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to Discuss Negative Aspects of
Judaism, State of Israel
by John Tiffany
May/June 2010
What follows is the exact text of an article published on Nov. 16, 2009 in Ha’aretz, one of the most respected newspapers in Israel. The article was published under the candid headline: « U.S. State Department: Israel is not a tolerant society. » It is interesting to note even though many U.S. newspapers did mention the State Department report referenced in this article. the American media suppressed the negative references to Israel mentioned in the State Department report the Israeli newspaper article described. American media reports focused on State Department criticisms of other countries, but did not mention Israel’s failings. The Israeli newspaper account of the State Department report — far more accurate and revealing than the misdirection appearing in the American media — reads thus:
Israel dismally fails the requirements of a tolerant pluralistic society, according to a new report from the U.S. State Department.
Despite boasting religious freedom and protection of all holy sites, Israel falls short in tolerance toward minorities, equal treatment of ethnic groups, openness toward various streams within society, and respect for holy and other sites.
The comprehensive report, written by the State Department’s Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, says Israel discriminates against groups including Muslims, Jehova’s Witnesses, Reform Jews, Christians, women and Bedouin.
The report says that the 1967 law on the protection of holy places refers to all religious groups in the country, including in Jerusalem, but « the government implements regulations only for Jewish sites. Non-Jewish holy sites do not enjoy legal protection under it because the government does not recognize them as official holy sites. »
At the end of 2008, for example, all of the 137 officially recognized holy sites were Jewish. Moreover, Israel issued regulations for the identification, preservation and guarding of Jewish sites only. Many Christian and Muslim sites are said to be neglected, inaccessible or at risk of exploitation by real estate entrepreneurs and local authorities.
The report makes it clear that practices that have become routine in Israel are considered unacceptable in enlightened countries and should be corrected.
Among other examples, the report notes that more than 300,000 immigrants who are not considered Jewish under rabbinical law are not allowed to marry and divorce in Israel or be buried in Jewish cemeteries.
In the meantime, Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira, a leading Jewish spiritual authority — head of an Orthodox Jewish school in one of the so-called « hardline » settlements of the Occupied West — issued a 230-page book in late 2009 entitled The King’s Torah, which the Israeli newspaper Maariv described as « a guide to whoever is deliberating if and when it is necessary and permissible to take the life of someone who is not Jewish. »
The book — which was endorsed by prominent and respected Jewish religious figures in Israel — suggested that any non-Jew (including children and babies) who could, in any way, pose a threat to Israel’s existence should be killed.
A summary of one portion of the book makes it clear that any non-Jew (a « gentile » as described in the Israeli press reports) who, in any way, no matter how innocently, is perceived to be a threat to Israel snould be slaughtered: « In any place that the presence of a gentile endangers the existence of Israel, it is allowed to kill him … also if he is completely not to blame for the situation that has been created. »
Why kill infants? The Jewish religious authorities explain that: « There is a reasonable explanation for killing infants if it is clear that they will grow up to hurt us — and in this situation, the strike should be directed at them. »
In addition, innocent people are allowed to be killed if they belong to a state that Israel considers an enemy. In other words, if Israel (or Jewish authorities) decided that America was, in some way, a threat to Israel, innocent Americans could be sent to the slaughter.
These are facts. There are not quotations from the pages of an « anti-Semitic conspiracy theory book. » Respected Jewish rabbis in Israel, supported by Jewish people in Israel, are heralding these ideas as ways to defend Israel.
Although lunatic figures such as John Hagee, Pat Robertson, Tim LaHaye and the late Jerry Falwell would probably find some twisted logic to endorse this homicidal madness, there are few sane Americans (of any religion) who would.
That is why it is so vital that sane Americans learn of the kind of terroristic, murderous teachings hold sway in Israel today — ideas found in the ancient teachings of the Jewish Talmud. Nothing new — but bad just the same.
By John Tiffany

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