Célébrer le meurtre des Palestiniens est une Mitzvah (bonne action), déclare un rabbin d’une colonie illégale

« A great mitzvah to be happy killing terrorist »


Settler Rabbi: Celebrating Murder of Palestinians ‘Great Mitzvah’

settlers celebrate murdered palestinians

You may remember during the 1991 Iraq war that Saddam launched several SCUDs which hit Tel Aviv and killed an Israeli. There was dancing on the rooftops in the West Bank. Israelis were aghast and used that for years as an indignant proof of the brutishness of the Palestinian national movement. Now picture this, Palestinian militants murder four Jewish settlers from the most extremist of all settler groups. In the ensuing days, the IDF hunts down those it alleges to have planned and executed the attack and mows them down, in at least one instance killing a sleeping man in his bed. No proof ever offered. None needed. No trial, of course because this is justice-IDF style.

The result: a Simchat Torah style settler celebration of cold-blooded murder replete with dancing, joy, smiles, abundant feasting, etc. The poster begins with a verse from Psalms 58:10 expressing joy in vengeance:

The righteous man will be joyful when he sees they are avenged,
The soles of his feet washed in the blood of evil [doer].

rabbi ben zion motzpi

Rabbi Ben Zion Mutzafi: ‘great mitzvah’ to celebrate the murder of one’s enemy

Is this ghoulishness Judaism? Is my religion one that bathes in the blood of its enemies? God forbid. It reminds me more of Nosferatu or Lady Macbeth bathing in the blood of her enemies.

An article in the settler publication, S’rugim, notes that Rabbi Ben Tzion Mutzafi declares that it is “permissible to celebrate the death of terrorists.” Not Israeli terrorists of course. Only the bestial non-Jewish kind. He adds: “On the contrary it is a great mitzvah” because a Biblical verse says that “there is joy in the destruction of evildoers.”

The poster concludes by calling on all of the Jewish people to arise to the Temple Mount, which carries with it the implicit call to rebuild the Holy Temple and destroy the Muslim holy places there: a tacit call for holy war against Islam.

Seven Knesset members are listed as endorsing and attending this bacchanalia of blood even including a member of Kadima, Yulia Berkovitch.

If Palestinians were brutes for dancing over the death of an Israeli then the settlers are equally beastly for their antics. Apparently, these faux Jews have forgotten the Midrash in which God silences His angels when they celebrate at the drowning of Pharoah’s army in the Red Sea:

My creatures are drowning in the sea and you rejoice?”

Yariv Oppenheimer also points to this wonderful verse from Proverbs 24:17:

בנפול אוייבך אל תשמח (“Do not rejoice when your enemies fall.”)

To these disgusting excuses for Jews, Palestinians are not human. Which of course justifies any Palestinian militant who sees Jews as less than human.

A bruch on all of ‘em, I say. H/t Ofer Neiman.


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Settler Rabbi: Celebrating Murder of Palestinians ‘Great Mitzvah’

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