Les plus importants pourvoyeurs de haine anti-Islam aux USA appartiennent à quelle communauté, d’après vous?

Ce ne sont pas des Chrétiens, ce sont des Juifs! Cela, même la Ligue anti-diffamation ne peut le nier.

David Yerushalmi: A Driving Force Behind Anti-Sharia Efforts in the U.S.
Le pourvoyeur numéro un de haine anti-Islam aux États-Unis, selon l’ADL. Il exècre les juifs de gauche. Il est le père du rapport anti-Sharia présenté au Congrès US. Lié aussi à « l’équipe B » qui subverti la CIA à l’aube de la guerre en Irak. Si ‘extrême’ que même le néocon juif Daniel Pipes, un ami de Geert Wilders, s’en distancie

Backgrounder: Stop Islamization of America (SIOA)
Organisation anti-Islam importante dirigé par la juive sioniste Pamela Geller (fan d’Ayn Rand, Geert Wilders (pt2), Bat Ye’or et Sarah Palin) et Robert Spencer, directeur de Jihad Watch, qui appelle à l’interdiction de la religion islamique. Major Pro-Israel Giver Funds ‘Jihad Watch’.
Geller se déchaîne sur les ondes israéliennes, reprenant le même vocabulaire que les kahanistes: déraciner le mal, l’écraser, l’éradiquer.

Anti-Muslim Bigot Robert Spencer Comes to the Defense of Genocidal Site “BareNakedIslam”

Iran: Yet Another Case Study in Robert Spencer’s Hypocrisy and Double Standards

Pamela Geller Associate John Jay Openly Calls for Mass Murder 30 Sep 2011
One of the groups founded by anti-Muslim demagogues Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer is called the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), an “umbrella” group that provides cover for their other activities and funding for their anti-Muslim advertisements.

VIDEO – Pamela Geller Speaks NYC Pro-Israel rally Against Obama’s Anti-Israel Policies
On voit que Pamela Geller perçoit Obama comme une grande menace pour l’Amérique. Le plus sérieusement du monde, elle le tient responsable de l’ « islamisation » des USA!

SPLC: Pam Geller Announces New International Anti-Muslim Effort

‘Ex-terrorist’ rakes in homeland security bucks

CNN exposes ‘terror expert’ as a fraud

VIDEO – Terror training fraud? Part 1 – Jewish Task Force’s Anti-Muslim Campaign
La JTF est un groupe violent qui, contrairement à la JDL, n’est pas interdit en sol américain.

Backgrounder: ACT! for America
Organisation dirigée par Brigitte Gabriel—pseudonyme d’une Libanaise sioniste anti-Islam.

Gisèle Littman (née Orebi), écrivant sous le pseudonyme Bat Ye’or, dénonce l’invasion de l’Europe par le monde arabo-musulman (antisémite) et prophétise l’avènement d’une Eurabie dans son livre Eurabia–The Euro Arab Axis (video). Ce dernier est louangé notamment par le néocon juif Daniel Pipes, Martin Gilbert (biographe de Churchill) et Niall Ferguson (biographe officiel des Rothschild!).

Est-ce là une simple coïncidence: toujours-est-il que ce délire correspond très exactement aux prophéties répandues par les Sionistes pseudo-chrétiens (John Hagee, etc.), qui prétendent qu’à la Fin des Temps, l’Europe intrinsèquement antisémite sera dirigée par l’anti-Christ qui déclenchera une grande guerre mondiale – la dernière de toutes – contre l’État d’Israël et le peuple Élu. Dans d’autres sermons, le pasteur John Hagee identifie clairement l’Islam à l’anti-Christ!

In his book Jerusalem Countdown: A Warning to the World, Hagee interprets the Bible to predict that Russia and the Islamic states will invade Israel and will be destroyed by God. This will cause the antichrist, the head of the European Union, to create a confrontation over Israel between China and the West. The book echoes predictions made in The Late, Great Planet Earth, the best-selling 1970 book co-authored by Hal Lindsey and Carole C. Carlson.Source: Wikipedia–John Hagee)

Bat Ye’or considère que le site de Ground Zero est sacré et que la mosquée voisine du site représente une « attaque terroriste » contre l’Amérique, contre la mémoire des victimes et contre le caractère sacré du lieu.

Santorum warns of “Eurabia,” issues call to “evangelize and eradicate” Muslims

The Jewish Lawyer Behind the Anti-Shariah Movement



Sharia Hysteria: Neo-con Hatemongers Peddle Disinformation

shariaBy Michael Collins Piper.

There’s nothing “grassroots” about the growing national campaign—some would call it “hysteria”—focusing on the supposed threat of Islamic sharia taking hold in America.

Sharia refers to a code of conduct or laws that have been derived from the Muslim holy book, the Koran, and from the teachings and example of Mohammed. Although some initially condemned AMERICAN FREE PRESS for suggesting that pro-Israeli ideologues have been the primary force behind the constant chatter about “the Muslims” and sharia, no less than The New York Times revealed in a detailed and lengthy story beginning on its front page on July 31 that, in fact, a small, well-financed clique of Israeli lobby intriguers are the source of the agitation. The Times’ revelations speak for themselves:

[The] campaign’s air of grassroots spontaneity,which has been carefully promoted by advocates, shrouds its more deliberate origins. In fact, it is the product of an orchestrated drive that began five years ago in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, in the office of a little-known lawyer, David Yerushalmi, a 56- year-old Hasidic Jew with a history of controversial statements about race, immigration and Islam. Despite his lack of formal training in Islamic law, Mr. Yerushalmi has come to exercise a striking influence over American public discourse about sharia.

Working with a cadre of conservative public-policy institutes and former military and intelligence officials, Mr.Yerushalmi has written privately financed reports, filed lawsuits against the government and drafted the model legislation that recently swept through the country—all with the effect of casting sharia as one of the greatest threats to American freedom since the Cold War.

This admission by the Times (and the extensive documentation it provides) should prove embarrassing to a number of otherwise independent-minded American nationalists—including more than a few well-known patriot leaders and figures in the white separatist movement—who have been energetically parroting the anti-Muslim rhetoric promoted by Yerushalmi and his associates, the foremost of whom is Frank Gaffney.

Gaffney’s antecedents alone are revealing and point to the origins of the campaign against sharia and Muslims in general. A ubiquitous longtime advocate for Israel in high level Washington policy-making circles, Gaffney—one of the now infamous neo-conservative “high priests of war”—is the founder of the Center for Security Policy (CSP),which has been described as being known for its support for “extreme right wing Israeli causes.”

Yerushalmi—who spent time in Israel working for a conservative think tank—happens to be the CSP’s general counsel.

Gaffney will be remembered as one of the founding associates of the hard-line pro-Israeli Project for the New American Century, which openly declared the need for a “new Pearl Harbor” to energize and popularize support for American military intervention in the Middle East and around the globe.

In fact, the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001—attributed to “the Muslims”—provided that new Pearl Harbor of which Gaffney and his colleagues dreamed.

Going back to the 1970s, Gaffney worked alongside the infamous Richard Perle on the staff of Sen. Henry M. Jackson (DWash.), who was one of Israel’s primary cheerleaders in Congress. They have worked closely ever since, including a stint by Gaffney working under Perle in the Defense Department during the Reagan administration. Perle himself has served on the CSP board of directors as has Morris Amitay, former director of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. It is no coincidence that—at one time or another during the 1980s— Perle and others among his and Gaffney’s close associates—including the late Stephen J. Bryen, former Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz and former Undersecretary of Defense Douglas Feith—were all investigated by the FBI on various matters relating to espionage on behalf of Israel.

Meanwhile, some prominent names in the Republican presidential arena—including Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Herman Cain, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich (whose political ventures have been funded to the tune of millions by Las Vegas gambling kingpin Sheldon Adelson, who calls himself “the richest Jew in the world”)—have all joined in warning about sharia law gaining a stranglehold on the American system.

So while the United States is in freefall with unemployment not going away and healthcare and all manner of public and social services being disrupted— not to mention the collapse of our national infrastructure—Wall Street (which is not controlled by Muslims, by the way) is getting away with looting the economy.

But a growing number of politicians and allied interest groups are pointing toward sharia as the biggest danger facing the American way of life.


Although there are many nations that have predominant Muslim populations and of which there are many that have adopted Islam as the official state religion, all of these “Muslim” nations base their systems of government on secular law, not sharia. This even includes Indonesia, which has the largest Muslim population of any nation, and Pakistan, which was founded as an Islamic state.

As for the mistreatment of women, often attributed to Islam and to sharia, all the cases that have been propagandized regarding this issue fail to mention that they have nothing to do with the enforcement of sharia. These incidents are the work of some elements that live in Muslim countries, and their actions are not related to Islamic teachings.

Orthodox Judaism—which many Christians revere—has a history of organized oppression of women, quite readily visible in Israel today and in some Jewish communities in America. This is not so widely publicized in the mass media as are the constant stories relating to alleged Muslim
misdeeds in regard to women.

One can go on the Internet and find countless cases of rape and molestation of women in western countries, but it would be wrong to say they reflect the mindset of the entire community these people come from or perhaps share religious beliefs with. Every year more women are raped in the United States than in any other nation—which is most assuredly not a Muslim-dominated country.

Michael Collins Piper is a world-renowned author, journalist, lecturer and radio show host. He has spoken in Russia, Malaysia, Iran, Abu Dhabi, Japan, Canada and, of course, the United States. He is the author of Final Judgment, The New Jerusalem, The High Priests of War, Dirty Secrets, My First Days in the White House, The New Babylon, The Judas Goats: The Enemy Within, Target: Traficant and The Golem: Israel’s Nuclear Hell Bomb. He is also the editor of Share the Wealth: Huey Long vs Wall Street.


The Piper Report Aug 1, 2011

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MCP delves into the latest news coming out of the NYT involving Jewish lawyer David Yerushalmi and the Zionist role in fomenting the anti-Islamic hysteria in the US and Europe that has gripped much of the patriot/white nationalist movement.

Also–will/should Alex Jones run for president?

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VIDEO – Israel finances conflict between Christians & Muslims (Max Blumenthal est un juif antisioniste efficace)

Pro-Israelis Turning U.S. into Islamophobic Police State

VIDEO – Pastor Hagee – Islam a religion of DEATH!

VIDEO – Glenn Beck w/ John Hagee Bible prophecies

VIDEO – Beck–”Islam is the Anti-Christ” – écouter la 2e partie comparant le 12e Imam à l’anti-Christ (résumé)

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Jewish supremacists in Jerusalem chanting “Muhammad is dead” and “Butcher the Arabs”

VIDEO – Feeling the Hate (Against Obama and Islam) in New York


VIDEO – Feeling the Hate in Tel-Aviv (Sequel to the video youtube censored)

VIDEO – Pro-Israel demonstrator: « Radical Islam must be defeated »

The Likud Connection: Europe’s Right-Wing Populists Find Allies in Israel

America’s Anti-Muslim Jihadists on the March Again

2012 Presidential Race: Exploiting Islamophobia to Win Big

The sharia myth sweeps America

Islamophobie : Le rôle des Médias (eva R-sistons)

Quand la France flirte avec l’islamophobie

Une laïcité à géométrie variable : Le procès récurrent de l’Islam

Les colons sionistes ont mis le feu à une mosquée en CisJordanie

Beck hoping to make Jerusalem mega-event bipartisan: Attracting Democrats may be challenging due to commentator’s controversial image, frequent criticism of Obama’s policies on Israel.

Glenn Beck’s Jerusalem rally program unveiled
The multi-million dollar production is expected to be attended by a convoy of American dignitaries, including former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. US Senator Joe Lieberman, a independent, and Republicans Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Mike Huckabee and Congresswoman Michelle Bachman are to join Beck at the rally as well.

VIDEO – Glenn Beck at Christians United For Israel 2011: ‘We cast our lots with Jews & Israel to resist Islamic & leftist fascism’

VIDEO – PT. 1-5 Glenn Beck, Joel Rosenberg talk about the end times

VIDEO – Judas goats Glenn Beck and Joel Rosenberg’s Israeli propaganda

VIDEO – Glenn Beck & John Hagee End Time Bible Prophecies

VIDEO – PRT. 1 of 4 Glenn Beck speaks w/ Benjamin Netanyahu

VIDEO – History of Hatred Against Israel and Jews -Glenn Beck

The National Jewish Democratic Council blasted what it said was a Republican « obsession » with Muslims.

Congress holds second hearings on “violent Islam”

L’occupation judaïse al-Aqsa : elle s’attaque aux noms des quartiers et des rues

A number of initiatives are circulating in Congress targeting the Palestinians in the wake of their diplomatic tensions with Israel.

Waves of attacks against West Bank mosques

Lebanon’s Sarah Palin Meets Captain America

VIDEO – Rev Terry Jones in Dearborn 4 with Rabbi Nachum Shifren Underscoring the point we have made both on this website and in the radio interview I did personally with the lunatic Terry Jones, it is Jewish interests behind (and with the most to gain from) all the anti-Islamic hysteria taking place in America and throughout the west. That Jones would dedicate his energies to exposing the ‘dangers’ of Islam alongside a rabbi, who has dedicated his very existence to the destruction of western Christian civilization shows just how far gone right wing Christian America has become.

VIDEO – Israël et l’extrême droite européenne Résumé du reportage de Canal +«La déferlante anti-islam : Enquête sur la nouvelle extrême-droite », présentant les liens entre Israël et l’extrême droite européenne.

VIDEO – Spécial investigation La déferlante anti-islam


Jusqu’à récemment, les nationalistes condamnaient avant tout les politiques d’immigration. Subitement, toute l’attention des médias et la vindicte des « nationalistes » s’est tournée contre l’Islam et l’immigration musulmane! Comment expliquer un changement de focus aussi radical, selon vous? Comment expliquer que les médias (sous contrôle) ont changé de discours aussi radicalement en si peu de temps, passant de l’antiracisme immigrophile militant à la haine raciste anti-Islam et anti-Arabe la plus vulgaire?


Et ne vous paraît-il pas évident que les organisations juives, lorsqu’elles se portent publiquement à la défense de l’Islam, ne font que redoubler d’hypocrisie pour tromper la plèbe, la grande masse des naïfs?


N’ayez crainte: l’Islam et la Charia ne sont pas une menace, et certainement pas une menace comparable à celle de l’internationale ploutocratique sioniste!


Les sionistes ont réussi à se monter une petite armée informelle composée principalement d’idiots utiles qui se chargent de répandre la haine anti-Islam, surtout chez les peuples anciennement chrétiens.

Il est pour le moins étrange de voir le camp nationaliste gober sans discernement tout ce que les médias peuvent raconter sur le compte des musulmans, alors que d’habitude ils ne croient pas les médias…


« Comme il y a beaucoup d’Arabes, je leur disais que j’étais en prison car j’avais écrit des choses qui déplaisaient aux juifs. J’étais aussitôt leur grand pote ! Mais aucun ne comprenait qu’en France l’on pût être mis en prison pour de simples écrits. Au départ ils ne me croyaient pas ! »Témoignage de Vincent Reynouard, après sa sortie de prison pour délit d’opinionn…

Vous comprenez maintenant pourquoi les sionistes auraient intérêt à ce que vous leviez le nez sur les Arabes?


Plus d’infos:

Les Arabes musulmans ont le dos large par les temps qui courent

Les sionistes ont quasiment achevé la civilisation chrétienne, maintenant c’est au tour des Arabo-musulmans

Un Geert Wilders québécois: Eric Duhaime

N’ayez crainte: le Charia ne risque pas d’être imposée ici, tant que nous resteront sous la bienveillance férule sioniste
En effet, la Charia ordonnerait la mise à mort des usuriers! La position de l’Église concernant l’Usure n’est pas plus tolérante.

Au tour des colons fanatiques israéliens de brûler le Coran

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