John McCain et les leçons de la Libye: « Bombardez la Syrie! »

John McCain: U.S. should bomb Syria

McCain Calls for Bombing Syria ‘We Should Have Learned From Libya’

Israel’s No.1 asset in the Senate calls for airstrikes against Syria

McCain calls for airstrike on Syria Statement is as much a critique of President Barack Obama as a rallying call for an international military campaign, accusing the president of being too soft on Assad.

McCain slams military brass for inaction on Syria

Canada sanctions Syria, McCain calls for air strikes: John Baird, Canada’s Foreign Minister, closes embassy, says « Assad must go »; McCain says US should lead int’l strikes.

Israel wants Syrian govt. toppled: Military intelligence chief

Media Propagates Myth of Israel’s Non-Involvement in Syria

US senators McCain, Lieberman urge arming Syrian opposition

McCain and Lieberman meet with the Free Syria Army

John McCain–’Shameful’ that US is not arming Syrian thugs

US senators McCain, Lieberman urge arming Syrian opposition

BHL le philosophe demande a Hollande d’intervenir militairement en Syrie

Netanyahu: Israel ‘appalled’ by Syria massacre; Iran and Hezbollah must also be held responsible

CIA officers regulating arms traffic to Syria opposition groups

Armed groups in Syria receive weapons from Israel

Former Mossad Chief: Arab Spring ‘Incredible Opportunity for Israel »

WINEP provides forum for Syrian National Council — and cover for Israel

Syrie : Des mensonges qui ne changeront pas la dure réalité pour l’Occident

SYRIE : Cinq longues minutes de vérité sur la Cinq

Making Sense of a Rightwing Israeli Institute’s Ambivalent View of Arab Democracy

Syria Strategy looks like Bloody Repeat

MUST READ–Hidden US-Israeli Military Agenda: “Break Syria into Pieces”


Big Powers Move In On Syria: WW3 Set To Blow?

Hidden US-Israeli Military Agenda: « Break Syria into Pieces » by Michel Chossudovsky

A timely article in the Jerusalem Post last month brings to the forefront the unspoken objective of US foreign policy, namely the breaking up of Syria as a sovereign nation state –along ethnic and religious lines– into several separate and « independent » political entities. The article also confirms the role of Israel in the process of political destabilization of  Syria.  The JP article is titled: « Veteran Kurdish politician calls on Israel to support the break-up of Syria‘ (by Jonathan Spyer) (The Jerusalem Post (May 16, 2012)

The objective of the US sponsored armed insurgency is –with the help of Israel– to « Break Syria into Pieces ».

The « balkanisation of the Syrian Arab Republic » is to be carried out by fostering sectarian divisions, which will eventually lead to a « civil war » modelled on the former Yugoslavia. Last month, Syrian « opposition militants » were dispatched to Kosovo to organize training sessions using the « terrorist expertise » of the US sponsored Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) in fighting the Yugoslav armed forces.

Sherkoh Abbas, President of the US based Kurdistan National Assembly of Syria (KNA)  has « called on Israel  to support the break-up of Syria into a series of federal structures based on the country’s various ethnicities. » (Ibid)

One possible « break-up scenario » pertaining to Syria, which constitutes a secular multi-ethnic society, would be the formation of separate and  « independent » Sunni, Alawite-Shiite, Kurdish and Druze states:   “We need to break Syria into pieces,” Abbas said. (Quoted in JP, op. cit., emphasis added).

« The Syrian Kurdish dissident argued that a federal Syria, separated into four or five regions on an ethnic basis, would also serve as a natural “buffer” for Israel against both Sunni and Shi’ite Islamist forces. » (Ibid.).  

Ironically, while Islamist forces are said to constitute the main threat to the Jewish State, Tel Aviv is providing covert support to the Islamist Free Syrian Army (FSA).

Map 1

Meeting behind Closed Doors at the US State Department

A top level US State Department meeting was held in May with members of the Syrian Kurdish opposition. In attendance were representatives of the Kurdish National Council (KNC),  Robert Stephen Ford, the outgoing US ambassador to Syria (who has played a key role in channelling support to the rebels) as well as Frederic C. Hof, a former business partner of Richard Armitage, who currently serves as the administration’s « special coordinator on Syria ». (Ibid). The delegation also met with Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Jeffrey Feltman.

Frederic C. Hof, Robert Stephen Ford and Jeffrey Feltman are the State Department’s key Syria policy-makers, with close links to the Syrian Free Army (SFA) and the Syrian National Council (SNC).


Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Jeffrey Feltman

Frederic C. Hof, The Administration’s « special coordinator on Syria »

Robert S. Ford, outgoing US Ambassador to Syria

The public statements of KNA leader Sherkoh Abbas in the wake of the State Department meeting suggest that the political fracturing of the Syrian Arab Republic along ethnic and religious lines as well as the creation of an « independent Kurdistan » were discussed. « State Department Deputy Spokesman Mark Toner described [the meeting’s] purpose as part of ‘ongoing efforts… to help the Syrian [Kurdish] opposition build a more cohesive opposition to Assad.’”  (Ibid).

The KNA leader called upon Washington to support the creation of a separate Kurdish State consisting of  « an autonomous region in Syria; joining the Kurdistan Regional Government in Iraq – which borders the Kurdish region in Syria; or perhaps an even larger Kurdish state » [Greater Kurdistan].

« The Kurdish people, in all parts of Kurdistan, seek the right to form an independent Kurdish state. We can only achieve this cherished goal with the help of the western democracies, and first and foremost the U.S.” said Sherkoh Abbas. (Syria: An Alternative, Choice,, May 22, 2012)

It is worth noting, in this regard, that the creation of a « Greater Kurdistan » has been envisaged for several years by the Pentagon as part of a broader « Plan for Redrawing the Middle East ».(See map 2 below)

This option, which appears unlikely in the near future, would go against the interests of Turkey, a staunch ally of both the US and Israel. Another scenario, which is contemplated by Ankara would consist in the annexation to Turkey of parts of Syrian Kurdistan. (See map above).

« Greater Kurdistan » would include portions of Iran, Syria, Iraq and Turkey as conveyed in Coronel  Ralph Peters (ret) celebrated map of « The New Middle East » (see below). (For Further details see Mahdi Nazemroaya’s November 2006 Global Research article).

Colonel Peters taught at the US Military Academy.

– by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya – 2006-11-18
Towards the balkanization (division) and finlandization (pacification) of the Middle East
Map 2. The New Middle East

The following map was prepared by Lieutenant-Colonel Ralph Peters. It was published in the Armed Forces Journal in June 2006,
Peters is a retired colonel of the U.S. National War Academy. (Map Copyright Lieutenant-Colonel Ralph Peters 2006).

Although the map does not officially reflect Pentagon doctrine, it has been used in a training program at NATO’s Defense College for senior military officers.
This map, as well as other similar maps, has most probably been used at the National War Academy as well as in military planning circles.


Lieberman-McCain Strike Again

Written by Maidhc Ó Cathail

April 11, 2012 at 9:11 am

According to Foreign Policy’s Josh Rogin, Sens. John McCain and Joe Lieberman are “on a surprise trip” to the Turkish-Syrian border to meet with leaders of the Free Syria Army. Rehashing the rhetoric that led the United States into wars in Kosovo, Iraq and Libya, the deadly duo proclaimed:

If America still stands for the cause of oppressed people who are fighting for their freedom, and justice, and deliverance from tyranny, we cannot abandon the people of Syria. We cannot shirk our responsibility to lead. Our deepest values and interests compel us to act in Syria, and we must do so before it is too late.

The only “surprise” is that Israel doesn’t try to cover its tracks better.



CONFRONTING IRAN, « PROTECTING ISRAEL »: The Real Reason for America’s War on Syria

by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky

Global Research, June 8, 2012
(…) Pentagon and US State department documents as well as independent reports confirm that military action against Syria has been contemplated by Washington and Tel Aviv for more than 20 years.

Targeting Iran, « Protecting Israel » 

According to James P. Rubin, the war plans directed against Syria are intimately related to those pertaining to Iran. They are part of the same US-Israeli military agenda which consists in weakening Iran with a view to « protecting Israel ». The latter objective is to be carried out through a pre-emptive attack against Iran:  « We’re not done with the possibility of an Israeli strike on Iran » says James P. Rubin. (…)
The military roadmap to Tehran goes through Damascus. The unspoken objective of the US-NATO-Israeli sponsored insurgency in Syria is to destabilize Syria as a Nation State and undermine Iran’s influence in the region (including its support of the Palestinian Liberation movement and Hezbollah). The underlying objective is also to eliminate all forms of resistance to the Zionist State:

« That is where Syria comes in, says James P, Rubin. It is the strategic relationship between the Islamic Republic and the Assad regime that makes it possible for Iran to undermine Israel’s security. Over the three decades of hostility between Iran and Israel, a direct military confrontation has never occurred — but through Hezbollah, which is sustained and trained by Iran via Syria, the Islamic Republic has proven able to threaten Israeli security interests.

The collapse of the Assad regime would sunder this dangerous alliance. Defense Minister Ehud Barak, arguably the most important Israeli decision-maker on this question, recently told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour that the Assad regime’s fall « will be a major blow to the radical axis, major blow to Iran…. It’s the only kind of outpost of the Iranian influence in the Arab world … and it will weaken dramatically both Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza. » (The Real Reason to Intervene in Syria – By James P. Rubin | Foreign Policy, June 2, 2012, emphasis added)

US-Israeli War Plans directed against Syria

Rubin candidly outlines the contours of US military intervention in Syria, which is to be implemented in close liaison with Israel. A diplomatic solution will not work, nor will economic sanctions: « only the threat or use of force will change the Syrian dictator’s stance » says Rubin (…)

While the participation of Israel in military operations is not mentioned, the thrust of Rubin’s article points to active cooperation between Washington and Tel Aviv in military and intelligence affairs, including the conduct of covert operations in support of the opposition rebels. This coordination would also be carried out in the context of the bilateral military-intelligence cooperation agreement between Israel and Turkey.

« Coming to the rescue of the Syrian people » under a fake « humanitarian » R2P mandate is intended to destabilize Syria, weaken Iran and enable Israel to exert greater political control and influence over neighboring Arab states including Lebanon and Syria.

A war on Syria is also a war on Palestine. It would weaken  the resistance movement in the occupied territories. It would reinforce the Netanyahu government’s ambitions to create a « Greater Israel », initially, through the outright annexation of the Palestinian territories:

« With the Islamic Republic deprived of its gateway to the Arab world, the Israelis’ rationale for a bolt from the blue attack on its nuclear facilities would diminish. A new Syrian regime might eventually even resume the frozen peace talks regarding the Golan Heights. In Lebanon, Hezbollah would be cut off from its Iranian sponsor, since Syria would no longer be a transit point for Iranian training, assistance, and missiles. All these strategic benefits combined with the moral purpose of saving tens of thousands of civilians from murder at the hands of the Assad regime … make intervention in Syria a calculated risk, but still a risk worth taking. » (Rubin, op cit)

War Crimes in the name of human rights: What we really need is « Regime Change » in the United States of America…. and Israel.



TUT Podcast June 6, 2012

Syria’s destruction in order to create a ‘Greater Israel’–a plan in the works for a long time.

We are joined by ‘George’ from the Syrian Free Press network to discuss this and other relevant issues.

Download Here

FLASHBACK juin 2011: La déstabilisation de la Syrie et la guerre élargie au Moyen-Orient

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Le massacre de Houla fait partie du nettoyage ethnique du gouvernorat d’Homs prévu comme base arrière pour l’ASL

Syrie : Des massacres « préparés » pour torpiller le processus politique

May 28 2012: 108 Syrians Killed Just prior to Annan’s meeting with Assad (ce massacre ne saurait être un hasard, il fut clairement programmé pour affaiblir Assad juste avant sa rencontre avec des émissaires de l’ONU!)

US Blames Russia, Iran for Upcoming Syria War

Blackwater agents involved in Syria unrest

French president says Syria’s Assad has to go (Les estie de caves qui croyaient qu les choses allaient changer avec un socialiste!! Plein d’Arabes-musulmans stupides ont voté pour Hollande!)

UN-backed action in Syria is an option, Hollande says

Romney Calls for Action on Syria, but His Party Is Divided

The BBC’s Photo Fib of a Syrian Massacre (des images de bébés irakiens tués détournées pour fins de propagande: pour illustrer un supposé massacre en Syrie…)

Netanyahu: Israel ‘appalled’ by Syria massacre; Iran and Hezbollah must also be held responsible (Il s’est pas montré aussi inquiet lors des bombardements de civils libanais – incluant bien sûr femmes et enfants – lors de l’attaque israélienne contre le Liban en 2006.)

Rebels behind Houla massacre, US plan to destabilize Syria in full swing

The Houla Massacre: US-Sponsored Terrorists « Killed Families Loyal to the Government »

Oh la la, BBC : Une photo d’Irak pour illustrer le massacre de Houla ?

Le massacre de Houla était planifié et a été instrumentalisé

MEDIA DISINFORMATION: West Desperately Attempts to Spin Syrian Crisis

SYRIA, Atrocities were not committed by the government but by armed gangs Vatican News Service refutes Western media reports

UN Report on Houla Massacre Conflicts With Rebel Accounts

Russian Journalist Exposes Propaganda Lies about Houla Massacre– by Stephen Lendman

Syrian President Assad vows to keep fighting Western-backed terrorists

The Houla Hoaxsters

Clinton: Russia Must Embrace Regime Change in Syria

In address to parliament, Assad blames Syria crisis on ‘outside forces’ yet again obscures Israel’s role in Syria

Pro-Assads were ‘picked’ by killers in Houla massacre: US author

VIDEO – Mark Glenn / PressTv

UK to set up camps inside Syria to help rebels

‘US, Israel plot to topple al-Assad Govt’

a Syrie au programme du Bilderberg

Le narratif syrien de l’Occident se base sur “un mec dans un appartement au Royaume-Uni”

Un propagandiste de l’opposition syrienne dans un appartement en Angleterre, la seule source citée par la presse occidentale

Advanced State of Readiness: US Military Lobbies for War with Syria


Chantage contre la Russie : les États-Unis promeuvent les massacres pour justifier la guerre contre la Syrie

Propaganda War: The Houla Massacre Committed by The West’s “Free Syrian Army” But They Accuse Syrian Gov’t

How not to stop the violence in Syria — Elie Wiesel’s latest bright idea
By Maidhc Ó Cathail
June 9, 2012
Touted on Twitter as a “must-read” by John McCain, Elie Wiesel had an op-ed in yesterday’s Washington Post titled “How to stop the Syria massacre.” Clearly distressed that the United States appears to be finally growing weary of fighting wars in Israel’s increasingly destabilized backyard, the prosperous Holocaust survivor lays on the guilt trip:

Military intervention? No. Why not? Because the American people are tired of waging distant wars. Because American families have lost too many sons and daughters in far-away conflicts. Should Syrian families suffer because of the help we have given others? Because of the sacrifices we have already made?

The warmongering Nobel Peace Prize laureate has another bright idea, however:

I am not sure that armed assistance is the only solution. Economic sanctions have proved to be relatively futile elsewhere. But why not imagine yet another option that might produce a dramatic effect?
Why not warn Assad that, unless he stops the murderous policy he is engaged in, he will be arrested and brought to the international criminal court in the Hague and charged with committing crimes against humanity?
Read the rest of this entry »

LOL!!! Netanyahu–Assad slaughtering Syrian civilians with the aid of Iran, Hezbollah

Report: Rebels Responsible for Houla Massacre

SYRIE : Les rebelles sont responsables du massacre de Houla

Imran Hossein–NATO Wants Turkey To Invade Syria

Military: Syria Chemical Stocks Threaten Israel

Insurgents Named Responsible for Syrian Massacres

Syrie: l’OTAN prépare une vaste opération d’intoxication

L’affaire de Houla illustre le retard du renseignement occidental en Syrie

« Humanitarian War Criminals » in High Office: Was the Houla Massacre Ordered by the Western Military Alliance?

Un nouveau massacre en Syrie Nouvelles révélations sur les victimes de Houla.

Insurgents Named Responsible for Syrian Massacres

Syrian rebels’ arsenal includes remote-controlled truck bombs

US accelerates preparations for ‘no-fly zone’ in Syria

‘Dozens of Kuwaiti jihadists’ join different nationalities to enlist in Free Syrian Army

Israel wants airstrikes against Syria: Analyst

John Bolton: Syria, World War and the destruction of America

Syrian Foreign Minister–’We are not in Civil War but rather fighting terrorists’

America’s interest in Syria is Israel

Russia Accuses U.S. of Supplying Arms to Syria Rebels to Fight Assad

Amnesty accuses Syrian forces of killings, destruction to deter residents from aiding rebels

Israel lobby celebrates Treasury’s successful use of “financial tools” to support Arab Spring

How the Israel lobby’s anti-Beijing startup now aids Syria’s rebels By Maidhc Ó Cathail

Israel must use the ‘opportunity’ provided by the Arab Spring, says former IDF chief-designate

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Syrian Liberators, Bearing Toy Guns

U.N. Observers In Syria Suspend Mission After Escalating Violence

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U.S. says weighing ‘next steps’ with partners on Syria

U.S. military completes initial planning for Syria

VIDEO – CIA, MI6 agents direct massacres in Syria: American analyst (avec Stephen Lendman, juif pas juifiste)

Israel may use military force ‘to secure’ Syria’s alleged chemical arsenal

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How the Israel lobby’s anti-Beijing startup now aids Syria’s rebels


VIDEO – Roland Dumas : les Anglais préparaient la guerre pour ISRAËL en Syrie deux ans avant les manifestations en 2011
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McCain et Lieberman: « bombardez la Libye! »

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