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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Holocaust double standard: mass murder of goyim no big deal

According to the Sept. 19, 2009 edition of the online Israeli newspaper Haaretz, German Prime Minister Angela Merkel, the western leader who imprisons « Holocaust deniers » like Ernst Zundel for five years, has declared that Justice Richard Goldstone’s report on Israeli genocide in Gaza is « nothing to get worked up about. » She described the Israeli holocaust in Gaza as a « clash. »

Haaretz: « …Merkel also addressed the report issued by the UN’s Goldstone Commission, which accused Israel of multiple war crimes during its offensive in the Gaza Strip last winter, saying that it was nothing to get worked up about. She suggested looking to the future and investing efforts in preventing such clashes from arising again. »


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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Justice Richard Goldstone: Israeli war crimes in Gaza


The Zionist media are conspiring to soften the impact of the highly embarrassing news of Judge Richard Goldstone’s confirmation of widespread war crimes committed by Israeli military forces in Gaza last December and January, by spinning the Goldstone report as, « UN probe: Israel, Palestinians both guilty of Gaza war crimes. »

This spin is easily revealed to be a species of Talmudic delusion by citing a solitary datum: during the Israeli-Palestinian war in Gaza « some 1,300 Palestinians were killed, including at least several hundred civilians; as well as 13 Israelis: 10 soldiers and 3 civilians » (New York Times).

It is obvious to everyone except the propaganda ministers who compose the headlines for the American press, that there is no equivalence between the heinous war crimes of the Israeli occupiers and the relatively ineffective armed resistance of the severely oppressed Palestinians.

Justice Richard Goldstone: Israeli war crimes in Gaza
From: The New York Times online, Sept. 15, 2009

A United Nations fact-finding mission investigating the three-week war in Gaza…issued a lengthy, scathing report on Tuesday (Sept. 15)…The four-member mission (is) led by Justice Richard Goldstone, a widely respected South African judge…The report, the bulk of which focused on the Israeli violations, said that during the war, Israeli forces engaged in a deliberate policy of collective punishment in furtherance of “an overall and continuing policy aimed at punishing the Gaza population” through blockades and the destruction of food, water and sanitation systems of its people…

In one case, armored bulldozers of the Israeli forces systematically flattened the chicken coops of a farm that reportedly supplied 10 percent of the Gazan egg market, killing all 31,000 chickens inside. In another, the forces carried out a strike on a sewage plant wall, sending 200,000 cubic meters of raw sewage into neighboring farmland, the report said. The panel did not find a justifiable reason for the Israelis’ actions in either case.

It also found that the Israeli forces used disproportionate force against the Palestinian civilian population. In a number of cases, it said, Israeli forces launched “direct attacks against civilians with lethal outcome,” even when the facts indicated no justifiable military objective. Those incidents, the report concluded, amounted to war crimes.

Israeli forces twice shelled civilian hospitals in Gaza, but in neither case was the attack justified, the report found. In the attack on Al Quds Hospital, the shelling of the building and an adjacent ambulance facility with white phosphorus shells caused fires that took a day to extinguish, and at no point was any warning given of an imminent strike, the report said. The panel found no evidence of the enemy fire that the Israeli military cited as rationale for its attack.

Another event that the panel judged equivalent to a war crime took place in the Samouni neighborhood in Gaza City, when Israel soldiers shelled a house where soldiers had forced Palestinian civilians to gather. In seven cases, the report found, “civilians were shot while they were trying to leave their homes to walk to a safer place, waving white flags and in some cases, following an injunction from the Israeli forces to do so.”

Israeli forces also intentionally attacked civilians in aiming a missile strike at a mosque during the early evening prayer, killing 15 people, and in firing antipersonnel flechette munitions, which release thousands of metal darts, on a crowd of family members and neighbors at a condolence tent, killing 5.
“These incidents indicate that the instructions given to the Israeli forces moving into Gaza provided for a low threshold for the use of lethal fire against the civilian population,” the report said. The conduct of the Israeli armed forces in these instances, it said, “constitute grave breaches of the Fourth Geneva Convention” and as such, “give rise to individual criminal responsibility.”

Palestinian armed groups, the group found, fired repeated rockets and mortars into southern Israel. By failing to distinguish between military targets and the civilian population, those actions also “constitute war crimes and may amount to crimes against humanity,” the report said.

Responding to Israeli allegations that Palestinian fighters used civilians as human shields, the panel found that Palestinian armed groups did launch rockets from urban areas in Gaza, and that Palestinian armed groups “were not always dressed in a way that distinguished them from civilians.”

However, the mission found no evidence that Palestinian combatants “mingled with the civilian population with the intention of shielding themselves from attack,” the report said, nor did it find evidence to suggest that Palestinian armed groups “either directed civilians to areas where attacks were being launched or forced civilians to remain within the vicinity of the attacks.”

The mission was tasked by United Nations Human Rights Council in April to investigate all violations of international human rights law and humanitarian law that might have been committed during the conflict. As part of Israel’s refusal to cooperate, it banned the panel members from entering the country. The panel made two visits to Gaza, entering from Egypt, but conducted the bulk of their research from Geneva.

The panel conducted 188 interviews, reviewed 10,000 pages of documents, and viewed more than 1,000 photographs and videos before drawing its conclusions. The panel said that Israel did not respond to a comprehensive list of questions, but that Palestinian authorities in both Gaza and the West Bank cooperated.


mercredi 16 septembre 2009

Crimes de guerre, vous avez dit « crimes de guerre », comme c’est bizarre !

Les principales conclusions du rapport
mercredi 16 septembre 2009
Frédéric Koller

Les «incidents» relevés par le juge Goldstone lors de l’opération de l’armée israélienne à Gaza
Concernant la partie israélienne:

* Avant l’intervention de Gaza, Israël a imposé un blocus équivalant à une punition collective.
* L’opération militaire ne visait pas le Hamas, mais l’ensemble de la population. La destruction des stocks alimentaires, du système sanitaire, des usines et des maisons résidentielles répondait à une politique délibérée, systématique et planifiée.
* Dans la plupart des cas, les forces israéliennes n’ont pas respecté le droit humanitaire international qui impose la distinction entre cible militaire et cible civile. Plusieurs incidents, comme les tirs sur des civils agitant des drapeaux blancs relèvent de crimes de guerre.
* La population de Gaza et les enfants en particulier souffrent de nombreux traumatismes.
* Israël paralyse la vie politique palestinienne en Cisjordanie par ses nombreuses arrestations de personnalités politiques et maltraite les prisonniers.

Concernant la partie palestinienne:

* Le rapport dénonce les tirs de roquettes qui ciblent indifféremment civils et militaires, provoquent la terreur et qui constituent un crime de guerre.

Haniyeh : le rapport a comporté des condamnations claires contre l’occupation
Hamas : le rapport de l’ONU affirme que l’occupation a perpétré des crimes contre l’humanité à Gaza
16/09/2009 – 11:58

Le mouvement du Hamas a considéré que le rapport du comité d’enquête de l’ONU sur les violations de l’occupation contre les civils palestiniens lors des dernières agressions sionistes contre la Bande de Gaza représente une confirmation supplémentaire que l’occupation israélienne a perpétré des crimes de guerre à Gaza, en appelant la communauté internationale à condamner et juger les criminels.

Le porte-parole du mouvement Hamas, Fawzi Barhoum a dit, le mardi 16/9, dans une conférence de presse dont le centre palestinien d’information a reçu une copie, que le rapport de l’ONU représente une confirmation que l’occupation a perpétré des crimes de guerre contre l’humanité dans la Bande de Gaza.

Il a ajouté : « après ce rapport clair, la communauté internationale doit juger les leaders sionistes parce qu’ils ont perpétré des crimes de guerre contre les civils palestiniens, tout en affirmant le droit du peuple palestinien à la résistance et à la légitime défense« .
De son côté, le premier ministre palestinien, Ismaïl Haniyeh, a affirmé que ce rapport est une condamnation claire contre l’occupation qui a perpétré des crimes de guerre dans la bande de Gaza.

Note : sur les milliers de roquettes tirées depuis Gaza, seulement une ou deux ont fait quelques dégâts, le reste est tombé dans des zones désertiques.

La question que l’on devrait se poser est la suivante : « si israel avait respecté le vote démocratique élisant le Hamas dans Gaza, sans établirun blocus comme punition collective sur une population de plus d’un million cinq cent mille habitants dont 99% sont des civils, est ce que ces tirs de roquettes auraient eu lieu ? »

Je pense sincèrement que non !

Je pense surtout que ces tirs de roquettes avaient pour but, non pas de tuer des israéliens, mais d’établir une peur dans les populations alentours et attirer l’attention du monde entier sur le blocus immonde de Gaza pour qu’il ne se poursuive pas dans l’indifférence générale. Hélas, le but n’a pas été atteint, puisque le blocus est toujours la, que plus personne n’en parle et que les gazaouis sont confrontés à une misère noire.

C’est la lâcheté du monde entier qui permet aux sionistes de se comporter envers les palestiniens de façon encore pire que les nazis envers les Juifs pendant la dernière guerre.
Il n’y a rien à attendre de bien de la part de ces gens qui vont jusqu’à maintenir dans la misère totale les rescapés de la shoah qui sont venus s’installer en israel, croyant qu’ils seraient enfin délivrés de cette malédiction.

Si le Hamas a commis un crime contre l’humanité avec ses roquettes et quelques morts, non prouvés d’ailleurs, comment peut on qualifier ce qu’a fait israel en déversant des tonnes de bombes, d’obus au phosphore, des DIME, un déluge d’artillerie sur un « camp de concentration » construit par eux pour parquer 1.500.000 civils n’ayant aucune possibilité de fuir les combats ?
La vérité est très simple : les sionistes sont des lâches qui ne respectent absolument aucune autre vie humaine que celle des leurs, et ils se fichent totalement du monde entier sous la protection des USA dont la mentalité est la même.

L’affaire se terminera comme un pétard mouillé ….

Un rapport de l’ONU accuse Israël de crimes de guerre

Un rapport de l’ONU accuse Israël de crimes de guerre
16.09.2009 | Jerusalem Post

« Israël a commis à Gaza des actions s’apparentant à des crimes de guerre, voire à des crimes contre l’humanité ».

Les conclusions d’une commission d’enquête de l’ONU sur l’opération Plomb durci, menée par Israël dans la bande de Gaza à l’hiver 2008-2009, suscitent l’indignation dans l’Etat hébreu. Le rapport, publié le 15 septembre, a aussitôt été qualifié de « nauséabond » par Israël, qui dénonce « la mise sur le même plan d’un Etat démocratique et d’une organisation terroriste » – une allusion au Hamas, également mis en cause. La commission d’enquête a en outre demandé au Conseil de sécurité de l’ONU d’exiger d’Israël qu’il diligente une enquête « indépendante et conforme aux normes internationales ».

un rapport de l’onu accable Israël
Le 16.09.09 à 07h02

Des accusations graves. Dans un rapport présenté hier à New York, le Con­seil des droits de l’homme de l’ONU affirme qu’Israël s’est rendu coupable d’actes pouvant être considérés comme des crimes de guerre et peut-être même des crimes contre l’humanité, lors de son offensive militaire sur Gaza l’hiver dernier. Ce rapport est le fruit de l’enquête menée depuis avril sur les possibles violations commises lors de l’offensive israélienne Plomb durci, qui avait fait plus de 1 400 morts côté palestiniens et provoqué d’énormes dégâts dans les Territoires.

L’Etat hébreu a rejeté hier ce document, dénoncé comme partisan. « Israël n’a pas jugé utile de coopérer avec la mission d’enquête car son mandat était clairement partial et a ignoré les milliers d’attaques à la roquette du Hamas contre des populations civiles dans le sud d’Israël qui ont rendu nécessaire l’opération contre Gaza », a indiqué le ministère israélien des Affaires étrangères. Il a toutefois promis de l’étudier.

Note : les milliers de roquettes qui ont été tirées depuis Gaza n’ont quasiment fait aucun dégâts vu leur portée et leur imprécision. Si israel avait accepté le vote démocratique élisant le Hamas, sans installer un blocus immonde pour « punir » la population d’avoir fait ce choix, ce genre de choses de serait pas arrivé. Par contre, la riposte a été totalement démesurée, monstrueuse avec l’utilisation de bombes à l’UA, d’obus au phosphore blanc, de bombes DIME, missiles en tous genres, pilonnage d’artillerie de marine, saccage de toutes les terres cultivables de Gaza, destruction de toutes les structures administratives, stations d’épuration, cimetières, enfin TOUT ce qui pouvait faire revenir les gazaouis à « l’âge des décombres ». Le blocus renforcé pour qu’ils crèvent de faim et de maladies.

Ce sont les sionistes qui ont volés les terres des palestiniens, pas l’inverse.
Mais israel a tous les droits, avec la bénédiction du monde entier !

Qu’est ce qu’ils en ont à foutre d’être accusés de ci ou de ça, ils s’en préoccupent autant que de la perte de leur prépuce … L’important pour eux est de mettre tout le monde devant le fait accompli, sachant qu’aucun retour en arrière leur sera imposé.

Mettre un Etat démocratique sur le même plan qu’une organisation terroriste ?
Disons déjà que des gens sous occupation militaire coloniale ont parfaitement le droit d’y résister ; maintenant, toutes les armées du monde ont toujours qualifié les résistants de « terroristes » ! On a d’ailleurs élevé plein de monuments en l’honneur des terroristes quand les guerres ont été terminées.

L’Etat d’israel se dit démocratique … seulement avec les « juifs » !

Avec les autres c’est l’apartheid, les misères et vexations permanentes, la ségrégation, les coups, les assassinats, le vol de leur eau, de leurs oliviers, de leurs terres, on tue leurs enfants, on prélève leurs organes pour en faire un juteux trafic, on n’a qu’un seul but : les exterminer tous.

Le déluge de feu, d’acier et de produits chimiques déversé sur Gaza n’est absolument pas proportionné au tirs de roquettes artisanales dans les zones désertique entourant Gaza.
Le Hamas n’a pas utilisé de boucliers humains, par contre les soldats de tsahal ne s’en sont pas privés quand il s’agissait d’investir un immeuble ou une maison ; saccageant tout gratuitement et chiant partout pour le plaisir de souiller.

Armée qui a peur que ses soldats soient tués au combat et qui n’est pas fichue d’aller se battre contre de vrais combattants, préférant la technique de la destruction totale en restant bien loin à l’abri des balles.

Ce ne sont que des criminel de guerre !

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Talmudic exceptionalism guides the response to Goldstone on Gaza

Michael Hoffman calls David Landau and the New York Times on their Gaza holocaust denial and halachic-based doctrine disguised as reason

David Landau, a former Haaretz editor whose Op-Ed in Sunday’s New York Times reflects the Talmudic mentality of the Times itself as well as its its legion of « Liberal-humanist » Zionists. Landau adopts the racial megalomania that decrees that it is a dialogue-ending affront to dare to claim that the Israeli government deliberately targeted civilians in Gaza December, 2008-January, 2009. Hoffman’s refutation immediately follows.

New York Times | September 20, 2009
The Gaza Report’s Wasted Opportunity

JERUSALEM — Israel intentionally went after civilians in Gaza — and wrapped its intention in lies.
That chilling — and misguided — accusation is the key conclusion of the United Nations investigation, led by Richard Goldstone, into the three-week war last winter. “While the Israeli government has sought to portray its operations as essentially a response to rocket attacks in the exercises of its right to self-defense,” the report said, “the mission considers the plan to have been directed, at least in part, at a different target: the people of Gaza as a whole.”

The report has produced a storm of outraged rejection in Israel. Politicians fulminate about double standards and anti-Semitism. Judge Goldstone, an eminent South African jurist and a Jew, is widely excoriated as an enemy of his people.

The report stunned even seasoned Israeli diplomats who expected no quarter from an inquiry set up by the United Nations Human Rights Council, which they believe to be deeply biased against Israel. They expected the military operation to be condemned as grossly disproportionate. They expected Israel to be lambasted for not taking sufficient care to avoid civilian casualties. But they never imagined that the report would accuse the Jewish state of intentionally aiming at civilians.

Israelis believe that their army did not deliberately kill the hundreds of Palestinian civilians, including children, who died during “Operation Cast Lead.” They believe, therefore, that Israel is not culpable, morally or criminally, for these civilian deaths, which were collateral to the true aim of the operation — killing Hamas gunmen.

It is, some would argue, a form of self-deception.

When does negligence become recklessness, and when does recklessness slip into wanton callousness, and then into deliberate disregard for innocent human life?

But that is the point — and it should have been the focus of the investigation. Judge Goldstone’s real mandate was, or should have been, to bring Israel to confront this fundamental question, a question inherent in the waging of war by all civilized societies against irregular armed groups. Are widespread civilian casualties inevitable when a modern army pounds terrorist targets in a heavily populated area with purportedly smart ordnance? Are they acceptable? Does the enemy’s deployment in the heart of the civilian area shift the line between right and wrong, in morality and in law?

These were precisely the questions that Israeli politicians and generals wrestled with in Gaza, as others do today in Afghanistan.

It is possible, and certainly arguable, that the Israeli policymakers, or individual Israeli field commanders in isolated instances, pushed the line out too far.

But Judge Goldstone has thwarted any such honest debate — within Israel or concerning Israel. His fundamental premise, that the Israelis went after civilians, shut down the argument before it began.
This is regrettable, for the report could have stirred the conscience of the nation. Many Israelis were dismayed at the war’s casualty figures, at the disparity between the dozen deaths on the Israeli side and the thousand-plus deaths, many of them of noncombatants, in Gaza.

Many Israelis were profoundly troubled by this arithmetic even though they supported Israel’s resort to arms in the face of incessant violation of their sovereign border by Hamas’s rain of rockets.
Judge Goldstone could have contended that just as Israeli leaders themselves have frequently called off pinpoint assassinations of terrorists because civilians were in the line of fire, so too they should have refrained from bombing and shelling Hamas targets in Gaza when that bombing and shelling was bound to exact a large civilian toll.

By approaching the Gaza war, and his report, from this perspective, Judge Goldstone could have opened debate and prompted reflection in Israel. Instead, by accusing Israel — its government, its army, its ethos — of deliberately seeking out civilians, he has achieved the opposite effect.

David Landau was the editor in chief of the Israeli newspaper Haaretz from 2004 to 2008.

Michael Hoffman Answers David Landau

Mr. Landau writes, « Judge Goldstone has thwarted any such honest debate — within Israel or concerning Israel. His fundamental premise, that the Israelis went after civilians, shut down the argument before it began. »

Landau’s thesis is rooted in an unspoken axiom: the royal prerogatives Judaics possess. To accuse God’s own kings and judges of humanity of deliberately killing civilians is an intolerable breach of courtly etiquette and an insult to royal Israeli personages, which nullifies the necessity of their having to search their consciences the way, for example, Germans are perpetually hectored to do.

According to Talmudic dogma, Judaics cannot commit evil on the scale and magnitude that « the nations » do. Landau claims that the debate over Israeli carnage in Gaza is rendered null and void by the failure of Judge Richard Goldstone and the UN to investigate war crimes from the perspective of the presumption that Israeli violence is always and only a case of retributive collateral damage against a terrorist enemy hiding among civilians, and never an expression of genocidal anti-Arab racism.

To maintain this line, Landau and the New York Times must exhibit feigned amnesia, ignoring the frequency of explicit genocidal sentiments that have come from authoritative Israeli sources. For example, Israeli defense minister Matan Vilnai’s threat of a « Holocaust » against Gaza. Source: The Guardian [UK], Feb. 29, 2008.

Landau and the Times pretend to forget that the rabbis have indoctrinated Israeli soldiers with exterminationist ideology, openly advocating the « indiscriminate killing » of a « collectively guilty » nation of Palestinians This is a matter of record, specifically in connection with Gaza. In May, 2007 Sephardic Chief Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu declared, « All civilians living in Gaza are collectively guilty for Kassam (rocket) attacks on Sderot…Eliyahu ruled that there was absolutely no moral prohibition against the indiscriminate killing of civilians during a potential massive military offensive on Gaza aimed at stopping the rocket launchings. »

This rabbinic doctrine of indiscriminate killing of collectively guilty Palestinian civilians is not an aberration confined to one prominent Israeli rabbi. The chief Israeli army rabbi, Brigadier General Avichai Rontzki, joined Israeli troops in the field on a number of occasions, as did rabbis under his command. « Officers and soldiers reported that they felt ‘spiritually elevated’ and ‘morally empowered’ by conversations with rabbis who gave them encouragement before the confrontation with the Palestinians. But what exactly was the content of these conversations and of the plethora of written material disseminated by the IDF rabbinate during the war?…

« An overview of some of the army rabbinate’s publications made available during the fighting reflects the tone of nationalist propaganda that steps blatantly into politics, sounds racist and can be interpreted as a call to challenge international law when it comes to dealing with enemy civilians….Following are quotations from this material: ‘[There is] a biblical ban on surrendering a single millimeter of it [the Land of Israel] to gentiles, though all sorts of impure distortions and foolishness of autonomy, enclaves and other national weaknesses. We will not abandon it to the hands of another nation, not a finger, not a nail of it. » This is an excerpt from a publication entitled ‘Daily Torah studies for the soldier and the commander in Operation Cast Lead,’ issued by the IDF (Israeli army) rabbinate. The text is from Books of Rabbi Shlomo Aviner, who heads the Ateret Cohanim yeshiva in the…Old City in Jerusalem.

« The following questions are posed in one publication: ‘Is it possible to compare today’s Palestinians to the Philistines of the past? And if so, is it possible to apply lessons today from the military tactics of Samson and David? » Rabbi Aviner is again quoted as saying: ‘A comparison is possible because the Philistines of the past were not natives and had invaded from a foreign land … They invaded the Land of Israel, a land that did not belong to them and claimed political ownership over our country … Today the problem is the same. The Palestinians claim they deserve a state here, when in reality there was never a Palestinian or Arab state within the borders of our country. Moreover, most of them are new and came here close to the time of the War of Independence.’

« The IDF rabbinate, also quoting Rabbi Aviner, describes the appropriate code of conduct in the field: « When you show mercy to a cruel enemy, you are being cruel to pure and honest soldiers. This is terribly immoral…’ This view is also echoed in publications signed by Rabbis Chen Halamish and Yuval Freund on Jewish consciousness. Freund argues that…’we will show no mercy on the cruel.’

In addition to the official publications…groups managed to bring pamphlets with racist messages into IDF (Israeli army) bases. One such flyer is attributed to ‘the pupils of Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg’ – the former rabbi at Joseph’s Tomb and author of the article ‘Baruch the Man,’ which praises Baruch Goldstein, who massacred unarmed Palestinians in Hebron. It calls on ‘soldiers of Israel to spare your lives and the lives of your friends and not to show concern for a population that surrounds us and harms us. …As for the population, it is not innocent … We call on you to ignore any strange doctrines and orders that confuse the logical way of fighting the enemy. »

Source: Haaretz, Jan. 26, 2009.

Messages left by Israeli troops and Judaic settlers in Gaza and the West Bank include the following slogans: « Arabs need 2 die », « Die you all, » « 1 is down, 999,999 to go », « Die Arab Sand-n****rs », « Exterminate The Muslims » and « Arabs To The Gas Chambers. »

The rabbis kindled the flame and the holocaust that swept the people of Gaza is now being self-righteously denied by Zionists high and low. David Landau in the New York Times wants us to believe that daring to tell the truth about the Israelis is so offensive to these royal personages that the truth-tellers have, thereby, blown the chance to influence Israeli public opinion and inspire national Israeli soul-searching.

But we say that the blood of 1400 dead Palestinians should be sufficient to spark reflection, repentance and restitution in a nation that has made « Holocaust Remembrance » a national motto.

Unfortunately, Zionists in the U.S. and the Israeli state continue to evade the solemn responsibility they relentlessly advocate for Germans, Somalis and Serbs. They have one law for themselves and another for everyone else, based on the principle of rabbinic halacha derived from the religion of Judaism’s Talmudic exceptionalism. This is Mr. Landau’s principle, stripped of his patrician circumlocution.

(Inspired by a column by Richard Seymour, author of The Liberal Defense of Murder).

Copyright ©2009


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