B’Nai Brith Canada (Frank Dimant) donne un A+ au gouvernement Harper

La raison est que B’Nai Brith ne veut pas d’un juge honnête et impartial dans le conflit israélo-palestinien et que Harper a un parti pris sioniste convaincu.

De plus, Frank Dimant félicite Harper d’avoir nommé autant de chrétiens sionistes dans son gouvernement.



CBC The National | Feb 4, 2010 | 8:21

Is Stephen Harper Canada’s most pro-Israel Prime Minister?  Wendy Mesley asks if Stephen Harper’s pro-Israel stance has resulted in a shift in Canada’s position on the Middle East


CBC Journalist asks B’nai Brith Spokesman Frank Dimant: How you think Stephen Harper is handling the whole Middle East file?

FRANK DIMANT: « I think it’s just superb, I think this is the best handling of that file that we’ve experienced in the history of Canada-Israel relationships. (Journalist: Really? What’s the difference?) The difference is that he’s acting out of principle, he’s acting out of conviction of Israel being an ally, he’s not trying to be an honest broker, he’s not trying to weigh both sides, he’s saying we have a democracy, we have an ally, we have an ally in fighting radical Islam, and we stand with the truth and justice. (Journalist: What’s wrong with Canada being an honest broker?) Would you want to be an honest broker between Britain and Nazi Germany? Say, you know what, we’ll be the honest broker! Let’s try to work out a deal! Would you like to be that? (Journalist: Who are you comparing to the Nazis?) I’m comparing the radical Islam, I’m comparing terrorism, that’s what I’m comparing… When you have a Gaza that’s not controlled by that element, I don’t want Canada to be the « honest broker ». (Journalist: I guess I’m just trying to figure out as well… Is it the circumstances that have changed or the politicians that have changed?) I think it’s the politicians that have changed. I think the politicians who understand — because every politician brings a different understanding to the world scene — I think this group of politicians have come with a background and in some cases a religious background, which helped them make their determinations in terms of the Middle East, in terms of justice. I’m very pleased that I didn’t wait for this governement to come into existence to see the turning point. We established a relationship both with the Alliance Party, the Reform Party and the Conservative Party, and when I met those people — when nobody wanted to meet with them, when people shunned them, when people talked about a « hidden agenda » and I listened — I got an understanding of who they were and where they were coming from and I think that they understood better at that time than the Liberals did — what was happening in the world, the dangers that we were about to face. And so therefore when they came into power, it was very easy for us to work with them. (…)

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