Obama est-il antisémite?

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Antisémite, Obama?


L’animateur de Fox News Glenn Beck a déjà qualifié Barack Obama de raciste. Pourquoi ne laisserait-il pas entendre que le président des États-Unis est également antisémite? Je cite dans le texte la question qu’il a posée aujourd’hui à l’ex-diplomate américain John Bolton après qu’Obama eut déclaré devant l’Assemblée générale de l’ONU que les États-Unis «ne reconnaissent pas la légitimité de la poursuite de la colonisation israélienne» en Cisjordanie :

“Do you think it’s possible to sit in a church with someone who’s as anti-Semitic as Jeremiah Wright and not come away with an anti-Semitic view?”

Bolton n’a pas voulu qualifier le président d’antisémite mais il a tout de même déclaré que son discours à l’ONU était «le plus radical» et «le plus anti-Israël» qu’il ait entendu de la part d’un président américain.

Obama an Enigma But McCain Insane
By Willis A. Carto

Barack Obama is surely the strangest president
in the history of this great country.

Domestically, his spending policies are run-
ning America into a solid brick wall.

Economically and monetarily, the outlook is not bleak,
it seems hopeless. Obama’s budget deficit will be some
$1.8 trillion this fiscal year.

Numbers like these are incomprehensible, beyond
imagination by the human mind. One trillion is one mil-
lion times one million.

Some forecasters predict a massive global flight from
the dollar triggering Zimbabwe-style hyperinflation.

On the other hand, Obama’s failure to obey the
demand of the Israeli lobby and attack Iran is a major
plus. For sure, had John McCain been elected, such an
attack would have been assured. McCain is a shameless
tool of organized crime and Israel, as author Mike Piper
clearly demonstrates in his new book, The New
Babylon,* which we heartily endorse.

If America does attack Iran, this would be the worst
blunder in American diplomatic history, even worse
than our stupid attacks on Germany in 1917 and 1944.
It would not only be unconstitutional, but a war that we
could not possibly win. We could murder many Persians
with nuclear or conventional bombs and artillery, but
this would not win the war, and America would be a
pariah nation, rightly perceived by the world as run by
Jewish genocidal maniacs.

Thankfully, even though his chief of staff, Rahm
Emanuel is a very strong Zionist and the war lobby is
stridently calling for Obama to attack Iran, he has appar-
ently dismissed this advice.

And this from a man whose associates include com-
munists like William Ayers, Van Jones and fiery anti-
white, anti-American preacher, Jeremiah Wright.

Back to the debit side of the ledger, what on Earth is
Obama trying to do in Afghanistan, wasting the lives of
men and billions of dollars? This is also a war we can-
not win, no matter how much we spend in money and

Is there a deep plan behind Obama’s seemingly con-
tradictory,—if not crazy—actions? Or is he just con-
fused and literally doesn’t know what he’s doing?

We don’t know. But whatever his game is, let us be
thankful that John McCain is not in the White House.
For he is even crazier.

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