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Rupert Murdoch dénonce la « guerre contre les juifs »


by Michael Collins Piper

Chapter Forty
The Fox News Phenomenon:
How Zionist Plutocrats Created a “Media Alternative”
To the Garbage of the Established Liberal Media
In the opening pages of this volume, we met a handful of quite notorious Judas Goats whose names and faces are familiar to millions of Americans: Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Anne Coulter and—last but far from least—Bill O’Reilly.
All are tried-and-true (and high-salaried) water-carriers for the Zionist cause—and apparently enthusiastic ones at that. Neo-conservatives of the first (and worst) order, this crew (for want of a better term to describe them) owe much of their fame and fortune to the constant promotion that they, and their views, or rather the views of their masters and handlers receive through the medium of Fox News.
While Fox is the actual sponsor of the televised rantings of Hannity and O’Reilly, the other Judas Goats are also regularly hyped by Fox which, for all intents and purposes, has become the foremost popular mass media voice for the Zionist “neo-conservative” propaganda line.
For this reason, it’s quite worthwhile examining Fox News and the manner in which this network has become a Judas Goat in and of itself.
Beyond question, Fox has emerged—perhaps even more so than the three “liberal” networks—ABC, CBS, and NBC—as one of the most dangerous and divisive forces operating in our world today.
Fox, of course, is the broadcast network owned by the far-flung News Corporation, the media empire of Australian-born Rupert Murdoch. Let’s take a quick look at just what this formidable media empire constitutes:
• The Weekly Standard magazine, run for Murdoch by “neo-conservative” William Kristol, son of the “ex-Trotskyite” neo-conservative godfather, Irving Kristol. (This magazine is one of the most loudly—notquietly—influential publications in America today, the virtual foreign policy bible of the “Dubya”Bush administration, and the one publication that can truly claim credit for laying the propaganda groundwork for the American debacle in Iraq.);
• 175 different newspapers including News of the World, The Sun, The Sunday Times, and The Times, published in Britain, and, perhaps most notably,The New York Post, the latter being one of the foremost voices for the Zionist cause in America;
• Twentieth Century Fox motion picture studios;
• Fox Television stations, in major metropolitan markets including:
Washington, D.C., Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, Minneapolis, Detroit, Atlanta, Baltimore, Orlando, Cleveland, Phoenix, Denver, St. Louis, Milwaukee, Kansas City, Salt Lake City, Birmingham, Memphis, Greensboro (North Carolina),Austin, and Ocala (Florida);
• Direct broadcast satellite television, spanning five continents—notably Foxtel;
• Fox News (cable) Channel and other cable outlets, reaching 300 million subscribers;
• Major publishing houses, such as HarperCollins Publishers (which now controls such renowned publishing companies as William Morrow & Company,Avon Books, Amistad Press and Fourth Estate) as well as ReganBooks, and Zondervan.
Clearly, this is a major media empire. How it emerged to have such power and influence, even dictating American affairs, is an instructive story, and quite illustrative of the machinations of The Judas Goats—The Enemy Within. In order to review the Fox phenomenon, we must go back to the mid-to-late 1960s.
During that time frame,many Americans began to perceive a determined and deliberate “liberal” slant in news coverage by the three major television networks (ABC, CBS and NBC) with CBS and its anchorman of-long-standing, Walter Cronkite, often considered to be the most “liberal” of the three.
Americans detected much liberal propagandizing in the content of daily television programming, with blatant political messages bring broadcast in the content of television dramas, situation comedies and made-for-television movies.
What’s more, the content of the programming began to focus on what can best be described as “sleaze”—and that’s putting it lightly.
Traditional American values became the target of vulgar bathroom humor and the Christian faith was constantly upheld as somehow being a virtual form of evil, responsible for the tragedies of the past. America’s Founding Fathers were painted as evil and counter-culture figures were held up as role models for American youth.The list of very valid complaints about the three major networks, their “news” coverage and their programming could go on and on.
As Americans became more and more aware of the filth and the “liberal” propagandizing, many people—but not enough, sad to say—began to take a closer look at the “who”—rather than the “what”—of the three major networks.That is,Americans began to recognize that the three major networks were tightly-controlled mega-corporations held in the hands of a tiny clique of interlocking families and financial groups who were largely of Jewish origin.
What’s more, the Jewish influence in the editorial and management levels in the “news” divisions of the three major networks was also becoming increasingly more obvious. In short, people began to recognize that the “liberal” networks were effectively the media voices of a Jewish elite whose values—and interests—did not, in any way, shape or form, represent those of the vast majority of the American people. As a consequence of this, there began to emerge a distinct dissatisfaction not only with the three major networks, but a growing talk in the heartlands about “Jewish control of the media.” To be sure, many folks were not so vocal about discussing the Jewish aspect of the problem with the networks, but this remained a constant (if only quietly spoken) phenomenon.
And on occasion, some big names in American life—ranging from former Vice President Spiro Agnew to General George Brown, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and even Hollywood giants such as Robert Mitchum and Marlon Brando and famed author Truman Capote—actually dared to say publicly that there was an inordinate Jewish influence upon (or control of) the major media outlets in America.
In the end, this disillusionment with the broadcast industry and its machinations actually set the stage, in many respects, for the rise of Ronald Reagan and his election to the presidency in 1980. Americans were looking for a change and while Reagan promised a “new conservatism,” in the end it proved to be something entirely different. But Americans were eager for an alternative to the “liberal” media—and along came Rupert Murdoch to the “rescue”—or so it seemed.
Americans who were fed up with the “liberal” media now had a self-appointed savior, a colorful foreign-born media tycoon who seemed to share their dissatisfaction and who seemed to be willing to provide a real “alternative.” But that “alternative” is not what most Americans were really looking for, and many folks don’t seem understand that they’ve been conned—in fact, conned big-time.
Although already well-established in Australia as a growing media power on his own, Murdoch quietly received the international sponsorship and financial backing of some of the world’s most wealthy and powerful Jewish families: the Rothschilds of Europe, the Bronfmans of Canada and the Oppenheimers of South Africa.With their firm support, he began expanding his empire into Britain and around the planet.
In short order, Rupert Murdoch became the “hottest” item in the global media, and soon was on his way to achieving vast wealth beyond his wildest dreams and immense political power through the rise of his News Corporation empire and the lucrative advertising industry. It is thus no wonder that Murdoch himself came to be counted, along with the Rothschilds, Bronfmans and Oppenheimers, as part of a group quite correctly described as “The Billionaire Gang of Four.”
Today, now well established, Murdoch’s media voices, particularly Fox News, press the “hot button” issues—such as abortion, gay rights, prayer in schools—that stir up animosities between so-called “Christian Right”organizations and the groups and institutions to which they stand in opposition.
Meanwhile, ironically, other Murdoch media outlets, such as Fox Television, are responsible for promoting some of the worst garbage ever to appear on American television screens.Yet, for some reason, the Christian Right folks who revel in Fox News’“conservative” slant seem to miss the point that Rupert Murdoch’s media conglomerate is raking in advertising billions by selling sleaze.
All the while, of course, the Murdoch media is busy promoting the interests of the Zionist movement.And that, above all, is the most important point that needs to be recognized.
Although Murdoch and his media play the game of providing an “alternative,” they are, in fact, providing a “controlled opposition,” keeping the “conservative” and “traditional” American ranks in line, touting the Zionist cause as an “American” one, a cause that is fully in line with not just “making America great again” (in the imagery of Ronald Reaganesque rhetoric) but, in reality making America an empire—and one that is ruled by the Zionist elite.
In other words, Fox News is loudly—and proudly—promoting the theme that America is the world’s voice for sanity and democracy and that it is, quite simply,America’s job to rule the world.
And that is precisely—as we documented in our earlier work, The New Jerusalem—the Zionist agenda today: America’s capital and resources, its military men and women, its massive arsenal, are to be used for the establishment of a global imperium to advance the agenda of the well-heeled Zionist plutocrats and their international network of allied corporate interests and ideological soulmates.
While there are many good Americans who believe the Fox News (that is, Zionist) propaganda line that America must use its power ‘for good,”—even at the sacrifice of the thousands of lives of Americans and others—there are many more Americans (and others worldwide) who don’t share that philosophy.
However, Fox News—and other elements in the Zionist propaganda network—have begun to advance the theme that anyone who stands in the way of this global agenda is somehow “anti-American” and certainly “anti-Semitic” (and also, even,“anti-Christian”).
Legislation such as the so-called Patriot Act and other mechanisms of control are being put into place in order to suppress dissent against the Zionist agenda.And Fox News is on the frontlines promoting these Orwellian schemes.
We need say nothing more in this regard, other than to warn sincere American patriots that Fox News is not their friend. Sincere Americans need to be wary of Fox News and its talking heads.
Americans must surrender to the winds the idea that “well, Fox says many good things,” and to abandon the rationale that such voices from the Fox stable (or should we say “gutter”?) as Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and others are “often right.” Fox and its adherents are dangers to America and they are dangers to the world.
Fox News certainly ranks as among the most dangerous of The Judas Goats—The Enemy Within.
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