False Flag du FBI dans une synagogue de New York

Les fédéraux avaient tout orchestré de A à Z. Ils avaient même proposé de payer les « patsies ». C’est un pattern récurrent, décidément.

Suspects in N.Y. synagogue-bomb plot say FBI was involved

NBC NY: Synagogue Bomb Suspects: The Feds Put Us Up to It!

Defense attorneys say an alleged plot to bomb New York synagogues was hatched and directed by a federal informant.

Lawyers for four men from Newburgh have filed a motion to dismiss the terror indictment against them.

They said the informant badgered the defendants until they got involved in the plot.

They said the informant chose the targets, supplied fake bombs for the synagogues and a fake missile to shoot down planes. The motion said he also offered to pay the defendants, who attorneys alleged weren’t inclined toward any crime until the informant began recruiting them.

Mise à jour 18 oct. 2010:

Four men caught in an FBI sting operation were convicted of plotting to blow up synagogues in New York City.

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