Wiesel, Lieberman et Dershowitz se joignent à Hagee pour présenter une pétition visant l’inculpation d’Ahmadinejad pour ‘incitation au génocide’

Une belle brochette de malades mentaux animés d’un fanatique esprit de revanche et d’une irrépressible soif de sang… Le saint martyr de l’Holocauste Elie Wiesel, le sénateur du Connecticut Joe Liberman et l’avocat pro-torture Alan Dershowitz — tous juifs sionistes — se joignent au pasteur sioniste John Hagee (Christians United For Israel) pour présenter une pétition réclamant l’arrestation du président de la République islamique d’Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Cela fait suite au discours d’Ahmadinejad à l’Onu (qui a créé beaucoup de remous), dans lequel il a accusé les États-Unis d’être à l’origine de l’ « inside job » du 11 septembre…

Indict Ahmadinejad petition gains momentum following UN speech

CUFI gets 133000 to urge Ahmadinejad indictment


By Rev. Ted Pike
7 Oct 10

Pastor John Hagee is a fanatically “Israel-first” evangelical who leads his troops in unconditional moral and financial support of the Jewish state. Today he is “supporting” Israel by endorsing laws that were created to destroy people just like him—Christians.

Hagee is calling for a United Nations indictment of Iranian President Ahmadinejad for the “thought crime” of inciting genocide. His petition has gathered 133,000 signatures. Along with Jewish activists Elie Wiesel and Sen. Joe Lieberman, Hagee says the Iranian leader’s attempts to “dehumanize Israelis and demonize Jews” are illegal under the UN’s 1948 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.

Most Americans know nothing of this UN Convention or its latent threat to empower international persecution of free thinkers! If they knew the truth, one certainly hopes they wouldn’t sign Hagee’s petition.

The Convention is primarily the invention of Polish-Jewish international law expert Rafael Lemkin. It was promoted by Marxist globalists and the Jewish Anti-Defamation League as an early attempt at an internationally enforced thought crimes law. It was ratified by the UN decades before ADL/B’nai B’rith introduced national and state hate laws to most of the western world. The Convention has been accepted by virtually all nations. Although the 1945 Connally Reservation restricts prosecution of Americans by it in a world court, it was foolishly passed by Congress and signed into law as a treaty by President Reagan in 1988.

Its crucial “thought crimes” section defines genocide as “…any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such…(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group.” (Article 2) Thus the Convention gives every racial or religious group the right to claim mental harm as a result of others’ « intentions » to destroy them. Such groups can claim victimhood and initiate international prosecution.

The Convention is a highly dangerous hate crimes law.

Hidden Agenda behind the Convention

Most sane people can accept a law forbidding the actual massacre of members of a race or religion. Yet the Convention isn’t limited to physical acts of violence. That legal simplicity wouldn’t take society where Jewish supremacists want us to go. Their agenda means criminalizing thoughts and emotions themselves—making « bias » itself illegal.

Lemkin actually coined the term “genocide” to describe a bias-motivated crime of epic proportions. Today we are told by ADL that genocide is caused by prejudice against racial/religious groups. Such bias is the fundamental cause of history’s worst crimes. And where does most bias come from? ADL answers: “Christian intolerance.” Thus Christianity—and its biased, hateful and hurtful judgments—must be eliminated.

With this in mind, the Convention criminalizes actions which are not genocidal, such as « causing mental harm! » Lemkin’s broad and ambiguous definition of genocide makes it much easier to level the charge. “Human rights tribunals” must form to investigate and pontificate upon the intent of the accused. The result (as in ADL hate law countries today) is legal anarchy. No one is sure what « hate speech » is or whether a person’s motives can be sufficiently defended, especially if they have caused « emotional harm » by criticizing protected groups.

When Does a Crime Occur?

Under traditional Western jurisprudence, a crime occurs when a physical action violates established law. God alone can judge our intentions. Human law must limit prosecution to what is physically demonstrable. But under thought crime laws, a crime happens when a governing entity says a forbidden intention or emotion has occurred! Thought crime laws thus give “thought police” the power to define and prosecute what they deem to be hate speech. They minimize or omit centuries-old legal standards as well as the real human rights and protections that go with them.

The Convention is identical in legal theory to the entrapping hate laws ADL/B’nai B’rith laid on Canada in 1971. The Canadian Human Rights Act says that if anyone has the bias motivation (intention) of criticizing members of federally protected groups (homosexuals, Jews, Muslims, etc.) and does so, causing them mental anguish, then the victim can bring a hate crimes charge against his verbal assailant. He will almost certainly be upheld and the “hater” receives a minimum $5,000 fine—and imprisonment if such “hate speech” continues.

Hagee, flanked by far left Jewish activists, now claims that Ahmadinejad intends to not only cause the state of Israel and Jewish people “serious mental harm,” but also to annihilate them. He says the world should have executed Hitler when his early words revealed his intention; then six million Jews would not have died. The same should be true of Ahmadinejad.

Should Iran’s leader be indicted under international law for his “intentions” and the emotional distress he brings Jews? 133,000 signatories, mostly evangelicals, say “Yes!” Such Christians should know they are putting their freedom and that of their children in extreme danger by such a stand. Most Christians and conservatives oppose any restrictions on free speech in their own countries; yet on the international scene, they eagerly join Zionist mouthpieces like Jay Sekulow, Hal Lindsey, and Hagee in censoring free speech. They demand Ahmadinejad be denied an international forum, especially at the UN. In joining the ADL/Zionist forces of censorship and boycott, evangelicals encourage international speech crime enforcement. The monster these evangelicals are creating will someday turn on them. When that happens, these very evangelicals will themselves be silenced.

What Hagee and his Zionist handlers recommend should be laughable in a free western world. But even more absurd and incredible Zionist initiatives are now a grim reality. Scholars who question the six million figure of Holocaust dead are outlawed, deported and imprisoned—with cooperation of most nations, including the US.

When ADL/B’nai B’rith helped Lemkin craft their Convention in 1948, his freedom-destroying scheme was far ahead of its time. Yet today, their dream of a federal hate crimes law in the US has come true. The next step toward world hate law enforcement is undoubtedly to resurrect the Genocide Convention. International law professor William A. Schabas approvingly says “…it sits four-square within the priorities of both the United Nations and the modern human rights movement, aimed at the eradication of racism and xenophobia.”

Since its ratification in 1948, the Convention has been criticized by conservatives as so ambiguous and potentially threatening that international political opportunists might someday use it to indict their adversaries. That fear is realized today. Hagee/Israel claim that they know Ahmadinejad intends to destroy Jews in Israel and that his threatening words cause fear and “mental harm” to Israelis; thus he is guilty of at least inciting genocide.

Conservatives at this time should limit development of international speech crimes enforcement, not encourage it. Although the US and many nations were reluctant to support international enforcement of the Convention, it was still enshrined in international law. Like other “sleeper” hate laws, awaiting their ominous moment in history, it could soon empower prosecution of politically incorrect individuals and nations. An essential step toward world government is increased participation of many groups—including Christians and Jews—to demand international hate crime enforcement.

Perhaps John Hagee is the evangelical Judas-goat chosen to lead that ominous march into the dark.



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Zionist-Christian Crusaders Are Nuts,
But Find Muslim Bashing Good for Income

By Victor Thorn

The reason America exists is to partner with Israel, to protect Israel.” These chilling words, and the fear surrounding them, emanated from Rev. Darrel Whatley of the Kingdom Ministries Worship Center.

Whatley and others were featured in an Oct. 24 article by Bob Smietana for The Tennessean that highlighted how rampant “Islamophobia”—a concocted fear of Islam based on the government’s official and phony conspiracy theory of what happened on 9-11—has become a multi-million dollar industry.

Although that aspect of history isn’t surprising, Smietana chronicles how a host of non-profit organizations are receiving charitable donations and then surreptitiously funneling them to for-profit companies.

The heavy-handed sales pitch involves a combination of war, terrorism, fundamentalism and the usual “end-times” apocalyptic horrors. Smietana summarizes their peculiar mentality.
“American Christians have a religious duty to protect the state of Israel,” said Smietana. “When Israel expands, Muslims in Iran and Iraq will be forced out of their homes to make way. Then the second coming of Jesus can begin.”

One of the most flagrant manipulators of faith-based fundraising is Steven Emerson, whose non-profit Investigative Project on Terrorism Foundation backdoored nearly $3.4 million to his own for-profit company, SAE Productions.

He’s not the only one generating significant amounts of money. Others such as David Horowitz receive annual six-figure salaries from their efforts within the “anti-Jihad” movement.
During an Oct. 27 interview, Ken Berger of the apolitical watchdog group Charity Navigator told this AFP writer, “Steven Emerson is blurring the lines by creating a non-profit front organization and then routing its proceeds to a for-profit company. It’s off the grid. I’ve never seen such questionable tactics like this before. In terms of best practices, it’s extremely odd. They’re setting a disturbing precedent.”

Berger questioned another aspect of Emerson’s methodology. “A 501(c)(3) foundation isn’t supposed to be engaged in political activities. . . . But by cloaking the identity of their donors, and therefore all fiscal responsibility, there’s very little transparency. Then they bump their resources over to for-profit companies. They claim the IRS has given them permission, but how is this appropriate? [A sum of] $3.4 million was transferred to Emerson’s SAE Productions.”

Berger also explained that these entities are “specially designated to provide a public good or service that can’t be granted by the government or private firms. We’re also under the assumption that they’re not making profits. But according to Emerson’s IRS filings, he took $3 million of donated money and shunted it to SAE Productions.”

Ibrahim Hooper, spokesperson for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), is familiar with this type of financial misdirection. He told this reporter on Oct. 26, “We’ve seen for years that Islamophobia merchants are a well-financed, well-oiled propaganda machine. The best known are Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, Frank Gaffney and Steven Emerson.”

When asked specifically about the latter, Hooper replied, “Emerson has long been regarded as one of the primary Muslim-bashers, even before 9-11. He’s the one who tried to blame Muslims for the 1995 Alfred P. Murrah bombing in Oklahoma City.”

As AFP has noted for well over a decade, it wasn’t Muslims who infiltrated a militia group at Elohim City, Okla. back in the mid-1990s—an outpost that had ties to the OKC bombing. Instead, it was Morris Dees’s Southern Poverty Law Center. Meanwhile, Abraham Foxman’s Anti-Defamation League targeted groups critical of Israel, including the Spotlight newspaper.
Hooper also commented on those who fuel the neocons and Zionist money coffers.

“Obviously many of those promoting anti-Islamic hatred also hold an extremist support of U.S.-Israeli policy,” said Hooper. “There are a variety of motivations, but a certain segment of the evangelical crowd cannot be denied.”

One of the most obsessed with this notion is Pastor John Hagee of Christians United for Israel, based in San Antonio, Texas. An example of his hysteria was demonstrated during a Sept. 4, 2006 sermon.

“They [Muslims] are trained from the breast of their mother to hate us,” said Hagee. “Radical Islam is a doctrine of death. It is their desire, it is their hope, it is their ambition, and it is their highest honor to die in a war against infidels. And you are ‘infidels.’”

In March 2009 Hagee collected more than 100,000 signatures from American Christians who expressed their solidarity with Israel. Needless to say, many of these same individuals also contributed to “non-profit” organizations such as those fronted by Emerson. #



4 The real reason Benito Mussolini was killed? To prevent the surfacing of letters written for over 10 years from Churchill, some of which offered Italy a separate peace. This correspondence would have been quite embarrassing to Churchill in the postwar world. . . .

14 A mysterious something was spotted a few years ago on the bottom of the sea. Almost beyond belief, it turned out to be a long-lost Nazi submarine. In the course of exploring the ill-starred shipwreck, three American divers lost their lives. . . .

19 TBR readers are probably aware of the efforts of TBR contributing editorial board member Lady Michèle Renouf to gain freedom for such imprisoned historians as Dr. Fredrick Töben, Ernst Zündel and others. But did you know she recently spoke to a gathering in Teheran that included President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad about a controversial but reasonable plan to solve the Mideast peace impasse in one stroke—in SE Russia? . . .

22 A prestigious science magazine has confirmed what daring and prescient author Michael Bradley has been saying for many years: Neanderthal man did not vanish from the surface of the Earth thousands of years ago, but still walks among us—at least in a manner of speaking. The author warns us, however, that we need to read between the lines of the article in Science magazine,if we really want the whole story. . . .

28 “King Philip” was a name that struck dread into the hearts of New England’s Colonists. The war in which he battled the settlers was a nearly genocidal struggle between the Red Man and the White Man for control of the land. And the White Man nearly lost that struggle. There are lessons for today in all of this. . . .

38 A well-known historian brings you a potpourri of little-known yet remarkable stories and facts from the most tragic war in America’s history. For example, did you ever hear of the Union general who fought the Mormons, the Navahos, rioting New York Irishmen—and also took the surrender of two Southern armies? If you are looking for a few surprises, you’ll want to read this. . . .

42 Switzerland’s leading Revisionist and patriot, Juergen Graf, who now must live in Moscow because there is no freedom of speech in his native land, calls upon one of America’s best-known patriots to do even more in the cause of America and to resist Israel’s efforts to entangle the United States in an attack on Iran (which has never done anything to harm America). The hour is late. . . .

44 TBR’s Peter Papaheraklis talks with the man at the center of the current upheaval in Greece, the ultranationalist leader of the Golden Dawn political movement. Nikos Michaloliakos turns out to be the sort of populist leader every land could use. . . .

50 In America, the man in the street, if he knows anything about it at all, is led to believe the rule of the colonels in recent Greek history was a terrible time. Well, it was—if you were a Communist in Greece. But for regular folks, Dr. Johnson informs us, it was a good time to be living in Greece, certainly better than today. . . .

56 Russian politician and diplomat Yevgeny Maksimovich Primakov is also a writer whose works are worth reading for those who want to understand the real world. Primakov in his books takes you behind the scenes and gives you the Russian insider’s view of recent historical developments. . . .
Cover: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the gutsy Iranian president, and Lady Michele Renouf of the TBR editorial board pose for a picture after Renouf was asked to make an impromptu address in Teheran at the presidential headquarters. This followed her address several weeks earlier on the same subject to the House of Lords in London, England. She urges the Jews of Israel to move out of the Palestinian homeland and to the Jewish autonomous region of Birobidzhan, southeast Russia—a place where Yiddish is the official language and ethnically and culturally the vast majority of today’s Israeli folk more naturally belong.

Lady Michèle Renouf in Teheran: ‘Mideast Peace Solution in SE Russia’

THE MODERN WORLD’S FIRST ZION is a story that needs to be brought to as many people as possible. This forgotten Manchurian paradise of “milk and honey” welcomes the world’s Jews with open arms, unlike the Palestinian desert. This autonomous region was recently visited by the president of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev, himself probably of Jewish stock. The Birobidzhan option is a viable and equitable solution to the problem of Israel.


In the July 5th issue of AMERICAN FREE PRESs, Paul Craig Roberts, the former assistant secretary of the U.S. Treasury, writing after the Zionist lobby’s inter-Jewish backbiting against veteran journalist Helen Thomas, insisted he did “not want Israel destroyed.”

Whereas Ms. Thomas suggested returning Israeli Jews to their old European haunts, Mr. Roberts made what he called the “rhetorical proposal to relocate Israelis in the U.S.” Yet neither has been willing to state the obvious: that Israel at no time had any moral right to exist anywhere in Palestine.

(The living criminal blueprint for the Jewish state was drawn up by Theodor Herzl in 1895 when Adolf Hitler was aged 6, and World War II half a century away, and therefore irrelevant to the plan.)

As it happens there is a real, rather than rhetorical, alternative homeland option where the world’s Jews could relocate in perfect safety. Here their security wall would be optional rather than a self-fulfilling credal projection of their anti-gentile identity. A homeland which has never provoked desperate suicide bombings or rocket attacks, since its creation did not involve mythic impostures of “God-given” privileged real estate, the genocidal blueprint for piracy of other people’s ancestral land or their credally “authorized” displacement to besieged refugee camps.

The founding of this homeland predated the Zionist state by two decades. This Jewish Republic (in all but name) is the size of Switzerland. It still exists, and Yiddish is its first official language. What is officially called the Jewish Autonomous Region, though generally referred to by the name of its capital city Birobidzhan, it is located on Russia’s southeastern border with China. It was created in 1928 during the early days of the former Soviet Union and formalized in 1934.

I have had the opportunity to speak about Birobidzhan on two occasions this year in very different though equally prestigious venues. These venues each owe their best ethics essentially to the Classical Greek scientific attitude. The House of Lords in London, Mother of Parliaments, still purveys the aura of centuries-old sovereign tradition, though sadly Zionist-occupied territory for the past century and a half. By contrast the Iranian presidential headquarters in Teheran is today the principal target of predatory Zionist envy and aggression against the success of the Khomeini revolution, which made Iran’s economy and foreign policy off limits to international “greed is good”-oriented usurers.

On each occasion my public interventions on this subject were carefully monitored and commented on by the Community Security Trust (CST), the private army and intelligence organization of the UK’s Jewish community. The CST

“The living criminal blueprint
for the Jewish state was drawn
up by Theodor Herzl in 1895
when Adolf Hitler was aged 6,
and World War II half
a century away.”

was set up in 1994 by jailbird tycoon Gerald Ronson, the archetypal Jewish shtarker or “hardman,” who previously cofounded the “62 Group,” a thuggish gang specializing in brutal attacks on anti-Zionists in London and around the United Kingdom.

While the 62 Group’s hitmen often found themselves on the wrong side of the law, the increasing power of the Zionist lobby in recent decades is reflected in the enhanced status of Ronson’s newer Jewish security force. The CST is not only tolerated by the British authorities, the Home Office and UK police forces actively and openly assist their operations. Indeed they act as a privileged nationalist police force within another nation.

Earlier this year the CST found it “troubling” to note that I “was speaking to a meeting at the House of Lords, where [my] proposal was greeted with applause . . . to promote her campaign to have Jews relocate en masse to Birobidzhan, a Jewish autonomous region established in the eastern Soviet Union by Stalin in 1934.”

A few months later they were even more concerned, noting my impromptu address to a thousand international delegates gathered at President Ahmadinejad’s Teheran headquarters during the 4th International Conference on Imam Khomeini and Foreign Policy, organized by the Iranian Institute for Political and International Studies.

I used this invitation to propose—directly to President Ahmadinejad — Birobidzhan as a home for Israel’s Jews. It is a ready-made, common sense option and just conclusion to the rogue criminal occupation of Palestine.

As I explained to the assembled company: Indeed after 1928 European Jews had no need to pirate Palestine, and to this day a Jewish Autonomous Region called Birobidzhan exists peacefully and available on Russia’s southeast border with China, having never displaced an indigenous people for its creation. Today some Jews—for instance Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s PR officer during a live televised debate with me—try to claim that it was an act of anti-Semitism when Stalin gave this region of 30,000 square kilometers (the size of Switzerland) to Jews. The truth is that Stalin was providing every ethnic group comprising the Soviet Union with its own autonomous region, and nothing “anti-Semitic” has ever endangered Birobidzhan during its 82 autonomously Jewish, safe and peaceful years of existence.

Furthermore, in 1945, when secular European Jews were crying “we are a people without a homeland, Palestine is a land without a people,” again they lied, for in 1945 there wasno political impediment to prevent European Jewry heading for the welcoming arms of their vast and long-established Jewish Autonomous Region in Birobidzhan.

The same is true today, yet in our mainstream media we hear not a word of Birobidzhan. Only rarely does the JewishTelegraphic Agency (JTA) mention Birobidzhan, and when it does it refers to it disingenuously as a “district.” Which district in the world is the size of Switzerland? The fact is that since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, its ethnically autonomous regions have been entitled to republic status, yet the JTA lets us know that due to so-called “sensitivity” to Israel, Birobidzhan has declined, due to fear of raising gentile public awareness of its existence, to acknowledge its status as this first Jewish homeland, which is all but a state and republic.

My hope is that our singularly upstanding President Ahmadinejad, who speaks the whole political truth bravely, will promote awareness of the first Jewish homeland and that there is no need for European Ashkenazim Jews to go back to Germany, Poland or Austria when they have their own state whose first language is Yiddish.

Please view my “first homeland” option and morale rearmament website at www.birobidjan.co.uk (also see www.jewishrepublic.com) for, in the spirit of Imam Khomeini, there you will find a campaign for moral and morale rearmament. The Palestinians whose Nakba constitutes the greatest and longest tragedy of the 20th century—those brave voters who democratically elected the long heroic Hamas—deserve the return of every inch of their tormented land, and not any part in the specious “one-state two-state” farce. The immediate vacation of European Jews from all of Palestine and compensation to the indigenous Arab peopleis more than overdue to those who, for more than a century, continue to fight for Reason at the front line of historicaltruth and international justice for all of us.

The CST warned its supporters: “Ahmadinejad’s responseto Renouf ’s plea is not known. But if the Iranianpresident does, at some point in the future, propose deporting Israeli Jews to Birobidzhan, you will know where he heard it first.”

“Earlier this year the CST
found it ‘troubling’ to note
that I ‘was speaking to a
meeting at the House of Lords,
where [my] proposal was
greeted with applause’.”

So let me tell you, dear doughtyreaders of TBR. Eyeball to eyeball the dauntless president said in English,“you and me, we see it thesame.”

That may be because Khomeini’songoing successful morale rearmamentrevolution is surprisinglylike the key note of thecourageous bishop, Richard Williamson whosaid: without historicaltruth there can be no internationaljustice, and that “historical truthgoes by evidence, not by emotion.”

The opposing predatory strategyof our international Zionist foe depends upon the flimsy bind thattruth cannot matter to a man whoselivelihood depends upon his notseeing it. Yet without a “prophecy come true” swindling line, the advertisingmystique of the “ZionistEntity” can be readily undone. AsMr. Roberts points out, this charitystate is “heavily dependent on U.S.largess.” So let’s just turn off theAmerican taxpaying pipeline to theunworthy self-worshipping charitystate of Israel, Mr. Roberts.

I would suggest that the existenceof Birobidzhan is the non“anti-Semitic” option that is missing in everybody’s “one-stateor two-state” farce.

However, as Mr. Roberts appears not to have seenthrough the credal incompatibility of Judaism with Palestinianequality, regrettably he returns to the consensuallyfloundering inoperative “nice” fantasy of Zionism’s criticsthat “Israel should be moved or reformed.” But a “reformedIsrael” is nothing but an oxymoron. Hasn’t he noticed thatthat Israel is the barbaric Old Testament made manifest? Israeli-born “ex-jew” Gilad Atzmon certainly has said—andhe should know—that 97% of Israelis backed the “OperationCast Lead” gratuitous terror upon the besieged impoverishedGazans. This proves that Old Testament-dedicatedIsrael is morally non-“reformable.” Let’s just dismantle thiscriminal entity and let Jewry live and let live in their JewishRepublic of Birobidzhan so that the Palestinians need nolonger fight for Reason at the front line of historical truthand international justice for all of us.

LADY MICHELE RENOUF is a truth activist, lifelong model and international TV commercials actress, socialite and former professional ballet dancer and beauty contest winner. She holds diplomas in art and educatio and became a lecturer at Queensland University of Technology. Lady Renouf has become known in recent years for her support of persecuted Revisionist historians. Her documentary Telling Films DVDs illustrating the issues in this article are all available online (profit-free) at her website ww.jewishrepublic.com. Renouf’s DVD Jailing Opinions is available in very limited quantities from TBR for $20 plus $3 S&H; inside the U.S. You may also order Jailing Opinions directly from Renouf by following the link from the DVD / CD catalogue at
www.jewishrepublic.com or from www.jailingopinions.com

Le premier État juif, le Birobijan

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