Des faux nationalistes: sionistes anti-nazis
Le « nationaliste blanc » Jared Taylor est considéré par plusieurs comme étant un agent de la CIA. En tout cas, il est lié à des informateurs de la ligue anti-diffamation et à des juifs sionistes, incluant des rabbins (Meyer Schiller). Il combat les « antisémites » et les « nazis » et croit qu’il faut s’allier aux groupes juifs et sionistes afin de « défendre la race blanche » contre les Noirs et les Arabes et les ennemis de l’Occident tels que les musulmans. Son plus proche allié est, surprenamment, Mark Weber, faux révisionniste et soi-disant antisioniste. Derrière Mark Weber, il y a Andrew E. Allen, qui saupoudre son argent (lié à la fortune juive Strauss de New York) un peu partout dans le mouvement patriote, en finançant ceux qui attaquent les vrais nationalistes. Autrement dit, il finance un révisionnisme faux et un nationalisme fantôme, complètement sous contrôle, devant prendre la place du vrai mouvement.

La juiverie sioniste cherche une source de légitimation du côté de certains nationalistes blancs comme Jared Taylor. Le magazine de l’American Jewish Committee, Commentary, a écrit une critique favorable du livre de Jared Taylor, Paved With Good Intentions, qui s’attaque aux quotas raciaux. L’ADL, contrairement au SPLC, converge avec le KKK et la plupart des nationalistes blancs dans leur opposition aux quotas raciaux.

 (Michael Collins Piper, The Confessions of an anti-Semite—The First-Ever Critical Analysis of the Linguistic Legerdemain Underlying the Propaganda Techniques of the New World Order, 2013)

Michael Collins Piper écrit:


On a far lower level and on assuredly a less widely-publicized scale, certain elements have joined the ranks of the “neo-conservative” elite in promoting anti-Arab and anti-Muslim hatred.

While many Americans of the so-called “extreme right”—not to be confused with the “neo-conservative” movement surrounding Richard Perle and William Kristol and their allies such as Steven Emerson and Bernard Lewis—are strongly anti-Zionist or outright anti-Jewish, there are a handful of other so-called “rightist” organizations that share the anti-Muslim and anti-Arab fanaticism of the Jewish neo-conservatives.

For example, there is one rather prominent individual who—while often described by the media as a “racist”—has nonetheless actively avoided criticizing Israel and who is an outspoken enemy of Arab and Muslim immigrants into America. His name is Jared Taylor.

Editor of a publication known as American Renaissance, Jared Taylor is widely believed by many of his critics to be an asset of the CIA.

Critics note not only that he is a graduate of Yale, a long-time CIA recruiting ground, but that he has been active and successful in business and finance in the Far East. In addition, a book Taylor wrote—Paved With Good Intentions—alleging that black Americans are inferior to whites, was praised in Commentary, the neo-conservative voice of the American Jewish Committee, edited by Norman Podhoretz who, himself, was connected to CIA-financed activities as far back as the 1950s.

So Taylor’s connections to the “neo-conservative” network and the New York elite are firm indeed.

And considering the impact that Taylor has in certain American “right wing” circles that are seemingly independent of the “neo-conservative” elite—such as a so-called “Council of Conservative Citizens” of which he is director—it is clear that Taylor’s voice is being heard and having an impact. At one juncture, Taylor’s Council of Conservative Citizens featured an item attacking “Dirty Rotten Arabs and Muslims” on its website.

The record shows Taylor has a long history of attacking Arabs and Muslims. As far back as November 1993—nearly a decade ago, long before the widespread anti-Muslim tendencies in America, stoked by the major broadcast media, particularly in the wake of the 9-11-2001 terrorist attacks, Taylor’s American Renaissance magazine featured an article entitled “The Rise of Islam in America,” which asserted that “Islam lies at a dangerous intersection between race and immigration,” and which declared:

Islam, in its various forms, lies at the intersection of America’s two most dogma-laden and self-destructive policies: immigration and race relations. It was the purest idiocy to have imported crowds of swarthy fanatics who are prepared to kill each other—and us—over obscure conflicts in the Levant. Had no one noticed that Middle Easterners fight out their unsettled feuds not only in their own countries but in Europe as well? To have imported fanatics who worship the same god as the Black Muslims was idiocy on stilts.(124)

A Muslim-bashing hate festival sponsored by Taylor in the Washington, D.C. area over the Feb. 22, 2002 weekend set off alarm bells about Taylor’s covert agenda. American Free Press, based in Washington, D.C., reported as follows:

Had you walked into Jared Taylor’s recent American Renaissance conference, you might have thought you were at a pro-Israel rally: the anti-Muslim rhetoric was that pervasive. Taylor’s self-styled “uptown” approach echoes the ongoing Israeli propaganda theme that the Islamic religion is the root cause of the Sept. 11 tragedy—not the pro-Israel U.S. Middle East policy.

One who attended the meeting—young Bill White—described Taylor’s meeting at his (White’s) website. While finding the event interesting, White—an outspoken anti-Zionist—says what disturbed him the most was “the decided anti-Black and anti-Muslim tilt of the conference.”

The “entire focus,” said White, “was on Islam and blacks and how bad and threatening they are, with nary a word about Jews and their influence in politics.

All of the speakers either didn’t address the Zionist-Israeli issue, or did so in philo-Semitic, flattering, untrue and ridiculous terms.” Every speaker at Taylor’s conference except one was anti-black and anti-Muslim, according to White.(125)

Perhaps in keeping with his decidedly anti-Muslim stance, Taylor previously featured a hard-line pro-Zionist New York-based Rabbi, Meyer Schiller, as the keynote speaker at a previous conference. 

The Forward newspaper, a prominent American Jewish publication, has said that Schiller reports that his influence with Taylor has helped bring about positive feelings for the American Jewish cause on Taylor’s part, and thereby helped stimulate other Americans who follow Taylor’s teachings to think likewise.

Although—after being widely criticized by many of his associates—Taylor has since made some motions to suggest that U.S. policy toward Israel and the Arab world may have stimulated the 9-11 terrorist attacks, Taylor does not relent in his attacks on Muslim immigrants, effectively playing into the hands of the Zionist cause.

Ironically, although Taylor has spent a great deal of energy in Muslim-bashing, his closest friend and long-time political fellow-traveler, one Mark Weber, has assiduously courted the Muslim world while posturing as an “anti-Zionist,” causing some persons to wonder just what the Taylor-Weber agenda really may be.

Weber is best known today as one of a small group who—working under the direction of a known long-time CIA operative Andrew E. Allen—orchestrated the destruction of The Spotlight newspaper, in its time the one independent American newspaper that regularly and forcefully raised questions about the imbalanced U.S. policy toward Israel and the Arab and Muslim worlds.

Taylor and his ilk are thus part and parcel of a malicious and wide-ranging effort to defame the Arab and Muslim peoples, and the truth is that their impact is being felt at a critical time when the Zionist lobby finds it vital to have its “agents” inside even the smallest—but still mildly influential—groups in America.

Individuals such as these use their outreach (however minimal it may be) to bend Americans and others in the West in favor of Israel through attacks on Arabs and Muslims, and this proves critical to Israel’s imperial goals, in league with the neo-conservative manipulators now dominating American foreign policy.

Chapter Forty-Four
“If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck . . .”
Jared Taylor and the New “Zionist-Friendly Nationalism”

As the Zionist Internationale—using the United States military as its imperial mechanism—faces increasing opposition from the American people, who are hesitant to commit more of their young people to foreign wars on behalf of Israel, it is critical to the Zionist cause to generate more anger among Americans toward the Muslim world. In the wake of this, the Zionist movement has energized its efforts to further infiltrate and manipulate the American nationalist movement.

As such, in recent years, one leader of what has been described as the “white nationalist movement” (that is, the element of the nationalist movement focusing on the issue of race) has come under increasing scrutiny because of his unusual stand toward Zionist influence in America.We refer to one Jared Taylor, a Yale-educated figure who heads his own American Renaissance organization. Taylor has emerged as a major critic of the Muslim world and of Muslim immigrants in America, sounding much like the Trotskyite neo-conservatives.

Taylor is best known for his book, Paved With Good Intentions, which says that blacks are inferior to whites. Remarkably, this book was published by a “mainstream” New York firm responsible for Harrison Livingstone’s series of peculiar books—New York Times best-sellers—that insist the CIA had no part in the JFK assassination.

So altough Taylor’s work might be “controversial” due to its racial slant, the book was promoted by a “mainstream” publishing house. But even more intriguing is the fact that Taylor’s book was also favorably mentioned in the February 1993 issue of Commentary, the journal of the American Jewish Committee, edited for many years by CIA-connected Trotskyite “neo-conservative” Norman Podhoretz.

That a book with a so-called “racist” slant would get a boost from Podhoretz and Commentary is interesting in and of itself. But that Taylor should get a friendly nod from these Zionist Trotskyites is not really so extraordinary if Taylor’s record is considered in context.

Although the Anti-Defamation League has criticized Taylor for some of his views, and Taylor, in turn, has sent gentle barbs in the ADL’s direction for chiding him on the race question, the totality of the record that we will review here suggests that Taylor is effectively lending support to the Zionist movement. And that’s precisely what makes Taylor’s new “Zionist-Friendly Nationalism” so valuable to the Zionist lobby.

Widely promoted as one of the “intellectuals” of the American “racialist” movement, Taylor has insinuated himself into a leadership position in the Council of Conservative Citizens (CofCC) and from that post he has emerged as a critic of those who take positions in opposition to Zionism. In some respects, this recalls the old days of COINTELPRO when—as Dr. Edward Fields has reported—the FBI told its infiltrators in the Ku Klux Klan that they were free to publicly make anti-black remarks in public speeches and in their publications, but, at all costs, to avoid criticizing Jews or Israel.

Many have noted that Taylor seems to revel in surrounding himself with a variety of Jewish “intellectual”who have been waggishly (if insensitively) dubbed “Jared’s Jews.” Taylor iss particularly close ties to one Rabbi Meyer Schiller, a New York-based Zionist who has publicly bragged that his friendship with Taylor has helped diminish anti-Zionism within the ranks of Taylor’s followers. (An interesting point indeed.)

This same Rabbi Schiller—a leader of a Jewish community known as New Square—also endorsed Hillary Rodham Clinton in her 1992 campaign for the U.S. Senate from New York, hardly something that might be expected from an ally of Jared Taylor, of all people.

The truth is that Taylor plays a valuable role on behalf of Zionist interests by stoking up opposition to Arab and Muslim immigration into America, adding fuel to the ever-building fire in America against Arabs and Muslims. And all of this comes at a time that—the record shows—Taylor has worked to scrub anti-Zionist attitudes from the nationalist circles in which he operates. In fact, on March 3, 2006, the influential Jewish newspaper, Forward, reported that Taylor said, in Forward’s words, that he wanted to “de-Nazify [the] white nationalist movement.”

Forward wrote that Taylor said that “Ultimately, for all the things I care about to happen, Jews must be part of the movement,” because, he noted, Jews are widely seen as being “the conscience of our society.” But while Taylor has been quite friendly to the likes of Rabbi Schiller, he has adopted quite a different stance to those who have taken on Israel.

For example, when prominent Louisiana maverick David Duke and the aforementioned Dr. Edward Fields—both of whom have been known for their opposition to Zionism—spoke at a forum attended by CofCC supporters in the Washington, D.C. area, Taylor boycotted the meeting (doing so quite vocally) and told others not to attend.

Similarly, prior to that, on December 12,1998, Taylor boycotted another meeting of the National Capital Region branch of the CofCC precisely because the featured speaker was yours truly, Michael Collins Piper, discussing the JFK assassination study, Final Judgment, which focuses on the role of Israel’s Mossad in the murder of President Kennedy.Taylor instructed his disciples not to attend this meeting.

Noting Taylor’s conduct, critics have pointed out that the woman who became Taylor’s wife, Evelyn Rich, actively worked to sabotage David Duke’s 1990 campaign for the U.S. Senate. Miss Rich released an audio tape to the national media that she had secretly recorded of Duke’s private conversation with a supporter. The tape (taken entirely out of context) was used to “prove” that Duke was a “Nazi.”

In fact, evidence demonstrates that Taylor does seem to have some sort of friendly behind-the-scenes entente cordiale with the ADL. According to one American revisionist, whose name is well known to revisionists worldwide, Taylor’s wife-to-be, Miss Rich, received a phone call at the home she shared with Taylor from no less than Irwin Suall, the now-deceased longtime chief of the ADL’s “fact finding division.” According to the source (who was visiting Taylor’s home at the time), Taylor answered the phone, then handed it to Miss Rich saying, “It’s Irwin Suall,” after which Miss Rich conversed with the ADL spymaster.

[Note: due to a court-issued gag order on the publisher of this book, the name of the individual who witnessed Taylor’s call from the ADL cannot be mentioned. However, the name of that person was published some years ago in the now-defunct Spotlight newspaper.]

There is a great irony here. Although the ADL claims it opposes “racism,” the fact is Taylor’s views on affirmative action and race quotas are quite similar to those of the ADL and the American Jewish Committee whose magazine, as noted, favorably reviewed Taylor’s book. So perhaps the ADL-Taylor link is not really so surprising.

The inimitable Dr. Robert L. Brock, a longtime Black nationalist who has been a no-holds-barred critic of the Israeli lobby, has summarized Taylor’s stance: “Mr. Taylor talks about how Black folks commit crime and how we’re not as smart as Whites but Mr.Taylor never mentions Zionist power in America.”

In May 2006, writing in his American Renaissance magazine, Taylor lashed out at his critics whom he says advocate the theory of what he calls “a Jewish conspiracy,” never addressing the role of Zionist power in America.With such a tone, he implicitly dismisses criticism of Zionist intrigue and makes it clear he is not about to be re-directed despite the growing criticism of his position on this issue.

Considering all of this, particularly Taylor’s opposition to discussion of Zionism and its role in American affairs, it’s probably worth pointing out that Taylor—a graduate of Yale, a longtime recruiting ground for the CIA—just happened to be wandering around in Ghana during the early 1970s when that West African country was a major focus of interest to the CIA and its allies in Israel’s Mossad.

Israeli historian Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi has written that “if Burma was the great Israeli [geopolitical] success story in Asia, Ghana was the equivalent in Africa.” Beit-Hallahmi writes that Israel’s outpost in Ghana “turned out to be a stepping stone to the rest of Black Africa” but that things went sour, much to Israel’s dismay. Beit Hallahmi points out that the Mossad was riding high in Ghana for years:

The first Israeli ambassador in Africa was Ehud Avriel,
stationed in Ghana in 1957, and widely believed to be a
Mossad operative.Avriel was active in recruiting individuals
for “special missions” all over Africa.Cooperation with
Ghana took many forms, marked by mutual enthusiasm . . .
Hundreds of Ghanian trainees went to Israel, and hun-
dreds of Israeli experts came to Ghana.There was also mili-
tary and intelligence cooperation: Ghana’s air force was sup-
plied with reconditioned military aircraft and training and
intelligence training was given by the Mossad.
Israel was described as “Ghana’s closest friend in the
early years.” Nevertheless, [Ghana’s leader] Kwame
Nkrumah always demonstrated some reservations about
Israel . . . While Israel established close ties with . . . the
Ghanian leadership even before formal independence in
1956, the special relationship . . . was over by 1967. Formal
relations ended on October 28, 1973.

Quite significantly,Taylor’s Ghanian venture took place during the very critical time frame when Israel’s ties with Ghana were dissolving. Beit-Hallahmi (writing in 1987) added:

Elements in the Ghanian secret service are said to have
kept contacts with the Mossad even while their countries
did not have diplomatic relations, but relations with Ghana
[have] worsened since the coup led by Lt. Jerry Rawlings.
The Ghanian government accused Israel of being involved
in a planned coup attempt [with the CIA and Liberia].
Relations with the U.S. have deteriorated since then, with
mutual accusations of spying . . . .

Although we can only speculate as to what young Yale man Taylor was doing in Ghana in the midst of intense CIA and Mossad intrigue in that small country, the bottom line is that Taylor’s actions in America today—more than 30 years later—suggest that Taylor (for whatever reason) has become an asset (in a most unusual way) for advancing one aspect of the Zionist cause within the American nationalist movement.

And let us close our study of The Judas Goats with that . . .
(Source: The Judas Goats)

The website of the ADL says about Jared Taylor (American Renaissance):
 » Taylor eschews anti-Semitism. Seeing Jews as white, greatly influential and the “conscience of society,” Taylor rather seeks to partner with Jews who share his views on race and racial diversity. Four out of the 10 speakers at the initial American Renaissance conference in 1994 were Jews, including Michael Levin, a racist professor at the City University of New York and author of Why Race Matters, and Rabbi Mayer Shiller, then head of the Yeshiva University High School for Boys in New York. Jews have been speakers and/or participants at all eight American Renaissance conferences.
During the 2006 American Renaissance conference David Duke, who was not a scheduled presenter, accused Jews of being a “power… that has led to the internal destruction of our will and spirit” during a question-and-answer session. Taylor attempted to “clear the air” regarding Jewish participation in American Renaissance conferences with a piece in the May 2006 edition of the American Renaissance journal in which he wrote, “Jews have, from the outset, been equal participants in our efforts.” However, he also compared the question of “the roles of Jews in society” to questions over homosexuality, foreign policy, and abortion and said that these issues should be openly debated in a “free society.”  » … tem=taylor

Commentaire: le faux nationaliste blanc Jared Taylor est un ami intime du faux révisionniste de l’Holocauste Mark Weber, qui a mis les millions de Liberty Lobby dans ses poches en vendant toutes la librairie de l’Institute for Historical Review, qu’il dirige depuis plusieurs années (à la faveur d’un coup d’État mené par des agents de la scientologie, de l’ADL et de la CIA, sous la tutelle des services secrets israéliens). Depuis le début de l’année 2009, ce directeur de l’institut révisionniste le plus en vue aux USA affirme que l’Holocauste a bel et bien eu lieu.

* * *

Autre exemple:

Geert Wilders, parlementaire néerlandais et réalisateur de Fitna, le film anti-Islam et anti-Coran le plus connu.
Video – Wilders célébrant dans une synagogue américaine)
(…)Sur l’État d’Israël

Geert Wilders affirme entretenir une relation personnelle forte avec l’État juif[10]. Il s’est rendu en Israël une quarantaine de fois au cours des 25 dernières années. Selon ses propres déclarations, il y aurait rencontré plusieurs fois Ariel Sharon et Ehud Olmert. Il revendique des liens étroits avec le Mossad[10].

Wilders voulait dans un premier temps émigrer vers Israël. Il y a d’ailleurs travaillé dans des boulangeries industrielles et dans un moshav[10]. Devenu député européen, il soutient Israël et fustige les pays qui lui sont hostiles. Il continue de s’y rendre après son élection, accompagné d’autres élus de son parti[11].
Geert Wilders a été soutenu pendant le processus judiciaire contre lui par des néoconservateurs américains comme Daniel Pipes et David Horowitz[12]. La Coalition juive républicaine (Republican Jewish Coalition, RJC) a financé un de ses discours dans une synagogue à Boston (États-Unis)[12].
Wilders est un grand ami du néocon juif Daniel Pipes:
Mettre les points sur les « i » concernant l’Islam-bashing: c’est pas les musulmans qui menacent l’Amérique et nos libertés! Today’s program features an exclusive interview with Dr Terry Jones, pastor of the infamous Dove World Outreach Center in Gainsville, Florida that is planning to have a ‘Burn a Koran Day’ this upcoming September 11th. Listen as we are joined by special guest Nashid Abdul Khaaliq, of, an African American convert to Islam along with regular co-host of the Ugly Truth Mark Dankof of A MUST HEAR PROGRAM.

Mark Weber IHR ally Andrew Allen loses his auntie

by John de Nugent on December 13, 2010


==============IHR REVELATION

Michael Collins Piper just called and sent me the shocking information about Andrew Allen, ally of Mark Weber, that follows.
Some background first:
The Institute for Historical Review, founded by Willis Carto three decades ago, was ONCE the leading organization worldwide debunking the fraudulent Jewish Holocaust of WWII. In the 1990s, a key employee, Mark Weber, was the titular leader of a revolt against Carto’s control. In the end, Carto lost control of the IHR and suffered huge losses in a lawsuit a decade ago. He always maintained that dark forces were behind Weber’s action, specifically the “religion” called Scientology and the mysterious wealthy individual Andrew Allen, whom Carto insisted was a CIA asset.
In January 2009, Weber outraged revisionists worldwide — many of whom have gone to prison for their beliefs, such as my French friend Vincent Reynouard and my Spanish friend Pedro Varela, who entered prison TODAY for at least one year and four months — by stating that the Jewish Holocaust did happen after all. (In fact, Weber had refused to attend the Holocaust revisionist conference of December 2007 in Teheran, Iran.)
Some leading revisionists urged at that time that I become the new Director of the IHR, since 1) the IHR under Weber has been stagnant for years, 2) its director contradicts the very purpose of the organization, which was to question the Establishment’s view of Hitler, the Third Reich and WWII, and 3) I was both dynamic with PR and the media and also a hardcore Holocaust revisionist.
A defamation campaign targeting me by Weber prevented that. In fact, Don Black, a friend of Weber, banned me, five weeks after I began campaigning to replace Weber, from the WN forum “Stormfront,” where my “thread” entitled “Apocalypse of the Psychopaths” was going up by two thousand views a DAY. (Black banned me just three days after Homeland Security came with three squad cars and arrested my personal assistant, gang-rape opponent Henrik Holappa:
Don Black, friend of Weber, who said I was “delusional.”
His son Derek Black (l) and “Jack Boot” (r), called “Stormfront Chief of Staff,” whose poison thread implied I was a homosexual….. despite my two marriages and two kids, Ingrid and Erika…
Weber stills runs the IHR, with a $40K annual salary, while I live hand to mouth.
Mark Weber has strong neanderthal features. His sister lived on a kibbuz in Israel. His benefactor Allen’s father was a wealthy real estate developer whose sister married a Straus of the Macy’s fortune…. Andrew Allen said under oath he spent ten years “running arms” to the Afghani mujahideen (AKA the Taliban), which was, though conceived by Zbigniew Brzezinski, run at the tactical level as a Mossad op.
And now to Mike Piper’s revelation.
* * *
Send Sympathies to “Andy” Allen…
Michael Collins Piper 


To: Fredrick Toeben

Fredrick, thought this confirmation regarding Andrew Allen’s “Jewish” connection might interest you.
I sent it first to Bradley Smith who famously vowed to “eat [his] shorts” on the steps of Liberty Lobby if we ever had any confirmation about the Weber-Allen intel connection.
Of course, I don’t want Brad to eat his shorts.
That could cause heartburn, and I can tell you that I developed heart burn gulping down my lunch so I could get to the phone and call Willis and tell him that we finally had the goods on Allen’s Jewish connection.
Allen’s father, Howard Allen, is the brother of the late Beth Allen Straus, now of the great “Our Crowd” Jewish family of New York.
—– Forwarded Message —- From: Michael Collins Piper
Sent: Mon, December 13, 2010 2:08:20 PM
Subject: Send Sympathies to “Andy” Allen

Some sad news.
Andrew Allen’s aunt, Beth Straus—wife of Donald Straus, grandson of Isidor and Ida Straus, the great Jewish philanthropists who quite famously went down together on the Titanic—died at age 94 in Maine.
Beth’s obituary appeared in the New York Times the other day, I think it was the 12th. She looks very Jewish herself, but she certainly married into a well-off Jewish family.
I just about choked on my taco (I was reading the paper in a Mexican restaurant that I eat in almost daily) when I read the obituary and saw that Beth was the sister of Howard Allen of Belvedere, California.
Yep, that’s Andy’s daddy!
JdN: Excerpt from the NYT obit:
Elizabeth Allen was born in San Francisco on Nov. 23, 1916, the daughter of Harry Allen, a successful real estate developer, and Winifred Bridge, an accomplished gardener.
Funny thing is, when Willis had “Andy” Allen checked out, there was some evidence of a link to a “Straus” family trust. However, when “Andy” was questioned under oath, he denied any knowledge of or connections to anybody named Straus.
I wonder why? His aunt was married into one of the most respected and distinguished Zionist Jewish families in America. The Straus’s—Isidor and Ida—are virtual American (and Jewish) icons, the stuff of song and story, their tales told in all the lore of the Titanic. Hell, I knew about the Straus/Titanic story when I was about 7 years old.
But it apparently slipped Andy’s mind when he was being questioned under oath.
Bradley: Andy Allen is a perjurer. Too bad the statute of limitations has run out on this character.
Plus, Andy Allen worked for the CIA (and the Mossad—more directly the Mossad) running guns in Afghanistan. He admitted that under oath, without mentioning the CIA or the Mossad. But do you think, Bradley—and you are a smart fellow—that “Andy” was just over there for fun, just kind of a lone wolf on a joy ride to Afghanistan.
No, Bradley, Andy Allen, who ran the take-over of the IHR, was an intelligence operative on a mission.
JdN: Piper told me that Allen admitted he organized the whole coup against Willis Carto at a beachside meeting with various IHR employees. He also made a huge loan to the IHR in the early days of the Weber revolt to keep it afloat.
Andy Allen was directly tied up with the CIA/Mossad/George Soros-financed operations against Burma/Myanmar.
Andy Allen was never a revisionist. He was an ENEMY of revisionism. “Andy” manipulated Mark Weber—who, if truth be told, probably has some intel connections on his own (another story for another time).
And you can quote me on this: if I ever learn I have six months to live, I’m going to track down Andy and Mark and have lots of fun before it’s all over.
* * *
My comment:
My offer in January 2009 was to make something of the IHR. I have been on national network news, the Discovery Channel worldwide, and on FOX coast-to-coast radio. Today, search engines put three million hits on my name….
…..and on Mark Weber’s on Bing a mere 27,300 on this day, December 13, 2010….15 years after he took over an organization that once flourished and sold five hundred different book titles and videos, and had a $250,000 annual budget…..




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