Helen Thomas: « Le Congrès, la Maison Blanche, et Wall Street appartiennent aux sionistes »

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Helen Thomas a dit qu’elle maintenait ses remarques sur Israël telles qu’elle les avait exprimées plut tôt dans le courant de l’année et qui avaient donné lieu à sa démission en tant qu’éditorialiste nationale.

Elle a même été plus loin, en disant que les sionistes contrôlaient la politique extérieure des Etats-Unis et d’autres institutions. La communauté juive locale a dénoncé ses propos.

Dans une interview, Thomas, âgée de 90 ans, a dit que sa critique sur Israël avait mené à sa démission et à son bannissement de Washington.

« Je peux appeler le Président des Etats-Unis de tous les épithètes figurant dans le livre, mais je ne peux pas toucher à Israël, où il y a des routes exclusivement pour les Israéliens dans la Cisjordanie. »

Thomas, éditorialiste de longue date à la Maison Blanche, la fille d’immigrants libanais qui a grandit à Detroit, a prononcé son discours à Dearborn, lors d’un congrès au sujet des préjugés contre les arabes.

Pendant le discours qu’elle a tenu au congrès, elle a parlé de « la question de l’argent impliqué dans la politique.«

« Le Congrès, la Maison Blanche, et Wall Street appartiennent aux sionistes. Il n’y a aucun doute sur cela, à mon avis« , a-t-elle dit. « Ils ont mis leur argent là où est leur bouche. Nous sommes tout le temps poussés dans la mauvaise direction. »

Quand Free Press lui a demandé comment elle réagissait à ceux qui prétendent qu’elle est antisémite, Thomas a répondu: « Je suis sémite. De quoi parlez-vous donc?«

Via : Antisemitism.org

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A series of anti-Israel protests, lectures and meetings are scheduled to coincide with the PM’s visit and the AIPAC conference in Washington DC in May; BDS founder meets Friday night with 250 activists calling Israel apartheid state.

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An unrepentant Helen Thomas said in an interview with Playboy magazine that she knew exactly what she was doing when she said on camera that Jews « should get the hell out of Palestine. »

Helen Thomas is Back.She Speaks Her Mind Again About Israel And the Jews.

À lire absolument: ‘The New Babylon – Those Who Reign Supreme : A Panoramic Overview of the Historical, Religous and Economic Origins of the New World Order. Inside the Rothschild Empire – The New Pharisees’, by Michael Collins Piper (2009)

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Texe Marrs
Big Brother’s Jewish Thoughtcrime Police Want You to Keep Your Mouth Shut

“To the future or to the past, to a time when thought is free… To a time when truth exists, and what is done cannot be undone… From the Age of Big Brother, From the Age of Doublethink—Greetings!”
Winston’s journal
(George Orwell, 1984)

Carl Cameron is one of Fox TV’s most respected reporters. Dedicated to his job, he likes to dig deep and find precious tidbits unreported by others and disclose them to Fox’s worldwide cable audience. Just days after 9/11 Cameron thought he had hit the mother lode. He discovered that 125 Israeli spies had been active in the U.S. and that many were involved in one way or another with the heinous 9/11 aircraft hijacking and mass murders.

Cameron also told of the “dancing Israelis”—the Mossad spies atop the building across the bay in New Jersey—that had filmed the whole event and knew in advance it was to occur. Cameron also reported that the FBI had raided an Israeli front company, Urban Moving Systems, that was connected with the 9/11 plot. It all promised to be the news story of the decade, and Cameron assured TV watchers he would keep them informed as his investigation of the “Israeli Connection” progressed.

However, the very next day, Carl Cameron’s segments on this hot topic all vanished entirely off the Fox-TV website. They were also suddenly removed from Google and YouTube. It was as if they had never existed. Big Brother’s thoughtcrime police had struck again. Instead of an award for his groundbreaking news story, Carl Cameron got the message loud and clear: Keep your trap shut about Israel and the Jews.

Fox-TV, of course, is owned by ardent Zionist billionaire, Rupert Murdoch. NewsCorp, its parent corporation, has close ties with the ADL, the World Jewish Congress, and other powerful Jewish lobby groups. But then, the same is true for every U.S. media outlet—they are all Jewish owned. CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, et al report only what is good for Israel. Otherwise, the news simply doesn’t exist. It all goes down the Orwellian blackhole (1984).

Jesse Ventura is Shut Down

Jesse Ventura, the colorful, truthtelling former Governor of Minnesota sure found this out a few years ago. MSNBC-TV network gave Ventura two million dollars to do a nightly TV talk show. But then the executives at MSNBC found out that Ventura opposes the Iraq war. Uh Oh. That is not O.K. The bosses told Ventura that this was something he could not discuss on his upcoming talk show, the first segment of which had not yet been aired. Old Jesse told them to take a flying leap, saying he would not be censored. The network execs abruptly pulled the show and killed it. Ventura, however, got to keep his $2 million advance.

Now keep in mind that all the Jewish-owned networks, including NBC, the parent of cable’s MSNBC, in the 1970s fiercely opposed and criticized the Vietnam War. They ran countless clips showing the dead and wounded American troops and also covered anti-war demonstrations by the Jewish-led (Jerry Rubin, Abbie Hoffman, et al) Woodstock hippies. But today’s Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts are Israeli projects. The U.S. military is Israel’s proxy, its bulldog, and nary a protest against these bloody wars will even be allowed to be whispered. So, Ventura had to be prevented from having a forum to vent his anti-war views.

Helen Thomas Becomes A Truthteller

Helen Thomas, the famous Hearst News, Washington, D.C. and White House correspondent, found out just what can happen when you say something deemed unacceptable. In a talk she gave to a group in Dearborn, Michigan, Thomas made it plain that she had learned a lot in her years as a reporter about who really runs America and Washington, D.C., its capital:

“We are owned by the (Zionist) propagandists…There is no question about that. Congress, the White House, and Hollywood, Wall Street are owned by the Zionists. No question… We’re being pushed in a wrong direction every way.”
Helen Thomas

Dear Ms. Thomas, now what you said is absolutely true, but you and I both know that, “Hey, you can’t say that!”

Within 24 hours of her speech in December 2010, Abe Foxman of the Jewish ADL hate speech brigade issued what we might call a “Thoughtcrime Fatwa” against the hapless truthteller, Ms. Thomas. He went plumb nuts and called for every organization who had at one time given Thomas an award to rescind it.

On cue, her own alma mater, Wayne State University in Michigan, promptly did exactly that, taking back some nondescript award they had once presented Helen. Which proves, of course, that Helen Thomas was right on target when she said the Jews run America.

The seasoned Ms. Thomas, 90 years-old and still as sharp as she was decades ago when she began her stellar career as a reporter, continually needled White House Press Secretary Gibbs with questions about Israel and the Middle East conflicts. Then, when asked by someone what she would do about the Palestinian-Israeli controversy, she said, “I’d send the Zionists back to Europe where they came from.” (“Hey, you can’t say that!”)

Despite her award-winning years of service, Helen Thomas was summarily sacked by her employer, Hearst News. But to paraphrase the great General Douglas MacArthur, “Brave heroines never die, they don”t even fade away.” And so, after a brief retirement hiatus, Thomas was back in form, when she also remarked:

“I can call the President of the United States anything in the book, but I can’t touch Israel, which has Jewish-only roads… No American would tolerate that—White-only roads… The Zionists have to understand that it is the Palestinians’ country, too. Palestinians were there long before the European Zionists.”

A Hispanic News Reporter Gets A Pink Slip

Rick Sanchez

Rick Sanchez, the token Hispanic daytime anchor at CNN, also recently suffered the wrath of the Jews. The photogenic Cuban-American newsman had the temerity to go on as a guest of a PBS radio show. On it, Sanchez admitted that he, a Hispanic, was not likely to ever be promoted to prime time stardom by CNN because, like virtually every other TV network and news organization in America, the Jews are in control. “So people like me (Hispanic) who don’t look like them (Jews) don’t get promoted,” he said.

Sanchez was then asked about his on-going debate with Comedy Central host Jon Stewart, and what he said about that got him into more hot water. He told the audience that Stewart’s real name is actually Jon Leibowitz, and he’s a Jew! A prejudiced Jew at that.

The fangs came out as the Jewish potentates mercilessly and quickly savaged Mr. Sanchez. “How dare he lie about the Jews!” they pontificated. “We do not have a stranglehold on the media.” “Sanchez,” they said in mirror echo format, “is a horrible anti-Semite. He must go!”

Within 24 hours, Rich Sanchez, after 12 years of service to CNN, got his walking papers. Seems that he had proven his point. The Jews do own CNN and every other major news organization in America. Sanchez’ departure for the hinterlands was a done deal the moment he opened his mouth.

Boil Them Alive!

If the Jews could, of course, they would love to do more than merely fire truthtellers like Thomas and Sanchez. They’d like to boil them in hot, fiery burning excrement! In fact, that’s exactly what the satanic holy book of the Jews, the Talmud, says happened to Jesus. He’s down in hell right now, boiling in hot, fiery excrement. And, adds the Talmud, Christ deserves his punishment. He was a blasphemer, a liar, a fornicator, and an adulterer, say the Jews, and—worst of all—he spoke ill of the Jews. Now that is just plain unacceptable. It’s a terrible Thoughtcrime!

Thoughtcrimes Must Be Punished

The list of individuals punished by Israel for these Thoughtcrimes keeps growing and growing. The United Nations Declaration of Human Rights guarantees freedom of speech. So does America’s First Amendment to the Constitution, Britain and Canada’s basic laws, and the European Community’s Charter. But that didn’t stop today’s Zionist-run Germany from imprisoning American-based writer Ernst Zundel from being sent for seven years to prison. His crime was that he publicly doubted that as many as six million Jews perished in the fabled Nazi Holocaust. “Hey, you can’t say that!”

Zundel is not the only one to suffer because he expressed his opinion about the Jews and their history. German prisons have “welcomed” scores of such people. Indeed, if Texe Marrs were to travel anywhere in Europe, I could be arrested for what Big Brother’s Jewish Thoughtcrime Police euphemistically call “Holocaust Denial.”

You must—you simply must—say that six million Jews were killed by the Nazis. The sum of three million, or four or five million, or 5,999,999 just won’t do. The number 6,000,000, you see, has kabbalistic/occult numerological significance. Only that number is acceptable. You’ll go to prison if you don’t say it. Now repeat after me, Polly Parrot—“six million.” Say it again: “six million.” Good parrot. Here’s your reward, a nice cracker.

Yes, Israel has the Bomb! Hundreds of Them

Israeli citizen Mordechai Vanunu got a stiff prison sentence in one of those torturous prisons in Israel. His crime? He told a reporter the truth, that Israel has nuclear bombs and is manufacturing them at their Dimona nuclear plant. “Hey, you can’t say that!”

The world is not supposed to know that the ruthless, saber-rattling, barbaric Israeli Defense Forces possess some 400 nuclear bombs with which they threaten to destroy every Arab in the world—and maybe a score of cities in Europe and the U.S.A., to boot. Iran is the bad guy. Ahmadinejad’s Iran is working on its first nuclear bombs (or so the Israelis—“liars, liars pants on fire”—constantly warn us.)

“Yes, Iran is building the Bomb. Oh, woe is us. Poor, poor Jews. Oh woe, woe!”

Vanunu is a Jew but he is also a Christian. And that made all the difference because Christians aren’t free to lie like those Talmudic Jews do, over and over and over.

So, blessed Brother Vanunu simply told the truth. And the Jews made sure he paid the price for it: Prison.

The Jews’ Thoughtcrime Police seem to be quite successful. At least they have caused a whole host of cowards to keep their mouths shut. Take the 9/11 exposé corps, for example. Only a few have the courage to finger the real culprits—the Israeli Mossad and CIA (and FBI big-wigs). One 9/11 website has a huge membership of over 2,000 scholars, architects, and engineers, all of whom say the government’s official account of what happened on 9/11 is a farce and a fairy tale. But as to Israel’s involvement—“Hey, you can’t say that!”

But, what about Fox News’ investigation by Carl Cameron, Mr. Scholars, Architects and Engineers? Hey, I told you, you can’t talk about that!”

Notice how Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, Anderson Cooper, Rachel Madoff. (Oops, I meant Rachel Maddow), Matt Lauer and all the other TV guys also go berserk and change the subject when anyone brings up the fact that 9/11 was an inside job? They rage and almost foam at the mouth!

Things You Can’t Talk About

There is a long, long list of topics you can’t speak about in the national media. They include: The crimes of the Jewish-controlled Federal Reserve; the billions in foreign aid going to Israel, the trillions (yes, trillions!) in military equipment that has gone to Israel; the murders and cruel oppression of Gaza, Palestine, and Lebanon by Israel; the fact that both Hollywood and Broadway are exclusively the preserve of the Jews; the fact that the Ivy League universities, Princeton, Harvard, Yale, etc., are now controlled by the Jews and Jewish students are overrunning their campuses; the historical fact that most African slave traders were Jews; the control of Obama’s White House by the Jewish mafia; the satanic teachings of the Jewish rabbis as shown in their holy books, the Talmud and the Kabbalah; the Jews’ takeover of Wall Street; and the list goes on and on.

The German Nazis Were Evil; The Jewish Communists?—Not so Much

There are also countless novels and nonfiction books out there—and plays, movies and TV documentaries—about the supposed horrors done to Jews in the Nazi concentration camps. We are perpetually reminded that six million Jews died. (And how many Germans and Poles, and Lithuanians? Who cares?)

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

But you have never seen—nor will you ever see—a truthful movie about the Jewish-run Communist gulag concentration camps in the U.S.S.R.

According to famous Russian writer Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, a staggering 66,000,000 (that’s 66 million) died in these hell-holes. Most of the commandants, he says, were Jews and many were rabbis! Few Jews were sent to these camps, but plenty of Christians suffered and died in them. Oh, hold on… I can hear the shrill Jewish Thoughtcrime Police screaming at me with all their might: “Hey, you can’t say that!”

Well, I’ll say that and more. Take for example the fact that Aleksandr Solzhentsyn’s books, including the classic The Gulag Archipelago, have sold over 60 million copies. But no English-language publisher anywhere in the world dares to publish Solzhentsyn’s final book, Two Hundred Years Together, in which he documents the monumental crimes of the Jews during the Communist era. But, once again, I feel their hot breath on my back, as they bare their fangs and screech: “Hey, you can’t say that!”


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« Hey, You Can’t Say That! »—Big Brother’s Assault on Our First Amendment Rights

Rev. Ted Pike

Texe Marrs interviews Ted Pike, founder of the National Prayer Network. Pike shines the light on hate crime laws and other atrocities against our freedom of press and speech. He especially exposes the ADL’s pro-homosexual attack on Christianity and praises heroic award-winning newswoman Helen Thomas, who finally stood up to the Zionists and is now telling the truth about Jewish and Israeli control of America’s political establishment, media, and Hollywood. Pike also discusses the perverted sexuality rampant among Jews and deemed acceptable by the rabbis’ filthy « holy » books of the Talmud.

60 Minutes ~ Texe Marrs
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Just a little historical reminder here as to how the nation of Israel and her people deal with those who choose to exercise their rights to freedom of speech, religion, freedom of assembly and petitioning the government for grievance.


American Free Press

Tough-Talking Journalist Took on Zionist Power

July 24, 2013   AFP


• Helen Thomas a rarity among reporters: she was actually honest

By Michael Collins Piper

There is only one topic considered “untouchable” today, and the bizarre story of what happened to veteran journalist Helen Thomas—who died at age 92 on July 20—puts it in perspective.

For some 50 years Thomas was hailed as one of the most aggressive no-nonsense reporters in the Washington press corps. Hard-nosed and straight-forward—as a correspondent (and ultimately White House bureau chief) for United Press International, and, later a columnist for Hearst Newspapers—Thomas (unlike many in the media) was never afraid to publicly challenge presidents and power-brokers she thought were being disingenuous.

Feminists characterized Thomas—first female president of the National Press Club—as a role model for women. Thomas herself said she asked tough questions of politicians she thought were the questions a Des Moines housewife would want her to ask.

Thomas was also perhaps the most accessible of the big-name journalists. It was common knowledge if you wanted to chat with Helen you could find her dining practically every night at a small family-style Middle Eastern restaurant, the Calvert Café.

Despite her remarkable record of no-holds-barred journalism that brought widespread acclaim and international respect, Thomas was forced into retirement in 2010. Although she had won her reputation for her honesty, it was her candor on one issue—that of the United States-Israeli “special relationship”—that brought about an abrupt end to her distinguished career.


Here’s what happened:

On May 27, 2010—while Thomas was outside the White House (where Jewish Heritage Day was being celebrated) a video-camera-toting Jewish rabbi, David Nesenoff, confronted Thomas and asked for her comments on Israel. Thomas said: “Tell them to get the hell out of Palestine. Remember, these people are occupied and it’s their land. It’s not Germany, it’s not Poland.”

Waving the camera in the elderly woman’s face, the rabbi asked where the Jews should go, and Thomas responded, “They should go home.” When the rabbi demanded to know where home was, Thomas said, “Poland, Germany and America and everywhere else.”

The rabbi ran to the media with the story and the until-then respected journalist was promptly accused of being anti-Jewish even though she had told the truth about the foreign origins of many of the Jews who had settled in Palestine, displacing native Christian Arabs and Muslim Arabs.

Critics were quick to point out that Thomas was the daughter of Christian Arab immigrants from what is now Lebanon and that, over the years, she had been suspected of a bias against Israel. The implicit point was that Thomas’s heritage denied her the right to comment on the Middle East (despite the fact Jewish journalists constantly spout pro-Israel opinions in the media).

Meanwhile, Thomas’s booking agency dropped her as a client (though she was popular on the lecture circuit). A writing colleague announced she would no longer work on any books with Thomas (author of six books). A Washington, D.C.-area high school dropped Thomas as its commencement speaker. And the Society of Professional Journalists announced that it was no longer awarding its award for lifetime achievement named in Thomas’s honor.

Naturally fed up, the 90-year old Thomas turned in her resignation to Hearst Newspapers. But in a speech several months later, Thomas said: I paid a price, but it’s worth it to speak the truth,” adding that “Congress, the White House, Hollywood and Wall Street are owned by Zionists. No question in my opinion.” When challenged on her remarks, Thomas said, “I just think that people should be enlightened as to who is in charge of opinion in this country.”

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) announced that Thomas “clearly, unequivocally revealed herself as a vulgar anti-Semite,” but Thomas—not surprisingly—got in the last word. When asked to respond to the ADL’s charges, she said, “I’d say I’m a Semite. What are you talking about?”

Michael Collins Piper is an author, journalist, lecturer and radio show host. He has spoken in Russia, Malaysia, Iran, Abu Dhabi, Japan, Canada and the U.S.

Rabbi whose video unmasked Helen Thomas visiting Canada
Goldman Sachs chief: Rabbi, Jewish groups helped me succeed Mais c’est un stéréotype antijuif quand c’est un Goy qui le dit…

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