30, 1954 outlining his findings about the role of the self-styled « American Jewish League Against Communism » and how it was manipulating then Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy’s efforts to investigate communism in high places in the American system. The affidavit reads:

« I had an astounding interview for two hours some time ago with Norman L. Marks of the American Jewish League Against Communism, Inc. As a matter of fact, I was brought along by another party, and Mr. Marks did not know anything about me (hence he really opened up because the person who took me was « trusted » by him). The AJLAC has offices at 220 West 42nd Street, New York City. Its national chairman is Alfred Kohlberg. Its executive director is Rabbi Benjamin Schultz, and its treasurer is Harry Pasternak. Listed on its national board are the following: Bern Dibner, Lawrence Fertig, Theodore Fine, Benjamin Gitlow, Hon. Walter R. Hart, Herman Kashins, Eugene Lyons, Norman L. Marks, Morris Ryskind, Rabbi David S. Savitz, Nathan D. Shapiro, George E. Sokolsky, Maurice Tishman, Rabbi Ascher M. Yager.

hooker1.jpg[DeWest Hooker, left]

I swear under oath to you that the following is as accurate as it is possible to put down from memory an hour or so later. Also, the information can be verified by the other unnamed party.

Mr. Marks, listed above and on the letterhead of the AJLAC as a member of the national board, said: « Far and away the principal financial contributor to the AJLAC is Mr. Bernard Baruch. » When questioned on this point as to what percentage he would say Mr. Baruch contributed, he answered: « About 85% or 90% of the funds. »

I said that I had thought Mr. Kohlberg was the main contributor to the AJLAC and Mr. Marks answered: « Well, he contributes some but nothing like what Baruch contributes. » I asked Mr. Marks why Baruch’s name did not appear on the letterhead. He stated that Baruch was very emphatic about NOT having his name appear on the letterhead, and that it was to be unknown that he contributed funds to it.

Mr. Marks said that the organization was entirely Jewish but that a funny thing was that many of the founders of it seemed to have « Christian » wives. He said that they used to meet every Thursday at the Ambassador Hotel for lunch and talk about the world situation. Marks said that the organization would not accept either a « Christian in it » or a « Christian dime of support » and that no Christian money had ever been accepted in the past–that it was completely a Jewish organization and financed by them.

He said there were only two purposes for its founding: That the Number One purpose was to take the heat off the Jewishness of Communism, and a secondary aim was to get the Jews out of Communism and to support Zionism. He said that: « for a while there, almost all the spies of the Communists that were turned up were Jews and that they had become concerned, and thought that something should be done to take the sting off the Jews. They wanted to show the Christian world that ALL Jews were not Communists. »

When asked just how they went about this whole project, Mr. Marks said: « It’s impossible for a Christian to get away with criticizing the Jews. Only a Jew can do that. »

He went on: « And so we got together a strong group of Jews that « were known to be anti-Communists » and started our campaign of pressure from our point of view. »

[According to Hooker’s original affidavit, Marks’ reference to those who were said to be « anti-Communists » actually meant that the Jewish leaders in question were, as Hooker put it, « meaning anti-Stalinist. »–Ed.]

Marks stated: « We were the ones that wrote the speeches for McCarthy back in West Virginia that started his build-up into the famous anti-Communist that he is today. Our pressure on the press resulted in his getting as much attention as he has. In return for this build-up he agreed not to call up or expose Jews in the Communist movement by the investigations through his sub-committee. »

Mr. Marks stated that a lot of Jews called McCarthy an anti-Semite but little did they know that « he is the best friend the Jews ever had. »

[Hooker noted of McCarthy that « Eventually they destroyed him anyway when he started calling up Jewish Communists later on. »–Ed.]

Marks went on to say that « other investigations might have turned up Jews and McCarthy had been given credit for them, but that if we traced the record back, we would find that McCarthy actually did not call up a single Jew in that period when the heat was on the Jews. » He later qualified these remarks by saying that « while McCarthy was operating as a temporary subcommittee under the Truman administration, he did not call up any Jews; that when he once got himself elected as the chairman of the permanent investigating committee, in the new administration, he then began to call witnesses « as they came. » [That is, whether the witnesses were « Jewish or not, » according to Hooker–Ed.]

chimage.jpegMr, Marks continued: « But that doesn’t make much difference now because he accepted our own men to work right with him. For example, he accepted as his top man next to him our man Roy Cohn, left, which was arranged through another of our men, George Sokolsky. »

If memory serves me correctly, Marks stated that Julius Kahn was also their man on the McCarthy committee, but who was now on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He definitely stated that David Schine was NOT with the AJLAC but that he was put there by « another group which I don’t know about. »

Mr. Marks went on to say that « not only is McCarthy under our control but so are Jenner and Velde, who also took our men to work right with them. Benny Mandel and Robert Morris represent us on the Jenner Committee. » He mentioned Robert Kunzig as « their man » for Velde. Marks also stated definitely that Professor Louis Budenz was under « their control » and one of « their men, » and that he was working to take the « heat » off the Jews.

[Budenz was a well-known « ex-communist » who became a leading figure in the so-called anti-communist movement, key elements of which had come under the control of the Zionist and Trotskyite elements. Hooker’s revelations explain why–Ed.]

He stated that [Alfred] Kohlberg, their national chairman, was the one who « found » Budenz when he was testifying in Washington and Kohlberg « picked him up and practically supported him for a while in order to get him started and built up to the man he is today in the anti-Communist movement. »

Marks also stated that they got « their man Robert Morris » elected recently as a judge in New York City, and that Victor Lasky was another one of their men who did a lot of « press work » for them, and « made speeches favoring their people, for example, Robert Morris. » He said, « All these people agreed to take the ‘heat’ off the Jews. »

I recall now another statement by Mr. Marks that « there is a vast pooling of information in the New York City area and throughout the country which is connected with our organization. »

I asked if J. B. Matthews and his files were in on « the deal » and he said: « Yes, we have access to all of his files. »

[J. B. Matthews was a prominent « anti-communist crusader » in the period, but, clearly, under the control of the Zionist-Trotskyites.–Ed.]

He said that they have at least « thirty Communists on our payroll who report information to us, » and that « we know everything that goes on in this field. »

Mr, Marks told all the above information as if there was nothing « wrong » with what he was saying. He even invited me and this other unnamed fellow to go to a meeting the following Tuesday night at the University Club, sponsored by Norman Lombard.

When they finally found out who I was, however, I was told by Norman Lombard and Norman Marks not to come to the meeting. I sure hope that the true patriotic American nationalists will be able to straighten out a few of these « pseudo-patriots » who are trying to lead the so-called « anti-communist » movement.

Don’t misunderstand me: I’m just as anti-Communist as any of you, but I don’t want our country to be led head-long into traps which enable these pseudo-patriots to « use » the fine instincts of the American people and the anti-Communist movement for their own diabolical ends. In other words, some of these pseudo-patriots are « anti-Communist, » meaning « anti-Stalin communism, » but are pro- as hell another form of Communism (American brand) leading to dictatorship by them in our own country and the rest of the world under Bernard Baruch and the crowd he represents.

[The « American brand » of communism to which Hooker referred, although he didn’t say it directly, was precisely the Trotskyite brand, then in its evolution, that has come today to be known as « neo-conservatism. » –Ed.]

(Signed) DeWest Hooker

Lire The Judas Goats – The Enemy Within


Dr. Kevin MacDonald examines why Jewish organizations were so opposed to McCarthy


Tags: Joe MaCarthy, Jews, CommunismJoe McCarthy and the Jews
Comments on Jewish Organizations’ Response to Communism and Senator McCarthy, by Aviva Weingarten (2008).

By Kevin MacDonald

Beginning in the 19th century, liberal/leftist politics has been a hallmark of the Jewish community in America and elsewhere. The attraction of Jews to the success of the Bolshevik Revolution was an entirely mainstream among large numbers of Jews in America and led to one of several anti-Jewish stereotypes during the 1920s and 1930s — stereotypes that were aided and abetted by people like Henry Ford and Father Charles Coughlin. Into the 1930s the American Communist Party (CPUSA) had a Yiddish-speaking Jewish section and Jews around the world had positive attitudes toward the USSR, at least partly because Jews had achieved elite status there.

After World War II, however, anti-Semitism declined precipitously in the US, and Jewish organizations were poised to spearhead the transformations in civil rights and immigration legislation that would come to fruition in the 1960s. By 1950 the Jewish community was part of the establishment — well connected to the power centers in the media, politics, the academic world and the construction of culture generally.

But there was a major problem that the organized Jewish community was forced to confront—a problem stemming from the long involvement of the mainstream Jewish community in communism and the far left, at least until the end of World War II, and among a substantial number of Jews even after this period. In Jewish Organizations’ Response to Communism and Senator McCarthy, Aviva Weingarten points to a “hard core of Jews” (p. 6) who continued to support the Communist Party into the 1950s and continued to have a “decisive role” in shaping the policies of the American Communist Party (CPUSA) (p. 9).

Weingarten notes that unlike other communists, Jewish communists continued to have a Jewish identity (p. 10) and often participated in the wider Jewish community. This is a refreshing change from a long history of Jewish apologetics over this issue. The standard line, not only among Jewish activist organizations but by academic authors such as Yuri Slezkine, has been that Jews ceased being Jews when they joined the Communist Party or participated in other far left causes. As a result, the focus of Chapter 3 of The Culture of Critique is to demonstrate that Jewish radicals retained a strong Jewish identity and a sense of pursuing specifically Jewish interests. Most egregiously, the American Jewish Congress — by far the largest Jewish organization in terms of membership — continued to be associated with the far left and was formally affiliated with organizations listed as subversive by the US Attorney General. The CPUSA viewed members of the AJCongress as “democratic forces” in their attempt to create “democratic and anti-fascist” policies in the World Jewish Congress (p. 25). (more…)

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