Le messager BHL informe Netanyahou que les rebelles libyens vont reconnaître Israël ; Netanyahou remercie Sarkozy d’être intervenu en Lybie

Et dire qu’il y en a comme Chris Bollyn pour prétendre que Khadafi est un agent du Mossad et que l’opération en Libye pour aider les rebelles concerne vraiment la libération du peuple! Bull-Loon s’est mis les pieds dans les plats!

Bernard-Henri Lévy transmet un message des rebelles libyens à Netanyahu

Libyan Rebels Will Recognise Israel, Bernard-Henri Lévy Tells Netanyahu

Libyan rebels will recognise Israel

Why are the Libyan Rebels seeking Israel’s support?

Netanyahu thanks France for intervening in Libya

Libye : Bernard-Henri Lévy missionné par plusieurs maires de France!

Bernard-Henri Levy : Un activiste sioniste au cœur des crises arabes

BHL : Laïc, athée, et surtout juif talmudique


Libye : BHL s’est engagé « en tant que juif »

« Printemps arabe » : Youssef Al-Qardaoui, Bernard-Henry Lévy : même combat ?



La nouvelle Libye et les convoitises israéliennesLa nouvelle Libye et les convoitises israéliennes


VIDEO – Faites entrer l’entarté! (montage sur BHL, par un lecteur de ce blog!)

BHL cosmopolite – VIDEO

VIDEO – Du rôle joué par le juif BHL dans le déclenchement des guerres civiles dans les pays non soumis à la juiverie…

VIDEO – Bernard H. Levy à Tel Aviv : Libye et Syrie c’est juste une question de chronologie

Global Hypocrisy: France Arming Libyan Rebels

VIDEO – Susan Lindauer, Former CIA Asset: ‘Libyan Opposition Is Al-Qaeda’
(ça faisait rigoler certains quand la nouvelle est sortie à l’époque, inlcuant des gens qui se croient informés)

Remarquez bien: pendant que les rebelles des pays arabes reçoivent l’appui d’Israël et des puissances occidentales, la rébellion palestinienne est étouffée et censurée.

Israel’s government has asked Apple Inc. to remove an application called « ThirdIntifada, » which encourages uprising against Israel, from its App Store

ISRAEL DECLARES WEB WAR Computer giant Apple removed an application called the “The Third Palestinian Intifada” from its App Store for iPads and iPhones, CNN reported Thursday.
Earlier this week the company had authorized an application, which updates users on upcoming protests, features articles critical of Israel and pictures of martyrs.

Former Israeli intelligence chief: Arab spring is “good for Israel”

Experts Fear Israeli Design to Balkanise Arab States

Pro-Israeli warmongers press GOP to back “America’s fifth war of Muslim liberation”

[Jewish Neocons] Kristol, Abrams, Kagan letter presses House GOP to back Libya mission

****Dr. Stephen Sniegoski: The Sanitized Version of Neoconservatism****

What these books still conceal, however, is the fact that the neocons are motivated by their Jewish ethnicity and the interests of the state of Israel. Instead the neocons are made to appear as an ideological group loyal solely to what they believe is good for the US. Consequently, this approach, despite allowing for some elements of truth, distorts the overall picture in a serious way.


The Piper Report Jun 2, 2011

Ghaddafi–truly the monster he has been made out to be by the Jewish media or heads and tales better than every elected member of the US Government? Also–ERIC HUFSCHMID, the mad hatter of the 911 movement and the continuing drama involving him and Christopher Bollyn. Also, the ADL and its various legal maneuvers against Liberty Lobby over the years.

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The Jewish power-providers of the Arab Spring revolts
By STEVE LINDE 06/07/2011 16:16
Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg tops ‘The Jerusalem Post’s’ list of the 50 most influential Jews in the world, 2011

(…)Most accounts from rights activists themselves as well as journalists on the scene and sociologists analyzing the situation, however, clearly show that Facebook had an enormous influence on the start and spread of the uprisings, as well as their apparent domino effect. It served a primary means of communication.

Take Egypt, for example, where one of the most prominent leaders of the revolution, Wael Ghonim, squarely credited Facebook with its success in an interview shortly after president Hosni Mubarak stepped down in early April.

Ghonim, a marketing manager for Google, helped organize the massive January 25 demonstration in Tahrir Square by reaching out to Egyptian youths on Facebook, and was arrested and imprisoned for 12 days after the protest.

“I want to meet Mark Zuckerberg one day and thank him,” Ghonim told CNN. “This revolution started online. This revolution started on Facebook.”

If you accept that the story of the year so far has been the blossoming of the Arab Spring uprisings across the Middle East, and the thesis that Facebook at the very least enabled and encouraged, if not empowered, the protests by advertising them on the Internet, then its boss, Mark Zuckerberg, should be given his fair share of credit, whether he accepts it or not.

When it comes to influencing international events, therefore, it is Zuckerberg who takes first place in our list as the most influential Jew in today’s world.

In third place, in this subjective listing, we decided to acknowledge the Jewish woman behind the scenes at Facebook, its chief operating officer, Sheryl Sandberg. She is responsible for expanding Facebook’s operations globally, and was dubbed by Radio Islam as the “Jewish second-in-command of Facebook.”

On a related issue, Public Diplomacy and Diaspora Affairs Minister Yuli Edelstein sent a personal letter in March to Zuckerberg asking him to shut down a page calling for a third Palestinian intifada, which had attracted some 230,000 supporters in the wake of the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt.

“On this Facebook page there are posted many remarks and movie clips which call for the killing of Israelis and Jews and the ‘liberating’ of Jerusalem and of Palestine through acts of violence,” Edelstein wrote. “I turn to you with the request that you order the immediate removal of this Facebook page. I am sure that you too hold fast to these values and would prefer that all of the pages on your site operate according to them.”

A short time later, the page was removed, but reappeared in a similar form in just a few weeks. This time, Facebook let it be, taking no action to close it.

Edelstein, who holds the tough job of promoting Israel’s case to the world, is our primary interview in this supplement, and features in 10th place on our list.

LAST SHAVUOT, The Jerusalem Post published its first-ever list of the 50 most influential Jews in the world, from all walks of life. We wrote then that the candidates were chosen from all walks of life “for their ability to fashion the face of the future.”

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was top of our list last year. This year, he is in second place, still high on the list, based on his leadership of Israel and ability to shape the future of the Jewish people. His recent speech to the US Congress was his most eloquent policy address to date, and while vague on specifics, strongly signals his continued desire to make history by forging a peace agreement with the Palestinians in particular, and the Arab world in general. Following Netanyahu are Israel’s defense minister, Ehud Barak, new military chief, Lt.- Gen. Benny Gantz, and Meir Dagan, the former chief of the Mossad, all of whom may play a key security role in the coming year.

Rounding off our top 10 are Dennis Ross, a key adviser to US President Barack Obama on the Middle East, Ben Bernanke, the powerful chairman of the US Federal Reserve, Stanley Fischer, the internationally respected governor of the Bank of Israel, and Edelstein.

Others who are expected to play an important part in advocating for Israel in the coming year (and hence feature fairly high on the list) are Ron Prosor, who takes up the prestigious position of ambassador to the United Nations in July, ahead of the much-anticipated Palestinian bid for statehood at the UN General Assembly in September, as well as Israel’s articulate ambassador to the US, Michael Oren, and Eric Cantor, the astute majority leader of the US House of Representatives.

After publication of our last list, we received a torrent of responses, both in letters to the editor and talkbacks on the Internet. We carefully noted our readers’ criticism, sometimes scathing, and suggestions, many of which were helpful. This year’s list contains many new names, including respected rabbis, Diaspora leaders and wonderful women, some of whom readers charged had been unfairly downplayed.

We have endeavored to correct that oversight by including a few of the world’s most revered religious leaders, headed by the great Jerusalem-based Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz, who last year concluded his monumental translation and commentary of the Talmud.

Also in the list are Rabbi Yitzhak David Grossman, the founder of Migdal Ohr, which cares for impoverished children throughout Israel, Rabbi Shlomo Amar, the Sephardi chief rabbi of Israel, and Rabbi Menachem Froman, the chief rabbi of the settlement of Tekoa, known for his peacemaking efforts with Muslim religious leaders.

Among the prominent women are Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the US congresswoman who serves as head of the Democratic National Committee, US Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, who survived an assassination attempt earlier this year and was named by Time as one of the world’s most influential people, and Israeli opposition leader Tzipi Livni, who was named by Newsweek as one of the world’s most powerful women.

We also feature an interview with Ester Levanon, the savvy managing director of the resilient Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

Sommaire exécutif de The High Priests of War, par Michael Collins Piper:


L’Histoire secrète de l’arrivée au pouvoir des trotskistes « néo-conservateurs » sionistes américains et de leur orchestration de la guerre contre l’Irak comme premier pas vers la réalisation de leur Empire Global.

Le rapport qui suit est basé sur les constats suivants:

  • Que la guerre contre l’Irak menée par l’administration américaine du président George W. Bush est non seulement contraire aux principes «conservateurs» américains traditionnels, mais contraires aussi à tous les principes de la politique étrangère américaine des cinquante dernières années;
  • Que la guerre contre l’Irak est menée à des fins beaucoup plus larges qu’un simple «changement de régime» ou une « élimination des armes de destruction massive »; mais d’abord et avant tout dans le cadre d’un effort global pour faire des États-Unis l’unique super-puissance internationale, capable militairement et économiquement de supprimer toute nation et/ou peuple qui oserait défier l’hégémonie américaine;
  • Que la guerre contre l’Irak n’est tout simplement qu’une première étape d’un plan de longue durée et de grande envergure visant à déployer des frappes encore plus agressives contre l’ensemble du Moyen-Orient arabe, afin de « refaire le monde arabe » pour assurer la survie – et étendre le pouvoir – de L’ÉTAT D’ISRAËL;
  • Que la guerre contre l’Irak n’est que l’objectif initial de ce programme soigneusement planifié et que, finalement, d’autres États arabes et musulmans sont voués à l’extinction pure et simple ou à une certaine forme d’occupation ou de contrôle par les forces militaires et politiques américaines (EN ALLIANCE AVEC ISRAËL);
  • Que la guerre contre l’Irak et le plan pour l’asservissement des peuples arabes n’est tout simplement qu’une modification, une adaptation modernisée du rêve historique sioniste du «Grand Israël», ajusté pour répondre aux exigences des compagnies pétrolières internationales, qui sont, à leur tour, entièrement prêtes à prendre part au projet de domination les pays producteurs de pétrole du monde arabe, EN PARTENARIAT AVEC L’ÉTAT D’ISRAËL;
  • Que la guerre contre l’Irak a été délibérément orchestrée par un réseau petit mais puissant d’éléments sionistes de la ligne dure « de droite » – les soi-disant «néo-conservateurs» – nichés aux plus hauts niveaux de l’administration Bush, habilement aidés et encouragés par des gens suivant la même ligne de pensée dans des organisations politiques publiques, des cercles de réflexion (think tanks), des publications et d’autres institutions, qui sont tous étroitement inter-reliés et, à leur tour reliés à des FORCES DE LA LIGNE DURE LIKOUDNIK EN ISRAËL;
  • Que la guerre contre l’Irak et les interventions supplémentaires des États-Unis contre le monde arabe qui sont prévues pour l’avenir peuvent être attribuées à une manigance politique sioniste dans les hauts niveaux du renseignement américain, remontant aussi loin que les années 1970, et que plusieurs des mêmes acteurs impliqués dans cette activité guident aujourd’hui la politique de l’administration Bush;
  • Que la guerre contre l’Irak est un complément à la «guerre contre le terrorisme» déclarée au préalable qui, en soi, faisait partie d’une longue campagne de propagande, en constante évolution, soigneusement coordonnée, et fondée sur la théorie que le terrorisme est en quelque sorte un trait « arabe »…
—Michael Collins Piper

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