Le Hamas dénonce l’escroquerie de l’Holocauste

Hamas Media on How Jews Gained From Holocaust
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Articles in Hamas Media on How Jews Gained From Holocaust: ‘The Holocaust Is One of the Widest Doorways Through Which Jews Entered the Western World’

On January 19, 2011, the website Palestine-info.info, which is associated with Hamas, published an antisemitic article by columnist ‘Abd Al-‘Aziz Kahil. The following day, the Gaza-based Hamas publication Falastin published another antisemitic article by Huda Baroud. The articles, which question the scope of the Holocaust and the existence of the gas chambers, claim that Jews cynically exploit the story of the Holocaust to sow guilt in the West, as a way to achieve their national and economic goals.

tFollowing are excerpts from both articles:

Kahil: « The Holocaust Is One of the Widest Doorways Through Which Jews Entered the Western World »

‘Abd Al-‘Aziz Kahil wrote: « The Holocaust is one of the widest doorways through which Jews entered the Western world. Thanks to it, they have enjoyed support, triggered emotions, shaped ideas, prevented [people] from using their brains, and accumulated a massive fortune. In its name, they committed and still commit [various] forms of mental/ideological terror and political and media takeover. They have transformed the persecution of the Jews by the Nazis – regardless of its veracity, scope, and secrets – into a sin that the entire world carries on its back… [presenting it not as] a historical event but more as a scientific truth that can never be reassessed… but only confirmed and reinforced – so much so that in Western Europe, examining it has become a shameful crime, which causes [doubters] to be placed on trial, even if they rely on official documents, living testimony, journalistic research, or academic writing.

« In this way, the Jews have created a serious, ugly accusation that they called ‘antisemitism,’ and they use it to smear anyone who dares criticize the Zionist entity, or any Jewish organization or body for any reason, regardless of whether or not they are right and whether or nor their evidence is conclusive.

« Thus, the Jews have succeeded in creating a dangerous [mechanism], whereby the hangman takes on the identity of the victim and allows himself to commit every ugly transgression and crime – since the media never allows the face of the despicable hangman to be shown, but rather shows the image of an victim under attack who is constantly defending himself, and is even tolerant and forbearing toward the Arab and Muslim hangmen…

« Using a sustained media assault since the establishment of the Zionist entity in Palestine, and especially since June, 1967, the Jews have succeeded in imposing on Western public opinion their view of what they call ‘the Holocaust,’ as well as the struggle in the Middle East, and [to portray their view] as solid facts that cannot be debated. This intense media [effort] affected [even] the Arab political and cultural arena, and found sympathy among some of the influential elements there. Those [elements] did not settle for merely becoming convinced [of the correctness of this view], but adopted it and began to preach it as justified and inescapable.

« This shift was a primary opening to overt and clandestine normalization with the Zionist enemy, and [created] a clear rift in the Arab mental fabric, which was once united in its view of Jews as aggressors who stole the land and committed many massacres, and who should never be treated with anything but words of repulsion and hate, until our rights are restored. »

The West is Losing Its Holocaust Complex

« One of the paradoxes that characterize the period of normalization – nay, of official Arab groveling – is that Western [public opinion], both official and popular, is gradually sobering up from its total support of the Hebrew state, and from its surrender to Jewish haggling. There is more and more evidence of this [even] in the U.S. – the chief guardian of the Zionist entity, and possibly even its servant – as well as in Western Europe.

« An example is the book The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering by the American historian and political science expert Norman Finkelstein. This book was published 10 years ago, but did not resonate strongly with the Arab public, despite its great importance, which is manifested in fieldwork based on intensive studies. [The book determines] that the Jews exploit the issue of the Holocaust to gather a massive fortune for private and sectoral purposes, and in order to achieve aggressive, tyrannical control in the global arena, and that the Holocaust – without addressing the ponderous question of its historical veracity – is nothing but a public relations campaign taking place in the West in general and the U.S. in particular. This is meant to grant the Jews – as individuals, as an entity, and as an idea – a strong financial and political infrastructure, which gives them immunity and grants them access to all fields in every place, as well as protection from criticism and even from prosecution…

« It hasn’t escaped anyone’s notice that the Jews have achieved control – or at the very least, a lobby – in governments and organizations. This is a fact that nobody denies… The Jews have achieved this by cultivating a sense of ‘victimhood,’ along with feelings of guilt that were planted in [the minds of] the German people and other Western peoples, which have become a guilt complex due to the exile and many crimes inflicted upon the Jews by the Nazis in the first half of the 20th century in many European countries.

« It should be mentioned that some researchers believe that Europeans do not suffer from this complex, and that their support of the Zionist state and of the Jews is [simply] a way to keep them [i.e. the Jews] far away [from them], after the bitter experience of living alongside them for hundreds of years. »

Jews Have Cynically Exploited Their Religion

« Finkelstein details different methods that Jewish elements used in order to gather an illegal fortune, while promoting false claims about the suffering of the Jews. He points to three important issues, which are:

– The number of Holocaust survivors in 1998 was greater than it was in 1945.

– In their propaganda on the Holocaust and against Nazism, the Jews ignored non-Jewish groups who suffered from Hitler’s regime, like Gypsies and Slavs. They covered them with dirt, so that only [the Jews’] personal suffering remain in people’s memory.

– Many American Jews have no connection to religion, but they use it for their political and material purposes. This fact is also true of their secular, atheist brethren in occupied Palestine.

« While [some] great American scholars, chiefly Noam Chomsky, greeted Finkelstein’s book with respect, others condemned him and launched a harsh media campaign against him, accusing him of antisemitism, even though he is a Jew.

« Because the book made such a great impression on them, they mockingly called it ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion of the Twenty-First Century,’ and sued [its author] and its publisher in France for spreading racist hatred.

« As I’ve stated, the official and popular circles in the West are slowly breaking free of Jewish control, and have begun to dare criticize the Jews in general, and the Zionist entity in particular, for their plots, hostility, and arrogance. Public opinion polls have shown that more than half of Europeans believe that the Jews are a threat to world peace.

« One of America’s most prominent businessmen, Mel Rockefeller, told an Arab newspaper in early December 2010 [that the entity] called the State of Israel is the source of terrorism in the world, and has blackened the face of the U.S. because of the pact between them. A few years ago we wouldn’t have imagined that such opinions would be expressed.

« This is a golden opportunity for free Arab media to launch a campaign to expose the [true face] of the Zionist enemy using figures and pictures, to present the real image of our struggle against it, and to once again raise the question of the wrongs that the West, acting on Jewish orders, has done to Palestine, the Arabs, and the Muslims.

« There is another associated and complimentary mission that awaits us: Garnering support in Western media and cultural circles that have broken free of the Jewish ideological terrorism, and which support our cause and write the truth about the Jews in the past and the present. This is our new campaign against the Jews. We should devote the necessary efforts to it, and focus our interests on it… »[2]


Baroud: The Holocaust – A Jewish Invention

Huda Baroud wrote: « Every year the Jews make various speeches about their people who were ‘killed’ in what they called the massacre or the Holocaust committed by ‘Hitler the Nazi’ and Germany in World War II, while demanding that the world feel compassion and mercy for them. According to these false claims, ‘[the victims of the Holocaust] were peaceloving people, whom Hitler and his soldiers gathered into gas chambers that turned their skin and flesh into dust, merely because they were Jews.’

« The story of the Holocaust was told… in a way that convinced everyone that only a few Jews managed to escape it, especially by means of exhibitions that featured testimonials of people who escaped and others who miraculously avoided death, as well as various photographs that confirm the involvement of Hitler’s soldiers [in the massacre].

« A few qualified historians who focus on world history have disproven many details [related] to the Holocaust, while Israel [invented] imaginary details that forced Germany to compensate it, and at the same time killed Palestinians in events far more cruel and violent than the Holocaust. And, unlike Germany, [it did this] without apologizing or paying restitution and promising to never repeat the massacres.

« Well, what is the truth about the Jewish Holocaust, that some deny and others believe? Is it really worthy of commemoration, while hundreds of massacres committed against the rights of the Palestinians fall by the wayside? How does the Arab citizen regard this massacre? This, and other questions are answered by [the newspaper] Filastin in the following analysis:

« In one of his studies, Islamic historian Muhammad Al-Sayyad defined the Holocaust as ‘a religious Jewish term that indicates a sacrifice to God that was entirely burned away at the altar.’ [According to him], the Jews used this term to describe their false claims of the mass killing they endured. In his study, published by Al-Azhar University in Cairo in 2008, he adds that the expression ‘Holocaust’ is religious in itself, but when [the Jews] used it in their false claims of mass killing, they took it out of its historic and cultural context, [thus] divesting it of [religious] sanctity…

« …Many foreign researchers and experts, who could not find any trace of the gas that the Jews claim was used to kill them, have denied the Holocaust. The German chemist Germar Rudolf has proven in his study – whose publication caused him to be imprisoned – that no trace of the gas that was supposedly used to kill the Jews could be found in any of the detention camps. It would be natural for traces [of this gas] to remain in the soil for hundreds of years, but none were actually found.

« Further confirmation [comes from] the French physicist and researcher Robert Faurisson, who wrote that ‘no one from the Auschwitz camp – that was supposedly the largest death camp for Jews – or from anywhere else, can show us a single model of these chemical slaughterhouses. No one can describe their appearance or mode of operation exactly. There hasn’t been a single remnant or hint of their existence, not one plan or blueprint. Nothing. Nothing but ‘proof’ on display, that often evokes sympathy, like the rebuilt gas chamber at the Auschwitz camp, that historians and even the Auschwitz museum administration know is a fake.' »

The Holocaust – A Goose that Lays Golden Eggs

« On an episode of ‘the Opposite Direction’ on Al-Jazeera TV on the Israeli Holocaust and the establishment of the State of Israel, political activist and writer Dr. Ibrahim ‘Aloush, who was a guest on the show, disproved the myth of the Holocaust… He stated that this lie had passed from the historic [dimension] to the political and media [dimension], and said: ‘[This false claim] justifies the need for [the state of Israel]… as well as the Zionist movement’s disregard for U.N. resolutions… It is also a means of political and financial extortion of public opinion, by [exploiting] the West’s collective guilt complex over the fictional Holocaust.’ [By that] he meant the financial restitution of $10 million a year that Israel received for 12 years starting in 1952.

« On that same program, French historian Robert Faurisson said: ‘We have proven… that there was no Jewish Holocaust, there were no gas chambers for Jews, and that the figure of six million victims is inflated.’

« Arab historian D. Fares Al-Hajj Jum’a quoted [former] Israeli Knesset Member Uri Avneri in a study he published in 2006 regarding the heroes of the Jewish Holocaust…: ‘The Zionist interest in the Holocaust stemmed more [from the desire] to exploit it politically in order to establish a Jewish state in Palestine than from compassion for the Jews.’ Dr. Jum’a adds that ‘the Holocaust is an Israeli invention… and moreover, is a magical goose that lays golden [eggs]…’

Adolph Eichmann, who was called ‘The Engineer of the Holocaust’… admitted, upon his capture and trial as a war criminal, that there was a secret agreement between him and the Gestapo – the German secret police – according to which the Nazis guaranteed the safety of several hundred Jewish sites in return for maintaining order in the detention camps. Not even the admission of the ‘Engineer of the Holocaust’ mentioned the Holocaust…

« This affirms the suspicion regarding the involvement of the Jews themselves in harming their own people… »[2]


[1] www.Palestine-info.org, January 19, 2011.

[2] Falastin (Gaza), January 20, 2011.

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Holocaust Survivors in U.S.
May Get Special Health Care
By Michael Collins Piper


Before I tell you the news you need to know, let me tell you aboutmy beloved grandmother.As you’ll see, her story relates directly to the controversial subject I’m about to discuss.
“Nanny”—who died in 1987, at age 83—was a beautiful woman, who, by the way, looked like the famed Hollywood femme fataleMaryAstor. She and my grandfather were hardworking middle-class folks devoted to their family. But they faced much tragedy in life.
Their five-year-old boy was run over by a truck and killed at a time when my grandmother was pregnant.
Their one-year-old son was quite sickly and eventually died, while shortly thereaftermy grandmother suffered a miscarriage. Their surviving son soon developed juvenile diabetes that tormented himthroughout his brief existence.
He died young, but he gavemy grandmother two grandsons. One of those cherished kids also developed diabetes, and he too died young, having gone blind and having had a leg amputated.
Florida congresswomen pushing for special medical
benefits only for survivors of Jewish “Holocaust.”
In the meantime, my grandfather was killed in a construction accident, his arm torn off by a falling girder.
Not long after, my grandmother herself developed diabetes, and it plagued her for the rest of her life. She remarried, but her new husband was stricken with tuberculosis and was hospitalized for most of their three years together before he died.
Despite all this, my grandmother was not bitter.A joy to be around, she had a great sense of humor and sharp wit. I visited her regularly, took her out to lunch, and we watched her favorite soap opera at her small apartment in a low-income housing project. She finally had a debilitating stroke and—mercifully—died before she had to go to a nursing home, the one thing she didn’twant to do.
Now letme tell you the news that should astound you and every otherAmerican taxpayer.
Right now—when millions ofAmericans, young and old alike, have no healthcare insurance or otherwise have insurance that hardly pays their medical bills—two members of Congress from Florida, Reps. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D) and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R), have introduced a bill that will provide privileged taxpayer-financed healthcare for Jewish “Holocaust survivors” living in America, who are estimated to be 127,000 in number.
Their legislation, H.R. 2786, titled the “Holocaust Survivors Assistance Act of 2011,” would “amend the Older Americans Act of 1965 to provide social service agencies with the resources to provide services to meet the unique needs of Holocaust survivors to age in place with dignity, comfort, security and quality of life.”
What this high-sounding rhetoric means is that, according to The Jerusalem Post ofAug. 5, “Holocaust survivors in the U.S. will receive federal funds designed to help them age at home, rather than having to move to an institution.”
The JewishTelegraphAgency stated onAug. 3, “The bill would give Holocaust survivors preference in obtaining aging services.”The Jewish Federations of North America said the bill “strengthens agencies that support Holocaust survivors who wish to age in place rather than move into institutionalized care, which can often lead to retraumatization for these victims of terror and torture.”
The bill asserts: “As victims of terror and torture, these survivors have special needs to age in place in their communities. Institutionalized settings have a disproportionate adverse effect on Holocaust survivors, as these environments reintroduce the sights, sounds and routines of institutionalization that are reminiscent of experiences during the Holocaust.”
In other words, alleged Holocaust survivors shouldn’t have to stay in hospitals or nursing homes because such places supposedly remind them of concentration camps.
Most Americans, if they learned of this legislation, would decry the special benefits being granted to these supposed Holocaust survivors.Theymight also raise the question as to why, in a nation where we are constantly told we have separation of church and state, a particular religious group is singled out for special treatment at American taxpayer expense. But don’t count on the mass media to report on this abuse of our system.
The two congresswomen who introduced the legislation—backed by a bevy of liberal Democrats and conservative Republicans alike—are ethnically Jewish.
So now you see why I brought up my grandmother, who had many tragedies in her life, as have millions of other Americans, including perhaps your own relatives.
But my grandmother wouldn’t be eligible for the special treatment available to Holocaust survivors—and she was even one-quarterAmerican Indian.
Have we really come so far in “democratic” America that a particular ethnic community, which has a powerful lobby inWashington, is going to get special benefits for healthcare?Aren’t they content to dominate U.S. foreign policy, as they do today? Remember that American veterans, who are fighting the foreign wars demanded by the pro-Israeli lobby, are themselves battling to preserve their own healthcare benefits that faced cutbacks, even in the days of George “Support Our Troops” Bush, who launched those wars in the first place?
When your grandmother gets sick, just remember the answer to this question: “Who benefits?”
Michael Collins Piper is a world-renowned author, journalist, lecturer and radio show host. He has spoken in Russia, Malaysia, Iran, Abu Dhabi, Japan, Canada and, of course, the United States. He is the author of Final Judgment, The New Jerusalem, The High Priests ofWar, Dirty Secrets,My First Days in theWhite House, The New Babylon, The Judas Goats: The EnemyWithin, Target: Traficant and The Golem: Israel’s Nuclear Hell Bomb. He is also the editor of Share theWealth: Huey Long vsWall Street and An Appeal to Reason: A Compendium of theWritings ofWillis A. Carto. You can order any of these books with a credit card by callingAFP/FAB toll free at 1-888-699-6397 or calling FAB direct at 202-547-5585 to inquire about pricing and S&H; fees.


… pour combattre l’antisémitisme au Moyen-Orient ! L’objectif ne manque pas culot : »faire disparaître les éléments d’intolérance religieuse et de haine antisémite dans les livres scolaires, et promouvoir une éducation plus proche des sources juives de l’Islam« . La conseillère spéciale sur l’antisémitisme auprès du président Barack Obama, Hanna Rosenthal vient d’effectuer une tournée en Arabie Saoudite, en Jordanie, et au Liban, ou elle a rencontré des employés de l’ONU qui travaillent dans les camps de réfugiés. A la suite de la mission elle a déclaré « que ses impressions étaient mitigées ». « J’ai été émue lorsque des rares responsables arabes ont accepté (verbalement) d’enlever les passages antisémites des livres scolaires, et très contrariée lorsque je me suis heurtée à des refus ou à des manœuvres dilatoires ». Si les Saoudiens ont promis d’enlever quelques passages sulfureux, un fonctionnaire jordanien aurait déclaré à la conseillère « américaine » :

« qu’il refusait d’inclure le sujet de la Shoah dans les programmes scolaires car on n’enseigne pas des événements qui n’ont jamais existé ».




Nov 22, 2011 5:12 PM Est

The boys who cry “Holocaust”

The same neocon hawks who lied us into Iraq are using the ultimate argument-stopper to push war with Iran

The warmongers are at it again

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and neonconservative William Kristol (Credit: Reuters/Gage Skidmore)

We’ve been through this before. As one of the most disastrous wars in our history is coming to an inglorious end, the same neoconservative hawks who dreamed it up are agitating for a new war that would make Iraq look like the invasion of Grenada — and using the ultimate trump card in American politics to silence debate over it.
When hawks begin beating the drums for war in the Middle East, Israel is usually a big reason why. That was true in the run-up to the war in Iraq, and it is doubly true with the current hysteria over Iran. Despite disingenuous claims to the contrary, the only reason the U.S. is even talking about war with Iran is Israel. As the invaluable M.J. Rosenberg, who knows the working of the Israel lobby as only a former card-carrying member can, notes, “It is impossible to find a single politician or journalist advocating war with Iran who is not a neocon or an AIPAC cutout. (They’re often both.)”

Ever since the International Atomic Energy Agency released its overhyped, old-news report on Iran’s nuclear program, Israel’s amen corner in the U.S. has been loudly calling for war.
If American politics did not contain an enormous blind spot, no one would pay any attention to what these discredited ideologues have to say. The Iraq war they championed turned out to be one of the biggest foreign-policy disasters in U.S. history. Their ignorant and Islamophobic view of the Middle East is as breathtaking as their bland willingness to commit America to yet another ruinous war against a Muslim country, this time one four times larger than Iraq and with more than twice as many people. They have a demonstrated track record of complete failure.
Yet these incompetent militarists are still taken seriously. And the reason is simple: They purport to be supporters of Israel. In American politics, you can get away with even the most cracked war-mongering as long as you claim to be “pro-Israel.” And the ultimate get-out-of-jail-free card for anything having to do with Israel is the Holocaust.
To listen to the neocons and hawks, you’d think Hitler was about to send the tanks over the Polish border. Former U.S. ambassador and Dr. Strangelove impersonator John Bolton said, “The only alternative now is the potential for a pre-emptive military strike against their military program, either by the United States or Israel. Diplomacy has failed. Sanctions have failed.” For Bolton, Iran is the second coming of Nazi Germany: “If the choice is them continuing [towards a nuclear bomb] or the use of force, I think you’re at a Hitler marching into the Rhineland point … We’re still in 1936, but not for long.”
Jeffrey Goldberg, the former Israeli Defense Forces corporal and Atlantic writer, whose bogus claim in the New Yorker that Saddam Hussein might give his nonexistent WMD to al-Qaida helped convince some liberals to support the Iraq war, claims, “The Israeli case for preemption is compelling, and has been for some time.”
Why? “The leaders of Iran are eliminationist anti-Semites; men who, for reasons of theology, view the state of the Jews as a ‘cancer.’ They have repeatedly called for Israel’s destruction and worked to hasten that end, mainly by providing material support and training to two organizations, Hamas and Hezbollah, that specialize in the slaughter of innocent Jews. Iran’s leaders are men who deny the Holocaust while promising another.”
Goldberg acknowledged the downside for Israel of attacking Iran, including international isolation and retaliation, but for him that was a reason why America, not Israel, should threaten war.
“Numerous Israeli officials have told me that they are much less likely to recommend a preemptive strike of their own if they were reasonably sure that Obama was willing to use force. And if Iran’s leaders feared there was a real chance of a U.S. attack, they might actually modify their behavior,” Goldberg wrote. “I believe Obama would use force — and that he should make that perfectly clear to the Iranians.”
Neoconservative leader Bill Kristol, who was wrong about Iraq and was rewarded by being given a gig at the New York Times, where he quickly proved to be perhaps the worst columnist of all time, wrote in the Weekly Standard, “The next speech we need to hear from the Obama administration should announce that, after 30 years, we have gone on the offensive against this murderous regime. And the speech after that can celebrate the fall of the regime, and offer American help to the democrats building a free and peaceful Iran.” In 2009, Kristol compared Obama to Neville Chamberlain for not being sufficiently outspoken on behalf of the Iranian people.
The Holocaust mind-set
But the most nakedly coercive use of the Holocaust was made by GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich (whose trustworthiness in foreign policy matters can be judged by the fact that he criticized the Bush State Department for not cooking its intelligence to support the Iraq war). “I don’t think the United States has the moral right to say to a country whose people who have already gone through one Holocaust – two nuclear weapons is another Holocaust,” said in 2006. “And Iran is racing to arm itself with atomic bombs.” In language virtually identical to Goldberg’s, Netanyahu said that while the Iranian president “denies the Holocaust, he is preparing another Holocaust for the Jewish state.”
“We will always remember what the Nazi Amalek did to us,” Netanyahu said at a 2010 Holocaust remembrance service at Auschwitz, “and we won’t forget to be prepared for the new Amalek, who is making an appearance on the stage of history and once again threatening to destroy the Jews.”
The Holocaust mind-set has led Israel into self-destructive policies. And its promiscuous invocation has helped ensure that Israel maintains a stranglehold over America’s Mideast policy. That stranglehold has always been harmful to America, but it is now actually dangerous.
For there is a very real possibility that Israel will attack Iran. I have been reading Israel’s best newspaper, Ha’aretz, for more than 10 years, and I have never seen a possible war with Iran taken so seriously by its journalists. Ha’aretz is a left-leaning paper, but the concern in Israel reaches across the political spectrum. Israel’s leading political columnist, Nahum Barnea, recently warned in a front-page story in Israel’s highest-circulation newspaper, the centrist Yediot Achronot, that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Secretary Ehud Barak, overriding the objections of their security experts, may launch an attack on Iran this winter.
Barnea’s article is in Hebrew: it is summarized by Larry Derfner, who writes for the excellent Israeli-American site 972. Barnea wrote, “Netanyahu [believes] Ahmadinejad is Hitler; if he is not stopped in time, there will be another Holocaust. There are those who describe Netanyahu’s attitude on the matter as an obsession: all his life he dreamed of being Churchill; Iran gives him the opportunity.”
The odds of war
To be sure, the odds are still against Israel actually launching an attack. Washington has made it clear it does not want war with Iran, and the first rule of Israeli politics is “never threaten the special relationship with America.” Israel has been warning that Iran is months away from getting a nuclear bomb for years. And it has a history of rattling its saber as a tactic to force the U.S. to take a harder line with Iran.
But the possibility that Israel might attack Iran, especially after the U.S. troops leave Iraq, cannot be taken lightly — not least because of Netanyahu’s invocation of the Holocaust. Netanyahu is apparently sincerely convinced that if Iran’s nuclear program is not destroyed, Israel will face another Holocaust. If that is true, the traditional restraints on Israeli behavior may not apply.
It is possible that Israel might attack Iran unilaterally, and dare the U.S. to stop it. As Iran analyst Mark Fitzpatrick told Reuters, “When you consider that next year being the U.S. presidential election year, and the dynamics of politics in the United States, this could increase Israel’s inclination to take matters into its own hands. The most likely possibility is that Netanyahu calls up Obama and says: ‘I’m not asking for a green light, I’m just telling you that we’ve just launched the planes, don’t shoot them down.’ And in a U.S. presidential election year, I think it’s unlikely that Obama would shoot them down.”
The Israeli historian Benny Morris makes the same point.
“Most observers in Israel believe that while Israel would like to have a green light from Washington, it will proceed without one if it believes that its existence is at stake,” he wrote in the National Interest. “The feeling here is that Obama will endorse, and perhaps in various ways assist, an Israeli strike once it is underway — whether or not he is consulted beforehand — because he sees the ayatollahs’ regime as a threat to world peace and American interests in the Middle East; because successive American administrations, including his own, have declared that Washington will not to allow Iran to acquire the bomb; and because, in a presidential election year, Obama cannot afford to alienate the Jewish vote.”
Morris’ assertion that Obama would be willing to endorse and perhaps assist an Israeli strike because he believes it is justified is extremely dubious, to put it mildly. Obama’s Middle East policies have been hugely disappointing, but he is not a fool. He knows that Iran — which has not started a war in modern history — poses no conceivable military threat to the United States. He also knows that the Arab Spring and the crisis in Syria have weakened Tehran’s geo-strategic position. There is also the little issue of America being bankrupt and its military exhausted. For all these reasons, for Washington to even consider starting a war with Iran would be utter lunacy. This is why Obama has repeatedly sent Netanyahu high-level messages, from Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and others, warning him not to launch a unilateral attack.
But starting a war is one thing, and daring to stand up to Israel in an election year is another. As usual, the discourse is tilted psychotically to the right. The GOP presidential candidates are beating up Obama for his alleged lack of support for Israel and falling over each other to be first in line to attack Iran. (Mitt Romney, who stands a decent chance of being the next president, actually said that he would simply let Israel decide America’s Mideast policy.) And considering Obama’s politically driven surrender to Netanyahu, Morris and Fitzpatrick are probably right that he would be unwilling to confront the Israeli leader.
In other words, it is quite likely that the most powerful nation in the world will simply stand impotently by while a tiny client state threatens to do something that it knows is not just antithetical to its interests, but possibly ruinous to them. The tail could be about to wag the dog right off a cliff.
If war does break out, the consequences for America would be catastrophic. Oil prices would soar, plunging the U.S. and the world into a massive depression. Iran would use its proxies to attack U.S. troops. And the entire region would erupt, with unforeseeable consequences. It is not too much of a stretch to say that war with Iran might spell the beginning of the end of America as a superpower.
Of course, if a nuclear Iran really did threaten the existence of Israel, a preemptive strike might be justified. But according to the upper echelons of Israeli’s military and security brass, Iran does not pose such a threat. Israel’s recently retired Mossad chief, Meir Dagan, called plans to attack Iran “the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard,” saying that an attack would mean a regional war that would put Israel in an “impossible” position.
Israel’s former military chief of staff, Gabe Ashkenazi, is also opposed to war, as is former Shin Beth head Yuval Diskin. Another former Mossad chief, Ephraim Halevy, said Iran poses no existential threat to Israel and attacking it “will impact the region for 100 years.”
If Iran were to launch a nuclear missile at Israel, Israel would instantly vaporize it with the estimated 200 nuclear warheads it possesses. Contrary to the ignorant claims made by Islamophobic hawks like Goldberg, Iran is not run by madmen bent on committing national suicide. (If its leaders really are “eliminationist anti-Semites,” it’s hard to understand why they have not wiped out Tehran’s Jewish community.)
In fact, the logic behind attacking Iran is identical to that of Dick Cheney’s notorious “one percent doctrine,” which held that if there was even a 1 percent chance that Iraq might acquire WMD, the U.S. had to attack. Cheney’s crackpot doctrine has been thoroughly discredited. But because the supposed 1 percent possibility is another Holocaust, it is once again framing American policy.
What a nuclear Iran really threatens, as several top Israeli officials have admitted, is Israeli hegemony in the region. The Arab Spring and the rise of Turkey have already begun to erode that hegemony, and Iran’s inevitable acquisition of the ability to build a bomb will further erode it. Israel cannot fight this trend. The days when it could impose its will by bullying are over. It must learn to live with its neighbors.
Which takes us to the one thing that is anathema to the war-mongers: full diplomatic engagement with Tehran. It is time for the U.S. to put everything on the table – Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria, the Israeli-Palestinian file, the nuclear issue, Iraq – thrash it all out, acknowledge that Iran is going to be a major regional player, and come to an agreement.
The key element is the Israeli-Palestinian issue. If Israel makes a just peace with the Palestinians and the Arab League recognizes Israel, the entire raison d’etre of Iran’s rejectionist position would be removed. Israel and Iran would then just be neighbors squabbling over their turf, along with the rest of the countries in the rapidly transforming Middle East.
Israel stands at a crossroads — and time is not on its side. Netanyahu is a disciple of the father of Revisionist Zionism, Ze’ev Jabotinsky, who argued that the Arabs, understandably in his view, would never voluntarily accept Zionist colonization, and could only be controlled by an “Iron Wall the native population cannot break through.”
Netanyahu lacks Jabotinsky’s intellectual integrity, but shares his belief that brute force is Israel’s only recourse. For him, it is always 1938, the Palestinians are terrorists, Israel’s enemies are murderous anti-Semites and the Jewish state must exist in a constant state of war.
Israel, supported by the United States, has been fighting the Nazis for 63 years. That Iron Wall approach, which sees all of Israel’s enemies as reincarnations of Hitler (as in Jeffrey Goldberg’s propagandistic assertion that Hezbollah and Hamas “specialize in the slaughter of innocent Jews”) has been a calamitous failure. It has not made Israel safer. As even center-right Israeli politicians like Tzipi Livni now recognize, it has resulted in Israel becoming increasingly isolated from the world, much of which now sees it as a pariah.
And Israel will not be given another 63 years. If it continues down this path, aided by its false “friends” in the U.S. who insist on fighting Hitler-redux to the last Israeli (and the last American), Israel is doomed. But if it abandons its self-defeating Holocaustology, it will be able to live in peace with its neighbors and join the world.
From the founding of Israel in the ashes of the Final Solution, the Holocaust has been at the core of Israel’s national identity. That identity is affirmed every year, when at 10 in the morning, sirens are sounded for two minutes throughout Israel to commemorate the Holocaust. During those two minutes, everything comes to a standstill. Even the traffic on the road stops.
It is understandable that a people who suffered one of the most horrific genocides in human history would commemorate it, and vow never to allow it to happen again. But history is filled with ugly ironies, and sometimes the reaction to a trauma ensures that it keeps happening again.
A young Polish Jew named Ruth Grunkraut and her mother were shipped to Bergen-Belsen. Grunkraut’s mother died just six days before the Allies liberated the camp. Before she died, she told her daughter, “You must live. You must live for me.”
The annals of the Holocaust are filled with this same message: You must live.
An attack on Iran will be carried out in the name of the victims of the Holocaust. But that attack, rather than saving the Jewish state, will sound the death knell for it. Israel and its American supporters owe more to the millions of human beings whose last prayer, before their deaths, was that their children live.


Gary Kamiya is a Salon contributing writer. More Gary Kamiya

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Notre ennemi a adopté les châtiments collectifs pour pratiques courantes; il prive les gens de leurs pa­tries et de leurs propriétés, il les pourchasse jusque dans leur exode et leurs lieux de rassemblement; parmi ses autres pratiques figurent également la fracture des os, l’ouverture du feu sur les femmes, les enfants et les vieillards, avec ou sans raison, la création de centres de détention pour y jeter des milliers d’hommes dans des conditions inhumaines. Et tout cela, sans parler de la destruction des maisons, la multiplication des orphelins, la prononciation de jugements iniques à l’encontre de milliers de jeunes condamnés à passer la fleur de leur âge à l’ombre des pri­sons.

Le nazisme des Juifs vise également les femmes et les enfants; ils terrorisent l’ensemble de la population, s’attaquent au gagne-pain des gens, pillent leurs biens et menacent leur honneur. Par leurs actes monstrueux, ils se comportent avec les gens comme les pires criminels de guerre. Le ban­nissement loin de la patrie constitue l’une des formes du meurtre.(…)

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article vingt-deuxième:

Depuis longtemps déjà, considérant les causes agissantes sur le cours des choses, les ennemis ont dressé des plans et les ont adoptés pour parvenir là où ils sont arrivés actuellement. Ils ont travaillé à rassembler des fortunes matérielles considé­rables et dont l’influence est grande qu’ils ont affectées à la réalisation de leur rêve. Grâce à l’argent, ils règnent sur les médias mondiaux, les agences d’informations, la presse, les maisons d’édition, les radios, etc. Grâce à l’argent, ils ont fait éclater des révolutions dans différentes régions du monde pour réaliser leurs intérêts et les faire fructifier. Ce sont eux qui étaient derrière la révolution française, la révolution communiste et la plupart des révolutions dont nous avons entendu et entendons parler de-ci de-là. Grâce à l’argent, ils ont créé des organisations secrètes qui étendent leur présence dans toutes les parties du monde pour détruire les sociétés et réaliser les intérêts du sionisme, comme la franc-maçonnerie, les clubs Rotary et Lyons, le B’nai B’rith , etc. Ce sont toutes des organisations qui se livrent à l’espionnage et au sabotage. Grâce à l’argent, ils sont parvenus à prendre le contrôle des États colonialistes et ce sont eux qui les ont poussés à coloniser de nombreuses ré­gions pour en exploiter les richesses et y répandre leur cor­ruption.

En ce qui concerne les guerres localisées et mondiales, aucune difficulté à en parler : ce sont eux qui étaient derrière la première guerre mondiale lorsqu’a été prononcée la condamnation de l’Etat du califat islamique. Ils ont amassé des bénéfices matériels considérables et pris le contrôle de nombreuses richesses. Ils ont obtenu [25] la déclaration Balfour et ont jeté les bases de la Société-des-Nations pour gouverner le monde à travers cette organisation. Ce sont eux qui étaient derrière la seconde guerre mondiale qui leur a permis d’amasser d’énormes profits grâce au commerce du matériel de guerre. Ils ont préparé le terrain pour l’établissement de leur Etat et ce sont à leurs instigations qu’ont été créés l’ONU et le Conseil de sécurité pour remplacer la Société-des-Nations afin de gouverner le monde à travers eux.

Qu’une guerre éclate de-ci de-là et c’est leur main qui se trouve derrière.

« Chaque fois qu’ils allument un feu pour la guerre, Dieu l’éteint. Ils s’efforcent à corrompre la terre. Dieu n’aime pas les corrupteurs » (5, 64).

Les forces colonialistes dans l’Occident capitaliste comme dans l’Orient communiste soutiennent l’ennemi de toutes leurs ressources matérielles et humaines. Elles échangent leurs rôles.(…)

La tentative d’isoler le peuple palestinien :

Article trente-deuxième :

Le sionisme mondial et les forces colonialistes, par un mouvement subtil et une planification étudiée, essaient de faire sortir les uns après les autres les États arabes du cercle du conflit avec le sionisme pour qu’en fin de parcours le peuple palestinien se retrouve tout seul. Ils ont déjà réussi, en grande part, à faire sortir l’Egypte du cercle du conflit par les traîtres accords de « Camp David » et ils essaient d’entraîner d’autres États encore vers de semblables accords pour les sortir du cercle du conflit.

Le Mouvement de la Résistance Islamique appelle les peuples arabes et islamiques à oeuvrer avec sérieux et persévé­rance à empêcher la poursuite de ce plan effroyable et à conscientiser les masses sur le danger que représente la sortie du cercle du conflit avec le sionisme. Aujourd’hui, il s’agit de la Palestine et demain il s’agira d’une ou plusieurs autres régions : le plan sioniste n’a pas de limite; après la Palestine, ils ambitionnent de s’étendre du Nil à l’Euphrate. Lorsque ils auront para­chevé l’assimilation des régions jusqu’auxquelles ils seront parvenus, ils ambitionneront de s’étendre plus loin encore, et ainsi de suite. Leur plan se trouve dans « les Protocoles des Sages de Sion » et leur conduite présente est une bonne preuve de ce qu’ils avancent.(…)

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