Les liens Canada-Israel plus forts que jamais



« HA! Et les détracteurs disaient que j’allais
m’enrober du drapeau des États-Unis. »

Canada Colludes in Suppressing Palestinians

Canada: Israel’s new defender – The Guardian
Muted support for Palestine, funding cuts for Arab groups, now a ban on the phrase ‘Israeli apartheid’: what’s going on in Canada?

Campagne contre une députée canadienne qui critique « Israël »

Propos sur Israël: une députée du NPD sur la sellette

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has joined a growing list of politicians calling for the resignation of a senior member of Parliament who questioned Israel’s right to exist

Hasbara Harper Jumps the Zionist Shark

Harper wants NDP to fire deputy Libby Davies for criticism of Israel

B’nai Brith Canada calls for NDP to strip MP Libby Davies of leadership roles in party after anti-Israel remarks
(…)“Both Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Liberal Party foreign affairs critic Bob Rae have justifiably called for the resignation of Ms. Davies. NDP leader Jack Layton has gone on the record today stating that her remarks are not the policy of his party – if that is the case, then Mr. Layton should take the next step and relieve Davies of her leadership positions in the party.”

Le Canada sous influence… ou plutôt sous la botte du lobby israélien

Les liens Canada-Israel plus forts que jamais

Harper et la criminalisation de la critique « excessive » d’Israël

Lobby pro-Israël: Le Canada, premier de classe

Harper, «ami inébranlable» d’Israël, selon Netanyahou

Visite du PM israélien: Netanyahoiu rentre en Israël [plus tôt que prévu!]

Benjamin Netanyahou interrompt sa visite au Canadaet rentre en Israël

‘Israel-Canada ties stronger than ever’

Harper seen as champion of Israel

Comment la droite s’organise Les Américains et les Australiens, qui sont confrontés au phénomène depuis des années, l’ont baptisé «wedge politics». Cette «politique de la division» vise à utiliser un débat pour galvaniser la base militante du parti, rallier certains électeurs indécis et, surtout, ébranler l’adversaire, où le sujet divise les troupes.(…)Dans son livre Harper’s Team, l’ancien conseiller de Harper, Tom Flanagan, explique clairement l’idée. Dans son chapitre intitulé «Les dix commandements d’une campagne conservatrice», il affirme: «Il est important d’avoir des positions qui polarisent l’électorat et qui mettent dans le même panier les autres partis. Laissons les libéraux, les bloquistes, les néo-démocrates et les verts se battre pour le vote progressiste et soyons les seuls à fédérer le vote conservateur.»(…)Une source conservatrice qui côtoie régulièrement le premier ministre affirme que c’est «le secret de la méthode Harper». «Ça fait de la politique sale, mais Harper ne s’en prive pas. Il veut détruire ses adversaires et, pour ça, tous les moyens sont bons.»(…)

Canada-Israel Public Security Agreement. Canada involving Israel in the Americas, Despite Blatant Human Rights Violations

Le Canada sous influence… ou plutôt sous la botte d’un chrétien sioniste Stephen Harper, un grand ami du sionisme international

B’Nai Brith Canada (Frank Dimant) donne un A+ au gouvernement Harper

Harper et la criminalisation de la critique « excessive » d’Israël

Harper récompensé par le prix humanitaire du Congrès juif canadien

Ottawa veut permettre de poursuivre les commanditaires d’actes terroristes

Une loi pour poursuivre les terroristes

Terrorisme: milliards fictifs pour les victimes

Canada: projet de loi pour poursuivre des Etats soutenant le terrorisme

Harper choisit un ancien porte-parole de Bush

Harper: Mumbai est un attentat antisémite

Harper appuierait une attaque préventive israélienne contre l’Iran

Ça aura valu la peine!

Harper et son combat contre l’antisémitisme

Berner le système immunitaire des Québécois

Le Congrès Juif Mondial

La secte

The War Party – The Zionist Influence on NeoCon Foreign Policy(BBC)

Vendre la Guerre aux Américains – War Made Easy (V.F.)

FRONTLINE – Israel’s Next War ? (PBS) They do not believe in peace talks. They do not want to share the land. They are well armed and are carrying out increasingly violent attacks, even targeting innocent civilians. They are members of Israel’s militant far right, and they are threatening to become Israel’s next big problem

Massacre at the Mosque – Baruch Goldstein’s massacre at the Mosque of Jerusalem (Michael A. Hoffman II)

Vanunu et l’arsenal nucléaire secret d’Israel (BBC)

Le lobby d’Israel – The influence of AIPAC on US Foreign Policy (V.F.)

Inside Britain’s Israel Lobby

Understanding Anti-Semitism: Why Do Some People Dislike Jews

The Persecution of Revisionists: The Holocaust Unveiled

Legal Repression in Germany-Germar Rudolf’s Story

The Great Holocaust Trial : Ernst Zündel’s 1st trial, Toronto, 1984/85

Jewish Supremacism Audiobook

A Holocaust Inquiry, by David Duke (chapt.12 from « Jewish Supremacism »)

Stephen Harper Trolls the Internet

Harper is taking the route of the Isr-eli Hasbarats. Thanks to Fredd for the links.


Canadian Government Pays Organization To Troll Political Chat Forums
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Harper administration monitors online political discussion
Canadian Government Pays Organization To Troll Political Chat Forums 240510top2
Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com [1]
Monday, May 24, 2010
The next time you struggle to comprehend how someone could spend their time trolling the Internet in order to defend and downplay whatever government cover-up or abuse is in the news this week, consider the fact that they may be on a government payroll.
The Canadian government has been caught paying a media group to monitor online political discussion and respond to “misinformation,” in order words to spread state-sanctioned propaganda, in the latest scandal to hit the Harper administration.
“Under the pilot program the Harper government paid a media company $75,000 to monitor and respond to online postings about the east coast seal hunt,” reports News1130 [2].
“The government has a lot of power, that it feels the need to monitor public bulletin boards, or places where people express views and then to respond to that, seems to me going beyond a reasonable action the government should be taking,” said UBC Computer Science professor and President of the BC Freedom of Information and Privacy Association, Richard Rosenberg.
A poll carried on the News1130 website shows that the majority of respondents, 77 per cent, are not intimidated by the fact that the government is monitoring their online conversations, and would not regulate the information they post on the Internet.
Accusations that people who defend the seemingly indefensible in the aftermath of government atrocities, wars and scandals are in the pay of unscrupulous authorities, circulate on a regular basis. But the fact is that governments and transnational corporations have made a habit of using the Internet to spread propaganda by using individuals who pose as neutral observers.
The innovator of these “black propaganda” techniques was undoubtedly Monsanto [3], who as far back the late 90’s were creating “fake citizens” via their PR front company Bivings to post messages on Internet bulletin boards lauding the virtues and scoffing at the dangers of genetically modified food.
In the 21st century, governments try to harness the power of manufacturing fake consensus in order to dictate reality and justify their actions.
Canadian Government Pays Organization To Troll Political Chat Forums 150410banner1 [4]
Last year, the Israeli government announced [5]that it would be setting up a network of bloggers to combat websites deemed “problematic” by the Zionist state following a massive online backlash to Israel’s brutal bombing of Gaza.
Israel’s goal was to flood Internet message boards in English, French, Spanish and German with their own PR agents who would attempt to manufacture a contrived consensus that the IDF’s actions were justified.
Like Israel, the U.S. military industrial complex hires armies of trolls to spew propaganda in defense of the war on terror and in support of bombing whatever broken-backed third world country is being targeted next.
CENTCOM has programs underway to infiltrate blogs and message boards [6] to ensure people, “have the opportunity to read positive stories,”presumably about how Iraq is a wonderful liberated democracy and the war on terror really is about protecting Americans from Al-CIAda.
In May 2008, it was revealed that the Pentagon was expanding “Information Operations” on the Internet with purposefully set up foreign news websites [7], designed to look like independent media sources but in reality carrying direct military propaganda.
More recently the New York Times published an exposé [8]on how privately hired operatives were appearing on major US news networks promoting the interests and operations of the Pentagon and generating favorable news coverage of the so-called war on terror while posing as independent military analysts.
This operation was formally announced In 2006 [9] when the Pentagon set up a unit to “better promote its message across 24-hour rolling news outlets, and particularly on the internet”.
Again, the Pentagon said the move would boost its ability to counter “inaccurate” news stories and exploit new media.
Last year, the US Air Force announced a “counter-blog” response plan [10] aimed at fielding and reacting to material from bloggers who have “negative opinions about the US government and the Air Force.”
The plan, created by the public affairs arm of the Air Force, includes a detailed twelve-point “counter blogging” flow-chart that dictates how officers should tackle what are described as “trolls,” “ragers,” and “misguided” online writers.
Article printed from Prison Planet.com: http://www.prisonplanet.com
URL to article: http://www.prisonplanet.com/canadian-government-pays-organization-to-troll-political-chat-forums.html
URLs in this post:
[1] Prison Planet.com: http://www.prisonplanet.com
[2] reports News1130: http://www.news1130.com/news/national/article/58287–harper-government-monitoring-online-chats-about-politics
[3] The innovator of these “black propaganda” techniques was undoubtedly Monsanto: http://aconstantineblacklist.blogspot.com/2007/10/fake-persuaders-bivings-pr-firm.html
[4] Image: http://infowars-shop.stores.yahoo.net/inemnewwoord.html
[5] Last year, the Israeli government announced : http://haaretz.com/hasen/spages/1056648.html
[6] infiltrate blogs and message boards: http://www.prisonplanet.com../articles/october2006/171006enemypropagandists.htm
[7] purposefully set up foreign news websites: http://infowars.net/articles/may2008/010507Pentagon.htm
[8] published an exposé : http://www.prisonplanet.com../articles/april2008/200408Pentagon.htm
[9] formally announced In 2006: http://www.prisonplanet.com../articles/October2006/311006Pentagon.htm
[10] the US Air Force announced a “counter-blog” response plan: http://www.infowars.net/articles/january2009/090109bloggers.htm

Nous avons néanmoins droit à quelques bonnes nouvelles aussi…


Marc Lemire fights Zionist censorship to a standstill!

Canadian Human Rights Tribunal Refuses to Enforce Section 13. All S.13 Cases Halted!

From Marc Lemire — MP3
In a ruling dated May 26, 2010, Tribunal Member Edward Lustig adjourned a Section 13 complaint file by the Canadian Jewish Congress against Henry Makow until a final decision in the Lemire case.
The Tribunal’s ruling stated:

[8] I have reviewed the submissions of the parties and have concluded that it would be appropriate and would properly serve the interests of justice if this matter was adjourned. While the Supreme Court of Canada has ruled in Canada (Human Rights Commission) v. Taylor, 1990 3 S.C.R. 892 that s. 13 (1) of the CHRA is constitutional, the application now before the Federal Court seeks to bring clarity to this issue in view of the distinct factual and legal context giving rise to this Tribunal’s decision in Warman v. Lemire. Clearly Member Hadjis’ decision goes beyond the consideration alone of the penalty provisions in s. 54 of the CHRA, as he chose not to “read out” the penalty provisions and preserve s. 13 of the CHRA. It is now up to the Federal Court to determine the operability of s. 13 of the CHRA. This will achieve the clarity that the Commission has indicated and that I agree is desirable in order to allow the Tribunal to be able to determine this and other cases brought under s. 13 of the CHRA.
[9] For these reasons I hereby adjourn these proceedings sine die pending the final outcome in the Warman v. Lemire case.
“Signed by”
Edward P. Lustig
OTTAWA, Ontario
May 26, 2010

What this decision means is that the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal has stopped holding hearings on alleged violations of Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act. Basically, enforcement of Section 13 has now stopped! (more…)

VIDEO – La doctrine Harper: Israël à la vie à la mort


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