N’oubliez pas que c’est toujours la faute aux nazis


« J’ai beaucoup fantasmé sur l’idée de la revanche.
Dans mon esprit, il était impensable que le cinéma ne joue pas
un rôle crucial dans cette lutte à finir contre les nazis!»
–Quentin Tarantino
À propos de son dernier film mettant en vedette un commando de « bâtards » juifs
résolus à se venger du plus grand nombre possible de nazis.




“Nazis”, Here, “Nazis”, There, “Nazis, Nazis”, Everywhere!



Rush Limbaugh says that Nancy Pelosi has characterized opponents to the Obama Health Care Plan as “Nazis”. On the other hand, Limbaugh has compared the Obama Plan with programs once practiced in Adolph Hitler’s Nazi Germany.


In a huge story carried in a mid August 2009 issue of the [London] Financial Times, Lyndon LaRouche portrays Barak Obama as the reincarnation of Adolph Hitler himself. Radio talk show host, Mike Savage refers to Muslim activists, here and abroad as “Islamo-Facists” and “Nazis”, and out-of-the-mainstream commentators like Alex Jones see “Nazis” of every description imaginable under every rock and mattress. All of Mark Levin’s political enemies are “Nazis”, and then, Janet Napolitano, Director of the Department of Homeland Security seems to think that anybody, generally those considered as “conservative” and or the harder core of “right-wing” activists, between which there is a huge political and philosophical difference, who voices opposition to the Obama administration are the real “Nazis”.


So, who are, and who are not the “Nazis”? Do any of these people even know what a Nazi is, or should I say was? Why do people think that they can gain political traction by throwing the word “Nazi” at their opponents?

One would think that we’re still fighting WW II; that instead of acknowledging the end of that conflict more than 60 years ago, the Nazis are alive and well hiding in the closets of the Christian “goyim”.


So, here’s the translation: anyone who seeks the favor of the Zionist lobby can use the term to neutralize their enemies with the approval of their Zionist benefactors. In so doing potential anti-Zionists are identified and exposed in a huge racial and political mixing pot like fish in a barrel.


To use the label “Nazi” as an insult is to say that the name-caller is pro-Zionist, pro-Israel. Some name-callers, depending on their own political perspective, are more welcome, by degree, in the Zionist circle than others. An additional benefit to this strategy is to divide and conquer. By placing the name callers and the “Nazis”, into categories, they are rendered neutral and are limited in their abilities to function politically and carry their agendas forth, and become much easier for the Zionists to manipulate, control or repress.


In fact, real Nazis, except for a few septuagenarian members of the German SS and the dwindling number of veterans of the Werhmacht, do not even exist. They’re all dead. While the epithet, “neo-Nazi” may get the name-callers some political mileage, real Nazis, a term, almost an acronym, derived from the German NSDAP, only existed in world history for a very brief period.


But, given the underlying meaning of the word “Nazi” in today’s political dialogue one might look at just who it was that are perceived as the enemies of the Nazis. In a sense then, the use of the word “Nazi” against ones political opponents is a way of saying “I’m on the side of the Jews”, much to the delight of same.


It signals a turn of events, I think, not much in favor for the Zionists, however. These days, it seems to me that the Jews have become rather more defensive, if that’s possible, than ever before in our recent history – nervous, in other words.


More and more people are becoming aware of the threat to world peace posed by international Jewry and Zionist conquest. As throughout the Middle Ages all across Europe, as the people of these nations finally came to realize and understand the dangers of the Jewish parasites, the Jews of those days sensed that their number was about to be called up and began to retaliate in their traditional over-reactionary way – just as they are doing today.


To those who are watching closely the depth of their panic and over-reaction is clear; they see that their time may be running out, that they must achieve their goals now, that they must intensify their evil works in the face of pending exposure. Without regard for any other people, the House of David must be restored before too many of the goyim wake up.


Their problem, though, stems from the fact that they never think of themselves as making a mistake, their belief is that the Goyim are essentially stupid. This, unfortunately for them has always been their undoing.


So, call me a “Nazi” if you want. But just remember, by using that word you are raising issues that will inspire the curiosity of the American people – a dangerously curious bunch. You are raising, formerly taboo, centuries old issues, that once fairly examined have always served as an indictment against the Jewish people and their Talmudic machinations.


But believe me, when I tell you that this is a matter more dangerous to the future of mankind than anyone might yet imagine, and remember the warning by Menachim Begin when he said that in defense of Israel, that before his minions would tolerate a threat of another “holocaust”, they would, when it becomes necessary, “…bring down the Temple of Mankind.” And remember too that this is a nation that possesses an arsenal of long range ballistic missiles and nuclear war heads – the very tools needed to fulfill on that threat.


What is, and who’s is the next move?

© Copyright 2009, Van D. Loman, All Rights Reserved

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