Les zaffaires zont bonnnes…


News Corp = Rupert Murdoch (façade des Bronfman)
Time-Warner = Edgar Bronfman Jr (« Rothschild du Nouveau Monde »)

News Corp. Likely to Pull Fox From Time Warner Cable (VIDEO)

News Corp. Likely to Pull Fox From Time Warner Cable

Time Warner Cable, Fox Deal May Cost Cable $5 Billion

Time Warner Cable, Fox Yet to Agree on Dispute

source: Michael Collins Piper: The Judas Goats – The Enemy Within


Source: Michael Collins Piper : The High Priests of War


Warren Buffett: façade des ROTHSCHILD! (source:Who_Really_Rules_America, By Michael Collins Piper)

Kraft offre encore plus pour Cadbury, mais Warren Buffett s’interpose
Buffett s’oppose à l’achat de Cadbury par Kraft
Fannie Mae : Warren Buffett est partout !
Ferroviaire : opération à 44 milliards de dollars pour Buffett
Warren Buffett, Arnold & Jacob Rothschild
Les avocats se lancent à la poursuite de BuffettLa bulle Buffett va se dégonfler

Procter & Gamble écarte Tiger Woods; AT&T y songe également
(Proctor & Gamble = Warren Buffett)

Le milliardaire Warren Buffet est une autre façade des intérêts Rothschild!!

Warren Buffett’s Priceless Investment Advice By John Reeves
November 6, 2009
Buffett has delivered these outstanding returns by buying undervalued shares in great companies such as Gillette, now owned by Procter &Gamble. Over the years, Berkshire has owned household names such as Coca-Cola (NYSE: KO), Wells Fargo (NYSE: WFC), and Washington Post.

Some of Warren Buffett’s biggest holdings by market value:

American Express Co.
Value: About $5.1-billion (U.S.)
Mr. Buffett began investing in Amex in the 1960s and continued to build on that through the mid-1990s and now holds a nearly 13-per-cent stake.

Coca-Cola Co.
Value: About $10.7-billion
He started buying the beverage company’s shares in the late 1980s and now owns about an 8-per-cent stake.

Procter & Gamble Co.
Value: About $5.3-billion
Earlier this year, Mr. Buffett sold off part of his stake in the consumer goods producer to fund purchases of preferred shares and fixed-income investments.

Value: About $2.6-billion
Berkshire Hathaway is one of the oil producers largest shareholders. In his letter to shareholders earlier this year, Mr. Buffett admitted he bought the stake at the wrong time, when oil prices were at their highs.


Coca-Cola: Warren Buffett says his first business venture in the 1930s was buying six-packs of Coke for 25 cents and selling them for 5 cents a bottle. He began buying Coca-Cola shares in the late 1980s, explaining to shareholders that it fit in to Berkshire Hathaway’s desire to own ‘outstanding businesses with outstanding managements’ and own the stock ‘forever.’ Coca Cola’s management, and its fortunes, have changed over time, but the Buffett stake is now 200 million shares worth more than $10-billion.

American Express
: Warren Buffett made a big bet on American Express in the 1960s, at a low point on the company’s stock, investing nearly 40 per cent of what was then the Buffett partnership. Berkshire Hathaway built its American Express investment through the mid-1990s, and today it’s worth more than $5-billion.

Washington Post Co
.: Warren Buffett says half of the money he initially had as an investor was earned from delivering the Washington Post in the 1940s. After the paper’s parent company went public in the 1970s, Mr. Buffett finally had the chance to put his money back into the Post, and Berkshire purchased a large position in the company two years after it went public. Today it’s worth about $750-million (U.S.).

: In 1951, GEICO shares comprised 70 per cent of Warren Buffett’s personal portfolio. GEICO was also the first stock he sold – to his Aunt Alice – as a 20-year-old security salesman. In the mid-1970s, Berkshire purchased a major stake in GEICO. At the time it was threatened with insolvency, Mr. Buffett says, and he bought the rest in 1996.

Kraft Foods

Fruit of the Loom
: Berkshire Hathaway bought Fruit of the Loom out of U.S. Bankruptcy Court in 2002. Warren Buffett noted that despite its ‘disastrous path’ prior to insolvency, it was the producer of about 33.3 per cent of the men’s and boy’s underwear sold in the U.S.

Burlington Northern Santa Fe: Warren Buffett actually sold off his Burlington Northern stake in 1998 – at the same time he was investing in U.S. Airways, which he’s described as one of his least successful investments. Berkshire bought back in, disclosing its stake in April 2007. The stake was worth about $5.8-billion Monday – until Berkshire disclosed its offer for the entire railroad, sending the value up roughly 30 per cent.


Les responsables de la crise démasqués par eurydile

Histoire de Mickey Cohen (Mobsters – Mickey Cohen + The Jewish Mobsters: The Mickey Cohen Story)

Benjamin « Bugsy » Siegel

Meyer Lansky, cerveau de la mafiaThe Jewish Mobsters – Meyer LanskyLa mafia à Cuba – Meyer Lansky

Mafia: Las Vegas v.f.Mafia An Expose Las Vegas – Sam Giancana, Bugsy Siegel, Charlie Luciano, Moe Dalitz, Mickey Cohen
Pacte des libérateurs américains avec la mafia Mafia: Luciano et la Seconde Guerre mondialeLes Grandes Affaires Criminelles – Lucky Luciano (v.o.a. Charles Lucky Luciano – Genovese Lansky Costello Siegel Adonis Schultz Anastasia )

The History Channel Mob Ladies – Virginia Hill, Bugsy Siegel, Joey Adonis, Charlie Lucky, etc.Daughter of Benjamin « Bugsy » Siegel Speaks

Histoire de Gangs – Brooklyn


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