Gaza (encore) sous les bombes

Ils prétendent viser les tunnels qui permettraient supposément de transporter des armes…

Israeli warplanes striking Gaza in 2009.

Israeli warplanes striking Gaza during Israel’s offensive in January 2009.

Photo by: AP

08:53 10.05.10
Israel bombs Gaza in retaliation for rocket attack
IAF targets smuggling tunnel and defunct Gaza airport as Qassam hits Israel hours after restart of peace talks.

Israel Air Force planes bombed two targets in the southern Gaza in the early hours on Monday warning in retaliation for a rocket attack on Saturday night, the army said. (…)

Palestinians report first Israeli violation of talks to U.S. Just two days after peace talks resume, PA complains to American mediators, accusing Israel of breaching negotiation terms.

Netanyahu To “Legalize” Illegal Outposts

Israël et le problème des colons

‘Obama to blame for crisis’ Poll shows 48% of Israelis believe US president managing ties with Israel poorly or very poorly

Mystery Disease Linked to Missing Israeli Scientist

Gaza présentement sous les bombes (ceci n’est pas un poisson d’avril)

Des journalistes persécutés par « cette petite démocratie solitaire au Moyen-Orient »

Cancers et autres conséquences de l’utilisation par Israël d’armes prohibées par les lois internationales

OECD accepts Israel as memberPro-Palestinian groups plan protests at organization’s Paris base.
Israel gets accepted into OECD after unanimous vote
Israel fights to keep Palestinians from sabotaging its admittance into OECD
(OCDE: Organisation de coopération et de développement économiques)

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