Allemagne occupée par le sionisme (ZOG) : David Duke brièvement emprisonné pour délit d’opinion


New David Duke Podcast: Why I was arrested in Cologne

Listen to the new podcast by David Duke about his arrest in Cologne and the struggle for both free speech and the very survival of the European and American people.
—How the human rights of the European people are being lost
—How the media distorts my message and the message of our people
—Why European patriots must learn from the failure of violent White resistance in the South, and always keep the moral high ground
—What we must do now


Dr. David Duke speaks about his recent travails in his efforts for our freedom and heritage!

On my recent imprisonment and the fight for free speech and the heritage of our people!
– Composed in a moving Car! by Dr. David Duke
And to think there are politicians in the Western World who criticize the lack of freedom of speech in Iran or China!
My Dear Friends,

I am free now, but a desperate fight is ahead of me for my rights and the rights of the people of Europe to hear me. They truly do want to hear me and they need to hear me and my message. Today videos of talks and appearances are reaching tens of millions of people.
I think by now that you know my spirit, that I simply cannot back down from aiding our brothers and sisters efforts for their heritage in our ancient homelands of Europe any more than I could cease the fight for America. This a global effort to destroy our people, and it requires a global effort on our part to win it. We in America and Canada, Australia, across Europe and even across Russia must help awaken each other and aid each other.
I won’t go into to many details of my arrest at this moment as a court case is yet to be fought, but I was imprisoned by a gross twisting of travel laws in a blatant attempt by the government to prevent a private and peaceful gathering of about a 100 German citizens eager to hear my message of heritage and freedom. My arrest and imprisonment was meant to silence my message and demoralize the people who came to hear it.
For hours before my scheduled presentation at a private event, Police under orders from the politicians stopped all of our cars, including a couple over 90 years old who had driven over 75 kilometers to hear me. They demanded ID from all, delaying them for a long time on the street, and they told the people specifically that the meeting was cancelled. There at the police checkpoint, after a number of people had gone on to the private meeting site, they arrested me. Of course, the claim that the meeting was cancelled was a huge lie. The meeting was not cancelled. The owner of the hall honored the contract with the group, and in fact the meeting went on without me, thanks to the brave people who withstood all the intimidation, and who still persevered and made their way to the hall. (more…)

What Would Happen If Jesse Jackson Were Arrested in Europe?

Mainstream Media Ignores the Arrest of Dr. David Duke in Germany.

by James Buchanan

Dr. David Duke was invited by German patriots to give a speech in the city of Cologne. He was arrested before he could say one word and has been held in isolation since Friday (but is now free) pending resolution of charges in court at a later date.
Now let’s alter this scenario a little bit. Instead of a pro-White activist, let’s say a pro-Black activist, Jesse Jackson had been visiting Europe to organize the many recent African immigrants in Europe into a voting block. Let’s say Jackson stepped off an airplane in Cologne and before he could give a scheduled speech, he was surrounded by submachine-gun-toting policemen and hauled off to a prison as if he were a serious criminal, who had been robbing banks.
To make matters worse, let’s say the German police held Jackson with little -if any- communication with his friends and family. Under those circumstances, the mainstream media would let out howls of rage over the brutal police state tactics and the lack of freedom in the so-called “Republic” of Germany. The US government would similarly react in outrage and begin threatening Germany with sanctions if they failed to immediately release the US citizen or if they ever repeated such tyrannical actions against a US citizen in the future. (more…)

Free David Duke!

David Duke Kidnapped by German Government

EDITORS’ NOTE: “Jewish control and policing of the Infotainment Industry, and enforcing thought control…” who gets whacked for doing what.
David Duke, is an easy messenger for many to shoot, but they will find the facts a bit harder to kill and bury. Truth does not lie dead very long, nor does it rest long in the grave, no matter how deep they dig it.
Likudist extremist elements within the German government set an ambush for Mr. Duke who was en route to a speaking engagement when he was forcibly detained and arrested.

Germany arrests former US presidential candidate « We all have a responsibility to ensure that extreme-right, nationalistic and anti-Semitic groups and networks are not able to again come together, » says Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger, according to the Associated Press.

Former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke was arrested as he was about to speak at a neo-Nazi event in Germany.

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