Gaza à nouveau envahie par les tanks de Tsahal

Israeli forces, tanks invade Gaza
Tue Oct 19, 2010 9:37PM

Israeli tanks, file photo

The Israeli military has reportedly invaded Gaza twice in a single day, keeping up Tel Aviv’s regular forays into the blockaded coastal sliver.

On Tuesday, the troops moved into the eastern part of the city of Jabalia in the north of the Gaza Strip.

Enlisting the support of tank reinforcements, the forces carried out a number of incursions into the south of the enclave later in the day, a Press TV correspondent reported.

The invading troops are now being confronted by resistance fighters.

Israeli forces carried out a self-proclaimed withdrawal from Gaza in 2005. The military, however, continues to launch regular deadly attacks on the strip.

The Israeli aircraft frequently overfly Gaza, bombing the tunnels under the strip’s border with Egypt. The pathways serve as the territory’s only way of bringing in food, medicine and other direly-needed requirements. #

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’Child cancer skyrocketing in Basra’

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A list of 200 Israelis is circulating on the Internet accusing them of war crimes and listing many of their purported home addresses.

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La LDJ tente de détruire une exposition photo sur les massacres à Gaza:

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L’aviation israélienne a attaqué vendredi trois cibles dans la bande de Gaza.

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Révélation des noms de 200 militaires sionistes auteurs de crimes de guerre à Gaza
‘War criminals’ site exposing personal details of IDF soldiers taken down Web site called ‘Israeli war criminals’ displayed pictures, names, and details of over 200 IDF soldiers; Kadima MK says people behind site deserve to be punished.
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