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By Lady Michèle Renouf

In the July 5 issue of AMERICAN FREE PRESS Paul Craig Roberts, the former assistant secretary of the U.S. Treasury, writing after the Israeli lobby’s backbiting against veteran journalist Helen Thomas, insisted he did “not want Israel destroyed.” Whereas Mrs. Thomas suggested returning Israeli Jews to their old European haunts, Roberts made what he called the “rhetorical . . . proposal to relocate Israelis in the U.S.” Yet neither has been willing to state the obvious: Israel at no time had any moral right to exist in Palestine.
The living criminal blueprint for The Jewish State was drawn up by Theodor Herzl in 1895 when Adolf Hitler was aged 6, and World War II was half a century away, and therefore irrelevant to the plan.
As it happens there is a real, rather than rhetorical, alternative homeland option where the world’s Jews could relocate in perfect safety. Here their security wall would be optional rather than a self-fulfilling credal projection of their anti-gentile identity. A homeland which has never provoked desperate suicide bombings or rocket attacks, since its creation did not involve mythic impostures of “God-given” privileged real estate, the genocidal blueprint for piracy of other people’s ancestral land or their credally “authorized” displacement to besieged refugee camps.
The founding of this homeland predated Israel by two decades. This Jewish republic (in all but name) is the size of Switzerland. It still exists, and Yiddish is its first official language. What is officially called the Jewish Autonomous Region, though generally referred to by the name of its capital city Birobidjan, is located on Russia’s south-eastern border with China. It was created in 1928 during the early days of the former Soviet Union and formalized in 1934.
I have had the opportunity to speak about Birobidjan on two occasions this year in very different though equally prestigious venues. These venues each owe their best ethics essentially to the classical Greek scientific attitude.
This first was before the House of Lords in London, mother of Parliaments, which still purveys the aura of centuries-old sovereign tradition, though sadly Israeli-occupied territory for the past century and a half.
By contrast, the Iranian presidential headquarters in Teheran is today the principal target of predatory Israeli envy and aggression against the success of the Khomeini revolution, which made Iran’s economy and foreign policy off limits to international “greed is good” oriented usurers.
On each occasion my public interventions on this subject were carefully monitored and commented on by the Community Security Trust (CST), the private army and intelligence organization of England’s Jewish community.
The CST was set up in 1994 by jailbird tycoon Gerald Ronson, the archetypal Jewish “hard man,” who previously co-founded the “62 Group,” a thuggish gang specializing in brutal attacks on anti-Israelis in London and around the UK.
Earlier this year the CST found it “troubling” to note that I “was speaking to a meeting at the House of Lords, where her proposal was greeted with applause . . . to promote her campaign to have Jews relocate en masse to Birobidjan, a Jewish autonomous region established in the eastern Soviet Union by Stalin in 1934.”
A few months later they were even more concerned, noting my impromptu address to a thousand international delegates gathered at President Ahmadinejad’s Teheran headquarters during the Fourth International Conference on Imam Khomeini and Foreign Policy, organized by the Iranian Institute for Political and International Studies.
I used this invitation to propose, directly to President Ahmadinejad, Birobidjan as a home for Israel’s Jews: A ready-made common sense option and just conclusion to the rogue criminal occupation of Palestine.
My hope is that our singularly upstanding President Ahmadinejad, who speaks the whole political truth bravely, will promote awareness of the first Jewish homeland and that there is no need for European Ashkenazim Jews to go back to Germany, Poland or Austria when they have their own state whose first language is Yiddish.
The CST warned its supporters: “Ahmadinejad’s response to Renouf’s plea is not known. But if the Iranian president does, at some point in the future, propose deporting Israeli Jews to Birobidjan, you will know where he heard it first.”
So let me tell you, dear doughty readers of AFP, eye-ball to eyeball, the dauntless Iranian president said in English, “you and me, we see it the same.”
That may be because Khomeini’s ongoing successful morale re-armament revolution is surprisingly like the keynote of the courageous Catholic Bishop Richard Williamson’s plea that without historical truth there can be no international justice, and that “historical truth goes by evidence, not by emotion.” #


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