Des manifestants tabassés par un juif sioniste à la conférence de John Hagee à Washington

En fin d’après-midi, mercredi, sous les yeux d’agents de police peu concernés, un lourdaud juif sioniste, Harold Lightstone, s’en est pris violemment à plusieurs manifestants qui étaient réunis à l’extérieur de la conférence de l’organisation Christians United For Israel (CUFI), présidé par le pasteur sioniste John Hagee. John Tiffany, éditeur d’American Free Press (un journal très critique à l’endroit d’Israël) et l’activiste politique Medea Benjamin comptent parmi les quelque 5 ou 7 victimes. Michael Collins Piper, journaliste et auteur antisioniste, prenait part à la manifestation et a été témoin de l’attaque et de l’inaction des policiers. Les policiers ont été interpellés sur-le-champ, en vain. Les manifestants étaient très peu nombreux et comprenaient plusieurs employés d’American Free Press, dont Joseph Sobran, auteur de l’ouvrage « For Fear of the Jews », qui distribuaient des tracts anti-Israël et contre les chrétiens sionistes tels que John Hagee. Aucun manifestant n’a, d’aucune façon, cherché à perturber les activités ou l’entrée des sionistes sur le site de la convention.

CODEPINK : Religious Leaders Challenge Christians United for Israel
CODEPINK : Peacemakers Rally Against Christians United for Israel

Longtime AMERICAN FREE PRESS copy editor John Tiffany was physically attacked by a supporter of Christian Zionist leader John Hagee outside the Washington, D.C. Convention Center late on the afternoon of July 21.

Tiffany, along with other staffers of AFP and supporters, was peacefully protesting Hagee’s appearance at the convention center. Also in attendance to support Hagee were several pro-Israel U.S. congressmen.

Tiffany was not the only person attacked by the Hagee follower. Also violently attacked was Medea Benjamin, the leader of Code Pink, an anti-war, pro-peace organization that has been critical of Israel’s behavior in the West Bank and Gaza.

Although a police officer was present and witnessed the incidents, he refused to honor Ms. Benjamin’s request that the Hagee supporter, who had fled into the convention center, be arrested. A further effort to contact the D.C. police by Ms. Benjamin resulted in the arrival of another police officer, but as this article was being prepared for this issue there still was no indication that the criminal had been taken into custody.

Michael Collins Piper (who witnessed the assault on Tiffany) noted: “The assailant’s name, based on his name tag, appeared to be Harold Lightstone and it appeared that he was from the state of New Jersey. The assailant was an older man, considerably taller and heavier than Ms. Benjamin, who is a slight, slender woman. The assailant used a heavy carrying bag—possibly laden with weights—which he wielded as a weapon, swinging it at Mr. Tiffany repeatedly, shouting angrily and loudly as he did so.

Mr. Tiffany did not strike back; rather, he attempted to make his way away from the attacker who continued his assault until surrounded by others who were seeking to stop him.”

“Although I did not see the attack on Ms. Benjamin,” said Piper, “Ms. Benjamin herself indicated that she had been attacked by this man, and others subsequently confirmed that to me.”

Had Ms. Benjamin or anyone from AFP engaged in any physical violence against Mr. Hagee’s supporters, one can rest assured that they would now be in custody facing criminal charges.

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(Issue # 31, August 2, 2010)

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Hagee Worships Israel in D.C

ON JULY 21, REPORTERS AND EDITORS from AMERICAN FREE PRESS, while covering the annual Christians United for Israel’s 2010 Summit put on by the multimillionaire preacher for profit Pastor John Hagee, couldn’t help but do some demonstrating in front of Washington’s convention center. The conference drew some of the most powerful pro-Israeli figures in the United States. This included rabidly pro-Israel legislators like Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.), Rep. Mike Pence (R-Ind.) and former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.), as well as neo-conservative mouthpieces Frank Gaffney and Michael Medved. Billionaire publisher Mortimer Zuckerman, one of the wealthiest Jews in America, was also in attendance.

AFP EDITOR ATTACKED: While promoting the newspaper and handing out the latest issue of AFP to the Christians and Jews who forked over $200 to attend the event, AFP copy editor John Tiffany (above left with sign) was attacked by a militant pro-Israeli supporter, Harold Lightstone. Bizarrely, police officers, who were on the scene to keep the peace, refused to arrest the CUFI member, despite witnessing the assault. A report was taken, but the attacker was gently escorted by Hagee security forces into the building. See more in the story at right.

AFP ON THE SCENE: AFPʼs team coverage of the CUFI conference was carried out by (from left to right) AFP promotions consultant Pete Papaheraklis, author Michael Collins Piper, AFP contributor Stanley Rittenhouse, consultant Willis Carto, 9-11 researcher and engineer Marion Lelong and executive editor Christopher J. Petherick. Above, right, “Christian conservative” Republican presidential contender Gary Bauer was handed copies of AFP along with material exposing Hageeʼs organization for its support of the anti-Christian policies carried out by the Israeli government. The diminutive Bauer, who was obviously wearing orange-colored tanning cream on his face, was overheard uttering some pretty un-Christian remarks about the materials he was handed by AMERICAN FREE PRESS staff members.

Whatever Happens, Israel Can Always Count On U.S. Evangelicals
Thousands of Christian activists descended on Washington this week in a show of strength by America’s pro-Israel Christians.

By Natasha Mozgovaya

July 22, 2010 « Haaretz » – -Thousands of Christians from across the United States descended on Capitol Hill on Thursday in order to lobby Washington lawmakers on behalf of Israel.

Organizers of the event, called Christians United for Israel, showed their strength by lobbying over 85 percent U.S. Congress offices.
Attendees of this year’s gathering are visibly different from those in the past: about one in five of the 5,000 participants was from a Hispanic Church.
“Last year we had about 300 Hispanics, but this year we started specific outreach to the Hispanic churches where Spanish is a language of worship”, says David Brog, the executive director of CUFI. “We have started an outreach to African-Americans. It was always our goal to broaden our base ethnically, geographically and theologically”.

Yet despite the attempt to reach out to traditionally left-leaning minority groups, Democrats are few and far between at the conference.

“We are determined to be bipartisan, we always invite Democrats but typically we get better answers from the Republicans”, says Brog.

Democrats’ reluctance might have something to do with CUFI’s relations with activists on the right wing of Israeli politics.
In May, CUFI leader Pastor John Hagee wrote in an op-ed in The Forward newspaper that “we will never, never oppose Israeli efforts to advance peace ».

Yet Hagee has courted controversy with by offering financial backing to some settler organizations.
“Pastor Hagee gives away a lot of money each year, » says Brog. « Last year he gave away approximately 10 million dollars and over 95 percent of it went to charities within the green line. About 5 percent went to humanitarian projects over the green line. Almost all of it went to the areas that will be within the Israeli state following the agreement. With limited exceptions he hasn’t been a really big supporter of settlements. It has not been a focus of his giving and it certainly hasn’t been the focus of his advocacy. »
“CUFI stands for supporting an Israeli democratically elected government,” he said. “I noted from the audience that a large majority at the Capitol Hill supports a two-state solution. There is no need to get into an argument about it, that’s not our point. »

Another controversial issue has involved CUFI’s support for the Im Tirtzu group, which has launched high-profile attacks on the New Israel Fund, another charity that backs a range of organizations on the liberal-left, including Breaking the Silence and B’Tselem.

“Pastor Hagee has a panel advising him whom to fund, which consists of three Jewish friends of his. If you want to blame anyone for Im Tirtzu, blame us,” said Brog. “Pastor John Hagee had never heard of Im Tirtzu. I met the Im Tirtzu guys and they told us how they are trying to teach Zionism in college campuses. We were impressed and they got some funding. The decision has not been made yet about this year, but the entire issue will be revisited in light of their emphasis last year”.

But whatever the case, CUFI remains capable of provoking anger among its opponents.

Outside the conference hall, a small group of protesters gathered outside the conference center, some of them from the pacifistic anti-settlement group « Code Pink » and some with posters calling Israel “Satan” and Pastor Hagee a “Zionist murderer”.
One conference participant grew visibly upset, approaching several protesters and hitting their posters with his bag

« I was not even talking to him, I was giving an interview to a journalist, and this guy was coming by and swung his bag at me and then he comes to other participants and swung it at them as well, » said a protester with the « Code Pink » group, Medea Benjamin, who intends to complain to the police about the incident.
The delegate who assaulted the protesters was quickly taken inside, where Pastor Hagee used his speech to slam left-wing critics of Israel, such as former U.S. president Jimmy Carter, who he said « should be ashamed ».

“I don’t know who this gentleman is. Like any conference, we haven’t screened people, we don’t know them, » Brog said of the incident. « I don’t know if this man was Jewish or Christian, but obviously it’s not a very Christian response. »
The scuffle was just another more sign – if any were neede that one Christian response Israel can always count on is backing from U.S. Evangelicals.
“Harry Truman, who recognized Israel 11 minutes after its creation, was a member of the evangelical group American Christians for Israel,  » Israel’s ambassador, Michael Oren, told delegates.
Sixty-two years on, it seems Israeli governments on both sides of the poltical divide have done nothing to diminish that support.

Pro-Israel Christians Meet In Washington
Thousands of pastors and churchgoers are attending the annual conference of Christians United for Israel.–Thousands of pastors and churchgoers are meeting through Thursday in Washington at the annual conference of Christians United for Israel, whose executive director, David Brog, says members believe in a « Bible mandate » to support Israel and the Jewish people, but not necessarily all of the Israeli government’s policies. Brog, who is Jewish, also says Christians United for Israel is not an organization that seeks to convert Jews to Christianity. Speakers at the three-day conference are to include the group’s founder, the Rev. John Hagee, and Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Michael Oren.

Jewish positions generally unchanged as CUFI, John Hagee begin Washington summit
(…)Jews on the right see CUFI as a godsend, in part because the group is pretty open about supporting West Bank charities, something many Jewish groups are loathe to do, and because it tends to reject the idea of more land-for-peace negotiations. CUFI activists are always ready to fight presidents who want to pressure the Jewish state to make concessions, and they set the bar for what constitutes “pressure” pretty low. Jews on the left and some centrist Jewish leaders worry that Hagee’s support is based heavily on the apocalyptic Christian prophecies that have been the focus of most of his books – prophecies that seem to require endless bloody wars in the Middle East and new holocausts as necessary precursors to the Christian messiah. To the extent that CUFI gains political power, will it use some of that clout to fight peace efforts that interpreters of the prophecies say are doomed to fail, and maybe even a trick of the devil? (…) Jewish leaders in the center remain ambivalent, by and large – sometimes grateful for new sources of support for Israel, sometimes wary of too close an embrace and generally unsure of exactly what kind of friendship the Christian Zionists are offering. Some remain nervous about the prophecy issue, as well, and uncomfortable with what seems like staunch opposition to giving up any more territory. One problem in evaluating the friendship of the Christian Zionists is this: they’ve never been put to the kind of test they’ll face if Israel ever elects another left-leaning government seriously committed to land-for-peace negotiations with the Palestinians. Right now, groups like CUFI are pretty much on the same page as the government in Jerusalem on the big issues, so it’s no sweat for them to say they support Israel, period. (…) Some representatives of settlers groups will hang around, getting a lot of respectful attention. Groups like AIPAC generally try to steer clear of settlers; CUFI embraces them with enthusiasm. (…) There will be a lot of talk about the Iranian threat and lot of criticism of Obama administration “pressure” on the Jewish state. There will be a lot of Republicans, fewer Democrats.

Voyez le dangereux laidron Hagee à 1:25 et 1:34, dans ce vidéo corporatif de B’nai Brith Canada. Ainsi, BBC contredit radicalement son discours anti-haine en promouvant l’anti-musulman le plus fanatiquement haineux au monde.

Zionist-Christian Crusaders Are Nuts,
But Find Muslim Bashing Good for Income

By Victor Thorn
The reason America exists is to partner with Israel, to protect Israel.” These chilling words, and the fear surrounding them, emanated from Rev. Darrel Whatley of the Kingdom Ministries Worship Center.
Whatley and others were featured in an Oct. 24 article by Bob Smietana for The Tennessean that highlighted how rampant “Islamophobia”—a concocted fear of Islam based on the government’s official and phony conspiracy theory of what happened on 9-11—has become a multi-million dollar industry.
Although that aspect of history isn’t surprising, Smietana chronicles how a host of non-profit organizations are receiving charitable donations and then surreptitiously funneling them to for-profit companies.
The heavy-handed sales pitch involves a combination of war, terrorism, fundamentalism and the usual “end-times” apocalyptic horrors. Smietana summarizes their peculiar mentality.
“American Christians have a religious duty to protect the state of Israel,” said Smietana. “When Israel expands, Muslims in Iran and Iraq will be forced out of their homes to make way. Then the second coming of Jesus can begin.”
One of the most flagrant manipulators of faith-based fundraising is Steven Emerson, whose non-profit Investigative Project on Terrorism Foundation backdoored nearly $3.4 million to his own for-profit company, SAE Productions.
He’s not the only one generating significant amounts of money. Others such as David Horowitz receive annual six-figure salaries from their efforts within the “anti-Jihad” movement.
During an Oct. 27 interview, Ken Berger of the apolitical watchdog group Charity Navigator told this AFP writer, “Steven Emerson is blurring the lines by creating a non-profit front organization and then routing its proceeds to a for-profit company. It’s off the grid. I’ve never seen such questionable tactics like this before. In terms of best practices, it’s extremely odd. They’re setting a disturbing precedent.”
Berger questioned another aspect of Emerson’s methodology. “A 501(c)(3) foundation isn’t supposed to be engaged in political activities. . . . But by cloaking the identity of their donors, and therefore all fiscal responsibility, there’s very little transparency. Then they bump their resources over to for-profit companies. They claim the IRS has given them permission, but how is this appropriate? [A sum of] $3.4 million was transferred to Emerson’s SAE Productions.”
Berger also explained that these entities are “specially designated to provide a public good or service that can’t be granted by the government or private firms. We’re also under the assumption that they’re not making profits. But according to Emerson’s IRS filings, he took $3 million of donated money and shunted it to SAE Productions.”
Ibrahim Hooper, spokesperson for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), is familiar with this type of financial misdirection. He told this reporter on Oct. 26, “We’ve seen for years that Islamophobia merchants are a well-financed, well-oiled propaganda machine. The best known are Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, Frank Gaffney and Steven Emerson.”
When asked specifically about the latter, Hooper replied, “Emerson has long been regarded as one of the primary Muslim-bashers, even before 9-11. He’s the one who tried to blame Muslims for the 1995 Alfred P. Murrah bombing in Oklahoma City.”
As AFP has noted for well over a decade, it wasn’t Muslims who infiltrated a militia group at Elohim City, Okla. back in the mid-1990s—an outpost that had ties to the OKC bombing. Instead, it was Morris Dees’s Southern Poverty Law Center. Meanwhile, Abraham Foxman’s Anti-Defamation League targeted groups critical of Israel, including the Spotlight newspaper.
Hooper also commented on those who fuel the neocons and Zionist money coffers.
“Obviously many of those promoting anti-Islamic hatred also hold an extremist support of U.S.-Israeli policy,” said Hooper. “There are a variety of motivations, but a certain segment of the evangelical crowd cannot be denied.”
One of the most obsessed with this notion is Pastor John Hagee of Christians United for Israel, based in San Antonio, Texas. An example of his hysteria was demonstrated during a Sept. 4, 2006 sermon.
“They [Muslims] are trained from the breast of their mother to hate us,” said Hagee. “Radical Islam is a doctrine of death. It is their desire, it is their hope, it is their ambition, and it is their highest honor to die in a war against infidels. And you are ‘infidels.’”
In March 2009 Hagee collected more than 100,000 signatures from American Christians who expressed their solidarity with Israel. Needless to say, many of these same individuals also contributed to “non-profit” organizations such as those fronted by Emerson. #

FLASHBACK: L' »American Movement for Israel » commande la police de réprimer une manifestation pacifiste

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