Vers un scénario de Troisième Guerre mondiale? Le rôle d’Israël dans le déclenchement d’une guerre contre l’Iran

Vers un scénario de Troisième Guerre mondiale? Le rôle d’Israël dans le déclenchement d’une guerre contre l’Iran, par Michel Chossudovsky

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Israël et ses dirigeants seraient-ils suicidaires?

Israel et l’arme nucléaire
(…)Très curieusement ce risque très sérieux de guerre nucléaire à trois protagonistes a été beaucoup moins médiatisé que la crise de Cuba en 1962 alors que les propos tenus par certains responsables israéliens montrent bien le danger couru. En effet comme l’a expliqué le journaliste Seymour Hersh dans un livre qui lui a valu le prix Pulitzer : « L’option Samson : l’arsenal nucléaire israélien et la politique étrangère américaine » les dirigeants israéliens n’ignorent pas que l’exiguïté de leur territoire ferait de leur population une victime d’une frappe nucléaire sur un pays arabe voisin menaçant car même en l’absence de riposte militaire immédiate l’effet destructeur de l’explosion et la contamination radioactive ne s’arrêteraient pas à la frontière israélienne.
Il s’agit donc de l’option Samson en référence au personnage biblique qui se suicide avec ses ennemis. Ariel Sharon a résumé cette situation apocalyptique en une courte phrase : « Les arabes peuvent bien avoir le pétrole, nous nous avons les allumettes ! » (…)

« Le principal avodah de cette génération est de nous mener à la dernière guerre de golus, de conquérir et purifier tous les pays non-juifs (de sorte que « toute royauté sera celle de Hashem [le Nom, c-à-d Dieu] », Ovadiah 1:21). – Shabbos Parshas VaYelech, 5746. »

Were The 911 Hijackers
Really Arabs? Maybe Not
By Michael Collins Piper
American Free Press

Were those hijackers really Arabs? Would Israeli agents carry out a suicide mission that could cost American Jewish lives?

Consider these little-known facts . . .

In 1986, the New York-based leader of the terrorist Jewish Defense League, Victor Vancier, gave a prophetic hint of what may have been finally played out on Sept. 11, 2001:

« If you think the Shias in Lebanon are capable of fantastic acts of suicidal terrorism, the Jewish underground will strike targets that will make Americans gasp: ‘How could Jews do such things?' »

According to Vancier, quoted by Robert I. Friedman in The Village Voice on May 6, 1986, his allies were « desperate people » who « don’t care if they live or die. »

Considering this warning it is entirely conceivable the « Middle Eastern » men described by passengers on the airliners were not Arabs at all.

Evidence to be explored suggests that instead, these hijackers could well have been Israeli-sponsored fundamentalist Jewish fanatics (posing as « bin Laden Arabs ») hoping to instigate an all-out U.S. war against the Arab world.

« Jewish suicide bombers? Impossible! » cry critics. However, the fact is that there is a « suicide tradition » that is a much-revered part of Jewish history–going back to the famous mass suicide at Masada by Jewish zealots.

But in modern times, Israeli suicide missions have been undertaken. In The Other Side of Deception, former [Israeli] Mossad officer Victor Ostrovsky described one 1989 venture: the participants were « all volunteers » advised that there was effectively « no possibility of rescue should they be caught. » (…)

And for those who would doubt that Israel would endanger American-Jews via terrorism, consider this: hard-line Israelis are willing to kill Jews if it means assuring Israel’s survival.

The late Rabbi Meir Kahane — founder of the Jewish Defense League and one spiritual mentor of fundamentalists who support Ariel Sharon — exemplifies those willing to sacrifice other Jews to guarantee Israel’s future.

Kahane called for killing « Hellenist [i.e. Western-oriented] spiritually sick [Jews] who threaten the existence of Judaism. » That would include those working in slick offices in the World Trade Center, living on Long Island, rather than kibbutzing in Israel.

Israeli journalist Yair Kotler reports in Heil Kahane that Kahane wrote: « the adoption of foreign, gentilized [i.e. non-Jewish] concepts by a Jewish state … opens the door to a national tragedy. »

In his book, Time to Go Home, Kahane called for all Jews to « go home » to Israel–the only safe place for Jews. Those who refused to « go home » were expendable. The CIA’s 1979 report on Israeli intelligence says this widely-held view mirrors « the aggressively ideological nature of Zionism. »

In fact, this Jewish attitude toward the West (exactly what the media says is the Islamic attitude) has support at the Mossad’s top levels.

Robert Friedman revealed that « high-ranking members of Mossad » were directing Kahane and that the « central player » was former Mossad operations chief (and later Prime Minister) Yitzhak Shamir, an outspoken critic of America.

When Kahane said America would become « the major enemy of Israel, » due to « economic disintegration, which no administration can stem, » he enunciated a popular Israeli view.

In his Kahane biography, The False Prophet, Robert I. Friedman noted that Kahane’s beliefs « have taken root and have become ‘respectable' » and that Ariel Sharon is one of the « most potent supporters » of such extremism.

In the Oct. 15 issue of The New Republic, Israeli writer Yossi Klein Halevi echoed this view:

« The destruction of the World Trade Center has partially rehabilitated, if only by default, the Zionist promise of safe refuge for the Jewish people« . (…)

What Halevi describes reflects the widespread ideology known as « catastrophic Zionism »

In The Ascendance of Israel’s Radical Right, Israeli scholar Ehud Sprinzak found that these views are « a major school » of modern Israeli thought.

Sprinzak described the Israeli movement, Sikarikin, which honors ancient Jews who « conducted a systematic terror campaign against Jewish moderates who were ready to come to terms with the Romans on questions of religious purity. » Israelis consider these terrorists « the symbolic defenders of religious and nationalist purity. »

Another popular rabbi, Israel Ariel, will risk massive loss of Jewish lives to achieve the « elimination » of the Arab countries to guarantee Israel’s survival. (…) which rejects America, saying Israel is the only safe Jewish refuge.

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