La religion mondiale – vidéo censurée de Youtube

Sur Youtube – La religion mondiale

YouTube Accused of Censorship of Anti-Israel Video Does YouTube make it too easy to censor a controversial video?
Avraham Burg, auteur de The Holocaust is Over: We Must Rise From Its Ashes, a dit que pour régler les problèmes sur la planète, il nous faudrait une religion mondiale.
 « During the twentieth century, the world tried twice to establish international organizations to deal with global problems, with the League of Nations and later the United Nations. These organizations were founded to unite a world that was alienated along state and ethnic lines and to contain national conflicts in an age that was characterized by such conflicts. These conflicts are not what typify the world today. The fault lines today are along identity and religious beliefs, and therefore it is time to establish a World Religion Organization. It sounds oxymoronic, especially considering today’s escalation of inter-religious hostilities. It is also almost impossible, considering the union of the world’s religions in their opposition to gay parades, freedom of speech, family planning and the acceptance of beliefs and traditions of others. Nevertheless it is essential, as the alternative is widening world conflicts.(…) The World Religion Organization can be established in Israel on an international sovereign land to express its own nature and authority. » (Avraham Burg, The Holocaust Is Over; We Must Rise From its Ashes, p.218-219; p.230 dans le PDF)

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South Carolina’s superintendent of education has recommended cutting Holocaust education funding to help make up a significant budget deficit.(Tout le monde est dans le rouge dans son budget, la crise ne nous épargne pas, mais ne touchez pas au budget astronomique consacré à l’endoctrinement shoatique!)

PDF – The Forced War, Dr. David Hoggan‘s monumental examination of the origins of the Second World War.


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