Certificat de naissance d’Obama: quand les « patriotes » font le travail de Netanyahou

Les « patriotes » américains et dans plusieurs autres pays sont tout excités d’entendre la « nouvelle » selon quoi le certificat de naissance d’Obama serait un faux. Ainsi le pseudo mouvement des « Birthers » a le vent en poupe depuis les premiers jours de l’élection d’Obama. D’autres encore plus ignorants le prennent pour un musulman!

Voyez ce qu’on peut lire sur les sites de ces idiots utiles « conspirationnistes » (du genre Alex Jones et co.):

Preuves que le certificat de naissance d’Obama est un faux, du bidon. Il est très fâché que les gens se questionne sur ses origines. Et pour cause… Autre vidéo avec Alex Jones sur l’imposture du certificat de naissance avec un graphiste.

Or, le journaliste d’enquête américain Wayne Madsen a identifié le mouvement des « Birthers » comme une création de Bibi Netanyahou!

Les « Birthers » les plus populaires sont:

  • Orly (Averbuch) Taitz, juive sioniste israélienne et reine du mouvement,
  • Phil Berg, pseudo « truther » juif,
  • Jerome Corsi, pseudo « truther » sioniste anti-Iran, anti-Islam et anti-catholique
  • Alan Keyes, conservateur Noir proche ami des Néocons juifs Kristol et Podhoretz.

Ce pitoyable mouvement patriote ignore que le mouvement des Birthers tire son origine du segment le plus extrémiste des colons juifs israéliens… (Imaginez un peu tout ce que le Mossad doit avoir accumulé comme dossier sur lui!)

The Piper Report May 2, 2011
May 2nd, 2011

MCP discusses the lunacy of the « birther movement » and how it is being used by Jewish interests to put pressure on Obama into furthering Zionist interests around the globe.

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Netanyahu may have other tricks up his sleeve for Obama in the future


…..The Israeli government has allegedly used its influence in American politics to strengthen the rumors about US President Barack Obama’s birthplace.

On Monday, well-known investigative journalist Wayne Madsen said Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s entrenched alliance with the America-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), various neoconservative groups and fundamentalist Christian organizations had made it « very easy for him to bring this whole canard back » about allegations that Obama has been born in Kenya rather than the United States.

« And it looks like he has done that as a way to put political pressure and try to tip Obama off his high favorability ratings at the present time, » he added.

The Constitution bars people born outside the US from running for president. Obama’s birthplace has been verified as Hawaii by the island state’s Health Department and the president has presented his birth certificate online.

The claimants to the contrary, called ‘birthers’, are lead by California attorney Orly Taitz who has filed in the federal court Kenyan papers, which certify that Obama is Kenyan-born.

The Washington-based journalist said that « just after this fake birth certificate came out, she [Taitz] pops up in Tel Aviv two days later. »

« She is originally from Moldova, very closely tied to Likud, Netanyahu and also Foreign Minister (Avigdor Lieberman) who is also a native of Moldova, » he told Russia Today.

Asked about the Israeli motive for the move, the Washington-based journalist said « The Netanyahu government is very upset with Obama over the Obama administration’s insistence that there be a freeze on settlements including in East Jerusalem [al-Quds]. So that couples with the reticence of the Obama administration to take any military action against Iran, which Netanyahu’s government favors, has brought this old story back to life.

2008: Israel Insider: Obama Birth Certificate A Photoshopped Fake


2009: Why is Orly Taitz in Israel Two Days After Submitting a Forged Obama Birth Certificate to a US Federal Court?

Who Is Paying Orly Taitz: The Birther Madness Movement, A Strange Coalition of rightwing Jews and so-called “white” supremacists

VIDEO – Tea Party Convention with Orly Taitz
Taitz seeks Republican Jewish support The founder of the « birther movement » sought Republican Jewish support for her candidacy for California secretary of state.
Republican Jewish Coalition Hosts Birther Taitz As ‘Special Guest’ At Annual Bash

2009: Loving Israel by hating Obama
(…) »He’s a Muslim for sure, and who even knows if he was born in the United States, » says a young woman who identifies herself as a political science major. « We haven’t even seen his birth certificate yet. Bullshit – he’s not from the U.S. He’s like a terrorist (see video « Feel the Hate »).(…)

VIDEO – Feel the Hate (against Obama in Israel) part 2

VIDEO – Feeling the Hate (Against Obama and Islam) in New York

VIDEO – Pamela Geller Speaks NYC Pro-Israel rally Against Obama’s Anti-Israel Policies
Le plus sérieusement du monde, la juive sioniste Pamela Geller, tient Obama responsable de l’ « islamisation » des USA!

2009: The U.S. administration is furious over Israeli incitement against President Barack Obama, Democratic congressmen close to Obama told an Israeli source who returned from a visit to Washington this week.The congressmen even hinted that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been personally involved.

Farrakhan: Obama is targeted by U.S. Jewish lobby, Zionists

Beck hoping to make Jerusalem mega-event bipartisan: Attracting Democrats may be challenging due to commentator’s controversial image, frequent criticism of Obama’s policies on Israel.

NEOCON JEW Elliott Abrams on Obama: He sees Israel as a problem to solve–In an interview with ‘The Jerusalem Post,’ the former top aide to George W. Bush explains his difficulties with the current president’s positions.

Pastor John Hagee, the founder of Christians United For Israel, accused President Obama of not being pro-Israel.

Romney blasts Obama on Israel, Iran

U.S. presidential candidates slam Obama’s Israel, Iran policy at Republican Jewish Coalition

U.S. Jewish conservatives target Obama for treating Israel ‘like a punching bag’ Full-page ad in major newspapers by Emergency Committee for Israel criticizes U.S. President for Israel policies, as senior New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman says Congress ‘bought’ by Israel lobby.

The Emergency Committee for Israel in a full-page ad in The New York Times attacked President Obama’s treatment of the Jewish state.

Maintenant, c’est au tour du flamboyant millionnaire américain Donald Trump de se porter à l’avant-scène du pseudo mouvement des « Birthers ». Et les pathétiques « patriotes » sont en train de tomber en amour avec ce menteur et escroc, ils le prennent pour un des leurs!

The Piper Report (podcast) April 26, 2011

Trump’s sudden interest in Barack Obama’s
birthplace–simple curiosity or a blackmail
operation on the part of Israel? MCP pursues
this and other questions in tonight’s program.
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Trump est en fait une façade des intérêts sionistes, du crime organisé juif, du Mossad, des Bronfman, des Rothschild.. Voir: Les intérêts Rothschild derrière Donald Trump (tiré de The New Jerusalem, Michael Collins Piper). Voir aussi: Trump wants to be president—But will mob ties derail the flamboyant frontman? Michael Collins Piper

Pourquoi le certificat de naissance d’Obama n’a aucune importance:

Obama’s Birth Certificate: Not the Issue
by Tony Cartalucci

To observers like Bangkok-based columnist Tony Cartalucci, President Obama’s birth certificate controversy is nothing but a red herring. The argument that this issue makes-or-breaks his legitimacy as president pales in comparison to the realization that the entire office of the president has been usurped for at least 2 decades. Like it or not, according to this author, the real government consists of unelected bankers and corporate special interests.

29 April 2011

Of course, a candidate must meet legal requirements before running for public office. This is a universally agreed upon concept which has been enumerated in laws in every nation, since the beginning of human civilization. However, for those who deeply examine the United States and how it has drifted from a constitutional republic to the corporate-financier oligarchy it is today, they might realize the futility of arguing over « President » Obama’s qualifications for an office that has long been ceremonial, if not entirely theatrical.

The corporate-financier agenda transcends presidencies. From Reagan to Obama, US foreign and domestic policy has moved in a continuously linear direction toward increasing corporate-financial monopolies and eroding the role and sovereignty of the US Constitution and the people who are supposed to execute it. In 1991, « Neo-Conservative » war monger Paul Wolfowitz stated that the Middle East would be turned upside down and reordered in America’s favor – ironically, this operation which has been piecemeal planned and executed year-by-year since then, is finally unfolding in its entirety under the supposedly « liberal » Obama administration. [1]

Likewise, the seemingly « liberal » free-trade agreements pushed by Clinton, were expanded into the beginnings of the supranational Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America under the supposedly « conservative » Bush administration. Of course, the blueprints for the SPP [2] or the geopolitical reordering of the Middle East weren’t drawn up by presidential administrations nor committees amongst America’s elected representatives, but rather by unelected corporate-funded think-tanks [3] like the Council on Foreign Relations or the Brookings Institute. These think-tanks represent the collective interests of the largest corporations and financial institutions on earth and are the real, often obscure architects of both American and European foreign and domestic policy.

The only difference one can delineate then, is the brand of propaganda used during each supposedly ideologically differentiated political administration to sell this unipolar, unilateral, continuous agenda to the public as it creeps forward. But even upon examining each presidential administration, we are struck with names and affiliations of members who directly represent these corporate interests.

JPEG - 38 kb
Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner (left) and Attorney General Eric Holder (center).

To illustrate how entirely ineffectual and meaningless « Obama » is as a president, let’s examine some key members of his administration and what their affiliations are.

- Timothy Geithner (Secretary of the Treasury): Group of 30, Council on Foreign Relations, private Federal Reserve
- Eric Holder (Attorney General): Covington & Burling lobbying for Merck and representing Chiquita International Brands in lawsuits brought by relatives of people killed by Colombian terrorists.
- Eric Shinseki (Secretary of Veteran Affairs): US Army, Council on Foreign Relations, Honeywell director (military contractor), Ducommun director (military contractor).
- Rahm Emanuel (former Chief of Staff): Freddie Mac
- William Daley (Chief of Staff): JP Morgan executive committee member
- Susan Rice (UN Ambassador): McKinsey and Company, Brookings Institute, Council on Foreign Relations
- Peter Orszag, (former Budget Director): Citi Group, Council on Foreign Relations
- Paul Volcker: Council on Foreign Relations, private Federal Reserve, Group of 30
- Ronald Kirk (US Trade Representative): lobbyist, part of Goldman Sachs, Kohlberg, Kravis, Roberts, and Texas Pacific Group partnership to buyout Energy Future Holdings.
- Lawrence Summers (National Economic Council Director): World Bank, Council on Foreign Relations

Who amongst Obama’s administration can we honestly presume has the people’s, or even America’s best interests at heart? Goldman Sachs bankers? JP Morgan bankers? Corporate lobbyists? Indeed, these are the same banking, corporate, and political interests that guided the agenda under Bush, Clinton, Bush Sr., Regan and so on. While there is some debate over which US president was in fact the last « real » president who exercised an agenda it genuinely could claim ownership over, there is no doubt that over the last two decades the same corporate interests have been entirely steering America’s people and their destiny with but the veneer of « democracy. »

Had John McCain won the elections in 2008, you could rest assured he would have taken US policy in the exact same direction Obama is going today. In fact, McCain is one of the key players who has helped fund and organize the current unrest sweeping the Middle East, along with a myriad of other « Republicans » and « Neo-Conservatives. » The « Arab Spring » itself was planned and being staged before Obama even took office.

Ideologically, President Obama’s qualifications are important and many are right to question them. Realistically, they are a red herring, as is his entire presidency. He is in charge of exactly nothing, most likely not even the tie he puts on in the morning and surely not the words that come out of his mouth. His entire function is to perpetuate the facade that America is still run by an elected government and not an illegitimate oligarchy of corporations and financial institutions. Arguing over his birth certificate engenders him with legitimacy in and of itself – suggesting that if he had proper qualifications he would be a « legitimate » president. But he, like his predecessor Bush, are both entirely illegitimate, as is the system they purportedly preside over.

Recognizing this grave reality, and instead concentrating on the corporate-financier interests that have hijacked American politics is essential to restoring a true constitutional republic. For it is not whose hands we think hold the power, it is in whose hands that really hold the power that shapes US policy. Definitively, US policy does not favor the people, definitively the power is not in the people’s hands. As long as we grasp to the illusion that through the futile exercise of elections we are somehow « in control, » it will remain this way perpetually. The fact that our president is in charge of absolutely nothing and that his duties have long been shifted to an unelected corporate-financier oligarchy is the issue, not his dubious qualifications.

Tony Cartalucci

Rothschild-Backed ‘Third’ Party Emerges

by Michael Collins Piper

A host of international plutocrats, including Lady Lynn Forrester de Rothschild, have set in motion a “grass-roots”movement to launch a “centrist” third party to be on the ballot in the 2012 presidential election. The group calls itself Americans Elect (AE). With $20million now in their war chest, they are engaged in a well-funded effort to get ballot status for their new party all across the country.
Because the group is legally designated a non political, tax-exempt social welfare organization, it is not obligated to disclose the names of its obviously well-heeled contributors—said to be only 300 to 400 in number—who are bankrolling its operations.
As of mid-July, the group had already gained ballot access in Arizona, Alaska, Kansas and Nevada. Efforts are now under way in Michigan, Hawaii, Missouri, Florida and California, while many more states are also being targeted.
AMERICAN FREE PRESS has been alone among the media in reporting on the intrigues of those conspiring to foist an ostensibly “independent” political party on the American people, although some dissident voices on the Internet have started to pick up on the story.
The chief operating director ofAmericans Elect (AE), Elliot Ackerman, claims his group doesn’t take money from special interests, but his protests are disingenuous when one considers the names and high-level financial connections of the people—including his own father—who are involved in AE.
Working with elite to form controlled third party.

Ackerman’s father, PeterAckerman, is a veteran Wall Street operator who collaborated with infamous junk bond king and Israeli lobby stalwart Michael Milken during the 1980s. The senior Ackerman is also among 13 members of the New York-based Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) who serve on the board of advisors for AE. The fact that the aforementioned Lady Rothschild is also among themis no coincidence. The CFR is the American wing of the Rothschild-controlled Royal Institute of International Affairs, the foreign policy wing of the Rothschild empire.
Another CFR member active in AE is Douglas Schoen, a veteran Democratic Party political consultant who, despite his partisan background—like Lady Rothschild—has been adamant about the need for President Barack Obama to be ousted from office in 2012. A lifelong Democrat, de Rothschild backed Republican John McCain over Obama in 2008. Since that time she and Schoen have been writing and speaking publicly about their intentions of seeing Obama displaced from the White House. Likewise, both have been touting the need for a “centrist” challenge to both Obama and any potential “extremist” nominated by the Republican Party.
As AFP has repeatedly pointed out, The Washington Post—which is owned inmajor part by financial interests historically connected to the Rothschild financial dynasty—has been promoting the concept of a “centrist” third party movement as has The New York Times. On Sept. 1, the Post even went so far as to publish a commentary pointedly entitled “Billionaires to the Rescue” that hailed the efforts o AE.
The author of this piece, Matt Miller, suggested that wealthy patrons should continue to bankroll AE (as they have already done) and urged that some independent minded American billionaire put himself and his fortune forward to lead the new third party.
Miller wrote: “If you’re rich, serious about changing the world and think that our two-party tyranny has become part of the problem, there’s no better time to invest in disruptive political innovation. The country you save may be your own.”
The fact that such big money forces are promoting this endeavor should set off alarm bells among serious grass-roots folks who believe in the need to break the back of our controlled two-party system.
In the year ahead, the mass media will begin to unveil this “new alternative,” but truly independent-minded voters need to know the facts about this movement and how it’s being orchestrated behind the scenes. Why more independent newspapers, magazines and Internet voices are not blowing the whistle—as AFP has done—on this conspiracy remains a mystery, but you can count on AFP to continue to bring you updates as they develop.

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