Duff a tort sur l’Holocauste et les prétendus liens Bush-Hitler

The Heretics’ Hour: Nazis in America; Duff on the Holocaust

December 13, 2010

Is the Nazi Hydra controlling Amerika?

Carolyn looks at the role of the 1942 U.S. Rubber Crisis in the war hysteria and show trials put on for political benefit. Then, how sincere is Gordon Duff’s questioning of Hitler/Holocaust myths? Topics include:

  • U.S. war effort benefited from the prior cooperation between Standard Oil and Farben in synthetic rubber production;
  • U.S. govt., including Congress, punished Standard and others for this relationship in order to instill fear of Nazi “takeover”;
  • U.S. intelligence knew what was going on at Auschwitz from 1942 onward;
  • Duff: Is what we know about WW2 wrong?
  • Duff: Vietnam vets suffering not comparable to “death camp” survivors;
  • Duff: No evidence of “death camps” because Nazis destroyed it;
  • Duff: Never again — to what?

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The Heretics’ Hour: Gordon Duff, Prescott Bush and the interview that wasn’t

December 6, 2010

Is this what Prescott Bush wanted for America?

Carolyn loses a guest, but gains a new topic to dissect: the far-too-popular “Bush-Nazi Connection. Topics include:

  • How the Gordon Duff interview collapsed;
  • The Holocaust Industry seeks new sources of revenue;
  • The Thyssen-Hitler connection;
  • The Bankers’ interest in the German coal and steel industry;
  • The Truman Hearings and the secret documents;
  • What is this really all about?

13 MB / 32 kbps mono / 0 hour 56 min.

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Invitée à l’émission de Kevin Barrett, Carolyn Yeager remet les pendules à l’heure sur les mensonges concernant Hitler. La fausse comparaison 911-Reichstag, les conneries liant Bush et les nazis…

Jan. 15: Kevin Barrett’s ‘Truth Jihad,’ American Freedom Radio Barrett-Yeager-Interview-32k-011511.mp3

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