Crimes de guerre et torture par le régime canadien en Afghanistan

On se souvient que l’ex-ministre conservateur Maxime Bernier avait été destitué de son poste après avoir ajouté les États-Unis et Israël à la liste des pays qui pratiquent la torture…

Il disait aussi, en privé, que la guerre en Afghanistan sert en réalité à protéger les cultures d’opium (des réseaux criminels et des services secrets).

Mise à jour 16 mars 2010
Détenus afghans: l’opposition demeure patiente malgré de nouvelles révélations
Torture en Afghanistan – L’opposition refuse de se laisser museler par les conservateurs
Torture: L’opposition ne lâche pas prise

Détenus afghans torturés: Le NPD va réclamer une enquête publique
De nouveaux rapports sont mis de l’avant par l’opposition
Canada: pas d’enquête sur d’éventuelles tortures de prisonniers
Détenus afghans: une enquête publique?
«Les détenus ont été torturés»
Transfert de prisonniers afghans La torture, une « procédure normale »
Allégations de torture — On réclame une enquête publique

Canadian forces accused of war crime

Shattering Canada’s collective myths
There are moments in a country’s history when collective myths become so divorced from reality that almost everyone can hear them burst with a pop. It happened last week in Canada, when stories in the media proclaimed the end of a national identity as peacekeepers, and the birth of one as warriors. This is no small change.

Torture – L’opposition salit l’armée, accuse le premier ministre
Ottawa — Le débat sur la torture en Afghanistan a viré à la foire d’empoigne patriotique, hier: les conservateurs ont accusé les libéraux de salir la réputation des forces armées canadiennes, ce qui a mis les libéraux en colère.

Torture en Afghanistan: le Canada savait dès 2006 27 nov. 2009‎

Pressé de questions par l’opposition, le haut diplomate s’est contenté de répéter qu’après son arrivée en poste, en février 2007, il s’est appliqué à bâtir…

Torture: l’opposition réclame les documents 28 nov. 2009‎

Richard Colvin a témoigné devant un comité spécial des Communes sur la mission canadienne en Afghanistan. (OTTAWA) L’opposition à la Chambre des communes

Canada / Afghanistan : le gouvernement canadien devrait ouvrir une enquête‎ 30 nov. 2009‎
Le gouvernement canadien devrait mener une enquête publique complète sur les allégations de torture des prisonniers remis au gouvernement afghan par les

Une motion exigeant une enquête publique est adoptée‎ Il y a 4 heures ‎

Et les conservateurs avaient plaidé pendant des mois aux Communes n’avoir reçu aucune preuve crédible de torture avant 2007.

Motion pour une enquête publique Il y a 14 heures ‎

La question des prisonniers remis par les Forces canadiennes aux autorités afghanes anime les débats parlementaires au Canada. Le Nouveau Parti démocratique

Les Communes disent oui à une enquête publique sur la torture en Afghanistan

La Croix-Rouge avait prévenu le Canada de risques de torture en Afghanistan

Cinquante visites dans les prisons afghanes – Une fonctionnaire n’a rien vu de mal
La Croix-rouge avait pourtant tiré la sonnette d’alarme

Cencored papers show need for inquiry

By Janice Tibbetts, December 3, 2009

The federal government released almost 200 pages of heavily censored documents about Afghanistan detainees on Wednesday, prompting critics to assert that the excessive secrecy highlights the need for a public inquiry.
« What we’ve seen from this government is a whole lot of redaction, in other words blacked out documents, » charged Paul Dewar, NDP foreign affairs critic. « It’s like reading tea leaves. »
Dewar produced his own document, obtained through an access to information request, showing that the government had blacked out a reference to torture in a 2006 report from its own Foreign Affairs bureaucrats on the state of human rights in Afghanistan.
The original, unedited, document, which was leaked to the media in 2007, concluded that « extrajudicial executions, disappearances, torture and detention without trial are all too common. »
« This is precisely why Canadians can’t trust any documents with redactions from this government, » said Dewar.
The British Columbia Civil Liberties Association joined calls for a judicial inquiry.(…)

VIDEO – US testing unproven weapons in Afghanistan
VIDEO – Jobs, not bombs! Anti-war voices ignored as Afghanistan awaits US troops

Canada : Les conservateurs répliquent aux accusations de torture en Afghanistan par des mensonges et des insultes

ACLU: Obama creating ‘a sweeping immunity doctrine for torturers’

Au lieu de se pencher sur ces crimes de guerre reconnus, le gouvernement tient une insignifiante commission sur l’antisémitisme!

Canadian parliamentary antisemitism inquiry is underway

Some Canadian MPs trying hard to equate criticism of Israel with anit-Semitism

The Canadian Kosher Connection? La Kosher Nostra canadienne?

Prime Minister Stephen Harper prepares for a tour of Chabad House in Mumbai yesterday. Six people were killed at the Jewish centre during co-ordinated terrorist attacks on Nov. 26, 2008. The attacks killed more than 190 people in total.

Reuters Prime Minister Stephen Harper prepares for a tour of Chabad House in Mumbai yesterday. Six people were killed at the Jewish centre during co-ordinated terrorist attacks on Nov. 26, 2008. The attacks …

Harpers tour site of Mumbai massacre

Jew-hatred on campus by Denis Macshane (principal propagandiste sioniste canadien)

Ottawa aiding India in Mumbai massacre probe Globe and Mail‎17 nov. 2009‎
Ten terrorist gunmen had targeted the Chabad House synagogue and specific hotels frequented by Westerners.

Torture: MacKay maintient sa position, l’opposition réclame sa démission
Au lieu de reconnaître les faits, le gouvernement Harper a remis en doute la crédibilité de Colvin

Des mesures auraient été mises en place pour prévenir l’abus de détenus (permettez-moi d’en douter…)

Harper torture la vérité

Afghanistan: Ottawa a défendu un gouverneur accusé de torture

Russian Blames West For Heroin Rise

Afghan surge troops won’t target drug crops

Torture en Afghanistan: 17 mois de cécité canadienne Dans des passages particulièrement explosifs, M. Colvin explique en détails que des rapports diplomatiques ont été censurés et que les employés de

Une enquête publique est la seule réponse adéquate à la lettre incriminante de M.Colvin

Torture en Afghanistan: 17 mois de cécité canadienne

Torture: Le diplomate Colvin réplique et renchérit ses allégations

Torture en Afghanistan – Richard Colvin contreattaque

Colvin réplique

Harper fait tout pour sauver MacKay


Et pendant ce temps, les partis canadiens sont en compétition pour savoir lequel est le plus soumis à Israël…

Canada: organisation d'un concours du parti le plus pro-sioniste

Canada: organisation d’un concours du parti le plus pro-sioniste

Zionists Abuzz Over Harper’s Isr-el Pamphlets

Liberals object, saying they can grovel just as low

Another media massaged and manipulated “issue” to brainwash the public that support for Isr-el is a given and a good thing.

The only “issue” that is allowed to be discussed, is how to articulate that support.

Shouldn’t the real issue be the kleptocrat ruled police state that Canadian society is turning into, due largely to powerful Zionist J-ws and their front men politicians?

We don’t even have free speech anymore, in case you had’t noticed. Zionists made sure of that as well.

Michael Valpy

From Tuesday’s Globe and Mail

Leading members of the Jewish community – many identified as Liberals – have sent a letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper asking him to withdraw a taxpayer-funded Conservative flyer that they say portrays the Liberal Party as anti-Semitic.

The letter is signed by academics, lawyers, politicians, a member of the wealthy and influential Bronfman family and at least one high-ranking former civil servant – Robert Rabinovitch, president of the CBC from 1999 to 2007. About two-thirds are Jews.

“We find it highly disturbing that any party or parliamentarian would attempt to use Israel as a wedge to divide the Jewish community and, indeed, Canadians, for partisan gain,” the letter says.

“Support for Israel should not be portrayed as exclusive to one party. The Liberal Party has a history of support for Israel, working co-operatively and effectively with the Canadian-Jewish community and speaking and acting against terrorism.”


An Open Letter to Canadian « Progressives »

(…)What about the control of Canada?

Media Control in Canada

In Canada, Zionist Asper’s property CanWest owns the National Post and 10 daily newspapers in Canada, as well as numerous local papers and Global TV.

The CBC was until recently run by the former CEO of the execrable Canadian Jewish Congress, Robert Rabbinovitch. He made sure that any mention of the Palestinian resistance is as militants, or terrorists. Also, there are now heartwarming Holocaust stories at least once a day on CBC radio. We have to be trained who to sympathize with.

CTVGlobemedia is also part of the Israel Lobby. The Globe and Mail runs pro-Israel columns daily. CTV is incredibly biased for the Israeli side as well.

Lobby Groups

Aside from the Israel-shilling of Zionist-owned media in Canada, there are powerful Jewish Zionist groups set up with the purpose of influencing Canada’s government to support this foreign state. Here are some of the most influential:

Canadian Jewish Congress – got a Liberal candidate booted for being critical of Israel

CJPAC – Canada’s AIPAC

Bnai B’rith -is behind hatecrime laws that criminalize criticism of Zionism

CIJA – Lobby group started by Asper

Israel Allies Caucus – In Parliament, with secrecy covering their activities

On top of all this is the ‘unwavering support’ from ‘Christian’ Zionists.

Control Over Canadian Politicians

How does the Israel Lobby influence Canadian politics? The fact is no one can get elected without support of the Jewish groups that make up the Israel Lobby in Canada. Without the support of Zionist media, a campaign will get no coverage, or will get only negative reporting.

Israel Lobby formed within Canada’s government

Why would Harper form an Israel Lobby in Parliament? How is this not undue foreign influence? There has been a news blackout of this in the mainstream/Zionist media.

The Lesley Hughes Scandal, the CJC said she had to go

Last election, we saw Stephane Dion eject a candidate for her factual statements about Israel, at the behest of the Canadian Jewish Congress.


With the latest atrocities committed by Israel, progressive and peace groups have been protesting across the country.

You have been telling people to write their MPs, yet you never mention the forces that control the fates of MPs, and parties.

What good is trying to reason with a puppet, when the puppeteers are obscured and remain the same election after election?

No politician can get elected without genuflecting to the Israel Lobby.

Why deny the Israel Lobby groups that perpetuate war and a pro-Israel stance in Canada’s government, Liberal or Conservative?

By refusing to name the source of Canadian institutional Zionism, you ensure that Israeli atrocities will continue to be supported by subsequent governments, who will be as in thrall to The Lobby as this one is.

Good for the Jews?

I know that many of you ‘progressive’ luminaries are Jewish, and that you disallow comments on your forums that name the Israel Lobby in Canada.

It is almost as though you decided that it would be “good for the Jews” to obscure the facts of Jewish power in Canada, so as not to cause antisemitism. Some observers have described this trend as ‘Zionist-lite’.

If that is your goal, it will fail. You can’t keep this kind of control hidden. People will notice the ethnicity of those who have been covering for the Lobby, and draw the obvious conclusions.

This will be “bad for the Jews”(well not really, but it will be bad for criminal organized Jewry and the Israel Lobby that progressives are a part of) but good for Canada. It seems this inverse relationship describes Zionist’s relation with the world in general.

If you are not Jewish or are a righteous Jew, isn’t it time you got out from the skirts of Zionism-lite, and start to frequent real, truth telling sites?

It is incumbent upon you to stop dissembling about the Israel Lobby, and confront it headon if you are to have any credibility.

Canadian Progressives are Part of the Lobby

With such strong influence in Canada’s political parties, control of the media, and backed by billions of dollars- one would expect that politicians would be backing the Lobby.

Strange that so-called progressives are also doing their part for The Lobby. You condemn Israel, but not the powers that enforce a Jewish/Zionist paradigm on Canada.

Although evidence of their power and influence is astounding, you condemn those that do name The Lobby as antisemitic, enforcing ‘opinion terrorism’ where-ever you have the means.

I invite true-hearted progressives to venture beyond the Zio-lite petting zoos that many progressive forums and blogs are.

If you mention the Israel Lobby, or go too far in exposing their power, the handlers immediately come out to tell you that it is corporations, not the Lobby that is behind Canada’s pro-Israel stance.

Don’t let their tactics of transference, with negative labels like antisemite, ‘troofer’, etc, intimidate you. The Israel Lobby in the guise of Zio-lite uses sophisticated tactics to subvert internet forums.

The truth is it’s own defense, and it is on the side of those who are exposing the scope, power, and malevolence of the Israel Lobby, despite censorship and opinion terrorism.

Chasse aux sorcières au ministère de la Justice
A l’arrivée de Barack Obama à la Maison Blanche, l’un d’entre eux, Neal Katyal, qui a remporté en 2006 devant la Cour suprême une victoire pour les détenus contre l’administration Bush, est devenu le bras droit de la nouvelle représentante de l’administration Obama à la Cour suprême.
Les loyalistes de Bush s’attaquent à ces 400 avocats qui ont poursuivi le gouvernement Bush pour torture à Guantanamo.


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